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That`s truly creative. I`ll probably update around Morty.

??? (Unown challenge)

Three more to go (No treadshot, no treadshot *crosses fingers*)

So much for being finished for the night.
Hey Texas, thought i'd just reserve my spot. :)

Okay, time for another MTP! Grab yourself a MSM (that's Mono Steel Miltank). It must have a +Speed nature, but at the same time its only attacking move used in battle is Gyro Ball (Lv. 41, learnt by level up). It also must have Milk Drink. Until it is at Lv. 41, it must continuously hold Exp. Share. It may participate in battles without Gyro Ball, but that would mean only using non attacking moves. Non attacking moves may be on any type.

Call it Cioccolato.

*Yes, this is the first MTP whose mono type doesn't match its actual type. But hey, i'm Treadshot. Screw the rules, i have money! lol
Option 2: If you don't want the above, you can take the more normal cousin of the MSM: the MNM! Mono Normal Miltank, same rules apply as they would to any other MTP. No evo's (duh), only moves of that type (inc. all attack, non attack, status moves), etc. Call this one Vanilla.

Oh, and before you start thanking your God, no Body Slam or Zen Headbutt, and no Defense Curl either.

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@Texas Cloverleaf You get a Mareep named "meep". This Mareep is very sensitive so if it faints you must revive it ASAP (through items or pokecenter), it also doesnt like getting wet so you cant use it when its raining or while surfing. When you get to Olivine city it learns of the sick ampharos and is so sad it can't battle untill amphy is healed. Evolve it whenever.

Have fun.
Well, i think you're talking about MSM. That's the one with Gyro Ball.

You can take MNM, option 2, if you want, though neither one's particularly Texas-friendly.

And Bulbapedia disagrees with you.

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@Texas If you want i could change that mareep into no moves >30 bp ;P (actually i couldn't it doesnt learn any moves 30 bp and below).

Also @Treadshot I think you meant headbutt above (zen headbutt is a psychic type move). EDIT you might want to say no stomp aswell. ;P


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Texas, I think I might edit the challenge a bit, with your point.

FROM NOW ON, the 5-level rule does not apply if bamf faints in the Rocket stage. However, you must leave, use the PokeCenter, and level up once so it doesn't happen again.
@auramaster: wow. Just wow. My "creative" challenges got nothing on you. Good job!
@doom: Don't worry, i've learn my lession about MTPs.

Oh, and speaking of A1, my "one hell of a HG/SS challenge" (should) feel right at home for you, being Australian and all. My challenge is based off... the Wiggles!

Texas, you get a Octillory named "Dorothy". Here is her story...

As a "you know what", she would sneak away from her colony/school/whatever to peep through the windows of a lakeside house in Blackthorn city (<-impossible, in know, but just go with the flow!) and watch her favourate show, "The Wiggles", every time it appeared on the family TV. Naturally, you would think that Henry the Octopus would be his favourate character due to the simalarity in species, but indeed not! Octillory's favourate character was instead Dorothy the Dinosaur. She was Dorothy's biggest fan through out her entire life. In fact, as she started to compete in many battles, her moveset was a recipie for Dorothy's favourate drink/refreshment; Rosey Tea! Octillory would firstly add the rose seeds to the pot (the petals are SO overrated), then add some fresh water. Then she simply boiled it up with good old fashioned fire power, then gave it and good stir. Delishious!

The Chalenge:
  • Catch a female Ramorade from Route 44
  • Every four hours of game play you must watch every TV in Blackthorn City (once you get Ramorade, of coarse).
  • Once she evolves into Octillory must have following moveset by E4:
-Rosey Seeds (Bullet Seed)
-Tap Water (Water Gun)
-Heating Flame (Flamethower/Fire Blast)
-Stir It Up! (Whirlpool)

(Yes, I am aware someone else [doom?] does the move renameing thing :p)
  • In battle must use above moveset in order. Order pauses every swich out (ie. if it comes in, uses Bullet Seed and swiches out, next time it swiches in it it uses Water Gun etc.)
Good Luck!

PS: If your not from Oceana/UK, and your confused out of your pants, click here.

EDIT: lol, there was 6 posts posted while i was writing this thing XD. Damn my typing is slow.
EDIT2: Added correct area, added it into story, added order of moves.
I thibk Ill take the MSM, at least I can use Thunder Wave and Stelth Rock.
One more mon to go, the final choice is between the next poster ans dvm if he posts in the next 24 hours.

Given the speed of the last forty pages I propose that the Scramble Awards be postponed until 200 pages and a stand-in (such as a Scramble Challenge Race) be conducted.


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EDIT: Disregard this post. It took much too long to load.

Double EDIT: What are these awards? I think I remember reading something about them, a while ago, but I've forgotten.
EDIT: my phone is ass

The Scramble Awards, initially created by Mattman back in July were created to honor the 50th page of the Scramble Challenge thread. zdrup15 picked up the duties for the awards on the 100 page. They are basically catergories with choices related to scrambling and people vote on them. For example Treadshot pretty much always wins "Meanest Scrambler".

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Alright I have to post this @Iggdrasil you cant catch remoraid in route 41, it only appears in route 44 and has a 2% appearance rate with the good rod. You might want to do a bit of research (serebii/bulbapedia) before you issue a challenge.
@dark ray: thanks. I seriously didn't know that *face palm*.. (Lock though into head: Check then post)

Texas, i'll edit the origanally challenge with the capture area, plus a little something i just come up with ;p.

EDIT: Done. Have fun Texas!
Wow, that Octillery is going to be... interesting to say the least (read annoying).
So the team is:
??? (unown challenge)

Well this looks to be significantly more difficult than my Emerald Scramble but slightly easier than my old FireRed Scramble.


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pokemagnificent, take the ID number you get. Find the number mod 140 (the remainder when you divide it by 140), add 10, and take the Pokemon with this Sinnoh dex number as your Pokemon. If you can not get this Pokemon for some reason (eg Pearl exclusive) you must catch a Gible and it must stay at the same level as the MEP at all times. You must also, regardless of how it works out, solo a Gym (trainers and all) with this Pokemon at some point in your journey.
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