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You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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Steight, take Curly the Maril! Curly loves curling up into a ball so much, he does it at the start of every battle! So it must know defense curl at all times, and always use it when sent out. Curly feels the need to prove he's the roundest thing around, so in order to evolve it must solo 10 ball shaped trainer owned pokemon to prove his worth, including at least one round gym leader pokemon!

Tyranitarphantom, take Sticky the Spinarak! Sticky loves using that goey stuff that comes out of his rear end, so you always must have either string shot or spider web in its moveset,and must use one of them at the start of every battle.
And also I cannot catch Ponyta pre-Pokemon League in HG so can do.

Get a Drowzee and name it Hypnotic. It must always have Hypnosis and either Dream Eater or Nightmare. It must put 10 pokemon asleep and use Dream Eater/Nightmare 10 times to evolve.

Currently need: 3 for my Diamond Triple Challenge (one must be starter and no trades. Must be able to evolve by last gym).

Two for my HG
@Wrave and Tyranitarphantom: Sorry, I didn't know about Ponyta. Instead, take a Magmar named Flamer. It must burn 50 Pokémon without Will-o-wisp before it can be used in the Elite Four.

@Wrave: For Diamond, take 4movsyndrm the Chimchar. It must have one status move and three attacking moves that cannot be of the same category (i.e. cannot be 3 special or 3 physical) to evolve into Infernape and must keep this moveset.
To clear any confusion, I got the Pachirisu from Valley Windworks, not Route 205 South. I thought you were saying you meant Valley Windworks? So who's on Route 205 South if it's not Pachirisu? And shinyskarmory, I will accept your Psyduck if you give me some actual restrictions (as mentioned in my OP, link in signature), and in return I will ignore the Gym Leader issues.


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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I'm still looking for the following Pokemon:
A Psyduck from Ravaged Path
Drifloon from Valley Windworks
A wild Pokemon from Route 205 South
A wild Pokemon from Route 205 North
A wild Pokemon from Route 211 West
To clear any confusion, I got the Pachirisu from Valley Windworks, not Route 205 South. I thought you were saying you meant Valley Windworks? So who's on Route 205 South if it's not Pachirisu? And shinyskarmory, I will accept your Psyduck if you give me some actual restrictions (as mentioned in my OP, link in signature), and in return I will ignore the Gym Leader issues.

Errr, sorry, but you had "Drifloon from Valley Windworks" in all your posts, so you can understand my confusion I hope.
Got my team of Charmander, Geodude, Spearow, Seel, Tangela and Tauros, will probably start my Scramble later this afternoon/tonight. Thanks everybody!

I'll also frequent this thread a bit more I think, so I'll try to think of some brilliant challenges for others too :)
Although I do not have my other two mons for my Triple Challenge, I should be fine. I will start my HG Challenge too but man is Falkner going to be tough because I have to solo him.

I have my six for HG but can I get one more because I cannot get Jynx until after Team Rocket.

take a magikarp.
no restrictions on evolving.

BUT ONCE IT EVOLVES, it can only use its STABS if they are supereffectie. otherwise, you have to rely on other moves.

For diamond you will get a Bronzor named TomFool
This may be the meanest worst challange I've given in a long time. A long time.

Let's start with a basic evolution restriction shall we?
TomFool may evolve when it knows the following moves: Charge Beam, Earthquake and Rock Slide
It's final move must be Weather related (some leeway there, not much).

TomFool doesn't seem like a sensible name for a Bronzo-r/ng, not really. That's why you have to understand how your pokemon fits into his trollish name of tomfoolery. TomFool ABSOLUTELY HATES YOUR CHIMCHAR and he (it) makes no secret of that fact. Therefore he tries as hard as possible to hinder "4movsyndrm" as much as possible. If 4movsyndrm is battling the last pokemon of any trainer that is not a Fire, Ground, Fighting or Ghost tyoe TomFool must come in to rob 4movsyndrm of his exp. TomFool must participate in every double battle possible with 4movsyndrm and must attack 4movsyndrm at least as often as he attacks your opponent's (earthquake all the things) pokemon. This applies to status moves as well as attacking moves.

I think that's enough.
That challenge is fine since I will have to grind for a while any way since I cannot get Bronzor until after the second gym. Only thing is that it can't evolve until after the eighth gym due to Charge Beam. And yes that is mean as hell.

Need one more for Diamond. I am starting my HG one right now.
Wrave, since you're only going with 3 Pokemon, you're going to get a Pokemon based on some coin flips.

First flip determines type. Heads, you get a Flying-type, go to part 1. Tails, you get a Water-type, go to part 2.

1. You get a Flying-type. Flip another coin

If it lands on Heads, it's your lucky day. You get a Starly named Jenkins. He hates technology, so it may never learn a move via TM or HM. It must solo one Pokemon owned by Roark to evolve into Staravia, and solo one Pokemon owned by Crasher Wake to evolve into Staraptor.

If it lands on Tails, you get Lorenzo the Murkrow. He can't wait to evolve and become Don Karasu, and he'll destroy anyone in his way. Therefore, it must solo any other Murkrow you encounter, and must solo 30 other Trainer-owned Flying or Dark types to evolve.

2. You get a Water-type. Flip another coin

If it lands on Heads, you get Pull! the Remoraid. He thinks he really is a gun, so he may only use projectile moves (like Ice Beam or Bubblebeam). To evolve into Octillery, it must learn 4 different projectile moves, and solo a Gym Leader of your choice.

If it lands on Tails, you really had the worst luck. You get Aim4daHorn the Goldeen. It must always know Horn Drill, and it must use it at least once in any battle it participates in. To evolve, it must successfully kill 30 Trainer-owned Pokemon with Horn Drill.

Best of luck, and let us know what you got!
Enjoy a psyduck named JonKyl. Like its namesake, it tells lies on national television, before claiming that his remArks were not intended to be factual. For example, it tells you that it will solo Gardenia without using STAB, but after the first mon it reminds you that the statement was not intended to be factual, so you must switch him out immediately. in fact, the same goes for every gym and E4 battle for the rest of the game.
It turns out that JonKyl was reading this challenge, and the challenge was not intended to be factual either. Instead of the above restrictions, he will make his moveset only STAB moves until he evolves to Professional Bullshitter (no nickname change). After that, he may never use STAB again, because the public has lost their trust in him.

EDIT: What the hell @ ^^


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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Alight, time for an update on my Diamond Version Scramble Challange! First, a quick recap of what my Pokemon are and what their limitations are!

Twiggy the Torterra
Due to being a famous singer she must be female. Twiggy also doesn't like getting wet, so she must run from any Water type pokemon. If Twiggy is hit with any form of water she gets extremely angry and must use her most powerful attack (factoring STAB and resistances/weaknesses) until the perpetrator DIES (or faints...whatever). May evolve after soloing a gym leader of your choice (COMPLETE: Roark), and again after soloing all of the lackeys of two other gyms of your choice (Eterna and Veilstone complete!).

Boo the Gastly
It doesnt like to be seen, so it can only attack while a pokemon is asleep. If the pokemon is awake it can only use Night Shade.
It must have this these 3 moves:
Dream Eater/Nightmare
Night Shade
The fourth move is your choice.
It can evolve into Haunter after it solos Fantina's Gengar, or reaches level 40 if incomplete.
It can evolve into Gengar after it solos Candice's Abomasnow and Volkner's Luxray, or reaches level 60 if incomplete.

Augustus the Carnivine

Augustus hates the fact that it floats above the ground, so it must use Ingrain the first turn it comes in every time. His only STAB is Solar Beam (from a TM ASAP), at least until it learns Power Whip. After that, he must replace Solar Beam. After he learns Power Whip, he must also solo every Grass-type you encounter to prove it's superiority.

Myopia the Girafarig
This Girafarig is has terrible eyesight, so it must use Odor Sleuth in order to attack a foe. (Girafarig learns Odor Sleuth at level 5)
After it learns Baton Pass at level 23, it loves BPing so much it can never switch out, only Baton Pass.

Ford the Slugma
Named after the only president who was never elected; you must never place him in the lead position. Note that you cán lead with him whenever a fainted pokemon occupies the first slot.

In an attempt to solve the Watergate scandal, the reason of his sudden appointment, he must solo 10 trainer owned water types to evolve into Magcargo. (COMPLETE! Thank you Magikarp >:D)

Because the Cold War was still going on he must learn a stat up move (Amnesia, Harden, Lightscreen, Substitute, Double Team.. etc). This is to keep up with the arms race that was going on at the time. But during his presidency there was also a certain relaxation in the political tension of the Cold War. To add to this 'détente' you must thaw any Ice Type you encounter with a super effective fire attack, to prevent the Cold War from escalating.

When he has evolved into Magcargo he still has an economic crisis to deal with. Solo Byron in an attempt to solve the prices of natural resources. You may use other team members to set up, but they must not attack. Should you fail, he must give up on one of his stab moves. (If he hasn't evolved at this point due to the water challenge you should solo any two trainers left to evolve)

Trollamus the Hippopotas

It likes summoning weather that no one else on its team likes, so it must be sent out first against every gym leader and E4 member not being soloed.

I started out by tading over Ford from my Pearl version, forgetting about the disobedience issues with traded pokemon. By the time I realize the problem, I've already put hours into him, so I decide to just deal with it until I get the badges I need. I also realize after sweeping Roark with Twiggy that I forgot to make sure that he was a she... but no way I was restarting at this point. It's not a big deal anyway.

So, anyway, I continue to move up through to Eterna. After soloing all her lackeys with Twiggy I engage Gardenia, which ends up being a pretty drawn out battle since Ford kept not listening to my commands. Eventually I am victorious through the use of an unsightly number of potions.

Now that I have cut I go and pick up Boo from the Old Chateau. I train it a little bit purely through using night shade since the lowest level you can catch Ghastly at is 12... one level too high for it to know hypnosis. Despite only being able to use night shade, it actually turns out to be a useful Pokemon due to it's ability to smack right through resistance while abusing it's own resistances and immunities. My Rival in Hearthome is no trouble with Boo on my side. On the way to Veilstone, I stop in Solaceon town and decide to catch all the alphabetical unknown. Aside from just being a fun break, it would also make catching Trollamus Much easier later on. When I do get to Veilstone, my three pokemon are already ready to fight Maylene, and so I challenge the gym right away. I solo all the lackeys with Twiggy so he can evolve again... however it reaches level 32 on the second to last trainer and is as such unable to evolve in time for Maylene. I take her on anyway without further training. Again it turns into a difficult battle of attrition, with me splurging ith lots of potions again. I use Ford's flame body to my huge advantage, by getting her Lucario burned, rendering it far less threatening. He faints in the process though, as does Boo after taking a metal claw. Twiggy pulls me through though.

After this I finally have the opportunity to add Myopia and Trollamus to team and I do so as soon as possible. I then make my way to Pastoria city, a place I had been dieing to get to for some time because of the presence of the Move Relearner there. I get Twiggy to learn Earthquake, Boo hypnosis and Myopia gets Odor Sleuth. I find that Carnivine isn't in the Great Marsh that day, so instead I spend my time grinding Myopia and Trollamus to the same level as my other pokes. After midnight I go into the Marsh and get myself Augustus, and promptly teach him Solarbeam. After grinding him up to level 30 I decide I'm ready to take on Crasher Wake.

This battle I knew was not going to be easy because I knew I'd be unable to use Twiggy against the water types. Furthermore, I was required by the restrictions to lead with Trollamus, causing a Sandstorm which halves the power of Augustus' Solar Beam. I decided to teach Augustus Sunny Day so it could not only eliminate the troublesome sandstorm but also use Solar Beam to its maximum potential. However, I realized AFTER I had taught him it that it would've been better to teach it to one of my other Pokemon so he didn't need to take 3 hits while setting up. This lead to me failing my first time against Wake's Floatazel (which carries ice fang >.<). The next time, I took advantage of the fact I had to lead with Trollamus but using his yawn to put Wake's Gyarados to sleep. Then I swapped to Boo, who weakened it further using shadow ball, lowering its Sp. Def. It woke up though and OHKO'd Boo with bite. In my previous run, Boo had KO'd Gyarados... but I realized quickly that this was a blessing in disguise, because it was much easier to set up against his Gyarados than it was to set up against his Floatazel. So I brought Myopia, who used agility twice and then baton passed to Augustus, who then set up ingrain and sunny day and proceeded to sweep Wake's team.

And this is where I'm left off now! The wonderful news is that now I shouldn't have to ever worry about Ford disobeying again since his level cap has been raised to 50, and I shouldn't be passing that before I get the next two badges!
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