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Challenge The Scramble Challange

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Its_A_Random, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. Mygavolt


    Apr 21, 2011

    For Silver, you get Lolno the Tyrogue, which can never evolve.

    For Emerald, you get MakeUTalk the Lotad. While it battles, you must go on a random rant about whatever.
  2. Ziposaki


    Jun 14, 2011
    @TalkingLion: For Silver: I'll give ya an easy one. Take a Wooper. Abilities don't yet exist in this game, and Wooper wants to take advantage, so it must solo all pokemon in the Gastly line and the Koffing line that you find. To evolve, solo Morty's gym. NN it TS1.

    For Emerald: Take another Wooper because I'm lazy. This Wooper is mad because TS1 gets to abuse its Ground type moves to the finest, so this one will refuse to use any Ground type moves. Solo 2 of Juan's pokemon to evolve. NN it TS2.
  3. TalkingLion


    May 7, 2011
    @Ziposaki I cant use a Wooper in Emerald because it is only available in the Safari Zone Extension, which i cant access until after I beat the Elite 4. All other scramblemons are fine.
  4. Ziposaki


    Jun 14, 2011
    You get TS2.1 then. It's a Trapinch. Same restrictions.
  5. Its_A_Random

    Its_A_Random A distant memory
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 19, 2010
    TalkingLion, I'll give you a Silver Challenge as well. Take a Cyndaquil. The only STAB move it may learn is Ember. Solo a Gym Leader to evolve, & solo a Gym to evolve again. Name it Echiame.

    Have fun.

    Also, from the previous page since it had the last post on page syndrome...
  6. Ziposaki


    Jun 14, 2011
    White's pretty darn easy with a solo, so I'd say Scramblocke.
  7. yaya0


    Aug 9, 2010
    Scramblocke for White, Random.
  8. user 18

    user 18

    Mar 27, 2011
    Congratulations, you get a Kecleon.

    It must know at least one HM move, one TM move, and one Move Tutor move.
    It must solo one Gym Leader's Pokemon using each of these moves only (3 Pokemon total, one solo'd with the HM move, one with the TM, one with the Tutor).

    Have fun.
  9. bwburke94


    Sep 12, 2010

    For Silver, you get I.A.Random the gay (male) Zubat. Must know Attract and use it 15 times on male or genderless Pokémon before he can evolve into Golbat. Can never evolve into Crobat, as he thinks evolving into Crobat would make him straight. Oh, and it can never use Attract on a female Pokémon.

    For Emerald, assuming your team isn't full, you get SPEED PWNS the Nincada/Ninjask. Must be caught after Roxanne. Party must not be full when it evolves. The Shedinja it produces must be boxed at the next Pokémon Center, released, or transferred through Pal Park. Also, SPEED PWNS must solo 10 wild rock-types after evolving, or else it cannot be used against the Elite Four.
  10. Cyberspeed


    May 14, 2011
    Platinum,No trades.
    Everything else is fair game.
    Go Nuts :) .
  11. user 18

    user 18

    Mar 27, 2011

    You get a Turtwig, which can never use an attack which is super effective x2. After soloing any 2 gyms (not just the leader, no retreating to the Pokemon center in between), this restriction will go away. If you choose to evolve now, it will come back as no super effective moves at all.

    If you solo two more gyms as a Grotle, the restriction will be reduced again to 2x super effective. If you choose to evolve again to Torterra, you may never use any super effective or 1x effective moves.

    If you solo another three gyms, all restrictions disappear, and are replaced by Torterra must solo 10 pokemon from the Elite Four (not the Champion).

    If you do not evolve fully, or do not solo the final three gyms, your Turtwig/Grotle/Torterra must solo one Pokemon from each Elite Four member.

    If you manage to get a restriction-free Torterra, you are amazing, and have my eternal respect.

    Alternatively, you may do this challenge with a Piplup or Chimchar, but Turtwig is preferred.
  12. SuperScrafty


    Jun 14, 2011
    Cyberspeed, you get Orphan the Male Ralts. His parents were unexpectedly killed by a Garchomp, but he doesn't know that the died. He is confused because he can't find them, so his only attacking move is Confusion. No evolution restrictions, however he must evolve into a Gallade with a Dawn Stone as soon as you get one. Orphan then finally learns the truth about his parents, and goes crazy. His moveset must be Psycho Cut, Slash, X-Scissor, and Night Slash as soon as you can. He cannot leave a battle that he is in other than by fainting, and must solo all members of the Gible line (yes, Cynthia's Garchomp too). Mind you, that's all as a Gallade, you don't need to fight until fainting or solo Gibles as a Ralts/Kirlia.

    TalkingLion, if your Silver team isn't full, I give you a mono-fire Cyndaquil named MFC. Evolve after Flame Wheel, evolve again after Flamethrower. You can use tackle until ember (no leer). Have it solo one of Lance's Dragonites and Blue's Rhydon.
  13. Cyberspeed


    May 14, 2011
    So if I solo another three gyms with Torterra and solo ten poke'mon of the Elite four with said Torterra Its Restriction Free?
  14. Vratix


    Apr 23, 2010

    You get a Girafarig named WishyWashy
    It must lead at least 3 gym leader battles and/or Cyrus battles and successfully pass at least +2 in any one stat to another pokemon (the switching in pokemon MAY faint so long as Wishwashy does not).
  15. ungulateman


    Apr 11, 2009
    Cyberspeed, you get a Porygon named DataMiner. If it has Download, it must solo any Gym Leader or Elite Four member without receiving a Special Attack boost. If it has Trace, it must Trace an ability which grants an immunity and activate that immunity three times (for example, Trace Water Absorb and then get hit by a Water-type move).

    You may only evolve it once. If you do, you must solo two Gym Leaders or Elite Four members, or Trace an ability five times.
  16. Bob_Squob


    Apr 21, 2011
    Cyber, catch an Elekid, name it Meddler. Meddler is a monster hunter, so he must solo 30 pokemon in the monster egg group to evolve. However, as an Electabuzz he realizes that the monsters are all humans in disguise, so now he must then solo 30 pokemon in the humanshape egg group.
  17. kingofmars

    kingofmars Its 2015 somewhere
    is a Past SPL Championwon the 2nd Smogon VGC Tournament

    Jul 22, 2010
    Random, I demand a Scramblocke!
  18. TM13IceBeam


    Oct 22, 2010
    Scramblocke pl0x for IAR
  19. Mygavolt


    Apr 21, 2011

    You get MovePuddle the Flareon. It cannot have the following moves: Fire Fang, Fire Blast, Return, Superpower, Hidden Power.
  20. ObsidianRanger


    Mar 27, 2010
    Well this is awkward, got given 7 Pokes.... as much as I want that Butterfree, I'll have to reject it sorry. My team shall be:

    KoK the Mankey
    -If any party member is hit with a super effective move, KoK must be switched into battle until the target is eliminated.
    -Must solo Sabrina

    Trollbird the Spearow
    -It must have a moveset that consists only of moves learnt by exactly 3 other early game starters (Pidgey, Hoothoot, Tailow, Starly and Pidove). Fly and Hidden Power, however, can be learnt.
    -Must solo the following Pokemon:
    -Youngster Joey's Rattata
    -Misty's Starmie
    -Lt. Surge's Pikachu
    -Erika's Tangela
    -Fighting Dojo Master's Hitmonlee
    -Silph Co. Rival's Starter
    -Koga's Muk
    -Blaine's entire party
    -Agatha's Haunter
    -Lance's Dragonairs or his Dragonite
    -It must solo the following too
    -A lv.16 Gastly
    -A lv.23 Nidorina

    9lives the Meowth
    -Must be caught straight after leaving Cerulean City.
    -Must solo every 9th Pokemon seen.
    -If it fails to solo the nth Pokemon, it is renamed to nlives, and must then solo the n Pokemon. n = the amount of lives left, starting at 9, and losing one each time it fails to solo the nth Pokemon.

    -Must be obtained via a in-game trade.
    -Cannot use a move with a base power of over 30.
    -Must solo 6 Gym Leader Pokemon.
    -Must solo 3 Pokemon League Pokemon.
    -Cannot hold exp. share.
    -Cannot be deposited in the daycare center.

    Kylie the Jigglypuff
    -Must be caught on route 3.
    -Must know and keep sing, and must use it whenever sent into battle.
    -By the Elite Four, her moveset must be of the following:
    -Hyper Voice
    -Rain Dance
    -She can evolve after using sing on every trainer inside Erika's Gym (guessing that has the most people)
    -Must solo three Pokemon belonging to one Elite Four member.

    Variable Challenge
    -Once obtaining Surf and the Soul Badge, total up the levels of my Pokemon. This number must be even, if not, use a rare candy to make it even.
    - If the total of your levels is divisible by 6 you get option 1; if the total is divisible by 2 but not by 6 you get option 2.
    -Option 1: Catch a Wild Electrode. Name it ScratchFce. It's challange is dependent on your next action. Without using any items go attack Zapdos. If ScratchFce can successfully solo Zapdos without any items coming into play you get challange 1, if not challange2.
    -Challange 1: Solo both other legendary birds and any pokemon used by the Elite 4 that is part Flying.
    -Challange 2: Solo one of every line that has used Scratch or Slash on any member of your team. (Eg: a Charmander Scratched you so you must solo a Charmeleon or a Charizard if no Charmanders present themselves)
    -Option 2: Pikachu
    Name your Pikachu Improbable. The only electric move your pikachu may know is Thunder. It must know 2 non-attacking moves that are not named Toxic and it final move must be an attacking move that is not a Normal type attack. Pikachu may evolve when it is the highest level pokemon on your team.

    Am going to start now. Will pick Squirtle as my starter.

    EDIT: Random, I demand Scramblocke. I demand my style to spread!
  21. Its_A_Random

    Its_A_Random A distant memory
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 19, 2010
    Looks like the consensus is that I shall do a Scramblocke. So I will. Details shall come soon, & it will be different to regular Scramblockes...
  22. ObsidianRanger


    Mar 27, 2010
    Well actually, fun fact for everyone, I did the first scramblocke, and then, sortly after someone else did one as well, but he interpreted the rules differently, and used the 'first pokemon per route' rule instead of the 'faint = death' rule, and worked from that. Still turned out quite well.

    This has been ObsidianRanger's fun fact of the day. Good night.
  23. pokemagnificent


    Jun 9, 2010
    Still need one more for my hard diamond challenge!
  24. Treadshot A1

    Treadshot A1

    Jun 30, 2010
    I forget if I've already given you one, but Pokemagnificent can take a MWB (Mono Water Buizel). Catch it outside Valley Windworks, and then heal it at the Pokemon centre. It's first fight must be a solo against Mars, it may not grind before then. When you get to Solaceon, put it in the Day Care. Take it out when you reach Sunyshore for the first time, and solo the Sunyshore Gym, trainers and leader.
  25. Its_A_Random

    Its_A_Random A distant memory
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 19, 2010
    White Scramblocke

    Well, here it is. A White Scramblocke, but with a difference. The differences?

    • Firstly, instead of taking the usual 12 Pokemon, I'll be taking Pokemon as if it was a Normal Nuzlocke
    • So it isn't confusing, the Pokemon I get are planned in advance, where you guys give me the Pokemon.
    • 1 Pokemon caught per Route/Cave/Whatever, with interactive Pokemon, gift Pokemon & traded Pokemon not counting towards the limit, with no duplicates.
    • I'll not be asking for all Pokemon all at once. Instead, I'll be asking for them in waves.
    • Each user can give up to 4 Pokemon maximum for the entire Scramblocke, 1 per wave. I will keep track of this.
    There's the differences, now for the Nuzlocke part, the in-game rules...

    • If a Pokemon faints, it is boxed in a dead box permanently unless specified.
    • Instead of the first Pokemon on a Route rule, I will catch the Pokemon available in that particular area that I was assigned.
    • Nicknames are Mandatory, however, I decide the nicknames, not you guys. Also, they'll follow a theme, & that theme will be Smogon Users...
    • If I were to "Black Out", & I have any living Pokemon in the PC, then I can continue. Game Over is either when I succeed in beating Ghestis, or all Scramblemons I have obtained to that point have all died.
    And now, the rules for the Challenges

    • White Version.
    • I can trade evolve.
    • Easy-Medium Difficulty.
    • No Mandatory solos/KO's (eg. Solo every regular trainer in the game), since there's no guarantee I can fulfill them. Requirement solos/KO's (eg. Solo 10 Trainers to evolve) on the other hand, are acceptable.
    • You may not give any restrictions involving any major Trainer Battles (eg. Rivals, Gym Leaders, N, E4, & anything else I missed). I want to formulate my own tactics for these battles.
    • All Pokemon must be able to fully evolve.
    • Specify which area the Scramblemon appears.
    • No duplicate Pokemon or any "You may not exceed (Level)" challenges.
    • Drudgery is a no, but Grinding is a yes.
    • Remember to follow the rules above.
    • Reserving the right to say no to challenges.
    • Don't reserve ffs.
    • bwburke94 may not issue me a challenge, because he's a troll who has something against me & Cheri Berry Zubats.
    That's about it, I'll use this post as a record for the Pokemon, ultimately, instead of doing minor progress updates, I'll do one big tl;dr update at the end of the challenge. Now for Wave #5. I want restrictions for...

    • The Traded Emolga
    • A Twist Mountain Native Pokemon
    • A Route 17 Native Pokemon
    • A Route 18 Native Pokemon
    • The Larvesta Egg
    • A Mistralton Cave Native Pokemon
    • A Icirrus City Native Pokemon
    • A Dragonspiral Tower Entrance Native Pokemon
    • A Dragonspiral Tower Tower Native Pokemon
    • A Route 8 Native Pokemon
    • A Moor of Icirrus Native Pokemon
    • A Route 9 Native Pokemon
    Pokemon (open)
    WAVE #1

    • Tepig: Evolve at Lv21, & again at Lv42 (TM13IceBeam)
    • Lillipup (Route 1): Moveset must consist of 1 Physical, Special & Other move & Work Up. May never leave the party until death. (Iggdrasil)
    • Purrloin (Route 2): No moves with at least 80 BP, solo 10 Trainers to evolve (Yoshiken)
    • Pansage: No STAB (ObsidianRanger)
    WAVE #2

    • Audino (Dreamyard): 3 Non-STAB Moves (TM13IceBeam)
    • Blitzle (Route 3): 4 Moves of different types, solo a Trainer with NVE moves to evolve (Newby n0Ob)
    • Roggenrola (Wellspring Cave): Activate Sturdy 15 Times in different Battles to evolve (Trained Pokemon & KOing after activating Sturdy add 1), deplete Stealth Rock's PP (Trainer Battles only, only at full health) to evolve again. Final moveset must be Stealth Rock/Sandstorm/Rock Blast/Bulldoze, & must use Sandstorm in any Trainer battle it appears in (Daenym)
    • Tympole (Pinwheel Forest Entrance): Must know & keep 2 Sound moves & Echoed Voice. Solo 3 Pinwheel Forest Trainers to evolve & all of the Castelia Gym's minor trainers to evolve again (pimpgangster)
    • Cottonee: No STAB (Treadshot A1)
    WAVE #3

    • Sewaddle (Pinwheel Forest Forest): Solo 7 Sewaddles to evolve, once a Swadloon, cannot use Status moves, as a Leavanny, cannot hold items (TM13IceBeam)
    • Sandile (Route 4): Must hold Blackglasses, hit a Flying Type with Dig to evolve & solo 10 Excadrill to evolve again (Bob_Squob)
    • Dwebble (Desert Resort Entrance): KO 15 Rock Types to evolve, no Rock Type moves before evolution. Must know & keep Rock Polish (Zapi)
    • Maractus (Desert Resort Back): Physical moves only (Newby n0Ob)
    • Yamask (Ancient Castle): No STAB bar Night Shade & Astonish (Ubiquitous)
    • Tirtouga (Fossil): Must know & keep a moveset of Defender (Protect/Wide Guard), Boot Polish (Rock Polish), Power of the Sea (Scald/Surf), & Cliff Scaler (Stone Edge/Rock Throw). Must obtain this moveset & solo 20 Pokemon of the Human Egg Group to evolve (pokemagnificent)
    • Trubbish (Route 16): Cannot be used in Double Battles. If Male, must know & keep Toxic Spikes, & one smog-esque move, & lead the party when in it. If female, must know & keep Stockpile, Spit Up, & Recycle, & must Stockpile 3 before Spitting Up (Iggdrasil)
    WAVE #4

    • Tranquill (Lostlorn Forest): Only know moves Pidgeotto, Swellow, & Staravia can learn (TM13IceBeam)
    • Solosis (Route 5): Solo 10 Higher Leveled Trained Pokemon with Rollout/Endeavour to evolve & Forget all current moves to evolve again. After first evolution, no Special Moves until a Pokemon is solo'd with Struggle Damage (kingofkongs)
    • Ducklett (Driftveil Drawbridge): Only know moves Wingull can learn. Post evolution, Can learn moves Pelipper can learn (shinyskarmory)
    • Vanillite (Cold Storage): KO 10 Pokemon with Uproar to evolve (Oh My Biscuits)
    • Basculin: No head-based moves (Treadshot A1)
    • Deerling (Route 6): No Normal Type Moves until evolution, solo 10 Normal Type Trained Pokemon to evolve. Post-Evolution, must know & keep 1 Grass Move & 2 Normal Type Moves (TalkingLion)
    • Joltik (Chargestone Cave): Must have Unnerve, Must know one Level-Up Electric move and one Level-Up Bug move at all times. Come Icirrus City, the Bug and Electric moves it currently knows will determine what the rest of its final moveset is...
      Thunder Wave/Discharge - Toxic
      Electroweb - Sucker Punch
      Electro Ball - Agility
      String Shot/Leech Life/Fury Cutter - Flash
      Spider Web - Gastro Acid
      Bug Bite - Slash
      Signal Beam - Hidden Power
      Bug Buzz - Any move (Dummy007)
    • Watchog (Route 7): Must know & keep Hypnosis & Leer. Each time it enters the battlefield, it must use either one of the aforementioned moves (Son_of_Shadoo)
    • Elgyem (Celestial Tower): Solo 10 Trained Ghost Types & 5 Trained Psychic Types to evolve (Piemonade)
    WAVE #5

    • Emolga: Must stay in the party until it either reaches at least Lv50, or it dies (kingofkongs)
    • Cubchoo (Twist Mountain): Only know moves that Teddiursa can learn. Evolve post-Icirrus Gym. Post-Evolution, only know moves Ursaring can learn, plus 1 Ice Type move (shinyskarmory)
    • Jellicent (Route 17): Must be caught as one. If Male, Attacking moves only. If Female, Status Moves only, bar Night Shade (TalkingLion)
    • Scraggy (Route 18): Female, No 100% Accurate moves bar Focus Punch, Cannot use Status Moves in a battle after using an attacking move, use Focus Punch successfully 3 times in a row of 5 times total to evolve (Charizard92)
    • Larvesta: Must evolve pre-E4 (Dummy007)
    • Axew (Mistralton Cave): No STAB bar Dragon Rage (Newby n0Ob)
    • Stunfisk (Icirrus City): Must know & keep Double Team, Mud-Slap & Discharge (Son_of_Shadoo)
    • Mienfoo (Dragonspiral Tower Entrance): Must have Inner Focus, Must know & keep 1 Fighting Type Move (auramaster)
    • Golett (Dragonspiral Tower Tower): If Ability=Iron Fist, must know & keep Shadow Punch. Hit 4 times in a row with DynamicPunch to evolve. Otherwise, no Punching moves, must know & keep Thief, steal 5 Items of at least 2 different kinds to evolve (bluemon)
    • Palpitoad (Route 8): Sound-based moves only, Evolve after KOing a Pokemon with Uproar without calming down (EndQuote)
    • Shelmet (Moor of Icirrus): Solo 10 Trained Pokemon to evolve, post-evolution, no Physical Moves, must know & keep Agility (Oh My Biscuits)
    • Pawniard (Route 9): STAB Moves only, evolve after "surviving" its battle against Iris (Pika25)

    Users & How many Pokemon they've given & what Waves (open)
    -auramaster: 1 Pokemon (Wave #5)
    -bluemon: 1 Pokemon (Wave #5)
    -Bob_Squob: 1 Pokemon (Wave #3)
    -Charizard92: 1 Pokemon (Wave #5)
    -Daenym: 1 Pokemon (Wave #2)
    -Dummy007: 2 Pokemon (Wave #4, #5)
    -EndQuote: 1 Pokemon (Wave #5)
    -Iggdrasil: 2 Pokemon (Wave #1, #3)
    -kingofkongs: 2 Pokemon (Wave #4, #5)
    -Newby n0Ob: 3 Pokemon (Wave #2, #3, #5)
    -ObsidianRanger: 1 Pokemon (Wave #1)
    -Oh My Biscuits: 2 Pokemon (Wave #4, #5)
    -Piemonade: 1 Pokemon (Wave #4)
    -Pika25: 1 Pokemon (Wave #5)
    -pimpgangster: 1 Pokemon (Wave #2)
    -pokemagnificent: 1 Pokemon (Wave #3)
    -shinyskarmory: 2 Pokemon (Wave #4, #5)
    -Son_of_Shadoo: 2 Pokemon (Wave #4, #5)
    -TalkingLion: 2 Pokemon (Wave #4, #5)
    -TM13IceBeam: 4 Pokemon (Wave #1, #2, #3, #4)
    -Treadshot A1: 2 Pokemon (Wave #2, #4)
    -Ubiquitous: 1 Pokemon (Wave #3)
    -Yoshiken: 1 Pokemon (Wave #1)
    -Zapi: 1 Pokemon (Wave #3)

    Now you may now issue me Pokemon.
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