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The Power Of One (A LC Warstory)

Discussion in 'BW LC' started by KingTorterraXIV, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. KingTorterraXIV


    Sep 18, 2011
    Hi I'm KingTorterraXIV, or as people know me on Pokemon Showdown, PrinceTurtwigXIV. I play Little Cup almost all the time, so I've been trying to knock iss out of #1 when I get randomly paired up with Hawkstar from the forums and on Showdown. Mainly I was going through easier battles and gaining like 2 points per battle. When I saw Hawkstar, I knew this could be a big break in score! He put up an amazing fight too.

    Hi! I'm Hawkstar. Laddering for LC is relatively mind-numbing, since most players on the ladder aren't that great, and I feel like I'm battling luck more often, since all it takes is a few crits to lose to even the least skilled, Leftovers-using players on the ladder. Every once in a while, I get a match with some top 20 players, and while they're a lot more interesting than matches with Supapokemonmazta12345, I haven't really had a match that made me feel like I was “in the zone”. Cue being randomly matched with PrinceTurtwigXIV, who is KingTorterraXIV here on the forums, and who is writing up this warstory with me today. This was an awesome match, so now let's take a look at it!

    KingTorterraXIV's comments = Green

    Hawkstar's comments = Blue

    Team Preview:

    KingTorterraXIV's Team (open)

    Hawkstar's Team (open)

    Looking at his team, his Murkrow is really threatening. My team is slightly weak to it, so I know I have to keep Lileep alive for Murkrow. He's using Deerling and Magnemite too. Well I know he 's using Occa Magnemite, since I've battled him before, and he likes it. Deerling I'm guessing is just a scarf set, since that's really it's only viable set. I decide to lead off with Misdreavus, since maybe it can get the jump on his Mienfoo is he leads with it.

    Seeing his team, I know right off the bat that I either have to lead with either Mienfoo or Misdreavus. If he leads off with Dwebble, I need Mienfoo out so that I can prevent it from laying hazards. However, all it takes is for his Misdreavus to come out, and then I am in serious trouble. On the other hand, if his Mienfoo comes out, I'll need Misdreavus to be out to prevent me from switching into a Knock Off. I pick Misdreavus because it looks like the safest option, and hope that he doesn't expect that and put in Murkrow, since that would beat Mienfoo as well.

    As for the rest of the match, I see Lileep and Murkrow, which are two Pokemon that I want to keep Magnemite alive to counter. Once I beat Lileep especially, Chinchou can set up an Agility and go to work. Failing that, Murkrow looks like it can pick apart his team after Dwebble is down, so I decide to go with that.

    KingTorterraXIV's moves will be on the LEFT
    Hawkstar's moves will be on the RIGHT

    Hawkstar joined.
    PrinceTurtwigXIV joined.
    Format: LC
    Rated battle
    Rule: Sleep Clause
    Rule: Species Clause
    Rule: OHKO Clause
    Rule: Evasion Clause
    Hawkstar's team:
    Mienfoo / Murkrow / Misdreavus / Chinchou / Magnemite / Deerling
    PrinceTurtwigXIV's team:
    Dwebble / Mienfoo / Lileep / Abra / Misdreavus / Murkrow

    Battle between Hawkstar and PrinceTurtwigXIV started!
    Hawkstar sent out Misdreavus!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV sent out UpTheButt (Misdreavus)!


    So seeing that we both lead off with Misdreavus, I want to see what set he was running, as I know nothing he can do will kill me.

    A mirror match! I'm assuming he's running the Eviolite set, but if he's Scarfed he can't OHKO with Shadow Ball anyway while I can. I'm just going to throw out a Shadow Ball and see what I can hit.

    Turn 1
    Misdreavus used Shadow Ball!
    It's super effective! The foe's UpTheButt lost 82% of its health!
    The foe's UpTheButt used Shadow Ball!
    It's super effective! Misdreavus lost 82% of its health!


    We were running the same bulky set. I know his Misdreavus is going to be a problem later, but I know he is going to go into something that can take a Shadow Ball, and revenge kill, which would be either Murkrow or Deerling. I think he's going to go into Deerling, cause he's taking a risk with Murkrow. I'm going to switch into Mienfoo and hope that my prediction plays out.

    He does the same, we take the same damage, etc. Now here's the hard part. I could risk the Speed tie to have a chance of taking it out, or I could switch out to Deerling and take the Shadow Ball and revenge it. I'm fairly sure he's going to stay in, and since I really want to keep Misdreavus alive as a deterrent to his Mienfoo, I decide to go to Deerling.

    Turn 2
    PrinceTurtwigXIV: well
    PrinceTurtwigXIV: we have a good mindset :)
    Hawkstar: the next speed tie is the one that matters
    Hawkstar called Misdreavus back!
    Hawkstar sent out Deerling!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV called UpTheButt back!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV sent out WhoElse (Mienfoo)!

    (18%)[​IMG] --->(100%)[​IMG]VS.[​IMG](100%)<---[​IMG](18%)

    Yes! He switched into Deerling. This thing's Choice Scarf is going to be annoying. Knocking it off will help, and Mienfoo is bulky enough to take any hit.

    Mindgames! They don't work!

    That was a pretty great read on his part. I could have easily sent in Murkrow, or just Shadow Balled outright. Definitely not the move I would make in his situation, but it really put me behind either way. Misdreavus is the “safest” switch, but since he'd be a fool to use a Fighting-type move, I'm definitely expecting something more along the lines of U-turn or Knock Off. I'll go into Mienfoo, in the hopes that he U-turns out to Murkrow so I can put in Magnemite pretty much for free.

    Turn 3
    PrinceTurtwigXIV: im not that stupid :)
    Hawkstar called Deerling back!
    Hawkstar sent out Mienfoo!
    The foe's WhoElse used Knock Off!
    It's not very effective... Mienfoo lost 5% of its health!
    The foe's WhoElse knocked off Mienfoo's Life Orb!

    (100%)[​IMG]VS.[​IMG](95%)(Lost Life Orb)<---[​IMG](100%)

    OK, so he went into Mienfoo, well it still helps since Life Orb Mienfoo hurts. I'm thinking he wants to go for a Hi Jump Kick to do as much damage as possible, so into Missy!

    That hurts, but I'd rather have Mienfoo lose a bit of power than have Misdreavus outright dead. Now, I'm 100% certain Mienfoo is not staying in, so I'm going to U-turn out of his Misdreavus and hopefully do enough damage to KO it.

    Turn 4
    PrinceTurtwigXIV called WhoElse back!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV sent out UpTheButt (Misdreavus)!
    Mienfoo used U-turn!
    It's not very effective... The foe's UpTheButt lost 9% of its health!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV: dem smarts
    Hawkstar called Mienfoo back!
    Hawkstar sent out Deerling!


    OK, so that prediction went kinda wrong. I really think that I don't need Missy anymore, it doesn't take out anything essential on his team. He can just kill me and I can switch into something.

    Just as I expected! Time for Deerling to put Misdreavus to sleep (hopefully).

    Turn 5
    Deerling used Seed Bomb!
    The foe's UpTheButt lost 9% of its health!
    The foe's UpTheButt fainted!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV sent out WhoElse (Mienfoo)!

    (KO'D)[​IMG]--->(100%)[​IMG]VS.[​IMG] (100%)

    Just as I expected, but now I can go into Mienfoo to scare him off.

    OK, now that Misdreavus is gone, I can throw around Hi Jump Kicks like they're going out of style. Even without its Life Orb, Mienfoo is still my little wrecking ball, especially without any other Fighting resists on his team that can take a hit. Since I know now that my Misdreavus can take one U-turn without keeling over, it's my best switch-in here. If he uses Knock Off, then I can just send in Murkrow for a free Brave Bird.

    Turn 6
    Hawkstar called Deerling back!
    Hawkstar sent out Misdreavus!
    The foe's WhoElse used U-turn!
    It's not very effective... Misdreavus lost 9% of its health!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV called WhoElse back!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV sent out MyHat ;-; (Murkrow)!


    He really wants to keep his Deerling alive, which is good knowledge. I don't want to risk any speed ties so I'll just revenge kill with Murkrow.

    Murkrow is most likely here to finish me off with a Sucker Punch. Normally, I'd be trying at all costs to keep Murkrow from using Substitute by attacking, but since I'm at so low of health, he's probably just expecting me to sacrifice it, especially since he did it with his Misdreavus earlier. I'm going to Magnemite to absorb the Sucker Punch and get in a free hit on whatever switches in.

    Turn 7
    Hawkstar called Misdreavus back!
    Hawkstar sent out Magnemite!
    The foe's MyHat ;-; used Hidden Power!
    A critical hit! It's not very effective... Magnemite lost 32% of its health!


    I really thought that he would go into Chinchou, not Magnemite, but whatever. I need to keep Murkrow alive, so Lileep can probably take a hit the best.

    Of all things, Hidden Power...and a crit! Magnemite's impressive 12 resistances don't give me much clue at all as to what HP it's using. Ice, Grass, Electric, Rock, who knows? If I could guess, it's Grass for Chinchou, so I need to be careful of that later. As for now, he has nothing that can switch into Magnemite. If Lileep comes in, it's eating Flash Cannon next turn. If he stays in, most likely to use Heat Wave, then he'll trigger my special surprise. I'm feeling pretty good right now, so let's see what happens.

    Turn 8
    PrinceTurtwigXIV: lol
    PrinceTurtwigXIV called MyHat ;-; back!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV sent out Audrey II (Lileep)!
    Magnemite used Thunderbolt!
    It's not very effective... The foe's Audrey II lost 19% of its health!
    The foe's Audrey II was paralyzed! It may be unable to move!


    Lileep took the hit, but now it can only move 50% of the time. I need Lileep for his Murkrow at least, so I think Mienfoo can take a Flash Cannon.

    The paralysis is cool but not entirely helpful. Flash Cannon is the obvious move, with no resists on his team to absorb it.

    Turn 9
    PrinceTurtwigXIV called Audrey II back!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV sent out WhoElse (Mienfoo)!
    Magnemite used Flash Cannon!
    The foe's WhoElse lost 59% of its health!


    Mienfoo you rock. But know I'm in a tight situation. If I Drain Punch, he could go into Missy and kill me off, or I could U-Turn and he keeps in Magnemite and gets a hit off on another team member. I think I'll go with U-Turn as I can go into Lileep again maybe, and if he does go into Missy, I'll kill it.

    Pretty nice damage, but now poor Maggy's about to get pulverized. I'm fairly certain he's going for Drain Punch, but U-turn is also a possibility. I have no room for error with Magnemite though, since I need to keep its health relatively high so that I can keep switching into Murkrow. I'll just put in Misdreavus and see how that goes.

    Turn 10
    Hawkstar called Magnemite back!
    Hawkstar sent out Misdreavus!
    The foe's WhoElse used U-turn!
    It's not very effective... Misdreavus lost 9% of its health!
    Misdreavus fainted!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV called WhoElse back!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV sent out MyHat ;-; (Murkrow)!
    Hawkstar sent out Magnemite!


    Yes!!!!! Missy is dead, and my prediction payed off. Murkrow seems like a good choice to go into, since it can get off some fast damage. He might go into Magnemite again, but I know he has Occa Berry on it. I don't know how much Heat Wave does though after Occa, I think it'll still kill.

    OK, I kind of saw that coming, but I definitely couldn't risk losing Magnemite. Who is now back for round 2 vs. Murkrow. Hidden Power quelled all my fears about Substitute, and I'm also fairly certain it's carrying Heat Wave. Now that everything is in place, it's time to spring the trap...


    KingTorterraXIV's Team (open)

    Hawkstar's Team (open)

    Turn 11
    The foe's MyHat ;-; used Heat Wave!
    Magnemite ate its Occa Berry!
    It's super effective! Magnemite lost 45% of its health!
    Magnemite used Thunderbolt!
    It's super effective! The foe's MyHat ;-; lost 100% of its health!
    The foe's MyHat ;-; fainted!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV: science time
    PrinceTurtwigXIV: awh
    PrinceTurtwigXIV sent out AsianSensation (Abra)!


    Dang it. It didn't do nearly as much as I hoped. Murkrow is dead which sucks, but now i can go into something to revenge kill Magnemite, like Abra.


    Alright! Murkrow is gone, Misdreavus is gone, things are looking good. Magnemite is now pretty much death fodder, so I'm going to sacrifice it so that Deerling can come in and put the hurt on it.

    Turn 12
    The foe's AsianSensation used Hidden Power!
    A critical hit! It's super effective! Magnemite lost 23% of its health!
    Magnemite fainted!
    Hawkstar sent out Deerling!


    Goodbye Magnemite, you stupid robot thing. Hello Scarf Deerling I believe you want to kill Abra.

    I'm pretty much certain that I can live through HP Fight, and if he's running Life Orb instead of Focus Sash, he should be beating a hasty retreat, which is what I hope happens. Even so, I'm predicting that he will instead try and KO Deerling.

    Turn 13
    Deerling used Seed Bomb!
    The foe's AsianSensation lost 95% of its health!
    The foe's AsianSensation used Hidden Power!
    It's super effective! Deerling lost 91% of its health!


    OK Abra you fail, how did that not KO? It's not like Deerling is known for it's special bulk or anything. Now I have to work around this stupid thing again, cause I want Abra alive for later.


    Did it have a Focus Sash or was it Life Orb and I missed the KO by 1 HP? I'm not sure. Either way, he's looking at the loss of his Abra real quickly here, so he is either going to sacrifice it or go to Mienfoo. I think I can do enough damage to Mienfoo that I stay in.

    Turn 14
    Hawkstar: lol
    PrinceTurtwigXIV: dam it
    PrinceTurtwigXIV: why does nothing ko anything D=
    Hawkstar: did you have LO or sash?
    PrinceTurtwigXIV called AsianSensation back!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV sent out WhoElse (Mienfoo)!
    Deerling used Seed Bomb!
    The foe's WhoElse lost 32% of its health!


    At least Mienfoo can take a Seed Bomb, and since it is so low of health, I can just Fake out kill it, since he doesn't have Missy anymore.

    Ouch. Not quite the 45% I was expecting. Fake Out is going to finish me off here, and if he uses U-turn instead, possibly hoping that I save Deerling and go to Mienfoo, he'll get punished. Deerling has done well enough, so I don't really need it any more.

    Turn 15
    The foe's WhoElse used Fake Out!
    Deerling lost 9% of its health!
    Deerling fainted!
    Hawkstar sent out Murkrow!


    The revenge killer is gone and now i have to deal with Murkrow. I want to use Lileep, but it's already slightly weakened, I don't know if it can take 2 Brave Birds.

    OK, now it's time to throw a little weight around! He is probably sacrificing Lileep, but that's good since it is an obstacle to Chinchou's sweep big time. The recoil will hurt, but as long as I can guarantee the Chinchou sweep at the end, it will be worth it.

    Turn 16
    PrinceTurtwigXIV called WhoElse back!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV sent out Audrey II (Lileep)!
    Murkrow used Brave Bird!
    The foe's Audrey II lost 46% of its health!
    Murkrow is damaged by recoil!


    OK, no. Lileep can't take another Brave Bird. Oh well. At least this will help rack up recoil damage.

    OK, and there he goes. Now I just have to finish it off and see what happens from there.

    Turn 17
    Murkrow used Brave Bird!
    The foe's Audrey II lost 35% of its health!
    Murkrow is damaged by recoil!
    The foe's Audrey II fainted!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV sent out :] (Dwebble)!


    My main check to Murkrow is down but probably Dwebble can take a hit and kill it.

    Dwebble's Sturdy must be broken at all costs if I want to have a chance at winning, so I'm sacrificing Murkrow to get it in KO range of Mienfoo. At first, I was averse to the idea, because Murkrow shuts down Abra completely and can KO Mienfoo easily, but if he predicts the switch to Mienfoo and gets up a Shell Smash, I'm done for. Chinchou can get the victory anyway, so why not?

    Turn 18
    Murkrow used Brave Bird!
    The foe's :] lost 73% of its health!
    Murkrow is damaged by recoil!
    The foe's :] ate its Oran Berry!
    The foe's :] restored HP using its Oran Berry!
    The foe's :] used Rock Blast!
    It's super effective! Murkrow lost 35% of its health!
    It's super effective! Murkrow lost 13% of its health!
    Hit 2 time(s)!
    Murkrow fainted!
    Hawkstar sent out Mienfoo!


    My assumptions are correct, Dwebble did take the hit and killed the stupid thing. I really don't need Dwebble anymore, except for Chinchou, but my other Pokemon can deal with it.

    OK, now it's time for Mienfoo to take this thing out, die to Abra, and hopefully win the game for me. I'm not worried at all about him switching out, so this is pretty straight forward.

    Turn 19
    PrinceTurtwigXIV: this is gonna be a tight game
    Hawkstar: yeah
    Mienfoo used Hi Jump Kick!
    The foe's :] lost 73% of its health!
    The foe's :] fainted!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV sent out AsianSensation (Abra)!


    I really thought that wouldn't kill, but I guess with Life Orb, he's running more attack EV's. Oh well, Abra can kill it now.

    OK, now its time for my plan to go into action!

    Turn 20
    The foe's AsianSensation used Psychic!
    It's super effective! Mienfoo lost 100% of its health!
    Mienfoo fainted!
    Hawkstar sent out Chinchou!


    OK, Mienfoo is dead, and all he has left is Chinchou. If it's bulky RestTalk, it might take longer to kill it, but Mienfoo can Knock Off the Eviolite and hurt it lots. I will get as much damage with Abra as I can, and see if he's RestTalk.

    Abra is going to get in one hit no matter what, and since it has no priority to hit me with, I go for the Agility. While I'm pretty sure Mienfoo is running a slightly less speedy EV spread, being outsped would lose me the game for sure.

    Turn 21
    The foe's AsianSensation used Psychic!
    Chinchou lost 50% of its health!
    Chinchou used Agility!
    Chinchou's Speed sharply rose!

    (5%)[​IMG]VS.(+2 Speed)[​IMG](50%)

    OK, Agility Chinchou...he's playing old school, I might lose now, since I think Hydro Pump can kill Mienfoo, if he even has it. Maybe he has Surf for some reason.

    Now it's time to finish off Abra and get down to the final showdown!

    Turn 22
    Chinchou used Thunderbolt!
    The foe's AsianSensation lost 5% of its health!
    The foe's AsianSensation fainted!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV sent out WhoElse (Mienfoo)!

    (KO'D)[​IMG]--->(72%)[​IMG]VS.(+2 Speed)[​IMG](50%)

    It all comes done to Mienfoo now, I might win if he misses Hydro Pump, but it'll be very close.

    Mienfoo is at 72% health right now, which is troubling. I'm pretty sure Hydro Pump can net the OHKO, but a low roll might let it live, and that's assuming I don't miss it entirely. After the Fake Out, Drain Punch is certainly OHKOing me, so there's no margin of error whatsoever.

    Turn 23
    The foe's WhoElse used Fake Out!
    Chinchou lost 17% of its health!
    Chinchou flinched!

    (72%)[​IMG]VS.(+2 Speed)[​IMG](33%)

    Just encase he does misses, I want to make sure that Drain Punch will kill it.

    Here it is, the turn that determines who gets the points and who goes home. I feel a miss coming on, and that's always a bad feeling...

    Turn 24
    PrinceTurtwigXIV: gg to whoever wins
    Hawkstar: yeah man gg
    Chinchou used Hydro Pump!
    The foe's WhoElse lost 68% of its health!
    The foe's WhoElse used Drain Punch!
    Chinchou lost 33% of its health!
    Chinchou had its energy drained!
    Chinchou fainted!
    PrinceTurtwigXIV won the battle!


    I can't believe that Mienfoo lived that! With 1 HP though, but still I can't believe that. I'm sitting here watching this happen and I still can't believe it! I must of gotten min-damage or something stupid like that, but I don't care! This was a great game Hawkstar, it kinda sucks that you lost by 1 HP, but good game none the less!

    1 HP! I lost by one singular hitpoint. That is a bit more common in LC because of the low HP stats, but still! Even so, that was still an excellent battle, one of the best I've had in a while. I really thought I had it, up until the last turn, but hey, at least I wasn't haxed out of it or anything. Thanks so much to you KingTorterraXIV for a wonderful battle, and hopefully I can beat you next time!

    MVP: Mienfoo!


    -Killing half of his team!
    -Making good predictions!
    -For surviving that last Hydro Pump to the face.

    Mienfoo getting the U-Turn kill against Misdreavus.
    Abra revenge killing more than my Scarfed Pokemon.
    Hawkstar for having a most excellent match.
    Misdreavus really doing nothing to helps besides hurting Hawkstar's Misdreavus.
    Lileep death foddering.
    I wasted a lot of my Pokemon. Only Pokemon I really saved were Mienfoo and Abra, everything else just kinda died.

    Magnemite tricking Murkrow into getting OHKOed
    Chinchou, for almost pulling off a sweep at the end
    KingTorterraXIV for a great match!
    Misdreavus for not really stopping Mienfoo like I wanted it to
    Chinchou for not mustering up that one last game-winning HP of damage
    Me for not making as many good predictions as I could've. Switching Mienfoo into Dwebble's Rock Blast at the end there might have changed the way the battle ended, for example.

    This was a really fun match that could of went either way, but it was fun. We both made our share of stupid plays and shares of really good plays. I really want to battle Hawkstar again, as I think he wants revenge :)

    OK, so while this match didn't end that well for me, I still had a blast. This match is one of the reasons why I play Pokemon in the first place. A pairing of two evenly matched players with even teams and little, if any, bad luck on either side. Hopefully, this warstory inspires others to try out the tier, so that I can have more good battles like this one!
  2. Gengan


    Jul 18, 2012

  3. AuraRayquaza


    Mar 19, 2012
    damn. me and iss were going to do a warstory as well but you got there before. :( oh well. great warstory and it was so close. ive battled both of you on ps and both of your teams are very hard to beat.
  4. TheStarRapper


    Sep 15, 2011
    Really nice warstory, especially as it is LC. Can't say I've played much of this tier but it was still fun to read. Proof that good battles don't have to be long. 9/10 kids agree that metrics are a weird way to measure prose.
  5. Metroid78


    May 28, 2012
  6. superstar


    Jul 25, 2011
    I have to say I really enjoyed this warstory. The dual commentary was very nice, the battle was a close display of skill, and the formatting got the job done, well done. And I'm pretty sure hpump has about a 50-50 chance to KO there, so factoring in accuracy KingTorterra had the better chance to win :D
    Once again, props for making LC look fun
  7. Photo


    Aug 19, 2012
    Cool warstory. Didn't see AgiliChou coming at all.
  8. JacobNinja


    Aug 5, 2012
    Nicely done both of you, and hawk I would say that our last fight (pretty sure it was you) was pretty close (Ended in a 1v1 with 2 fresh pokemon)
  9. Mylo Xyloto

    Mylo Xyloto

    May 12, 2012
    Nice read. I also like the dual commentary
  10. Nanoswine


    May 14, 2010
    I've had a few good matches with both of you on the ladder, this battle looks like it was really fun. Nice plays on each side, Mienfoo is too strongth haha
  11. Superpowerdude

    Superpowerdude !
    is a Team Rater Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 15, 2012
    Nice war story I love ones with daul commentary i was excited to read this because i have versed you both before and i know you are both awesome players :)

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