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ShinySkarmory: Accepted

How can I put the name on the link?(Like you put in yours)

Example: I want to put: ShinySkarmory's DarkWotter, the Oshawott besides than

First, go to the top of your browser, where the URL is.

Next, copy the URL. Do not paste it.

Finally, when making your post, highlight the word you want to be a link and then click the globe icon. It will ask you to give it a URL, so delete the http:// that is already in the box and paste in your URL.
Brazilian, here's your buddy challenge(my signature). You get ImCreamy the Vannilite as a main. Im comes from a place where everything is light, so he/she cannot use a move with a base power more than 80, and must come in to protect against all Indimates or Pressures because Creamy things don't care about pressure, they can always slip though. Mom and Dad always told him they would need a home when he went off on a journey with someone, so a male and a female Vannilish must be caught at a later time and boxed.

His best buddy is a Timburr named Tilty. He can be a backup or a main, but he must never use a move with 100 accuracy because, well, he's tilty!If he is a backup, he must replace Creamy.

There are no evolution restrictions. Enjoy!
Only one Pokemon remaining, please pick a fitting one (to the rest of the team, of course)(shouldn't be too weak either) :)

@BrazillianGuy: Get a Croagunk called "Backflip" with Anticipation and teach it at least two defensive Moves. It's very careful (nature optional) and wont battle with opponents that are more than three levels above it, because it lost his mother short after his birth. It had to avoid all the dangers near the ponds to survive and get around alone. Because of that, it only fights if it seems like a winnable fight.
Only one Pokemon remaining, please pick a fitting one (to the rest of the team, of course)(shouldn't be too weak either) :)
You must catch a female Litwick. It came from a very poor part of the hood, and was relatively in to substances unmetionable to the humans. Because of it's abuse, it is close to death. As it's dying wish, you must take it to the daycare to breed. Once it breeds, you must release it into the wild to die a happy death, and take the first egg. When it hatches, name it Blaze, as it has innherrited it's mother's addictions and past actions; therefore, it may only learn the following, somewhat vile moves other than the moves it starts with:

Astonish, as it's a astonishing how terrible it's life has been
Smog, for adding to the polution with his terrible ways
Confuse Ray, as it's confusing as to how the pokemon inherrited such deminishing qualities.
Night Shade, for the things it does in the night
Imprison, to protect others from falling in to it's devious ways
Hex, to place a hex on those deemed not worthy
Memento, as a token for it's mother's loss.
Inferno, for the fiery depths in which it's mother was condemned
Curse, for it's everlasting curse for unspeakable things
Pain split, to share it's unbearable woes with someone else.
Frustration, for it's frustrating life

To evolve, it must hit Inferno three times in a row, or 5 different times. It must also successfully plant a curse and survive without switching out.

Once it evolves into a Lampent, it has started to realize it's ways and mature a bit. It now has no move restrictions. However:
It must solo every dark pokemon it sees, to constantly battle the darkness within it's former self. To prepare itself for it's final evolution with a dusk stone, it must:

Solo at least 10 dark pokemon
Solo every member of the chandalure evolution family it sees
Solo any Motorcyclists
Solo every ghost pokemon it sees, to "show it the way" to the good side.

finally, in it's last preparation to evolve, it must solo three team rocket grunts to "save" their pokemon from the evil.

When it evolves into Chandalure, there are no restrictions, except that it has to solo the dark type Elite 4 member, and may not fight the psychic Elite 4 member, out of respect for their purity.

Throughout it's whole life, it must only be revived at a pokemon center or placed overworld healer, so it doesn't get addicted to the recovery drug. Potions and status healers may only be used 5 times between pokemon centers. Natural healers, such as berries and natural items, may be used freely.

Good luck
Virokhx, accepted!

Remembering the types:

Types: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Fight, Fire, Flying, GHOST, Grass, Ground, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Water and one free type.

The underlined ones I can't have more(can be secondary type)
BrazilianGuy, you want a Ghost, you get a Ghost. You get EvilSpirit the Spiritomb. EvilSpirit is evil. Very evil. Very, very, VERY evil. As such, he cannot stand other evil beings. So, he must solo N in Chargestone Cave. When he learns that N was just a pawn in Ghetsis's evil plan, he becomes enraged and must defeat half of Ghetsis's team, but not his Cofagrigus, because he respects the fact that he is a Ghost type.
Brazilianguy, take a Sandile named Bother.
This Sandile is the single most annoying entity on the planet, so it can only attack foes it has Tormented. (Sandile learns Torment at level 10)
At level 25, replace Torment with Swagger, as Bother has become impossibly arrogant, and can only attack a foe after swaggering around in front of it.
I will start one Scramble in pokémon White

I want a Scramble like ShinySkarmory ones: If the pokémon dies, it’s dead.

I will have 6 main pokémon, and 12 more as a backups

- One pokémon form each type(can be double typed, but I want at least one for each type)
- A ghost pokémon as a main
- A starter

I can trade, so, I have no excuses.

Please, I want something creative, not just “Hitmonchan, solo this and that gym”). I want something to laugh, some pokémon with personality and all this stuff.

Things that I don’t want:

- Please, I don’t want to catch any pokémon, I will transfer it and make a baby.(I have them all, except the White-only ones), so that must-be-caught rules will rule nothing here(the exception are the ones that can only be caught in white, because if you choose them, I will have to catch it to complete my pokédex)
- No dream world abilities or something related to it, I have no access to Wi-fi.

Besides this, you can make 18 crazy histories to make this a different challenge.

I won’t be the fastest guy to finish this, because I will play only at Weekends (and when I’m in a bus, because I spent something like 3 hours per day in buses)

Thank you(and sorry ShinySkarmory to copy the format, I really liked the idea to have a “Fire Emblemmon”

-shinyskarmory's DarkWotter, the Oshawott
-Axmaster68's ImCreamy, the Vannilite
-Virokhx's Backflip, the Croagunk

-Axmaster68's Tilty, the Timburr

Types: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Fight, Fire, Flying, GHOST, Grass, Ground, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Water and one free type.
Take a Whirlpede. It must be named top. It must only use move about spinning ( Roll-out, Steamroller, Gyro Ball). It can use status moves after it uses one of the moves before 5 times in a battle. It may never evolve after Whirlpede. It must solo everything in the Whirlpede tree. It is a main pokemon. HAVE FUN!
Skymin, you're a lucky Uber! You can start with a Chikorita named Leif. The number of Falkner's pokemon you solo on your first try determines the number of times you may evolve in the ENTIRE game.

Have fun.
Skymin, take a Tentacool named Sonar.
This little Jellyfish Pokémon enjoys causing mayhem and mischief. As such, it must learn and keep Supersonic at all times, and can only use attacking moves against Pokémon who are confused.
It can evolve after learning Barrier and reaching plus 6 defense in battle.
Good luck!
Matticus Maximus: This evil guy is accepted.
EndQuote: Accepted
Obbmud99: I will accept, but without the no-evolution part, put a restriction or something, AND MUST HAVE A NICKNAME. So, before it, I won't put it in my scramble.

Remembering: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Fight, Fire, Flying, GHOST, Grass, Ground, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Water and one free type

Edit: Sorry, I didn't see the nickname. but I still need the change in the evolution part to consider it.
@Shiny take a Machop, Name it Machoman. Its theme song is "Macho Macho Man" so it must learn the following moves ASAP
1.Focus Power-To look focused
2.Strength-to show off his muscles
3.Dynamic Punch-To pack a punch
4.Bulk Up-to became more macho.
And to prove it machoness it must solo at least 3 trainers of each gym and solo 1 gym leader of your choice....Oh and must solo any Machokes and Machops you find. No evolution restrictions
@Shaymin-take a pidgey must solo falkners gym(not falkner himself just everyone else) to evolve, must solo chuck to evolve again and must solo one e4 of your choice have fun:)
@BrazillianGuy: You get Cocoon the Ferroseed. It thinks it's a cocoon of some sort, so it must use some means of raising defense every time it is sent out to keep itself healthy. It can evolve when it unleashes its Hidden Power (read: use Hidden Power at least once). At that point, it's grown to be a beautiful...UFO? Rename it UFO. Now, it must use a special move on all humanoids until it dies to symbolize abduction (not Hidden Power because abduction power is blatantly obvious).
I have returned from the grave (Ok not really, just worked my ass of on a geography assignment and I had little time for the Pokemon pursuits)

But I digress.

Tremble before me, as I ask of you to give me 6 Pokemon from far and wide!
The game is Diamond! Of which you shall give me 6 POKEMON from far and wide.
Sudowoodo! Luxray! Staraptor! Steelix! THEY HAVE BEEN EXILED!

No Sudowoodo, Luxrya, Staraptor or Steelix.
Must have starter.
I can trade for evolution only.
I have awoken from my slumber and finalised my team.

1. Hobbers' Audino
@Box: I give you an Audino. It must be caught in the Dreamyard, immeadiatly after the Team Plasma Grunts kicking Munna. Nickname it Blissey. It must have Regenarator as ability. It must always know Refresh and Heal Pulse, and must solo 1 trainer per gym.
Have fun!

EDIT: Just read your rule 'All pokemon should evolve', but Audino can't evolve... So I hope I don't break your rule...
2. Charizard92's Deerling
lol nice avatar.

Your first scramble: You must catch a deerling. Restrictions:

1) Must have the nickname "Woody", and it must be male.
2) Must solo every Ghost pokemon you battle, until it evolves.
3) Woody must learn the move Energy Ball(s). Woody them must use his Energy Ball(s) until the PP is empty. If you have PP ups, they MUST be used until max, and they MUST be used before PP reaches 0.
4) Woody must solo one fighting, one fire, and one bug Pokemon, either trainer or wild.
5) When conditions 3 and 4 are met, Woody may then evolve.
6) If Woody is ever the last pokemon alive in your party, you may not run away. It stands tall and proud and must stand it's ground in a fight, even if it's loosing.
7) If Woody ever becomes the lowest level Pokemon in your party, you MUST level it up so that it is 2 levels ABOVE your second-lowest-level pokemon. This is because of it's pride, it always wants to be bigger than something.
8) Once it evolves, it gets old and it's performance sags. You must then delete Energy Ball(s) and replace it with Horn(y) Leech, and it must be used every time Woody switches in, to get it's Mojo going. Alternatively, you can activate it's ability.
3. Matticus Maximus' Alomomola
Box, you can take an Alomomola named Doc. It must be male, and must have 3 healing related moves whenever possible. This means moves like Aqua Ring, Wish, Healing Wish, etc.
4. shinyskarmory's Snivy
Box, since you seem to like the idea of whipping a bit, you can have Smugleaf the Snivy as your starter. It looked at your avatar a little too much, and therefore must always have Vine Whip or Power Whip. Also, it will solo the ice guy's Beartic. That is all.
5. Sage Chow's Sandile
@Box: Since you already have a doc, why not add a professor to your team of scholars!

Take a Sandile, name it Professor.

As a scholar, your Sandile set's out to learn as much as he can about battling. You may therefore never give up on learning a new move! But theory is nothing without practice: He must put any new move to the test before he earns the right to replace it:*

- Attack: Solo two trainers using only this attack plus any status moves before replacing it.
- Status: Use this move succesfully on 5 pokemon or in 5 different battles before replacing it.

He's a little farsighted: he should hold a spectacle item to help him in battle: Choice Specs, Black Glasses or Zoom Lens are obvious picks.

To evolve into Krokorok he must simply learn 10 TM attacks, the final TM must be status move of your choice which can never be forgotten. To evolve into Krookodile he must learn another 10 TM attacks, ending with a second status move that must be kept as well. This way he ends with two fixed status moves. Now that he's learned all there is to know he's confident enough to solo a member of the elite four of your choice.

Have Fun!

*You might be forced delete something when you haven't completed these conditions for any move. Delete his most powerful attack to make room for the new one in this case.
6. EndQuote's Scraggy
@Box, take a Scraggy and name it Hoodlum.
If it has the ability Shed Skin, it cannot use STAB attacking moves.
If it has the ability Moxie, it can ONLY use STAB moves and must switch out immediately every time it gets a Moxie Boost.

There you have it. Vratix, sorry about excluding P.Correct, I've used Drilbur before on my in-game team and I also passed you by while quoting my team additions because you initially posted Deerling. Maybe another time eh?

So, am I like, allowed to post my logs here or is there somewhere special to make a thread about my run?
You know what, I'm just going to leave this here for the time being.


I hate being stuck in this stupid ball. How the hell did I get in here anyway? I hatched from a freaking egg, how did the ball get in there?

You know something? It doesn't even make sense how I can FIT in this place. It's the size of a baseball!

Christ, I haven't gotten out of this thing since three years ago when I was first hatched. This lady in a lab coat slapped this hat on me (that looked more like an instrument of torture) and crammed me back into my ball. I heard some fighting outside, then something died, and the hat neuroshocked me or some shit like that. I think my tail grew a little bigger for some reason, then the lablady took off my hat and recrammed me into the ball.

Oh well, I'm getting pretty excited today, because just a while ago someone was moving my ball around (heh), so I reckon I'm being transported for a greater good! Or some shit like that, anyway.

Hey, wait, what the fuck?

I hear voices! Shit! I think someone's picking me up! Yes! Yes!!

No wait, no! Shit! Shit!!

He might be choosing me to fight! Shitshitshit, I don't know any attacks! I learned a little football from watching TV inside my ball, so at least I know how to Tackle...hmm but that's not enough. I know! I'm pretty classy and shit, I can just stare my opponent down and make him cower in fear! Leering should do somethin-

Woah! I feel weightless! I'm being releaseeeeedd-

Okay, now what the fuck is THAT? That...looks like a weasel with a dog's head. And it's blue. With whiskers. Is that...a seashell? Man, whatever.

So, what do I do? Who's my trainer anyway? Hope it's not that crack sniffing whore in the long-skirt over there. Probably not, leave it to her to pick the water-demon. That nerd's still holding his ball (heh), so it ain't him either. So...who els-


My trainer.

Is a fucking babe.

Fuck yes, okay Snivy, time to get your game going. okayokayokay...SWAG ON.

"Snivy snivy snivy, snisnivy, snivysniv, snivy!"

...fuck, I don't speak human.

"Aww, you're so cute! Who's a little grass snake? Who's a bubbywubby gwass snake? Do you wanna cuddle? Do you wanna cuddle? C'mere youuuu!"

...scratch that. Snivy don't need to speak no english to get some. Ah...I still got it...

-20 minutes later-

So I accidentally thrashed Nick's (my trainer) room while beating the shit out of the water demon and the nerd's delicious-smelling pig. She's cool with it, since the Wii's okay.

Alllllright. Off to...ADVENTURE!!


And that concludes the prologue of Smugleaf the Snivy's tale. In future, the recount of my adventures will be from the Pokemons' PoV

Becaaause, I'm cool like that, okayy?
Matticus Maximus: This evil guy is accepted.
EndQuote: Accepted
Obbmud99: I will accept, but without the no-evolution part, put a restriction or something, AND MUST HAVE A NICKNAME. So, before it, I won't put it in my scramble.

Remembering: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Fight, Fire, Flying, GHOST, Grass, Ground, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Water and one free type

Edit: Sorry, I didn't see the nickname. but I still need the change in the evolution part to consider it.
Ok, you can evolve it after you beat the 8th gym, and it must attempt to solo a pokemon from the 8th gym.
And now, it's time for the almighty 200 post scramble! After much deliberation (and RNGing), I have chosen to play Pearl (again). I'm going to do a Pearl Scramblocke. I can trade, but only for evolution.

Rules of the challange:
-Accepting restrictions for 6 main pokemon, plus 9 more who will only be used if one of the original 6 dies. That's 15 total.
-No forced grinding (I have enough of that in the Shedinja solo). This includes grinding at the Game Corner or at honey trees.
-All pokemon must eventually be able to reach their final stage of evolution, have at least one attacking move, and come with a nickname
-Immediately after I defeat Cynthia, I will be using my survivors for a singles playthrough of Pokemon Battle Revolution. You may give challenges for this as well.
-I must have a starter.
-When you post, state whether your mon is a main or a backup.

Main pokemon:
1.Obbmud's Infernape
2.Axmaster68's Shellos
3.Charizard92's Magikarp
4.BrazilianGuy's Gastly
5.Vratix's Chatot
6.Sage Chow's Drapion

1. TalkingLion's Pikachu
2.Axmaster68's Pachirisu
3.MatticusMaximus' Tentacool
4.Team Magma Boss Maxie's Machop
5.EndQuote's Zubat
6.Hobbers' Snover
7.TalkingLion's Abra
8.MatticusMaximus' Bronzor
I need 3 more backups for this challange.

Piemonade, you can have what I wanted to give you for SPL: a male Machamp. Name it Cpt.Falcon. After defeating the third gym, it decides to stay and train with Maylene for a while, so you may not use it again until after beating the 4th gym, when it returns to you as a powerful Machoke! You may evolve this Machoke into Machamp after learning FFFFAAAALLLCCCOOONNN PUNCH!!!!! (read: Focus Punch) You will then Falcon Punch one of Candice's Ice types in a successful gym challenge. Also, just for fun, Falcon Punch 4 E4 pokemon as well. That is all.
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