Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2


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@KS: I like it! Of course you had to troll me and not let me evolve before Brawly, but I asked for it to be difficult and you came through. One question though, may I flip the coin for my evolution now? The reason I ask is that Ninjask learns many useful moves at level 20 that I wouldn't want to bypass, while Shedinja does not. Flipping for evolution now would let me know whether I can grind Nincada past level 20 for his/her Brawly solo or not.

Also, I just recently (as in like ten minutes ago) read your Sapphire challange progress! It looks really nice so far! Excited for the next installment. :)
For those of you who don't know, I have my Archer battle done, and I plan on finishing up the rest during the Super Bowl!

(Yes, I'm American, but I hate both of the teams in the super bowl)

Also, I finished Star the Minun for you, Mafeking.


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@KS what's there to say? It's pretty much the same deal as your last ones, though I am glad you've finally picked up Wrath. I'm still astounded at the speed you're churning these out too... you've gotten through 6 chapters in the time it takes me to put up one!

@Mafeking my Mudkip challenge is ready. I strongly suggest that Axmaster take a look at it too, as imagine he'll get a kick out of it :P


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@Jimera: I don't suppose I could coerce you to let me use Water Gun solely for Roxanne and nothing else, can I? Otherwise I'm going to have a stupidly difficult time beating her with Tackle and a Nincada, disregarding any other early game Pokemon I may get.

The team is updated as for what I have so far! Still need someone to give me a Castform challange. :3

@KS: Many thanks! I got heads, so I'll be taking a Ninjask.


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@Jimera: I don't suppose I could coerce you to let me use Water Gun solely for Roxanne and nothing else, can I? Otherwise I'm going to have a stupidly difficult time beating her with Tackle and a Nincada, disregarding any other early game Pokemon I may get.

The team is updated as for what I have so far! Still need someone to give me a Castform challange. :3
Nope, no water gun. I can give you a hint though; Mud-Slap isn't STAB at that point in your game. You wanted hard! :P


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...derp. I completely forgot about that. Thanks Jimera!

EDIT: Wait. Mud Slap is unlearnable by Totodile and Oshawott...

EDIT2: Nevermind. Totodile gets it via EggMove.
Can some people give me a medium challenge with Pokemon Green (Gen 1)
I havent played through it yet, but i assume its pretty much Red/Blue, but Green. I'll be putting these episodes onto YT (no comms :() for "proof" as such, thanks.

I'm still uploading Pokemon Silver LP's to YT, so as soon as thats done, i'll upload these. No threats though, i will be playing through it starting Friday at the latest, possibly even tomorrow - If i get enough pokes to use.

Edit 2:
Got my 6 pokemon.

Squirtle,(Backbreak) - Body Slam/Seismic Toss/Fissure/Surf
Eevee, - Jolteon (Muffin), ThunderBolt/Double Kick, Solo Rival before E4
Caterpie, (Early worm) - Beat up only Pidgey, then as Metapod only Caterpie/Weedle family, then as Butterfree always have confusion and Solo Erika
Anything i want, (Counter) Has to be a flyer pretty much - Counter...
Hitmonlee, (Bruce) Beat all Rat/Mouse like Pokemon and Solo Alakazam from Sabrina
Drowzee. (DD) Solo Blaine, no items and must know teleport.
iamQ, I'll reserve Backbreak the Squirtle for you.

Editing now...

This Squirtle is very sadistic and likes to use techniques to Break the spinal columns of it's foes. Here is how he does it:
1). He tosses his foes in a seismic fashion into the ground.
2). He slams his body with full force.
3). Crushing the spines of foes is usually a OHKO, so teach him Fissure.
4). Giant tsunamis will also cruse spines, so teach it Surf.

Solo Bruno, the Fighting Dojo, your Rival at the Silph Co. And Nugget Bridge.

Evolve once after the solo at nugget bridge. Evolve a second time after the Fighting Dojo.

Good luck!


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Assuming that Green has the same movesets as R/B/Y, I'll reserve an Eevee.

EDIT: Take Muffin the Eevee, which is really not an Eevee.

You must evolve Muffin as soon as you get him/her in Celadon. Since you already have a Squirtle, Muffin may only evolve into either Flareon on Jolteon. Your restrictions depend on who you evolve into. Flip a coin for this! Heads means Flareon, tails means Jolteon.

-Because Flareon's attack stat is so high, it must always know Quick Attack.
-It's also a Fire-type, so make sure it knows Fire Spin!
-To prove it is dominant over other Fire-types, it must either solo all the Trainers in Blaine's Gym, or it must solo Blaine himself.
-Muffin is sad that he used to be a Normal-type, so use him at least once against Agatha in the Elite Four to show her that Ghosts can't control Fire-types!

-Jolteon loves to fight, so it must only know attacking moves. One of which must be Double Kick.
-If you choose to teach Muffin Thunderbolt (via TM) you must have him/her solo your Rival in the battle before the Elite Four.
-If you forego Thunderbolt, then you need to teach Muffin Hyper Beam (via TM) but he does not have to solo your Rival.
-Have Muffin solo Lorelei!
Reserving a spot for iamQmai. Editing now.

You get Early Worm the Caterpie. Wait, Early Worm? Yeah, that's right. The early worm catches the bird, right? Therefore, as a Caterpie, it can only level up by battling Pidgey. When it evolves into Metapod, it realizes that it had the phrase wrong and thinks that bird catching is lame. Being on top of other worms is where it's at. Now, it can only level up by battling Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, and Kakuna. When it becomes a Butterfree, it becomes obsessed with Confusion, and must keep it forever along with one and only one other attacking move, which may be replaced at will. Have it solo Erika for good measure. That is all.
By that, do you mean it can only fight Pidgey full stop? Nothing else but Pidgey? Or can it fight others, but only level up via Pidgey?

PS. I got tails - so thats Jolteon (ik you're thinking i cheated :P, i flipped it 30 times, 18 times it was tails. And the first one was tails. Tails was never behind either)
Reserving for Qmai.

Take Counter, the _____. Choose whatever Pokemon you want. That Pokemon starts with 5 counters.

Every time you use a HM move outside of battle (or flash, sweet scent, or any field move really), you have to spend one counter.

Every time you use a healing item (on anyone), you gain one Heal Counter (HC). When you get 5 HC's, you lose one of your regular counters, and reset to 0 HCs again.

When Counter uses a STAB move, lose one regular counter. If this move is above 70 BP, lose two regular counters instead.

When you reach 0 regular counters, you must throw out every single item in your bag that can be thrown out (items, poke balls, TM's, etc). One moveslot on Counter is removed permanently.

To gain a regular counter, use Counter to solo a Gym trainer. For each trainer solo'd, gain one regular counter.

Alternatively, solo 5 Rocket Grunts with Counter, and gain 1 counter.

Soloing a Gym Leader with Counter gains 2 counters., have an abacus handy. :)
Reserving for Mafeking (I think you still have a slot open?)
And also reserving for iamQmai. Be warned though, I probably won't be on for at least a day.

Edit: Okay, turns out I lied :p
Mafeking, take :( the Castform (I haven't checked, but if you can't name it that then call it Sanface). :( is extremely sad that it is such a weak pokemon, even with such an awesome ability. But it must do its best to improve itself. It refuses to get any help at all, so you may never use any item on :( in battle (hold items are okay.) :( is also quite angry that it is so weak. So to vent its fury to the world, it must learn and keep Hail forever, and must use it at the start of every battle. But this comes with its own set of problems- it turns :( into an Ice type! And as we all know, Ice types are the most horrible defensively as can possibly be. So make :( solo 10 pokemon of each type that Ice is weak to (don't have time to look it up now, sorry.) Dual-typed pokemon only count for their primary typing (e.g. Aron only counts as a solo for the Steel type, since Rock is its secondary typing.) But even after doing all of this, :( is still a sucky pokemon! But :( is determined to be the best it can be. Now, :( must always be the highest-levelled member of your team- no exceptions. It must also eat all of your Rare Candys and Vitamins, as well as any you get in the future (if you can't use Vitamins any more, then throw them out.) And finally, :( must hold the Macho Brace forever. Now that :( has received a massive power boost, it is sure that it can take on the world!! Get :( to solo Drake of the E4 to prove its worth!! If it wins, then rename it :D (or Smiley). Have fun!!

iamQmai, take Bruce the Hitmonlee. This Hitmonlee is not like other Hitnmonlee... its TOP PERCENT!! To prove that its better than Rattata, make it solo every Rattata/Raticate, and every other mouse or rat-like pokemon for good measure. But this is too easy right? WRONG!! Bruce is so top percent that it can beat the best poekmon in the game. In gen 1, that of course is the Psychic type. Bruce must solo Sabrina's Alakazam, and Mewtwo as well (if you decide to keep going after the E4). But Bruce, being a Fighting type, also has another weakness- Flying types!! So to overcome its weakness, Bruce must solo your Rival's Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot every time you battle him (after you get Bruce, of course.) Oh, and since Bruce can win at ANYTHING, buy a Porygon from the game corner (yeah this is optional I guess, but a true srcambler would take it on.) Enjoy!


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iamQmai, you have just got yourself DD the Drowzee.

This Drowzee, you see, comes from a another unknown world, & has come to this world for some unknown reason. Drowzee also has the capabilities to make his way from this world to his world, & back. To reflect this, it must know & keep Teleport. His life is also important, & if he's about to die in the real world, he escapes to his world & only comes back when he's in fighting form. To reflect this, if Drowzee faints, you must box him & not use him again until 3 hours Game time has passed (Starting from the moment you box him). Drowzee doesn't believe in items, so you cannopt use any items on him. Lastly, when you come across Blaine, you notice that your Drowzee wants to fight him, as if he had a score to settle with him, so as a result, he must solo Blaine.

So, in short...
-DD the Drowzee
-Must know & keep Teleport
-If he faints, you must box him for three hours game time before youcan use him again
-You cannot use items on him
-Must solo Blaine

Have fun.
Ok, i've just started this, and nicknames can only be 5 letters long :/
So i'll have these nicknames:

And Everything is in Japanese, so i might get a few moves wrong, but maybe not :P
Welcome to DEMo_Gorgon47's Pokemon Black Hard-Very Hard Pokemon Scramble. Stay tuned for more updates!!

Important Stuff:
1. This will be on Black Version
2. The difficulty is Hard-Very Hard
3. The THEME is: Ultimate Villians in Sci-fi/Fantasy

Restrictions, Rules, and the Like:
1. Try to avoid major typing over laps and overkill on common weaknesses (i.e., lets avoid having 3 grass types or having 4 pokemon that are all weak to one type)
2. Creativity is a must, and please, only partake if you know about the theme.
3. The difficulty level is Hard-Very Hard. (extreme challenges are iffy, though I might accept them)
4. I dont have an action replay, game shark, or any other cheating device. Also, I do not have a White version (I have 2 Black Cartridges.) So any trades that may be required have to be compatable witth Black to Black.
5. Don't make me look for a bunch of Pokemon that have a rarity of only 10%. Let me at least find them.
6. Very Hard challenges can still have some fun aspects.
7. Reservations have a time limit of 1 hour
8. Follow the theme

The Team and the Smogoners Responsible:

1. Torgura the Sawk (King Serperior)
2. Darth Vader the Axew (Its_A_Random)
3. Anakin the Purrloin (Axmaster68)
4. Shai'tan the Yamask (Jimera0)
5. Kerrigan the Pawniard (nJoyUrAIDS)
6. Megatron the Tepig (Treadshot A1)
Take Togura the Sawk!

Togura, when you find him, has a 0% power. As such, he must only know these moves:
Bide, Focus Energy, Work Up, and Double Kick (unusable).

Beat one trainer immediately after capture to make him see his weakness. You must now make him sell his soul to you in order to gain more power.

How do you have him gain power? Simple: every 2 trainers solo'd gives him a 3% power increase. Every 5 Gym trainers gives him a 4% power increase. All major battles soloed gives him an 10% power increase.

Easy, right? Wrong!!

Here is what happens as he becomes more powerful:

0%: Bide, Work Up, Focus Energy, and an unusable Double Kick.
1%: As he has now sold his soul to you, you may now use Double Kick, but only when in the red.
5%: Replace Work Up ASAP! He goes dormant for 15 trainer battles (unusable at this time).
10%: He can use moves of a max BP of 40 now. Remove Double Kick.
15%: he learns that helping is unnatural. He may never switch in unless he is the last poke.
20%: He is tired of playing around. Kill a total of 20 birds!
25%: BP cap has increased to 55. Attempt to solo a gym without healing.
30%: if you failed the solo, increase your BP to 60 and cut off healing all together (except Pokecenters). If you succeeded, you will be granted a 10% power increase!
35%: Souls are needed to fuel you. Kill 5 children (preschoolers and similar).
40%: Must solo a rival at this stage.
45%: solo another rival using just one attack.
50%: if you failed the gym solo earlier, solo another one. If you succeeded, lay dormant in the next gym (unusable).
60%: power is increasing at a rapid pace!! Choice Locked until 70% power.
70%: you break your bonds and attack!! BP cap is increased to 75.
80%: You are tormented by the souls of the ones you have killed!
90%: solo Dragonspiral tower! BP cap is increased to 120!
105%: you are undefeated!! Solo the fighting E4!
110%: Solo N!! He is the only way to achieve victory!!

Please note that you have to reach the power level before you can do any solos.

Alrightio DEMo_Gorgon47, you get DarthVader the Axew.

DarthVader is a very evil Axew indeed & to reflect this, it must know & keep as many Dark Type moves as possible. However, the good news is that's all the restrictions you get on Axew itself (As far as moves & evolution is cconcerned)! The bad news is that because you also got a Darth Vader Purrloin, this Darth Vader is very jealous of the other Darth Vader mon you got, & thinks he's the real Darth Vader. As a result...
-You cannot use this Darth Vader in the same battle you use the other Darth Vader, & vice versa.
-This Darth Vader cannot learn any move the other Darth Vader currently knows.
-Each time you solo a trainer with the other Darth Vader, this Darth Vader must solo the very next trainer you face, so it can get even with it.
-If for some strange reason, the two Darth Vaders are on the field at the same time, this Darth Vader cannot switch out & must concentrate all its attacks on the other Darth Vader, you cannot use Items when this event occurs.
That's not all. This competitive streak also means it develops a hatred for Purrloin & Liepard, meaning it must solo every Purrloin & Liepard you face from the moment you get it (This is a low priority, & is overriden by conflicting solos), & ultimately, it must solo Grimsley without any items & with only Dark Type moves.

Have fun... :/

Will be giving a Darth Vader based Purrloin.

EDIT2: DEMo, take Anakin the Purrloin. Anakin is just a small child, so he can only use the first 4 moves he has until he proves himself. To do so, he must solo both of your rivals once, and get one move in 10 types. After this, he must learn Pursuit ASAP, as the Cancellor has started to get to him. He must then solo Burgh to prove himself to the Chancellor. At this point, he turns to the dark side. Now, he is under the effects of Taunt, Torment, and cannot hold an item other than Lagging Tail. He must learn Fake Out ASAP, and sets a BP limit on himself of 40. Now, he must solo all of Elesa's trainers and one of your rivals. At this time, he can evolve, and rename him Vader(NOT after the mod, after Darth Vader(stupid 10 charecter limit)). After this, he wants to show the world his new evil suit, so have him participate in 5 musicals, in each of which he is dressed in black. With that done, he wants to show off his skills. Now, have him solo Brycen, 20 trainers, and the first trainer in every route (seperate from the 20 stated earlier). He must also complete 5 more contests, dressing agian in all black. He must use NVE moves whenever possible, and must come in and avenge any of your fainted members (to take advantage of their power). Even so, he must fall. He attempts to solo Drayden, but fails, only KOing 1 pokemon, thus ending his life as an evil mastermind. After this, he cannot be used until the E4. He must solo 1 member of the E4 each time (exluding the Dark and Fighting members), and KO all Dark types owned by Ghestis in the final battle. All solos must be with 1 item or less.

Please, don't turn into an evil mastermind while working with this challange...

Finally, if you'd like, you can say/sing/write "I'm all right, _____ _____ ________ ________ _______" (you can go anywhere from 1 word to 5 words here).

EDIT: Since both IAR and Jimera need Drayden, and KS needs Bianca AND Cheren, have it be Clay. (I apologize if this is off timing, but what has to be done has to be done.)

EDIT#4: Well, I guess you get 2 Vaders. IAR and I had the same idea.... oh joy...

It will be a Yamask.

EDIT3: thanks IAR for changing his solo to Grimsley, now I can do this as planned.

EDIT4: DEMo, take a Yamask and name it Shai'tan. Yes, that's right... The Dark One himself will be aiding you in your journey... or are you aiding him? In any case, he's here but there is a problem. You see, he's kind of really sealed away inside the prison of his mask (hey, it's a different age than the one in the Wheel of Time series. You should hear about the one where he's sealed in a literal tin can)! As such, he cannot affect the material world directly (no direct attacks) except for slowly befouling the world with his dark power (Night Shade). Instead he must act through indirect methods (status moves). He can expand to a slightly more spacious prison (evolving) by soloing both your "friends" once. There's one more issue you have to deal with him. Every time you send him out into battle, the world shifts and you suddenly feel ill fortune on yourself! This manifests itself in the form of you not being able to command Shai'tan every second turn. Instead, you must roll a die to determine your next move. 1 is the top left, 2 the top right, 3 the bottom left and 4 the bottom right. 5 means you must use an item or switch out, and 6 means Shai'tan resigns from the battle completely and cannot be used again until you reach the over world again. This restriction can be lifted though... if you can figure out why every time you send Shai'tan into battle you get cursed! You notice that for some reason you are not cursed when Shai'tan is dragged out by Roar or Whirlwind or similar moves... what could that mean? If you figure it out, message me and I'll tell you if you're right or not!

Finally Shai'tan's goal is to destroy the pattern, but in order to do that he needs to defeat the Dragon Reborn... Drayden! Defeat the Dragon and finally Shai'tan will have succeeded in his eons long goal! Except that it won't work, since it turns out that shai'tan jumped the gun by assuming Drayden was the Dragon Reborn... Well he had dragons dammit! Shai'tan will continue to search with you for him, until the wheel stops turning... and you will have no choice but to keep him with you. You didn't think you could just send the dark one away when you felt like it did you? (you can never have him leave your party).

So DEMo you get one of my favorite villains and it will be Kerrigan(the queen of blades from the starcraft series) the Pawniard.
My restrictions on this Pawniard are because it is the queen of blades all of its moves have to do with blades and if it ever has a move that is unrelated to blades it is not allowed to use that move. So basically it can only use moves like swords dance, scratch, fury cutter, night slash, slash, guillotine, i think you get the jist of it, to evolve into a bisharp it needs to solo 10 trainers in Victory Road. It must then solo Ghost and Psychic member of the Elite 4 (except for 1 member, Reserved for Anakin/Vader)

You get Megatron, the Tepig. This Tepig is just kinda...well, useless. Going off the three (really crap) films, Megatron got dumped in the ocean first movie, was The Fallen's b*tch the second, and did nothing useful the third. Your challenge will be divided into three sections as well.

In the first section, Megatron must never faint unless it is a direct result of a Water attack. And he must never live a water attack either. So basically either die to a Water attack, or don't get hit by one. If you break either criteria, one of your pokemon permanently loses a moveslot. Since Megatron couldnt finish his foe in the forest, whenever you are in a forest area, Meagtron may not make a KO. He may fight, but cannot KO anything. This counts for status moves too, so if something dies from Toxic damage, and Megatron was the one that cast toxic, you fail this restriction. Lose a moveslot upon failure, This section ends when you get your third badge. You may take back half of te moveslots your pokemon team gave up (so if you failed twice, you would gain back one moveslot).

Second section is easy. Choose one of your pokemon. Megatron becomes that pokemon's servant. That pokemon may not enter battle unless it is switched in, in place of Megatron, or if Megatron faints. Megatron may only use moves that are if a type its master can learn. This section ends upon attainment of your 6th badge.

Third section has Megatron play a useless filler role. One of your teamamates is a traitor (if you have a red pokemon, that's the traitor, if not, just pick one). Megatron may fight, however he cannot have too much screen time, so in any one battle (per pokemon, not per trainer) Megatron must be in battle for fewer turns than the traitor. Since Megatron is really useless, don't use it in any gym battles or major battles like rivals. Oh, and he must solo all wild pokemon which are black/purple/blue.

**Warning: I had to edit nJoyUrAIDS' challenge from soloing two Gym Leaders of my choice to soloing the Ghost and Psychic members of the E4 (which may or may not have made it harder)-- excluding 1 member reserved for Anakin the Purrloin-- and that I must also solo 10 trainers in Victory Road to evolve it. This is because by the time I get a Pawniard, all the Gym Leaders will have be beaten, and I do not want to trade over a Pawniard from my other game. (because of the boost in EXP + the Lucky Egg boost = Unfair/Less of a Challenge) As well as Axmasters to only Soloing Dark-Types owned by Ghetsis (because another pokemon needs to Solo N), as well as instead of soloing one Pokemon from each E4 member, only Soloing that of the Ghost and Psychic (again, because other Solo's interfere) I also changed KS's challenge from 5 trainers solo'd to 2. I also editted Jimera0 challenge so that Yamask cannot be forcibly resigned to switched out during solos, as some solos only get one chance to be done.**


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Unfortunately, I already have to solo Brawly with Nincada. Would you like to pick a different leader for College to solo?

That said, here's my list of teammates!

-No Fire moves, nor SolarBeam.
-Fully special, except Rock Throw.
-Shadow Ball.
-Solo Tate's Solrock and do no damage to Liza's Lunatone.
-Defeat Phoebe's highest leveled Banette, Dusclops, and Sableye.

-Solo Brawly
Flipped my coin, got Heads, so I'm going the Ninjask route.
-One STAB move / one non-STAB move / Toxic
-Always solo rival after evolution.
-Must hold a Nugget.
-Can not attack unless you have a Speed boost.
-Solo Sidney

-May only use moves used by enemy Pokemon.
-After one evolution, he must learn a new move on every Route.
-Solo Flannery.
-To evolve again, have moves of different types, use Blizzard five times in Hail, and win 3 contests.
-This moveset is now permanent.
-Solo Glacia.

-Solo Trick House every time.
-Solo all Electric-types, including Wattson.
-Only healing items (five per Gym).
-Baton Pass and Helping Hand.
-No BP above 50, except Spark which must always be used first.
-No double battles with Luna.
-Solo Norman.
-Win 5 Contests of each kind.
-Sing a lot.

-Can only learn moves that Totadile and Oshawott can learn in Generation V.
-Only STAB move can be Surf.
-Solo (Trainerx5): Ground, Water, Grass, Fighting, Steel types. (To evolve, both times).
-Evolve after Flannery and after Tate and Liza.
-Solo Wallace.
-Wear BlackGlasses.

-No items during battle.
-Solo (Pokemonx10): Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel.
-Highest leveled member of the team.
-Eat all Rare Candies and Vitamins, must hold Macho Brace.
-Solo Drake.

Quicker / Funny updates to come shortly.

<Location Unknown. Probably the North Pole, or deep underneath the Earth>

Everything is black! A faint light in front of me informs me that I'm not actually blind, just trapped in a strange room of darkness and death and destruction and debauchery and delinquents and

"We humans live alongside Pokemon, at times as friendly playmates, and at times as cooperative workmates. And sometimes, we band together and battle others like us."

...where did that voice come from. :I

A strange smoothie that appears to be orange-mango levitates in front of my eyes. I grab it greedily and begin making obnoxious slurping noises.


But wait! Pokemon! I know what those are! I must indeed still be on my own planet. Though, where?

"To unravel Pokemon mysteries, I've been undertaking research."

Shit I'm trapped in some mad scientist's lair and he's going to use me as a test subject for his strange genetic mutation experiments and I'm going to turn out like Billfairy and fuck oh fuck oh man I'm screwed what am I going to do what if I never see my parents again what if


Oh, of course, demonic voice. My apologies.

"You have been chosen."

For your mutation experiment? I know. I already freaked out about that.

"To travel the world. To see all there is to see!"

Well that's certainly not what I've been expecting to hear.

Suddenly the faint light source encompasses the room. I cringe at the intense change in scenery. Shapes start to filter in, as does color. Faint trees are visible in the distance, but then are usurped by brown cardboard figures and a metallic floor.

"Your very own adventure is about to unfold."



My eyes open. The cardboard boxes are still there. The floor is still metallic and remains cold despite my attempts to warm it via my body heat. A strange rumbling noise pierces the air and makes it impossible to think.

But then it stops! Delightful!

A wide door that I hadn't even noticed before rolls up, casting more light into the room. A woman, probably my kidnapper, smiles at me.

"Oh, Rory! It must be tiring riding with our things in the moving truck!"

...or not. What the crap is going on here? This woman knows my name and this unsettles me.

She yanks me out ungracefully. "Come on, sweetie! Let's go inside."

She opens the door normally, confirming that she is either not a ghost or will not be revealing her powers / using them on me. Most excellent.

Some weird shindig goes down where I set the wall clock in my room and this pleases her. It doesn't, however, please me. My watch says it's 8:30 at night and yet it is still quite sunny outside. This does not bode well. I am one cranky person without my beauty rest.

I look around my room next, after she's gone downstairs. Some weird spray-can drops out of a machine next to my computer after I press a glowing blue button on the keyboard. Whatever. I pick it up anyway, hoping to vandalize some houses before I escape this strange place I've been taken to.

A Nintendo Gamecube sits on the floor, confirming that this is, in fact, the same world I normally exist in and that I have no need to fear further people I meet as being strange ghosts or demons.'s using a Gameboy Advance as the controller. #hardcorevintageswag

I go downstairs, where the woman is intently watching television. She flails about wildly and then calls me over, saying something about my father? I don't know who my father has been sleeping around with, but I sincerely hope it is not this woman.

"Oh. Nevermind. It's over."

Right. Whatever. I'm going out now.

Spray-can in hand, I head over to the house that's the same size as the one I've been contained in. I knock on the door to see if anyone's home before I go about being a vandal, but unfortunately a kindly looking lady opens the door wide and practically drags me into her home.

If I wasn't so sure that the people here weren't actually demons I might've pissed myself.

"Our daughter is upstairs! You should meet her!"

...a girl? My age, you say? She takes more after her father than you? :naughty:

I head upstairs, prepared to meet my girlfriend-to-be, only to find her absorbed in her computer.

"Oh, you're Rory?"

God dammit. Demons? No. Psychics? Yes.

She blushes and rants on and on and on and on about becoming friends with every Pokemon in the world, leading me to believe that she is just a crazy hippie who probably thinks Pokemon are figments of her LSD-induced trip and that I should never be friends with her.

This is becoming a running theme.

She calls herself May, which is nice because it was going to get confusing differentiating between the three crazy women I've encountered already. Then she jumps in the air and tells me that all the LSD she's done has made her forget to do her chores which, from what I've gathered, involve "studying Pokemon" (read: doing drugs) with her father.

So she leaves, and then I get the whole bedroom to myself.

Her clock verifies that it is indeed almost nine at night with no sign of a setting sun. I whine to myself quite a bit and feel bad and pout and stuff.

Upon going downstairs I find May's mother-figure lying comatose on the couch, so I just leave. This place sucks.

Someone's screaming across the grass and I'd rather watch someone get beat up / eaten alive than deal with the other shenanigans that are surely abounds in this town so I go over to where they are.

Only to discover *GASP* that it's the same man that featured in a picture on May's wall! This must be her father! He's being eaten by some weird dog that probably has rabies and I'm about to turn around so I don't have to watch but he unfortunately spots me and cries for assistance. :(

"In my bag! Take my balls!"

No thank you, good sir. :I

And then of course it dawns on me that he means Pokeballs and that I could get one of this land's strange Pokemon that are hopefully not more ugly than the ones back in my homeland of Kanto.

Also I realize that my spray-can is just a Potion. Boo. Vandalism foiled.

In my haste to help the victimized professor, I knock the bag over and some weird blue mudfish comes sprawling out. Delightful.

The blue blur obviously has been sneaking into my house and playing silly Sonic the Hedgehog games on my Gamecube because it just randomly curls into a ball and throws itself at the dog until it runs away.

I think the mudfish is a little mentally unstable due to the lack of water around?

Anyway, Birch invites me back to his lab. Having met his daughter, I'm not surprised he's not even trying to hide the fact that he runs a meth lab.

...wait, what? It's a Pokemon research lab? You damn liars. After making a silly joke about hearing that I like Mudkips, he entrusts the defective fish to me if only because he knows I don't have the heart to abandon it on the side of the road. I name it Wotadile because it's like a pun on "what a dial" and I wish I had a radio or something. I dunno, I'm not very creative with naming things.

And then he sends me on an errand to fetch his daughter whom he probably saw heading his way but decided not to stop because he was being attacked by a dog? Seriously I don't understand this place at all.

I feel like there are leaden weights around my ankles because walking is such a terribly slow activity but my stylin' sandals prevent me from running successfully. Oops.

I find May shortly after being accosted by a man who tries to teach me about homeopathic healing, and then gives me another Potion. Okay??? Speaking of herbal remedies, it looks like May has, in her dope state of mind, has befriended a gecko and is trying to get it to pound my mudfish? Wotadile isn't going to have any of that shit.

She runs home crying about how I beat her up but her mother is still comatose on the couch so it doesn't matter much. It appears the professor is no feminist either, for he gives me a PokeDex as a reward.

And then I get sent on more errands! Fuck yeah!

The weird lady who my dad appears to have formed a sexual bond with is waiting outside her house when I walk by. She hates my sandals, so she gives me an actual pair of shoes. Thanks, not-demon!

*Rory has been given the ability Quick Feet! To simulate status, he is now going to be the butt of all jokes. BURN.*

What the fuck is it with this place and detached, soul-less voices? And what did it mean by me being burned? Ugh.

I run around avoiding as many people as I can since this is clearly the best plan of action. Upon arriving at the newest town, Petalburg, I wonder if maybe I'm the one on LSD and playing too much Gamecube--wasn't this from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door?!?!

Whatever. A man who claims to be my father but definitely isn't (well, this is good news at least because it means dad isn't sleeping with that weird demon-bimbo back in Littleroot) sends me to be the guardian of some runt named Wall-E while he catches some alien. He does so, and probably names it Mo and then blasts off into space using a fire extinguisher to fight evil cruise ships.

More people-dodging. I refuse to be social. Ever.

I traipse through the woods because they're eerie and that always seems to be where the awesome shit happens. Especially if I'm high, which I can almost guarantee after seeing some weird mushrooms come to life. Psychedelic, man.

As long as Little Red Riding Hood and her mean old wolf don't hunt me in the forest then I'm content to just chill here.

But then my chilling is interrupted by some weird man looking for those shrooms I found earlier. I don't blame him though. However, before I can point him in the right direction we both suddenly find ourselves in the presence of a man in a bright red suit.

Apparently, from what little I gather from the thinly veiled threats towards both of us, the red-suit has his eye on that other guy's "package" and introduces himself as a member of Team Flaming. I mean Magma. Same/diff.

I beat up his puppy (possibly the same one that attacked Birch!?) and remind him that perhaps it would be best if they went on a date first before he makes a grab for the other man's package.

Then they both run away towards the town ahead, and I decide (foolishly) to follow.

"If you take Bug Pokemon to school, you'll be instantly popular!" ...says the loser all alone in the woods. Go away, freak. :( His Nincada counts as part-Ground-type, so Wotadile nets a necessary solo.

I reach the exit! Sunlight beams down on my face! I get the feeling that I wasn't actually high at all and that the forest just has that chill sort of vibe to it. Nice one.

I pick up Bullet Seed for some reason. I don't think any of my eventual team can learn it...

Rustboro is boring. Let's explore somewhere else first.

On Route 116 I make two additions to my team! First is the fantastic College, my Whismur and then Flip, the Nincada. They're both females. Wotadile is a total pimp. College witnesses (via Wotadile) the use of an opposing Whismur's Uproar, granting her the use of that move.

Grinding time! I head back to fight all the trainers I dodged earlier to give levels to Flip and College. Why? Because they're going to be totally useless against Roxanne and throughout pretty much the entirety of Dewford (the Cave, anyway).

Route 116 also gains Wotadile a Fighting-type solo (a Youngster's Machop) and his additional four Ground-type solos (a Bug Catcher's Nincada / a Hiker with three Geodude).

I'm bored of grinding, so I may as well take on Roxanne now. Okay! Wotadile, let's go!

Versus Roxanne!!

Three Mud-Slaps take down her Geodude thanks to a crit. What a delightful prospect. As a side note, this is my first crit in the entire game. Jeez.

Next is her Nosepass, which will probably take more than seven Mud-Slaps to take down, thanks to her two Potions. Great. Ugh. I get three off and bring it to 50% and -3 accuracy while it buffs up to +3 defense.

At this point I switch to College so I can spam Uproar. She takes a strong Rock Throw on the turn I switch her in, but haxxes Nosepass like a total pro and dodges Tackles and Rock Throws for eight turns before getting stopped in her tracks.

Right now Roxanne has used one of her Potions and her Nosepass is at about 75%, which is okay. In comes Flip to do some more damage.

Three turns of Sand-Attack later and Nosepass is practically blind, at -6 accuracy, but is also buffed up at +4 defense. Leech Life then does pathetic damage, so I switch back to Wotadile.

I use Growl now to completely neuter Nosepass. At -1 he hits with a Rock Throw for a small eight damage, and at -3 he can only do two damage to me with Tackle, so I know I can outstall.

Through use of Mud-Slap spam and dodging attacks, along with a Leppa Berry to counter Roxanne's second Potion, Nosepass is taken down through a lengthy but pretty easy process! I gain the Stone Badge and TM39, which is Rock Tomb.

Now, I'm left at a critical decision. The only other Pokemon on my team who could learn Rock Tomb would be Luna, but she can't use Physical moves except for Rock Slide and Shadow Ball. So, though I hate to do it, I replace Water Gun with Rock Tomb so that I'm not tempted to break the restriction and use STAB Water Gun, and also to give Wotadile another coverage move.

When I leave the Gym, I see the man I saw in the Woods pursuing the man who was once pursuing him, yelling something about stolen "goods!" This is one scandalous town!


My Team:

Wotadile, the Male Mudkip.
Level 14, Rash Nature. Torrent.
@Quick Claw
-Rock Tomb
5/5 Ground (Complete)
1/5 Fighting
0/5 Grass
0/5 Water
0/5 Steel
Wotadile is a force to be reckoned with right now. He outlevels his two companions by quite a bit, which puts him at an obvious advantage. I did a check on his IVs and they appear to be absolutely shit, which is just great, I guess. :I He's still a powerful contender and I'd be hard-pressed to ever see him become my LVP.

Flip, the Female Nincada.
Level 11, Lonely Nature. Compoundeyes.
No item.
-Leech Life
Flip ranks slightly ahead of College in the current standings. Unfortunately, training for Brawly will be quite tough in the path ahead. I hope I can handle it!

College, the Female Whismur.
Level 11, Quirky Nature. Soundproof.
No item.
-Pound (unusable)
College's current position as LVP is a contested spot. She's much stronger and easier to level than Flip is, but her limited movepool leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully I'll encounter a Whismur that uses Pound next chapter so that I can have two moves instead of one.


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Nice User 18, you really do put a lot of effort into that. I liked your strategy that you used on Misty, allowing you to beat her despite not really having anything good to use against her. I know just how nasty Misty can be :P. I do have to say though it bothered me how you treated the head blow he sustained in the chapter, since if you black out for any length of time you are pretty much guaranteed to be concussed. If you black out for an hour you've got major brain damage. But this is just a nit-pick, seeing as just about no one actually portrays head blows realistically in fiction anyway. More to the point though, I don't really understand the purpose of that whole sequence... why did he take a blow to the head at all? Is it going to play into the story later? If not I really don't see a point to it.

Anyway, I'm going to start in on my own update today, should have it done sometime today or tomorrow.

OH also, User 18, I just actually finished reading up to the current day in Homestuck myself :P it's pretty damn amazing. Now I get your avatar too XD didn't get it before.