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Challenge The Scramble Challange - Mark 2

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Its_A_Random, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Super Saiyan

    Super Saiyan

    Sep 1, 2011
    1. Right click on the #567 on the top right corner of the post, and select Copy Link Address.
    2. Go to your User CP and Edit Signature.
    3. Click the Insert Link icon that looks like a Globe with a chain link in it. Paste the Link Address when prompted.
    4. You can change the link text by changing the link address between the bracketed parts.
    ex: Smogon[ /url] becomes Smogon
    (I had to space within the brackets to show you without creating a link)

    Hope that helps.
  2. jon_eod


    Jun 7, 2010
    Update #3

    Recap since last update:
    Ruthless was sent to the Daycare.
    Trained Leafy & Cloverleaf on my way down to Vermillion.
    Got a bike.
    Swept the S.S. Anne, no casualties.
    Faced Red(rival), Leafy fails to solo his Charmeleon, Leafy still needs one more solo to evolve.
    Trained Leafy in Diglett's cave.
    Almost lost to a trainer on route 11 who had 2 Magnemites and 1 Magneton; Realized I will be swept by steel until I pick up SimpleK-9.
    Stopped playing right before the gym.

    Thoughts: So far so good, not getting that 3rd solo for Leafy stung a bit, but he'll get the next one. Still ecstatic that a level 31 Caterpie took down Misty :D

    Current Team:
    Show Hide

    Ruthless lv 30 (Magikarp)
    Hardy-(f)-Swift Swim
    Solos: None yet


    Eipretac1 lv 32 (Metapod)
    Hasty-(f)-Shed Skin
    Deaths: 6

    String Shot

    Cloverleaf lv 26 (Pidgeotto)
    Bold-(m)-Keen Eye
    Solos: None yet.

    Quick Attack
    Sand Attack

    Leafy lv 28 (Ivysaur)
    # of solos: 2 (route 22 first battle, Nugget Bridge)

    Poison Powder
    Leech Seed
    Razor Leaf

    Current Location: Vermillion City, Taking care of the medley of trainers on Route 11. Recently realized that the Magnemite line sweeps my team.

    The challange:
    Show Hide

    TM13IceBeam's Caterpie

    • solo every Caterpie it comes along
    • Solo Misty
    • Solo Erika
    • It must land the finishing blow on 3 GL/E4MPs
    • Only faint up to a maximum of 15 times.
    • int numX = 20;
    • int numX2 = 35;
    • If exceed, release, catch another, i++, evolve at numX and numX2
    • Only faint 5 times.
    • int fail = 5;
    • While(true){
      • if (faint > fail){
      • i++;
      • numX+=10;
      • numX2+=10;
      • fail = 1;
      • }
    • }
    Texas Cloverleaf's Pidgey

    • No restrictions on Pidgeotto
    • Must Solo Lorelei, Giovanni(except lv 50 Ryhorn), and three of rival's E4 team to evolve
    Tyranitarphantom's Rhyhorn

    • Speed+ nature
    • int evo = 0;
    • no non-contact moves
    • 4 attacking moves asap
    • Solo every psychic user in Saffron
    • If it can beat Sabrina in 3 tries, with <5 hyper potions per battle, evo++;
    • Solo Giovanni's Rhyhorn with Horn Drill at Silph Co and Viridian, evo++;
    • if (evo == 2){
    • evolve into Rhydon
    • }
    • Can now use Earthquake
    • Must solo Rival's Psychic types from now on.
    Jimera0's Bulbasaur

    • Either Razor Leaf or Solarbeam as only stab
    • int evo = 0;
    • if (rivalsStarterDefeated == 1){evo++;}
    • if (rivalsStarterDefeated == 3){evo++;}
    • if(evo == 1){evolve();}
    • if(evo == 3){evolve();}
    King Serperior's Magikarp

    • Purchased from salesman
    • Must final blow any crucial trainer's main poke to evolve
    • Must final blow Koga's main, Blaine's main, Rival's main prior to Victory Road to have a free moveset (as a magikarp)
    • Fixed moveset:

    1. Fire Blast(first in all battles)
    2. Hyper Beam(OHKO Rival's main at Silph)
    3. Roar(m)/Attract(f)
    4. Choice
    Super Saiyan's Growlithe

    • Free evolution
    • Must know 2 damaging and 2 non-damaging
    • for tm's, must solo X number of bug poke where X = Tm#X
    • Must solo all trainer's in any gym, leader optional

    On the Agenda:
    Defeat Surge.
    Trek through the cave -.-
    Pick up SimpleK-9(Growlithe) ASAP
    Hit up the game corner for some TM's.

    That's All For Today Folks, Tune In Next Time!
  3. Axmaster68


    Jun 9, 2011
    Okay guys, 2 questions. One, when it says only know physical moves for your moveset, does that mean ASAP or before the E4? Also, where in Ruins of Alph do I get Natu??? Thanks!!
    BTW, tune in tomorrow for my first update before Falkner!!!
  4. Treadshot A1

    Treadshot A1

    Jun 30, 2010
    Always, ASAP unless otherwise stated.

    So, for instance, if I said you must have a starter Pokemon, and it cannot know Tackle, then obviously you'd have to delete it as soon as you got to the Move Deleter. You can't keep it until the E4.
  5. Mygavolt


    Apr 21, 2011
    It's through a secret passage in Union Cave that requires Surf to get to.
  6. Axmaster68


    Jun 9, 2011
    OK thanks guys. BTW, I put up part of chapter one, and would be glad to see what you guys think!! That reminds me, something I forgot: The challange says solo 6 GL pokemon with SE moves to evolve, but how do I know that they have SE moves if I OHKO or just KO them, soloing them of course, without them using an SE move?
  7. waterwarrior


    Oct 20, 2010
    Episode 2 has been posted! What mysteries will unfold when our hero goes to find the Dream Mist? Read and find out!

    Bulbapedia has every gym leader's complete moveset of every Pokémon they have, use that.

  8. Axmaster68


    Jun 9, 2011
    I like the update, and thanks. Did you read the first part of mine? BTW, I need to solo 6 GL pokemon with SE moves to evolve to Croconaw, but there are only 4 in Johto hehehe... should that be changed, or am I stuck with a Totodile until Lt. Surge or Erika?
  9. waterwarrior


    Oct 20, 2010
    I have... and I want MOAR >.<

    EDIT: I would change it, but I have no idea to what... anyone know when Beastly2010 is on? ^^;
  10. LafondaOnFire


    Feb 17, 2010
    I have a question too:

    In my case, the only fire move for Torchic I may have is Blaze Kick, and only fighting move is Double Kick. The other two slots may not be another fire or fighting move. I just started off and of course I automatically learned Ember. May I use it before I learn Blaze Kick?
  11. Axmaster68


    Jun 9, 2011
    Yeah... I know... it's all I have time for right now. May I direct you to my question above. Sorry for all the questions :(

    @ Lafonda, yes, you can, but when you learn Blaze Kick it's the only fire move you can use from then on.
  12. LafondaOnFire


    Feb 17, 2010
    Technically, it just says SE moves, not STAB moves, so if for example, you solo Morty using Bite, then that counts, since he's the Ghost leader.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I read that wrong... they have to have SE moves on you, not vice versa... but if you want to go with my interpretation then feel free. Totodile can evolve earlier that way.

    And thanks for answering my question!
  13. Super Saiyan

    Super Saiyan

    Sep 1, 2011
    Thanks for answering the question for LafondaOnFire, Axmaster68. Yeah, Ember is fine until it learns Blaze Kick. But you already knew that lol. Have fun on your Scrambles you two!
  14. Its_A_Random

    Its_A_Random A distant memory
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 19, 2010
    Chiming in to say that I've (Somewhat) changed the thread's title; to put the "MkII" back in the title, ESPECIALLY that part: Because it is important that it stays (This is the second incarnation of this thread).

    Take note of this, especially if you're a moderator. Thank you. MkII STAYS in the title, regardless of anything.
  15. Sage Chow

    Sage Chow

    Oct 21, 2009
    I'm planning to do a little scramble biathlon, starting with an "Insane-Soloing-HG" and finishing with a "White Teamwork Challange" later. Instead of the usual six, I will take nine scramble-mons; three to be used in Johto (soloing 2 Johto gyms), three general pokemon (soloing one gym and one E-4 member) and three to be used in Kanto only (soloing 2 Kanto gyms). Note that I can trade, so choose any Gen-IV pokemon you want.

    Hit me with your coolest, cruelest, craziest pokemon for Heart Gold!
    - Insane Difficulty
    - Heart Gold, but I can breed + trade
    - 9 Pokemon, 3 Exclusive to Johto, 3 Exclusive to Kanto (solo-wise)
    - Each pokemon must be assigned two solo's.
    - One pokemon must be caught before the first gym. It must solo Falkner.
    - Please, no starters!
    - I will only grind as a last resort, trying to beat the gyms the hard way first.
    - Proper nicknames and little backstories will be appreciated ;)

    EDIT: Made some lists for overview:
    Team Overview (open)
    - Scizor named N10SE
    - Dunsparce named Earl
    - Skip the Wooper

    - Tyroge named Reckless
    - Gyarados named Fusion
    - Lapras named Serene

    - Rattata named BrainBuster
    - Squirtle named Koops
    - Slugma named Molasses

    List of Suspects aka. who solo's what.. (open)
    - Falkner: Earl (can be swapped with any Johto-Gym)
    - Bugsy: OPEN
    - Whitney: OPEN
    - Morty: OPEN
    - Chuck: Serene
    - Jasmine: Earl (can be swapped with any Johto-Gym)
    - Pryce: n10se
    - Claire: n10se

    - Will: Serene
    - Koga: Brainbuster
    - Bruno: Reckless
    - Karen: Earl
    - Lance: Fusion

    - Lt. Surge: Molasses
    - Misty: Molasses
    - Erika: OPEN
    - Sabrina: Reckless
    - Janine: BrainBuster
    - Brock: Molasses
    - Blaine: BrainBuster
    - Blue: Fusion

    - Azalea Rival: Earl (can be swapped)
    - Ecruteak Rival:
    - Mahogany Rival:
    - Victory Road Rival:
    - Mt Moon Rival: Molasses

    Challanges so far (open)

  16. shinyskarmory


    Jul 12, 2011
    You get Skip the male Quagsire. He's a great pokemon, and a great friend, but unfortunately he's too Jolly to take things seriously. However, that isn't to say he can't grow from his humble beginnings as a Wooper to become a key member of your team.

    You catch him as a Wooper at the first opportunity. You and him grow close quickly, and you grow so close that he wants to make Return ridiculously powerful. He likes to tell jokes to the other members of your party, so he must have one move that is boosted by prankster. Finally, even while he travels in Johto, Kanto, and beyond, he must keep some kind of connection to his family at home by having one STAB move at all time.

    After you get the ability to surf, he gains the interest of a female Quagsire. After they...do whatever it is pokemon do in the day care, a Wooper will hatch from the egg. Since Skip doesn't want to leave his child behind, you may only surf on the hatched Wooper.

    Skip knows he has to solo Will and Chuck, to earn his offspring's admiration.

  17. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    Sage Chow, I am reserving BrainBuster the Rattata. I will edit later.

    You have 8 tasks in order to get this Rattata into the top 5% of all rats:
    -Task 1: breed Flame Wheel on it.
    -Task 2: solo the following: Koga, Blaine, Koga's daughter(forgot name), and The red headed Rocket Admin
    -Task 3: NO STAB
    -Task 4: Flame Wheel first before anything else.
    -Task 5: May not evolve until after Chuck
    -Task 6: if Guts, no moves over 70BP. If Run Away, No Priority.
    -Task 7: Solo all gym trainers in Kanto.
    -Task 8; Must be with you at all times until PKMN trainer RED.
  18. Treadshot A1

    Treadshot A1

    Jun 30, 2010
    Edit, as Saiyan didn't see. N10SE must land at least on blow on Lance. The rest can be solo'd by the Red Gyara.

    Edit: Chow, I think you meant Falkner, not Volkner.

    Chow gets a Scizor. Rescissions coming.

    Solo Pryce and Clair, and their respective gyms

    This Scizor is the leader of the Nautical Scyther I'd given out a while back. It's name? N10SE. You can't ever know what it's real name is.

    N10SE generally prefers to leave the dirty work to his Scythers, so he just takes the easy way out of life. So he's going to solo the Ice and Steel Gyms, in their entirety. Thing is, though, he ain't that cheap. He's a guy who likes a challenge, just as long as its rigged. So he's going to tackle the Ice Gym withOUT Steel moves, and he cannot be taught/bred Superpower either.

    For the Dragon Gym, he's fine with being resistant to their STAB, but in return, he's decided he has to live out one Dragon Attack from each Dragon he fights. Outrage has to last until the user is confused, before it counts as one attack. He still cannot use Steel Moves, nor Superpower.

    For the Elite Four, N10SE is quite happy to tear down Lance, as he's already beaten Clair, so another Dragon Trainer shouldn't be a problem. You have to land at least one attack on Lance. Doesn't have to kill, doesn't have to be any specific attack or Pokemon, you just have to hit his Pokemon once.

    N10SE is quite happy to travel wherever, but he is the leader of the Nautical Scyther, so he must lead your party whenever you are Surfing. Also, he must accompanying OU to Tohjo Falls, and he must solo every trainer you encounter in it (optional side areas can be skipped).

    When you reach the first city of Kanto, N10SE gos back to join his crew, to take over Unova, so you have to stop using him. If you decide to go all the way to Red, then N10SE must solo one of his pokemon.
  19. Super Saiyan

    Super Saiyan

    Sep 1, 2011
    @Sage Chow, take Fusion the Red Gyarados. The Pokemon from my SoulSilver Challange will be sharing their restrictions but with added difficulty.

    [​IMG]Against Pokemon of the opposite Gender, its under the effect of Taunt and a Choice item.
    [​IMG]Against Pokemon of the same Gender, it is under the effect of Taunt and Torment.
    [​IMG]It thinks its Ability is Moxie. You cannot switch out once a Pokemon has been defeated. It can only switch if it faints or Thunder misses.
    [​IMG]Must know and keep Thunder ASAP. It it misses, switch out.
    [​IMG]Must know and keep Frustration ASAP. Cannot intentionally lower happiness.
    [​IMG]Cannot have 2 moves of the same type. 1 move must be a Water HM ASAP (Surf, Whirlpool, or Waterfall). The last move is your choice, but cannot be Super Effective on Electric or Grass Pokemon.

    -Status cannot be healed. (must either Faint or go to a Pokemon Center)
    -Super Potions and Revives are the only HP restoring Items allowed.
    -PP can only be restored at a Pokemon Center.
    -It must solo Lance after N10SE hits his first Pokemon. Lance must be allowed to use at least 1 Full Restore.
    -It must solo Blue, just because it wants to.
    -If you battle Red, solo Pikachu.
    Good luck!

    Additional credit for this Challange is given to those who assigned my Scramble Pokemon.
  20. Sage Chow

    Sage Chow

    Oct 21, 2009
    ^^I messed up, I meant Falkner.

    @Treadshot: I like it! Just one minor thing; you mention soloing the steel gym too.. Unfortunately each pokemon can only solo two gyms (to even things out). If you wish to keep this part in I could make this an unofficial solo by resetting the game upon competion. This way another pokemon can still solo Jasmine afterwards. Landing the final blow on Lance is fine in conjuction with the Gyarados solo.

    @King Serperior: Note that you can only choose two gyms to solo: Pick Whitney and Chuck (but he can't go to Kanto) or Blaine and Janine (but he can't be used in Johto). If you want to add more mandatory solo's you could always use the rival battles, the Rocket Admins, etc
  21. biggie

    biggie champ
    is a Battle Server Moderator

    Sep 28, 2010
    Man, some of these challanges look a little soft. Therefore, for your challange I bequeath to you Earl, the Dunsparce.

    Belying his appearance, Earl is a very outspoken pokemon. He has been ever since he was a wee lad. He is always ready to speak his mind and throw down against his his enemies in support of his team members. As such, he must always lead your party when it is does not conflict with another challange. Furthermore, Earl must be one of the pokemon you carry throughout your entire journey. Earl must be caught in your game, meaning you're going to have a fun time enjoying the Dark Cave at night. Also, Earl must have the ability Serene Grace. Because of his knowledge of this power, Earl can ONLY use attacking moves that have a chance of a secondary effect occurring AS SOON AS HE IS ABLE. This means Earl is going to be using HM 06, Rock Smash.

    Earl is very much confident in his abilities and carries with him a certain Swagger. In order to show off his determination, you must solo 15 pokemon on every route before progressing. In order to showcase his ability, you must have a secondary effect go off against 20 pokemon of every type. (20 Normal pokemon, 20 Ghost, etc.) In order to show off his toughness, you must solo 4 main battles (Gym, Elite 4, Rival, Boss) WITHOUT the use of healing items. Finally, just for funsies he can't be the lowest-levelled pokemon in your party.


    Must CATCH a MALE Dunsparce with SERENE GRACE, named Earl.
    Must always lead the party when not conflicting with another challange.
    Must be brought forth through the entire journey.
    Must ONLY use attacking moves with a chance for a secondary effect of happing starting with Rock Smash.
    Must be taught Swagger.
    Must Solo 15 pokemon on every route before progressing.
    Must have a secondary effect happen against 20 pokemon of every type.
    Must solo 4 main battles without use of healing items.
    Can't be lowest-leveled pokemon in party.


    (Also, person who gets the Pokemon's reference gets a shiny cookie.)

    EDIT: Treadshot I just noticed you have a typo in your signature that chastises people for not being able to spell. I lol'd.
  22. luigiowns


    Oct 3, 2008
    So, Chow, Take Reckless the Tyrogue!
    Reckless lives up to his name by charging wildly into any battle he knows he cannot win, meaning He must solo all Flying and Psychic Types you meet, unless they overlap with another challenge.

    Once he hits level 25, However, he gets into a terrible accident (not involving a skarmory, a hat and 3 bottles of champagne, honest) , that makes him lose use of his arms or legs. To bear this pain, he decides to evolve into either Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee. The evolution comes at a cost, After evolving, His body becomes too weak to use physical attacks. You must also renickname him Crippled to remind yourself of his handicap.

    This Injury makes Crippled lose any self esteem he has, meaning that you have to help him regain his strength by Letting him be the highest level pokemon at all time.

    Once you hit the elite four, Crippled learns of a Fighting master named Bruno. He asks Bruno for help, and with his help, he slowly regains use of part of his body. You must solo Bruno.
    If you have a Hitmonchan, He gains use of his legs.
    If you have a Hitmonlee, He gains use of his arms.

    Crippled, after gaining use of a part of his body, is, of course, over the moon, and thinks that, by strengthening the rest of his body, he can regain the use of that too. He learns from Bruno that his weakness is himself, as his lack of self esteem is limiting his potential as he is always putting himself down. To regain control of his mind, He enlists the help of Sabrina. Sabrina, however, is less than sympathetic, but fighting her opens Crippleds eyes to how well he can do even when disabled, and reminds him of how he used to fight pokemon stronger than him. This burst of emotion is enough to snap Crippled out of his depressed state, and as you helped him regain his esteem, he views you as a friend and mentor, and decides to stay with you to train himself further.
    You Must Solo Sabrina
    Renickname him to whatever you like.
    Teach him Return as a memento of your friendship
  23. Treadshot A1

    Treadshot A1

    Jun 30, 2010
    Sorry, that was meant to be Ice and Dragon, not Steel (I was thinking about Scizor's typing, and accidentally typed Steel instead).

    And add to that every time Scizor kills something, or you have a very arduous battle, you must shout at the end, "that was INTENSE!"
  24. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    OK, Sage Chow, I have Edited your Challange. Have fun:)
  25. EndQuote


    May 5, 2011
    Since he can trade, I'd like to reserve a Squirtle for Sage Chow. Editing in a bit.

    Right. Sage Chow, you get Koops the male Squirtle, modified to be more difficult.
    Like the sidekick in Paper Mario, this Squirtle is very timid, and prefers to hide in his shell.
    He must use Withdraw immediately every time he is sent out. (After level 10)
    He sees all Dragon-types as Hooktail, and must switch in and solo them immediately, unless this conflicts with another solo.
    To prove himself, he must solo one trainer in each gym, unless this conflicts with another solo.


    (1) Against Dark, Bug, and Ghost types, he is immobilized by fear, and can never switch out.
    (1) Against other Water-types, he feels inferior, but tries to prove himself by using only Water-type moves.
    (2) Against female Pokémon, he becomes too shy to move, and can only directly attack every other turn.
    (4) He lacks the self-confidence to evolve.
    (4) He feels that TMs would be wasted on him, so he can never learn TMs or HMs.

    Every time Koops soloes a major battle (Rival/Gym/Boss/Legend) he gains ONE confidence point.
    You may spend the confidence points to delete one of the above restrictions. The amount of points required are in parenthesis.

    Good luck!

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