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The Rise Of The Ashes

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by truedrew, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. truedrew


    May 14, 2011
    Introduction:One day when i was sitting and battling i decided to make a team focusing on a late game mixed gross sweep.

    Team B
    uilding Process:
    i decided to use metagross as my primary sweeper since he has a lot of bulk and good offensive stats.
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    i decided to add heatran and celebi as they helped cover metagrosses weaknesses and formed the infamous cele-tran defensive core.
    ferro thorn and latias were added for further protection against weather teams. Gengar serves as my spin blocker and reveenge killer.

    In-depth look
    Name:heatran Ability:flash fire
    Evs:244hp 40 def 36 sp.att 188 sp def
    item:leftovers nature:calm
    -flame thrower
    -earth power
    -stealth rock
    heatran is a very verastile pokemon. it serves as my primary check to sun along with latias.I use flame thrower over lava plume as the extra power is needed and i have will o wisp for burns.earth power is used for general coverage and to hit opposing hetaran.if my opponent switches in their dragonite thinking they can DD up for free i will o wisp them so their dragonite is crippled . The evs may seem odd but some times when i need to check haxorus or something like that the defense buff really helps.I choose heatran as it is very hard to take down and is generally awesome.

    Name:Celebi Ability:natural cure
    Evs:252 sp att 220 hp 36 spd
    item:life orb Nature:modest
    -nasty plot
    -giga drain
    -hidden Power[fire]
    Celebi is my second defensive Poke and it also forms cele-tran combo which covers a lot of threats in the current meta game. I opt to use Hp fire and Psychic as they provide good neutral coverage. Since i have giga drain i don't use recover. Celebi helps check volt- turn and rain teams alike. The evs are from the standard nasty plot sweeper set.Celebi also helps cover metagrosses ground weakness and helps with conkelldurp. Celebi has always been a favorite since its release and is one of the primary pokes of this team. 4nfortunately it didn't receive Psyshock this gen :(