$ The NU Tournament $

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Here are the rules for the NU Tournament:

1.Only NU Pokemon are permitted.
2. Only legit hacks (Moves that the pokemon can ACTUALLY LEARN)
3. Enter 8 Pokemon for the tournament (a main team and 2 extras for swapping out)
4. Respects all entrants
5. Single Battles
6. No Clauses besides item and legit species (Mothim and Wormadam are legit)
7. 16 Entrants.

Blaze XX- FC 1505 4017 9399​


4th Place: Naughty Shelgon Lv 100- 252 Attack, 252 HP

3rd Place: Adamant Hitmonchan LV 100-252 Attack, 252 Defence

2nd Place: Shiny Lonely Nidoqueen LV 100-252 Attack, 252 Speed

1st Place: Jirachi Lv 100-252 SP. Attack, 252 HP

Lets get some more entrants! DO NOT share your team's pokemon with anybody else!​
Not open for further replies.