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Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Its_A_Random, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. EndQuote


    May 5, 2011
    EndQuote's HeartGold Scramble

    @IAR I vote for weak Ice-type, either Cubchoo or Vanillite, because what's life without a bit of challenge?

    Speaking of which...
    Official post time!

    EndQuote's HeartGold Scramble!

    Original Post

    The Team:
    Leaf the Bayleef (Arceustar) (open)

    Original Posts
    Restrictions: ASAP Must have:
    1 Grass-type attack.
    1 Normal-type attack.
    1 non-STAB damaging move.
    1 Status move.
    Can only evolve at levels 24 and 45.
    Must be at front of party to catch Pokémon.
    Must always learn new level-up moves.

    Soloing: My rival, every time, with no Super-Effective moves.
    Red's Charizard using only the Grass move and the Status move.
    Morty and Chuck (As a Bayleef)

    Update 1: (2 Badges)
    Evolution status: Chikorita
    Level: 19
    Moveset: Razor Leaf/Tackle/Reflect/PoisonPowder
    Leaf's been a blessing, so far, with simple restrictions and solid attacks.
    There's a loophole in his restrictions that will allow me to keep Reflect, for now, as Tackle is both a normal-type attack and a non-STAB damaging move.
    His soloes of Silver have gone reasonably well, though his bloody Cyndaquil is going to give me hell before this Scramble is through.

    Update 2: (4 Badges)
    Evolution status: Bayleef
    Level: 34
    Moveset: Magical Leaf/Tackle/Sweet Scent/PoisonPowder
    Though his moveset is somewhat lacking (Can't wait until I get Body Slam) Leaf is a powerful force on both the offensive and defensive.
    Since he evolved, he's been shrugging off hits like a pro!
    I decided on Magical Leaf over Razor Leaf, to take advantage of his Mild Nature.
    His soloes of Silver have been a pain, what with his Zubat/Gastly/Quilava trio ganging up to hammer my poor grass-type, but he's pulled through (Thanks to being a bit overleveled).
    Probable MVP right now.

    Update 3: (6 Badges)
    Evolution status: Bayleef
    Level: 37
    Moveset: Magical Leaf/Tackle/Light Screen/PoisonPowder
    Body Slam in three more levels! Having to learn every level-up move makes planning a moveset a bit difficult on the fly, but Leaf remains one of my MVPs, by far. He is bulky as hell, taking little damage from anything, and is a great poke to rely on in a pinch.
    No soloes of Silver since the last update, but there's one on the horizon I'm dreading...

    BurnMDread the Ariados (Gamer4000) (open)

    Restrictions: Can never switch out or run away.
    Must always know either Shadow Sneak or Sucker Punch.

    To evolve, must solo 20 Fire-types, using Poison, Ghost, or Dark moves. (20/20) (COMPLETE) (Thanks, wild Growlithe)

    Soloing: Falkner, Bugsy, Pryce, Lt. Surge, Janine, and Blue.

    Update 1: (2 Badges)
    Evolution Status: Spinarak
    Level: 20
    Moveset: Poison Sting/Leech Life/Shadow Sneak/Night Shade
    I'm really glad I caught one with Swarm, because BurnMDread can't Run Away.
    Leveling a level 3 Spinarak without switch-grinding took
    BurnMDread's solo of Falkner was, to be frank, one of the most difficult soloes I've had so far, what with his Pidgey spamming Sand-Attack and getting OHKOed by Gust in every test battle.
    I finally had to head over to the ruins of Alph and just grind on Unown.
    He's a solid teammate, but I wish he could evolve sooner.

    Update 2: (4 Badges)
    Evolution status: Spinarak
    Level: 25
    Moveset: Poison Sting/Leech Life/Shadow Sneak/Night Shade
    Yikes, Fire-Types are few and far between.
    I've only encountered like four so far, so evolution is still far away.
    Nonetheless, BurnMDread has been a solid teammate, with Night Shade dealing solid damage and providing valuable poison-immunity.

    I probably won't teach him Sucker Punch, as I don't trust my luck.

    Update 3: (6 Badges)
    Evolution status: Ariados
    Level: 39
    Moveset: Poison Sting/Leech Life/Night Shade/Shadow Sneak
    Despite being overleveled, BurnMDread struggles with low-power moves.
    I entirely forgot about Sejuani's solo, and instead had BurnMDread solo Pryce instead. (Because I'm stupid)
    His mistaken solo, however, went very well, thanks to X items.
    I'm on the lookout for good TMs to teach him, because, to be honest, he needs them like hell.

    EvilRandom the Togepi (King Serperior) (open)

    Original Post
    Restrictions: Can only use Metronome.
    Cannot Soft-Reset for nature/ability. (I got Hustle. Fuck.)
    Can never hold Soothe Bell.

    Solo Union Cave and Slowpoke Well to use ONE: (FollowMe/Encore/Yawn/SweetKiss) (COMPLETE)
    Solo Route 35 and National Park to use ONE non-damaging TM move. (COMPLETE)
    Solo the route before Victory Road to use ONE: (Baton Pass/Safeguard/Wish)

    Can only evolve to Togetic after pulling all four OHKO moves:
    Horn Drill
    Sheer Cold (Like three times)

    As a Togetic, if ever KOed, loses one support moveslot until I win GoldenRod lottery (No soft-reset)

    Can only evolve to Togekiss after pulling the entire level-up moveset of the Dragonite line:
    Fire Punch
    Thunder Wave
    Dragon Rage
    Aqua Tail
    Dragon Rush
    Dragon Dance
    Wing Attack
    Hyper Beam

    As a Togekiss, if hit with SE move or crit, cannot switch out or flee.

    Soloing: Whitney, Claire, Erika, and Blaine.

    Update 1: (2 Badges)
    Evolution Status: Togepi
    Level: 15
    Moveset: Metronome/Sweet Kiss/Extrasensory/Growl
    EvilRandom is, without doubt, one of the most entertaining challenges I've ever had the misfortune of being given.
    He has terrible stats, gets KOed by the slightest breeze, and Metronome always pulls the worst moves. (Memento?
    Again? Really?)
    However, when Hustle doesn't troll me and I actually pull an attack, he occasionally manages to wreck with Outrage, Draco Meteor, and other crazy-awesome stuff.
    Soloing Union Cave and Slowpoke well took
    forever, with each trainer battle requiring a dozen or more tries, but we managed to triumph!
    -wait for applause-
    Even with my new ability to inflict confusion, we desperately need some PP ups.

    Update 2: (4 Badges)
    Evolution status: Togepi
    Level: 24
    Moveset: Metronome/Sweet Kiss/Extrasensory/Growl
    Despite being complete Taunt-bait and utterly unpredictable, RandomEvil remains hilarious to use. His solo of Whitney took over a dozen tries, and his kamikaze victory is going to be one of the highlights of this run for sure.
    I still need to pull Fissure, or at least find an Everstone. 2/3 of my team has to have evolution repeatedly denied. It's depressing!

    Update 3: (6 Badges)
    Evolution status: Togepi
    Level: 29
    Moveset: Metronome/Sweet Kiss/Wish/Growl
    Ah, the baby of the team. RandomEvil desperately needs to evolve to catch up, but Metronome stubbornly refuses to pull Fissure.
    I try to use him as much as possible, but he is definitely falling behind in levels.
    Even so, his challenge is still entertaining as hell, with Metronome pulling hilarious things like Conversion to swap type, or Thief, which stole me a cool Shed Shell.
    I dread his upcoming soloes, but, at the same time, really look forward to them...

    Hawaii the Chinchou (Jinzha) (open)
    Original Post
    Restrictions: Must use Surf on all Trainer-Owned Water Pokémon.
    Must always lead the party while Surfing.
    Must have three Electric-type moves.
    Can evolve when all three have run out of PP at least once. (INCOMPLETE)
    Soloing: Misty, with only Surf.

    Update 3: (6 Badges)
    Evolution status: Chinchou
    Level: 32
    Moveset: Signal Beam/Surf/Confuse Ray/Spark
    Despite a bothersome water-type restriction, Hawaii has proven himself time and time again.
    With strong STAB moves that give good coverage, he's quite capable despite his NFE status.
    I can't wait until he evolves, so he can seriously wreck stuff up.
    His solo of Misty should go reasonably well, as I nabbed Choice Specs from the Lake of Rage.
    When I get to Blackthorne city, I'll use a move relearner to teach him Thunder Wave...

    Maia the Xatu (luigiowns) (open)
    Original Post
    Before Jasmine, must use Future Sight first in every battle.
    After Jasmine, must use moves in descending order of power, cannot battle wilds, cannot use items.
    After Ho-Oh

    Against Will, can only attack the turn after he uses a Status move.
    If hit by a physical move, cannot use top row. If hit again, row swaps.
    Second restriction is kept after Will.

    Against Sabrina, is always Taunted.
    Every two turns, take 30 BP from non-psychic attacks.
    When attacks hit 0 BP, they cannot be used in battle anymore.
    Soloing: Jasmine (COMPLETE)
    Ho-Oh, Will, Sabrina.

    Update 3: (6 Badges)
    Evolution status: Xatu
    Level: 30
    Moveset: Confuse Ray/Shadow Ball/Night Shade/Wish
    I originally caught a Natu with a cruddy nature, and began to train it, then realized I would desperately need Night Shade to solo Jasmine.
    Thanks to a random stranger on Serebii Trade Chat who offered me a TM for Shadow Ball, I could restart with a new Natu.
    Unbelievably, the first egg I hatched had both Synchronize and a Modest nature, making for a total powerhouse!
    That being said, Maia can't touch the omnipresent Normal-type, so she definitely needs some coverage moves...
    I'm going to train her up a few levels before attempting to solo Jasmine, but, even so, I'm going to need a Miracle to take down these Steel-types...

    Yet to be Caught:
    Sejuani the Tyrogue

    Falkner Falls (open)

    Grinding for this battle was a nightmare.
    I caught BurnMDread at level 3, and, because of his restrictions, couldn't switch out for experience.
    After countless test battles and way too much grinding on Unown, I think I'm ready...

    Falkner leads with a Pidgey. Never has the Tiny Bird Pokémon looked so intimidating.
    BurnMDread's first Poison Sting inflicts poison, and, two Tackles later, the poisoned Pidgey pitifully passes away.

    Up next is Pidgeotto. Trivia Time: Did you know Falkner is the only beginning gym leader to use evolved Pokémon?
    Thanks, GameFreak. /sarcasm

    Pidgeotto outspeeds me and Gusts for massive damage, while Poison Sting barely scratches his wings.
    I get a bit luckier the second turn, with Poison Sting inflicting Poison. Operation Potion Spam, go!
    I repeatedly heal up with Potions, as Gust wrecks my Spinarak, until Pidgeotto falls into the red.
    At this point, I remember Gamefreak's second bit of trolling, Roost.

    As Pidgeotto shrugs off the damage I so painstakingly inflicted, I have BurnMDread use Scary Face so we outspeed.
    Three Poison Stings later, Pidgeotto is in the yellow. However, my poor Spinarak can't take another Gust...
    Praying for a crit, Poison Sting knocks off almost all Pidgeotto's remaining health before BurnMDread falls to Gust.
    I reach for the power button to try again, then watch in amazement as Pidgeotto falls to poison!
    Double KO! -speechless-

    I soloed Falkner with a bloody Spinarak. I guess the only thing I can say is...

    BurnMDread Bests Bugsy (open)

    Equipped with his handy new ShellBell, BurnMDread is quite the force to be reckoned with.
    Though he may still be a Spinarak, he's at a high enough level that I'm not too worried about this fight.
    Away we go!

    Bugsy leads with his U-Turn spamming Scyther,
    Technician-boosted Quick Attack does an alarming amount of damage.
    Perhaps I should have been more worried?

    By spamming Night Shade and repeatedly healing off damage, I manage to knock the Scyther into red health.
    Bugsy, seizing the opportunity, promptly fully heals it. :(

    Three Super-Potions and a whole lot of praying against crits later, Scyther falls.

    Metapod is up next, and is far easier.
    It falls to two Night Shades and a Shadow Sneak, no sweat.

    Kakuna is the final obstacle between me and victory, and all it can do is helplessly Poison Sting BurnMDread as my Spinarak effortlessly dispatches it with two hits.

    After the hell that was Falkner, that was reasonably easy.

    Wrecking Whitney (open)

    This battle took dozens of attempts to get right.
    Both her pokes are strong, and can inflict damage, infatuate Togepi, and generally be ridiculously annoying.
    However, after training up a bit, I was reasonably confident going into this fight.

    Whitney leads with a Clefairy
    I would love to use Sweet Kiss to inflict confusion, but misses and Encore are somewhat worrying.

    The Clefairy's Double Slap hits five times, critting once. Great start.
    Metronome pulls Dive, and Togepi disappears underwater. (We're indoors?)

    Apparently angry, the Clefairy desperately Double-Slaps the ground (miss)
    Hustle haxes me, and Dive misses.

    As Togepi takes another Double Slap, Togepi pulls Thunder Wave and paralyzes the Clefairy!

    Outspeeding now, Metronome pulls Take Down
    The Clefairy attempts to Mimic Metronome, but it fails.

    Recoil has put me into the red, so I heal up with a Super Potion.
    Still determined to learn a move she already knows, the Clefairy Mimics again.

    Metronome pulls Silver Wind, knocking Clefairy into the red.
    Clefairy's Metronome pulls Dig, and it dives underground.

    Knowing nothing I do will hit, I use an X-Accuracy while it's underground, to reduce Hustle hax.

    Whitney uses Super Potion, fully healing her Clefairy. (Of course)
    No longer worried about Encore or misses, I use Sweet Kiss to inflict confusion.

    Metronome pulls Night Slash, for solid damage.
    Clefairy punches herself in confusion.

    Metronome pulls Sonicboom, putting her into the red.
    She hits herself in confusion, leaving only a sliver of health.

    Sensing a trend, I use Sweet Kiss to save PP.
    Clefairy knocks herself out in confusion.
    One down!

    Up next is Miltank. Gods, I have never hated a cow more.
    It uses Attract, and Togepi has never loved a cow more.
    He manages to shake off his infatuation, as Metronome pulls Explosion (!!!)
    I watch as my kamikaze eggball detonates, OHKOing the Miltank!
    PLAIN BADGE GET! (Well, as soon as Whitney stops having a temper tantrum)

    Morty's Mutilation (open)

    After a few test battles, I've determined a few things.
    1) I bloody hate ghosts.
    2) Grass-type moves against the Gastly line are as useful as a chocolate kettle.
    3) Shadow Ball's 20% chance of Sp. Def lowering is more like 90%.

    However, after wandering around training in the Olivine Lighthouse, among other places, I feel my level 31 Bayleef is sufficiently bulky to succeed.
    And away we go!

    Up first is a Gastly.
    As Leaf outspeeds and fires off a Magical Leaf, the little horror uses Lick. Anyone else think that's kinda creepy, and, to be honest, a really poor way to attack somebody?

    As Morty fruitlessly wastes his first Hyper Potion, Magical Leaf 2HKOes the spook!
    One down!

    Up next is Gengar. (I hate this thing more than Youngster Joey)
    It easily outspeeds my plantlike dinosaur, fires off a Shadow Ball, and gets a Sp. Def drop, shrugging off a Magical Leaf that only takes out a quarter of his health.
    I facepalm as the next Shadow Ball again lowers Leaf's Sp. Def, while Gengar's Sitrus Berry heals off most of the damage I've done.
    I switch out to get rid of the stat drops and heal, then switch back in, taking only a Mean Look. (Guess I can't switch heal again)

    We trade attacks, Shadow Ball colliding with Magical Leaf, Hypnosis facing off with my dwindling supply of Awakenings, until the Gengar falls. (MANY turns later) Two down!

    The next Haunter repeatedly puts my Bayleef to sleep, then attempts to Eat his Dreams as I wake him up. I manage to 3HKO with Magical Leaf, in between marveling at Hypnohax. Three down!

    Finally, I 4HKO Morty's final Night-Shade-Spamming Haunter, despite Morty's last-ditch Hyper Potions.

    Leaf the Bayleef fought well, managing to overcome type ineffectiveness to take down these bloody ghouls. I name him an honorary ghostbuster, receive the TM for Shadow Ball (Cooool), and leave the gym.

    Chuck Sucks (open)

    Leaf's solo of Chuck was, without a doubt, the easiest gym battle I've ever been in.
    While his Primeape tried to Double Team, Leaf spammed Magical Leaf and 2HKOed the evasive monkey.
    Then, Magical Leaf 2HKOed Poliwrath, despite Chuck's attempts to lengthen the battle with Sitrus Berry and a Hyper Potion.
    The entire battle was over in six turns.
    STORM BADGE GET! (Though probably not earned...)

    Pushing past Pryce (open)
    With a newly evolved Ariados and an irresponsible amount of Ice Heals at the ready, I feel reasonably confident to take on Pryce.
    Up first is a Seel, who I can crush with ease. Instead, I decide to boost my defenses with X Items, to better weather the Blizzards to come. (Get it?)
    Bad puns aside, I get to +3 Special Defense and +1 Defense, then 3HKO with Night Shade as Pryce wastes a Hyper Potion.
    Up next, Night Shade 3HKOes a repeatedly Resting Dewgong, while I watch my PP for Night Shade dwindle.
    As Piloswine comes out, I use a Super Potion to get BurnMDread to practically full health, and get frozen solid by Ice Fang. (Thank god I remembered to buy Ice Heals)
    After using my last two Night Shades, I decide to go for the KO with Shadow Sneak instead, and slowly whittle down Piloswine's health until...Full Restore!
    Damn. I reluctantly use an Ether (I wanted to save them for RandomEvil) and a Hyper Potion, then three-hit Piloswine with Night Shade, securing me the win!
    Take that, Pryce, you miserable old man!
    GLACIER BADGE GET! (And the TM for Hail. I haven't got a single Ice-type. Thanks, Gamefreak!)

    Just...Jasmine... (open)

    Wacan Berry

    X Sp Def T-Wave, activates Synchronize.
    X Sp Def Supersonic miss
    X Sp Def Fully Paralyzed
    X Sp Def T-Bolt for pathetic damage, activated Wacan Berry.
    X Def Fully Paralyzed
    X Def Supersonic miss
    X Def Fully Paralyzed
    X Def Thunderbolt
    NS T-Bolt
    H Potion FP
    Parlyz heal T-Bolt
    NS KO

    Wish T-Wave, activates Synchronize
    Parlyz Heal FP
    NS T-Wave
    Parlyz Heal FP
    NS KO

    Confuse Ray Sandstorm
    NS Confusion
    NS (Sitrus) Confusion
    NS Screech
    Hyper Potion (Steelix) NS
    NS Sandstorm
    NS KO!


    I will type this into something coherent when I'm feeling coherent...
  2. Steight


    May 18, 2009
    That's what I thought :( Roxanne... I'll deal with her later >_<
  3. R_N

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Feb 21, 2010
    Patrat & Watchog actually don't have terrible move pools, especially for the early game. Hypnosis, Super Fang, Crunch, Low Kick and so on. Taking one all the way to Ghetsis would be quite a feat.

    So you've got a comparatively weak (though Watchog's base 85 attack & 77 speed isn't...terrible...) Pokemon that you can get on the very first route and possibly has enough options to handle challenges thrown at it even if you ignore the ever-useful X items.
  4. Professor Science

    Professor Science

    Nov 19, 2011
    Sorry about that, get Oldie to solo Candice instead.
  5. Arceustar


    Jan 8, 2012
    You're welcome
  6. Its_A_Random

    Its_A_Random A distant memory
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 19, 2010
    I should've said this earlier, This solo-run is going all the way past Ghestis, to Alder...

    That said, an Ice Type like Cryogonal or Vanillite would be interesting, both are as viable as Tynamo, that is skill-based while being beatable. The problem with Patrat is that Ghestis is certainly beatable, yes, but how would it fare second time around the E4? Yes it has the coverage, but Watchog in theory doesn't have the power to reliably OHKO most mons...And it's a Patrat...That said, I do admit that a Patrat solo run has merit...Any other suggestions?
  7. Mafeking

    Mafeking channels his inner Wolverine
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 21, 2012
    Archen could be interesting to solo with due to Defeatist?
  8. Arceustar


    Jan 8, 2012
    Try emolga
  9. Axmaster68


    Jun 9, 2011
    @IAR- if you want a challange solo, try a Stunfisk solo (that ought to be interesting).
    If not that, how about a Maractus?
  10. ReshiramBlackZekromWhite


    Aug 8, 2011
    @Its_A_Random, I have three options for your White solo run:
    1. Larvesta -> Volcarona: This thing will be hard enough, as it needs to get to Lv. 59 to evolve, and goes from Physical to Special... but Volcarona can easily sweep, and will be excellent against the second round of the E4, and if you have Hurricane, will completely decimate Alder's own Volcarona.
    2. Litwick -> Lampent -> Chandelure: Same thing, with godly Special Attack, and does great against enemies.
    3. Deino -> Zweilous -> Hydriegon: Another hard challenge, considering that you need to get to Lv. 64 to get a Hydriegon. However, they're all good Pokemon, even with Hustle's drawbacks......
    Also, are you going to be using Zekrom? You kind of have to... unless you catch like 720 other Pokemon and put 5 useless fillers in your party.
  11. StallMandibuzz


    May 4, 2011
    @IAR: How about a Sawsbuck solo? Normal/Grass.
  12. Professor Science

    Professor Science

    Nov 19, 2011
    @RBZW, you don't have to use Zekrom, just catch it. You have the option of boxing it after capture.
  13. Tetrinity


    May 9, 2010
    Team update time!

    Lola (Lv16 Buneary) @ Quick Claw
    Nature: Gentle (+SpD, -Def)
    Ability: Run Away
    Moveset: Quick Attack, Defense Curl, Foresight, Endure

    Fiddle (Lv19 Kricketune) @ N/A
    Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SpA)
    Ability: Swarm
    Moveset: Leech Life, Rock Smash, Bide, Growl

    Can'tdoit (Lv21 Piplup) @ Everstone
    Nature: Bold (+Def, -Atk)
    Ability: Torrent
    Moveset: Pound, Growl, Peck, Water Sport

    Oldie (Lv20 Cranidos) @ N/A
    Nature: Relaxed (+Def, -Spe)
    Ability: Mold Breaker
    Moveset: Focus Energy, Pursuit, Take Down, Scary Face

    I'm happy to have finally been able to expand my team! Was kinda hoping I'd get Shieldon, but hey. Bad-natured Cranidos it is! I only just picked him up now, the couple of battles I've used him in have been great fun. I even have a four-sided die to hand, just for him. :p

    Pleased to have Lola on the team. Unfortunately, she won't learn Agility until level 33! That hasn't curtailed her need for speed, however, what with spamming Quick Attack and stealing the Quick Claw that Oldie would've loved at this stage ;)

    Honestly, though, MVP for the moment has got to be Fiddle. Dude takes more attacks than he ought to then strikes back for very nice damage. His damage output from a Swarm-boosted Leech Life after some Rock Smash defence drops is crazy. Never thought I'd say a Kricketune is awesome, but there you are.

    And... Can'tdoit is moving along as always, generally trying to be a pain. :)
  14. Arceustar


    Jan 8, 2012
  15. Pika25


    Mar 30, 2007
    Random, you didn't grind the team enough? What levels were they? Considering using the starter until you get the C-Gear, then trading for either the egg or the already hatched rest-of-game solo runner... Considering a starter only run? Remember when I cleared Black with a non-evolving, primarily physically attacking Shelly the Oshawott? (Not all the way to the Hall of Fame, of course!) If so, give Link the Snivy, based on Skyward Sword, a try. I will edit this in later.
  16. The QWAZ

    The QWAZ

    Jan 15, 2012
    IRA try a Marcactus or a deino solo for teh lulz
  17. StallMandibuzz


    May 4, 2011
    Deino would be a pain in the ass due to the Hustle making your moves miss more often then not, but eventually, once you get a Hydreigon, you'll rip through face. :3
  18. Hwang


    Feb 11, 2012
    Decided to a quick update. By the way the last time I played a Hoenn game was 2-3 years ago.
    Just finished soloing Winona with my level 38 freaking Macargo that can't use rock moves (My Marshstomp had to take down her Pelipper because Marshtomp has to).
    Altaria+Dragon Dance+Earthquake=1hko for Macargo. I had to spam X.Defends/X.SpAtts/GuardSpecs during the battle with Skarmory. I had to use Guard Specs because it would just spam Sand-Attack and I couldn't hit anything. Finally I was victorious after hours of grinding.
    Also, on Route 120 (right after the 6th gym) I seemed to remember a Milotic from my childhood days. I couldn't figure out why I was thinking of a Milotic, and then it hit me, hard; with Water Pulse, Confusion Hax, Recover, and a Full Restore. GymH8R, Trilobite, and Escargot were pummeled right away. Gym got hit by Water Pulse and was in confusion for 6 turns, not hitting the opponent once, instead he just smacked himself in the face until he fainted. Grassasin put up a decent fight (at that point Grassasin had Mega Drain instead of Giga Drain), I kept using Mega Drain which did about 1/3 of its but it would just use Recover. I then used Toxic, but it just used a Full Restore and Grassasin was toast. Loser was able to use Strength to KO it after awhile.

    My team in order of LVP to MVP:

    Trilobite (Anorith) lvl32:
    Water Gun
    Metal Claw
    Honestly, I haven't used Trilobite in a battle yet. I just threw an Exp.Share on him, sometimes he acts as KO fodder. I used him once for attacking purposes and he was incredibly frail and couldn't deal any damage. I expect him to be more useful when he evolves. I feel bad making him the LVP because he is the only member of my team yet to evolve, putting him at a disadvantage.

    GymH8R (Loudred) lvl32:
    Uproar (Unusable)
    Pound (Unusable)
    Shock Wave
    Pretty damn useless at this point. He has low Sp.Att making Shock Wave do pathetic damage, and he has low defenses to boot. The worst part is that Shock Wave will be his only damaging move until he learns Hyper Voice at lvl 63. I desperately need a to find a TM that he can use.

    Escargot (Magcargo) lvl 38:
    Yawn (Unusable)
    Amnesia (Unusable)
    I had to over-level him in order to stand a chance at beating Winona. Both of his solos (Winona and Flannery) should have been easy due to his Rock moves, however he can't use a Rock move unless it has a secondary effect, but the only one he can learn now is Rock Throw, which doesn't have a secondary effect. Making both of his solos pretty challenging. Overheat from Flannery's Slugmas 1hko'd him, Earthquake from Winona's Altaria 1hko'd him. Despite the his moveset flaws, he can deal out a hefty amount of damage. His other problem is his dreadful typing, being 4x weak to 2 of the most common types out there is not good. If he comes into contact with a Water or Ground attack, he is toast. His has pretty good Defense though.

    Gym (Marshtomp) lvl34:
    Rock Tomb
    Rock Smash
    I have mixed feelings about this one. He really lacks offensive power but can just Rock Smash his opponent until it is -6 Defense. He was able to crush Norman (with +3 Attack and Defense) by doing just that. But when his opponent has offensive prowess, Gym really runs into trouble. He just relies on stalling his opponent to death.

    Grassasin (Breloom) lvl 32:
    Giga Drain
    Mach Punch
    Stun Spore
    I chose to take the Grass path for Grassasin. He is a really good attacker and can stall out defensive Pokemon with Toxic. His only downfall is that his Sp.Att isn't so great so Giga Drain doesn't do a whole lot of damage. He was a close runner-up for MVP though.

    Loser (Gyarados) lvl 32:
    Dragon Rage
    Surf (Unusable)
    To be honest, I cheated a bit. I was supposed to solo my Rival with a Magikarp, but a got 1hko'd by a Wailmer the first turn and I gave up. So I evolved him and then solo'd my Rival. But Loser is a beast, he has high HP and high Defense and Sp.Defense, making him able to tank attacks like crazy. He has high Attack so Strength plows through anything in his way and Bite is there just to take care of pesky Ghosts. And whenever he runs into a Pokemon with high Defense, Dragon Rage just destroys it since at this point in the game Dragon Rage is a 2-3hko. Loser is amazing. MVP for a reason.
  19. Jimera0

    Jimera0 You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 24, 2010
    Hey everyone just a quick update on how my scramble is coming along. I ended up having to do a lot of grinding so I'm barely even started this chapter. I don't know when I'll be ending it but now that the grinding is done it shouldn't take more than a couple days.

    If you can't wait for that and want something from me, I do have a Youtube channel you guys can check out if you want. I don't have anything Pokemon related on there yet, but hey, if you want to know what I sound like you can find out! I've just started a let's play of Halo CE on Legendary, and I have some old Minecraft let's plays too. The channel is Jimera0, like everything else of mine.
  20. Axmaster68


    Jun 9, 2011
    Nice, Jimera. I'll have to check out those LP's. Also, you may like the Civilization series, since you've been doing so many LP's. Check out quill18's channel. I have a Youtube account myself through Google+, but IDK what my username is, so... yeah. Anyways, can't wait for your next chapter Jimera!
  21. Its_A_Random

    Its_A_Random A distant memory
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    Mar 19, 2010
    Pika25, it's called hax.

    Okay, after getting so many mixed messages of what to do, I decided to resort to random.org to decide what I'm going to do my solo run with. So, out of the 69 different non-legendary lines, I rolled a 26. That means...

    I'll be going all the way to Alder with...Sandile. Yay...For the record, Basculin was 25, & Maractus was 27...
  22. Professor Science

    Professor Science

    Nov 19, 2011
    Sandile's one of the easier ones, imo. Good coverage, nice attack stat and great abilities.
  23. Arceustar


    Jan 8, 2012
    Actually, darumaka was 27, maractus 28
  24. Its_A_Random

    Its_A_Random A distant memory
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    Mar 19, 2010
    True, that. The first part of the game is shaky without choosing Snivy as the starter, however, but it is indeed after looking it up, one of the easier ones. Nevertheless, I do believe Sandile can take me all the way through the main story & the postgame. Just blame random.org for picking it. XD
  25. StallMandibuzz


    May 4, 2011
    @IAR: Sandile is a pretty decent choice, better then getting Maractus or Basculin. :3

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