The New Jungle - NYC Warstory

Heh, its my first time writing one.

Let's begin.

*Twinkledust and happy stuff*

6:30. I rise up and take a moment to orient myself. I fell asleep with my DS in my right hand and a glass in the left, lord knows what was in the glass. Setting the glass down, I hop out of bed, and dash to do all the menial things I left up in the air from the night before (consent form-pfft wtf I'm 25, I need no ones consent-charge DS, organize team, distribute items, all the hoopla.)

By 6:45, I'm on the 6 train, heading from home to 18th street and 6th avenue. Walking around NYC at 7 am is an enthralling scene, since its empty and you can actually take the time to enjoy the architecture of Lower Manhattan. So, I take a left, and walk for what seems to be a extremely long Avenue (Yes, Manhattan gets stupid weird in its lower half, Avenues shrink and grow) until I reach a giant Magmortar raising its cannon at me.

Yeah, I found the place. It was a hidden away facility, but aside from the Electivire and Magmortar posters, and the small group of people outside-you would have not have known. No blow up figures like L.A. No Pikachu or Turtwig. None of that. But then again...its 7 am.

So, I get on the short (I mean 4 people short) line and attain an alternate wristband that was numbered. They take the numbered part, throw it into a bingo rotator, and say that we can come back at 10:45 , so they can do the Senior Drawing.

Now, being a NYC native, I knew exactly what to do. Head over to the local comic shops! :D I perused there for a few hours, hit up Subway, and dashed back to the building by 10:30-where the mass of people there had exploded to damn near 100.

Now, let's focus on this. NEAR 100.

By this time, the people running the event are shouting at us the rules of how they will pick alternates, and by now I am recognizing a bunch of people from previous tournaments around NYC over the last 8 months. Whether they all go to Smogon or not, I didn't ask. But if ya did and yer reading, I was the guy in the safari hat and JP polo.

(By the way, there were people there working the event that I've seen at every other event as a participant. One of ya needs to get me a damn POLO! I was feeling the black polo ya'll, hook me up!)

There was someone dressed as the Firered Trainer, and ironically, his was the FIRST number drawn as the first Alternate. Of course, that got a round of applause (He also made it to go to Florida, go fig :p)THE First of 93 alternates.

93. Meaning whatever 128-93 gives you is how many people showed up.

Anyway, after what felt like an eternity, I got my number called. I get in, register, and then we wait. They give you a strap thingie for your DS (FINALLY) and a bunch of other stuff, but no bin of BEACH PokeBALLS. No. They had them stored away...and then they gave me my flight number.

Had to get a photo op with Dialga and Palkia. They couldn't set these outside, they know they woulda been stolen in 20 min flat. By ME.

As explained before in other warstories and the L.A overview, there were four flights-top 2 in each flight went to Florida. Simple. I was in Flight 3, so I had time to kill. I watched a few battles, and I also found out that out of everyone in the crowd waiting to be an alternate...4 people did not get in.

That's it. 4. Only 4. Sucks to be them.

Posted obligatory yellow rat for continuity break.

Ok-on to the actual battling. Now, please, you may harp on my team as much as you like, hell I harp on it to because the simple fact that it was not swiftly murdered was just a shock on my part.

Round One
Me vs Khris

I have...

Pestilence-Spiritomb @ Leftovers

Pain Split
Shadow Sneak
Faint Attack

UnklRuckus-Swampert @ Chesto Berry

Ice Beam

Extant-Heracross @ Wide Lens

Close Combat
Stone Edge
Night Slash

Metagross (Traded) @ Expert Belt (may as well be itemless)

Meteor Mash
Bullet Punch

Yes, somehow this team was able to hold it together, despite my horrid 4x weaknesses all over the place.

This first battle, I used Pestilence and Unlk out first against his Politoed and Vaporeon. I saw where this was going and acted fast. Pestilence burned Vaporeon, while Unlk Protected, as they both used Waterfall?

No Rain Dance? What? Confused, I wasted no time and Ice Beamed/Faint Attacked Vaporeon and Politoed away.

Out comes Kingdra and Lapras. Not wanting to risk it, I switch Unkl out, to Metagross, and pull the pin.

For some reason, the kid kept hitting Pestilence, and Tomb kept Pain Splitting. Meta go boom I winz. Yay I made it past the first round, totally shocking myself.

---Break for breather..ok back into it!---

The second round though, was my downfall due to my hesitation (read: stupidity).

I started with Pest and Meta but out came a Garchomp and Togekiss. I'm expecting E-quake, so I BULLET PUNCH THE TOGEKISS (W-T-F Why?!?!?!), and have Pest fire off a Will-o-Wisp at Togekiss (Completely intentional, hence my stupidity). Yes, Chomp Earthquakes. Pest is'nt really phazed, and Kiss finishes off Meta

Second turn, I throw Unkl out, knowing this went sour. It takes out Chomp. I fire off a Shadow Sneak, and Kiss is getting low on health. Out comes Garde. I ponder why the hell Garde is out and then I freak.

Magical Leaf 4tDeath. Pest takes out Garde though with two Shadow Sneaks. Kiss is pissing me off as Burn isn't working fast enough. Extant..I really didn't wanna get him out 'til Toge was gone cause the second he stepped out, he would be (and subsequently was) was Air Slashed.

He's left with a Blaziken and that weak Kiss, and I (STUPID MOVE #2) Use Shadow Sneak on Blaziken instead of Pain Split which would have let him survive against the damn Blaze Kick.

And that's how I was eliminated. Was a good battle but I have no idea why I just didn't pull the pin and get rid of the Kiss earlier.

Random shot of the masses

I hung around for a bit, watched the Junior division top two battle on PBR, battled a few people around, and then called it a day. Oddly enough, I only saw 3 Smeargles, and none had DV. Go fig?

Whoever made it to go to Fl from here, awesome and good luck, it seems like a MUCH MUCH easier time than JAA for sure :o.
lol your Metagross is itemless, yeah... were you round two spot/table one?, cause I was on the second spot/table... atleast you fought a good Garchomp >.>, had I run into one, I wouldn't have had the problem of using Explosion on an underground Garchomp... and one of my teams does have a Dark Void Smeargle... though I didn't trust it enough to use it
If you had stolen Dialg and Palkia, you would sell them to me for $$$ right?


Anyways, too bad you lost in the second round, but good read. It seems that there were not that many official registrants that actually participated in the tournament and Pokemon USA had to rely on the alternate drawing for participants..........that's stupid. <_<
I forgot what item I had on it, had to check. Yeah utterly worthless now that I think about it, lol.

Yeah Howie, I was Round 2, Table one. That kid's team wasn't hard at all, I just..ugh disgusts me more I think about it

Expert Evan

every battle has a smell!
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Thought I recognized you based on the picture there. I was the one with the Boston Red Sox cap as I could vaguely be seen in this photo waiting in line with my flight 1 party.
I forgot what item I had on it, had to check. Yeah utterly worthless now that I think about it, lol.

Yeah Howie, I was Round 2, Table one. That kid's team wasn't hard at all, I just..ugh disgusts me more I think about it
haha that means i was the guy right next to you... same here T-T, can you believe I lost cause I mispredicted DIG on Garchomp...

Chill Murray

get well soon jacoby..
I saw you around, but I didn't get a chance to see you battle.

I'm still a bit pissed about not being able to get in. 4 people, indeed.
Nice warstory! =p i was actually the kid dressed as Red xD ...but sadly i didn't actually make top 8, i lost to the overall winner the round that decided the trip to florida x.X close as hell though... had alotta hax too in that battle, my blizzards missed twice even with wide lens, but i did get a freezehax eventually *even though it kinda happened too late to do any good* but he had some moves miss too and stuff... so it was even on that part. In the end his metagross had probably 1/14 of its hp left and i had mah latias... and i was too paranoid for thunder to miss since rain wasnt out so i went and psychic'd it, hoping to finish it off regardless of the quadresistance...but it survived with liek 2 hp and killed me off next turn with bullet punch. meh..i shoulda risked thunder, but i know if i did do that, and it missed, i'd be kicking myself for that too... >_<

meh, thats pokemon, waddaya gonna do? xD imma gonna try to go to watch the US finals in florida anyway, even though i haveta pay my way there =p