1st Erodent
2nd Pablo
3rd Tri-DarkSouls (Coin Flip)
4th Diesel (Coin Flip)
5th Deschain

Thank you to all participants.

Prizes (Click)

1. Erodent - Lightsabre BP, Pink's Modest Eevee
2. Pablo - ? (2 prizes)
3. TDS - ? (2 prizes)
4. Diesel - ? (2 prizes)
5. Deschain - ? (1 prize)

If you don't want a prize say so. Prizes are awarded in order of winners, so Pablo gets the next pick, then TDS, then so on.

Also Invictus please PM me to receive a Shiny Tangrowth for guessing the correct winner.​
#1 - Anything from Erodent's thread
#2 - Erodent (Lightningfusion's) Shiny Lanturn
This please :). Congrats to everyone who did well and on an amazing tourney. I'm glad I only lost Round 1 and then went on to the final game.
Congrats to the winners! Remember you all have choices from my thread ^^. PM me to set this stuff up.

Tri. Here's the prize list:
Prize List:
#1 - Anything from Erodent's thread
#2 - Erodent (Lightningfusion's) Shiny Lanturn
#3 - Erodent's Shiny Tangrowth
#4 - Erodent's shiny Gliscor
#5 - The Lost One's Scyther
#6 - TheMage's Treecko or Squirtle
#7 - Pink's Shiny Modest Eevee
#8 - Breeding Project from Lightsabre depending on what your Monotype was
#9 - The Mole's Shiny Tyranitar <3
No i meant, what are their specific stats, Iv's natures etc, I probably end up taking tangrowth and scyther anyways if scyther isnt Adamant