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The Monster Is Loose A Suicune And Jolteon Team

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by XxJOLTEONxX, Apr 28, 2011.



    Jan 27, 2011
    Roserade @ Focus Sash/Timid 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Natural Cure
    Leaf Storm
    Toxic Spikes
    Hidden Power Ice
    Sleep Powder

    It's simple why Roserade was placed on this team. She is on the team because she's an effective lead has great synergy with Suicune works well with the team.

    Metagross - Most Metagross leads I've encountered are surprisingly predictable when faced with Swampert. They usually Stealth Rock then use Explosion, allowing me to use Protect. If they stay in for whatever reason, they're going to get 2HKO'd by Earthquake.

    Azelf - Both of Azelf's main attacks, Psychic and Fire Blast, OKHO Roserade so Focus Sash is extremely helpful here. I usually use Sleep Powder on the first turn and then set up Toxic Spikes. I can usually get two layers up against non-Taunt Azelf if Sleep Powder doesn't miss.

    Swampert - Most Swampert switch out immediately so I usually use Sleep Powder on the switch and then set up Toxic Spikes. If they stay in, they're just going to get OHKO'd by Leaf Storm.

    Jirachi - Scarf Jirachi is annoying due to the high flinchhax rate of Iron Head. I usually switch to Swampert and set up Stealth Rock instead of staying in.

    Aerodactyl - I usually just switch to Swampert because Aerodactyl's speedy Taunt disables Sleep Powder and Toxic Spikes. Swampert can easily 2HKO Aerodactyl with Ice Beam.

    Infernape - I usually switch to Swampert because Fake Out breaks the Focus Sash.

    Hippowdon - They usually switch out so I just use Sleep Powder and set up Toxic Spikes.

    Ninjask - Switch to Swampert to Roar away any possible stat boosts it tries to Baton Pass.

    Bronzong - I can't do much to it offensively so I just use Sleep Powder and set up Toxic Spikes. If it stays in, I can switch to Swampert and set up Stealth Rock.

    Tyranitar - Sand Stream is dangerous since it breaks Focus Sash. Leaf Storm doesn't OHKO either so I'm usually forced to switch to Swampert.

    Dragonite - Use hidden power ice. Or switch to Swampert not much of a problem.

    Despite holding a Focus Sash, Roserade does not function as a suicide lead in any way. I try to keep it alive for as long as possible because she is a valuable team player for Suicune due to her Grass and Electric resistances. She also scares away bulky Waters that wall Suicune and acts as a status absorber thanks to Natural Cure.

    The EVs are straightforward. Speed is maximized to outspeed neutral base 90 speed Pokemon and slower base 100 speed Pokemon.

    Swampert @ Leftovers/Relaxed 52 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spd Torrent
    Ice Beam
    Stealth Rock

    Swampert is by far my favourite Stealth Rocker. Its overall bulk and awesome typing make it the perfect candidate for setting up Stealth Rock, something which it rarely fails to do. Swampert also has great synergy with Roserade since it is a great switch in to most of the leads that Roserade can't handle.

    Stealth Rock is very important for this team because it limits the number of times that Suicunes counters can switch in and try to interrupt its sweep. It also provides many of the crucial 2HKOs and OHKOs for this team. Earthquake and Ice Beam are my two attacking skills which provide a type combination that is only resisted by Bronzong in OU. It also allows Swampert to be a decent Tyranitar check. I like Roar, but I'm not sure what to choose.

    The EVs are a slight variation of the ones suggested in the analysis. I just maxed out HP and Def and opted to add the last 4 EVs into Speed incase I need to avoid a speed tie with other MixPerts.

    Scizor @ Choice Band/Adamant 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 Spe Technician
    Bullet Punch

    Scizor is an excellent scout and revenge killer also he has nice synergy with the team. He can take ice and psychic hits for Roserade and grass hits for Swampert. Suicune can take the fire hits aswell as Dragonite and Swampert for Scizor and Roserade. Swamper, Roserade, and Jolteon can take electic hits for Suicune and so on. He fits nicely on the team helps eliminates Blissey and such.

    Dragonite @ Life Orb/Lonely 56 Atk / 252 SpA / 200 Spe Inner Focus
    Draco Meteor
    Flame Thrower

    I needed a wall breaker and more support on getting rid of Blissey. Dragonite came to mind, flamethrower chosen over fire blast because of better accurancy. Extreem speed chosen to finish of weak sweepers. Ev's are straight forward just like Scizor's nice synergy with the team works well and helps cover Jolts ground weakness. I might go with Gyarados what do you think?

    Jolteon @ Choice Specs/Timid 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Volt Absorb
    Rain Dance
    Baton Pass
    Hidden Power Grass

    Jolteon has amazing synergy with Suicune. She's and yes to me Jolt is a female. She's great on the team. Rain Dance looks funny, but before she goes down since she mostly comes out late game I use it to power Suicune up since I went with the more bulky calm mind set. She helps get rid of Gyarados and she is capable of sweeping her self. There has been many matches where Suicune hasn't had to even come out. She ha sgreat synergy with Scizor ans Swamper as well.

    Suicune @ Leftover/Timid 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe Pressure
    Calm Mind
    Hidden Power Electric
    Ice Beam

    He has synergy with everyone on the team. The ev's I need help with I want a bulky Suicune who uses the calm mind set, but I still want him to be speedy. This team was built around him and Jolteon and that's why It's called the monster is loose because they are both monsters. I love both of them they are my favorite pokemon and changes can be made anyone can be replaced on this team. This team is meant to hel rid Suicunes problems, but be able to sweep or take care of business on there own.
  2. Temporal


    Mar 1, 2011
    ehh I would suggest if you want to power up both suicune and jolteon and roserade try these suggestions:

    I had a rain team once before like this(what i'll say below) but I stopped using rain as weather since it is way too popular and ugly (hail is prettier)! Anyways try this!

    Politoed @ leftovers
    Perish Song/toxic (Perish song will force Magic guard users to switch)
    Ice Beam
    Ev:252hp, 252spec DEf, 6 spatk
    Nature: Calm
    ability: DRIZZLE DUH?!

    Roserade @ choice scarf
    Weather ball (becomes a 100 BP water attack and roserade loses her fireweakness in the rain and can wreck fires with this)
    Leaf storm
    Sludge Bomb
    Shadow Ball
    Ev:252speed,252 spatk
    ability: Natural Cure

    Jolteon @ life orb
    Volt switch
    Hidden power ice/grass
    Shadow ball or singal beam?
    Ev: 252 speed, 252spatk
    Nature: Timid

    Suicune is fine as above!

    Use Drapion as a toxic spiker, he works pretty well in rain and blocks some threats. or use tentacruel who has both toxic spikes + rapid spin which will help dragonnite a lot! =D

    Hope you can work these suggestions in as they would help greatly=D!
    Get some pictures!!!!!

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