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The Magic of Music (UU Team, peaked at 2nd)

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by SilentVerse, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. SilentVerse

    SilentVerse Into the New World
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    Dec 12, 2009
    Hi, I’m SilentVerse and this is my team that got me to 2nd on the leaderboard and a CRE of 1692. It is, an interesting team, since I don’t rely on any sweepers to sweep with, but I don’t stall them out with hazards. It is also incredibly defensively based, and the concept is that each Pokemon can take a hit and strike back with a decently strong hit in return. I have beaten quite a few players easily with this team, and it has been working quite well. I also used it in the last two metagames, but I found that this metagame made it really shine, since Cress fits into my team also perfectly, filling up a major weakness to fighting.

    [​IMG] @Silk Scarf
    Alto (Ambipom)
    Ability: Technician
    EV’s: 252Atk/252Spe/6 SDef
    Jolly Nature (+Spe, -SAtk)
    -Fake Out
    -Low Kick

    Ah, Ambipom. It truly is an excellent choice for a lead, and does its job effectively and efficiently. Fake Out breaks sashes and such on other leads, and a follow up Return makes a very potent combination. This makes Ambipom a great choice for a lead. At first, I wanted a fast Taunt lead that could come back in later in the match and revenge threats that would hurt my team. The Taunt would stop hazards from getting up; this was crucial, since my team really despises Spikes most of all. Ambipom fit the bill nicely, and it has worked well throughout the metagames. However, now I have decided to give Taunt up in favor for Pursuit, since it destroys sash Froslass leads, which are the most common form of lead spiking. Most other spike leads are tolerable, since my other team members can handle them pretty well. Thus I opted for Pursuit, to revenge Mismagius and friends after my check and counter(Registeel) is gone. Pursuit also helps Ambi revenge things better, removing them if they try to switch out of Fake Out. I also opted for Low Kick instead of U-turn, since I found that hitting steels was pretty important when revenging things. Silk Scarf was used instead of Life Orb, since I found that hazards combined with LO made Ambi die much faster than I would of liked, making me resort to Silk Scarf.

    Usually, Ambipom doesn’t die as a lead. Sometimes, it will take a lot of damage, but it will survive long enough to revenge or severely damage at least one threat. This makes it a great revenger and cleaner in the late game, finishing off Pokemon that my other Pokemon couldn’t defeat. Ambipom is basically one of the most important members of my team, simply because it deals with the threats that I have problems finishing off. This alone means that if Ambi dies, I will have a lot of trouble against an opponent’s sweep. Thus I play Ambi conservatively, to allow it to be at its max potential.

    Standard EV spread naturally.

    Name Information: Eh, Alto was the only tone left, so Ambipom got it. Still, it fits slightly, since Ambipom has a high voice, but I think it's lower than Milotic and Cress.

    [​IMG] @Leftovers
    Tenor (Donphan)
    Ability: Sturdy
    EV’s: 52HP/252 Atk/206 Def
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    -Rapid Spin
    -Ice Shard

    Donphan is a great addition to my team. It hits hard, is one of the hardest hitters on my team, and has enough bulk to take a lot of hits. It is also my team’s Rapid Spinner, giving me a way to effectively remove any Spikes a lead or such has set down. This is incredibly important, since my team is essentially splayed and neutered with spikes on the field. Stealth Rock is not nearly so important to remove, since my team doesn’t mind it too much. Spikes, however, rip through my team more than a sweeper can, quite frankly, making it necessary for a spinner. I had Claydol here at one point; however, I really needed more power behind my attacks which Claydol wasn’t providing, so thus Donphan became my spinner.

    Naturally, I run Rapid Spin to remove hazards and Earthquake for STAB. Earthquake is almost guaranteed to 2KO most Spiritomb with rocks up. I didn’t need another user of Stealth Rock, since Registeel gets them up easily already, so I opted for Assurance to hit ghosts like Mismagius hard. Donphan usually takes only 51-60% or so from an unboosted Shadow Ball, allowing me to strike back with a high powered Assurance. The last slot was for Ice Shard, since it is a great priority attack that can assist in revenging things.

    Donphan is THE hardest hitting thing on my team. Seriously, if I can start spamming EQ’s with this thing, the game is much easier. However, levitators and flyers ruin that, so I need to remove these threats with my teammates. SR being down helps a lot, since it slowly weathers away at those threats.

    Standard spread again. However, it is pretty important since this spread allows Donphan to hit quite hard.

    Name Information: Tenor is the 2nd lowest C Clef in piano music. I'm pretty sure Registeel's voice is lower, relegating Donphan to Tenor.

    [​IMG] @Leftovers
    MezzoSoprano (Milotic)
    Ability: Marvel Scale
    EV’s: 252 HP/ 248 Def/ 8 Spe
    Bold Nature: (+Def, -Atk)
    -Hidden Power Grass

    Milotic adds to the defensive tanks with its great typing, and naturally high defenses. It helps check and counter a bunch of offensive threats (such as Houndoom), and stops them from rampaging through my team. I absolutely love using Milotic, since it’s such a great tank. It also provides a valuable check to Moltres, who rips through my team with SR down, as well as providing a good way to stall out rain turns. It now provides a good way to stop Sub CM Cress, allowing me to not get swept by it and other Pokemon.

    Recover and Surf are naturally good on Milo, but the last two moves were a bit harder for me to decide on. In the end, I opted for Haze and Hidden Power Grass. The reason I went with Haze over Ice Beam, was simply because before, I was getting utterly destroyed by Sub CM Cress. It would usually take down at least two of my team members, which resulted in my team getting swept. With Haze however, I can stall out the moon duck and I don't have to lose a team member. Hidden Power was to hit waters and specifically help deal with Feraligatr and Azumarill.

    Milo does a good job in assisting my team. It can sponge attacks up with ease, and respond with decently powered attacks. More importantly, it helps against things like Azu and Fera, as well as Moltres, With Haze, It can effectively stop boosting sweepers. This provides me a chance to not lose as soon as such sweeper sets up.

    I use a standard EV spread, since I feel that I don't need to change it at all.

    Name Information: Mezzo Soprano is the 2nd highest C Clef in piano music. Milotic's voice has a pretty high pitch, but it isn't as high as Cresselia's, thus she becomes the Mezzo Soprano.

    Ability: Levitate
    EV's: 252 HP/ 252 Def/ 6 SDef
    Calm Nature(+SDef, -Atk)
    -Ice Beam
    -Psycho Shift

    Cress fills up a lot of holes in my team, and slowly weakens the opponent with her attacks; despite not being that strong, they still sting a bit to Pokemon without recovery. It is quite the epitome of annoying, with Psycho Shift and Moonlight, it becomes quite hard to take down. Cresselia also compliments Registeel well, since they take each other's weaknesses well. It is also important to the team, since it covers a massive fighting weakness that I had when I had Clefable in this spot. It's good defenses also allow it to sponge a lot of hits, filling up spots where I require for something to take a strong hit.

    Moonlight is there to allow Cresselia to take hits much better, shaving off blows left and right. Psychic is for STAB, and Ice Beam gives me a way to deal with Altaria, since with Milotic lacking Ice Beam, it would be quite easy for it to set up and start spamming Outrage. Psycho Shift may seem like a weird option, but I use it to remove any status that people try to inflict on Cress, and throw it right back at them, possibly crippling one of their Pokemon instead. It also makes Cresselia that much more annoying to deal with.

    Cresselia basically sponges almost every attack thrown, and retaliates with not-so strong attacks. I found that even with the numerous bulky Pokemon on my team, I still wanted and needed a Pokemon that could sponge a lot of hits that were hard to take. However, despite its weak attack, those attacks still chip away at the opposing Pokemon's health, and can weaken it enough to take down with one of my other pokemon, especially if it lacks recovery. If something tries to Toxic it instead, Psycho Shift cripples one of their Pokemon. This makes Cress a great status absorber, since it uses those Will o Wisps, Toxics, and Thunder Waves to its advantage.

    I need help with the EV spread, since I'm pretty sure there's a better one. I made this one in almost half a minute, so I didn't put much thought into it.

    Name Information: Soprano is the highest of the C Clefs in piano music. As Cresselia's voice is the highest, it is fitting for it to be named Soprano.

    Ability: Clear Body
    EV's: 252 HP/ 100 Atk/ 156 SDef
    Careful Nature(+SDef, -SAtk)
    -Stealth Rock
    -Iron Head

    Registeel is still a great Pokemon in todays metagame, despite all the abuse it has to be put through. It still deals with Raikou, Mismagius, and friends well, thus earning him a spot on my team. Regi can deal with such threats which would ravage my team quite easily otherwise. It basically is the core of my team, providing Stealth Rock support, and Toxic to cripple walls I have troubles dealing with. This makes Registeel a vital member of my team, since with all these things, it is important to not lose him early game.

    Stealth Rock support really helps my team out, and Regi is bulky enough to get it up multiple times if need be. Toxic allows me to cripple any walls I have trouble overwhelming, especially things like Milotic. There is a specific reason to why I use EQ+Iron Head though. For one, it allows me to deal with Raikou easier, since with Regi being my only real counter to it, I have to do as much damage to it as possible. EQ also hits Arcanines hard on the switch in. With EQ, Iron Head becomes pretty much inevitable, as it provides a reliable STAB move, and still deals with things like Mismaguis well.

    Regi provides a very valuable asset to my team - Stealth Rock support. With Stealth Rock, I can chip away at the opponent as they switch out, and without Leftovers on such Pokemon, it really starts to take a toll. Due to the fact I have no spin blocker, I have to make sure I can get them up again after they're spun away. Registeel fits this job the better than the other possible candidate, Donphan, due to its nice, balanced defensive stats and better typing. Another useful asset that Registeel gets is Toxic; being that my team doesn't have much brute force, Toxic does an amazing job of wearing away at those pesky walls that sponge all of my attacks. These two things are incredibly useful, and as such, Registeel is probably the single most important member of my team.

    My EV spread is standard, since I found no need to change it.

    Name Information: Baritone is the lowest C Clef in piano music and since Registeel has quite a deep voice, it is natural that he would be the baritone.

    [​IMG]@Black Sludge
    Gardenia (Venusaur)
    Ability: Overgrow
    EV's: 252 HP/ 32 Spe/ 224 SDef
    Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)
    -Energy Ball
    -Sludge Bomb
    -Leech Seed
    -Sleep Powder

    Venusaur is the number 1 Poke right now in UU, and there's a good reason why. With Grass being a pretty decent defensive type, and access to a myriad of support options, Venusaur is an excellent Pokemon. With Sleep Powder in its arsenal, Venusaur is almost guaranteed to stop something for a couple of turns. Venusaur helps act like a pseudo supporter for my team, with Leech Seed acting like pseudo wish support, and Sleep Powder neutering a threat for a while. It's decent typing helps too, taking many attacks from different Pokemon.

    Sleep Powder is the main reason that I used Venusaur over other grass types, since, as stated, cripples something that my team has issues with. Leech Seed helps restore my team back to a better shape against something like Chansey, giving me a way to heal without Wish support (though Leech Seed recovery is mediocre at best). Energy Ball provides a reliable STAB option to deal with bulky waters like Milotic, and Sludge Bomb hits grasses and fire types that try to come in on a resisted Energy Ball, only to be smacked in the face with a STAB Sludge Bomb.

    Venusaur's main purpose is to take Surfs and such from Bulky Waters, and Leech Seeding them to heal my weakened Pokemon. It's maxed out Special Defense allows it to survive multiple Ice Beams from such Bulky Waters and hit back with a strong Energy Ball, sleep them, or shave off most of the damage with Leech Seed. Venusaur also serves as a decent rain check, since even Omastar's Rain boosted Surf + Ice Beam with LO doesn't KO and still leaves Venu with plenty of HP to spare, and even though I didn't invest any EV's, it can still survive a Kabutop's non-boosted Stone Edge. Black Sludge helps me deal with Trick Users effectively, and it's often worth risking it being tricked onto another teammate.

    Ev's are designed to make Venu specially defensive, as the most common Bulky Water Milotic is specially inclined, as well as Slowbro, who does a bit more with Psychic. The 32 Ev's in speed are to outspeed Modest Gorebyss outside of rain.

    Name Information: Time for some symbolism! I called Venusaur Gardenia because it is a type of flower, that represents the fact that music can allow an elegant natural beauty like this to flourish. In this picture of Venusaur, you can see 6 petals. Each petal represents a Pokemon on my team, including itself. As the beautiful tones of my other Pokemon whirl around Venu, it tries to support it as much as possible, by stopping things that threaten to end the elegance of the music, and restoring any hurt tone back to its proper pitch. By keeping the music going, it can continue to flourish, thus providing a harmonic relationship between them.

    Threat List: (credit to J. Franky)

    Black will mean that it isn't much of a problem.
    Orange means it'll cause some mild problems.
    Red means that it gives me a lot of trouble.

    [​IMG]- Registeel against non-Low Kick variants, Milotic can take a Fake Out+Return, sanme with Donphan, and Cress.
    [​IMG]- Registeel takes it’s hits really well, Cress can wall it and hit back with Ice Beam, albeit a bit weak. Ambi can revenge with Fake Out.
    [​IMG]- Milotic can take its hits and KO with Surf, Donphan deals with non Magnet Rise variants, Cress can wall it.
    [​IMG]- Cresselia can hit it with a strong Ice Beam, Donphan can hit with Ice Shard, Ambi can revenge.
    [​IMG]- Not too hard, Donphan takes its hits. I’m pretty sure Milotic can as well, Ambi can revenge.
    Milotic takes its hits. Cress can also.
    [​IMG]- Milotic hits back with HP, Cress takes its hits.
    [​IMG]- Registeel can Toxic it if it lacks Rest, Milotic can HP it for some damage, Cress can wall it. Venu can strike it with Energy Ball.
    [​IMG]- Milotic does nicely against it. Cress also works.
    [​IMG]- Hard to deal with sometimes, but managable. Venu makes Leech seed bait out of it, and Donphan hits hard. Toxic variants are especially annoying.
    [​IMG]- Donphan hits it hard. However, it’s kinda annoying sometimes, since I can’t overwhelm it easily.
    Not too much of a problem. Milotic walls it with haze, Regi can Toxic non Rest, or Sub variants. Depends on the moveset really, since my own Cress can wall CM with HP Fighting and Psychic, while Regi does well against Psychic+Signal Beam.
    Milotic and Venusaur, Regi takes the Explosion well.
    Milotic and Venusaur hit it hard. Donphan spins away its spikes.
    Cress walls it and can hit it hard, Milotic and Venusaur do a good job as well.
    Donphan, and Regi do well against it. Both can hit it hard with a strong EQ.
    [​IMG]- Registeel does a good job. Milotic does great as well against non CM versions.
    [​IMG]- Eh, never had much of a problem against this. It can only really trap Regi and Ambi well, and it can’t switch into them, so I don’t have much issues with it, especially since it can’t KO most of my pokemon if they still have about 50% of their health left.
    [​IMG]- Milotic hits it with HP, Venusaur fairs decently against non Ice Punch variants.
    [​IMG]- For leads, Ambi almost guarantees that they aren’t going to stay around. After that, I can spin away the opposing teams spikes with Donphan. Bulky Lass is a bit of a pain, but it isn’t too bad.
    [​IMG]- Cress deals with it easily. Donphan can take a hit a respond with a powerful EQ.
    [​IMG]- See Hariyama.
    [​IMG]-See Hariyama.
    [​IMG]- Milotic deals with it. Ambi can revenge it easily.
    [​IMG]- Milotic and Venusaur. Both can hit it with a strong grass attack. Registeel can Toxic it. In rain however, it is much harder to deal with. I usually attack first with whatever pokemon I have in, to weaken it a lot. Then I procede to play around with LO recoil.
    Registeel can Toxic it or EQ it for massive damage. Venusaur does decently as well.
    Cresselia, Venusaur and Regi all do well against it.
    [​IMG]- Registeel and Venusaur. Rain variants aren’t a problem since Venusaur can survive an Ice Beam and KO back with Sludge Bomb(after LO recoil and such).
    [​IMG]- Registeel is my main answer.
    [​IMG]- Registeel can Toxic it. Venusaur hits it with Energy Ball for massive damage. My own Milotic can hit it with Hidden Power Grass and most of the time, stall it out if necessary(unless it packs Toxic).
    [​IMG]-Registeel does really well against it. Donphan can be used if it's in mint condition.
    [​IMG]-Milotic and Cress are my best bets. Ambi can revenge it. Registeel can set up rocks which ruins its attempts at coming back in. However, with good prediction, Moltres can still possibly rip through my team with ease. My main problem with Moltres is actually the Stalling versions, which end up being a huge pain, since I can't do much to them as they stall me out with Toxic.
    [​IMG]-Milotic and Donphan can take a hit a strike back with a SE attack. Cress walls it as well.
    [​IMG]-Same as Nidoking.
    [​IMG]-Venusaur and Milotic do well. Donphan spins away spikes that it makes. In rain, Milotic and Venusaur also do well.
    [​IMG]-Milotic and Cresselia stop it in its tracks. Venusaur can deal with non Ice Punch variants.
    [​IMG]-Registeel is basically my best bet. It can resist Tri Attack and hit back with Iron Head for decent damage. Can also Toxic to limit its sweeping time.
    [​IMG]-Cress and Donphan. Donphan can't switch into Waterfall, but once in, it can threaten Quilfish out with STAB Earthquake, and it can spin away any spikes. Cress walls it. In rain, Registeel works the best, boasting EQ and a resistance to Explosion.
    [​IMG]-Registeel is my best bet, shrugging off ThunderBolts like nothing, and hitting back with a strong EQ. Donphan also works against those that lack Hidden Power.
    [​IMG]-Milotic, Donphan and Venusaur can take a hit and respond with a SE attack. Registeel can take Explosions well, and Cress doesn't take much from Regirock's attacks.
    [​IMG]-Donphan counters it easily. Venusaur can sleep it, and Leech Seed it. My own Registeel can hit it with EQs. Ambi can revenge it with Low Kick.
    [​IMG]-Milotic takes its hits quite well and responds with a 4x SE STAB Surf. Venu's Energy Ball also KOs.
    [​IMG]-Venusaur takes its hits well enough and hits it hard with Energy Ball. Ambi can revenge it with Pursuit.
    [​IMG]-Venusaur, Registeel and Cress do well against the sweeping variants. However, against subseed, Venusaur is my only counter to it. If Venusaur falls, this thing is an ass to my team.
    [​IMG]-Donphan can take a hit and hit it with Ice Shard. Ambi can revenge it, Registeel does decently against those without Brick Break.
    [​IMG]-Registeel can Toxic it. Milotic can hit it constantly with a barrage of HPs. Venusaur can Energy Ball it, but it has to be aware of Psychic.
    [​IMG]-Registeel can Toxic non Rest versions, Donphan does loads of damage with EQ, Milotic can haze CM variants.
    [​IMG]-Donphan and Milotic can take it on. Both hit it hard with their STABs
    [​IMG]-Registeel takes its hits like a champ, Donphan can smack it around with Ice Shard, Cress can survive multiple Facades at a high health and can hit it with an Ice Beam.
    [​IMG]-Venusaur is my best counter, resisting its STAB and firing back a STAB SE Sludge Bomb. However, usually I have to send in something to take the sleep, and it becomes harder. Regi can Toxic it however and Cress hits it hard with Ice Beam.
    [​IMG]-Cress doesn't take a ton of damage from LO Wood Hammer and can hit back with Ice Beam. It can also switch in on a predicted Earthquake. Donphan can pluck it off with Ice Shard if it is slightly weakened.
    [​IMG]-Donphan does well against most variants. Registeel can deal with special versions effectively, since +2 Vacuum Wave still doesn't do too much damage.
    [​IMG]-Milotic simply Hazes away any Curses it builds up. Registeel can Toxic non-Heal Bell variants.
    [​IMG]-When leading, Ambi can usually scout what item it has with Fake Out. If it gets leftover recovery, switch to Regi and proceed to Toxic it. If it doesn't, I know that it will either be a rain/sun set up, or a trick variant, or dual screens. Thus I switch to Venusaur, since it deals with most of these variants.
    [​IMG]-Like Tangrowth, I will have to usually sacrifice something to Sleep Powder. After that, it's not much of a threat, since most of my team deals with it just fine. Cress and my own Venusaur deal with it especially well though.
    [​IMG]-Cress beats it down easily.

    Notes on types of teams:

    Rain -Since I run pretty much anti rain, I rarely lose to it, though I do occasionally if I don't predict well.

    Sandstorm-Eh, I've never had too much of a problem with it.

    Sun-Cress stalls it out horribly.

    Hail-A bit harder to deal with, but hopefully I can get SR down, to hopefully weaken some switch ins.

    Stall-I think this is my worst weakness really. I can still win against stall, but it requires a lot of prediction on my part, and I lose to stall usually because my prediction simply isn't at its best at that moment.

    Balanced-Haven't had too much trouble with this type either.

    Offense-The bulkiness of my team usually allows me to beat these types easier. Except for a few exceptions.

    Credit to Arkeis for the great first 6 pictures!
  2. uncalled4


    Feb 18, 2010
    Great job on the thread, though cress will most likley bee bl+ in a few week's I say try a dusclops in place of cress when you lose it, extreamly bulky, pain split, wisp, toxic, night shade. Just an option other then that great team, hopefulyl we can play eatch other once.
  3. HR.


    Aug 24, 2008
    Hey Verse, I love those 32 EVs on Venusaur ;]. If you are trying to let Cresselia take hits on both sides of the spectrum equally well, 252 HP/228 Def/28S Def with a Calm Nature achieves that. This gives you 333 in both Defense and Special Defense. As far as the team goes, Stall could be extremely annoying to face, but I'm sure you could work around it. Consider switching Venusaur to a physical variant with 252 HP/32 Spe/164 Atk/60 SDef with a Careful Nature to guarantee a 2HKO on Chansey with Power Whip. There really isn't much else I can suggest, great team.
  4. Quickster


    Jun 13, 2009
    Just a nitpick, Donphan has FAR too many EVs.
  5. SilentVerse

    SilentVerse Into the New World
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    Dec 12, 2009
    Hmm, I'll try those EV's for Cresselia. I'm not sure about making Venusaur a physical variant though since it's my only real counter to SubSeed Sceptile, which happens to do great against my team. Would a mixed variant work?

    Oops, I'll change that.
  6. HR.


    Aug 24, 2008
    Yeah, that's what I meant sorry for not clarifying. 252 HP/32 Spe/164 Atk/60 SDef with a Careful Nature with Power Whip, Sludge Bomb, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder still does 58%-70% to standard SubSeed Sceptile even with a -SpA nature, an easy 2HKO.
  7. SilentVerse

    SilentVerse Into the New World
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Past SPL Champion

    Dec 12, 2009
    Alright, that sounds good. I'm a bit wary on Power Whip's miss rate, but it's worth it for Chansey. Also, how much does Power Whip do to Clefable? It's been quite the annoyance.
  8. HR.


    Aug 24, 2008
    Venusaur with that EV spread does 45%-53%, almost always a 2HKO with rocks and leftovers recovery.
  9. SilentVerse

    SilentVerse Into the New World
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    Dec 12, 2009
    Darn, the only problem is that Clefable is immune to hazards, and with Leftovers, it's not KOing. Still, I can potentially sleep it then remove it with Power Whip while it's sleeping. Thanks for the input, I'll try it out later today.
  10. SilentVerse

    SilentVerse Into the New World
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    Dec 12, 2009
    I based it off C-Clefs, as shown here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clef#C-clefs so when it's regarding this I'm pretty sure Baritone is the lowest.

    And thanks for the compliment :D.
  11. HR.


    Aug 24, 2008
    Ah, well the only way I could think of fixing that is by changing Venusaur to Adamant, but that would take away from his defensive capabilities too much =/. Though yeah, you can just put it to sleep and work from there. Also, after forgetting to factor leftovers recovery on Chansey, if you absolutely need to have a 100% guaranteed 2HKO on Chansey after rocks and leftovers recovery, you need to run 252 HP/220 Atk/96 SDef/32 Spe with a Careful Nature.
  12. Nas

    Nas Banned deucer.

    Oct 19, 2007
    Hey Silentverse,

    First off, nice team. There's not much to fix, but I have a few suggestions. I noticed that you could have some trouble taking on Raikou if Registeel is already weakened or KO'd. One way to help deal with it is by changing Venusaur to a Sassy nature and giving it Power Whip over Energy Ball. Power Whip will always break Raikou's subs, and it will allow you to hit pokes like CM Mismagius and Chansey as well. 24 speed EVs will allow you to outspeed Adamant Rhyperior, and the rest should be in HP and Special Defense. Running attack EVs to 2HKO Chansey is not really needed, you will still beat it with the combination of Leech Seed and Power Whip.

    Since you lack a dedicated special wall I can also see Moltres giving you problems, especially if it's backed with Spikes support. Donphan can't keep spinning them away forever, as it has no recovery and you lack Wish support on your team. Your current Milotic is 2HKO'd by HP Grass after SR and one layer of Spikes, and the rest of your team can't do anything to stop it once Milotic is gone. I propose you use a set that focuses more on special defense. 252 Hp/56 Def/200 SpDef with a Calm nature can take hits from Moltres all day long, and although it can't wall Azumarill and Feraligatr as well as it could before, you still have Cresselia to reliably beat them. SubPlot Porygon-Z, another pokemon that could easily ravage your team before, now only deals 54.3% - 64.2% to Milotic with a +3 Tri Attack. (One Nasty Plot and a Download boost) You can then Haze away its boosts and live another day.

    As for other options, I'd consider Seismic Toss over Earthquake on Registeel. Iron Head fails to break Porygon-Z's substitutes with Screens support but Seismic Toss will, essentially preventing it from setting up on you. (I'd definately consider this if you're unwilling to change Milotic) It also breaks Raikou's subs, and deals more damage to bulky Grounds such as Steelix and Donphan that'll be coming in on Registeel.

    Good luck, hope this rate helped :)
  13. SilentVerse

    SilentVerse Into the New World
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    Dec 12, 2009
    Nah, I shouldn't need to have a guaranteed 2HKO on Chansey, so the other spread should be fine.

    @RT: Thanks for the rate. I really appreciate it.

    Anyways, I think your Venusaur suggestion should work well, since I have been having issues against Raikou near the end game, so I think it should be good.

    I'm not sure on the Milotic suggestion, but I haven't really faced someone that abused Spikes support with Moltres (yeah, I didn't get to face Heysup). I guess it would be for the best however, but I'll test it now.

    Seismic Toss sounds good. Should I replace Iron Head for Shadow Claw though, seeing as it probably would provide better coverage?
  14. -Terywj-


    Sep 6, 2008
    In this case I think you should go Seismic Toss / Shadow Claw, but if you're running Thunder Wave on Reigsteel go for Iron Head for lots of flinchparahax fun.

  15. franky

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    Apr 12, 2009
    Hello Silent,

    There's no denying that this team looks okay in the eyes of some people, but it takes good skill to use this team and I'm surprised you got this team really high, congrats on your part. You pretty much spotted your weakness well: stall. I've cruised through this team with relative ease since you lack some sort of Ghost to block my spin. Its pretty much tough to lay hazards and not get spun on. I have nothing major to suggest but have you ever considered replacing Ambipom for Froslass? It work work like a charm as it provides nice Spikes support and spin blocking as well. Spikes is a very powerful weapon against stall teams since they normally enjoy switching in and out, and you should take advantage of it. Ambipom is an excellent lead, but Froslass would benefit your team so much more in my opinion. I think you should try out Prolass with the EVs 248 HP / 228 Def / 32 Spe and the Timid nature with the movesets Spikes / Taunt / Ice Beam / Pain Split. This is pretty much one of the most reliable Spiker set in the game you could take advantage from it. The bulk ensures that opposing leads will never smack you easily. Pain Split + Taunt enforces more switches from the likes of Clefable and Chansey.

    A couple of EV suggestions to look for. Donphan wants 252 HP / 252 Def / 6 SpD. This maximizes his ability to tank hits from physical side, as well as taking hits from the special side as well if he need arises (Froslass' Ice Beam). You could try out a faster Cresselia spread so you don't have a tough time dealing with Swords Dance Venusaur. You can try your hands on 252 HP / 40 Def / 216 Spe at a Timid nature. This ensures you outpace Venusaur so you can outpace it and injure it with Psychic. SD Venusaur could be a potential threat since it can place a member of your team to sleep and easily circle your team with boosted Power Whips.

    As for other options, you can always try your hands on Thunder Wave over Toxic for the sole purpose of dealing with rain dance teams. I found that you have the checks for it - the best checks for it, but you lack something to stop them. When I beat you with my rain team, I never really minded Toxic. Thunder Wave is a nice way of crippling things, especially rain teams. Take RT's advice on Power Whip, it will do you well. Last suggestion: go for Shed Shell on Registeel if your crazy about Dugtrio. I'd hate for that thing to break my core. Just my two cents. overall gl.
  16. SilentVerse

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    Dec 12, 2009
    @J. Franky: Hmm, I have considered replacing Ambi for Lass, but I always think of the numerous times where Ambipom simply beats out the multitude of things that my team hasn't been able to finish off. Being that my team doesn't plow through things easily, and slowly weathers away at the opposing team, Ambi just cleans up everything late game, while stopping stuff from getting up earlier on. I'll try Lass, but I can't help but feel that removing Ambi will make it harder to clear up some threats who aren't grounded(ie: Mismagius).

    I'll definitely try the Donphan spread, since a better tanking ability would greatly help my ability to spin away hazards. I might miss the offense, but I'm pretty sure it'll be worth it. I'll see about the Cress set; I haven't had many issues dealing with Venu since I usually am able to clean it up with Ambi (another reason why I like Ambipom :D) and Cress can deal enough damage to it with a decent amount of health left over.

    T-Wave might be useful against rain, but I dunno, I've just found Toxic much more useful against the majority of teams, since my team usually does well against most Heavy Offense style teams. Toxic helps break down the walls on a balanced team, and that in itself is important. Is their another way I can deal with rain? Since like you said, I have great checks, but I lack a good way to block it. Leftovers is probably more important on Regi because I lack wish support, and without lefties, Regi just dies too quickly for my tastes.

    Anyways, RT, I tried out your suggestions, and they seemed to be really good, though I think I like EQ better on Regi. The Milotic suggestion saved me against slowking, so I'm definitely keeping it.

    I probably could have gotten higher with my team, but I honestly need to be at my best mindset, so I didn't get as high as I would have liked. I'm still proud of this team and myself though.

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