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ShinySkarmory, looks like your team needs an Ice type. So I'm giving you a Snover as backup. His nickname will be FrozenHug. It can only evolve after hitting Blizzard 3 times in a row. As an Abomasnow, it must always know Swords Dance and 3 Special moves. It must use Swords Dance in every battle it is sent out. Same restrictions for PBR
@shinyskarmory, sorry about the Bidoof. I only just saw your no-more-water-types restriction.
Take a Zubat and name it Toxin. This Zubat is terribly shy, so it can only use moves at or below 50 BP.
It can be a back-up mon.
Skarmory Piemonade, you get a Shellos named Flowchart.
This Shellos is completely normal until it learns Hidden Power at level 16.
It's Hidden Power type decides it's fate:
Shellos becomes a pyromaniac, and must use HP Fire first thing every time it comes into battle. It must also solo Byron and both of Flint's fire types. (Side note: why does he only have two?)

Shellos is depressed that it got such a useless HP, and must act as if it is constantly under the effect of Torment. It must solo all trainers in Crasher Wake's gym, except Wake, because WHY SHOULD THEY BE HAPPY?

Shellos cannot use HP electric until it evolves and becomes immune to it, out of fear. After it evolves, it learns to love the type, and cannot use attacking moves against any electric Pokemon. It must solo Valkner's Ambipom, if only to point out that the normal type doesn't belong.

This HP reminds Shellos of it's upcoming double weakness. It can never evolve, can only hold an everstone, and cannot attack any grass-type Pokemon out of fear. It must single-handedly KO at least one Pokemon in the elite four.

Shellos becomes overly arrogant with it's excellent new HP, and must solo all dragon-types.

Shellos feels competitive, and must solo Maylene to prove it is the master of the fighting type. After this, it retires from the ring, and cannot use HP again.

Shellos repeatedly forgets type effectiveness, and must use HP Poison at least once against any steel type before trying to attack. It must solo Fantina's Gengar.

Shellos becomes obsessed with this attacking type, and must learn and keep two other ground-type moves ASAP. It must try to use at least one every time it switches in, even against an immunity.

Shellos takes to the sky, but is terrified of heights. It can only use HP flying as a last resort, if it is under 50% HP. In addition, it must solo all flying types encountered in the wild on your first trip through a route/cave out of jealousy. (Good luck with Zubatspam)

Shellos becomes disdainful of the physical world, and can only use special moves. In addition, it shuns material items, and rejects items in battle and hold-items.

Shellos becomes schizophrenic and begins to think it is a bug type. As such, it cannot fight any fire types or flying types

Shellos is disappointed to find that it's squishy exterior is inferior to rock-type armor, so it has to use Harden at least once before attacking anything.

Shellos sees dead people, and must switch in after any of your Pokemon faints in a gym battle or in the elite four.

Shellos now hates the ice type, and must solo Candice. In addition, it cannot learn any ice-type move.

Shellos hates the light, and must solo all Pokemon who can have illuminate, and must immediately switch in if the weather turns sunny. It must solo Volkner to prove itself as master of the dark, and can only evolve afterward.

Shellos feels jealous that it doesn't get STAB steel, so it must solo all steel types used by gym leaders or the elite four. (Byron's entire team, Maylene's Lucario, Flint's Steelix, Lucian's Bronzong, and Cynthia's Lucario)

Ignore all restrictions until you figure out which type Shellos recieved.
Good luck.
Shinyskarmory-Love it
End quote- Epic


Ok need 4 more under these rules:
No Sudowoodo, Luxrya, Staraptor or Steelix.
Must have starter.
I can trade for evolution only.


Current Team
Cpt.Falcon the Machamp, by Shinyskarmory
Flowchart the Shellos, by Endquote.



I am only going to read the hidden power challenge once I learn my hidden power, for more funs and laughter.
Shinyskarmory-Love it
End quote- Epic


Ok need 4 more under these rules:
No Sudowoodo, Luxrya, Staraptor or Steelix.
Must have starter.
I can trade for evolution only.


Current Team
Cpt.Falcon the Machamp, by Shinyskarmory
Flowchart the Shellos, by Endquote.



I am only going to read the hidden power challenge once I learn my hidden power, for more funs and laughter.
I'll give you a starter. Chimchar named "useless". It believes that it is the strongest pokemon ever (Happy). But if it ever faints, it learns the true meaning of it's name (Sadness). It feels sad and alone. It can never participate in a gym, EVER (During sadness period), and it must be frustrated with it's trainer. It must always sit in the corner (back of your party). But after it solos 6 Elite 4 pokemon (you don't have to win) it learns that "Useless" is just a name (Happy). It returnes to normal untill it faints again (sad). Beat 4th gym to evolve into monferno. Defeat Cyrus to evolve to infernape. HAVE FUN!
Piemonade, you get Waluigi the Skorupi. Waluigi thinks he is Mario, so he must hold a red item at all times and defeat all fully evolved Fire types, which he believes are Bowser. Also, solo either Byron and all the trainers in Fantina's gym or Fantina and all the trainers in Byron's gym to evolve. If Bowser ever defeats him, he must solo 25 of his rock type minions to be useable again. Once he is part of defeating Volkner, he realizes his true colors and wants to make everyone and everything purple, so he must use toxic spikes, which he must learn and keep, in every battle he enters after Volkner.

His true power is realized after soloing Flint's fire types, but he cannot control it, so he must solo 1/3 of Cynthia's team while under torment to get it under control. No resrictions execpt for keeping TS after that. Enjoy and Good luck!


You get Sammy the all-special attacking Riolu. All special Riolu, that's not so bad you say? Just wait! Since Sammy was inbred it's a little special itself. Sammy is always wearing Blackglasses (and who knows why?) but because of that Sammy think its ability is tinted lens. Therefore, if you have the option to use a not very effective move, you must use that move. ADDITIONALLY, Sammy must solo Byron to evolve.

because of that dirty ninja "axmaster" I'm forcing you to take the solo Fantina and all the trainers in Byron's gym to evolve option with Waluigi.

@Brazillian Guy
Since you love Fire Emblem you get Marth(M2K) the Archeos. Since I love SSBM (<3) you actually get the Marth (fuckin' mewtwo king) I know instead of the actual Marth. Marth, what a bitch, hitting shit with that tip. Therefore Marth may not evolve until he scores 10 Critical Hit OHKOs against trainer pokemon using Acrobatics. If you have not evolved by the time you get to the Elite 4 go change Marth(M2K)'s name to Roy and solo Marshall because, let's face it Roy is only good with the advantage (amiright or am I right?). If Roy successfully solos Marshall as an Archeos the evolution ban is Lifted but you must in turn delete Acrobatics to never be re-taught.
Piemonade: Get a Shinx and call it Anxious

Anxious is to Anxious to evolve, it thinks it's the best among the best eltric types, so, it must face EVERY ELETRIC TYPE IN THE WORLD, but it forgot to learn an Eletric type move before evolve. And now it is a Luxyo with not even SPARKS. THIS IS NOT RIGHT. It lost it's own respect

Rename it to Off, because it thinks that an Eletric Type with not even an STAP is something off. Now it is afraid of electricity, water and flying types, It will never face an eletric type again, it has NO ELECTRICITY, and he cannot even DESTROY a Water Type or a FUCKING BIRD pokémon, because it is weak. Probably, it will try to kill itself as soon as possible

After it learns his first eletric type moves, it starts to face every guy again(in a normal way, not as shinx's obligation). It's emofeelings passed. Now it thinks it's just a normal guy, that don't deserve to evolve in a GREAT AND BIG LUXRAY DUDE!!!

You, as a good trainer, make it faces its problem by facing VOLKNER'S LUXRAY. You want to show it that this Dude is not that Good, and Off is better. So Off must solo it.

After soloing it, Off rediscovered itself, called itself On, and now it thinks it's the best again. It's Shinx feelings return, now it must face every eletric guy again and forever!!!!!

Hope you like it, and have fun
Piemonade, take a Cranidos named Draco. Draco thinks he is special, and thus must learn and keep 2 Special move at all times. He can evolve after soloing two trainers in Wake's gym with only these special moves. As a Rampardos, he must learn Dragon Pulse by TM and solo Aaron.
Vratix: Man, of course it's accepted. Summing Fire Emblem + Super Smash Bros + Pokémon, and I have my three favorite games together...genius! Unfortunately, it's a backup mon, but it's still AMAZING!

9 more!
I think I'll do a scramble challenge. This is my first one, so nothing totally impossible, but I'll do difficult ones. I'm going to be doing FireRed, and unfortunately I can't trade (at least until you fix the machine that lets you trade with Emerald, but I think that's post-E4)
@2sly4u: You get inb4coil the Ekans. It is one of the few Pokémon (and the only 1st gen Pokémon) to get Coil in the 5th generation. It wishes to simulate this awesomeness at least once in its primitive life. Therefore, it cannot evolve unless given an X Attack, an X Defend, and an X Accuracy consecutively in one Trainer battle without dying. Once it does so, it realizes that Coil isn't all that useful without Gunk Shot, but it's happy that it gets Glare, so it must keep Glare. Have it solo Agatha.
@2sly4u, take a Diglett named Loner.
This Diglett is fiercely antisocial, so it can't evolve until it learns Fissure at level 49 and successfully uses it against three consecutive pokemon without dying. This miraculous feat of hax gives it the willpower and resolve to evolve into a Dugtrio.
If possible, rename it Haxar afterwards.
Good luck!
And now, it's time for the almighty 200 post scramble! After much deliberation (and RNGing), I have chosen to play Pearl (again). I'm going to do a Pearl Scramblocke. I can trade, but only for evolution.

Rules of the challange:
-Accepting restrictions for 6 main pokemon, plus 9 more who will only be used if one of the original 6 dies. That's 15 total.
-No forced grinding (I have enough of that in the Shedinja solo). This includes grinding at the Game Corner or at honey trees.
-All pokemon must eventually be able to reach their final stage of evolution, have at least one attacking move, and come with a nickname
-Immediately after I defeat Cynthia, I will be using my survivors for a singles playthrough of Pokemon Battle Revolution. You may give challenges for this as well.
-I must have a starter.
-When you post, state whether your mon is a main or a backup.

Main pokemon:
1.Obbmud's Infernape
2.Axmaster68's Shellos
3.Charizard92's Magikarp
4.BrazilianGuy's Gastly
5.Vratix's Chatot
6.Sage Chow's Drapion

1. TalkingLion's Pikachu
2.Axmaster68's Pachirisu
3.MatticusMaximus' Tentacool
4.Team Magma Boss Maxie's Machop
5.EndQuote's Zubat
6.Hobber's Snover
7.MatticusMaximus' Bronzor
8.TalkingLion's Abra
9.2sly4u's Sneasel
The challenge is now full.

@2sly4you: Take the Lapras from Silph Co, and name it Genesis. It is the first Lapras in existence, so it wants to feel loved because it can't find any others of its species. To make it feel loved, it must know Attract and use it whenever it is in battle and it would have an effect. Also, it wants to feel appreciated by its trainer, so you will use it for your water HMs. Just for laughs, have it solo Lorelei's Lapras, who is obviously cloned from it.

Have fun.
2sly4u, have a Voltorb named Bland. This Voltorb is boring, so boring that it won't even use Electric moves. This also includes non-attacking moves. Have it solo Lorelei's team excluding Lapras.

ShinySkarmory, take a Bronzor named Roulette. Roulette is a gambler, so you must roll a die. If it's 1 or 2, he can learn only one attacking move. If it's 3 or 4, he must have only attacking moves. If it's 5 or 6, he must provide Dual Screen support. In PBR, he must not be chosen by the opponent in Neon Colloseum.
All right shinyskarmory, Ill give you another one. Since you are such a Psychic in the SPL, take a Psychic Abra. First, you must teach it Hidden Power. It's type determines the Gym/Elite 4 that it has to solo(for example, if its Grass, solo Gardenia). If it's Hidden Power is not one of those types, then it must solo Half of Cynthia's team. If it solos it's Gym before Byron, evolve it into Kadabra after that solo. If it solos it's Gym/Elite 4 by Byron or after, then evolve it into Alakazam after that solo. Oh, and name it SPL.

BrazillianGuy, take a Blitzle and name it Charger. Charger is fan of the San Diego Chargers so it may only know moves with Charge in their name ASAP(Wild Charge, Flame Charge, Charge Beam, Discharge, Charge). It may evolve after soloing all the trainers in the Football stadium in Nimbassa City.
BrazilianGuy, you will use an Voltik named Courage. Ironically, Courage doesn't have much of his namesake, so he always runs away from battle using Volt Switch (you must teach it Volt Switch right away). This can be his only electric attack, and he must use it to escape right away if the opponent isn't Ground. You may not evolve him until after Brycen. If he manages to solo one of the last 3 Gym Leaders or one of the last 3 Cheren battles, he will find his courage and will start using other moves (Though Volt Switch must remain his only Electric attack). You may evolve him regardless.
@ShinySkarm: You will use a male Sneasel named Al Capone as a backup. Al doesn't like doing his own dirty work, so he must learn Beat Up ASAP so his teammates fight for him. Once he knows it, it's all he may use. That is, unless it becomes personal. If the foe:

A) Brings him down below half health (Only against the pokemon that did so)
B) Critical Hits him (only against the pokemon that did so) or
C) Is in while he's at Red health (until he's above red)

he gets angry, and must use one of his other three attacks. If Beat up wouldn't work because everything else on your team is dead or statused, he may use his other moves since a gangster always needs to defend himself when backed into a corner. His other moves and evolution are unrestricted. The same rules apply to PBR.

Also, I accept your Lapras! I'll update in the morning

EDIT: Sorry for the double post, I thought I was editing my old one :/
@Brazilian Guy:

(not sure if you can trade him, but here's a Normal type Back up)

Take a Zangoose, name him d'Artagnan.

As you may know he's the youngest of the musketeers. He wants to prove himself by showing off his swordsmanship. As a result he must always know Swords Dance or Double Team to show off his lighting fast fencing skills. Never learn him Special attacks, Rockslide or Aerial Ace. They won't fit his style.

He's feels sad that he didn't get the awesome Justice Sword attack. Therefore he must learn Rock Smash instead and use it as if it had the same effect. Whenever your opponent is boosting defense, you will retaliate with Rock Smash to try and level the playing field. At level 31 he will learn Crush Claw which may replace Rock Smash. Use this move as if it were a fighting type move when considering your options.

Speaking of Retaliate; learn him this move ASAP and have him come in when one of your pokemon faints, even in a wild battle. You're encouraged to shout: "All for one, one for all!" in whatever language you see fit.

There is an alternative to Retaliate: You may choose to learn him Fury Cutter instead, and keep it until he learns X-scizor. The catch? You must use it successfully for 5 turns before he can use a newly acquired attack. Once he has enough practice with one sword he may use two and learn X-scizor at level 48. He must still come in when an ally faints and strike with any attack. Note that if you take Retaliate, he may never learn X-scizor unless you follow both challenges.

Because he thinks he has the ability Justice Heart he must switch in on a free turn to face dark-type pokemon in the hopes of getting an attack boost. He may switch out immediately if this was a dangerous decision.

Have Fun!
Alright, the scramble is being started as we speak (or read, or type, or whatever the fuck you're doing {or I'm doing [or we're both doing]})

So here we are:

The Pokemon for Scramble:

Chimchar named Useless, from Obbmud99.
If it faints, can never participate in a gym match, must always be in the back of the party, until it solos six E4 Pokemon.
Once Wake has been defeated, can evolve into Monferno.
Once Cyrus has been defeated, can evolve into Infernape.

Riolu named Sammy, from Vratix.
Must solo Byron to evolve.
Always wears Blackglasses.
If I have an opportunity to do a "Not very effective move" I must use it.

Cranidos named Draco, from Matticus Maximus.
Must learn and keep two special moves at all times.
Solo two trainer's in Wake's gym using special moves to evolve.
Must learn Dragon Pulse by TM as a Rampardos.
Must solo Aaron.

Got rid of the Skorupi, needed a Flying Whore.
Yeah, just disregard all of that.
Introducing...HarryWhite (HM) the Starly.

Shellos named Flowchart, from Endquote. (Look at the second quote).
No restrictions until it learns Hidden Power at 16.
Restriction then based off of Hidden Power type, once the type is known.

Machop/oke/amp named Cpt.Falcon, from ShinySkarmory.
Must not be used from the defeat of Maylene to the defeat of Wake.
Must learn Focus (FAAAAAALCCCOOOOON) Punch to evolve.
Focus (FAALLLCOOON) Punch one of Candice's Pokemon.
Focus (FAALLLCOOON) Punch four E4 Pokemon.

Alright, come to my attention that I need a Pokemon to Fly, so I'm gonna have to get rid of that Skorupi
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