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Challenge The Scramble Challange - Mark 2

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Its_A_Random, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. CJorex


    May 31, 2012
    Hmm... what to give...

    I know, I'll give you Monster the Elekid.
    Monster believes that, because of his awesome coverage, Electivire is a monster. As such, Monster wants to have this kind of coverage, but he feels he must prove himself first. He can evolve the first time when he has solo'd one trained pokemon of each of the seventeen types (the type must be the primary type, except for flying-type, where it must be normal/flying). Once this is done, he may evolve. To evolve a second time, he must have four damaging moves of different types, and must solo one pokemon from each of four gym leaders (you can do these restrictions as an Elekid so you can evolve into Electivire sooner). Also, solo one pokemon from each elite four member
  2. Mulan15262


    Apr 5, 2013
    That would be great. Unless you already have a different one in mind, I would like it to be obtainable before the first battle against Cheren so I can battle him with two different pokemon.
  3. bwburke94


    Sep 12, 2010
    It should be Scramble Challange. Both words should have A's in the middle. As per tradition.
  4. Organization Member XIV

    Organization Member XIV

    Oct 22, 2012
    Don't worry about that. The mods are having a field day changing the title of the thread, that's all.
  5. BiGGiE

    BiGGiE Random Tier Champion
    is a Battle Server Moderator

    Sep 28, 2010
    Alright, I've got my Sapphire challanges.

    Medium Difficulty; Can't Trade

    The team:
    celever: bangtheory the Voltorb (open)
    Take bangtheory the voltorb!

    No, I'm not talking about the TV show, I'm talking about that thing that made you exist. A little more important in my opinion, but hey. Anyway, this voltorb is a scientist, has always wanted to be a scientist and he is the stereo-typical(ist) scientist you have ever seen. Stereo-typical scientists are always hunchback males, so this voltorb must be male. If at any time voltorb enters a battle with against or with a female pokemon, voltorb must GO BOOM AHAHA!!! because like all scientists, he gets nervous around pretty ladies. He may never engage in a battle against a female gym leader for this exact reason.
    He is very interested in the science behind space and stuff like that, he believes that every black pokemon must have some connection with space, and so must solo every one unless it collides with another pokemon's solo. If you run into a black pokemon that is female, then you must switch in because he is examining it, he realizes it is female and BOOM AHAHAH!!!
    He may not evolve into electrode until he completes stage 1 of his studies. That is defeating 25 trainer-owned black pokemon.
    As an electrode, he finally over-comes his fear of women. This means that he can finally go in on women without blowing up. But now he is not a true scientist, so he explodes on every yellow pokemon, white, grey, electric and steel type pokemon!! Yay!! He also blows up on any male pokemon that aren't toally derpy. :]

    Oh, solo wallace, bc he is a glamorous scientist and he wants to be him.

    (that's what you get for shouting)

    19:43 biggie so what happens if
    19:43 biggie i'm in battle against a female pokemon
    19:43 biggie with no more explosion PP
    19:43 biggie wat do

    Oh look, I forgot about that! :O
    I suppose, if you have no selfdestruct PP left either, you gotta release the dude and catch another one because he got depressed. I also totally forgot to put this in, but items are unnatural except berries and revives, and he is a natural scientist, so he may only have them used on him or held.

    Jimera0: Grass/Water the Lotad (open)
    You get a Lotad. Name it either Grass or Water. Yeah, you can probably see where this is going. Once you select your type, that is the ONLY STAB you can use on it. No moves of the same type as its other STAB can be used (so if you pick Grass, you can't use Surf or Rain Dance for example). It must solo one gym leader to evolve into Lombre, and another to evolve again into Ludicolo (have fun getting a Water Stone btw). Good luck have fun.

    Arcticblast: Woodchuck the Skarmory (open)
    This Pokemon has two abilities - one of them is Sturdy. If it has Sturdy, it may only have one offensive move with 100 accuracy (including never-miss moves like Magical Leaf), if it has its other ability, it may only have one offensive move with less than 100 accuracy (i.e. Tackle). No limitations on moves that don't do direct damage (Toxic, Hail, Spikes, etc.) If these aren't violating the terms of a different Pokemon, it must solo Winona and be on the field during the entire Tate & Liza battle. Regardless, it must solo at least three Pokemon in the Elite Four. Your Pokemon is... a Skarmory!

    Present: Fly the (Flying type) (open)
    BiGGiE, you have to catch the first flying-type Pokémon you meet and call it Fly. This Pokémon has to be able to learn Fly, and as soon as it learns it, only use that move. But wait, what to do as long as it has no Fly? Do not worry, said Pokémon can only attack as if it was using Fly, you can attack one turn, but you "fly away'the next. (switch out). If said Flying type ever does not get to perform its flight (it misses, opponent dies of another cause) it will go on a rampage and will keep battling until it dies by battling every next pokémon you meet and only spam Fly. If Fly runs out of PP, it calms down, if it faints, it has calmed down (a lot). Oh, Fly has to solo one gym leader with Fly.

    Snaquaza: LoveMe the Luvdisc (open)
    Take LoveMe the female Luvdisc.
    This Luvdisc is a total diva and thinks that any Pokemon would do anything for her.
    Everytime Luvdisc is directly damaged, do either:
    1. Switch out
    a. If you switch out to a female Pokemon, catch a new male Luvdisc, to be love it, this is the only Pokemon able to switch in and you must continue this rule and not do any other rule, until Luvdisc faints.
    b. If you switch out to a male Pokemon, you can keep this Luvdisc, to be love it, this is the only Pokemon able to switch in and you must continue this rule and not do any other rule, until Luvdisc faints.
    #These rules switch when you have a male one.
    2. Stay in, but now, she thinks your teammates do not love here, so she prevents any from being used until anyone by themselves switch in after rule 1.
    3. Be healed completely, but now she loves you and must always help you, by leading your team, until fainting, still the other rules still apply.

    Rodan: Sally the Numel (open)
    aight biggie take Sally the Numel. Sally the camel has one hump. this means that she may only use one move per battle. if she used flamethrower to take out an ice mon and the next mon is water/fire type, tough luck. also to evolve it must have no ground moves at the time of evolution

    Did I piss you guys off? Lol.
  6. Jimera0

    Jimera0 You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!

    Jul 24, 2010
    lol @BiGGiE
    I'm pretty sure I was the only person who gave you a challange that was actually medium difficulty XD. That team isn't even remotely "medium". Hell, it'll be a contender for "hardest scramble" come the scramble awards I think XD.

    As for the title, IAR decided a while ago to give up with having the title being in its traditional form and instead decided to let it be changed at random times to random things. Be glad for the current title, because the last one was TERRIBLE. "Scrambled Eggs, Baby I love your legs". Seriously. What. The. Fuck.
  7. bwburke94


    Sep 12, 2010
    I think it's a Beatles reference of some sort...
  8. CJorex


    May 31, 2012
    Alright, I'll give you Star the Mareep. This Mareep wants to be a world-famous Pke-actress, but at the moment she is very shy, and so she wants to check everything out first. She must use a status move to be allowed to attack the opponent. However, upon entering Pokestar Studios, she sees the opportunity to break into the big-time. You must create one movie with her. If it gets a "good"ending, she may evolve into Flaafy. She is now a minor star. However, she wants to become even more famous, and will only evolve into Ampharos once she stars in a movie with a strange ending; one that becomes a cult-classic. Good luck!
    P.S. here is a guide to what you need to do to get good/strange endings in Pokestar Studios:
    Any questions just send me a PM!
  9. Present


    Oct 20, 2012
    nah Jimera, hardest scramble challenge is the one that got my lovely supersonic-only Zubat / Yanma, though I stil ldon't know, shiny, how is it going? Oh and BiGGiE, you are welcome.

    Anyway Snaquaza, you get Leech the Snivy. This Snivy is a rather unqie one in its species as it, as soon as it reaches level 10, knows its true goal. It does only want to usethe damaging move Wrap. Isn't Leech nice? It wants to make Present's out of everyone. However, it wants something in return, the meanie. It sometimes uses Leech Seed to steal from them, but that is alright with you. Snivy refuses to use any other damaging moves though, it just thinks it is all about giving something and taking something. This leads to spiritual Grows, but only five turns into a fight. When his spirit has grown enough, he sometimes Leers at his opponent, but only when his spirit has grown 2 times. Snivy has such a strong spirit, it is afraid it will lose this upon evolving, therefore it will always stay a Snivy. Snivy does not want to lower itself to training with filthy wild Pokémon, it just refuses to. It will also refuse to battle with Breeders, they stink of low leveled Pokémon. It does enjoy the Stadions though, these are cool. (see what I did there? You can train, once a day. Muhaha). To prove its worth, Leech has to solo one gym leader, one Team Plasma Boss and one Pokémon League member. good luck.

    Usage rules:

    - Snivy named Leech.
    - From level 10 onwards, may only use Wrap and Leech Seed
    - Every fifth (10th, 15th etc.) may use Growth.
    - May use Leer ones every two times you use Growth.
    -Leech cannot evolve
    -Leech refuses to battle any wild Pokémon and breeders.
    -Leech has to solo a Gym Leader, A Team Plasma Boss and a Pokémon League member.


    Ps: if you want to do this easy mode, use Eviolite, Leech seed ones and spam healing items. o.o
  10. Snaquaza


    Apr 7, 2013
    Great, I accept
  11. Present


    Oct 20, 2012
    • Psycho the Azurril
    • it's oh so psycho so:
    • It must have the Pure power ability
    • It refuses to fight higher leveled foes. so only lower leveled cause it's too psycho.
    • Untill level 15 it can only use splash and tail whip
    • When level 15 or higher it uses charm and then finishes with bubble
    • It must learn frustration asap. and can never drop happiness
    • When you can change his name
    • it will become : assasin
    • now he uses splash the first 3 turns and then uses frustration and finishes with bubble
    • It has solo's elesa (electric gym leader), it may learn substitute.
    • From then it it uses move in this line:
    • Substitute (when broken it uses again), 1 time splash, 1 time frustration and finishes with bubble
    • It will destroy al lower leveled pokemon. (after it is assasin)
    • just before solo'd elesa: it may remove reurn over frustration and surf over bubble, surf and return have the same restrictions. When it has return it's happiness may drop.
    • just Before solo'ing elesa it can also evolve and learn bubble beam.
    • just Before solo'ing the dragon gym leader it may evolve to azumarril. It must solo those 2 gym leaders. After the draogn gym it may learn waterfall.
    • GL HF
    By Naminé
  12. Snaquaza


    Apr 7, 2013
    Good level of hardness, everybody remember you must try to make it not impossible but try to make it too hard for me, anyway I accept it
  13. Arcticblast

    Arcticblast It hasn't been as nice at night these last few days
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a SPL Winner

    Nov 29, 2008
    Nah, the hardest challenge is Flapper the Zubat (which is actually in the OP, but the Wattson solo is required to evolve to Golbat in the original version [god dammit IAR])

    @BiGGiE: I tried to make Skarmory a blessing except for the name, which you forgot to include the context of... >:(
  14. Its_A_Random

    Its_A_Random The imitated
    is a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributor

    Mar 19, 2010
    Scremble Challange... lol OI Mods -.-'

    I am glad you love that challange I gave you over 30 months ago, lol. 8)
  15. bwburke94


    Sep 12, 2010
    And don't worry, Flapsuck was a one-time thing. I'm not giving it out again.
  16. BiGGiE

    BiGGiE Random Tier Champion
    is a Battle Server Moderator

    Sep 28, 2010
    Darknesscrusher, for your Scramble, I'm going to give you a two part challange. For the first part, use a RNG to generate a number from 1-16; that's one number for each type excluding Ghost. The resulting number will determine the type of pokemon that you receive, in alphabetical order. (Example: 1 = Bug, 2 = Dark, 3 = Dragon, etc) You must catch the first pokemon that you see that is a member of this type or that will evolve into it. Here comes the fun part: as soon as you capture this pokemon, place all other monsters into the PC except one and heal your freshly caught 'mon. You must then immediately continuously solo wild pokemon with this monster WITHOUT healing or PP restoring until it faints. The amount of pokemon that it KOs will determine the next part of your challange.

    For part two, capture a Yamask in Relic Castle after this pokemon faints. This is the spirit of your recently deceased monster. It is now an angry spirit, looking to exact revenge upon the pokemon that killed it and all others like it. As such, it must solo a number of wild pokemon corresponding to how many you KO'd with the original monster.

    If the original monster KO'd 0, it must solo 25 wild pokemon of the same type as the wild monster who KO'd the first monster.

    If the original monster KO'd 1-2, it must solo 20 wild pokemon of the same type as the wild monster who KO'd the first monster.

    If the original monster KO'd 3-4, it must solo 15 wild pokemon of the same type as the wild monster who KO'd the first monster.

    If the original monster KO'd 5+, it must solo 10 wild pokemon of the same type as the wild monster who KO'd the first monster.

    Also, if there is any gym or E4 member of a corresponding type as the Pokémon who killed it, Yamask must solo that trainer (unless this conflicts with another challange.)

    Furthermore, the amount of pokemon that you originally solo will determine the total BP of your moves.

    If the original monster KO'd 0, it must have moves with a total BP that does not exceed 50.

    If the original monster KO'd 1-2, it must have moves with a total BP that does not exceed 75.

    If the original monster KO'd 3-4, it must have moves with a total BP that does not exceed 100.

    If the original monster KO'd 5+, it must have moves with a total BP that does not exceed 150.

    If you solo the same exact pokemon as the one that KO'd the original monster, it counts as 2 for these purposes.

    It must be nicknamed Vengeance.
  17. Jimera0

    Jimera0 You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!

    Jul 24, 2010
    Good damn it, I screwed up recording that Hangout session. I don't actually have video to upload to youtube for it, so I'll just quickly summarize what happened here.

    First I went to the Team Aqua Hideout, where it turned out I still couldn't get in until I checked out the submarine, forcing me to switch my HM using Pokemon around multiple times. Eventually I did all the story stuff to get into the hideout, where I got the Master ball and easily beat the occupants. After that I went down Route 124, beat the swimmers along the way, before heading to Mossdeep City. I checked around but there wasn't much to do there except battle the gym, which I did. Broken and NotAgain took down Xatu and Claydol without much trouble, but Solrock took down NotAgain with a sun-booster flamethrower still after, leaving Geiko to come in and help Broken clean up. Key to my success in this battle was the use of the moves Night Shade and Psywave. You know, those moves that most people consider useless in game. I'm telling you, those moves actually kind of rock. Set damage is a good thing sometimes.

    And that's what happened and I'm sorry I don't have video of it. It was actually pretty funny commentary I think and I really wish it could have gone online. Hopefully I'll get everything sorted out next time so the recording doesn't get mucked up again.
  18. Snaquaza


    Apr 7, 2013
    I still need 3 challanges for my new scramble, it is the last post on the previous page, also I started with my first update expect it soon
  19. bwburke94


    Sep 12, 2010
    Well, one thing's remained constant since I left back in July... no one is doing races. That portion of the rules should just be removed from MkIII.

    EDIT: Reserving for Snaquaza.
  20. bwburke94


    Sep 12, 2010
    Snaquaza, you get Amerika the Braviary. This is the Route 4 Monday Braviary with its hidden ability.

    Amerika believes anything un-American is useless. He is also deluded into thinking TMs and HMs are Canadian, which means he can't use them. Also, he is a coward and cannot learn Brave Bird unless he solos White Kyurem and Ghetsis.

    Once he hits level 54 (the level at which Rufflet normally evolve) the TM/HM restriction is removed. If he is level 54 or above at the end of the game, he must solo three of Caitlin's Pokemon because she originated in a game set outside America.
  21. Snaquaza


    Apr 7, 2013
    I accept, but now I get a pokemon who thinks I'm useless :D
  22. Darknesscrusher


    Jan 28, 2013
    Accept, as you know.
  23. Celever


    Sep 25, 2012
    Ok CJorex - take 2...

    Take generic the zigzagoon.
    Generic is the generic HM slave, normal type rodent and hates anything un-generic. This means that he must take out at least one pokemon from every gym leader unless it collides with a solo - they are unique and certainly not generic enough.
    Now that gen 5 has come along, and patrat cannot surf, Generic may not learn surf either. Generic does want to have more than 2 HM moves, however, since that is the minimum every generic HM slave can learn these days. He may also only have HM STAB.

    Enjoy :) I hope the move restrictions aren't too difficult, but should be challenging for the easy scramble!
  24. Hitmonleet


    Apr 22, 2013
    Need 2 more pokemon.
    People who have given me a challange can do so again.
    Freakout the oshawott
    Show Hide
    Hitmonleet, take Freakout the Oshawott. Freakout is extremely sensitive to absolutely everything, and must defeat any opponent that damages it in any way. Freakout believes it is allergic to Potions and will not accept them, so you may not use Potions on it. (MooMoo Milk still works!) Freakout must learn Revenge and Retaliate as soon as possible, and must solo one out of every three Team Plasma members you encounter. Good luck!

    Military the magnimite
    Show Hide

    I give you Magnemite Hitmonleet

    Get Military the Magnemite.

    This Magnemite lived in a very modest community. He was really an outsider in there. Most of the Magnemite and Magneton lived in a very shy way. They did all what boss Magnezone said and as the Magnezone said that no one could be impulsive or hyper, but this Magnemite was different. He was very wild and didn’t think about what he did. But the community didn’t accept him. They just didn’t like him. He got a lot of punishment from the elders. Overall, he thought his live was very boring. Until a commander of the National Army came across. He sought to recruits all around the country and when he just lost his hope he came across this community. He didn’t think he would find anyone to recruit, as he knew Magnemite were very modest, but he just tried it. He had nothing to lose. However, he saw a lonely Magnemite playing games and running around the field. He saw that he would be a great addition to the army. He also knew steel typing would help as they make great walls. But the best thing was still needed to come. He also had the ability to attract steel types. As the commander knew steel types were great walls, he knew he had to recruit this young Magnemite. When he asked to Military to join, he didn’t have a doubt. He just wanted to escape his old boring live. This way, his story began.

    Catching Rules:
    1. Must have Magnet Pull
    2. Must have an Adamant nature. (If you this takes to long, take at least –Sp. Attack or +Attack)
    3. Must catch it with a Fighting Type

    At the Military School he learned many things. He learned about his strong and weak points, about discipline and about things he couldn’t do. He was a very talented student and he was given the lead over recruiting new Steel-Types. He was also the only one that could do that. It was very fascinated by cannons, he loved the way they shot, the sound and the adrenaline. He wanted to be a cannon too, however, he wasn’t. That is why he decided to learn SonicBoom. He practised it till he couldn’t anymore. Then you came across that school. The general asked to you if you wanted to help the Magnemite recruiting members. You listened to the explanation about what Military needed to do. Then you took Magnemite with you, you catched many steel types together, but when you let one go, Magnemite lost his discipline and used SonicBoom uncontrollably. But on every route he was with discipline, he forced himself to train a bit stronger. As soon as you catched six steel types, Magnemite wanted to train them. He wanted to make them strong and disciplined too, however, that shouldn’t be through evolution or better moves, only by hard work and when he thought they were strong enough he gave them a final test. After the test he sent the recruits to the commander. The commander was very happy with the results. He gave Military the option to evolve. Then all began all over again and once he did this again he received another letter. There was a newly discovered evolution of him. He just needed to go to [insert cave to evolve here]. He went there and became even stronger. After he evolved you got a final letter.

    Game Rules:
    1. Must lead in all places where you can find Steel types.
    2. You must catch all Steel-Types, if you haven’t catched it already. (Findable Pre-National Pokedex in the wild)
    3. Must keep SonicBoom.
    4. Can evolve to Magneton when you’ve catched six different Steel-Types and solo a gym using a team of them. (If not possible in your game, catch multiple of one, but still at least one of all.)
    5. Can evolve to Magnezone when you’ve catched twelve different Steel-Types and they solo the last encounter with the evil group of your game. (If not possible in your game, catch multiple of one, but still at least one of all.) (The last six, the ones you didn’t use previous rule)
    6. When failed to catch on of these Pokemon, Military will solo the next route with only SonicBoom.
    7. Military can’t fight Fighting types, he respects them too much.
    8. Military has to solo any Dark types, he doesn’t respect them at all.
    9. Must gain one level per route you cross, even if you’ve crossed that route before.
    10. He needs to solo the way from “final team” to “cave to evolve”.

    Recruit Rules:
    1. Must keep their original moveset.
    2. Can’t Evolve.

    The text in the letter was: “Yesterday a Heatran attacked our base. I just managed to escape, together with a few others. But on the other hand many friends died. Now we heard that the Heatran was hiding in [mountain where you can find Heatran}. We chose you to do this, as you are the expert on steel types. But you won’t get this done on your own. Find two other Magnemite that are the same as you and let them help. Together you can defeat him. You need to get them as they are one of the few steel trappers and we don’t want Heatran to flee. Good Luck and Good Bye.”
    Now you and Magnemite went of to catch some other Magnemite. It wasn’t hard, as Military just went to his few old friends and asked them to join. But then the Heatran battle was up. You four found the Magma Stone and went silently and nervous to [cave where you can find Heatran]. When going deeper in the cave, it became hotter and they knew they were coming closer. When walking along the thousandth T-junction, you heard an angry Roar. You saw Heatran on the your right. In a room filled with lava. Your Magnemite and Military challenged Heatran. It was a close fight. The Magnemite fell during the fight, but we overwon eventually, however Military was sad about losing his friends. So you decided to let him go with them to the afterlife.

    Ending Rules:
    1. Must recruit 2 other Magnemite
    2. Needs to find Heatran together and defeat him, they all need to land at least one hit. (The 2 Magnemite need to faint.
    3. Release Magnemite.

    You need to catch all once with Military

    ____ the joltik
    Show Hide

    You get a Joltik and named it CUTIEPATOOTIE
    Crap it evolved. Now it's a friggin' nasty spider EWWWWW! You don't want it anywhere near you! I mean, you'll still use it, but like HELL are you going to look at it more than you have to.
    -As a Joltik name it the cutesiest name you can think of
    -If it gets into red health, you must switch it out immediately
    -If it faints, you must buy it 10000$*#of badges you have worth of items (just trash them if you can't actually use them on it)
    -After it evolves rename it Spider
    -It must always be in the last spot of your party from then on. So to use it battle, you'll have to switch it in.

    Cough the Koffing
    Show Hide

    Hitmonleet, you get Cough the Koffing. Cough is a reaallly bad smoker and as an effect, can only use attacks that make you *cough* (poison gas, smog, smokescreen, selfdestruct, sludge, sludge bomb, explosion). Cough has the rare tendancy to think smoking is super fine and wants one gym leader to think so too, by solo'ing one gym leader with the moves poison gas, smog and smokescreen. Because it feels the gym leader might not understand yet, he wants to show how much power smoking can give you, by finishing the battle against the gym leader by KO'ing the gym leaders last pokemon with Self Destruct / Explosion.

    The effects are really unsuspecteed: Cough keeps sneezing and coughing, the Explosion was too much, The pokecenter lady tells you Cough may never smoke again, so rename. Cough has to live healthy and as such can never use Poison attacks again, nor any af the previously listed moves, except for Clear Smog --> it somehow makes the air around him cleaner. Cough gets gradually better over time and to prove that, it wants to solo one Psychic Pokémon from the elite four.
  25. Snaquaza


    Apr 7, 2013
    I reserve a second for Hitmonleet, do you want to give me one?
    Take Complicated the Beheeyem
    Beheeyem does everything very complicated.
    1. Can not use more than one item per battle.
    a. After using an item, switch out to a Pokemon weak to the opponents type and not switch it out.
    b. After using an item, keep using the last move you used and not switch out. (Rule 2 does not count)
    2. Must never use any move of the same typing per battle.
    a. When used a move of as much as possible typings, switch out and keep using this rule with that Pokemon, including the switching, can't switch before having used all moves.
    b. When used a move of as much as possible typings, use an item and go to the
    3. Must switch in after a Pokemon faint, but can't normally switch.
    a. Start with rule 2.
    b. Start with rule 1.

    Also it must learn 1 Status, 1 Physical and 1 Special move, the other one is open to you.

    Now every time you do these things during a battle, you can remove a or b at on and if both are away, you can remove a restriction at all if you do all these restrictions another time.
    1. Solo a trainer battle with at least two Pokemon.
    2. Do not switch out.
    3. Do not use any items.

    You need to do one of these rules too, after it all restrictions are gone.
    1. Solo one complete gym, including trainers, without returning to the Pokemon center.
    2. Solo Grimsley and Marshall.
    3. Solo Shauntal and Caitlin.
    4. Solo Iris.
    (At the solos, if you need to switch, let the switch in die, without dealing any damage/stat drops)

    Edit: Hey I got the 9000's Post

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