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skitz0phrenic, Enjoy your solo run. Get yourself a Skorupi (On Pearl) at the beginning of the game, name it Eighty. It must have a moveset of Crunch, Dig, Poison Jab & either a non attacking move or a move of your choice that has a base power of 80. It may not evolve until you beat Candice.

Have fun.
I’ve been playing more so here’s more of my story…
The Challenges…
1) Samurai 796, Start with Silence the Totodile. This Totodile does not like speaking at all, therefore you must SR for a Quiet nature & it may never use any moves that require the use of its mouth. Such moves include Water Gun, Bite, Ice Fang, Crunch, Screech, Hydro Pump, Water Pulse, Roar, Ice Beam, Hyper Beam, Dragon Pulse, Sleep Talk, Swagger, Hydro Cannon, Icy Wind, Snore, & Uproar. –Its_A_Random
2) @Samurai 796, trade over a pikachu named "MB Sucks!". It may never evolve, it may never hold a light ball and the only non-stab move it can use is brick break (teach it brick break before you trade it or trade over the tm if you want it). The last requirement depends on whether or not this is a scramblocke (scramble+nuzlocke, I ask because you put HG nuzlocke in the rules), if it is you have no other restrictions, but if it isn't solo chuck and any kanto gym leader. –Dark Ray
3) @samurai you get ANDROID17 the Koffing. Android 17 was made by Dr. Gero but soon lived a life of destruction after finding that emotions are a waste. So After you catch it it must know 3 attacking moves as soon as possible (Selfdestruct being one of them) and must fight in every gym. Later, his sister 18 falls in love with krillin so at level 30 it starts living a life of peace so delete selfdestruct and one more attacking move and it can't fight in any major battles anymore.but then it gets controlled by the evil Dr.Gero and Dr.Myuu using Hell's 17. By level 40 (must be after 7th gym) Make it learn all attacking moves and evolve to weezing. –blamon123
Bring Bee the female Sudowudo. She must solo any gym leader that Android17 does not participate for (e.g. Pryce would be easiest) and also solo Lieutenant Surge. She may never use the same move twice in a row and she may not have more than one move of any one type. –Vratix

5) 2. Take a Dratini that cannot learn Superpower, Draco Meteor, Flamethrower, Roost, Thunderbolt, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Outrage, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Extremespeed, Heal Bell, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Waterfall, or Fire Punch and solo two consecutive Gym Leader Pokemon without items that are at least ten levels higher than it.-DetroitLolcat
6) @Samurai
You get BlackOps the Spinarak.
As his name implies, he loves to play Call of Duty, and is convinced that he is a soldier. He stays up all night playing the game, and is an Insomniac. He is obsessed with the guns he kills imaginary people with. As such, he can only use "shooting" moves, as well as "black" moves, since he's rugged and loves the dark.
To evolve he must solo Morty using only Shadow Sneak and/or Sucker Punch.
To be able to use any moves, he must solo all of Karen's Pokemon except her Houndoom.
Here's a list of the moves he can use:
Poison Sting, String Shot, Leech Life, Night Shade, Shadow Sneak, Sucker Punch, Pin Missile, Dig (hey, it's dark down in those holes), Sludge Bomb, Thief. -Skwog

What’s Happened So Far…
4th Gym: Leveled up BlackOps to Level. 29 and that was all to live Gengar’s Shadow Ball. Kill him in one hit with a crit… Oh well, Ariados!
5th Gym: Now first I went and battled all the trainers now accessible in Union Cave because I always forget them. Then all the trainers on water routes. Then I dealt with Eusine, and chubby Chuck. MB Sucks! had to solo Chuck which was really easy to do. Now going to the Safari Zone and leveling up.

And The Team…
Bee the Sudowoodo (F) @ Hard Stone
Lvl. 25/Timid/Rock Head
-Low Kick
-Rock Throw
-Faint Attack
Comments: What to say, challenge is annoying and I only really send her in on Normal types and things I think it can 1HKO. Current LVP.

BlackOps the Ariados (M) @ Quick Claw
Lvl. 30/Hasty/Insomnia
-Poison Sting
-Leech Life
-Shadow Sneak
-Sucker Punch
Comments: Now that it’s evolved, it has decent stats, some of the best on my team actually. It begs for the movepool to back those stats up though.

ANDROID17 the Koffing (M) @ Charcoal
Lvl. 25/Relaxed/Levitate
Comments: I haven’t used ANDROID17 in a while so he’s fallen behind. I still like him though.

MB Sucks! the Pikachu (F) @ Shell Bell
Lvl. 31/Impish/Static
-Charge Beam
-Brick Break
-Thunder Wave
Comments: Well, I like its moveset. I think I did the best I could with its Electric STAB. Still I wish it could be a tad bit more useful.

Silence the Croconaw (M) @ Mystic Water
Lvl. 25/Quiet/Torrent
-Shadow Claw
Comments: I still love Silence a ton, but his stats have fallen behind other pokemon and as such, he had to relinquish his beloved MVP spot. He’ll probably get it back with evolution.

Slayer the Dragonair (F) @ Silk Scarf
Lvl. 31/Careful/Shed Skin
-Dragon Rage
-Aqua Tail
Comments: Yes! Now Slayer has a new purpose! It now is practically a better Water type than my Water type! Seriously, it has great stats, but I do want to change its movepool and make her more physical. Current MVP.

Should update again tomorrow.

Dark Ray

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Skorupi, solo candice to evolve (hehehe), by the E4 must have a moveset of, crunch, poison jab, dig, and either a non-damaging move or another attack with exactly 80bp. Name it "Endless 80".
Good luck.
skitz0phrenic, Enjoy your solo run. Get yourself a Skorupi (On Pearl) at the beginning of the game, name it Eighty. It must have a moveset of Crunch, Dig, Poison Jab & either a non attacking move or a move of your choice that has a base power of 80. It may not evolve until you beat Candice.

Have fun.
I'm not sure whether I should be honoured or offended by this blatant act of plagiarism :P
Time for an update to my FireRed Payback Scramble.
Since I haven`t actually done an update yet I`ll just bullet point everything.

Started Game. Picked Bramble the Bulbasaur. Trained a bit and seed stalled my rival. Went throung the annoying Viridian Forest. Raped Brock with Vine Whip after acquiring the requisite powders. Badge 1 get.

Spent a long time beating up on the trainers up to Cerulean City. Raped Misty and my Rival with my level 27 Ivysaur (yeah, too OP). Badge 2 get.

Beat up some more trainers. Went to Vermillion. Caught Dreamz the Drowzee. Trained on the SS. Anne. Evolved Dreamz. Taught Cut to random Paras and went to teach Dreamz Dream Eater. Went to the gym and got pissed off by the random switches. Beat up on Surge. Badge 3 get.

Beat up on some more trainers. Caught a Bold Magikarp. Began training Magikarp in the darkness of Rock Tunnel. Exited Rock Tunnel. Beat some more people. Magikarp evolved and learned Bite! Its Special Attack stat is still utter garbage >( ...

And that is where I stand. I will likely update again after obtaining Horsea, Staryu and Koffing, which will be after Koga and an average level of 45 for the sore members. At least Gyara gets the three beams very soon as Horsea will use Surf.
Fuck...Celadon Dept. Store doesn`t sell the giant lasers...fuck...and I sold my Water Pulse...fuck..and I cant get a normal laser move because I bought 7 Calciums...fuck.

Gyarados`s only redeeming factor is its awesome bulk. Its special atttack is absolutely horrendous.

Where exactly do you get Blizzard and Thunder in-game?
Heart Gold Scramble Update

Updating is so much fun, doo dah, doo dah, Random updates all day long, all the doo dah day...
  • Hoppip (4xTheFun): Must appear against 2 GLMP to evolve into Skiploom, & KO 2 GLMP to evolve into Jumpluff. Post-Chuck, must be no more than 2 levels below highest levelled Pokemon & must KO at least one Pokemon on each of the E4 member's teams (Vratix)
  • Variable (Dexington)--> Furret (Dexington): Must know & keep Attract, Me First, & Surf/Whirlpool & use Me First against one of Lance's Dragonites (Dexington)
  • Haunter: Must solo every Haunter I see, including Morty's Haunters. May only use moves with a base power below 80 (DetroitLolcat)
  • Starmie (Valence): If kept below Lv40 against E4, must have Surf & BoltBeam. Otherwise, must know Surf, but no BoltBeam (Treadshot A1)
  • Wooper (Yawn): If ability is Damp, Must know & keep Yawn & Yawn 5 Pokemon to sleep to evolve. If ability is Water Absorb, must know & keep Yawn & Rest & Yawn 10 Pokemon to sleep to evolve (Edwin Illan)
  • Lapras: Must Solo 30 Gym Leader & E4 Pokemon combined before Blue, & may either be all Physical or all Special (Athenodoros)

So, fresh from obtaining the Rising Badge, I get on my bike & ride all the way to New Bark Town, the only random encounters along the way being against Entei (Who I've faced too many times on my adventure) & Raikou (Only the second time I've encountered it). After getting a Master Ball, I get told to go to Ecruteak & meet the Kimono Girls. After getting there they all challenge me to a battle.

Umbreon was up first, Troll put him to sleep, then 4xTheFun came in & handled the next. Then came Espeon, he killed Troll & Valence, but Atheno got the better of him. Flareon was third, he killed Dexington, but then Yawn entered the fray, took him out, while Jolteon & Vaporeon found Yawn to be too powerful. After that I heal & go up the Bell Tower. At the top was a Bird called Ho-Oh. I face it. After several failed attempts to catch it, I decide that I had enough of the bird & threw my Master Ball at it, successfully capturing it & naming it "Pheonbow".

After coming back down the tower, I make my way back to New Bark Town, encountering only Entei (Again...) along the way. After arriving at New Bark, I begin my journey to Kanto, with a HM Slave in Dexington's spot. It was a long road, but eventually, I make it to Victory Road & go through it, eventually encountering the lone trainer in the road: My Rival Idiot.

Troll lead against Sneasel, I then switch to Atheno & she took care of the Sneasel. Yawn dealt with Magneton, Troll achieved his mandatory Haunter solo, then Valence came in, dealing with Kadabra & Golbat, but falling to Feraligatr. That's when 4xTheFun came in & used the tried & true Sleep-SubSeed strategy to kill Feraligatr & win the battle for me.

After that, I arrive at Indigo Plateau & heal up, preparing for the grind. In Indigo Plateau at the moment.

Valence (Genderless Starmie) @ Nothing
Lv:32/Hardy/Natural Cure
-Ice Beam
Comments: Easily the squad's most powerful member, but cannot be relied on for the sake of keeping BoltBeam...

Dexington (Male Furret) @ Nothing
Lv:35/Brave/Run Away
-Quick Attack
Comments: Struggling somewhat, but Slam is a good move for now...

Troll (Male Haunter) @ Nothing
-Night Shade
-Confuse Ray
Comments: Not bad for a Troll, Hypnosis-Curse-Potion Combo screws a lot of opponents over. Unfortunately, Night shade isn't exactly cutting it at the moment. Current LVP.

Yawn (Male Quagsire) @ Nothing
Pokemon Yawned to Sleep: 5/5
Comments: Since evolution, his usefulness has shot up, with great Bulk & a good move in Yawn. With Earthquake, it's now a powerhouse on the team.

Atheno (Female Lapras) @ Nothing
Lv:37/Naive/Water Absorb
-Confuse Ray
-Ice Shard
-Body Slam
Gym Leader/E4 Pokemon Solos: 6/30
Comments: Incredibly Bulky, went down the all-Physical Route. A powerful member indeed. Her bulk is incredible & all & that's why she is the Current MVP.

4xTheFun (Male Jumpluff) @ Nothing
-Sleep Powder
-Leech Seed
-Mega Drain
GLMP Appearances: 2/2 GLMP Solos: 2/2
Comments: Very useful with Sleep-Sub-Seed, it basically owns.

That's the update. Now to grind...And that means Dexington being leveled up to Lv50 to get Me First...As always, you can find the base posts for all my updates here, & I hope you enjoyed this update to my Heart Gold Scramble.
@ironman: shinx, if he's gonna use electric move use charge before. nickname Nitros
ironman, take a Gligar, name it Capers. It must have Swords Dance, Earthquake, Rock Slide & X-Scissor before the E4. If you evolve it into Gliscor, Replace Earthquake & Rock Slide with Roost & Return. Have it KO 5 Pokemon in the Pokemon League.

Have fun.
Ironman, take a Empoleon called Moar! Every time he/she tries to learn a new move, he/she must learn it. Can't learn any HM's and must learn one TM.
@ironman: Enjoy you new Snover named OTanenbaum. It must know exactly one STAB move of each type at all times, and it must have at least three attacking moves. It must change the weather (another weather must be in effect already) five times to evolve. Have it solo Bertha's Hippowdon and any Pokemon she sends out after it.

You get Marilyn the female Buneary.
She must always know Attract upon receiving the TM.
To evolve, she must solo Crasher Wake, and must Attract each of his Pokes.

Take a Ponyta named RedBeauty. It can only have 1 Fire move at a time. It must solo Candice.
nice work guys...i have some questions for you...

blamon123 can shinx evolve?

same applies for your ponyta samurai 796...

and finally dummy007 when you say it must change the weather 5 times to evolve,this can happen for example in the rainy route,it's not necessary that someone else has used before sunny day for example?

sorry if the questions are somewhat silly, i just wanna be sure...
Fuck...Celadon Dept. Store doesn`t sell the giant lasers...fuck...and I sold my Water Pulse...fuck..and I cant get a normal laser move because I bought 7 Calciums...fuck.

Gyarados`s only redeeming factor is its awesome bulk. Its special atttack is absolutely horrendous.

Where exactly do you get Blizzard and Thunder in-game?
Blizzard is in the basement of the Cinnabar Mansion. Thunder is in the Power Plant. Have fun with that.
I might as well team update after grinding in lavender tower.

Gyarados, Bold, lv 36
Bite, Dragon Rage, Twister, Splash

Even after Ev training by murdering Gastly's Gyarados' Special Attack is pathetic. Still, it has awesom bulk so it isnt totally useless.

Hypno, Naughty, lv 36
Confusion, Hypnosis, Psychic, Dream Eater

A powerful member of the team. It has great bulk in general and a good STAB for LG ingame. Skill Swap will eventually go over Confusion.

Venusaur, Gentle, lv 36
Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Poisonpowder, Sleep Powder

A great member. One attack is unfortunate but its an excellent moveset. Shouldn't have any issues.


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First update for my FireRed Scramble. (Warning, Long)

You get RK9 the Growlithe/Arcanine. It may not evolve into Arcanine until it learns Flamethrower by leveling up to 49. It must also solo Blaine's Arcanine. That is all.
kingofkongs, take a Hitmonchan, name it Puncher. It may only use moves with "Punch" in its name in battle.

Have fun.
Take a Venusaur called MustEat, it can only know health absorption moves and non-damaging moves. Must solo all of the trainers in Brock and Misty's gym except the gym leader.
Take a female Geodude named "Katy Perry". It likes the song "Fireworks", so teach and keep Selfdestruct, then overide with Explosion. Her #1 hit was "Teenage Dream", so what ever it's moveset is once it hits level 20, that's it's permanent moveset (Bar Explosion)
kingofkongs take a pidgey named evolve into pidgeotto must participate in 2 rival evolve into pidgeot must first know agility through level up...
Take a psyduck named Platypus
It's final moveset must be all Tm's and Hm's
At least 2 have to be Hm's
Cannot evolve until it solo's your rival's grass type

Grabbed MustEat, beat my Rival, BLUE and went across route 1. Grinded til I learned Leech Seed, caught Pinch. Tried to challenge Rival, forgot what level his pokes were. Then I went across the Viridian Forest, Grinded Pinch til he learnt gust, went back across forest, beat Blue. Finally got to pewter city where I solo'd Brock's gym with leech seed. Since Pinch would be useless against Brock, I decided to Solo Brock as well. Got my first Badge.

I then went East, battled an assload of trainers. MustEat evolved, learnt PoisonPowder and SleepPowder. The former of the two I gave a silent prayer for since I knew how much it would speed up battles. Went into Mt.Moon, caught Katy Perry. Katy Perry then proceded to destroy every Zubat in that cave, catching up to the rest of the party level wise. Beat a super Nerd, got the Dome Fossil, and went out of that God Forsaken Cave. I was tempted to teach Katy Perry Mega Punch so her moveset by level 20 wouldn't be so barren, but then I remembered that if I didn't, Punch would only have mach punch and the elemental punches (All Special.)

I went down the ledge of no return and entered Cerulean. Beat BLUE on the bridge so Pinch could finally evolve. Entered the Gym, and soloed all the gym trainers with MustEat. I tried to use Pinch against Misty, but a critical hit prevented her from joining in. MustEat sapped health from the Staryu and eventually killed it. The Starmie was more troublesome. It launched powerful swifts at MustEat, which would have taken him out if not for Sleep Powder. I then looked at my moveset and saw growl. Yes growl. I spammed it like a madman, and when Starmie woke up, it found it's Swifts were doing pathetic damage. I then Poisoned it and finally killed it.

I went across the Nugget Bridge, defeating all of the trainers. Went East and did some mild trainer dodging until I got to Bill's house. A Clefairy then told me to acces some files on his computer. Who was I to not comply? He gave me the S.S. ticket and I went on my way. I traveled to Vermillion city via underground passageway. Boarded the boat and beat a ton of trainers. Also, it's fucking rediculous to beat a Staryu with MustEat. If they have Rapid Spin and Recover, than I have to rely on max sleep and AI retardedness. I'm about to battle Blue for the 3rd time. His Kadabra makes me nervous but I'm sure my team can handle it.

MustEat the Ivysaur. Level 22 Impish Nature
Sleep Powder
Poison Powder
Leech Seed
MustEat's challenge limits his usefulness. The only attacking move I can ever learn is Giga Drain. 1. I don't know where I get it, information will be appreciated. 2. It has 5 PP. AAARRRRGGGHHH! The Challenge is stupidly hard for my first scramble. Current LVP

Katy Perry the Geodude. Level 21 Adamant Nature
Moves: (Forever til Explosion)
Rock Throw
When I first met Katy at level 7, I thought that she would be useless. I couldn't be more wrong. She immediately made Mt.Moon her bitch and Caught up with Pinch and MustEat. Adamant Nature made her Godly. She is my love, however that may change when I have to keep these moves until level 45.

Pinch the Pidgeoto. Level 24. Nature: Hasty
Quick Attack
Pinch is amazing. Ever since she learnt gust, she's been the MVP for sure. Destroying all bugs in sight, she is truly magnifficent. While not doing well in gym battles, she destroys all trainer pokemon and wild pokemon she sees with her Keen Eyes (ba dum tush), she is my MVP.
@ironman: Natural weather changing does count. If you send in OTanenbaum five times on the rainy route, you're done.

On an unrelated note, I just beat Tate & Liza by sending Ninja in on Claydol to Trace Levitate, CMing to +6 and saccing the rest of my team. Ninja beat everything but Xatu with just Psychic. Expect a larger update within one or two days.
Fuck dude, stop making banal pointless one-line posts. You do realize that if a mod ever cam through this thread you would have received a warning and at least 8 infractions resulting in likely a perma-ban.

Also, I got my Staryu! Its an Adamant nature...

Can Horsea be fished for or must it be caught while Surfing?

Also, Krabby`s are retarded.
Can Horsea be fished for or must it be caught while Surfing?
You have to fish for it. Luckily Super Rods are available when they're are.

Also, Dark Ray has put up categories for the Page 300 Scramble Awards, & also, a reminder about the SPL 2, if you haven't got your matches done, get them done within the next 5 days.



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Hi. I'll try this. It sounds like fun.


No trading.
No nicknames.
Feel free to go crazy with strange concepts. Give me a challenge, give me something unusual, but don't make me want to jump off a bridge.

Have fun!

EDIT: You know what? Pick my whole team. Yeah. I'm serious.
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