The Pound-for-Pound Tournament IV! - Semifinals!

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Originally hosted by Pirika, hanke and ENZ0

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The Pound-for-Pound Tournament IV!

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Tournament Rules

Introduction and Specific Rules:

This is a single elimination tournament, where the players will battle on a tier out of the 3 main ones (OU, UU and Ubers) each round. It is a 5th Generation tournament (Black and White 2). In the first round, each pairing will have a randomized tier selected out of the three main ones. The players who advance to the second round are going to play in a different tier, and it keeps going. The finals are going to be on a best out of 3.

The matches should take place on Pokemon Showdown unless both players agreed to play in another simulator. The first round will have a two week deadline, and further rounds will have a one week deadline. There will be given two days for extensions in case of both players being active before a coin flip.


Round 1:
Player 1 vs Player 2 (OU)
Player 3 vs Player 4 (UU)
Player 5 vs Player 6 (Uber)
Player 7 vs Player 8 (OU)

Round 2:
Player 2 vs Player 4 (Uber)
Player 6 vs Player 7 (UU)

Battling Rules:

- Sleep Clause
- Species Clause
- Evasion Clause
- OHKO Clause
- Timer Clause
- Wifi Battle


Marshall.Law vs WhiteQueen (OU)
Eo Ut Mortus vs SOMALIA (UU)
relaunched vs Masterclass (Uber)

Deadline: May 19 23:59 EDT



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Marshall.Law vs WhiteQueen (OU) - close
Eo Ut Mortus vs SOMALIA (UU) - this'll be good
relaunched vs Masterclass - Already occurred
Opponen disconaceded i win i have proof also

also no using ur super duper mod powers to overrule my winned thanks very moch

edit 2: he threatened to dq me ahahahahaa, i play him again in 5 mins and this time i show no mercyileness
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