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@Simon, Can I take the Cyndaquil, but without the Chikorita restriction by chance? i love Cyndaquil, but if I did that, there'd be a HUGE inability to use Fire-tpye moves, I don't like that..

@Serperior: Reaper, on account of it's scythes.

@Chow, take a Jigglypuff. to evolve into Wigglytuff, Jigglypuff must solo 5 of every type of Pokemon excluding Dragon-types.

-Tantacool: King George [Is it alright if it's Queen Georgia if it's a female?], Liquid Ooze: combined Attack Power cannot exceed 120, clear Body: Must Solo Whitney's Miltank, Chuck's Primeape, Bruno's Hitmonchan and Lance's Gyarados
-Bellsprout: Badass, must Solo Whitney to evolve once, Pryce to evovle again, can only use attacking moves
Melody, thanks for the name:) Name the Tentacool Queen Anne if it is female. Also, Melody, use the old rod given to you by the fisherman in the Pokecenter by the cave like I had to in my first HeartGold playthrough:)

edit: While training TucknRoll the Sandshrew, I find one that has a Quick Claw!!! I now have an out for his lackluster speed and a chance to not be flinched by that acursed Miltank during his solo. Battle strategy: Defense Curl spam on Clefairy then Rollout for the win!! But I degress, I still have to beat Bugsy first>>

Edit2: 4 Magikarp and 1 Sandshrew soloed by Rapid Spin as of Requirements.
Sage Chow, take a Piplup and name it Flightless.
This tiny penguin constantly tries to fly from battle, so if it's health falls into the red zone, it can use only flying-type moves. (After level 15)

In addition, it is just biding it's time until it evolves, in hopes that evolving new wings might help it take to the sky.
It must solo five trainer-owned Pokémon with only Bide to evolve to Prinplup.
It must solo a gym leader's Pokémon with only Bide to evolve to Empoleon.

It must solo Bertha.

Good luck!
Little late, but

@Skarmory: I have 6 other ones. Lol. Fire Red, Leaf Green, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and White. :P I also go to Serebii, so....

@Serperior: No problemo. Glad to help.

-Tantacool: King George [Is it alright if it's Queen Georgia if it's a female?], Liquid Ooze: combined Attack Power cannot exceed 120, clear Body: Must Solo Whitney's Miltank, Chuck's Primeape, Bruno's Hitmonchan and Lance's Gyarados
-Bellsprout: Badass, must Solo Whitney to evolve once, Pryce to evovle again, can only use attacking moves
Little late, but

@Skarmory: I have 6 other ones. Lol. Fire Red, Leaf Green, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and White. :P I also go to Serebii, so....

@Serperior: No problemo. Glad to help.

-Tantacool: King George [Is it alright if it's Queen Georgia if it's a female?], Liquid Ooze: combined Attack Power cannot exceed 120, clear Body: Must Solo Whitney's Miltank, Chuck's Primeape, Bruno's Hitmonchan and Lance's Gyarados
-Bellsprout: Badass, must Solo Whitney to evolve once, Pryce to evovle again, can only use attacking moves
I noticed a flaw in your Scramble Challange. Bellsprout needs to solo Whitney to evolve once, but Tentacool needs to solo Whitney's Miltank.

Update on my laddering Challange... here's my team as outlined by restrictions.

Scoliopede (Scald):
Swords Dance/Toxic/Poison Jab
Must start every battle with Swords Dance

Surf/Shadow Ball/(HP Fire/Energy Ball)/(Recover/Energy Ball)
252 SpA, Modest, Life Orb

Beartic (CanadaFYeh):
Only ice, fire, fighting, and normal moves. Mild nature.

Excadrill (ClearSkies):
Rapid Spin/Earthquake/Rock Slide/Return
Only normal type moves during a sandstorm

No restrictions

Swords Dance/HP Poison (60)/Sacred Sword/Giga Drain
252 Atk & SpA. Must use a special attack against steels before anything else.
I have yet to win two battles in a row and I cannot get past 1000 in my ranking score. This is gonna be tough winning 5 matches in a row or getting up to or past 1200... :/ Shedinja is currently my lead because it's too much of a hassle to bring back in. Using trick to give the opponent a scarf then spreading status proves to be annoying.
- Instead of 'first-come-first-serve', I'll choose the most original challanges given within reasonable time.
I have a problem with this statement.
Rejected because I hate Hoppip. It's a useless Pokemon, it's Evolutions aint great and it's stupid lookin. D:
I have a larger problem with this statement for a combination of intrinsic and grammatical reasons.

The unbreakable, must be followed rules:

Rule 5: First 6 people to post Pokemon that are correct (through the rules) go on the team. You may only give out 1 Pokemon per post per team. Teams built by 1 person (Even someone as random as me) tend to be lacking in creativity.

Rule 6: If you don't like a Pokemon, and refuse to use it, when you post the challange you HAVE to say what it is and to not let it on. If someone posts a Pokemon and you don't like it, and you never said no to it, too bad.
This is the OP. This is why I have a problem with those posts.
HeartGold Scramble Part I

HeartGold Scramble Challange Part I: Flying Solo

Eventual Team:
1. Clefairy (Random) - Must learn and keep Metronome, can only evolve when Hyper Beam and all Hyper Beam ripoffs (Frenzy Plant, Rock Wrecker, etc.) have been used, must solo one E4 pokemon only using Metronome. If that fails, must solo Lance's strongest Dragonite w/o ice moves.

2. Chinchou (Fury) - Can only know attacking moves and can never switch out of battle. (Unless it conflicts with other requirements). Must solo Jasmine.

3. Machop (Quote) - Can only use moves known upon capture until the second, third, fifth and seventh gym badges are obtained, which each allow for one new move to be used. At any time, if Quote is able to defeat three trainers in a row without fainting or using a healing item/Pokemon center, he can exchange a move for a TM/HM OR evolve. This can be done multiple times. Must solo a Gym Leader and three E4 pokemon.

4. Aipom (Fingers) - Cannot use any physical move until it learns Double Hit, and three of its moves must be the same type (because it has three fingers, trololol) Cannot evolve until Chuck is beaten. Once it evolves, name become 2Fingers and must have the moveset Double Hit, Rain Dance, Sunny Day and Hyper Beam. Must set up both weathers during each E4 battle. Can replace one move after receiving 9th, 11th, 12th and 14th badges respectively.

5. Shuckle (PVTShuckle) - Must be bred from Cianwood Shuckle. Cannot ever attack another Shuckle. From level 1-10, it is name PVTShuckle and cannot fight bug-types. From 11-30 it is named SGTShuckle and must fight every bug he sees. From 31-50 it is 1STGShuckle and it must fight every Flying, Bug and Steel type it sees, and cannot fight against Fire or Rock Types. From 51-100, it is SMAShuckle (is the 'smash' a coincidence?) After beating the game, it becomes RTDShuckle and all restrictions are lifted except for fighting other Shuckle as well as Fire and Rock Types. (Damn.)

6. Chikorita (Brick) - Must have +Defense nature. Must keep Reflect when it learns it and can't evolve until it does. Must solo Chuck in order to evolve to Meganium. If it resists an enemy pokemon, it must come in and use reflect (unless it conflicts with other requirements)

Am I good at Pokemon? Having played it for about 10 years I would hope so by now. Am I good at thinking through these challanges? No.
Anywho, after going through all of the pre-game mumbo-jumbo and spending about half an hour before deciding on Plato as a name (Socrates wouldn't fit and if I put Arthur nobody would get the Hitchhiker's reference), I received little Brick the Chikorita and got to work. By my estimations, my team would be all-Brick until Azalea Town, where I could get Fingers (the Aipom) and Random (the Clefairy), the latter of whom will have to be traded in. Of course, this meant that I would have to solo Falkner with Brick.
On the plus side, only having one Pokemon on your team means that that one Pokemon grows really fast, so Brick was at about level 10 or so when I faced that douchebag Rival. You may be wondering why Rival is capitalized. That's because I named my rival Rival, so that when I battle him, it says "Rival Rival wants to fight!" (Anyone who gets the reference gets... well, nothing because its a crappy reference). I spent all of two turns trying to PoisonPowder his Cyndaquil before just giving up and 3HKOing it like a boss while its puny Tackles did 2 or 3 damage.
After killing everything in Sprout Tower, trying to get Brick to a high enough level for him to take Falkner's BS lv.13 Pidgeotto's Gusts, I finally headed on over to the Gym. It did very well against the two fodder trainers and Falkner's Pidgey, but when his Pidgeotto came out the fight was on! PoisonPowder wasted one of my turns by missing like a boss but miraculously hit on the second turn. Unfortunately, Pidgeotto's Gusts did more damage than I had anticipated, and Brick's Tackles pretty much sucked. Plus, instead of that stupid Mud-Slap it had in the original Gold version, it has freaking Roost, which it happily spammed when it's health got low. Luckily, I was able to predict a few of them and hit him with Razor Leaf when it was wasting a turn being a Normal type. Plus, I had Synthesis and a few Potions, which did the same thing since Brick had 40 HP. (I only used one potion, though) Eventually, the poison and continued attacks proved too much for Pidgeotto, and it went down. Brick, who was lv.16 before the battle, grew a level and learned Reflect, thus allowing it to evolve.
Unfortunately, I've had to put the challange on hold, since I recently found out that you need Headbutt to get Aipom, and you need Cut to get Headbutt, and you need Bugsy's badge to use Cut, and there is zero chance of Brick getting past that Scyther of his. Tomorrow, though, I should be able to trade a Cleffa egg and a Pokemon that already knows Headbutt so that I don't get raped in the Azalea Gym. Adios!

Current team:

Bayleef (Brick) Lv. 22 @Miracle Seed
Relaxed Nature

-Razor Leaf

(I also have a Bellsprout and a Rattata, but they're HM slaves and not used in battle. I swear! You can't prove anything!)
Well, MoreThanBored, I am happy to say that for my Scramble I had GODCHU the Pikachu holding a Light Ball and wielding a Super-Effective Volt Tackle at level 10 when I battled Falkner. I wolud have felt better if I had Blossom the Chikorita and BunBun the Buneary on my team instead of boxed for that battle because Pika had only 1 HP left after slaughtering Falkner's team :(. I wish you luck with Random though :). MoreThanBored, I think that my luck will not last very long because at Whitney, I will have to overlevel TucknRoll the Sandshrew in order to learn Rollout in order to solo Whitney and he will be Disobeident while I do it:(
@MoreThanBored On a Mac, it's really simple. Just drag and drop the photos from Veekun.
I don't have a PC, but I imagine copy-pasting would work.
Also, for what it's worth, I would have gotten the Hitchhiker's reference.
MoreThanBored, I would have also gotten the Hitchhiker's refrence.
@SageChow, you get this exciting medium challenge. You get Mare the Marill. Mare cannot know any move that can be learned by a horse pokemon, or forget the move ASAP, and the BP of all the moves cannot exceed 140. One boosting move and one other status move is allowed. Solo every horse you face(ex. Pontya), but Mare can never battle any other fire types unless mare is the last member of your team. Solo any 1 gym leader after Chuck without more than 5 uses of SE moves and being only 5 levels higher than their GLMP(Gym Leader's Main Pokemon) to evolve. Finally, solo 140 pokemon, each of a different name, but wild is ok.

@Melody, you get Peck the Natu. Peck must keep Peck forever, and use it whenever Peck is thrown in. KO 25 pokemon with Peck to evolve, and Peck is always under the effects of both torment and taunt. Good luck to you both!!


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@Melody Rae

Yeah it's fine, Larson was just the first thing that popped into my head anyway. I find it hilarious that it managed to be female just to spite me though, despite it only being a 1/8 chance of being so.
Anyway, for your other scramble, take Slow Moe the Mareep. Slow Moe must have a -Speed nature. Slow Moe hates the fact that it's slow, and so won't attack any opponent that is faster than it (use Thunder Wave or Cotton Spore to slow them down). In order to evolve the first time it must Solo Bugsy's quick Scyther, to show that speed is overrated. To evolve again it must solo Morty's Gengar, to further prove that speed kills (errr, dies. Moe isn't great with metaphors).

@Sage Chow, since it seems the rules say you can't dismiss the non-creative ones like you said you would, I'm going to give you the LEAST CREATIVE CHALLANGE EVER >:O. Take a Bidoof and name it... Bidoof. A nickname is TOO ORIGINAL. It must use <insert move here> every time it enters battle. It must solo <Insert Gym Leader here> to evolve. If it encounters <insert Pokemon type here> it must either run from the battle or switch out.

And yes, <> tags means you get to insert your own ideas. I'm too unoriginal to come up with my own.

Enjoy :D
@Lafonda: Jesus, thank you. Gonna now reject Bellsprout then, unfortuneatly.

@Vratix: you try being stoned, tired and sick and see how much you give a crap about your grammar.

@Axmaster: I like it. But, clear something for me; torment is the one where you can't repeat a move, right? And Taunt is the one where you can only attack?

@Jimera: can't. I used Mareep my last two SS runs. :( Always welcome to other idea though. [Yes, I'm a hard gal to please. Even more so romantically, but that's irrelevant. <.<]

-Tentacool: King George [Is it alright if it's Queen Georgia if it's a female?], Liquid Ooze: combined Attack Power cannot exceed 120, clear Body: Must Solo Whitney's Miltank, Chuck's Primeape, Bruno's Hitmonchan and Lance's Gyarados
-Natu: Peck, must always start a battle with Peck, must KO 25 Pokemon with Peck to evolve, always under the affects of Taunt and Torment
@MelodyRae91,take Haxorus the Dunsparce. Check it's Ability.
If it has Serene Grace, It can only use moves with a secondary effect, example being: it may cause paralysis or flinch.
If it has Run Away, No restrictions until it learns Glare, then it may only battle Paralyzed Pokemon. Glare may be replaced with Thunder Wave if wanted.
Good luck!
@Serperior, Yeah, yeah, I forgot to edit it, shut up. e.e

@SS: done.

-Tentacool: King George if male, Queen Anne if Female, Liquid Ooze: combined Attack Power cannot exceed 120, clear Body: Must Solo Whitney's Miltank, Chuck's Primeape, Bruno's Hitmonchan and Lance's Gyarados
-Natu: Peck, must always start a battle with Peck, must KO 25 Pokemon with Peck to evolve, always under the affects of Taunt and Torment
-Dunsparce: Haxorus, if Serene Grace, can only use secondary effect moves, if Run Away, can only battle paralyzed Pokemon after learning Glare.
I wasn't trying to be rude when I said that it's name had to be Queen Anne. I didn't know(insert a sad face here).

Anyway HeartGold update: Went to battle Bugsy. At the start of the match, Blossom(still a Chikorita) set up Reflect and then died to a critical U-Turn. Bugsy sent out Kakuna and I sent out GODCHU. I took out Kakuna with one Volt Tackle. Bugsy then sent out Scyther again. Scyther outsped GODCHU, but all it did was Leer me while I used Volt Tackle. GODCHU leveled up after that OHKO. I then sent out BunBun to finish off Metapod. I'll give you another update after Whitney.
Eff it, I'll give you guys updates on my HG one aswell.

So, typical starting BS, got to Violet, dominated the Sprout Tower.. I was soloing until Ilex Forest with Lara. Kicked Falkner's butt in all of about ten seconds, went to school, came home, murdered Bugsy.. After 7 tries. Eventually gave Rock Tomb to Lara and it killed Scyther. Went to Goldenrod, up the the park road or whatever, captured Patriarch, got 3rd in the Bug Catching Contest with Crusher [Pinsir], went and domianted the Gym.

Current Team:

Lara the Croconaw

Level 21

Water Gun


Ice Fang

Rock Tomb

Victory the Gloom

Level 22

Sleep Powder


Mega Drain


Crusher the Pinsir

Level 21

Brick Break



Focus Energy

Patriarch the Nidoran-M

Level 22

Horn Attack

Double Kick

Focus Energy

Fury Attack

also, both Pinsir and Croconaw are shiny. Pinsir was a stroke of luck, Croconaw was about 230 SR's.


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Good news everyone, I've beaten the Elite 4 on my Pokemon Diamond! So it's time to wrap up this challange with an update and then a breakdown of the whole thing >:D.

First off, the team. I'll post more in detail summaries later, this is just copy/pasting what I've been posting every one of my updates.
Twiggy the Turtwig
Due to being a famous singer she must be female. Twiggy also doesn't like getting wet, so she must run from any Water type pokemon. If Twiggy is hit with any form of water she gets extremely angry and must use her most powerful attack (factoring STAB and resistances/weaknesses) until the perpetrator DIES (or faints...whatever). May evolve after soloing a gym leader of your choice (COMPLETE: Roark), and again after soloing all of the lackeys of two other gyms of your choice (Eterna complete).

Boo the Gastly
It doesnt like to be seen, so it can only attack while a pokemon is asleep. If the pokemon is awake it can only use Night Shade.
It must have this these 3 moves:
Dream Eater/Nightmare
Night Shade
The fourth move is your choice.
It can evolve into Haunter after it solos Fantina's Gengar, or reaches level 40 if incomplete.
It can evolve into Gengar after it solos Candice's Abomasnow and Volkner's Luxray, or reaches level 60 if incomplete.

Augustus the Carnivine

Augustus hates the fact that it floats above the ground, so it must use Ingrain the first turn it comes in every time. His only STAB is Solar Beam (from a TM ASAP), at least until it learns Power Whip. After that, he must replace Solar Beam. After he learns Power Whip, he must also solo every Grass-type you encounter to prove it's superiority.

Myopia the Girafarig
This Girafarig is has terrible eyesight, so it must use Odor Sleuth in order to attack a foe. (Girafarig learns Odor Sleuth at level 5)
After it learns Baton Pass at level 23, it loves BPing so much it can never switch out, only Baton Pass.

Ford the Slugma
Named after the only president who was never elected; you must never place him in the lead position. Note that you cán lead with him whenever a fainted pokemon occupies the first slot.

In an attempt to solve the Watergate scandal, the reason of his sudden appointment, he must solo 10 trainer owned water types to evolve into Magcargo. (COMPLETE! Thank you Magikarp >:D)

Because the Cold War was still going on he must learn a stat up move (Amnesia, Harden, Lightscreen, Substitute, Double Team.. etc). This is to keep up with the arms race that was going on at the time. But during his presidency there was also a certain relaxation in the political tension of the Cold War. To add to this 'détente' you must thaw any Ice Type you encounter with a super effective fire attack, to prevent the Cold War from escalating.

When he has evolved into Magcargo he still has an economic crisis to deal with. Solo Byron in an attempt to solve the prices of natural resources. You may use other team members to set up, but they must not attack. Should you fail, he must give up on one of his stab moves. (If he hasn't evolved at this point due to the water challenge you should solo any two trainers left to evolve)

Trollamus the Hippopotas

It likes summoning weather that no one else on its team likes, so it must be sent out first against every gym leader and E4 member not being soloed.

Anyway, last time I left off I had just obliterated Volkner. After that the trip to Victory Road was easy, but the Road itself was tedious and annoying, as Myopia and Augustus had a habit of fainting every time I tried to use them. More on that later though. Eventually I made it through and faced my Rival for the final time. This is the first time I had anything resembling difficulty with him, as he actually managed to faint Ford using Close Combat with his Heracross. Still, he wasn't that much trouble and sent him packing. After a bit of grinding, I finally went in to show the Elite Four who's really "elite" around these parts.

First off was Aaron, the Bug type specialist. Yeah, you already get the idea how this goes. Since I had to put Trollamus out first anyway he took down Dustox, and after that Ford Solo'd his entire team. Even his Heracross couldn't take it down... though that might have more to do with the stupid AI apparently not knowing type match-ups than actually being able to take a Close Combat. Anyway, by the time it DID decide to use it, I had already burned it and his Heracross carries Swarm instead of Guts (lol) so I completely walled him. Drapion similarly couldn't touch Ford.

After that it was on to Bertha, Ground type specialist. I had intended to swap to Augustus right away since she leads with Quaqsire, but a quick look on Bulbpedia showed me that it didn't carry any water type attacks, and was primarily intended to sandstorm stall. So, I just kept Trollamus in and EQ'd it to death. THEN I switched to Augustus, who proceeded to obliterate her whole team with Power Whip.

Next up was Flint, the supposed Fire type specialist with only two Fire types. Rapidash was easily taken down by Trollamus before it could do anything (it tried to use Solarbeam without putting up the sun first lol). Infernape came out after and met an equally swift end. Then came Lopunny. Oh boy, how this thing seems to pull bulk out of thin air. I started EQing it with Trollamus, who was Charmed to the point where he was running out of PP. So I switched to Twiggy, who ended up reaching the same end. This was possible because Flint kept tossing Full Restores around like they were candy at a parade. Eventually I decided to pull Boo out, who promply put it to sleep and devoured its sweet, sweet dreams. Drifblim was out next, and found itself getting sent off to dreamland as well, only it was nailed with Shadow Ball instead of having its dreams eaten. Finally out came Steelix, to whom I countered with Twiggy. Twiggy just fired off two Leaf Storms (one would've done it but I missed >.>) and put an end to the fight.

Lucian was up next and the first real challenge so far in the Elite 4. Mr. Mime fell quickly to Trollamus, but not before getting Reflect set up. Next came Medicham, so I switched to Boo. Boo put it to sleep and Shadow Ball'd it to death, and would've done to the same to Alakazam except the damn thing MISSED. it had used Energy Ball (why?) on Boo before and out-sped it, so I couldn't stay in with Boo and risk a Psychic to the face. I switched to Augustus, figuring it could KO it with Crunch or get something else a free switch in. For some reason it Recovering off tiny amounts of Sandstorm damage while Augustus got his roots down, but to my great disappointment Crunch did not OHKO and you better believe that Lucian had lots of Fell Restores. Eventually Augustus got KO'd and I was in a bind with who to switch to. I decided Twiggy, figuring an EQ should do it. I think that worked (I'm already forgetting durrrrr), and then Girafarig came out. For some reason I switched to Boo, forgetting that Shadow Ball doesn't touch it, and Dream eater did diddly squat. Of course it wakes up right after I tried it out just to see and OHKO's Boo with Shadow Ball. I swap Trollamus in and Crunch the hell out it, and finally out comes his Bronzong. I know from Bulbapedia it has EQ so I'm worried about switching Ford in but I do it anyway, figuring that Bronzong isn't exactly a powerhouse and Ford has great Defense. So in Ford goes, and Bronzong proceeds to use everything except EQ. Eventually I burn it, but it gets into the red so of course another Full Restore pops out. I luck out and burn it again on the next attack, which is a damn good thing because it finally decides to EQ and even burned it takes out over half Fords health. I stall it a bit using Recover until it gets within KO range then finish the fight.

Finally comes the Champion, and my all-time favorite Pokemon character, Cynthia. Hoo boy, did I know this was going to be tough, and I wasn't wrong. First off was Spiritomb, which took a few hits from Trollamus to take down but didn't do much in return. She swaps to Milotic after this, and despite knowing it carries Ice Beam I switch to Augustus anyway since I don't really have anything else to take it out with. I manage to get in the Ingrain on a Surf and notice 2 things. One, that the damn thing is faster than Augustus and two, that surf did 1/3 of his health and it was goddamn resisted. Fully expecting to get KO'd by an Ice Beam, I go for the Power Whip anyway and lo and behold, the dumbass uses AQUA RING instead of Ice Beam. Que OHKO. But this is when shit really got serious, because next up she brought out Garchomp. Cynthia's Garchomp is bad enough normally but let's not forget that I was forced by Trollamus to set up Sandstorm at the start of the match, so Sand Veil would be in action too. Not wanting to risk Hypnosis missing with Boo despite the fact she's immune to 3 of its attacks, I switch to Twiggy instead. I start out with Leaf Storm hoping to do massive damage, and land a crit! And it still fails to KO! Sitrus berry kicks in, putting it in the yellow, so I'm thinking that I have an opportunity to KO with EQ without her using Full Restore. I'm nearly crushed when it only puts in in the red. So of course, Full Restore gets applied to it and I even miss the EQ on the turn she uses it. Eventually Twiggy falls to Dragon Rush, and I send Boo out hoping to god that I outspeed and that Hypnosis doesn't miss. Unfortunately I don't outspeed. Thankfully Dragon Rush has crappy accuracy, and thankfully Hypnosis decided to hit once when it counted. So I proceed to Shadow Ball the land shark, looking at a shaky 3HKO. Of course wouldn't you know it, the damn thing wakes up on the final turn and KO's with Dragon Rush. I swap to Myopia now, basically just leaving him as death fodder while I revive my other pokemon. I first revive Boo and switch to her, but am KO'd on the switch by Dragon Rush to my immense annoyance. Back to Myopia, I revive Twiggy, and Myopia is KO'd. Twiggy finally manages to KO the damn thing, and is put up against her Lucario. I go for the Earthquake but am KO'd by Aura Sphere before Twiggy can move. So I switch to Trollamus, who KO's with Earthquake after tanking a Psychic. Roserade comes out next so I send out Ford for one last tango. After tossing up another Light Screen, Ford easily defeats her, but next comes face to face with Gastrodon. Obviously not standing a chance, I switch to the only Pokemon I have left capable of standing a chance against it; Augustus. I'm terrified that he'll get KO'd with Sludge Bomb before he can land the kill, but I have no choice. Much to my relief, the Sludge Bomb never comes and despite missing with Power Whip once Augustus still manages to take Gastrodon down and win the battle.

All in all, I can't remember the last time I used so many max revives in one battle. I think I used 3 that match... geeze. I feel like a cheat for that, but unless I were to grind up several more levels it's not like I had much choice.

Well now, for a break down of my team and eventually the reveal of the MVP and LVP! All Pokemon are shown with the levels/moves they had after defeating Cynthia.

Trollamus (Hippowodon), Level 59
- Earthquake
- Crunch
- Strength
- Ice Fang

Trollamus was one of my most trusty and useful members, at least after he evolved and got access to the fang attacks for coverage. Even before then he was pretty useful. Having no restrictions of his own, he was one of the only Pokemon on my team I could shape to my will. He could take most hits and hit back hard enough to KO. However, anything packing special water or grass attacks sent him packing and his low speed left him vulnerable at times. Hell, having his Sandstorm actually helped my team more often than it hurt it, especially with Ford, turning him into one hell of a tank. Only time it really bothered me was back when Augustus still had Solarbeam, meaning I had to run Sunny day on him. Overall though, Trollamus was a great asset to my team.

Ford (Magcargo), Level 60
- Recover
- Light Screen
- Lava Plume
- Ancient Power

Ah Ford, what an interesting teammate you made. I traded him over to my game right from the start... but did so at lv 1. Apparently, I was under the impression you couldn't trade eggs. As a guy who's been playing Pokemon since it first came to North America, I'm pretty embarrassed about that. As you can imagine, this lead to a lot of difficulty at the start as Ford was usually over-leveled and disobedient. Despite this, even then he managed to be useful by nature of Flame Body, which frequently allowed him to defeat opponents while never getting off an attack. After the 4th gym was beaten he finally stopped being disobedient for good, and after he evolved man did he begin to shine. I had been using him in a defensive role already thanks to Recover, Light Screen and Flame Body, and now that he gained much better defenses and actually did what I told him, he was even more adept at that role. The only issue was those itty bitty 4x weaknesses to both ground and water, along with normal weaknesses to fighting and rock. Those held him back a bit, but usually anything not carrying a water or ground type move was obliterated by him, and he proved to be a very useful Pokemon at virtually all gyms and elite four members, in large part due to the incredible defenses he acquires in Sandstorm behind a Light Screen. Ford might've been trouble at the start, but sticking with him paid off in spades. Not bad for a Pokemon that's so bad competitively it's downright laughable.

Mypoia (Girafarig), Level 58
- Odor Sleuth
- Psychic
- Agility
- Baton Pass

Oh Myopia, what you could have been. If only you weren't forced to use Odor Sleuth on every single Pokemon you wanted to attack. It seemed like such a small restriction, but did it turn into one hell of a pain in the ass. Coupled with his poor defenses, it meant that Myopia never could stay out long and was useless as a Psychic type attacker in any important fight. Instead, I used his ability to Baton Pass Agility to my largely slow team. That helped a fair bit in several gym battles, but towards the end even that roll became less useful. Still, he did what he could and got me through a few key points that would've been nigh-impossible otherwise.

Boo (Gengar), Level 58
- Hypnosis
- Dream Eater
- Shadow Ball
- Night Shade

Boo here is a girl full of tricks. Right from the start she surprised me with her usefulness. Despite only being able to use Night Shade since I couldn't get Hypnosis until I got to Pastoria city and was able to re-learn it, she still managed to be a key member of my team. Her lack of bulk wasn't as big a deal as I expected, and Night Shade's ability to hit through resistances proved very useful back when my team consisted of only her, Ford and Twiggy. The real treat came after she finally gained access to Hypnosis though. I had never really appreciated what a deadly combo Hypnosis/Dream Eater is when your opponent never switches until now, and Boo's speed allowed me to make great use of it. Each time she evolved she got even more useful, able to take greater hits and outspeed more threats. The only real issue was Hypnosis' shaky 70% accuracy, which would sometimes let me down at key moments and lead to Boo getting her pretty little ass whupped. Despite that though she managed to remain a prime contender for MVP from start to finish.

Augustus (Carnivine), Level 59
- Ingrain (uhg)
- Power Whip
- Return
- Crunch

Augustus is another member of my team held back by a combination of having to set up something next to useless when first entering battle, and having terrible defenses with which to go about it. Because of that, Augustus was the source of no end of frustration for me, always getting status'd or half-ko'd the turn he set up Ingrain. At least Ingrain countered out Sandstorm damage and healed him up a bit. Not as bad as Odor Sleuth. Still, it was even more frustrating than Myopia because I NEEDED Augustus for so many things. He was my only answer to bulky water types thanks to Twiggy's restrictions, and getting confused by Water Pulse every time he used Ingrain caused no end of grief. It was even worse before he learned Power Whip as he was forced to use Power Whip for his STAB. Combined with the fact Sandstorm is often active when I'm playing thanks to Trollamus, I NEEDED Sunny Day to get any use of the one thing I HAD to use to make him useful. The good news was that after he set up Ingrain and Sunny Day (and often had an Agility BP'd to him), he could easily sweep most teams. The bad news was setting that up was a massive fucking pain that frequently went wrong. Despite all this, I still could not have succeeded without him and he proved incredibly valuable against the Elite Four and Cynthia. For that, he has my thanks.

Twiggy (Torterra), Level 58
- Rock Climb
- Earthquake
- Giga Drain
- Leaf Storm

And of course, my starter, Twiggy. Who was supposed to be a she but I totally forgot until after the 1st gym and I was all like "screw it, not restarting". Anyway, he was there from the very start to the very end, and was a force all along the way. In the begining in particular he was invaluable, the clear MVP all the way through the first few gyms. But as my team started to come into its own, his role began to diminish. Trollamus generally functioned better as a ground type attacker and defender, while Twiggy's thrice damned water type restriction meant the his Grass type moves saw little use except whatever draining move he currently had for healing. On top of that I was forced to replace Crunch with the inferior Rock Climb just so I didn't have to lug around 3 HM slaves. Despite becoming somewhat overshadowed, Twiggy never stopped being useful and was always a reliable plan B whenever plan A failed.

Alright, and now for the moment you've all been waiting for the MV- oh wait, that's right. Still gotta to LVP. Well guess you'll just have to wait a moment :P

I really wish Myopia could have been more useful, and it would have if not for her damn restrictions. Between the two of them, I had only 2 moveslots left open, and if I wanted to make use of BP at all I had to fill in one of them with a boosting move. Even if he had been able to use more attacking moves though, the Odor Sleuth restriction would have still brought her down. Having to use it every single time a new opponent came forth if she wanted to attack them meant he usually couldn't make it through more than one or two opponents at a time. I had hoped for Baton Pass to be his saving grace, and while it did help for a while it wasn't long before Agility became mostly useless... or in the few opportunities it might be useful, Myopia would get bowled over before he could pass it. I've always had a soft spot for Girafarig, so it really pained me for him to end up being so useless. Maybe some other time buddy... when you aren't blind as a bat.

Ok, now for the REAL MVP! This wasn't easy to choose, as everyone but Augustus and Myopia were real contenders, but eventually I narrowed it down tooooooo...!

Trollamus had me worried at the start I'll let yah know. I didn't much like the idea of having Sandstorm blowing in my face all the time, and his lack of speed had me worried. That all changed once he evolved though, and he suddenly had the best coverage on my team along with the best attack stat and the bulk to take any hit thrown at him. If only I had decided to breed him instead of catch him so he could have Slack Off... he'd have been perfect. Even his attempts to troll me with his Sandstorm at gym battles fell flat, as half my team is immune to it anyway and Ford gets an enormously useful Sp. Def. boost out of it. Putting it like this makes him look the clear cut MVP but it wasn't easy. Boo was next closest, for her ability to obliterate anything that didn't resist both Dream Eater and Shadow ball, but she was just too unreliable. One missed Hypnosis and BOOM, so much for that. Trollamus could afford to be haxed and still win, thanks to his huge bulk and insane attack power. All he needed usually was one attack, and you could bet he'd eventually get that attack in.

Alright everyone, that about wraps it up! I might continue to do the post-league stuff on this Daimond file, but I'm not sure I'll stick to the restrictions through it anymore lol. Instead I think I'll be starting a new Scramble soon, but first I got to decide which game to do it on :P. I'll let you know when I'm ready for the next one, so stay tuned!
Well I guess I follied my own plans. I get ninja'd so often while busting my ass off to double check loopholes or finding a cool story, costing me the chance to issue my challange in time. I just wanted to hand you the freedom to issue something crazy. Vratix, maybe next time you can show me the courtisy of waiting until I actually decline a challange..

Jimera, had me laughing. Decided to fill in the brackets anyways. Um.. Swagger, Gardenia, Wooper, Flint. Nice update by the way!
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