The Most UBER Tournament Ever - Round 1

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The Most UBER Tournament Ever​
Hosted by bojangles, Hugendugen, and Zephyr

Art by Shinxe from Issue #13 of The Smog


Ubers is a tier where all the Pokemon are jacked up on steroids. With offensive titans like Palkia, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, you really just always have to be on your toes. There are no counters. There are almost no safe switch-ins. Every Pokemon will take a truckload switching into something like Choice Specs Kyogre, so you need to constantly be assessing your situation and triaging which Pokemon you need the least. The tier is extremely fast-paced and team-reliant. Unfortunately, it’s not enjoying the popularity it has in the past generation. Fearing the decline of our favorite tier, Hugendugen and I, with the help of Zephyr, have thrown together the ultimate Ubers tournament to try and bring it back to its former glory. Let’s face it: the Ubers ladder on our PO server isn’t the height of skill. This tournament, however, will put you to the test in not only the quality of players, but also teambuilding. We have created a gauntlet of teambuilding restrictions for you to navigate through in order to conquer the metagame in every way possible. Plus it’s a team tournament, and everybody loves those, right?

This team is going to be heavy on teambuilding and Ubers metagame knowledge. IRC is not required by any means, but I encourage you all to come on down to #pokemon on synIRC to help with your Ubers knowledge and discuss the implications of each Pokemon on the metagame! Click here for tutorials on how to log on or use this handy link to jump right on via Mibbit!

General Tournament Rules
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here
  • Fifth Generation
  • Standard UBERS
  • Single Elimination
  • Species Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Evasion Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • Self-KO Clause
  • Timed Battle
  • Matches must be conducted on Pokemon Online
  • Keeping logs is not required but if there is a discrepancy, you may want to have it!

Special Rules:
  • This will be a team tournament akin to Team Trials. They will be teams of 5
    • Sign up as a team
    • Everybody on the team must confirm
    • Come up with an awesome name
    • For those who do not have a team, I will be keeping a list of “free agents” so go ahead and express interest! I will not be making teams though, so it is your responsibility to seek out other free agents.
    • IMPORTANT: When you sign up as a team, each member will be randomly assigned to be in a Division (A-E are possibilities). When teams play each other, people will play the corresponding player in their division. The restrictions will be given by division as well. YOU MAY NOT CHANGE DIVISIONS.
    • We will be taking 16 teams. Because you are signing up in teams, there will be no randomization, so we will take the first 16 teams that are assembled.
  • Every round, each division will be given a teambuilding restriction. You obviously must follow this.
    • Round 1 – Players will be given a specific Pokemon they are required to use. You do not have to build around this Pokemon, but you must use it.
    • Round 2 – Players will be given a combination of Pokemon (2) they are required to use.
    • Round 3 – Players will be given a core of Pokemon (3) they are required to use.
    • Round 4 – Players will be given a Pokemon they are not allowed to use.
  • Yes, this means you are building a new team every round. I still expect people to adhere to strict deadlines.
  • It’s going to be lots of fun

Each Division must use this one Pokemon on their teams. It does not have to be the focus (it may end up being) but it must be on.







Team '-' vs Team dodrioluvvers
A: Heather Star vs The_Chaser
B: Mibuchiha vs Windsong
C: T-Dogg vs ballabrown24
D: LuckOverSkill vs Delta 2777
E: DarkDiglett vs Stone_Cold

Team T.E.A.M vs Team KAEL PORRA
A: The Kyle vs Rewer
B: TalkingLion vs Blue Star
C: jessifer vs Butterfreeak
D: Raseri vs Pedrock
E: .Robert vs MarceloDK

Team Waterspout vs Team Why you switching for ?
A: 1996ito vs McMeghan
B: Syrim vs kd24
C: Donkey vs Private
D: Karppi vs Go10
E: Manapheee vs Cristal

Team 4 and a 5/17 men vs Team NOWHERE
A: D4RREN vs Steven Snype
B: Omicron vs Bloo
C: San_Pellegrino vs Iconic
D: New World Order vs Eo Ut Mortus
E: MikeDecIsHere vs Zephyr

A: Scimjara vs Agammemnon
B: Squirrel vs Lady Salamence
C: Moo vs –Manu-
D: KnightoftheWind vs Shnen
E: Mynism vs Zebraiken

Team Tall Women vs Team undecided on name
A: ala vs blarajan
B: HBK vs idiotfrommars
C: Splendiferous vs AndViet
D: Poppy vs drcossack
E: Furai vs zarator

Team Chasing four Golden Lampposts = UIndisputed victority with HSA. vs Team TBD
A: undisputed vs Colchonero
B: HSA vs Blim
C: Lamppost vs SoulWind
D: TheFourthChaser vs davidness
E: Golden Sun vs Vinc2612

Team SXFLO vs Team TBD
A: xtrashine vs JabbaTheGriffin
B: SOMALIA vs tito
C: Ojama vs mostwanted
D: Lady Bug vs ToF
E: Folgorio vs Taylor


You will have 8 days to complete this round. This means Round 1 closes the 7th of January at 10:30 pm GMT.

Good luck and have fun.


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Team Aeotos Arcana was in fact one person and is banned. Hugendugen is editing the OP but they are being replaced by Team DRAGON BALLERS.


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It came to our attention that all five members of Team Aeotos Arcana shared the same IP. They have therefore been banned and disqualified from the tournament. Replacing them will be Team DRAGON BALLERS, who were the 17th team to confirm all five players. The new matchup will be as follows:

A: Scimjara vs Agammemnon
B: Squirrel vs Lady Salamence
C: Moo vs –Manu-
D: KnightoftheWind vs Shnen
E: Mynism vs Zebraiken

I've also replaced the old matchup in the OP
Bollocks @ the new match up. Whatever, excadrill sounds cool, we can do this SLAMZ!
Edit: oh btw I do not have access to PO atm, but I can play on Pokemon Showdown, which is currently in public beta. It has an importable function, so just import your team from PO.


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Lost to Zephyr, he threw out something I wasn't expecting in the slightest.

Sorry team :-/ good luck to the rest of you!

Edit: Where are my manners. GG NIG
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