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The Pokémon Survival Challenge

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Mills, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Mills


    Sep 21, 2010
    I would like to introduce to readers a new style of play emphasizing self-sustenance: the Pokémon Survival Challenge.

    The Pokémon Survival Challenge revolves around, well, what the name implies - survival. The idea of the challenge is that you, the trainer, are to rely solely on yourself and what you uncover in the wild, encompassing both Pokémon and items. Each potion becomes that much more valuable, and the decision to capture a new Pokémon becomes so much more vital (as you'll see). Due to the scarcity of items, strategy becomes the epitome of victory. And so, the rules.

    The Rules:

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    1. Pokémon centers are expelled from game-play. Furthermore, items of any kind may not be purchased. This rule creates the centerfold of the challenge.
    a. Any to all items found, given, or uncovered via Dowsing machine or "Pick-up" may be utilized.
    b. "Nurse" and "doctor" trainers may only heal your party one time each. It would be wise to plan these encounters strategically.
    c. Fainted Pokémon may be revived through these means only (a & b).
    d. TMs may be purchased. The more strategy, the better!

    2. You may only have up to six Pokémon, in entirety, at all times. This means no PC Pokémon. If you wish to add a new member to a full party, you must first choose one Pokémon to release. This rule eliminates PC healing of any kind while promoting the theme of the challenge - using only what you have with you. Furthermore, the decision to capture becomes much more crucial and really encourages you to consider how a new Pokémon would benefit your team more than another.

    3. Similar to Nuzlocke, you may only catch one Pokémon per route/area; unlike Nuzlocke, you may choose the species of Pokémon you wish to catch from said area.
    a. You must catch the first of the desired species encountered. Failure to do so (i.e. fainting) disqualifies said Pokémon from entering your party (the route is also disqualified for further captures).
    b. You may not catch two Pokémon of the same species. This includes evolved Pokémon (i.e. catching a Lillipup disqualifies future Herdier captures). If you release a specific Pokémon, you may not later catch another of the species or its evolved forms.

    4. Details, details. Battle style = set & legendary Pokémon are prohibited. Aside from evolving captured Pokémon, no outside trades. Blacking-out = game over. Soft-resets of any kind will not be tolerated!

    As you can see, this challenge is for players whom are, obviously, looking for one. The Pokémon Survival Challenge is completed when the player has been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

    Feedback is welcome! I will be starting this challenge shortly and, if popularity ensues, will post semi-frequent updates. I encourage others to do the same.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. min min

    min min

    Jun 26, 2010
    How does this even work, you'd be out of pokeballs trying to catch wild pokemon without lowering their health first.
  3. Vratix


    Apr 23, 2010
    So, does this incorporate the faint=dead stance of a nuzlocke?

    Because, if it does, would that mean this is a more restricted nuzlocke and not something else?

    Or can you black-out/white-out as much as you would like?
  4. blarajan

    blarajan Rest in Bling
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    VGC Co-Leader

    Aug 29, 2010
    When you black/white out, you get your health all back for the party. That would most likely defeat the purpose.

    I just think this is an even more restricting nuzlocke, is all.
  5. xMistyx


    May 8, 2010
    Sigh I've been doing this for years.. Except I exclude all wild battles all together and only experience gained can be from trainers and when a pokemon dies then it's released. This isn't really anything new. Also I don't know if it really deserves it's own thread considering we already have the scramble and nuzlocke.

    when I do it if you white out it's over and there's no soft resetting prior to gym matches etc.

    EDIT: I generally exclude pokeballs from the item list because well yeah
  6. Mills


    Sep 21, 2010
    Fainting does not equate to death. A fainted Pokemon can be released in favor of a new Pokemon if you decide to do so, or it can be revived through a nurse/doctor, not to mention (max)revives found in the wilderness.

    If you black-out, it is game over.

    The differences between this and Nuzlocke:

    • You cannot under any circumstances buy items of any kind. You cannot use Pokemon centers to heal.
    • You may choose the species of Pokemon to be caught from each area. This allows you to co-ordinate strategy within your team.
    • You may never have more than 6 Pokemon total; PC reserves are unnacceptable. To catch a Pokemon to an already full party, you must eliminate one slot by releasing a Pokemon. This heightens the challenge by discarding the notion of "back-up" Pokemon.
    • Fainted Pokemon may be revived. If you have a fainted Pokemon but no means of revival, you can either replace it with a new Pokemon or wait until a revive/healing trainer is found.

    You gain a surprising surplus of Pokeballs without buying them. Quick balls and Heal Balls are given to the player, which are notable uses to avoid HP loss after capture.

    This challenge really requires you to think outside the box. It's unfortunate many are writing-off this challenge so soon without trying it. The differences really prove to make a whole new experience. It's really a challenger and provides an alternative to Nuzlocke's death element while taking away many of Nuzlocke's standard comforts.

    I'll make you guys a deal. I'll post a couple of updates. If you're really not into it, then I'll request this challenge be clumped with Nuzlocke. I think you may be surprised.
  7. Steeler


    Apr 13, 2006
    you seem to have made this with gen 5 in mind. it probably doesn't work as well in earlier gens.
  8. TalkingLion


    May 7, 2011
    Yeah does this work in the older games, like FireRed? If so, then I would like to try it.
  9. Mills


    Sep 21, 2010
    This challenge was created with Gen V in mind. That said, I believe it may be adapted to suit the needs of FireRed.

    Although there are no nurses/doctors in Gen III, there are other means of revival. Rare candies, for one, are more prevalent in FireRed than in Black/White. When used on a fainted Pokemon, it gains 1 HP and is then game for super potions.

    I am interested to see this challenge applied to FireRed as well; it may prove to be more of a challenge than I have. The selection of Pokemon would definitely be important. Bulbasaur's Leech Seed, Butterfree's status moves, and Ratata's Run Away & Meowth's Pick-up would all come in handy, just to throw some examples out there.

    The game does provide the player with a handful of potions and antidotes to be found, and the low-risk training against bug catchers and kakuna/metapod would come in handy.

    Charmander would obviously be the hardest pick to work with. Give it a shot! I'll be posting an update sometime tonight.
  10. xMistyx


    May 8, 2010
    Done it with all generations. Trying to find different ways to make the game more challenging has been around as long as the game itself. We all have our own ways of making it so and some of us have probably come up with the same ideas (this being an example).

    Post your updates if you want.

    Though I feel challenges like this are more of a personal thing and don't have the personality and "community" feel that it's big brother the Scramble challenge has.
  11. Dr. Eyepatch

    Dr. Eyepatch

    Aug 17, 2007
    I have been willing to support this idea since the first post. However, one thing I would like to ask: Does the limited use of moves (PP) not ever pose a problem? I would imagine PP would run out very quickly, especially with the severe lack of Ethers, Elixers, and PP Berries to be found.
  12. Mills


    Sep 21, 2010
    While it is more personal than Scramble, I think it would be interesting to see and share the different strategies and overall ingenuity that the community comes up with. Uncovering the multitudes of strategies, considering the limitless combinations of different in-game Pokemon, will no doubt require many playthroughs.

    I have considered this issue as well. I have not encountered this problem in my current challenge; that said, I have not been as careless with moves as I would normally be. It's not too complicated. Use the weaker attacks on the weaker Pokemon. Don't one-shot a Patrat with Flame Charge if Tackle can do the job. Use Work Up or Leer to conserve PP for attacking moves, etc. While I have not needed to put much thought into such conservation, it helps here and there.

    I am planning to submit my first update once I have defeated Lenora. I work tonight, so it will have to wait until tomorrow morning. I will post any strategies that have helped me thus far, along with any problems that the challenge presents. As said, this thread is not my personal cause - feel free to join!
  13. Percussionist


    Jul 5, 2010
    This is an interesting idea, but yeah. I'm awful with catching Pokemon (fuck you RNG) so the Pokeball shortage would really fuck me over. Also, running out of PP. Tail Whip to -6 Def and use Tackle??? The idea is pretty cool, but those sound like rather large road blocks. Although, in fifth Gen, you can simply reteach TMs to gain PP, but this sounds like a really hard challenge for earlier generations.
  14. TM13IceBeam


    Oct 22, 2010
    Reteaching TMs no longer replenishes the PP, it uses the PP of the move that it replaced.
  15. DarthStefman


    Mar 27, 2011
    I think its an interesting challange.

    I modified the rules a little though.

    Show Hide
    1. You may only catch one Pokémon per route/area. You may choose the Pokémon you wish to catch from said area.
    -You must catch the first of the desired Pokemon encountered.
    -Failure to do so (i.e. fainting) disqualifies said Pokémon and it’s evolutionary forms from entering your party…ever. (the route is also disqualified for further captures).

    -You may not catch two Pokémon of the same species.
    -This includes pre-evo/evolved forms (catching a Lillipup = no Herdier captures).

    -If you release a specific Pokémon or it dies, you may not later catch another or its evolved forms.

    -No outside trades or giftmons.
    -ALL pokemon must be caught.

    -legendary Pokémon are prohibited

    2. Poké centers/marts/daycare/mom healing are expelled from game-play. (player is entirely prohibited from entering poke center/mart/daycare unless plot related)
    -ALL items MUST be found, given, or uncovered via Dowsing machine or "Pick-up".
    -For Black/White, "Nurse" and "doctor" trainers may only heal your party one time each.
    -No going home to rest your pokemon. (no running to mommy, you must survive on your own)

    -You may only have up to six Pokémon, in entirety, at all times.
    -no PC Pokémon.
    -If you wish to add a new member to a full party, you must first choose one Pokémon to release. (eliminates PC healing/reserves)

    3. Fainted pokemon may be revived ONLY if you can do so IMMEDIATELY. If you can’t, it’s dead and must be released.
    -I.E. you found revives, un-used nurse/doc trainer nearby.
    -No spamming pick-up until you get the item you need.

    -Blacking-out = game over. Soft-resets of any kind will not be tolerated!

    4. Details, details. -Battle style = set
    -Must nickname all pokemon caught..
  16. Mills


    Sep 21, 2010
    Don't worry, it's not that extreme. I have not used a defense-lowering move more than once per opponent. As you progress into the game, this reliance fades as weaker moves are replaced by stronger ones.

    If you would like to play by this specific set, feel free. However, I disagree with two of your modifications:

    I treat gift Pokemon the same as a captured Pokemon. Receiving an elemental monkey, for instance, counts as your selected Pokemon from the Dreamyard area. While we're on the topic, I will also highlight the fact that in-game trades are acceptable; however, this removes two areas from further use (location of initial capture & location of in-game trade).

    I am distancing this challenge from the death aspect entirely. If a Pokemon in your party faints, you may revive it at any time. If you do not have the means to heal said Pokemon, you must keep it in your party until you either find a (max)revive or a nurse/doctor if you do not wish to release it. Obviously, the downside to this being you lose on active slot in your team for the time being.

    First update coming very shortly!
  17. Mills


    Sep 21, 2010
    And here we are!

    Update #1: ~ Inner Pinwheel Forest

    Current team:
    Show Hide

    Bandit Lv. 23 [Nuvema Town]
    Timid @Charcoal
    HP 22/77

    • Arm Thrust [4/20]
    • Flame Charge [11/20]
    • Rollout [19/20]
    • Defense Curl [33/40]
    I'm a sucker for the fire starters. Along with overall preference, fire and fighting attacks will no doubt become very useful offenses throughout the entire challenge.
    Runt Lv. 20 [Sand Rush] [Route 1]
    Careful @--
    HP 24/63

    • Work Up [26/30]
    • Tackle [19/35]
    • Take Down [20/20]
    • Bite [20/25]
    This or Patrat? Seems simple to me. Who doesn't want a guard dog? Ability-wise, either "Pick-Up" or "Vital Spirit" are both good bets; the former is useful early on, and the latter turned "Intimidate" definitely has it's uses later *cough*Lenora

    Sneak Lv. 20 [Limber] [Route 2]
    Bashful @--
    HP 28/59

    • Torment [13/15]
    • Growl [34/40]
    • Pursuit [12/20]
    • Sand-Attack [12/15]
    Sneak was caught on Route 2 to offset the Munnas/Woobats that would otherwise no doubt cause trouble. It has been doing it's job very proficiently.

    Jun Lv. 19 [Dreamyard]
    Bold @--
    HP 7/52

    • Cut [27/30]
    • Leech Seed [0/10]
    • Bite [25/25]
    • Vine Whip [5/15]
    Ahh, leech seed. You'll read more on that below. If absolutely necessary, I'll use my Ether to restore Leech Seed to give my team needed HP. Otherwise, I don't see this little guy hanging around much longer.

    Pebble Lv. 23 [Wellspring Cave]
    Serious @Hard Stone
    HP 11/58

    • Rock Blast [2/10]
    • Iron Defense [15/15]
    • Mud-Slap [3/10]
    • Headbutt [4/15]
    I love Pebble. It's so good at taking and doling hits. As you can see, it's done a lot of that recently. Normal resistance has been key lately.

    Sanguine Lv. 15 [Swarm] [Pinwheel Forest]
    Adamant @--
    HP 36/36

    • Poison Sting [35/35]
    • Screech [40/40]
    • Pursuit [20/20]
    • Protect [10/10]
    Freshly caught! If you look above, you'll note my team is severely vulnerable to fighting types. Not anymore! With the potential for many great attacks (Baton Pass, Swords Dance, EQ, Megahorn, etc.) this thing will probably be sticking around for a long time. Whirlipede + Eviolite/Iron Defense will be awesome as well. I have to say I was very lucky with it's nature and ability.

    Let's begin. Right off the bat, I am going to say that Oshawott - yes, Oshawott - will be the toughest choice for players to work with in the early game. Why is that?

    Leech Seed. Up until Nacrene City, the game had been pretty easy. Runt's offensive and defensive abilities trumped most enemies early on, not to mention "Pick Up" granting the odd Super Potion. However, upon arriving in Nacrene, my team was pretty such depleted all round and I was forced to use the nurse trainer in Pinwheel forest almost immediately. The solution? Snivy/Pansage. Albeit not too handy offensively, these pre-Lenora grass types are riddled with the life-sapping suckers.

    And so began the slow and painful depletion of the Audino population.

    Leech Seed, switch out, stall, profit. Using this method, I was able to level my team considerably against the pink bastards while maintaining full HP among my party. Futhermore, Runt's original "Pick-Up" ability and Jun's Thief attack (now replaced by Bite) landed me a handful of oran berries. Lenora was much easier than expected. Bandit takes out Herdier and Pebble solos Watchog. Donezo; so much for the vengeful Watchog decimation I had been anticipating.

    I have just recently entered Pinwheel forest to take out team Plasma. Before I move on, I will take a much needed sleep and leave you here for now.

    For anyone's interest in the general amount of items the game gives you to work with (without purchase), I have compiled a list of my current inventory and Pokeball selection. This does not show all of the other items/balls I have used up prior.

    Show Hide
    Fresh Water
    Super Potion [3]
    Oran Berry

    Antidote [4]
    Full Heal [3]
    Chesto Berry [3]


    X Speed
    X Defend

    Show Hide
    Pokeball [5]
    Great Ball [4]
    Ultra Ball [2]
    Heal Ball [3]

    Released/unsuccessful captures:
    Show Hide
    [​IMG][Route 3]
    Damnit! I really was looking forward to having a Zebstrika around. Unfortunately, Sneak, used purposely for its wondrous aptitude for dealing zilch to anything, landed a critical-hit-it-hit-five-times!-fury-swipes. Thanks for finally killing something you stupid, fragile cat.

    Thanks for the read! As always, feedback will be welcome.

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