Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

@StallMandibuzz: Take a Roggenrola and name him (or her) Fighter. Fighter isn't too confident in itself and thinks you think it's worthless, based off of the Rock-types of other generations. In order to prove that it's better than the other Rock-types, it must solo all of the Dwebbles in Burgh's Gym. You start to realize, "Hey, maybe Fighter isn't so worthless after all!" After soloing the Dwebbles, Fighter can evolve. Fighter realizes his strong defensive potential, so it must switch in and take 15 moves that it's teammate would have been hit with and is week to. (i.e. MarioSnshn might switch in to a Water-type because it has to. In order to avoid the Water-type attack, switch to Fighter and then 1/15 is taken care of. If this is too easy, change it to saving 15 moves it's teammate would have been hit with, is weak to, and would be fatal.) Fighter can evolve again after soloing Cheren and Bianca once each. Fighter, now a Gigalith (if you would like to trade to evolve), idolizes Christina Aguilera, so Fighter must listen to part of her lyrics: "After all of the fights and the lies 'cause you're wanting to haunt me/But that won't work anymore, no more." Cheren must be soloed every single time after it evolves, because it realizes that Cheren wants to attack you and only you; he really isn't your friend. It used to be a firm believer in the way Ghetsis spoke, and came to a sudden realization: "How could this man I thought I knew/Turn out to be unjust, so cruel/Could only see the good in you/Pretended not to know the truth." Fighter realizes that it was wrong about Cheren and Ghetsis all the time; Cheren actually WAS trying to be your friend and Ghetsis was your enemy! In order to atone for its past mistakes, it must solo at least two of Ghetsis's Pokemon and must not fight Cheren in the last match post-N/Ghetsis's Castle. Good luck and have fun with Fighter!

EDIT: ARGH. I should've totally just reserved Sewaddle. Bluh, well, I guess I'll change. :/.
EDIT 2: Changed to Roggenrola. :<.
You can defeat reshiram and it wil reappear in dragonspiral tower

No you can change the background music by talking to various NPCs like the 1 next to the pokecenter in opelucid town
Haha, I've never used a Sewaddle before, looks interesting! :P Come to think of it, I've never used a Purrloin either. O_O I have also realized that Marshall is going to absolutely SUCK ASS for my team. D:

EDIT: Hmm, I've already got flavors for most of my Pokémon, but I'm gonna have to think on which one I want between Weaver and the unnamed Dwebble. Maybe I'll get lucky and get a Fighting type from Gamer, but if not, then I'll see. :p
Then I am thoroughly screwed. O_O I already got two Dark types. :p I dunno how I'm gonna come up with the weird nickname for my Sandile though. Might just shorten it to Mario. :| I just realized I have never really formally accepted any of them. So throw your ideas at me, and I'll narrow them down. :P
You never used Purrloin before? One of my favourite Gen 5 Pokémon, in fact. Not quite as fond of Liepard, unfortunately... anyway. Meet your new companion:

Take a Purrloin called Voldemort.

After supposedly being vanquished, Voldemort took flight and made his home in a new land. That land was Unova, full of magical creatures the likes of which Voldemort had never seen. He decided to possess the first creature he could, in order to investigate this new world further.

The creature he possessed turned out to be a Purrloin. Perhaps not his first choice, but the Dark typing was enough to persuade him to stay. He realises that his new body is weak, so he adds in his own Dark power - Voldemort may only use Dark type moves. A few other techniques will pique Voldemort's interest - he may also learn Slash, Toxic, Hidden Power, Hyper Beam, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Dream Eater, Substitute, Rock Smash and Cut. He will also begrudgingly use Scratch until he can force the Purrloin to use something more powerful (most likely Pursuit at level 15).

Above all other goals, Voldemort strives to be the most powerful entity around, and will be furious if this is not the case. Voldemort must therefore be the highest level Pokémon on your team. If this is not the case, after each fight in which Voldemort is used, he will become enraged and banish one of your other Pokémon to the PC. The banish is in effect until Voldemort gains a level, or two levels if the banished Pokémon is Dark type.

When you reach the E4, Voldemort is enraged! Grimsley would dare to claim the title of Dark Master? You must fight Grimsley first. You only have one shot at this battle. What happens next varies depending on how the fight goes:

Voldemort is truly the champion of Dark! All restrictions disappear, and you get bonus awesome points.

Voldemort came close, but couldn't quite make the grade. In his disappointment, he refuses to take part in the other E4 battles, planning out his return. When he does return, however, he's happy to use any move you like - his new plan is to use a diverse range of techniques to penetrate the foe's defences.

Voldemort tried his best, but didn't hold out for as long as he might've liked. In his disappointment, he refuses to take part in the other E4 battles. Afterwards, Voldemort must be taught Hyper Beam if he didn't already have it, figuring he just wasn't powerful enough.

Voldemort took down one foe, but the second was too much! In his anger, he will refuse to take part in the other E4 battles, or in the N / Ghetsis fights afterwards. Afterwards, Voldemort must be taught two new moves, one of which must be Hyper Beam. If you already had Hyper Beam, it doesn't count - teach him two new moves anyway.

Voldemort has fallen with minimal resistance! In his rage, he will refuse to take part in the other E4 battles, or in the N / Ghetsis fights afterwards. He will continue refusing to fight afterwards until you either teach him four new moves or discard your entire stock of items and medicine. Furthermore, he must now solo any Dark type you encounter or die trying.

Voldemort the Purrloin
- May only use Dark moves, or moves from the following list: Scratch, Slash, Toxic, Hidden Power, Hyper Beam, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Dream Eater, Substitute, Rock Smash, Cut.
- Must be the highest level Pokémon on your team. If this is ever not the case, after each fight in which Voldemort is used he will banish one of your other Pokémon to the PC until he gains a level, or two levels if the banished Pokémon is Dark type.
- You must fight Grimsley first out of all E4 members, and you only get one shot at this battle for the purposes of determining restrictions. Restrictions that follow vary depending on how many Pokémon Voldemort soloes throughout the fight.

Note that you don't have to send out Voldemort first during the Grimsley fight, so if you don't want to risk everything against the Scrafty he leads with, that might be a good idea. Up to you how much you want to go for. Oh, and for the record, if you have to fight Grimsley a second time for whatever reason, don't worry about soloing anything - the restriction is set from the first fight alone.

Hope you enjoy your new feline friend. <3

Edit: Ah, damn, Grimsley solo has already been taken. Give me a minute, I'll sort something out. :p
@Tetrinity: This is quite a creative challange! O_O I can imagine my Liepard using Toxic just to use it, even if its' opponent is weakened. Well, that would probably be the case for all Liepard, which is why it suits Voldemort so well. :p
Hehe, thanks. I'm still not really sure who to change the Grimsley solo to... Caitlin and Shauntal would be far too easy while Marshall would be far too hard, and none of them really make sense thematically anyway. Hrmm.
I just thought up how it would work!!
You try to name him MarioSunshine but Juniper teleports in to say you can't have nicknames longer than 10 chars so you leave out the vowels in Sunshine
@Arceustar: Rofl, that would work with in-game logic, but I'm mixing the Pokémon world with ours, essentially. O_O Even in my update with my HeartGold, I'm pretty sure a Curse would end up crushing your insides, so I went with it. Especially since the in-game animation is a nail going through your head, internal injury is a given. Getting on-topic, could I just call my Sandile Mario when I'm typing up the updates?
@Nauris: Wait, when did you give me an Elegym? I thought it was a Dwebble? O_O

I also noticed that no one really gave me any solos outside of the E4, which helps a bit since I can tweak them for my story. :P
Surprise me. :P Doesn't really have to be an Elgyem, could be a Litwick or what have you. I expect it to be hard, but not impossible or anything. I like having even typing and stuff. Even though I'm most likely going to accept the Sandile and Purrlion, still, as even as I could get. :3