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@Random: I'm afraid I'm not very familiar with the PMD series at all, but if you're desperate then I can try and give you a challenge. You'll get a Surskit. You must change his/her tactic for every floor of a dungeon. Whether this means alternating between Get Away / Attack or actually using all of the tactics is up to you.

@Eevee3: You get a Teddiursa. Name him/her "Flippers". To evolve into Ursaring it must know both Slash and Faint Attack, along with a TM move. Slash, or an alternate Normal-type move if you prefer [Return, perhaps?] must be its only STAB move. NOTE: You can get Teddiursa by having Pokemon Emerald in your GBA Slot of your DS on routes 211 and 217. If you're using a DSi [and don't have the second slot] or don't own Emerald, let me know and I'll change the challenge.
Ok I'll start my first Scramble tomorrow!
ill start my adventure with my,
Grasslands the Turtwig
NotA1'sMep the Pachirisu
Roberts the marill
My Varibale Buneary
Superior the Yanma
X-eyed the Zubat

Thanks all for contributing to my first Scramble!
^Good Luck!^
Accepted the Nincada challenge...A little bit disappointed with what I got, but I'll survive.
  • Me: Squirtle (Leader): May only use moves Ash's Squirtle knew, which were Water Gun, Skull Bash, Tackle, Bubblebeam, Withdraw, Hydro Pump, Bubble & Rapid Spin. Team must be named SqrtlSquad (Aditya8081)
  • Partner: Pikachu (Chocapic): Must know & keep Quick Attack & Thunderbolt. Must be fed 5 Yellow Gummis (zdrup15)
  • Spearow (Iceberg): Must have the "Lets go Together" Tactic. At all times, it must either have Exclusive move-user active and only one move picked, or exclusive move-user turned off and no moves set. (auramaster)
  • Phanpy: Must be fed every Gummi in the game except the 5 given to Pikachu (Texas Cloverleaf)
  • Yanma: No Restrictions (lol, Yanma can't evolve in PMD Red) (yaya0)
  • Zigzagoon (Dark Goon): Only attacking move is Headbutt, must clear all the Makuhita dungeons without it dying to evolve (Dark Ray)
  • Qwilfish: In order for Qwilfish to use a non-stab move you must beat the training dojo level of that type with Qwilfish. Qwilfish must eat two seeds in every dungeon he goes to. Qwilfish thinks Oran Berries taste horrible so he cannot eat Oran Berries (Fire Blast)
  • Nidoran (M): If it dies of hunger, it is gone forever (Treadshot A1)
  • Carvanha (Bobby): It thinks its dark typing makes it cruel, so it refrains from using any dark moves. He is afraid of any and all fire types and must not attack but must run in a battle against one. He thinks when he evolves, his evil will control him so he must become a higher lvl to evolve so he can control it.This means he must be lvl 45+ to evolve. When he evolves he reliases he can control himself and begins to use dark type moves again.He also gets over his fear and must solo 50 fire type pokemon before his battle against lugia or kyogre. he must be leader in the lugia and kyogre battle because he wants to be the best water type in the world when he evolves. If you havent noticed, He means he must be mail (Gyarados Master)
  • Nincada: Must have a different tactic every floor (Carbon Lifeform)

Good luck me for Part 2. And I can (finally) stop spamming this challenge.
I'm just gonna drop this here for signature purposes :D

Smeargle from Dark Ray
• If Male, move starting with M. If Female, move starting with F
• Move starting with same letter as nature (Brave)
If technician, move with BP<60. If Own Tempo, move dealing with confusion
• Catch an Unown, its hidden power type will be last move’s type. (Grass)
• Name it Alpha Soup

Rattata from Arcticblast
• Must be the third Pokemon caught on a route, if see one before, can’t catch on that route. If holding a Chilan berry, can have one move over any others except for Union Cave Rattata
o Route 29, must know Tackle, Endeavor, Rain Dance, Thunder
o Route 32, must know Swords Dance, Grass Knot, Tackle and Bite
o Route 33, must know Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Dig and Super Fang
o Route 34, must know Pluck, Super Fang, Iron Tail and solo Jasmine
o Route 38, can only know electric moves and rain dance
o Route 39, must know Sucker Punch, Protect, Thunder and return
o Route 46, must know U-Turn, Sucker Punch, Shock Wave and Shadow Ball
o Sprout Tower at night, win 20 Pokethlons and know Endeavor, Toxic, Headbutt and Protect
o Union Cave/Tohjo Falls, must know charge beam and hidden power
o Bell Tower, can’t catch until all 16 badges obtained
o Burned Tower, catch female, breed Flame Wheel and Bite, must solo Ice Gym and
 Morty if neutral
 If +SpA or –Atk, I choose
 If +Atk, solo fighting gym
 If + either defense, solo Jasmine
 +SpD, solo Dragon gym
o Safari Zone, NO!
o Route 1, may only know dark moves and defeat 10 Fighting types
o Route 3, Must know Natural Gift, Grass Knot, Thunderbolt and Tackle and have a –SpA nature
o Route 4, must know Thunder, Sunny Day, Swords dance and Bit
o Route 7, must know Return, Sucker Punch, Sunny Day and Rain Dance but can’t attack until consuming a berry
o Route 9, must know 3 special moves and headbutt
o Route 11, no attacking moves
o Route 22, must hold Macho Brace
o Shiny, no restrictions

Weedle from SimonSays
• If male, must use Harden+String Shot on 15 females as a Kakuna
• If female, survive 15 hits from a single Pokemon without potions as Kakuna
• Beedrill
o +Atk Nature – Must always have +1 attack or higher before attacking
o +Def Nature – Must poison 5 Pokemon with Poison Sting or Twin Needle
o +Sp Atk – Can only use special attacks or moves that are special in gen 4
o +Sp Def – Must know Protect and use it twice in a row 5 times or 3 in a row once
o +Speed – Must know Agility and use it to get to +4 3 times.

Variable from It’s a Random
• Catch the first wild Pokemon you encounter after the 6th badge is obtained
• Restrictions based on Exp at lvl 100/Gender
o 800000/Male, only one attacking move. Can gain another by soloing Petrel at Radio Tower, soloing Blackthorn Gym (- Claire) or solo all the trainers on Route 27
o 800000/Female, only STAB
o 800000/None, No restrictions
o 1000000/Male, know Hidden Power and use it first every battle. If not, must always have a Cheri Berry on it to fight
o 1000000/Female, know and keep attract and use it upon entering if the opponent is male. Otherwise, hold a Pecha berry to fight
o 1000000/None, Only one attacking move, no STAB
o 1059860/Male, No STAB
o 1059860/Female, Can’t go above lvl 40 when fighting the E4
o 1059860/None, Must hold an Aspear Berry to fight and must solo Pryce to evolve
o 1250000/Male, Nuzlocke with 3 lives. Cannot be replaced. Gain lives after beating Gym Leaders
o 1250000/Female, Must hold Rawst Berry to fight
o 1250000/None, Must hold Chesto Berry to fight, no STAB

Cyndaquil from Dummy007
• Female – evolve after learning attract and keep it. Evolve again after learning Dig. Name Chelsea
Male – evolve after learning flame wheel and keep it. Evolve again after learning Earthquake. Name Brad.
• +Nature
o Attack – Keep either Quick Attack or Headbutt
o Defense – Keep Roar
o Special Attack – Keep Hidden Power
o Special Defense – Keep Smokescreen
o Speed – Keep Solar Beam
• -Nature
o Attack – Keep Protect
o Defense – Keep Return
o Special Attack – Keep Toxic
o Special Defense – Keep Focus Punch
o Speed – Keep Hyper Beam
• Neutral – Pick two moves, one from each of the above lists.

Poliwag from Biggie
Male, Poliwrath. Female, Politoed
• Poliwrath
o Water Absorb, can’t evolve into Poliwhirl until after learning Belly Drum and healing with water absorb after using belly drum. Can’t evolve into Poliwrath until it has Belly Drum, a water move, a fighting move and a non attacking move. Replace the non attacking move with bulk up after evolving. Name it Punchy
o Damp, as a Poliwhirl, solo 10 trainer pokemon that it is weak to. If it faints against one of these Pokemon, it cannot be used in any subsequent gym battles or E4 battles until it is all special. Name it Ten
• Politoed
o Water Absorb, soft reset til +Sp. Atk nature. If it takes up to 2 times, you get 1 water move. 2-4 times = 2 water moves. 4-6 times = 3 water moves. 7+ = 4 water moves. Must water absorb 5 times to evolve into poliwhirl and 5 more times to evolve into Politoed. Name Moist
o Damp, must know Focus Punch, Waterfall, Substitute, Encore. Must KO Whitney’s Miltank, Jasmine’s Steelix, Bryce’s Piloswine, Bruno’s Onix and 2 of Karen’s. Name Want2bRath

Started with Cyndaquil, got a Relaxed male. So I'm stuck with Flame Wheel, Earthquake, Roar and Hyperbeam. Actually not a bad moveset. Since I can't catch anything until Poliwag with an Old Rod or a lucky Rattata somewhere, Brad swept everything in Violet City. Now heading down to get said Old Rod to catch my Poliwag.

Caught Poliwag, used him to sweep through that cave. Cyndaquil evolved some time after soloing Bugsy, don't remember when exactly. On the route outside Eterna Forest I got Drowzee, Drowzee, Rattata, so I had to take that one for my team. I trained up Rattata a bit in the wild then moved on to face Whitney. I taught Brad Fire Blast just so I could kill Miltank easily.

After that gym, went and did some Pokeathlon stuff so I could evolve Poliwhirl eventually. Also caught Beedrill in the bug catching contest. He kinda sucks so far. Raticate solo'd the entire Ecruteak gym easily with Crunch. Afterwards, I taught Poliwhirl Surf and went to catch my Smeargle. I also beat that Ho-oh puzzle for the Unown thing for the first time ever. Hooray!

Brad the Quilava
Level 24
-Quick Attack
-Fire Blast
-Flame Wheel

Very useful in the beginning, but is starting to be pushed aside by Poliwhirl and raticate.

Ten the Poliwhirl
Level 25
-Rain Dance
-Body Slam
Pokemon solo'd with a weakness: Super Nerd's Magnemite and Voltorb, Juggler Irwin's 4 Voltorbs, Picknicker Brooke's Pikachu

Probably my favourite member so far. For a variable challenge, I certainly have a lot of freedom here. He'll definately need to learn Belly Drum at some point so Smeargle can copy that shit.

Tartar the Raticate
Level 26
-Hyper Fang
-Focus Energy

Probably MVP so far. Soloing Jasmine may be a problem, but that's what Dig is for. Not sure where/when I get Pluck, but I do love that move.

Aldrin the Beedrill
Level 18
-Fury Attack
-Focus Energy
-Twin Needle

So yeah, I skipped the Kakuna step and just caught a Beedrill. I went through it all in FR already so I figured there was no point. Anyway, he sucks now.

Alpha Soup the Smeargle
Level 22
-Body Slam

Gonna be rough getting him 4 moves. I plan on having Spore, Belly Drum, Focus Punch and either Bite or Faint Attack.

Fire Red

Nidoran from Dark Ray
• Male, must poison 5 Pokemon with poison point to evolve to Nidorino. Must solo 20 Pokemon that evolve with the moon stone to evolve into Nidoking.
Female, must poison 1 (Team Rocket's Sandshrew at lvl 13) Pokemon owned by a trainer to evolve to Nidorina. Must solo 10 Pokemon that evolve (9x Clefairy, Jigglypuff) with the moon stone, 1 owned by trainer (Jigglypuff before Mt Moon).
• Nature
o +Atk, no special attacks
o +SpAtk, no physical attacks
o +SpDef/Def, only 1 attack of my choice
o +Speed, 2 physical and 2 neutral
o Neutral, not allowed to learn stab moves

Caterpie from SimonSays
• As Metapod
o Male, use harden then string shot on 15 females to evolve.
o Female, must survive 15 hits from a single Pokemon without using potions (level 4 Caterpie at level 12)
• Butterfree
o +Atk, learn and keep both STABs and one other physical move
o +Def, know and keep 2 powder moves and se them to sleep then poison/para a single Pokemon to 5 different pokemon
o +SpAtk, only attacking moves must recover health
o +SpDef, must face the strongest pokemon of all the special gyms
o +Speed, Only know moves starting with S

Snorlax from Athenodoros
Male must always hold Chesto Berry, female may never hold an item
• Nature
o + Either Attack, no moves over 79 BP
o + Either defense, no health restoring moves
o + Speed, Focus Punch
Eastern, name Kanto. Western, name Johto
If when caught SpAtt > Def, must have at most one physical attack.
• If Def > Sp Att, may have no special attacks.
Must know Amnesia

Lapras from Its a Random
• Nature
o Neutral: Body Slam + Thunder
o +Attack: Thunderbolt
o –Attack: Psychic
o +Defense: Shock Wave
o –Defense: Rock Smash
o +Sp. Attack: Ice Beam
o –Sp. Attack: Hydro Pump
o +Sp. Defense: Secret Power
o –Sp. Defense: Surf
o +Speed: Return
o –Speed: Hyper Beam
• Male knows Roar, female knows Attract
Shell Armor knows Mist, Water Absorb knows Rain Dance
• Name Atheno

Squirtle from Dummy007
Male, attack no more than 10 gym leader Pokemon (Geodude, Onix, Staryu, Starmie) the entire game. Name J. Bieber.
• Female, KO no fewer than 15 gym leader Pokemon the entire game. Name H. Montana.
If nature begins with letter earlier than M, including M, may not know more than 2 attacking moves at a time. (Careful)
• If nature begins with letter later than M, may only use a special attack on a Pokemon that resists that move’s type.

Psyduck from DetroitLolcat
Female, only one water type move. Male, three water type moves
Damp, solo all wild Gravelers. Cloud Nine, solo Blaine
• Nature
o Adamant, can’t switch out except between Pokemon
o Bashful, may not learn moves of above 80 BP other than Waterfall
o Bold, must solo Moltres
o Brave, must solo Zapdos
o Calm, must have an item used on it in every trainer battle it is used in
o Careful, must learn double team and use it in every trainer battle it is used in
o Docile, no further restrictions
o Gentle, may not land the finishing blow on more than 2 Pokemon per trainer (other than Blaine if I have to solo him)
o Hardy, solo Giovanni.
o Hasty, don’t exceed level 50
o Impish, cannot use vs. Bruno
o Jolly, must kill one Pokemon from each Elite 4
o Lax, may not use against Giovanni
o Lonely, must solo Bruno
o Mild, may not learn Surf or Psychic
o Modest, do not use in three of the Elite 4
o Naïve, send it out against all of Lance’s dragons and land two hits on each of them
o Naughty, must faint in each E4 battle and get revived between them
o Quiet, Do not kill more than one Pokemon per trainer battle
o Quirky, don’t exceed level 55
o Rash, no using til after Sabrina
o Relaxed, no using in gym battles
o Sassy, all special attacks
o Serious, Ignore all restrictions
o Timid, may not attack any wild Pokemon

Started off with my Careful Male Squirtle and went on to catch my Female Jolly Caterpie. Beat Brock with J Biebs pretty easily, then went and grinded with Metapod until it could survive 15 hits (one critical) from a Caterpie. Then went and caught my gentle female nidoran. Solo'd the trainer's Jigglypuff before Mt Moon and then 9 more Clefairy's (took a while) in Mt. Moon. Also poisoned a Rocket's Sandshrew with Poison Point, so I evolved it to Nidoqueen upon leaving Mt. Moon.

Again, J Biebs solo's Misty. Nothing interesting happens for a while. I can't yet use the restrictions as I can't get rid of Nido's attacking moves and Butterfree has no attacking moves that start with S yet. Nidoqueen solo'd Surge with Body Slam (the only attack I'm using in the spirit of the challenge right now). I am about to enter the tunnel going to Lavender.

Quickly skipped over Lavender and went and dominated the Celadon gym with Butterfree. I started using Psybeam because it at least sounds like it starts with an S. XD Don't worry, I'll get rid of it once I get Solar Beam or Silver Wind. Once I cleared out Rocket easily and got the Poke Flute, I went and caught my Snorlax and super rod, then fished up a Psyduck. I then went through the Silph Co building to finish off my team and get Lapras. 4 badges left to go now.

Note: Moves in brackets are what is planned
J. Bieber the male Blastoise
Level 36
-Tail Whip (Substitute)
-Focus Punch

Since his attack stat is so much higher than his special attack stat (14), I decided that Blastoise will be the physically based of my three water types. Tail Whip will be replaced by Substitute and Bite will be replaced by Blizzard possibly. Not sure yet.

Butters the female Butterfree
Level 38
-Psybeam (Silver Wind/Solar Beam)
-Sleep Powder
-Poison Powder (Sunny Day/Silver Wind)

Kinda cheating with using Psybeam, but it's really the only option so far. Mad beast though.

Dark Ray the Nidoqueen
Level 39
Poison Point
-Body Slam
-Tail Whip

Still very strong. All moves are just filler and just to abide by the rules. Earthquake will be the sole attacking move, don't know what support moves I'll use yet though.

Kanto the Snorlax
Level 36
-Body Slam

Return hits like a mach truck and will be his only physical attacking move once I fill out his moveset. I might keep Yawn. Body Slam and Snore will be replaced with special moves, possibly Thunder.

Crackers the Golduck
Level 34
-Psych Up
-Water Pulse

Surprisingly useful thus far. No future plans as of yet.

Atheno the Lapras
Level 25
Shell Armor
-Confuse Ray
-Body Slam

Maybe the most useless once I get to a certain point. It has to know Mist, Attract, Return and Surf. At least Surf will be useful?


Originally Posted by Fat Its_A_Random
Alright Dexington, you will not get a Cheri Berry Zubat, instead you get a Treecko for your starter. Name it NerdyGecko.
As the nickname suggests, your Treecko is very nerdy & tends to spend 12 hours a day on a computer. One of his favourite sites is Smogon, & knowing he can evolve into Sceptile, He searches up on what is competitively viable for him when he becomes a Sceptile. He finds that if he sticks with the moves mentioned on-site, he will become one of the best Pokemon battler's in all of Hoenn! Unfortunately, all that time on the computer hasn't done any real good to him, so before he can evolve, he needs to work his ass off & become fast enough. So Treecko may only evolve into Grovyle when his speed stat totals 60 or above. Becoming a Grovyle, he still needs to work his ass off to become a Sceptile, so Grovyle may only evolve into Sceptile when his Speed stat totals 120 or above. He's finally a Sceptile!
• Take a Treecko & name it NerdyGecko.
• May only evolve into Grovyle once his Speed totals at least 60 & Sceptile totals at least 120.
• Once a Sceptile, he may only use moves mentioned on this page
Have fun. See, that wasn't a Cheri Berry Zubat.

Originally Posted by Fat Dark Ray
@Dexington, you get a cacnea named "DaScarecro". Dis be dat scarecro from dat movie da wiz o oz so it has no brain, as such it dun no how to learn any o dem moves it cant learn from levelin up. If you can't understand a word I just said here's a recap.
-Cacnea named "DaScarecro".
-Can only learn moves from level up, that's right no tms/hms or tutor moves.
-Since someone stopped using 1 of my scramblemons mid-game and I don't want that to happen to this 1, must be within 5 levels of your highest leveled mon at all times (and if it's not get to training).
-Doesn't really get any good moves from level up or have good stats so no other restrictions.
Have fun. .

Originally Posted by Fat chocolate-kipp
Take a Barboach. Barboach is unsure about anything it does, so he may never use the same move twice in a row. Name him/her "Insecure".
I'm recycling old challenges, sorry.

Originally Posted by Fat Sprocket
Dexington, take a Seviper. Everytime you fight a Zangoose, Seviper must switch in and attempt to solo it. It must know at least one STAB attack move at all times. Nickname it Repives

@Dexington, take a Taillow named MechaBirdo. Once you reach Dewford, it cannot use any level up moves in battle. It must solo at least 8 gym leader Pokemon and 6 E4/Champion Pokemon.

Dexington, you get a can only be leveled up through trainer/gym battles

Took my Treecko, went and caught a Tailow. Solo'd Roxanne with Treecko using Bullet Seed and began power levelling Tailow. Before I took on Brawly, Tailow was a Swellow and knew Steel Wing. Yes, I solo'd Brawly with Steel Wing, as per the requirements that she couldn't use level up moves at that point.

But god damn was Wattson ever difficult. I died to him twice and on the third time, Grovyle (who had recently evolved), learned Leaf Blade and I taught him Rock Smash for Magneton. Still very tough battle.

NerdyGecko the Grovyle
Level 29
-Leaf Blade
-Rock Smash
-Quick Attack

Evolution requirements suck a bit, but oh well. Doing good so far.

Level 27
-Wing Attack
-Double Team
-Focus Energy
-Steel Wing

Can only use Steel Wing right now, but still quite the heavy hitter.
Since I have trouble with commitment, I am taking a hiatus from my Red scramble and doing a SoulSilver scramble on Hard Mode. For a change of pace, my only rules are obvious and, therefore, needless to say.
NeilKosugi, I'm going to be an arse & give you Negative the Pecha Berry Lanturn. As with Flapper the Cheri Berry Zubat, It must hold a Pecha Berry to fight, if it loses it mid-battle, you must switch it out & you may not SR if this happens. Have it solo Koga on the first try, failure to do this & it must give up a moveslot forever. For an added challenge, you may only revive it using a Pokemon Centre, that means, no revives.

EDIT: Oh, you must also solo Janine on the first try as well, failure to do so will result in it giving up a moveslot forever.

Have fun.
Neil, you get Frederick, the male Scyther! Frederick must be caught during the bug catching contest and you must win in order to use it. It must also have the ability Swarm.

Frederick refuses to believe that he is not a Technician Scyther and as such may only have attack moves with 60 or lower BP. One of these moves must be False Swipe, which he must use to knock 2 GLMP down to 1 health. Another move must be Double Hit and be used to KO 15 pokemon which are resistant against it. Frederick also cannot evolve into a Scizor. Good luck!
You get YourMove the Scyther. It needs to hold an iron ball or lagging tail(as soon as you get one) and underspeed any pokes within a 5 level radius of it. if it doesn't, switch out into your starter. it's moves can be anything evolve to scizor if you want

EDIT: Damnit ninja'd, change it to cyndaquil, the switch out restriction is now switch into your highest level pokemon, because of that chimchar cannot your highest. also since it hates it's fellow pokeymanz for outspeeding it, it must gobble up all vitamins you get other than carbos. it's allergic
@Neil, I won't be so so cruel to you and will spare you having to worry about a starter later. You're getting a Chikorita. Why? Because they're adorable. Your Chikorita loves mine, so it must be named Heartproxy, even if it isn't a girl.

Because it loves my Chikorita, it must have a movepool similar to mine! Therefore, from the time you are first able to get them, it must know any three of these moves: Grass Knot, Synthesis, Reflect, Light Screen, Aromatherapy, Sunny Day, SolarBeam, Toxic, Endure, Rest, Sleep Talk, Body Slam, Return.

Your fourth move may be anything you want! Because Heartproxy <3s you.

To evolve your Chikorita into a Bayleef, Heartproxy must surivive one turn against Bugsy's Scyther. If a later challenger requires you to solo Bugsy, then it must solo Whitney's Miltank. To evolve into a Meganium, your Bayleef must survive one turn against Pryce's Dewgong. If a later challenger requires you to solo Pryce, you must go through the Ice Cave using only Bayleef to evolve. [As in, (s)he can be the only one to battle, not the only one in the party.]
Neil, you get to have a Spearow. Name it DimondBeak. The only possible moves it may ever learn are as follows: Peck, Growl, Leer, Fury Attack, Pursuit, Drill Peck, Pluck, and U-Turn. It must Solo either Jasmine or Pierce in order to evolve. It must also survive the Elite Four until Lance. At which point it must faint from Aerodactyl AFTER it uses Drill Peck on Aerodactyl. If it does this, it may learn any moves you wish, for it has learned that its beak is not indestructible after all. Failure to faint from Lance's Aerodactyl leads to its ignorance, and it may not learn any other moves besides the ones mentioned above.

Edit: Also, it must Solo Lt. Surge's team, failure to do so will result in amnesia, and though it can not learn the move, it does lose its memory and must then solo Brock with only Drill Peck (it forgot the lesson it learned with Aerodactyl). Should it win against Lt. Surge, it must also solo Brock, and failure will also result in the same restricted amnesia and then it must solo Ash's Pikachu. Even if it should succeed in all its challenges, it must still solo Pikachu.

Dark Ray

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>Soul Silver
>Hard Mode
F*** YEAH!
Neil, you get a seaking named "LaserPower"
This seaking must be the most epic seaking EVER! To do this you must give it Hyper Beam! That's it......wait, you thought I meant that's the only restiction? Hahaha no, that's the only attack you can use, what's that? that's insane? just for that solo 1 glmp to evolve (you can't teach it hyper beam yet so use whatever) and solo 5 pokemon in the league.
Good luck.
Dark Ray said:
F*** YEAH!
Neil, you get a seaking named "LaserPower"
This seaking must be the most epic seaking EVER! To do this you must give it Hyper Beam! That's it......wait, you thought I meant that's the only restiction? Hahaha no, that's the only attack you can use, what's that? that's insane? just for that solo 1 glmp to evolve (you can't teach it hyper beam yet so use whatever) and solo 5 pokemon in the league.
Good luck.
Epic Seaking is epic. I've decided to be more of an arse & edited my challenge. Lanturn must now solo Janine on the first try as well with the same penalty. =P

Still waiting on those two that haven't sent me their 9 Pokemon for SPL 2 to do so. Failure to do so before the Round 1 deadline in 6 days will result in a penalty.
Review of my team for Pearl:
Dexter the Abra (given by Dexington)
-evolves once when SpA reaches 65
-evolves again when SpA reaches 130
DoublePost the Starly (given by Dark Ray)
-must use moves twice in a row.
-cannot learn brave bird (btw I hate recoil moves) or close combat till soloed 2 gym leaders not counting Gardenia.
HotStuff the Piplup (Given by John)
-cannot learn Ice moves and switches/flees if hit by one.
-must solo all trainers in Fuego Ironworks to evolve into Empoleon.
X-Eyed the Zubat (given by Random) (I love Zubat!)
-must know/keep Fly, Confuse Ray, and Poison Fang.
-Solo Aaron.
EEVEE!! I'll think of a nickname (given by Sprocket)
-Evolving to Leafeon, must evolve first time through Eterna Forest.
-Must know Razor Leaf, Magical Leaf, or Leaf Blade.
Flippers the Teddiursa (given by Carbon)
-To evolve must know Slash, Faint Attack, and a TM move of choice.
-Only one STAB move.
Epic Seaking is epic. I've decided to be more of an arse & edited my challenge. Lanturn must now solo Janine on the first try as well with the same penalty. =P

Still waiting on those two that haven't sent me their 9 Pokemon for SPL 2 to do so. Failure to do so before the Round 1 deadline in 6 days will result in a penalty.

To recap: You get a Seaking (Fuck yeah!). It can only have attacking moves with 120 BP before the Elite Four. It must solo Lt. Surge's Raichu, and it can't be used against the Champion unless it has Megahorn.
Epic-er Seaking is epic-er.
About the SPL 2, I will ironically not be using the pokemon that 3 (yes three) people gave me because it would give me a rediculous rock weakness and I may or may not have been given a useful spinner who may or may not have better things to do.

In other news, I just finished SRing my Shiny Entei. 31 Atk IV, 30 Spd, SPD IV`s and what appears to be a mid twenties defense IV. If only its HP were better it would be perfect.
:P double post. It has been decided that the variable challenge will be next and I will thus start taking challenges for it. For various reasons I decided that it will be on Platinum.

- Platinum Varible Challenge
- You may give out specific pokemon with gender/nature/ability restrictions
-You may give out completely variable pokemon challenges
- You may not give standard Scramble challenges
- Make the creative
- No stupid shit
- Medium difficulty

I think that covers everything. So when posting a challenge be sure to read the rules and be creative!


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@Texas Cloverleaf, I give you a Variable Pokemon Challenge.

Roll three 6-sided dice, divide the results by two (drop any remainder), then subtract 1. This will give you a number between 0 and 8. That number represents how many gym leader badges you need before you catch your Pokemon. You must catch a Pokemon that becomes immediately available because of that specific number of gym badges, due to certain game areas being blocked off without certain gym badges.

For example:

0 Gym Badges means you must catch a Pokemon between getting your starter, and before your battle with Roark. If no one gives you a starter, you can use a starter.
1 Gym Badges means you must catch a Pokemon which only became available because you can now use Rock Smash and must be caught before your battle with Gardenia. However you CANNOT catch Pokemon which were available before your battle with Roark, such as Starly or Bidoof.
7 Gym Badges means you can catch Pokemon that became immediately available due to having Rock Climb, and Pokemon that are available between the Resort and Sunyshore City.
8 Gym Badges means you can only catch Pokemon that became immediately available due to having Waterfall and for having access between Sunyshore City and the Pokemon League.

For the purpose of this challenge, evolved Pokemon are counted separately. For example a Bidoof and Bibarel are not the same.

This will likely be a tricky challenge to fulfill, since you will need to do some research on what Pokemon become available as you progress through the game.

Whatever Pokemon you capture, it must be Male if it can be Male, it must always have neutral nature, and you must teach it a TM and HM move.
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