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Catch a Seel. Name it 1337 Seel and teach it Surf, Double Team, Sheer Cold, and Thief. It must be your lowest level Pokemon until you beat the eighth gym. It must solo this gym. After this, it cannot be your highest level Pokemon. No evolution restrictions.
@NeilKosugi, take a Porygon named Ronodo. Your Porygon is glitched and is not compatible with any TMs or HMs until you make it immune to different types. For every two types it gains an immunity too, you can teach it one TM. The list of types is Normal, Electric, Ground, Fire, Water, Psychic, Fighting, and Poison. Ghost doesn't count :P


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Update #1!

Team Requirements:
All right, here it is! SCRAMBLE!!

1. a Plusle named Joy. It must be female, and can only know one attacking move. - auramaster
2. Take a Torchic, name it Starter. It is your starter, obviously! It must always keep Sand-attack, and evolve into Combusken on Level 21. It may not evolve into Blaziken. Just for fun (meaning you have to do it), have it solo Flannery's Torkoal. - DetroitLolcat
3. a Zangoose. Once you beat 4 Pokemon with this Zangoose, its moveset must be comprised of moves of that Pokemon's main type. No running from battle either, you must battle 4 consecutive Pokemon until Zangoose defeats four. If he faints in his first 4 battles, he cannot learn a move of that type. - Dexington
4. a Geodude named Arcticblas. Can't have STAB moves. - zdrup15
5. Zubat - Flapper - Awww...It appears that your Zubat has taken one of your Cheri Berries! You try to take it, but it refuses to let it go! So it must hold a Cheri Berry for it to fight. You can evolve Zubat whenever, but for Golbat to evolve, It must solo two of Watson's three Pokemon. - Its_A_Random
6. You get a Gyarados! It may only know Special moves. No Physica, no support. It must always be your highest leveled pokemon starting at level 30. - Texas Cloverleaf

Team so far:
Torchic "Starter"
-Rock Tomb
-Sand Attack

Went pretty well... until Gym1. It took something like four levels to beat it, along with an X Special and 2 X Defend. Finally got a burn on Nosepass, which helped a lot. I'm starting to regret not taking Nosepass.

Currently trying to find a Geodude in Granite Cave. I do not have the ability to weaken a Zubat >_<
Posting just to say that there was no rule regarding the Daycare, so I put Zdrup16 (Geodude) there. Hope this is allowed.

I also got two Pokemon that I will not use in battle (Pidgey and Meowth), just for HMs. I'll release them later once I don't need them.


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I will also do something similar to c-kipp, although for TMs and to get a Crobat. The only way I'm beating a Magneton is via Screech, move tutor only move. Unless I'm lucky and get HP Ground.
I'm now gonna officially make a return to Scramble...after a rather failed run of mono-normal in HG (goddamn lance and his mega dragons >___> no resists gets me butt-f*cked)

Game: HG
Trades: only to evolve
1) no mono-type movesets
2) max of 3 pokemon of the same type on my team (includes dual types, e.g. if i get a water/poison type, thats 1 poke for water and 1 for poison)
3) everyone should be able to be fully evolved by the time i get through Victory Road (except for #5)
4) I do not want: magikarps, base>7>10 bugs (i will forever hate them), togepi, Wobbs, and of course the banlist pokes.
5) one lucky guy gets to suggest ONE and only ONE poke to be obtained once i get to Kanto. ill go through johto with 5 pokes. this poke has to be fully evolved by the time i get to Gary.
6) a starter is not needed, but i may use it to get through the 1st gym if no one suggests a poke that is obtainable before the 1st gym (or i might try to solo with an unown for the lolz xD)
7) NO IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGES (hoot-hoot soloing Jasmine for example)
Paradox, catch a Rattata as soon as possible & name it Joey. It must lead out against your battle against Youngster Joey. During your battle, your Rattata develops a sheer hatred for Youngster Joey's Rattata.

For it to evolve, it must solo Youngster Joey's Rattata three times, meaning you must get his phone number, & every time you get a top-percent call, you must either A: Teach it a TM, B: Give it a berry that's useful in battle, or C: Feed it a Vitamin.

It's simple, not very restrictive, & it exemplifies how annoying Youngster Joey is. Good Luck!
@Paradox808, you get a Hoothoot named Phosiotic. It must always hold a berry, and must prove itself as an awesome flying type by soloing Falkner. It also must attack all of Jasmine's Pokemon :P But it doesn't have to solo them.
in Kanto catch a Houndour, name it Auramaster
Oh no, Auramaster hasn't published his team for SPL so we can cheat and work around it! As punishment he can only use moves if they will not do Super Effective damage. His attacking moves must be all either HMs and TMs or level up moves there can be no crossover. If he (yes he, must be male) can learn a move that is also a TM it is banned either way you choose.
Paradox, take a Drowzee named HypnoToad. It must always know Hypnosis and (when possible) Dream Eater. Furthermore, you must teach it Focus Punch when you get the TM for a mostly sleep based moveset. The last move is of your choosing.
OI, auramaster, can you change the Clefairy rule? I was lurking Mt. Moon for over an hour last night (on the right floor) and never so much as found one. Could you change it to some other rule, preferably an Ekans/Oddish one but anything goes.
Neil, take a Jigglypuff and evolve it immediately using the moon stone in Mt. Moon. ASAP, it can only use moves that have a base power over 100. Name it Kamehameha

The move tutor for Mega Kick is just outside Mt. Moon, so that is very soon and should be your only attacking move for a while. Other moves include Blizzard, Solarbeam, Fire Blast, Thunder, Dream Eater, Hyper Beam, etc...
What if I run out of attacks that powerful and have no ethers?


P(n) = 1 - (1 - P(1))^n
Paradox, you get Bill's Eevee. If it's male, it must evolve to Espeon. If it's female, it must evolve to Umbreon. Either way, it cannot see combat until after you fight Ho-Oh.
You go to the Poke Center

Sure, its annoying at the beginning, but I have a Clefable like this in my current run (self imposed actually, don't remember off the top of my head what his restrictions were, something like cosmic power or something) and it was my powerhouse through much of the game.
Scramble Premier League [Won by Dexington]



Male Heracross
Hatched on the route north of Solaceon.
Lv. 18 EV'd (252 Atk/252 Spd/6 Def)


Rules of the Warstory Contest

Species: Pachirisu
Ability: Run Away
Nature: Naughty
IVs: 0/0/0/0/0/0
EVs: N/A
Level: 1
Gender: Who cares?
Shiny?: Yes
Hatch Location: The crappiest place possible. Even if that means while surfing, lol.
Nickname: M.E.P.
Moveset: ~Spark (and nothing but Spark! Delete everything else!)

Thanks THreadshot A1 for the prizes!!! His Trade Thread: A1 Association of Awesomeness



Battle Rules:

-Sleep Clause
-Freeze Clause
-Evasion Clause
-OHKO Clause
-Self-KO Clause
-Species Clause
-Soul Dew Clause
-Timed Battle

Now, to this tournament's own rules:

-This tournament will have each participant battling all the others during 7 rounds
-The score will be shown after the end of a round
-Win: 3 points
Draw: 1 point
Loss: 0 points
-Each participant must give one different pokemon to everyone else
-The pokemon should be given by PM
-We have 8 players which means every player will receive 7 pokemons. The player should use those pokemons to form a team that CAN BE DIFFERENT EVERY ROUND because no one knows which pokemon he will leave as a "sub"
-The players will be able to give pokemons that belong to the tier they were RANDOMLY assigned
-Remember, YOU'LL ONLY GIVE POKEMONS, YOU CANNOT GIVE SPECIFIC SETS (example: I give heatran, not scarfed heatran)
-If you receive a pokemon you already have, PM the second player that gave it to you and ask him to give another one (PLEASE DON'T USE THIS RULE TO CHEAT)

Final Table:

Pos Player Bats Pts Won Lost “Goal Average”
1 Dexingt 7 15 5 2 9
2 Atheno 7 15 5 2 8
3 vikingra 7 15 5 2 5
4 aurama 7 12 4 3 5
5 zdrup15 7 12 4 3 4
6 doomve 7 9 3 4 -3
7 Paradox 7 6 2 5 -12
8 Vratix 7 0 0 7 -16
Just so you know, me and vikingraider arranged a battle Sunday, but I got distracted by homework and forgot :( I sent him a PM apologizing and asking to reschedule, but he hasn't responded.
@The Shiny Umbreon, you're gonna love this :) Go to and search for 4 numbers 1-352. Then use Bulbapedia to get 4 attacks that go with those numbers. Finally, use Serebii to find a Pokemon (besides Smeargle or Legendaries) that can learn all 4 of those moves. Pick one Pokemon out of that list, and teach it the four moves you got. Name it Wild Thang, and it must always be holding a berry. You can start over with four new numbers if you can't get the Pokemon that knows all 4 moves, or if it doesn't get any damaging moves.

And please let us know what you get :)
Since when were people allowed to give out variations of MY super awesome signature scramble while I was away!!??

Kidding aside, that sounds awesome. And it has the advantage over mine that it can be done in any gen, not just gen 2.

(For the record, if my scramble didn't influence yours at all, please leave me with the illusion I influenced something in my life, lol).
Well guys I'm almost done both my scrambles (HG and FR), so I will be requesting a new one for FR. However, for HG, I will be using a team complete of Auramaster's challenge that doomvendingmachine quoted above! It seems like it could be fun. I will post the team that I get here later.
FR? You get stuck with a Nerf'd Squirtle.

Unfortunately, you got unlucky. Of all the squirtles, this is the youngest one, and has a growth defect. It will always be the youngest, and everybody must care for it. Therefore, it is always the lowest level in your party, and should there be a possibility of it taking a hit that could KO it, you must either switch it out or use Medicine. If you cannot guarantee his survival with the medicine, you must switch out.

Call him FIBRIR.
Putting my hat in the ring: Platinum scramble run.

  • I have easy access to a completed run of Platinum, SoulSilver, and LeafGreen
  • My starter will be Turtwig and will be a part of the team; I may consider any quirks proposed by the peanut gallery
  • I'd like to use at least one non-Sinnoh critter on the team, traded as an egg or capture from SoulSilver - if an egg, please let it be something that can be bred in one generation
  • I'd like to use a gift pokemon, like Bill's Eevee or the Togepi egg, with an interesting quirk
  • I'd like at least one of the critters to have a quirk that reflects a cool personality trait
  • No nature, IV, EV restrictions - don't have time for that shit for non-competitive pokemon
  • If you want me to blow a competitively valuable TM, then you better be willing to provide it :P
  • I reserve the right to say "no thanks" if just reading the restriction on any given critter makes me feel tired :P
  • No Hoenn critters, please, unless they're also core critters of Kanto, Johto, or Sinnoh
  • I'm reserving one slot for an HM slave, so I'm only taking four critters (plus considerations for customizing Turtwig)

I've done a couple of randomizer-scramble runs through Platinum ( 1-493; coalesce four of those into a team; choose a starter to make #5; determine a final moveset for each, including tutor moves and TM/HMs; trade as necessary to make it happen). It was fun using critters like Burn Orb Clefable and Draco Meteor Jirachi. Unfortunately, there's only so far that can take me in terms of having someone else dictate my team (oh god I'm a bottom)...



SLOT 2: ZUBAT "Dracula"
At Nida, you first pokemon will be a zubat named "dracula". Believe it or not, he is an actual vampire. He needs blood to live so at least once everyday that you turn on your ds (i gave you this restriction so if you cant/dont feel like scrambilng on a specific day your fine) it must solo a pokemon only using leech life. It must always keep leech life. Also, it is a vampire, and is thus hurt by sunlight. Therefore you may only use it 1. at night 2. indoors or 3. in caves. If use it outdoors during the day you may have another pokemon block out the sun with rain clouds using rain dance, but Dracula cant be the one to set up rain dance. as soon as rain dance ends you must bring back dracula. Any other weather besides rain doesnt block out the sun. (someone give him a pokemon with rain dance).

SLOT 3: ROTOM "Treganor"
@Nida, take a Rotom named Treganor. It can only know one attacking move at all times.

TreadshotA1][size="1 said:
Hey Nida, get yourself a Gardevoir called Furry. It must never learn Psychic. [...] Also, you must take the egg Riley gives you, and keep it in your party. When you get the [final] member of your party, drop the egg (or Riolu) in the box. Furry now hates that pokemon for taking away her precious Riolu, and you may never switch one out for the other and vice versa.[/size]

@Nida, bring a Tentacool. Name it VikingR. It may not evolve until it both a) knows the moves Toxic and Ice beam and b) solos Cyrus. Once evolved it may not delete these moves
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