The Little Burrow - sandshrewz's art thread

:D Glad you did ^_^

wow such great art, its simple but so nice ^-^

I was wondering if you could draw me a heatran?
Thanks!! :D huhhhh Heatran is complicated but I guess I could simplify it like you said x) if I have the time~ :X

Omg your art is so kawaii ^_^ I love it!
arigato gozaimasu!! :D

10 days and I'm already in page two... what is this!! lol. Did something quick for GRAMMAR DOJO in C&C ^_^

Great work as usual sandy :) Your subtle lighting and shading with your clean line-art and colouring is really appealing. You don't think you'd be able to give me a hand with picking up some digital art would you?
Great work as usual sandy :) Your subtle lighting and shading with your clean line-art and colouring is really appealing. You don't think you'd be able to give me a hand with picking up some digital art would you?
Thanks ^_^ If you want to try out MS Word / PowerPoint, you can always ask me if you have any questions~! Just saying they take forever to do a simple piece lol. :P

Orcinus Duo

Banned deucer.
Heeyyyyy sandz
Just dropping in to say I love your art, as always. Could you grant me a pic of Rotom Steel? :D whatever appliance you want!
About a year ago, I stepped into IRC for the first time. I've always been told not to talk to "random strangers" on the net but idk why I ended up on IRC... Most people I know irl don't even know what IRC is haha. A year has passed since I became active on Smogon. I found myself a home on Smogon in #grammar, the first channel I went. Many people in #grammar have played a huge part in my stay at Smogon. Without some of them, I probably wouldn't even be here anymore. #grammar is largely an anchor for me and a reason to stay on Smogon.

I shared many happy times in #grammar. I still remember when Jelli, Eraddd, and I were all on #grammar (/me smack NWO) when we received our good old Ladybug. It's been a great time hanging out at #grammar, where I get to kick people ;) haha. I missed the kick wars :< #grammar was the best channel imo where it's always a hive of activity. It's also where I interacted with many people I first met on the forums, it's also where I met many people before I met them on the forums.

Sadly, it's been a long time. Many people left as well. :( #grammar was no longer as busy as it used to be. But I know we're still there nonetheless. For many more great times to come!! And some of you lazy retired people *coughOmicroncough* get on #grammar more often u_u! Anyway, ofc I have a pic to celebrate the 1k or I can't necrobump my art thread, haha.

Have fun figuring out where you are, especially if idk your fav mon or something. I just used something I could relate you too :O Didn't expect to take up so much space and I kept expanding the size. So lol everything is of weird size x.x I had fun drawing some mons that I've never drawn before. (Fate, yours is definitely not one of them!!) Sorry if some of them doesn't look as well as it should be :d I'm still new to my drawing tablet and this is the first piece I'm putting up! :) O and there should be 2 Pikachu but I was lazy and drew only one... sorry if I missed anyone x.x

Also haha, feel free to ask if you don't know which is you and you think you're a #grammar regular ;) haha. Other chans are coming up I guess! So yea there's still a lot I haven't drawn. So I guess I'll split the drawing into chans and post them separately when I'm done!

<3 #grammar

Never forget
<3 #grammar
You were the first person I talked to on #grammar as a fresh little amchecker and you've been a great friend ever since n_n Congrats on the 1k sandz and here's to many more :)


oh my gosh you found me
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:3 :O >.> <.< <.> 9.9 x.x *.* !_! ?_? :P ;P ;) :) :( @. @ ^.^ v.v u.u n.n r.r e.e %.% &.&

congrats sandz


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The first time we ever spoke to each other was one time on a thread in GP. I was very new and I posted a check after someone else, haha. x.x You told me not to and I felt dumb. >.>


/me slap Patamon
baby Groudon so cute =)

I love Honchcrow! can I plz have a sophisticated Stalltaria using cotton guard?
it would be greatly appreciated, also,
from Far Canal
Thanks sandz! I remember that fateful SQSA C&C question that I posted with a huge reply from you loaded with important links. From there, you got me into writing a massive analysis that never saw the light of the day. I don't blame you one bit for that though, it was pretty much my fault. I guess you and CP were the reason I got into GP checking and consequently #grammar, so I guess I owe you most of my fond #grammar chat logs!

My hearty congratulations on your 1k!