Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

@Sky: I don't blame you for that at all, that Altaria seems much more difficult then you wanted.

And I don't have to solo like half the frigging game with a Metapod! O.o although RBZW's Shuckle is going to be quite a pain in the ass.
Reserving a mareep for wobbanaut

NotNU!! the mareep

He looked at the smogon details for himself and he found out that Ampharos is NU. As he hates being weak, he decided to train. First, solo Bugsy and Clair as a Mareep. He then decides to evolve once but he's not happy. Solo Will, Bruno, Erika and Brock. He then wants to evolve again as he feels pure power. Now, Solo red's Pikachu and Snorlax. He will then be unbeatable.
This was 1 of the pokes AS gave me before I asked him to change it
That's what it looks like.

I would reject this, you asked for easy and this is brutally difficult. It's getting close to the level of that one caterpie someone got on a hard scramble.
This. Perhaps if the evolution requirements were dropped entirely, leaving a taunted Altaria that can only use three Dragon/Flying moves? Still pretty limiting, but not as debilitating, I would think.

Anyway. Just managed to take down Volkner with Purify the Medicham, completely cleansing him of his curse! Tough fight, definitely needed plenty of luck, but once the ball got rolling Volkner never stood a chance. It was just a matter of getting to +4 SpA / SpD with Calm Mind while avoiding any Defence drops from Iron Tail, while also being sure I was in good health when knocking out Jolteon. If Iron Tail were slightly more accurate, this would have taken me MUCH longer. As it was, once I managed this his entire team was swept by Psychic with little issues; Electivire's ThunderPunch dealt about 70%, Luxray was outsped and Raichu's Quick Attack did barely anything.

Ordered from LVP to MVP.

Can'tdoit (Lv47 Piplup) @ Amulet Coin
Nature: Bold (+Def, -Atk)
Ability: Torrent
Moveset: Pound | Growl | Peck | Mist

Keep on truckin', Can'tdoit. Keep on truckin'...

Fiddle (Lv44 Kricketune) @ Razor Fang
Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SpA)
Ability: Swarm
Moveset: X-Scissor | Rock Smash | Strength | Aerial Ace

Fiddle is kinda showing his age. He's reasonably powerful, but he misses out on KOs a little more often than I'd like and he doesn't like being hit back at all. Being passed an Agility from Lola helps to an extent, but in the end, Confused or Oldie make much better use of that speed boost.

Lola (Lv45 Lopunny) @ Quick Claw
Nature: Gentle (+Def, -SpD)
Ability: Cute Charm
Moveset: Return | Agility | Baton Pass | Charm

Evolving into Lopunny helped Lola a lot. Return is so powerful it's hilarious; she bobs up and down a few times, and then suddenly the other Pokémon is fainting. I had anticipated reteaching her Jump Kick after the Cyrus battle, but I honestly don't miss it at all. Charm stays, for the time being.

Purify (Lv49 Medicham) @ Mind Plate
Nature: Mild (+SpA, -Def)
Ability: Pure Power
Moveset: Brick Break | Calm Mind | Psychic | Ice Punch

Being able to evolve Purify was a godsend; he's so much more powerful now, and he's even capable of taking a hit when he needs to. I wish I could swap out Calm Mind for Bulk Up, but hey. Brick Break and Ice Punch together provide reasonable coverage and are plenty strong enough as it is.

Confused (Lv45 Lucario) @ Shell Bell
Nature: Naughty (+Atk, -SpD)
Ability: Inner Focus
Moveset: Rock Smash | Swords Dance | Double Team | Toxic

Still as strong as always. I gave him the Shell Bell since when you've got +6 Evasion, even that counts as reliable recovery. He's fainted a few times here and there, usually when Toxic keeps missing and Double Team fails to help against a Pokémon like Gyarados, but in general Confused is a very reliable member of the team.

Oldie (Lv52 Rampardos) @ King's Rock
Nature: Relaxed (+Def, -Spe)
Ability: Mold Breaker
Moveset: AncientPower | Substitute | Surf | Rock Climb

I've been trying to avoid using Oldie where possible, just to try to keep levels relatively even across the team. I can't do it. I just can't. Oldie obliterates everything in his path regardless of whether he used a physical or special attack, and actually isn't as frail as you'd expect, especially with Substitute. He's my go-to Pokémon against so many threats it's unbelievable. King's Rock is mostly for when he's passed an Agility boost, but getting a free turn due to a flinchhax is enough to seal the fate of any opponent.

Just as a comparison, Oldie's Attack stat is 200. The next highest is Confused at 127, followed by Fiddle at 102. For Special Attack, Purify comes out on top at 90, but Oldie is just behind at 89. So basically, he's more or less my strongest attacker on both sides of the spectrum, and is more than capable of taking a hit when he needs to. Definitely the team's MVP right now.
Stall, did you ever give me that Seel? :P

Last few days were even busier then expected, so I barely even had time to do anything pokemon related, but would like to start my platinum challenge relatively soon, I'll quote the original post back here if I find it xD .
Okay, now for something completely different. I'm going to be doing something I never did before. Actually, many things I never did before! I'm going to do a Platinum scramble focussed around Cuteness(yep, I never do that, I always focus my team on absolute beastly bruteness). The challenge will have several specific rules. They are as following:
-A medium challenge --> I will refuse anything I judge to be too hard.
-I will be using the following 4 pokemon, and no more then that!
Seel, Oddish, Magby, [undecided]
-I want nicknames, restrictions and a little bit of storyline for the 3 decided pokemons, and also for the undecided one, with the benefit of being able to decide which poke you give me.
-The whole team is focussed around cuteness
-I will not evolve my pokemons, keep that in mind when determining the difficulty of the challenge
-The undecided pokemon can not be grass/fire/water
-I will allow 3 people to make an undecided pokemon and pick the one I love most, consider this a challenge to make the awesomest cute poke for me and beat the rest of the scramblers :D! (but don't forget about Seel, Magby and Oddish!)
-All pokemons will be traded over from SoulSilver and Pearl, with migrations from Ruby and Leafgreen(hidden somewhere in my room, hopefully) before the first gym.

I hope I didn't limit your creativity too much, but I decided upun these 3 pokemons before I got back to this thread and realised how much I enjoyed my SS challenge(thanks guys<3).

(Edit: My DS just crashed AGAIN, this thing is dieing like crazy o.O)

The Pokes so far: -my comments in red-
(By: King_Serperior)@Jinzha: sorry; had RL stuff to do yesterday. I am now working on it and will edit this post. Sorry :(.

Take, Sunny the Oddish.

You said that this is a no evolution challenge, right? Well, I am basing this challenge off of that assumption.

The Story:
Sunny is a very niave Oddish and does not understand that everything is a good day.

I'll let you in on Sunny's final moveset and why she has to know them:

1). Sunny Day: Not only is it her namesake, but she feels like everyday should be a happy day!! Max out Sunny Day's PP ASAP. Use Sunny Day first in all battles she participates in unless out of PP.
2). Sleep Powder: She feels that a sleeping person is the most beautiful thing in the world. She cannot attack a foe that is not sleeping. If this is impossible (Insomnia), run or switch. If you cannot, ignore for now.
3). Petal Dance: I said that she likes pretty things, right? Well, is not Petal Dance pretty? Learn ASAP.
4). Sludge Bomb: Although she hates this technique, she will use it in dire times. Learn ASAP. She cannot use this move while in the green HP range. If this move is used, Petal Dance must be used immidetially afterwards.

You must have her solo a gym leader that is "not pretty" and is not Crasher Wake. I'll leave the deciding of if a Gym Leader is pretty or not up to you.

Also, she May not battle Poison Types, as they are ugly and smelly

If you need any increasing or decreasing of difficulty, just say something and I will edit :)

Good Luck!! Sounds good Serperior, thanks :)

(By Tetrinity)
Alright, Jinzha, here you go. We're going with the ultimate stereotypically cute Pokémon. Meet your new friend, Dora the Clefairy!

When Dora heard about your plans for a cute team, well, you should've seen her. She was really excited about the opportunity, bouncing all over the place with glee. She spent a very long time preparing for her audition, honing her charms to the best of her ability. All of her moves are designed to dazzle and delight, and she's determined to get herself onto centre stage.

Breed Metronome and Wish onto a Clefairy before trading it over (Togetic makes a suitable father, learning Metronome at level 5 and Wish at level 29). Dora must always keep these two moves. Luckily my SoulSilver Togetic had both moves already, he even is a male!

Dora may only know moves that could be considered cute, the sort of moves that make onlookers smile instead of scream and dive for cover. I'll leave it up to you to decide what counts as cute, most should be obvious enough. Feel free to ask if you're not sure about any given move.

After her adorable display of miniature shooting stars and waggling her finger, you agreed to take Dora on. The sight of her bouncing up to you and hugging your leg must have been almost too much to bear. Unfortunately, the success has gone to her head a little, and she is becoming prone to trying to steal the spotlight from the others.

If Dora is at full HP (got to look her best for the cameras, after all), when you send out another Pokémon, Dora must immedately switch in. She doesn't have to use a move after being sent out in this way, but if she doesn't then she'll become upset, refusing to participate in the show (i.e. battles) until you make her feel better by pampering her. You can pamper Dora by either using any two items on her, or healing at a Pokémon Centre.

Dora the Clefairy
- Must learn and keep Metronome and Wish, via egg moves from a Togetic.
- May only know moves that you would consider to be cute. I'll be making a story to convince everybody that Meteor Mash is cute, cause that move fits Clefairy so perfectly!
- If Dora is at full HP when you send out another Pokémon, Dora must immediately switch in. I'm going to be switching like a madman xD . Not like she'll stay at full HP for that long..
- If Dora has been switched in due to the previous restriction but then does not use any moves before being called back to her Poké Ball, then she'll become upset and refuses to battle. To make her feel better, use two items on her or heal at a Pokémon Centre.

I kept involuntarily saying "aww!" while typing this up, picturing what it'd look like, so hopefully that's a good sign. :p

Edit: Just realised that breeding a male Togetic and female Clefairy/Clefable would result in a Cleffa. Up to you whether to evolve her to a Clefairy or go the much more difficult (yet cuter?) route of staying as a Cleffa. :p I'll be going with evolution, without any evolution-related restrictions

(by Arceustar)Iggy the Magby
Must only use cute moves (contest wise) Not doing this one, Magby's FULL movepool doesn't even have 4, and not even a single damaging one.
Must never use physical moves Guess I can survive this one
Must hold a Soothe Bell to attack Not bad, would've preferred an everstone.
Solo 2 gym leaders Shouldn't be too hard.
Have fun

And I'm finally typing up the challange for you, Jinzha. O_O Editing now.

(By StallMandibuzz)Jinzha, take Paranoid the Seel. Now, the baby Seel's egg was transported from Kanto to Sinnoh via air, the egg secured in a safe crate. But unfortunately, the plane hit some turbulence, and the egg was thrashed all about in the crate. When you receive the egg and hatch it, you notice something very peculiar about this Seel due to the damage it received in its' egg. First off, Paranoid is afraid of its' teammates, due to it believing that they're government spies, so s/he can't participate in a double battle unless s/he absolutely has to, and s/he will attack her partners unless made to battle. Second off, Paranoid is very untrusting of any spray medicines or EV boosters, as s/he believes that they're poison, so you can't use them on him/her. Berries and vending machine drinks are fine, as is MooMoo Milk. And lastly, s/he believes that Byron was the one who 'damaged' the plane to injure him/her, so s/he must solo Byron to right those wrongs. However, s/he realizes that s/he is very cute, so s/he must learn Attract ASAP to use on his/her opponents. There are no evolution restrictions, obviously, so have fun. :D VM me with any questions, and you can pick between mine and Reptile's. :3
Not much to say, seems like a great challenge :) .