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And I'm back! Sort of. Thanks Bummer/Ritter! Vox, I keep on forgetting to ask you about your feedback on IRC, I'm not exactly sure what you mean.

Anyway, here's my super simple baby 'mon pics. Trying to work on making cute stuff without inadvertently making it creepy. The pic is a bit big, but fuck it, this is my thread and I do what I want!

Double post to the top, boo! Here's my MAC and also one of the original ideas I had for the entry (which I changed to be a little more iconic and also because I was dreading painting the meat dress).



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I've found that cuteness is directly proportional to eye size. So your cutemons could be cuter in that aspect.

Crossing Jynx with Gaga is a decent idea, but since I don't know that much about her attire stunts, I wouldn't have gotten the reference if you hadn't included the quote.
Note to self: stop not responding to posts just because you don't want to bump your thread with no art. Anyway Bummer, yeah, I usually feel the same about eye size but I was going for more Kinneas style cutemons with those guys. Plus a lot of the time my googly eyed 'mons just end up looking soulless. And yeah, I was worried about people not getting the Gaga connection and just thinking it was totally random so I went for a ref from the Poker Face vid instead... which I guess wasn't much better. You win some, you lose some. I'm pretty happy with that pic overall anyway, even if it didn't do well at all in the MAC!

Anywho... here's that art that kept me from posting a reply out of guilt.

Wallbreaking article stuff. Palkia is a pain in the arse to draw.

Two simple squirtles done in different styles for a friend to make up for being physically incapable of drawing a blastoise without a serious case of derp. Blastoise and metagross are probably my top 2 for hardest 'mons to draw decently.
Yay double posting! Been going the Sarenji route of working on drawing faces using refs... albeit with rough painting instead of just sketching. These are my first and second attempt... the former has a serious case of derp and both of them had their heads painted on too straight instead of slightly turned, which is something I need to work on.

Guess all of the derp scared off the commenters. Don't worry everyone; despite being deformed, they mean you no harm. Anywho, I was going to save posting until I finished my latest foray into drawing people... but I've lost all motivation to finish that picture, black and white was boring the everloving fuck out of me. Here's something I prepared earlier.

Thanks dude and/or lady! Especially for breaking my triple post streak, that was getting embarrassing. Anyway, I've been working on more face pics... mostly of friends and myself, most of which I can't post here because they dont want me to and also because I'm not man enough to show my face... but here's my latest (and best!) pic that I had the OK on to post.

3 months later and I'm back with an artdump of mostly incomplete pics that I got too annoyed at to finish. Sigh. Got a CAP mon that I didn't bother submitting for various reasons, a WoW based pic and a mon from that pokemon fusion site in NJs thread. Some of these are hilariously stupid looking.

OMG that girl that you painted. Wow. Just superb. The subtle shading. The pose. The details in the zip on her jacket. Plus the fact that she's pretty. You've got a talent for faces. That's really impressive. Just Wow
Thanks GlassAbsol! I probably need to get back into painting people again, I was pretty happy with how that one turned out (she was, too). Also NJ, you'd be amazed at the kind of crazy and/or cute fusions you can get on that site! Most of them are completely ridiculous though, like Doras here:

Ridiculously awesome. Also here's one of the best named (and cutest???) 'mons.

The expression on the one of the Doras' head is priceless. It's like looking at the Paras part and going "what happened to you?" I do quite enjoy your style too and the mix up a variety of them as well. Keep it up! :)
K I guess I should post my MAC entry now that I'm done with it. Mmm, delicious!

Now I've gotta choose between doing more work on my emerald ev training guide pic (which has been in limbo for months '_,) or finish painting charbat. Decisions, decisions...
Ugh the colours in this thread are pretty awful now that I'm using this new monitor. Ah well. Now you guys get to look at the results of my magical and delicious adventure in baking, which I think sort of counts as art (especially now that I'm shoopless). Owls and burgers are awesome.

Those look scrumptious..... Although the shock in my mind would be pretty great as I think I'm about to bite into meat, only to have cupcake and chocolate in my mouth.... It looks so real! Nice!