The Lavos Spawn is a Quitter at DPP UU Tournament - Finals [Won by llvallejoll]

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Well, pmd kael again. Sorry Eo, but last week we couldn't finish this, i was very busy and i guess kael too, he is not super active like bad ass ^^.
This week we must get this done, maybe tomorrow or thursday.
I pmd you on Pokeevo, but you never replied. Anyways, tomorrow I can between 14h-17h (GMT-5), I'll be on skype then. Please, try to get on :c

Edit: And he never appeared...
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Well Kael, you're not making much effort to finish this, so tell me one day, that I'm a little tired of pming u on anywhere, and is almost a month since the topic was started. So tell me, when can you play?
I was yesterday between 8-11pm (GMT-5) but I didn't see him on skype. Maybe I can play today between 3-5pm (GMT-5), tonight I'll try to be on at 10pm GMT-3 again. Come on kael, get on D:
I talked to kael on IRC. He says he will try to get online at 10 PM GMT-3 today. But if he can't, he says he will be available both Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 11 AM and 10 PM to 1 AM.
Ok, perfect for me.

Meh, I'm tired of waiting for kael, I pmd him like 6-7 times, we were going to play on Saturday in the Smogon tour and i didn't know what happened, he just didn't want, then he didn't answer anymore.
Anyways, if you want to play contact me on skype or here. Peace.
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