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The Hit-men! (5th gen LC)

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by TheEmoPanda, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. TheEmoPanda


    Aug 9, 2010
    Welcome to my 1st lc 5th gen rmt! I decided to make it a extreme hyper offense with a bit of defensive support to get my sweepers out. I wanted 5 sweepers with synergy and one defensive spikers to help net some ko's.


    I decided to start off the team with murkrow since he's now allowed because everything that was banned is now unbanned. Murkrow is just an amazing sweeper since has has great offensive stats and access to the most powerful priority move in the game with stab. I decided on the dreaded subkrow set. Not much teams can handle it because if he's under a sub, at least one mon will die. He's a great sweeper since he reaches 19 speed and can plow through teams since he can beat walls by stealing their orans/ berry juices.
    Becuase this is a offensive team, i needed some elements of defense while still holding a offensive take. I decided to add gligar because he has great offensive potential while retaining defensive capabilities.
    I noticed the water/ice weakness so i added chinchou to take those hits and retaliate with t-wave or stab moves. This particular set was made by me because everyone expects agility chinchou or scarf chou. Its worked pretty well but it can't take other chinchou's which cause this team problems. i can only hope to smack them in the face with stab sucker punch and hope for the best.


    I need a spiker and a defensive support mon and i thought about pineco but he didn't fit the bill. Hi didn't have good sdef so i looked at a similar bug spiker chobomaki. He was better alright. He has recover, spikes, yawn, and encore which seems awesome. He also hold decent s.def making him capable of taking some hits. I decided on him. I love his support moves, especially encore and yawn. The spikes alos make 2hko's ohko's.
    I now wanted a lead that would leave my team with an advantage and i decided to try out leadour and OMG its awesome. He always nets a KO because he's just that reliable. Early beard is an amazing ability making all sleep moves nearly useless. Not much to say.
    I lacked a revenge killer so i decided to slap in a croagunk and it seems to do its job right. He doesn't really get as much kills as the other hit-men but hey, he does what hes supposed to do: Pick off weakened mons.

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]



    Houndour @ focus sash
    ability: early bird
    nature: lonely (+atk|-def)
    196 Atk | 76 Spd | 196 SAtk | 36 SDef
    ~overheat | fire blast
    ~sucker punch

    Houndour is such a reliable lead. He takes on and wins against all kinds of leads like fakeout leads, slower leads, etc. The team being a offensive lead really needs the help on an offensive lead and houndour fits the bill.

    Moveset analysis:
    Overheat is used over fire blast for more accuracy and power. IT severely dents phanpy, machop etc. After he's down to his sash and something like munchlax comes in, I can smack him in the face with 200 bp reversal. Sucker provides priority and stab and with good atk investments, it'll dent a lot.

    ev's, items, and nature:
    The ev's provide maximum damage output while 76 spd give some extra speed and 36 sdef is a leftover ev's. Lonely nature gives more power to reversal and sucker punch. Focus sash allows me to take a hit and survive while i smack the other lead with a stab overheat and then sucker punch/ reversal.

    Houndour is the front line hitman because he starts the team off at the front. He does what he can do to give the other members an easier time and handles the brunt force of the enemy.

    Murkrow @ life orb
    ability: insomnia
    nature: naive (+spd | -s.def)
    ev's: 236 atk | 196 spd | 78 s.atk (if i run hp fighting/ground)
    ~trickery (dropped)/ drill peck/ brave brid
    ~pluck/ hp fighting/ heat wave
    ~sucker punch

    Murkrow is the main sweeper and powerhouse of the team. The process is simple, come in and force the switch and use substitute. SOMETHING WILL DIE. SUBkrow is a fantastic sweeper because he causes so much chaos. He severely dents the enemy team and forces the opponent to attack because of the sub.

    Moveset analysis:
    The move set is very simple. Trickery/ drill peck/ brave bird is for stab. I currently use night burst and hp fighting/ pluck for coverage and sucker punch for stab. Murkrow is just so powerful. His offensive stats are amazing. Think the infernape of LC! No wall can stand up to him if i run pluck because i can take their berry and continue the massacre.

    ev's, item, and nature:

    Ev's and nature mean i have 18 attack, 19 spd, and 17 s.atk. THIS is why murkrow was in ubers for 4th gen. Nature is naive for extra speed and i don't care about s.def. Life orb for extra power. Pluck can keep me healthy.

    He is the assassin because he kills his enemy without being found (sub anyone?).


    Chobomaki @ berry juice
    ability: shell armor | dust shield
    nature: bold (+def | -atk)
    ev's: 196 def | 196 hp | 116 s.def

    I consider him better then pineco because a) He's way cuter, b) access to recover c)encore and d) yawn. The only way he's worse is because of alack of rapid spin. He' provides spikes and yawn. Yawn and spikes is a great combo becuase yawn forces the opponent to switch if they don't fear sleep which makes chobomaki better than pineco.

    Moveset Analysis:
    Spikes is entry hazards which are great becuase after 3 layers most mons will take 25% and it works great with yawn. Recover is for... recovery and encore cuz its annoying.

    ev's, item, and nature:
    The ev's provide bulk and the nature is for more def and i have no attacking moves so yea -atk isn't a problem. Berry juice for 30 hp in a heart beat. Not much to say about this.

    He is the support because he provides spikes, encore, and yawn support.


    Gligar @ life orb
    ability: sand veil
    nature: jolly ( +spd | -s.atk)
    ev's: 236 spd | 236 atk
    ~aqua tail
    ~stone edge
    ~night slash


    Gligar provides a offensive force while retaining some defense. His wonderful typing provides ground, electric, bug, poison etc resist. His job is very important because he is kind of a wall breaker. His job is to weaken the enemy team until murkrow can come in and finish everything

    Moveset analysis:
    The moves provide perfect coverage but i can;t use roost if i use poison heal so >.>. Stone edge handles mantyke, taillow, and other fliers while aqua tail hits bronzor and other gligars. Earthquake for stab and its gligars main move. Night slash to cover gastly and missy. The moves provide perfect coverage.

    ev's, nature, and item:

    The ev's are standard for gligar. It means max speed and attack. Jolly because speed is everything in lc. T

    He is the assistant for the assassin because he weakens the enemy so the assassin can can kill easier.


    Chinchou @ berry juice
    ability: volt absorb
    nature: modest ( +s.atk | -atk)
    ev's: 220? hp | 228 s.atk | 58 spe
    ~thunder wave
    ~boil over

    Chinchou acts as a disruptor. With fantastic bulk and typing, he can easily force a switch and set up a sub. After, use the appropriate move. T-wave may look odd and it is o.o. Its mainly used on a mon you're not sure you can take. He hlep murkrow by spreading paralysis and annoying the opponent.

    Moveset analysis:
    The moveset is simple. Its used to annoy the opponent and he's freakin bulky. He takes neutral moves like a champ and sets up. Gligar is killed by boil over who annoys the team becuase he ties with murkrow AND gligar. Discharge is for dual stab which gives pretty good coverage bar other chinchy and grass types.

    This guys the disruptor because he disrupts the enemy plans with an odd set and being incredibly hard to take out. Another way he disrupts the enemy plan is by spreading status.


    Croagunk @ life orb
    ability: dry skin
    nature: hasty ( +spd | -def)
    ev's: 108 atk | 188 s.atk | 196 spd
    ~vacuum wave
    ~sucker punch
    ~ice punch

    Gunk acts as my revenge killer. He's the boss of priority. Comes in and revenges weakened sweepers is his game. Ruining sweeps is his strive. His typing is also very good and he is my chincy check.

    Moveset Analysis:
    Everything about him is standard. Vacuum wave for stab and revenge killing, sucker punch for revenge killing, ice punch to nail gligars on the switch, and earth quake for chinchou, stunky, and other gunks.

    Ev's, nature, and item:
    Ev's are standard gunk ev's. Life orb for extra power, and hasty for extra speed.

    He's the sniper because like a sniper, he picks of enemies when he can.

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. v

    v protected by a silver spoon
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    ULTRA Moderator

    Nov 2, 2008
    I didn't give this a full readthrough, but I noticed that you have Trickery on Murkrow. Trickery uses the opponent's Attack stat to calculate the attack, so you are probably better off dropping it. I would recommend Heat Wave for Bronzor and Magnemite. I would also drop Pluck for Drill Peck personally, but that is just a matter of personal preference.

    Gligar doesn't get Poison Heal, for one thing. I would use an Agility Gligar on this team, because you don't have a single Choice Scarfer or Priority user on the team.

    You could add a scarfed Kojofu, since it gets a fast U-turn to help you scout the opponent's team. Regeneration lets it restore HP when it switches out as well, which is really cool.

    Chobomaki seems like an inferior Tesshido to me. Tesshido has higher Defenses and a better typing. While you lose a Fighting resist, both Gligar and Croagunk resist Fighting. Gligar also happens to be the primer Physically defensive Pokemon in LC.

    Chinchou should probably be changed to an Agility sweeper.

    Here the sets for the mons that I recommended: (open)

    Gligar@Choice Scarf
    236 atk/236 def
    Sand Veil/Hyper Cutter
    Jolly Nature
    -Stone Edge
    -Aqua Tail

    Kojondo@Choice Scarf
    236 atk/236 def
    Jolly Nature
    -Hi Jump Kick
    -Hidden Power [Ice]

    note: HP Ice is just to OHKO Gligar.

    Tesshido@Evolution Stone
    move 1: Spikes
    move 2: Seed Bomb
    move 3: Thunder Wave
    move 4: Leech Seed
    evs: 244 HP/28 Def/228 SpD
    nature: Careful

    I hope you enjoy playing Little Cup!
  3. TheEmoPanda


    Aug 9, 2010
    woops. Must have mistaken gligar for gliscor. Well the problem with tesshido is he doesn't get yawn, recover, or encore which was the main reason i use chobomaki. The chinchou was for lol and it has actually saved me. It helps agianst stuff like machop but if more people tell me to use agility chou then i'll make the change.
  4. Destiny Warrior

    Destiny Warrior also known as Darkwing_Duck
    is a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 30, 2009
    Spikes + Encore is illegal on Chobomaki.

    On Murkrow, I would recommend that you run max attack, max speed, then get a point in each of HP, defense and SpD, while running the now-released Mischievous Heart + the following set:

    Sucker Punch
    Brave Bird

    I have personally tested this set, and trust me, it works very well.

    On Croagunk, change Earthquake to Fake Out, and shift a point from speed to attack.

    Discharge + Thunder Wave on Chinchou? I recommend you run an AgiliChou set, and run an offensive EV spread.

    Chobomaki is just a bad spiker in general.

    Drop Reversal on LeaDour for HP Ground.

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