Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

So far I have Lolwut? the chimcar, Mutant the Lickitung, Dash the Eevee, and Pinkaling/Blooseph the shellos. I need two more scrambles to get started on this play through. Also, looking through these, I'm glad i decided to post here. These are hilarious and awesome.

For those just tuning in, my challenge is a Hard Platinum no trading challenge with the only rule being that the challenge can not force any of my pokemon to remain below a certain level permanently.
Hang on king, let me get my thinking cap on.

I just got an idea! You get, -drumroll- Discord the Starly!

Discord thinks that you are an idiot and will choose his own moves, thank you very much! He must learn 2 attacks and 2 status moves ASAP. Once this is achieved, you must roll a six sided dice every time you have Discord use a move.
Roll a 1, 2, 3, or a 4 and you must use the corresponding move.
Roll a 5 and you get to choose one of the attacks.
Roll a 6 and you get to choose one of the status moves.

Discord must also solo one of the E4 members. Good luck with that.
Kingtrace, take a Budew with poison point and name it Cutie,
the only grass (damaging) moves it may use are mega drain and absorb
it can't set up higher than +3 in any stat
to evolve into Roselia it must solo 1 pokemon of any gym leader with absorb
to evolve into Roserade it must mono a gym leader's pokemon using only poison point damage and using no moves that can recover health, or non held item recovery items, leftovers or black sludge are fine.
AOPS, you get Calm the Meditite. This particular Meditite was a pacifist, not liking the rough Fighting styles of its' brethren Metitite and Medicham. Because of this, it refuses to use any Physical attacks or Fighting attacks, renouncing its' Fighting type and choosing to focus solely on its' Psychic background instead. Because of its' refusal to conform to the Meditite way, the other Meditite and Medicham ganged up on it and nearly killed it before leaving it for dead. Slowly recovering in solitude, Calm gained an intense hatred for its' own kind. So, if you see any Trainer-owned OR wild Meditite or Medicham, Calm goes into an uncharacteristic fury, refusing to switch out or run from the battle until it drops or until the enemy's party is wiped out. After these bursts of immense rage, Calm refuses to battle until it heals at a Pokemon Center, wanting to wash the wounds of shame off. And finally, since its' name is Calm, it must always have Calm Mind on its' moveset once it learns it. To evolve, it must solo Maylene, to show that even without Fighting-typed moves, it can be strong. Enjoy.
AOPSUser, take 1hit1der, or simply Wonder, the Chimchar.
This Chimchar likes to blast away foes in one go.
As such, it can only use STAB moves if the move has full PP.

It must solo every trainer in a gym (Not including the gym leader) to evolve. (Both times)
Good luck!
AOP, you shall have Death the Ghost of revenge.

Death is a Drifloon and is an angry one too. In fact, Death is soooooo angry that it must Learn and keep Frustration ASAP.

Why is Drifloon so angry? Drifloon is the reincarnated Random that you killed in your restarting process!! As such, normal types and anything that evolves into or from them cannot be battled by Death. Anyway, back to Frustration, once you learn it, it must use it first against each Pokemon the it battles against.

It's ability must be Aftermath to remind you of the aftermath of your rejection to use Metronome!!

Drifloon also wants Payback for calling Metronome "Trollish"!!

Evolve Drifloon after it's solo of Crasher Wake.

When it vents it's anger there, it feels that it can rest in piece. Shadow Ball can be taught if you manage to feed it 5 rare Candies. If you refuse to feed it the candies, it will keep Ominous Wind instead.

If you feed it those Candies, then It learns that those Candies were actually steroids and it wants to Fly away again!!

If you dont feed it those candies, it feels like a failure and must learn Explosion and commit suicide each time it gets into the red HP.

Had fun......I guess >.>
AOPSUser, take a Geodude called Kaboom.

You probably saw it coming, but since you quit your previous challange to random Explosions, why not punish that with near-guaranteed Explosions instead? ;)

Kaboom must learn Selfdestruct. This move must be replaced by Explosion when possible, which itself can never be forgotten.

Kaboom was always, how shall I put it... temperamental. If something doesn't go his way, he explodes... literally. If Kaboom falls into yellow or lower HP, or if he is statused, his next move must be Selfdestruct/Explosion.

At first, you put off the problem, thinking he'll calm down with training, but the issue never really resolves itself. After the first time Kaboom uses Explosion due to the previous restriction, you decide enough is enough and sign him up for treatment.

Kaboom's anger issues can be cured in a number of different ways:

Hypnotherapy: Kaboom must be put to sleep by the move Hypnosis and stay in battle until woken up a total of five times.
Counselling: Kaboom must talk about his problems - use Sleep Talk a total of ten times with an official counsellor (i.e. Gym Leader). Sleep Talk doesn't have to have any effect to count as a use, but if he faints then his count is reset to what it was before the battle, minus one.
Hobby: Kaboom must learn and keep Rock Smash and Focus Punch (you can forget them again if you give up on this cure method). Solo a Galactic Leader, bearing in mind he'll still explode if under pressure...

Once any one of these has been completed, Kaboom has been cured of his anger. He may evolve into Graveler and must now forget Explosion. His restrictions as a Graveler depend on the chosen cure:

Hypnotherapy: Rename him Homeopath. Homeopath must learn and keep Rest and Return. If Homeopath falls into yellow or lower HP, his next move must be Rest. He may only be woken by either staying in battle until waking naturally, using the item Heal Powder or healing at a Pokémon Centre.
Counselling: Rename him ZenMaster. ZenMaster may only have up to two attacking moves, and must learn and keep Protect. ZenMaster must use Protect every other turn, starting with the first.
Hobby: Rename him Activist. He wants to keep his training up, so have him learn a new battle technique. This can be any of Double-Edge, Hidden Power, Brick Break, Double Team, Secret Power, Endure, Strength or Rock Climb. Activist likes to demonstrate his wide array of techniques, so is now always under the effects of Torment.

Kaboom the Geodude
- Must learn and keep Selfdestruct. Must replace Selfdestruct with Explosion when possible.
- If Kaboom falls into yellow or lower HP, or if he is statused, his next move must be Selfdestruct/Explosion.
- To evolve, must be cured of his anger problems using one of Hypnotherapy, Counselling or a Hobby, as described above.
- As a Graveler, must forget Explosion. His name and restrictions change depending on the method of curing used, as described above.

Explosion is awesome, don't deny it. <3
Reserving Combee for AOPS

Edit: Take Bumble Bee the Combee. bumble Bee is small and weak, but She makes it up with intelligence so she can only have 1 Attack that must be STAB. To evolve Bumble Bee must use sweet scent and solo appearing pokémons 10 times. When she's is Vespiquen she must learn Toxic, Heal Order/Roost and Defence Order/Protect ASAP.
Reserving something for AOPS:

AOPS, you get Jelly the Bidoof. Jelly is the biggest troll around. He likes to make people mad and jelly, he even has the face for it (DERP). Of course, Jelly is the most annoying thing ever and thrives on peoples reactions, so he must have a status inducing move or a stat reducing move. Teach Jelly swagger ASAP, just so he can feel better about himself living under a bridge. When people say don't feed the Trolls, they mean it. If you ever feed Jelly a Poffin or a berry, he has to sit out the next Pokemon battle, oh and he can only heal through berries (You can still use the Pokemon Center though). Jelly must have at least one HM in his moveset. He can have two HM's in total but only one of them can be a STAB attack, so choose carefully. His last move can either be another HM or a special move. Jelly has to solo every other Bidoof and Biberal around 'cuz there can only be one, one jelly.

Enjoy it.

Sum it up:

-Status causing/stat reducing (their stats) move.
-Swagger (Get ASAP)
-HM (Can only have one STAB HM)
-HM (Can only have one STAB HM)/Special Attack (Ex: Water gun, Shock wave, Grass knot, etc.)

-Must solo every Bidoof or Biberal.
-Can only heal and cure status with berries and Pokemon Center.
-Must sit out next battle after eating a berry or Poffin.

And this is accepted!

This will be my HQ for my Scramble.
I'm not on here enough. I never get a chance to post any good Challanges.

Making IQ Challanges my signature as my IQ is 140.



Each dot represents 1 IQ point.
I'm not on here enough. I never get a chance to post any good Challanges.

Making IQ Challanges my signature as my IQ is 140.



Each dot represents 1 IQ point.
Meanwhile, I'm making up some love with my signature Grand Love Challenge. Because romance is good for stories and stuff.
I just do random challanges that I think sound good.~ :3 I should have made Tech never able to evolve or something. >_>
Yeah, that's my strategy, if it can be called a "strategy" anyway. Usually I pick a Pokémon by looking at the first few Routes of the appropriate region and go from there by checking out its movepool to get some ideas for restrictions.
I usually like giving Psychic Pokes out, although I have given out a Yamask, a Patrat, and a Scyther among the Psychic Scramblemons. Calm the Meditite sticks out the most with me though, dunno why. :o
The only attacking moves that Taillow can learn that Magnemite also learns in Ruby are Return / Frustration / Secret Power, all of which are TMs. I have a strong feeling this challenge would be rejected, can you please actually try and do research to make sure your challenges are viable before giving them out willy-nilly?

And just because some people have signature scrambles doesn't mean that every Scramblemon you give out has to think it's another Pokemon and be a part of whatever this Bloons Defense group thing is. Variability is a key to successful challenges.
Ok. I just want people to join my social group and thought it would be good for advertising.
Change to this,

Patrat the Baltoy (Change name to Watchog after Evolution)

1)He must never fight Pokémon that have SE STABs (Fighting)
2)He must only use moves that are learnable in the Baltoy family
3)He must solo every magma admin
4)Solo two of: Norman, Tate from Tate & Liza, Wallace, Sidney
5)Evolve ASAP
6)Ignore rule 1 for solos
Haven't done a Scramble in awhile, mostly because every time I try my data gets erased. BUT, I'm looking to make my (hopefully) triumphant return to the Scramble thread and finish one before the next SPL.

I'll be playing Pokemon Crystal, I cannot trade, nothing too monotonous.
It's BiGGiE!

Take a Sudowoodo, name it whatever you please. Sudowoodo can only learn Level-Up moves & must solo 20 non-rematched trainers. Nice, Simple, Easy challenge for you.

Have fun.

Anyway, after I welcome you back, I'll give you your mon.


Ok, here we go:

Take TopPercent the Rattata.

This Rattata must be the fastest (Quick Attack), Strongest (Strength), Smartest (TM move), and most awesome (Select one move of your choice) Rattata in the world!!!

How to become awesome? Well, I'll tell you:

Step 1: solo all the trainers in a gym minus the Leader.
Step 2: Solo the Gym Leader of a different Gym.
Step 3: Evolve after Soloing your rival once.
Step 4: Defeat a fully evolved Fighting-Type with no more than 2 items used.
Step 5: Solo an E4 Pokemon.

These steps do not have to be done in that exact order.
Have fun and good luck!!


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@BiGGiE hey there, been a while since we saw you around.

So anyway, here's a challenge for you. Take a Natu and name it Mirror. It thinks that it has Magic Bounce. Of course this is generation II so it doesn't. Hell, it doesn't have an ability period. Anyway, due to its delusions it refuses to use anything except Night Shade until a move is used against it that would activate Magic Bounce in generation V. At that point Mirror becomes temporarily lucid as it realizes the truth, and you can use whatever moves you want, though only under the effects of Torment because it's pretty tormented by the truth. To protect itself from the truth it goes back to its original deluded state at the end of every battle. You can cure its delusions by soloing Will of the Elite 4 or 5 trainer owned Xatu (not even sure if there ARE 5 trainer owned Xatu in the game but whatever). After this it realizes that nothing has Magic Bounce so it comes to it senses and the night shade restriction is removed. However, it remains tormented by the truth forever.

@Biggie you get Inferno the Cyndaquil he just loves to burn so to evolve he must burn 5 trainer Pokemon once as a Cyndaquil and once as a Quilava he also hates how whitney refuses to give the badge at first so for retribution solo her miltank after burning it

And by the way My signature challenge is going to be my fickle challenge
After a quick review of my sanity, I've decided to reject Discord the Starly and add no dice to my list of rules. XD It's an awesome challenge, but too much for me. If anyone else could give me a no trading hard Platinum challenge to finish my list, that'd be swell. I also started my journey and have found myself grinding like no ones business so my chimchar can learn it's first multihit move. I think I might actually write this up at some point, because so far it's hilarious.
@BIGGIE Take Puddles the Hoppip. Puddles loves to splash about in the rain. Puddles must always keep Splash as a move and can only use this move when rain is falling, nothing else. Also Puddles may never switch out during the period of rain. Puddles must learn and keep one powder (Poison or Sleep) and one spore (Stun or Cotton) for it has a tendency of spreading such things around. Upon evolving into a Jumpluff, Puddles feels that splashing about in the rain is childish therefore, you can replace the move with something better. Have Puddles solo Chuck's Poliwrath to show how mature it's become.

Sum it up:
Must keep Splash.
During rain, splash is the only move you are permitted to use and you can't switch out during rain.
Must learn and keep one powder and spore (Poison, Sleep, Stun, Cotton).
Can get rid of Splash after evolving twice.
Must solo Chuck's Poliwrath, not his entire team.

Hope this is good enough for you, enjoy. :)
Sorry if I'm over posting, but I need one more for my No Trade Hard Platinum Scramble with the only two rules being no dice and no challenges that require me to keep a pokemon at a specific level for an extended period. Again, sorry if i'm posting too much, but i'm going to be without computer tonight and would like to get into this scramble. XD Having a blast so far. Feeling dumb for not checking this place out earlier.