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@Tyranitarphantom: You get 200 the Misdreavus. It can never evolve because its evolution is not 200. It must solo Byron's Steelix and its base 200 defense. If you decide to give it TMs, their numbers cannot add up to any more than 200. It must also solo all Chansey and Blissey, whose HP stats exceed 200.

I'm sure it's obvious why my challenge is about 200.
@ Tyranitarphantom
You get Buddy the Budew. It is great friends with the rest of your pokemon, so it must have at least two moves that can support the rest of the team. (statusing the opponent counts). Can only evolve after soloing all Budew in Gardenia's gym.

Also, gratz newby.


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Prie, your avatar is a Glaceon, so you get a Glaceon. This Glaceon is jealous of Espeon's Baton Passing abilities, but doesn't care about clauses, so it must know Baton Pass, Substitute and Double Team as soon as possible, and can never forget them. To evolve, it must Baton Pass +6 Evasion and a Substitute to another Pokemon in an important battle. However, the energy from evolution heats it up, so it cannot battle from the point it evolves until you defeat Candice. To learn Blizzard, it must fulfill the same requirement it had to evolve. Name it GlacyJump.
@ Tyranitarphantom I feel as if you need a partner in crime. Pachirisu is known to be a great partner, and it's quite jolly. You get a female Pachirisu named Estatic and you need to solo one e4 member of your choice with it.
Tyranitarphantom, you get Bathilda the Burmy. It must be female, and must always know Bug Bite. If it evolves into Grass Cloak Wormadam, it must solo Byron. If it is Sand Cloak, it must solo 20 Bug types. If it is Trash Cloak, it must solo Candice without healing.

While I'm at it, I'll update my Sapphire Challange.

The annoyance level has cranked up a notch. Why? Shedinja trying to solo Wattson. I had to use 6 X Attacks and 6 Double Teams to beat him due to Supersonic and Rollout. Oh, and also overleveling it helps. Point being, I can't wait to solo Norman and Liza & Tate.

Anyways, I fought my rival again, and I applaud Ninja for defeating a Grovyle using Leech Life and a Potion. After some grinding, Glldtr evolved into Kirlia, much to my enjoyment. After MORE grinding, I challenged Wattson and defeated him after about 15 tries.

Also, I'm gong to start getting a little more in detail with my team.

Marshtomp (Swampy) (M)
LV 21
Lonely; Torrent
Mud Shot
Water Gun

The best guy on my team, and I'm not allowed to keep him... Swampy has really shined throughout my game. Taking out a good amount of eneies, he will be usefull. Until I get to Fortree.

Kirlia (Glldtr) (M)
LV 21
Docile; Synchronize
Calm Mind
Double Team

Dn't ask why it's a guy... Glldtr has proven to be the next-best team member, and will take over offensive force when Swampy leaves. KOing most things with Confusion, he has fulfilled half of using 10 moves 5 times.

Shedinja (Matticus) (N)
LV 25
Hasty; Wonder Guard
Fury Swipes
Leech Life
Double Team

Shedinja... I liked you better as a Nincada. Despite the fact that it can be OHKOed by a Marill (think Rollout), it can be a great help. With 12 immunities, it can defeat most enemies it comes up against.

Sableye (Tricky) (M)
LV 21
Bashful; Keen Eye
Fake Out
Fury Swipes
Night Shade

Tricky is, well, pretty good. It has priority coverage, STAB, set damage... What more do you need? Also, I find that the <60 BP clause isn't turning out to be a problem, since A) it hasn't learned any yet, and B) he's already managed to solo the Trick House once.

Plusle (Plus) (F)
LV 21
Quirky; Plus
Thunder Wave
Quick Attack
Helping Hand

Plus isn't as bad as people make her out to be. She has a decent Special Attack at this point in the game, can paralyze opponents and deal good damage with Spark, and can provide support in Double Battles. The only downside is soloing ALL Electrike and Manectric.
Hmmm...Well, let's see...

shinyskarmory, bluemon (Both of you addressed the nickname problem), & SoS (Moor of Icirrus Sucks) are all accepted.

Oh My Biscuits is Rejected; your 75%-100% restriction involves a mandatory solo, which is forbidden.

That's 4 down, 6 to go. Here's the link. If your challenge was rejected, don't bother trying to make minor adjustments saying you fixed it; I don't want to know.
I've Nuzlocked, monotyped, monocolored, and monopoked, but I've never scrambled.
Until now.
Fire Red Challenge, no trading.

@ Prie, you get a Shinx.
If it's male, name it Leo.
If it's female, name it Lia.
If it has the ability Intimidate, it feels bad about being scary and can never use STAB attacking moves.
If it has the ability Rivalry, it is a hopeless romantic and can't use attacking moves against Pokemon of the opposite gender.

@ Tyranitarphantom, you get a Buizel named Jet.
This Buizel has a serious need for speed, and can only use priority moves to attack.
It can evolve into a Floatzel after leveling up in the rain.

EDIT: Current team:
auramaster's Venonat: (Duo)
EEVEE3's Kangaskhan: (SubPunch)
Steight's Bulbasaur: (Statuser) (Soloing Erika and Koga)
Matticus's Gyarados: (Revenge) (Soloing Misty and Loreli)
@TyranitarPhantom You get a Bidoof named Derpy. Because it's intelligence is questionable at best, it curls into a ball and rolls around on the floor a lot. Because of this, it must learn Defense Curl and Rollout, and use both moves (Defense curl -> Rollout) as soon as it appears in battle. Derpy must solo at least 1 pokemon each time you face your rival. To evolve Derpy, he must solo your rival after you face him for the second time. (1st battle = starter battle, 2nd = Starly/Starter, 3rd = Four pokemon -> Derpy must solo the third battle to evolve.)

My Leaf Green playthrough is going smoothly so far. Because of nerveturte, my Rival has Bulbasaur, so Flappers had no problem soloing him the first time, and will probably be able to easily solo one pokemon on all the other times I face him. I'm already training Atrocious like crazy in prep for Sabrina (even though I only have two badges.) I'm leveling squirtle up to level 23 before I evolve him, so he gets Rapid Spin 2 levels earlier.

Squirtle (nerveturte) ♂ Lvl. 21
Naughty; Torrent
- Water Pulse
- Bite
- Withdraw
- Tackle

Pideotto (Flappers) ♂ Lvl. 20
Serious; Keen Eye
- Gust
- Quick Attack
- Sand-Attack
- Tackle

Mankey (Atrocious) ♂ Lvl. 23
Rash; Vital Spirit
- Karate Chop
- Low Kick
- Fury Swipes
- Mega Punch
@EndQuote, take a Venonat named Dos. This Venonat loves the number 2, just look at it! Two hands, two foot, two antenna, two fang-things, two types, two Pokemon in its evolution line...therefore, it cannot battle unless its movepool has all of the following...

2 Status moves
2 Attacking moves
2 Bug or Poison moves
2 non-Bug or Poison moves
2 moves with 100% accuracy
2 moves without 100% accuracy

Good luck!
@Its_A_Random: Your Route 18 Pokemon will be the Larvesta egg you receive in the cabin (if this doesn't count as "native," I'll give you a different challenge). Because you'll have to grind a Level 1 to Level ~35 just to catch up with your team, its only restriction is that it must be a Volcarona when you fight the Elite Four...if it survives, that is...


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Um Arctic Blast I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to refuse your challenge because I don't want two eeveelutions.
Shit, I didn't notice. There goes my base-challenges-on-the-avatar kick D:

Well then, take a Gligar. Gligar is preparing for the glory of Immunity from the Dream World, so it must learn two Poison moves. It is also getting ready to hold an Eviolite, so it must hold the closest thing possible - an Everstone. Yes, this means it cannot evolve. Gliscor's dumb anyway. To prove it is ready for Black and White and the Dream World, it must solo ten Poison Pokemon (either of a similar level or belonging to Team Galactic, the underleveled fuckfaces) without using any status-curing items before it can learn Earthquake. Name it Scorpio.

You get a Kangashkhan named SubPunch

As its name implies, it must use the SubPunch strategy. It can know only 1 attacking move other than Focus Punch, and must solo one GL only using Focus Punch.

Have Fun!

@Prie, you have to solo all encounters with 2 of the Admins from the point you obtain Valdast.


You get a Druddigon for your Dragonspiral Tower(Tower) Pokemon.

This Druddigon wants to be the best it can be, and must follow the analysis for the VGC. It cannnot fight any Pokemon that give Speed or SpA EVs (unless last Pokemon), and must have the set: Dragon Claw, Crunch, Superpower, Rock Slide. ASAP.

Have Fun!
1. Nosepass named No, must solo five pokemon with just Zap Cannon, and only use normal type moves other than that.

2. Electrode, named Voltage, caught in Team Aqua's hideout, must solo all following members of Team Aqua, then it can use 80 base power moves. It then cannot fight anything it fought against Team Aqua. At E4, it may only use base power 120+/status moves.

3. Treecko, named Geico, must solo Roxanne to evolve. Then it must know Leaf Blade and Quick Attack to evolve again. It must always keep Aerial Ace and Leaf Blade.

4. Barboach, named Derp, to evolve, must know 1 Ground and 1 water move.

5. Makuhita, named Frederick, must use Fake Out on a gym leaders pokemon before I can evolve him.

6. Altaria, named Mr./Mrs. Cloud (gender based), must always know the move sing.

Sorry about the Kecleon, but someone on Serebii responded first. But I don't even like Kecleon that much. I needed a flyer anyway.

So at this point in my game, I've solo'd Roxanne with my Treecko, so I evolved him into Grovyle. I also managed to make it to Granite Cave so I caught Frederick and am training him now.

Geico (Grovyle)
Level 19
Quick Attack

Frederick (Makuhita)
Level 15
Vital Throw
Arm Thrust
Focus Energy
In addition to my Ruby Shedinja solo (still grinding...:/), I'd like a specific set of challanges for a Pearl scramble. The 6 categories are simple:

-An extremely hard (though not impossible) challange
-A very in-depth, complex challange (not necessarily hard)
-A Starcraft themed challange
-A movie themed challange
-A payback challange (something I've given out before on this thread)
-A pokemon from another region (Hoenn, Johto, Kanto)

I can trade, but unless your challange would never work without it, I'd rather not. If I get more than one suggestion for a category, I'm going to take the most creative/fun one. I'd like to have a balanced team (i:e no 5 Ground weaknesses or 3 normal types, both are things I've received before), but I know things don't always work out that way.

And now, my team so far:

-Take a male Chimchar as your starter. Name it Crusader. The number of Roark's pokemon it solos without Fighting Type moves equals the number of times it may evolve. That is all. (Newby N00b's Payback)

-Galladiator's Marty McFly Starly (movie)
-EndQuote's Shellos (complex)
-ArcticBlast's Skarmory (not from Sinnoh)
-TalkingLion's Geodude (extremely hard)

EDIT: Newby N00b and TalkingLion, I get the feeling that you really didn't like Crusader and Wimpgull. Why is that?

EDIT 2: Dropping the Starcraft Challange for just a reference to any non-Pokemon video game.


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shinyskarmory, you get the unspecial version of your avatar. Skarmory. This Skarmory is new to the mainland having arrived from another trainer; as such he is not very well known. At this point, he cannot battle if another Pokemon has participated in the battle, and he must solo all battles he enters (obviously, the use of moves such as Roar by the opponent is excepted). However, things change after he solos Crasher Wake. The whole Pokemon community knows about him now, and from then on he may never solo a Pokemon or Trainer again unless you have no other option (until after the Candice battle), and must participate in every Double Battle. However, eventually this popularity takes its toll. After you defeat Candice, he goes into depression and can only use STAB moves, and must solo at least one Trainer. And then, he is defeated by Volkner (this MUST happen, he MUST be defeated by Volkner), and his popularity takes a tumble. Now, he returns to his original restriction (battling alone) and keeps the STAB-only rule. Skarmory is going through a tough spot in life right now, and the only thing that can help him out is a trip through Iron Island (yes, you must put off Iron Island in its entirety until now). After defeating Team Galactic, he comes back into the limelight... sort of. He can now use whatever moves he wants. However, he must battle alone until he finally solos Aaron in the Elite Four (I think that's his name, he uses Bugs), at which point he is accepted back into society and all restrictions are lifted.
@Prie: Take a Bidoof, name it Moody

Moody is angered that it hasn't gotten this awesome ability yet. As a result he must solo one trainer on every major route, cave or dungeon. Evolve ASAP.

- If he's Simple: He must only learn level up moves. In fact he must learn every single level up move. You may replace a learned attack only after Moody has learned a third attack*.
- Should he be Unaware: He may only use his initial four moves + HM Attacks.

Have Fun!

*Ex: Must learn Water Gun at lvl 15 and replace Tackle or Growl. Must learn Headbutt ar lvl 18 and replace Tackle/Growl or Defense Curl. Must learn Hyperfang at lvl 23 and replace Tackle/Growl/Defense Curl or Rollout, etc.. This should give you one move slot to preserve an old attack plus Super Fang, Super Power and Curse as his final moveset.
shinyskarmory, you get MartyMcFly the Starly. Marty is a time traveler, and always seems to land himself into trouble wherever he lands. He's currently trying to sort out his latest screwup (you don't know exactly what it is, but it involves a Cheri Berry and a seriously pissed-off Zubat) when you first meet him north of Jubilife City. He likes to jump forward in time and use his opponents' strategies against them, so ASAP he must learn Quick Attack and Protect, and keep them forever. He also doesn't like being called "chicken", seeing as he's clearly a baby raptor, so whenever Marty drops below 1/3 of his max health, he must stay in and spam only his strongest attack (in terms of BP) until the battle is over, or he faints. Lastly, he wants to get back to the future his own time, but can't do so until he reaches 88 MPH. In this case, that means scoring 88 points by soloing wild Pokemon. The point values are as follows:

Basic Stage: 1 point
Middle Stage/FE 2-stage/Non-Evolving: 2 points
FE 3-stage/Legendary: 3 points

Marty can evolve to Staravia whenever, but cannot become Staraptor until the 88 MPH requirement is met.
I would reserve the Starcraft one, but can't think how Zerg Rushes relate to pokemon. :)
I'd like to reserve the ridiculously complex one.

Skarmory, you get a Shellos named Flowchart.
This Shellos is completely normal until it learns Hidden Power at level 16.
It's Hidden Power type decides it's fate:
Shellos becomes a pyromaniac, and must use HP Fire first thing every time it comes into battle. It must also solo Byron and both of Flint's fire types. (Side note: why does he only have two?)

Shellos is depressed that it got such a useless HP, and must act as if it is constantly under the effect of Torment. It must solo all trainers in Crasher Wake's gym, except Wake, because WHY SHOULD THEY BE HAPPY?

Shellos cannot use HP electric until it evolves and becomes immune to it, out of fear. After it evolves, it learns to love the type, and cannot use attacking moves against any electric Pokemon. It must solo Valkner's Ambipom, if only to point out that the normal type doesn't belong.

This HP reminds Shellos of it's upcoming double weakness. It can never evolve, can only hold an everstone, and cannot attack any grass-type Pokemon out of fear. It must single-handedly KO at least one Pokemon in the elite four.

Shellos becomes overly arrogant with it's excellent new HP, and must solo all dragon-types.

Shellos feels competitive, and must solo Maylene to prove it is the master of the fighting type. After this, it retires from the ring, and cannot use HP again.

Shellos repeatedly forgets type effectiveness, and must use HP Poison at least once against any steel type before trying to attack. It must solo Fantina's Gengar.

Shellos becomes obsessed with this attacking type, and must learn and keep two other ground-type moves ASAP. It must try to use at least one every time it switches in, even against an immunity.

Shellos takes to the sky, but is terrified of heights. It can only use HP flying as a last resort, if it is under 50% HP. In addition, it must solo all flying types encountered in the wild on your first trip through a route/cave out of jealousy. (Good luck with Zubatspam)

Shellos becomes disdainful of the physical world, and can only use special moves. In addition, it shuns material items, and rejects items in battle and hold-items.

Shellos becomes schizophrenic and begins to think it is a bug type. As such, it cannot fight any fire types or flying types

Shellos is disappointed to find that it's squishy exterior is inferior to rock-type armor, so it has to use Harden at least once before attacking anything.

Shellos sees dead people, and must switch in after any of your Pokemon faints in a gym battle or in the elite four.

Shellos now hates the ice type, and must solo Candice. In addition, it cannot learn any ice-type move.

Shellos hates the light, and must solo all Pokemon who can have illuminate, and must immediately switch in if the weather turns sunny. It must solo Volkner to prove itself as master of the dark, and can only evolve afterward.

Shellos feels jealous that it doesn't get STAB steel, so it must solo all steel types used by gym leaders or the elite four. (Byron's entire team, Maylene's Lucario, Flint's Steelix, Lucian's Bronzong, and Cynthia's Lucario)

Ignore all restrictions until you figure out which type Shellos recieved.

EDIT: @ArcticBlast: Galladiator took the movie one, and I think you took the other-region one.
Yes, both are somewhat complex, but nowhere near the mind-blowingly complex of the above. :)
Reserving the hard challange for shinyskarmory. Expect it to be something like Wimpgull. Here it is. The exact same challenge except for key words.

@shinyskarmory- You want challange, you get challange. Take a Geodude, name it Geolose. Currently, this is an easy challange. Next, solo Roark , and take your pick of a) no Ground attacks or b) no Items for the solo. This is now a 3/10. Next, solo
Gardenia, all healing and items are allowed because otherwise it would be completely impossible instead of mostly impossible. This is now a 7/10 challange. Halfway there. When you solo Wake's Gyarados and Quagsire, you will evolve into Graveler. This is not an optional solo or evolution. This is now 8/10. Next, once you complete the solos and evolve to Graveler, you will have 4 different type moves, one of which may be STAB, ASAP. You will carry a moveset like this for the rest of the game. This is now 9/10. You will use Gravelose (yes you will rename it) at least once in every battle of the E4 except the ones already reserved, it will solo at least 1 pokemon in each non-reserved E4 battle, and it will do it without being a higher level then your victim of choice and without using SE moves. This is now a brutal 10/10. Finally, after you beat Cynthia, you will solo Barry's Starter at no higher then level 70. This is now 11/10.
@EndQuote, Take a Bulbasaur named Statuser. To stay true to its name, at level 15 it must learn both Poison powder AND sleep power. Each time it enters a battle, it must use one of these two moves. He's not very confident in his abilities though, so he is unable to evolve until after beating Misty. Now an Ivysaur, he is overconfident. He wants to prove he is the best of his two types, so he must solo Erika AND Koga before evolving for the final time. After evolving into Venusaur, he may forget ONE of his powders for a different move of your choice.

@TalkingLion, I caught Fire Power the vulpix and reread its rules, and am curious: Does the 95 BP move thing mean no status inducers?

Now onto Leaf Green... Rival Battle on S.S. Anne was easy, partly due to being overleveled. Flappers soloed Ivysaur and Pidgeotto. I made it through Rock Tunnel w/o flash, and caught Fire Power. Soloed Erika and gym with her after some grinding.

Wartortle (nerveturte) ♂ Lvl. 33
Naughty; Torrent
- Water Pulse
- Bite
- Rapid Spin
- Withdraw

The "Withdraw -> Rapid Spin" has gotten pretty annoying, but hasn't happened as often as I thought it would. (Most moves do neutral damage).

Pidgeotto (Flappers) ♂ Lvl. 33
- Wing Attack
- Fly
- Sand-Attack
- Quick Attack

Flappers is mediocre, but he can easily solo at least one of my rival's pokes.

Primeape (Atrocious) ♂ Lvl. 34
- Brick Break
- Seismic Toss
- Rock Slide
- Mega Punch

Trying to get this thing a head start for Sabrina... I have no clue what I'm planning to do for her. It's going to be horrible.

Ninetails (Fire Power) ♀ Lvl. 33
- Flamethrower
- Confuse Ray
- Will-O-Wisp
- Quick Attack

She's pretty good. I just have no clue if I'll be able to keep Confuse Ray / Will-O-Wisp when I make it to Fuschia.
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