Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Reserving pokemon for shiny.

Edit: Take (male) Wingull. He's rebellious and evil so when he is in double battlehe must attack team mate before attacking other pokemons. To evolve he must have soloed 20 pokemons with not very effective moves to create more painful dead. He can never be in party if you have bounty the zigzagoon in the party. He's is always willing to help evils and those who want to commit suicide so he must never battle Team magma members and will always attack teammates who want to commit suicide. If he dies you must go back to where you caught it by walking and having Bounty lead and solo every pokemon you meet along the way. If he has killed one of your team that pokemon can be revived when Wingull dies with following restrictions: must solo all wingulls and pelippers and when the revived pokemon does the fatal blow to other pokemon it must not fight in 2 next battles
Nah, it's more fun to make everyone wait. :P But I was planning on having ShadeFlame as the quirky Pokemon, especially since Team Rocket tortured it so badly. Although I will have him become extremely belligerent towards Proton and the other Executives, since I've having Proton be the one who screwed the Totodile up so badly in the first place.

EDIT: Finally typing my first Chapter up! Will be put up as soon as I'm finished! And when I can figure out how to set the hide/show boxes up! :D WARNING: Will be very lengthy! Do not read if you don't like long, detailed stories with some depressing overtures in it! :P

EDIT2: Just figured out how to make hide boxes, will update as soon as possible. Apparently I also fail at names. :D
I apologize for the double post, but this will be my main hub place for my updates!


Getting my stuff ready in my room, I couldn’t believe that I was finally going out on my first Pokémon journey! I always expected that I would be working at some PokéMart in Cherrygrove City or something of the sort. My mother was going through divorce issues with my dad, and her parents have recently died, so I couldn’t just abandon her or anything. Watching both of my younger brothers leave on journeys of their own made me kind of stir-crazy, since I was essentially stuck in New Bark Town. Not being the most talkative kid in the world, I usually just hung out with Lyra and my younger brothers, drawing and taking pictures of the wildlife around us. Every now and then, we would go swimming in the water near our town, although you always had to worry about Tentacool, and playing in the trees. As far as I knew, this town was a perfect place to grow up in.

Despite what people thought, New Bark Town was pretty large, having a population of 193, and it had its’ own Pokémon School, although you really couldn’t leave the town due to the wild Pokémon running rampant outside of its’ walls. The adults of the town made it a priority to keep the children safe since the Rattata were going through their yearly evolution cycle, and they became very vicious and territorial.

Sighing and looking around my old room, I pick up my iPod and its’ charger before stuffing them into my bag, then running downstairs to see if my phone’s been fixed from my brother pouring soda all over it. It’s been a damn year already, and the phone was just sitting in a drawer collecting dust. Hearing me run down the steps, my mother rounds the corner before nearly tackling me in a hug, clearly saddened by me leaving. Giving a small smile, I reassure her that I’ll keep contact with her. “Don’t worry Mom, I’m 18, I can take care of myself. Matt and Ryan are both 16, and they’re on journeys themselves. Besides, you still have my number. Oh, before I forget, is my phone finally back from the shop?” Giving a small nod, she hands me the phone before quickly explaining how it works. “They’ve upgraded the phone to give it a Town Map, as well as a radio. I’ve always known that all three of my boys would be Pokémon Trainers just like their father. Oh, and Prof. Elm called, he wanted you to come over for your first Pokémon.” Waving to my mom, I swiftly walk out the door to meet Prof. Elm at his lab, which was a ten minute walk away.

Taking a deep breath, I was excited at the thoughts of getting my first Pokémon, so much so that I don’t even notice the Marill two feet in front of me. Tripping over it, I land right on my old friend, Lyra, and we tumble off about twenty feet away from the little aqua mouse. Rolling her eyes and scoffing, she gives me a swift smack across the back of the head before sighing. “Damn it, RJ, would you at least look where you’re going first!” Rubbing the back of my head, I bite my lip before helping her up. “Sorry, was just excited to get my first Pokémon. Want to come and see?” Nodding, Lyra agrees before returning her Marill, and we set off on the walk to Prof. Elm’s Lab.

Once at the Lab, we enter the building, and Prof. Elm calls me over. I always enjoyed going in the lab, since everyone there was always glad to see me, and there were all kinds of research books and useful pieces of technology. On the Professor’s desk was a laptop, and an e-mail was open. Briefly scanning it, it appeared to be something to do with Pokémon eggs. The Professor was a short man who seemed to be in his 30’s, with light brown hair and a pair of glasses perched on his nose. Always wearing his trademark lab coat, he was wearing a smile on his face as well. “Welcome, RJ and Lyra. Now, RJ, I’ve called you over here because you need your very first Pokémon, am I right?”

Nodding, I wait for him to continue talking. “I have three Pokéballs here, and each one of them has a different Pokémon in them, but I am giving you a special Pokémon in hopes that you will be able to help it sufficiently. It is a Totodile, and unfortunately for it, Team Rocket has experimented on it extensively, which has severely hampered its’ abilities. If anyone could help it, it would be you. I’m sorry to be forcing this Totodile on you, but sadly, I can’t really force it onto any younger Trainers, since they really wouldn’t know how to deal with such a high-maintenance Pokémon. So, will you help this Totodile, RJ?” Biting my lip, I nod before taking the Pokéball, noticing the large bold R on the Pokéball and ripping it off in clear disgust. Tossing the ball into the air, a bright red light engulfs the room for a split second before a small bipedal crocodile comes out, looking around at its’ surroundings. Opening its’ mouth, it starts to emit a loud, piercing screech, running around and flailing its’ arms, comically breaking desks and chairs as it runs. Trying to talk over the loud screeches, Lyra yells out. “What’s wrong with it, Prof. Elm? Why’s it doing this?” Sighing and losing his trademark smile, Prof. Elm grabs the Totodile before giving it an Oran Berry, which makes it stop screeching to eagerly begin to munch on the Berry.

“This Totodile was experimented on by a cruel Team Rocket scientist named Proton. From what I could gather, they wanted to see what made Pokémon able to evolve. Proton wasn’t satisfied with his progress, so he began to extensively torture this Totodile with painful tests to see its’ brainwaves. Eventually, he found out what he needed to know, and he abandoned the Totodile. Luckily enough for it, Bill took it in and he sent it off to me to see if I could decipher what was wrong with it. Sadly, I was not able to. It believes it is another Pokémon, a species that isn’t native to Johto, called Litwick. The multiple exposures to Dusk Stone radiation screwed with this Totodile’s brain, so it cannot use Water-typed moves, and it severely altered the growth of this Pokémon. But if anyone could help it, it’s you. The damage seems to be irreversible, but maybe with time, it may regain some of its’ sanity.”

Gripping on the Pokéball, I was shaking with absolute anger. It still surprised me at how cruel people could be in the world, and it infuriated me. “Yes, I will help this Totodile. Hmmm, now, what should I nickname you?” Thinking for a moment, Lyra chimes in. “What about ShadeFlame? Since it thinks it’s a Litwick?” Taking the Totodile from Prof. Elm, I nod. “Welcome to the team, ShadeFlame.” Smiling again, Prof. Elm nods before looking at his e-mail. “Oh, RJ, I have a question for you. Would you mind running a quick errand for me? My old friend, Mr. Pokémon, has something for me that he wants me to examine, but I’m far too busy with my research to receive it. Giving a small nod, I agree. “Sure.” Walking over to a desk, Prof. Elm reaches in before pulling out five Potions and handing them to me. “These are Potions; they’ll help heal a Pokémon if they get hurt.” Nodding, I stuff the Potions and ShadeFlame’s Pokéball in my bag before hugging Lyra. “Give me your number; I’ll call you every now and then.” Quickly giving her my number, I wave goodbye to Prof. Elm and Lyra before setting off towards Cherrygrove City with my new Pokémon waddling not far behind.

It was mid-afternoon by the time I left Prof. Elm’s lab, but I was content due to me receiving ShadeFlame the Totodile, who was now riding on my shoulder since he kept trying to chew on Rattata tail. It was a beautiful spring day, and life was blooming all around us. Sentret and Furret were running around in the fields, Pidgey, Pidgeotto, and Pidgeot were flying in the air, catching Magikarp and Poliwag out of the water to feast on back at their nests. After a three hour walk, I decide to have a late lunch at the Route 46 Gate, sitting down and grabbing an Oran Berry for ShadeFlame to eat before taking out an apple for myself. “Here ya go, bud.” Screeching and flailing his arms in thanks, he takes the Oran Berry before munching on it, looking around curiously at all the wild Pokémon around him. I could only wonder what he was thinking about.

After lunch, I walk out of the Gate and continue on my trek to Cherrygrove City, occasionally having to dodge the wild Raticate trying to take my leg off with their large buck teeth. Finally entering Cherrygrove City, I pull my phone out before looking at it. 6:45PM. Damn, it was getting late, but I wanted to make the journey before it was pitch black out. Sighing, I begin to walk towards a Pokémon Center to receive a quick tour of the city and its’ furnishings, since I was still a novice Trainer. Lucky me, I get some old guy who walks as fast as a paralyzed Shuckle. After another hour, the tour was over, and he snatches my phone to upgrade it further before disappearing into a house. I then came to the conclusion that I never wanted to become old.

It was getting really dark out, but I wanted to finish my trek to Mr. Pokémon’s house before turning in for the night. Walking out onto Route 30, I was almost immediately attacked by an angry Ariados for disturbing its’ nest. ShadeFlame and myself high-tailed it out of there as quickly as we could, dodging multiple attacks on the way. I HATE spiders, and apparently, my Totodile acquired my rational fear as well. After about five minutes of running, we finally made it to a small house in the middle of the Route. Knocking on the door, I hear a faint “Come in!”, so I cautiously walk in. Sitting in the small lab-like house were two middle-aged men, with a strange egg sitting on the table. Giving a large grin, one of the men gets up and grabs my hand before pulling me inside, and ShadeFlame waddles in before he shuts the door. The man had faded blonde hair, and he was wearing a suit and tie, complete with a fancy cane. A Growlithe was fast asleep by his chair, and research papers were all over his house. “Come in my boy, come in. Prof. Elm told me all about you. My name is Mr. Pokémon, and I am a leading researcher on Pokémon Eggs. I have received this Egg from a good friend of mine, and the egg is theorized to be a Pokémon not from this region. I’ve done all the research I could on it, but I can’t figure out what Pokémon it could be. Perhaps Prof. Elm could.” Sipping his tea, the other man suddenly stands up and walks over to me as well, and my eyes widen as I realize it was Prof. Oak.

As my hazel eyes lock with his own brown ones, he must have seen something he liked in them, because he gives a huge smile before speaking. “My, my, so you must be RJ. Prof. Elm’s been going on about you for quite some time. You remind me of someone I used to know, and I saw the same thing in his eyes too. He’s been a huge help in my mission to complete the Pokédex, but there’s still so many things we as researchers do not understand. Now, RJ, I would like you to have this Pokédex.” Pulling a red device out that looked vaguely like a DSi, I gulp a bit before tenderly taking the device. Emotion wells up in me as I nod my head in thanks. Rustling my dark brown hair fondly, Prof. Oak chuckles softly before stretching out and turning to Mr. Pokémon. “I’m going to turn in for the night before leaving for Kanto tomorrow, Zachary. It was nice meeting you, RJ.” Smiling, he nods once again before turning to walk up the stairs to the guest rooms. Mr. Pokémon smiles and kneels down before gently petting ShadeFlame, then sighing a bit. “It’s still a shame about what happened to this little guy, although he’s in good hands with you. Would you like to spend the night? Prof. Elm’s Egg can wait until tomorrow, and it’s nearly 11PM.” Nodding in thanks, I quickly call Prof. Elm to tell him where I was, and then I gave a quick call to my mom as well before turning in. Lying in bed, ShadeFlame curls up comfortably on my chest before falling asleep, and I slowly daze as well before letting the warm embrace of sleep take me.

Waking up slowly, I yawn and stretch out before getting out of bed and looking at my phone to see the time. It was almost 7AM. Quickly taking a shower and getting dressed, I pick up ShadeFlame and perch him on my shoulder before walking downstairs to be greeted by Mr. Pokémon and Prof. Oak. Having a nice breakfast, I wave goodbye to the two men before leaving with the egg firmly in hand. I wasn’t even a couple of steps out of the house before I get frantically rang up by Prof. Elm, who was in a panic. “RJ, oh, thank heaven I could contact you. Listen, during the night, someone broke into the Lab and stole one of my Pokémon, along with some research I had on Team Rocket! The whole town is in an uproar! I don’t know what I’m going to do!” The phone abruptly hangs up, and I bite my lip before picking ShadeFlame up and putting him on my shoulder.

Despite pawing at the egg curiously, I keep a steady hold on it, and the short walk into Cherrygrove City is uneventful. But that was all to change as I see someone walk out of the PokéMart with a very timid-looking Chikorita following him. Gingerly placing the egg into my bag, I approach the young man, and he immediately takes offense. “What the hell are you lookin’ at, twerp? Weak looking Pokémon you got there, I got one too, but it’ll kick the crap out of yours. Go, Chikorita!” A small dinosaur-like Pokemon with a leaf sticking out of its’ head slips out from behind its’ Trainer’s leg, shivering slightly. It looked like it didn’t want to be there, and it was almost as if the Grass-type was afraid of its’ trainer. ShadeFlame jumps from my shoulder and gives a battle cry before agilely running forward and giving a savage scratch right across the Chikorita’s body. Now quite angry, the man orders his Pokémon to counter-attack, and it does so, charging forward and plowing right into ShadeFlame. Annoyed, ShadeFlame gives another savage scratch right across the Chikorita’s back, and the Leaf Pokémon finally passes out from exhaustion. Sighing angrily, the man glares at me, and his black eyes scream hurt and anger. Bright red hair fell down to around his back, and he was wearing all black clothing. Arrogantly, he tells me his name before returning the Chikorita into its’ ball and storming off to the Pokémon Center; Dom.

As soon as I walk back into New Bark Town, I nearly get tackled by a very large Arcanine, and I hold my hands up in surrender, not wanting to get bitten by this Pokémon. A young cop walks up to me and orders me under arrest, but Prof. Elm and Lyra rush as quickly as they could out of the Lab to question why I was being arrested. The cop explains that he overreacted a bit, and he notices ShadeFlame, who was angrily chomping on the cop’s leg to defend his Trainer. Apologizing, the cop offers to help me up, but I refuse, instead having Lyra help me up. I love the competence of the Police sometimes.

Back in Prof. Elm’s lab, the man was pacing back and forth in worry, still upset about his Chikorita and research being stolen. Hoping that this would cheer him up, I pull the undamaged Egg from my bag before showing Prof. Elm. “Prof. Elm, Mr. Pokémon gave me this to deliver to you.” Staring at the egg, Prof. Elm looked like he was about to pass out, a clearly happy smile on his face as he tenderly takes the egg out of my hands. “I never thought I would be able to examine an Egg! Thank you, RJ. I will call you if I find any news about the Egg!” Nodding, I smile before running my hands over my face, adjusting my hoodie and putting my hat on. Saying my goodbyes to Prof. Elm, Lyra runs after me as I walk onto Route 30 with ShadeFlame. “RJ, wait! I wanna show you how to catch a Pokémon!” Humoring my friend, I nod with a smile as I watch Lyra explain how to weaken and capture a Pokémon, her example being a Pidgeotto. Hugging me, Lyra smiles and tells me to keep in contact with her before running off, her Marill and Pidgeotto following close behind her. I had never realized how me and Lyra have been together nearly our entire lives, and it was kind of difficult to leave her, but I had her number, so that was good.

Deciding to go off on our journey, I pick ShadeFlame up before trekking off, making great time by arriving at Cherrygrove City before 11AM. Just then, the phone rings, and it was my mother, seething with hurt and irritation because I forgot to tell her I was leaving. “Damn it, RJ, why didn’t you tell me you were leaving? I wanted to say goodbye to you, and to also help you set up an account for your money, to help you save some up.” In the Pokémon world, money was kept in an electronic storage that could be tapped into from a phone. Each person has their own account, and if they wanted to buy something, they would just need to show the account numbers to the clerk. “I’m sorry, Mom. I’ll come back and see you soon, okay?” Saying my goodbyes to my mom, I hung the phone up before checking the account. I had $3,600, which wasn’t too bad. At the pace I was keeping, I would make it to Violet City by the evening.

Walking out onto Route 30 again, I looked around cautiously to make sure there weren’t any Spinarak or Ariados out, and to my delight, there weren’t. Walking on the Route for a bit, I come across a house, and I see an old man watering a weird looking bush in his yard. Noticing me, the man grins before calling me over. He had a heavy accent, and his hair was dark grey. “You know what I’m doing? I’m watering an Apricorn Bush. Back in old country, Pokéballs didn’t exist, so we used hollowed-out Apricorns to capture Pokémon. Wait here.” Walking back into his house, he grabs a fancy box with little divots in the wood to keep the Apricorns held firmly. “I made this when I was young boy, but I would like you to have it, since you remind me so much of my own boy.” Smiling, I give him my thanks before shaking his hand and setting off again.

There were a few young Trainers playing around in the grass and battling their Pokémon, so I quietly sneak by them to not bother their games. After another few hours of walking, I finally make it to Route 31, a relatively small route compared to Route 30, the only notable interest being a massive cave that I had no intentions of going in. I look around the Route, and see an overweight man fast asleep on a bench, an Apricorn bush, and a little boy trying to search for Bug Pokémon. Taking the Apricorn from the bush, I put it into the box the old man gave me, and then I trekked on, finally making it at the Gate that leads into Violet City. Just about to walk in, I run into Lyra, who fashions my phone with a fun little device that could record battles. I’m sure it’ll be handy for those lovely Gym battles.

Parting ways with Lyra once again, I make my way into Violet City. The city is quite a bit bigger than what I’m used to, with a Pokémon Center and PokéMart relatively close together, along with the Gym on the other side of town. Noticing a huge swaying tower, I decide to go and see what that was about. Passing over a bridge, a few male monks were meditating outside, with incense burns on their foreheads and shaved heads. Entering the Tower, the smell of incense hits me, and I shudder a bit. Bellsprout statues were all over the place, and ShadeFlame would get demolished, due to his Water typing. Even though he thought he was a Litwick, he was still a Water type, so I needed to find a new Pokémon.

Just then, I hear commotion, and I notice a Gastly getting attacked by multiple Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar, Dark Pulses and Shadow Balls getting repeatedly tossed at it. Angrily, I run over, waving my arms and trying to look as threatening as possible, with ShadeFlame squawking and flailing his arms around. Eventually, the other Pokémon left this very injured Gastly alone, and I pull a spare Pokéball out before tapping the Gastly with it. A red light engulfs the Pokémon before sucking it into the ball, the ball twitching once or twice before becoming still. Running back to the Pokémon Center, I give the ball with the Gastly to the nurse, and she comes out ten minutes later to say that my Gastly was fine. Sending the Gastly out, it gives a cry out before glaring venomously at ShadeFlame, who hides in my hood. Thinking of a name for my new friend, I decide to name her Twilight.

Heading back to the Sprout Tower with ShadeFlame and Twilight, I enter the large building, and an old monk comes out to meet me. He isn’t like the others, clearly being much older, with grey hair and a long beard. “Hello, young traveler. My name is Elder Li, and I am the oldest monk currently at this tower. I understand you’re on a Pokémon journey?” Nodding, he gives a smile. “Let’s have a battle, young one. I have been training for sixty years, so I will know if you are worthy for this TM. Holding an odd-looking disk, he stuffs it into his pocket before pulling out a Pokéball and throwing out a Flower Pokémon, a Bellsprout. Twilight flies out and gives a cry before diving in to attempt to lap its’ tongue across the fly-trap. Futilely trying to whip the angry ghost, it only took a few licks before the Bellsprout fainted. The second Bellsprout met the same as the first, and it fell in only a few hits. Now, Li’s last Pokémon came out, a very wise, and powerful Hoothoot. Diving in for a powerful Lick, Twilight was shocked to find that her attack did absolutely nothing to the Owl Pokémon. Flying in agilely, the Hoothoot used its’ sharp beak to repeatedly Peck at Twilight, not giving her a moment’s reprieve to attack. About to deliver the final blow to Twilight, suddenly, the Hoothoot stopped dead in mid-air. Twilight’s eyes were glowing deep red, and a look of pure rage was on her face. Crying out a haunting screech, Twilight launches the Hoothoot towards the ground with her Curse, and audible bone crunching sounds were heard. Every single monk was silent and watching the horrifying battle in shock. I felt like I was going to puke, and Li’s eyes were wide in shock. Li rushes towards the twitching Hoothoot before scooping it up tenderly and bolting off faster than anyone I’ve ever seen to the Pokémon Center. Running over to the nearest trash can, I started to heave…

Later, I walk out of the Tower, feeling absolutely numb at what I’ve just witnessed. Twilight floats behind me, and I almost think about releasing her. I have never seen that amount of rage in a Pokémon’s eyes before, and it was terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. Li walks up to me as I enter the Pokémon Center, eyes bright red and puffy, and a broken Pokéball in his hand. “You! YOU’VE KILLED MY HOOTHOOT!!!!” Charging towards me, I don’t even realize what hits me as I fall hard against the ground, hands wrapped hard around my throat. It takes seven people and a Chansey to pry Li’s hands from around my throat, and I start to heave again before passing out.

I don’t know how long it is until I wake up, but I wake up in a hospital bed, my clothing on the table beside my bed. I see cards from Lyra, Prof. Elm, and my mother, so they must all know. In my dreams, I kept reliving that moment when Twilight threw the Hoothoot down against the ground, and it chilled me to the bone. Sitting up, I notice Li walk into the room, and I frantically grab the nurse call button, but the old man puts his hand up. “Young man, I am truly sorry for my actions earlier. I was just… very upset to see my old friend leave me… Although I do not approve of your actions in the slightest, I want you to have this.” Handing me the TM, I shake my head. “I-I don’t deserve that..” Li gives a sad smile. “It’s Flash. It will light the way in even the darkest situations, and help you find light. I know of an expert that might be able to help that Gastly of yours. His name is Morty. I shall see you again soon, RJ. I will make sure you never forget…” His last sentence was dripping with poison as Li walks out of the room, leaving me to think about what’s happened.

It was a good three days before the nurses would let me leave, and I was thoroughly shaken from what happened at the Tower. I just wanted to get out of Violet City, get away from the Tower, just wanted to run.. Walking up to the Gym, I sigh heavily before entering, looking around inside the large building. I didn’t feel comfortable at all with using Twilight, so I return her into her ball before tossing ShadeFlame out.

Walking up to Falkner, he looks up at me, and his blue eyes show contempt for me, almost as if he thought I would be no challenge at all. The blue haired man stands up and grabs a Pokéball before wordlessly tossing it up into the air, letting a Pidgey out to fly around the large, spacious arena. ShadeFlame runs out onto the arena, and the Pidgey swoops down before ramming straight into ShadeFlame, sending it flying. Without even a second’s thought, the Pidgey gives another sharp tackle, getting scratched right across the chest in a counter-attack and crashing into the ground painfully. ShadeFlame charges and gives another angry scratch, injuring the Pidgey even more, and Falkner calls the Tiny Bird back to its’ ball before sending out a larger bird in its’ place. “I was wrong about you, thought you would be another hot-headed kid that would rush into battle blindly. But you do have some skill. Let’s see how you handle this. Pidgeotto, Gust!” The bird lets out a loud screech before flapping its’ wings powerfully, tossing ShadeFlame back and picking up a lot of dust that impeded vision, although it didn’t seem to affect Falkner at all. Taking hit after hit began to infuriate ShadeFlame, and the fact that he couldn’t land a hit made him even angrier. As it swoops in for a fainting blow, ShadeFlame dodges it before ramming directly into it, all of the previous damage given to it only fueling its’ Rage attack. Finally taking the Pidgeotto down, Falkner nods his head before walking over and shaking my hand, giving me the Zephyr Badge and a TM in a case, which happened to be Roost. “Congratulations, kid. You’ve given me a fun match, and you’ve shown that you can keep your cool. I’d love to be able to battle you again soon.” Shaking his hand, I smile solemnly before walking out of the door, suddenly getting a phone call.

“Hey RJ, it’s Prof. Elm. First off, I’m really sorry for what’s happened, and secondly, one of my aides have traveled to Violet City with that Egg you’ve so graciously delivered to me. I would like you to have it, so the baby Pokémon that hatches out of the Egg will experience battles and friendship. Call me when the Egg hatches.” Telling him I will, I hang the phone up before heading to the Pokémon Center, ShadeFlame riding on my shoulder. But before I could arrive at the Center, the same man I met in Cherrygrove City storms out of the gate and stops in front of me, clenching his fists angrily before pushing me aside. “Get the hell out of my way; I don’t have time for you.” Falling back, ShadeFlame falls from my shoulder before landing on the ground, angrily growling at the man as he walks away. Picking ShadeFlame up, I give him a gentle pet on the head before opening the door to the Center.

Looking around, I quickly heal my Pokémon before the aide walks up to me. “Are you RJ?” Nodding, I was handed an Egg, and it was just about to hatch, from the looks of it. Smiling a bit, the aide pats me on the back before telling me to call when the Egg hatches, then walks away. I only needed to wait about twenty minutes or so before the Egg began to thrash about and crack before a baby Togepi was in the egg’s place. Staring at me, it gives a chirp before nuzzling up against me, and I pull a Pokéball out of my bag before lightly tapping the Togepi and capturing it with very little difficulty. “Welcome to the team. I’ll think of a good nickname for you later.” Deciding to go to the nurse to see if anything was wrong with my Togepi, it only took a few minutes to determine nothing was wrong.

Finally leaving Violet City, I sigh and shudder as the memory of Twilight killing the Hoothoot haunts my mind once again, and the threat Li gave me before leaving my hospital room. Finding another Apricorn bush, I attempt to pull the Apricorn out, unaware that my Togepi wandered into the grass. I hear rustling, and I see Togepi attempting to run from an angry Bellsprout, who was continuously whipping it with its’ long tendrils. Despite Togepi’s best efforts, the Bellsprout eventually picks it up and launches it across the field, smashing it against a tree and knocking it out cold. Deciding that it did a good job, the Bellsprout then wobbles away, leaving Togepi unconscious leaning against a tree.

Rushing over and scooping up my Togepi, I rush to the nearest Pokémon Center, ignoring all the other Trainers and some creepy old guy trying to sell children Slowpoketail. Breathless, I hand Togepi to the nurse before passing out on the chair. A few hours later, the nurse wakes me up. “Sir, your Togepi’s fine. Took a bad fall though, but it shouldn’t be too bad.” Chirping, the Togepi gives me a big hug before suddenly wagging its’ fingers a couple of times and shooting a stream of bubbles at my face. Laughing, I stand up. “Think I’ll name you Random.” Returning Random back into his Pokeball, Twilight pops out of hers and looks around before giving a bored yawn. Apparently, the Pokémon Center bored her, and I needed to get going on my journey.

Gulping when I see the massive cave entrance, I shudder before seeing my Gastly floating behind me, almost as if she was trying to comfort me a bit. Smiling, I grab my flashlight before turning it on and entering the cave. It was damp, cold, and there was Zubat guano everywhere. What a wonderful place to be in. I just desperately wanted to get out, and I could hear footsteps everywhere too. Everything about this cave just made me very uneasy. Zubat screeching echoed off the cave walls, which disoriented Twilight, so I return her back into her Pokéball and let Random out, holding him.

Trying to find my way through the cave, I see a man dressed in odd clothing, holding a pair of burnt-out sticks, and he tells me if I beat him in a battle, he’ll help me out of the cave. Shrugging and nodding in agreement, Random jumps out of my arms, excited to battle. Agreeing, the man sends out a levitating purple ball, the creature seeping noxious fluids. It was a Koffing. Random holds his ground, shockingly not afraid of the perpetually happy ball of gases. The man orders his Koffing to poison Random, but a wag of the finger gives him the speed to dodge the attacks and hit for some damage as well. Another attack hurls towards Random, and he dodges once again, but this time, it was different. Random seemed to be shaking, and before I even knew what hit me, the sounds of a massive explosion filled the cave, and I was sent hurling back before smashing sharply up against the cave wall. And everything just went black..


ShadeFlame the Totodile

Level 15, Sassy Nature
Scary Face

So far, ShadeFlame isn't too bad. He was instrumental in beating Falkner, since Twilight couldn't touch his Normal/Flying typed birds. So far, he's got power, but as time goes on, we'll see if he can still keep up.

Random the Togepi

Level 14, Mild Nature
Sweet Kiss

So far, I've been quite surprised with Random. Even as a Togepi, he's quite bulky, and he's taken down foes with unexpected moves via Metronome. Rolled two Selfdestructs, as well as a Hyper Beam and an Aeroblast. Metronome is so much fun to use.~

Twilight the Gastly

Level 14, Gentle Nature
Mean Look

Twilight is a mixed card. She desperately needs a better attack then Lick, but her utility with Hypnosis is quite useful, and Mean Look could possibly be useful. Curse is kinda iffy, but I did use Curse to a devastating effect in my story, so if RJ could help it, he's going to get rid of Curse as soon as possible. Also, her in-game nature is Gentle, but she's very cold in the story. o-o

Give me feedback, criticism, what have you! :)
^ I believe that Togepi/Togetic/Togekiss must solo an E4 member both times (a different one each time) and one mon must be solo'd with Metronome.....

I may he mistaken, but that is the standard of a "Random" challenge....
^Woah, woah, you never said Random had to solo an E4 member. :| Only two Johto GL Pokémon, one Kanto GL Pokémon, and one of Red's, all with Metronone. I picked Bugsy's Scyther, Morty's Gengar, Misty's Lapras, and Red's Pikachu.

There's your post, Serperior. :P And it's fine, you just really confused me there for a moment. >_> And I might actually attempt to solo Koga, but if Random faints, he faints, no big deal there. :P I think you were right though, I remember something about Random going to solo Will's stronger Xatu or something. Eh, I'll have him solo the Xatu anyways for fun. :3

EDIT: All done with posting my first Chapter. It is a pretty massive update, so give me feedback!
I'm glad you like it, Serperior! I only got one Selfdestruct, but I moved it a bit to have it in the cave. I might have the resulting cave-in end up killing the Firebreather and his Koffing, but I'm not sure yet. How did you like the bit with Twilight spazzing the fuck out and killing the Hoothoot with Curse? Wasn't the best thing to write, but every good story's got to have some tragedy, right? I'm probably going to have Morty's Haunter Curse my Eevee, but unlike the Hoothoot, Eevee will survive.


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Damn StallMandibuzz, that was kind of frightening to read. Very well written and it started out so nice and peaceful like and BAM dead Hoothoot. And now you're considering killing the Firebreather? Jeeze, you're dark dude XD.

Anyway, working on my own scramble still, got a ways until the next chapter goes up. Should have around 3 or 4 more chapters if I'm not mistaken, including one for the post-game. We'll see how long it takes me... hopefully not too long. This scramble has certainly been the hardest I've had so far, and honestly I'm looking forward to getting back to good old fashioned single battling.
@Jimera: It gets worse. Wait 'til RJ gets into Proton's little lab room. O_O I'm having Proton be the obligatory Team psycho. :P Nothin' gory or anything, but there will be no mistaking what will be in the room. :| RJ will also find out exactly what happened to his Totodile. It won't all be dark though, I'll have some laughs and fun in it too. :) There will only really be a few parts that are really dark, in truth. It took me like all night to write it, glad you like it. ^_^ And the Firebreather death will be some-what natural, no Twilight Curse or Team Rocket torture, although the Selfdestruct blowing the cave half to hell and back is sort of a bad thing, but it was unintentional. o_O

Also, I like your updates as well, Jimera. And yes, I'm sure constant double battles are a pain in the ass in Pokémon Colosseum. :P
@Serperior: Hahahaha, well, I'm proving Pokémon isn't some stupid kid's game, eh? :3 I mixed up some of the parts, especially with Li and his Hoothoot, as well as not having Dom anywhere near the Tower when the battle was happening. Even when writing this, some of these parts make me choke up. o_O Especially the thing with the Hoothoot. O_O