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Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Its_A_Random, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Espeon65


    Aug 12, 2012
    @inanimate blob take the Eevee you recieve from Bill this Eevee is destined to become a(n)...

    drumroll please... (open)


    Evolve him ASAP (run/bike around for a long time). This Umbreon feels superior to all other eeveelutions due to his high defensive stats. Two of his moves must be Toxic and Protect, and they must be used on every pokemon he battles on the first two turns (so if it's a new pokemon after you KO'd one, repeat...in order, Toxic then Protect). He must solo all other eeveelutions. This includes every Kimono Girl. He wants to prove that he can even overcome type disadvantages. Have him solo two trainers in the Cianwood Gym, and solo 1 of Chuck's pokemon. He must solo Karen of the Elite Four to prove he is the best dark type.

    GL;HF! If it's not creative enough/to easy/hard, tell me and I can change it! (If it's too uncreative, I'll most likely go back to the drawing board with another pokemon.)
  2. Pika25


    Mar 30, 2007
    What happens if both hydration and pride counters are at 7? And at what level does each of these counters start?
  3. Present


    Oct 20, 2012
    I do not have much time now, but thank you for the challenges so far. I will comment on them later. I think only one to go. If my other pokemon cannot learn some tm's (water and flying ones are no doubt covered), please make me able to cover the rest?

    Oh yeah plusle AND minun are so complementary.
    And I should go looking for some loopholes in that mudkip...
  4. Classical


    Apr 27, 2012
    Le posts (open)

    Pika the pikachu
    -Can't evolve
    -Can't Hold Items
    -Only level up moves
    -Must solo a gym leader and elite four

    Douno the Doduo
    -Has a single personality
    -Can't use attacks: fury attack, tri-attack, fly
    -Can't attack pokemon with multiple heads, and if it sees one goto pokemon center immeadiately
    -when dodrio must solo them with Rage

    TrollFreak the Charmander
    -Switches out on all ground/dragon poke
    -must know dragon claw/overheat asap
    -Solo Loerlei
    -Can't learn flamethrower/blast burn/Fire Blast

    ASBdrill the Beedrill
    -Think's he's deck knight's favorite
    -Can only use following moves: Toxic Spikes, Poison Jab, Fury Attack, Twineedle, Cut
    -Must solo one of giovani's pokemon to prove he is masta of ground types
    -must always hold rare candy's but make it Strongth

    Zubat The Zubat
    -Only learn moves that end in vowels
    -Must catch after Misty
    -Can't evolve into golbat until Trollfreak learns Dragon Claw and Beedrill learns pin missle.(Which he can't use)

    Waiting on KS for the final mon
  5. Celever


    Sep 25, 2012
    Ok... Here we go. When I saw your restrictions, Present, I had a speedy Ninjask in mind, but Ninjask might be taken if your Nincada is male! :/ Back to the drawing board! :/ I'm looking on Bulbapedia for the areas where some pokemon I might be able to be imaginative with are, and they are all late-game! If I do that then it won't be MVP for sure! :( Fine... I'll use Torkoal. Only fiery path! Torkoal the Shuckle hates Shuckles. As in, properly despise them. However, you want original and "solo every Shuckle you see" is the opposite of original, so instead this Torkoal figures if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. He must start every battle boosting his defense/special defense even more. (Once he gets the first move that enables him to do so: iron defense at level 33!) As well as this, he only wants 1 attacking move, like various shuckles. As well as this, he wants a move that forces status conditions onto pokemon, once you get toxic it must be that. And then you get a move of your choice - that isn't directly attacking. Something like Will - O - Wisp is OK, but not iron tail. Anyway, there you go! It's probably not amazing enough though, so you can't attack any pokemon which your only directly damaging attack is super-effective on. No flamethrowers on Mawile. No Iron tails on Spheal! Just Toxic! XD

    Tell me if you don't like it and I'll tweak it, however I'm not here for the lesser part of 9 hours.
  6. Jangrafess


    Jun 15, 2009
  7. Jangrafess


    Jun 15, 2009
    inanimate blob, I shall give you a Tyrogue. His name is Hitmonjoke.

    As you get Tyrogue pretty late on in your adventure, after you get Waterfall and go through Mount Mortar to beat the Karate King, Tyrogue's a bit aggrieved that he's missed most of the fun of Johto. To make up for this, you have to go and solo one pokémon from each route in Johto so far before he can evolve, excluding caves. He may be a bulky little Fighting-type chap, but he's no Machop, and doesn't hurl Geodudes around just yet.

    You can't use any items to affect his stats and influence the way he evolves, and the way that he evolves dictates how you can use him during the E4:

    Hitmonlee must solo Will - inside that bizarre body lurks a mind that refuses to let Psychic pokémon best it. Must keep Foresight from his time as a Tyrogue.
    Hitmonchan must solo Koga - his famous poison and sleep techniques are no match for Chan's blazing fists and route one tactics. Must keep Helping Hand from his time as a Tyrogue.
    Hitmontop must solo Bruno - as the ultimate combined fighting machine, 'Top doesn't believe that any single martial art tactic is good enough on its own, and is out to prove it. Must keep Fake Out from his time as a Tyrogue.
  8. Yarnus of Bethany

    Yarnus of Bethany

    Mar 5, 2010
    BTW, Sympolda's counters start at 7.
    And Zubat will be horrible; Dragon Claw is at the end of victory road.
  9. inanimate blob

    inanimate blob

    May 31, 2011
  10. Jangrafess


    Jun 15, 2009
    Three attempts to beat Bugsy! I don't remember ever finding it that hard on an ordinary playthrough, so this Scramble really has something to it to keep me hooked.

    Show Hide
    After Violet City I made my way down south to Azalea Town, ignoring the Ruins of Alph on the way and proceeding straight through Union Cave. In the cave I was hoping not to come across many Geodudes, as I don't really have a way of dealing with Rock types yet, considering ... is only allowed to use Tackle and the other two are weak to and not very effective against them. Whenever I did encounter one, wild or belonging to a Hiker, Fang was my saviour, somehow.

    It was also Fang who helped clear out Slowpoke Well, learning Bite in the process. When I got back to Azalea Town after doing that, I went straight for Bugsy, and the trainers in his gym were a piece of piss, but he was himself far harder. Leading with a Scyther two levels higher than the rest of my team, and having to switch ... in if I started with Fang or Sleepy and took a hit made this really difficult. ... wouldn't be able to land a single hit no matter how I played this, not that it would make much difference, as I didn't want to poison Scyther: I wanted to put it to sleep. I was destroyed in the first battle, and in the second, after levelling my team up a little.

    The third was better. I led with ..., hoping to get a Reflect off before being knocked out, but was instantly defeated with U-Turn. Fang equalled things up, taking down Kakuna, and then landed two Bites on Scyther before dying. The key difference in this battle was that Bugsy used his Super Potion up on Kakuna - if he'd still had it for Scyther I'd never have won. It took 50% of Sleepy's HP with Quick Attack, but I managed to put Scyther to sleep, allowing me to use a Super Potion before Pecking two times. Scyther then woke up and used Quick Attack for 50% again, as I Pecked him down to 5% damage. I had to risk his Quick Attack leaving me on 1 or 2HP if I were to win! Using a Super Potion myself would just leave me in the exact same situation next turn, so I risked it, and it paid off: Sleepy was down to 2/52HP, and Pecked to KO Scyther. I could then heal up to defeat Metapod, and the Hive Badge was mine.

    The team, which hasn't changed much:

    ... the Chikorita [F] [​IMG]
    Level 17, Lonely.


    Still not much use, but I think she'll grow. It would have been great if she could have set a Reflect up in the battle against Bugsy but I'm not really sure how I could have managed it, as I couldn't have managed it with Scyther in, and the only way to force Scyther out was for it to use U-Turn against ..., knocking it out in the process. She's taken a few hits for Sleepy and Fang, saving them from KOs, to boost her evolution count. I've worked out that if I leave Sleepy or Fang on 1HP and switch them out of a battle against a wild pokémon, I can reach this figure artificially, but that's probably cheating so I won't.

    Switch in and win count 3/15
    Defeat with poison only count 0/10

    Sleepy the Hoothoot [F] [​IMG]
    Level 18, Bold.


    Still my MVP, having won both gym battles now. She learnt Reflect as well, but couldn't use it against Bugsy either, as she'd have died trying. Peck and Tackle could do with more base power, but I'm assuming she'll learn something nice soon. Hypnosis is so hit or miss that I don't use it that often.

    Fang the Zubat [F] [​IMG]
    Level 16, Hasty

    -Leech Life


    My only way past rock pokémon. Lol. Bite has made her more useful but I can't see it lasting. I don't think she can be very happy with me either as she's fainted a few times, when ...'s been unable to save her.

    TOGEPI the Togepi [M] [​IMG]
    Level 1


    Yeah so this hatched. Will be dumping it soon.
  11. Present


    Oct 20, 2012
    Well then, all challenges are accepted. But I need some clarification first, so expect me to edit fast.

    Edit, on mudkip: at which number does the counter start. (one is a problem, as I have to fight upon recieving it, and I would be unable to attack!)

    mudkip challenge (open)
    Hydration Counter:
    If Sympolda has 1-2 Hydration counters, it may not attack or change places in your group or switch.
    3-6: Must not switch out
    7: Taunted and Tormented and cannot switch out
    8-11: You may use not use an item on Sympolda
    12-13: Must use only Water-type attacks, if outside of battle in this condition, go immediately to the nearest pokemart and use up 1/3 of your money on something to throe away.

    Pride Counter:
    1-2: Heal all teammates fully before you can attack, can't use top-right attack
    3-6: Can't use STAB
    7: Use the least powerful attack every turn
    8-11: Can't switch out
    12-13: Must use no move with BP over 85, if outside of battle and its bladder is not bursting, you may not use the start button or using a PC until you fight 3 trainers

    Sympolda must solo a gym.

    please elaborate on the interaction between:

    H7 and P7,
    H1-2 and P7
    H12-13 and P3-6, P7

    Expect introductory post soon too.
  12. Yarnus of Bethany

    Yarnus of Bethany

    Mar 5, 2010
    Counters start at 6.
  13. Pika25


    Mar 30, 2007
    You said they were both 7 earlier.

    Blob: take Chikorita name Leaf. The only moves it can use are Tackle, "leaf" moves, and support moves. (Toxic, powders, screens etc.) In fact it must know at least two of these support moves ASAP. Solo a gym to evolve to Bayleef, evolve again after Ho-Oh. Good luck!
  14. Present


    Oct 20, 2012
    I have accepted all challenges, click on the link in the description to get to the post I'll update. Here they are:

    First up are my superstars, Plusle and Minun. They are identical twins and do everything together. These lovely sparkle thingies always help each other out by knowing helping hand. Furthermore, their combination is undefeatable, they can take on any double battles by themselves and will do so. Tate and Lisa are already tremlbing in fear by the mere thought of having to fight these electric squirtles in the future.

    Then we have Duel, the mythical Nincada. The male variant is super athletic, but it cannot go too fast either. His speed caps out at +3, but if he by great strength manages to puch itself to its extremes, he will get really buggy, and will do nothing more than bug opponents. Male variants are very headstrong and do not want to learn anything other than learning it by himself. Ah well ... The female variant seems to get killed, which does not seem to be a problem somehow, as it will transform into a haunting ghost. It pretends to be angelic in nature, and will always protect itself from harm. But females seem to be rather easily scared, and so females refuse to battle pokemon they are weak against.

    Next up we have our own Wingull physician. Please welcome the featherlight professor Ohm. It is extremely fascinated by electricity, and will at least fight half of all electric types. It does not want to solo them all, as he has to write essays on his studies also. When it is almost finished with his experiments, it presents his findings by knocking out one of Wattson's pokemon. It gets so excited that it evolves, and forgets about studying electric types. Instead, he learned the power of electricity himself and shocks his opponent with a shock wave of electrons. However, his studies learned him he is weak to the effect of electricity, and always stockpiles himself, just in case someone might want to zap him. It is still so amazed of his research, that he shows them to both Juan and Wallace, by killing one of their pokemon.

    Then we have a very fickle Mudkip called Sympolda. He has its pride, and his hydrated status. His disposition changes all the time, it is unbelievable. I have never seen such an unsteady pokemon in my life! What is worst, he seems to be full of hatred and is also difficult to handle. This little baby needs much love. He'll get his love though, so don't worry. He will solo a gym so I can show him I trust him. Hopefully he will get calmer doing so.

    Last is a very misplaced Torkoal. The poor thing believes to be a shuckle. It is so pittifully weak that it can only learn one damaging move. Even worse, he is afraid he might actually hurt someone, so he does not use it against opponent he will hit too hard. Even then, it gets frightened by opponents, and irons himself for added protection. This torkoal resembles the meanness of shuckle's closely as well. Just like various shuckles, it learns to toxic its opponents and let them die a painful death. Meany! Aside from all this, the Torkoal wants to know a special ability. Anything, as long as it dooes not hurt opponents too much.

    And with that I conclude my future team. I'll join you in the near future to tell you of my wonderful journey in the world of pokemon. I have hurt there are maniacs running around though, some crazy guys obsessed with water and land. I will have to be careful as I travel around, things might turn out to be dangerous!

    @Yarnus, please answer the other questions soon, so I can start.

    @Classical, Pikachu must solo one gym leader and one elite four member. You forgot to mention that in your tl;dr version of your scramblemons.
  15. Present


    Oct 20, 2012
    Sorry for the double post, but here is my second update:

    Emerald part 2 (open)
    My life seemingly starts when a creepy looking man in a lab coat asks me what gender I am. I question the sanity of this guy, as I am clearly a boy. I tell him my name and he seems satisfied. What was this weird story he just told me about again? I can’t really remember. All I can think about is the fact that I start shrinking. Immensely fast! I look like a dwarf right now, and there is nothing I can do about it. Then I wake up in a van full of boxes. It seems to be extremely dangerous in here too, as the lorry is not closed, but wide open. I think I might suffer from a bad brain disorder, as I cannot remember anything about my life. I get out of the truck and a women who tells me she is my mother asks me to set the clock right. All right, I do not hesitate and listen to her. After all, who knows what she might do to me if I do not listen. As I walk into my seemingly new hometown, I faintly remember my mom telling me my dad is in some other town. I really cannot remember what he looks like. Then she tells me to go meet professor Burgh. Who is he, the man in my dream? This is getting creepier by the minute. He does not seem to be in the lab, so I might as well look at the neighbor’s house. I go upstairs and just as I want to take a pokeball laying on the floor … I meet a girl. She says she is May and wants me to be her friend. I think about it and decide that I will not yet decide on that. I only just met her. My brain is hurting already from all the information I just received, and I am can barely keep standing on my feet.

    No one else in town, so I head out. As soon as I do that, a funny man screams at me, afraid of a weird looking animal which is chasing after him. The sight is unforgettable, what with a full grown man and all being afraid of what? A small, weak looking creature. I am by no means afraid and want to scare it away myself, but the man insists me on taking out a pokeball. All right, it does not look like I have another choice, so here I go. As driven by a force I cannot command, I chose this watery thing called Mudkip. He seems to be very careful, and so I call him Sympolda. After what I already knew to be an easy fight, the man turns out to be the professor and takes me to his lab. He tells me to meet his daughter May, that one girl with the strange clothing. I run through the next town, get dragged along by some mart lady who gives out free potions, and head onto the next route, where I battle May. She is a pushover, and I defeat her with ease. She knows the time and things I am very friendly, so I head back to the lab. The strange professor gives me even more presents, a pokedex. You won’t hear me complaining. His daughter gets all excited, I do not really care, but she gives me free pokeballs! When I leave the lab, my mother comes running at me with running shoes. Yeah! These places seemed so far away, now I can get there faster. I head out of town and catch a naïve wingull called Ohm on my way. That nature will really help me surviving electric type attacks for sure! I beat some trainers on the next route and call it a day.

    Team so far:

    Sympolda the Mudkip
    lvl 9 Careful Torrent
    - tackle

    Hydration Counter: 8
    Pride counter: 4 (f*** tackle and missing)

    Ohm the Wingull
    Lvl 2 Naïve Keen Eye
    - Water Gun

    To view the rest, click on the link in my signature. I would appreciate any feedback, so I know what to do differently next time and what you think about it in general.
  16. inanimate blob

    inanimate blob

    May 31, 2011
    Hey guys, forgot to mention - I would love a Pokèmon that can learn Surf, I can make do without the other HM's on main Pokèmon but Surf just bothers me when I have to have an HM Slave.
  17. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    @Classy: Here is your final mon. Sorry if it seems short :(

    Take Numba1 the Rattata. He is obviously "Numba 1" and believes he is the best of the best. As the best, he must beat the best. Solo Lt. Surge to Evolve without using Dig. After evolution, he wants to become stronger. Beat Bruno without using any SE attacks.

    (Sorry for the lack of restricttions)
  18. inanimate blob

    inanimate blob

    May 31, 2011
    Sorry, guys, I'm pretty annoying, I know. :3 I was kinda hoping to get two more Pokémon before Thanksgiving since I have to travel for a bit...so if there's any chance, get cracking guys.
  19. Yarnus of Bethany

    Yarnus of Bethany

    Mar 5, 2010
    Present, change P7 to if attacking, must use weakest attack

    Blob, take Hurry the Sentret. After you get it, check its stats. If its speed is not the highest, you can use no SE attacks. If Hurry enters a battle, he must solo it. Hurry can only use moves that have less than 100% accuracy.
  20. ShyGuy1221


    Nov 27, 2010
    Okay, I'm really sorry, but I cannot get pokecheck to work for me and getting light ball from the dream world is unbelievably slim, so I can't use Pika under it's current rules. If you would like to modify the rules so Light ball is not a factor, or suggest a completely different pokemon I can do that.
  21. Jangrafess


    Jun 15, 2009
    Feel free to reject this one as I've already given you one, but in the interests of completing your team before you go away, you may choose to accept Jacobin the Krabby. This being a challenge involving Krabby, of course it's going to involve that massive great claw. Jacobin is not only a fan of his steroidclaw, but also of the French revolution. He fancies himself as a bit of a revolutionary: upon evolution, which has to be at level 31 after learning Guillotine, he attacks any pokemon he considers counter-revolutionary with the OHKO move.

    Thus, any Normal type that he ends up in battle with must either be KOd with Guillotine, or Jacobin must use up his PP trying. Jacobin cannot switch out of battle with Normal types: they must be executed! This includes your Sentret, Eevee and Smeargle - if any of those somehow end up in a double battle together with him, Jacobin will use Guillotine on it, while clutching it in his other pincer, preventing you from switching it out. If he runs out of PP, he calms down, and you can switch out or attack the other team. (When Eevee evolves, problem sorted for it, but not for the other two.)

    He refuses to fight any Team Rocket members, as he feels class solidarity with them.

    The other moves that he must learn are Vicegrip, Crabhammer and Metal Claw, although you may get rid of one move (not including Guillotine) to teach it Surf.

    Jacobin feels that it's necessary to travel outside his pokeball as often as possible, so as not to feel trapped by the tools of the ruling classes. You may put him back in his pokeball (ie. switch him further down your party) when about to fight a trainer, but you have to stick him back out afterwards.
  22. shinyskarmory


    Jul 12, 2011
    Would a better name be Robespierre? lol

    I'm going to edit this post with Chapter 20 of Ruby in about 2 seconds, just want to take one more look through the whole thing.

    Also, Ruby updating in less then a month? WHEN HAS THAT EVER HAPPENED! I don't think it's happened since the very beginning, when I updated twice a week (or tried to lol).

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Chapter Twenty: In the Beginning (open)

    The Murasaki-Wigglytuff Edition (carbon age: 1,000,000y)
    Genesis 1:1

    In the beginning Arceus created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And Arceus said,”Let there be light!” and there was light. And Arceus saw the light, that it was good; and Arceus divided the light from the darkness. And Arceus called the light Day, and the darkness Night, and it was evening and it was morning, the first day.

    And Arceus said,”Let land rise up, and separate the empty from the waters.” It was so, and he called the space above the land and the sea Heaven. And it was evening, and it was morning;the second day.

    And Arceus said,”Let the waters under the heaven be gathered into one place, and let the dry land appear.” He named the waters Kyogre, and the earth Groudon, and Arceus saw that it was good.

    And Arceus said,”Let Groudon bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after its own kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth.” And it was so. The earth brought forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after its own kind, whose seed was in itself, upon the earth. And Arceus saw that it was good.

    But the good could not last. For Arceus knew that with all the vastness of His creation, he could not ensure the harmony of all of its elements. So it came to pass that the seas, Kyogre, developed first jealousy for the life of the land, Groudon, then enmity, then hatred. And it was evening, and it was morning; the third day.

    For all of the third day, Kyogre and Groudon battled. The waters scoured the surface of the land, as the heat of the land did away with the water. Finally, on the evening of the third day, Arceus took away the powers of Groudon and Kyogre, for they had proven their misplaced intentions. These produced two orbs, the red containing those of the blue, and the blue containing those of the red. And these He cast away to the space where earth and heaven met. This airy space he named Rayquaza.

    And Arceus said,”Let Rayquaza quell the conflict of Groudon and Kyogre, and let Rayquaza guard their powers safely away from them until they have learned humility.” And Rayquaza quelled the conflict of Groudon and Kyogre, and has guarded their powers from them for all of time...

    Hoenn Weather Institute, 5th Floor, East Wing


    “Wait...it’s not clear yet.” A Magma soldier walked by, cradling an assault rifle. He turned the corner, and Winona silently opened the door, gesturing for me to follow. We crouched against the corner, the man just on the other side, standing facing away from us. She signaled for me to wait, then jabbed the guard in the leg with a needle. He spun around, raising his gun, and then collapsed to the ground, fast asleep.

    “Damn, that stuff was good! You mind giving me a little bit?”

    “I only had 3 vials. That was one of them. Hurry up, throw that guy in the janitor’s closet so his buddies don’t find him.”

    I slammed the closet shut and stuffed the key in my pocket. “Here, we can use this to listen in on their coms.”

    “Good thinking.” Out of nowhere, the radio crackled, and I quickly held it up.

    “Volcarona, this is Moltres. We’ve spotted a group of tangos approaching sector Mike Delta, how should we proceed?”.

    Maxie’s voice filled the radio. “Smoke out Mike Delta and go thermal. If any of the tangoes enter, drop Voltorbs on them from the upper levels. Sniffers need 10 more minutes to complete the scan, so you need to keep them away from the circuit breakers in Mike Victor and central command in Charlie Romeo. Volcarona out.”

    “Over and out.” The radio fell silent, but I turned mine on. “Archie, they’re going to smoke out the main entrance and drop bombs. You should probably go in a different way.” Static was my only answer. “He’s not answering.”

    “Well, let’s hope he got the message. We have to move.”

    “Winona, we need to make sure he’s not walking into a trap!”

    “Skarm. Listen to me.” Winona grabbed my shoulders and looked deeply into my eyes. “You told me yourself he’s a murderer, that he killed two people right in front of your eyes. These Aqua guys are just as bad. If we let them kill each other off, then we’ll have an easier time later.”

    “I still don’t like it. I thought we were on the same team.”

    “WE are. But he isn’t our responsibility. He can take care of himself.”

    “Fine. I hope it weighs on your conscience if he gets killed.”

    “It probably won’t. But it’s good of you to worry.”

    I glanced at the map on the wall. “So you’re really just going to leave him?”

    “Yeah. Are you gonna go on about this all day? Or are we going to plant the bug and get out of here?”

    “I just don’t think we should hang him out to dry, but I guess it’s your call. Anyways, I was trying to get a fix on where their headquarters is. If they’re using military alphabet, Charlie Romeo would be short for CR...Ahh, there it is! Climate Research! That’s on the third floor, east wing of the building.” I started down the stairs, Winona close behind me. Both sides of the hallway were clear, and I turned the corner, racing towards the east wing. The signs marked our path, where thankfully we didn’t run into any Magma grunts.

    Until we found the voices around the corner.

    “When are you going to let us go? We have research to conduct, tests to complete! This is madness!”

    Another voice rang out, and I stopped short. “When Maxie has the data we need, we will leave. Our downloads are almost complete.”

    “But what data are you searching for? What in the world are you trying to find looking for heat in the middle of the ocean?” Winona slammed into me from behind, throwing me into a panic. The voices were growing closer; they had almost reached us.

    “I don’t expect you to understand, Mr. Finch. But rest assured that this is a goal we have been pursuing ever since the Splitting, and we intend to pursue it to its conclusion.” I quickly grabbed one of the syringes from Winona’s shoulder belt, just as the Magma soldier turned the corner.

    “What the HELL?!” he yelled, backing away from me and reaching for the bulge in his jacket. I tackled him, slamming us both to the ground. I jabbed his calf with the needle and he went limp, but not before two rounds whizzed over my head and embedded themselves in the marble walls. The sharp reports echoed down the halls-they were sure to bring attention soon.

    “Who are you?”

    “Doesn’t matter. What does is where Maxie’s keeping the rest of the hostages, and what he’s looking for.”

    “He’s looking for something involving our global warming data. Specifically, he’s pulled several satellites out of orbit to scan an anomaly he found in his initial scans. An entire 10 square kilometers of the ocean with an ambient temperature 10 degrees hotter than the surrounding waters.”

    “What the hell does that mean?”

    “We told him it was normal, just the hotspot that created the White Volcano. But that only made him more excited. He pulled the satellites, and they’re giving him a much more detailed scan then we had before.”

    I decided to drop the subject. “And all the other hostages?”

    “They’re in the command center running the scans.”

    “Thanks. Now get out of here and find somewhere to hide. We have about 5 minutes until this guy wakes up and raises the alarm.”

    The man ran off down the hall. “Winona, what do you think they’re looking for?”

    “There are a few things. They could be looking for some rare Pokemon species that likes the heat. That’s the least ridiculous thing I can think of.”

    “Why would they go to all this effort for that?”

    “They could be looking for another volcano to trigger.”

    “No. First one was too much risk for practically no gain at all.”

    “Or...they could be trying to find Groudon.”

    I laughed. “Trying to lighten the mood, huh?”

    “No, I’m serious.” My chuckles petered out. “Ever read the Murasaki?”

    “Oh, come on, that’s just Mew tales from Johto. They’re not real.”

    “The scientific evidence is pretty good to indicate that Groudon and Kyogre are real, even if the world was spawned in a Big Bang and not just created by Arceus.”

    “But since we’ve never actually FOUND them, they’re not real. And believe me, people have tried.”

    “Maxie is trying too. If he wants to expand the landmass, awaking Groudon would be perfect. Especially since thanks to the marvels of modern science, he could theoretically lock Groudon away in a pokeball.”

    “No pokeball could hold Groudon. He’d be much too powerful.” The man on the floor started stirring, and I gave him a quick kick in the head. He slumped again. “Let’s just stop them so we don’t have to worry about the logistics of the whole thing.”

    We turned the corner, where the map showed that we were one hallway away from the door. Another quick sprint later and we were there, standing on opposite sides of the open door.

    “What’s the plan?” I whispered.

    “I don’t know. One syringe isn’t going to be enough for the whole lot of them.”

    “Well, we can’t just stand here! Eventually they’re going to find us, or the guy in the hallway is going to wake up and get on his radio. We need to either go in in the next thirty seconds, or we need to back out.”

    “I didn’t come all this way to back out. We could have our pokemon create a diversion...”

    “Won’t work. Magma will just shoot them and we’ll be back at square one.” Suddenly, an idea popped into my head. “Winona, do you have something you can cover your ears with?”

    “Yeah, I can use my earmuffs.”

    “You carry EARMUFFS around with you?!”

    “Get to the point, get to the point! They’re for flying up high, and it gets chilly.”

    “You send out your Altaria, I send out Swablu. We have them both sing, and if your Altaria’s voice does the same thing that Swablu’s does...”

    “Then it’ll put them all out...I’m in. Make it fast.” We both sent out our pokemon. “Can you two sing all of the people in that room to sleep?”

    The two of them broke out in song and I immediately stuffed my fingers in my ears. Soon enough, we heard snores from inside the room, and we silenced the two birds and tiptoed in. Winona silently pulled the bug from her pocket and slid it under Maxie’s jacket collar. But it turned out we had a problem.

    “Winona, where are the scientists?” I whispered.

    “They’re not in here?”

    “Nowhere to be found. But, while we’re here...” I slid a Magma grunt’s gun out of its holster. “Why are we even bothering with the bug? Why don’t we just shoot the bastard right now and be done with it?” I held the gun out to her, handle first, but she hesitated.

    “If we shoot him in cold blood, we’re no better then he is. Plus, if we shoot him...it’ll wake up the rest of the Magma grunts. We’ll have to shoot them all too. Do you want the blood of those 10 on our hands as well?” Winona took the gun from me.

    “He’s trying to set off a volcano, or unleash some massive mythical creature. Do you know how many lives we could save if we shot him now? It would be much greater then the 10 or so we’d be taking in here.”

    “Skarm, there’s nothing I want to do more then to shoot him right now.” Winona tossed the gun on the floor, far away from us. “I’m just so confused, Skarm. He killed my father, killed countless other people, set off a volcano. I SHOULD shoot him, I’d be RIGHT to shoot him. But I can’t do it...not even knowing that this is the only chance I’ll get...I can’t murder someone, not even to save hundreds of innocent lives. I still believe in the police and the courts, as useless and corrupt as they seem.”

    “Then give me the gun, I’ll do it. He’s too dangerous, Winona. A month from now, there’ll be another disaster, hundreds or thousands dead, and it’ll be our fault. Because we had the chance to end it, right here, right now, and we didn’t take it. So, with that in mind, you’re just going to walk away? Don’t take the chance. Do you think he’d hesitate for a second to shoot you or me if it was reversed?”

    “I know I wouldn’t. Now you’re about to find out.” Maxie spun around in his chair, a machine pistol held in his lap. He used his free hand to yank out a pair of earplugs and pocket them. “I always bring them whenever I think they’ll be gunfire. And there’s going to be quite a bit in a second.” Winona started towards the door, but halted when a spray of bullets sent sparks flying from a computer console. “Before I shoot you, there’s a few things I need to know. So stay where you are, answer my questions, and I’ll make your trips to meet Giratina short and painless.”

    “Fuck off.” we both said. The Magma grunts around us were starting to awake around us. Then, Archie came in from the other door, Aqua grunts following him.

    “Archie, you’re just in time!”

    “Yes, yes, he is. Did you really think you two and him were allies? Going to work together to take me down?” Maxie paused. “We made our own deal. We take the atmospheric data, give both of us the scans we want, then eliminate the witnesses and go our seperate ways.”

    “From the looks of it, our two little lovebirds are the last people who know what’s going on.”

    “Excellent.” Maxie turned to the collected Magma and Aqua grunts. “Ready your weapons. As soon as we figure out how much the League and the police know, we shoot them and leave. I want them unrecognizable.”

    “Yes, sir!” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Winona reaching for a device on her belt, and briefly wondered what it was. She pressed a few buttons and glanced at me.

    I nodded back. What else was I going to do? As much hope as she had, I really didn’t think there was a way out of this one.

    The computer beeped, and Maxie glanced over. “SCANS JAMMED? What?”

    “You want to know how much the police know? They just jammed your satellites. They’ve got the building surrounded. You can try to shoot your way out if you want, but then you’ll graduate from some random war vet with a bunch of followers to a serious threat. Especially now that they’ve heard this entire conversation.”

    “Aqua grunts, go check the entrances. We’re calling her bluff. Magma grunts, keep your weapons trained on them.” Archie ordered. Soon we were alone in the room with 10 Magma grunts, Archie, and Maxie.

    “You know, Winona, you’ve really got a lot of spunk. There’s no quit in you, unlike a few of my grunts. If you weren’t such a white knight of righteousness, you could’ve joined me.” Winona didn’t respond, clearly defeated.

    “You know, Maxie, you’re really setting a new standard for being a complete douchebag. Maybe you should rob banks instead and set up a yearly prize. It’s much better then being hung up on the sandcastles you built as a kid that got flooded when the tide came in.” Cracking jokes was my only defense. What did I have to lose? We were 30 seconds away from getting shot anyways.

    “You should be a standup comedian, Skarm. Pity your jokes won’t ever be heard by anyone except me and these guys.”

    I had one last idea. Obviously Swablu and Altaria knew to hide themselves when the grunts went through, or we would have heard shots. But would they understand what I wanted them to do? “I don’t know about that. I’ve made plenty of people laugh. That’s not my real talent, though.”

    “Hopefully it’s not surviving gunshots, or this is going to be a really painful 5 minutes for you.”

    “No, I’ve really got some great musical talent. In fact, if there’s anything I want to do before you kill me, it’s to SING, just ONE MORE TIME. Even if my audience is you and your retard patrol.” I heard Swablu’s voice coming from somewhere behind me, and my hands started reaching for my ears. But I was confused when two more voices chimed in. Weren’t there only two? Or maybe I’m just tired...

    Tired? I snapped my hands to my ears, and I snapped back awake. Everyone else in the room had fallen back asleep, even Maxie. Guess the earplugs weren’t working for him this time.

    “Where did the third voice come from?” I asked as I sprinted out with Winona, withdrawing Swablu as I ran.

    “It was me.” I almost stopped dead in the hallway. “Don’t look so surprised, I’ve been practicing that for a while. Remember when I did a few chirps in Granite Cave that other time?”

    “Well, that was just a few chirps. But after a few months, I could do entire bird songs. It’s just another way for me to build a better bond with my pokemon” We ran past an intersection, and then gunshots echoed as bullets splintered the wall behind us.

    “Run! Get to the window!” Altaria smashed through the floor to ceiling window. We jumped out behind it before I had time to realize that I was three stories up. Altaria swooped back around, we grabbed its talons, almost yanking my shoulders out of their sockets, and flew off into the raging storm.

    Commentary (for anyone who actually cares) (open)

    So this episode has a bit more grit then the last episode. Honestly, this chapter is much more in line with how I planned Ruby to be like at the beginning then how it is now-lots of action, using pokemon in clever ways, stuff like that.

    Around the time when I was writing the chapter where Skarm considers quitting after he loses two pokemon in two days, I ran into a major story block. Why DOESN'T Skarm quit? He cares about his pokemon more then he cares about his personal ambition, but somehow I have to find a way to suck him back in. It was frustrating, and I didn't want to go back and change the best chapters (in my opinion) of the series: Chapter Four through Chapter Nine, when I really caught on to the kinds of stories I could tell, and the kind of emotions Ruby could convey. So I took a break, confident that I would come up with some new ideas.

    During that break, I caught up on a few Nuzlocke comics I'm a fan of, and it gave me a few ideas on how to better write characters and have their actions come off as believable. But I think the biggest influence on the last few chapters was Wasserbienchen's EXCELLENT Nuzlocke of White, which is more like a soap opera then anything else. From that point on, I started a shift from action-focused writing to character focus, which I think helped flesh out the important characters a little more. But it also hurt the action a lot, especially in the Lavaridge gym battle, which was so bad that when I reread it now it was groan inducing.

    The last two chapters have been a reboot of sorts for me. Instead of the mindless action of the early chapters, or the character development and drama of the middle chapters, I'm going to try to hit a perfect balance between the two for the arc that started with Chapter 19 and is probably going to run until 30 or so. (Yes, I do plan to go past 30 chapters, homework pending). There will be chapters that miss the mark. There will be chapters that try to kill the proverbial birds with a single stone, but won't really succeed. But I'm determined to finish. And I'm going to push through to the end.
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    Yeah but it wouldn't fit and I wasn't sure how to shorten it. :(
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    Alright, guys, thank you for the Pokémon! I'll actually do updates of this Scramble, as opposed to my last one. I did accept Jangrafess's second Pokémon, as you can tell underneath. I love the theme, by the way, although I'm not looking forward to beating Bugsy with a Bayleef and Furret (I'll be soloing Falkner with Chikorita). This should be fun!


    Etch the Smeargle (open)

    Lunar the Eevee (open)

    Hitmonjoke the Tyrogue (open)

    Leaf the Chikorita (open)

    Hurry the Sentret (open)

    Jacobin the Krabby (open)
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    Mini update from my Scramble: I've caught a Sunkern and won the Bug Catching Contest by catching a Scyther. It was the wrong ability for the challenge though so I'm breeding for the right one.

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