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Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Its_A_Random, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Ullar


    Nov 8, 2011
    Level Up's Destiny: Areas 6-7

    Leaps and Bounds (open)
    That's how Chance is growing; leaps and bounds.

    Mostly because Chance can only handle members of the Chansey line.

    And yet, he keeps running after Janitors, and keeps getting knocked out.

    I, however, continue to grow at a steady rate, getting a little bit stronger with each foe I bring down.

    And yet, it took me considerable forethought to beat a doppelganger.

    A fellow Lucario.

    I faced down Gail with a Close Combat to both her Milotic and Mamoswine, weakening my defenses considerably.

    This was more than enough for the Lucario to KO me with an Aura Sphere, with the aid of a Focus Sash.

    But when I came back, I had a stroke of luck; after I hit Lucario with an Aura Sphere of my own, he used Swords Dance.


    And another victory was made.

    The Team So Far (open)
    Chance the Togepi
    Level 66
    Quirky Nature
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Item: Everstone
    -Thunder Wave
    -Hidden Power (Psychic)
    Comments: The lil' fella is growing on me.

    Level Up the Lucario
    Level 97
    Jolly Nature
    Ability: Justified
    Item: Amulet Coin
    -Close Combat
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Aura Sphere
    Comments: He's liek THIS close to 100
  2. Present


    Oct 20, 2012
    Yeah for lucario almost getting to be level 100. Oh and togepi seems to be doing a bit more now (like, still dying on everything out there). Just keep it up, you can do it ! (After all, when togepi fails, you still got dat lucario there :P )
  3. Too Funk to Druck

    Too Funk to Druck

    Apr 29, 2009
    So basically don't evolve Marshtomp until level 53? Eh.

    Still need four more Pokemon.
  4. Present


    Oct 20, 2012
    TFtD: Yeah, it is basically your choice: either have a swampert with really bad moves or a marshtomp with good moves.
  5. Nyara


    Nov 5, 2012
    Marshtomp with good moves > Swampert with bad moves.
  6. Its_A_Random

    Its_A_Random A distant memory
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 19, 2010
    @ Too Funk to Druck: You get TwoKO the Zigzagoon.

    TwoKO must KO two Pokemon in each Route/Dungeon you enter before you can progress further (Only do this once per Route/Dungeon; Once you do it for one area, you do not have to do it again if you re-enter the area). TwoKO must KO two Gym Leader Pokemon to evolve, but both said KO's must to be the highest levelled Pokemon of a Gym Leader's team.

    Have fun.
  7. Treadshot A1

    Treadshot A1

    Jun 30, 2010
    Eh, IAR...for clarity's sake, does that mean TwoKO only needs to land the "killer blow"? Because all it says is to KO two Gym Leader Pokemon (the highest leveled ones), so technically Too Funk to Druck could just weaken them with something else, and KO with Zigzagoon.

    Also, do we get to submit names for the thread? Because if the thread name changes to MkII: Threadshot's Revenge or something stupid like that, I'd be...hmm...whatever feeling it is when you're half-annoyed-half-confused...
  8. Jimera0

    Jimera0 You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 24, 2010
    Nyara Since I am unclear on the state of your Pokemon, I'll give you a gauntlet instead.

    None of your Pokemon can every be the same level. If this happens accidentally, you must throw out half of every standard item and berry you own. If you only own one of an item, it must be thrown out. Good luck!

    Particular1 Take a Buizel and name it Squirtle. It thinks that it is a Squirtle... from generation I. As such, it can only learn and use moves that Squirtle's evolutionary line could learn in Generation I. It also refuses to evolve into its final form until level 36, like Blastoise. Thinking it is your starter it feels obligated to solo your rival every time you encounter him (though it is eternally confused as to why your rival has a fire type starter).

    Good luck!

    Too Funk to Druck, take a Nincada and name it Apprentice. Apprentice has no restrictions as a nincada, but when it hits level 20 and evolves you have to pick just one of its evolutions to use.

    If you pick Ninjask, Apprentice is to be renamed Indoctrinated, who has come to learn the ways of comptetive Pokemon and embraced his species' only niche. It can only have one attacking move at a time, it must learn Baton Pass ASAP (Ok that'll be late game but w/e), and all its other moves can only be boosting moves, Protect or Substitute. You must use him to pass boosts to a teammate at least twice during the Elite 4 and champion battles.

    If you pick Shedinja, Apprentice is to be renamed Sensei. Sensei has embraced its true nature as a nigh invincible being, and eschews all limits on his being. However, he is aware of his weaknesses. He can never be sent out against an opponent who is a type that he is weak to. If he faints for any reason, he retreats into meditation and does not come out until the next gym leader has been defeated. He also understands that unless he contributes he is useless, so have him defeat at least 4 Pokemon during the Elite 4 and Champion battles.

    Either way you choose, good luck!
  9. Its_A_Random

    Its_A_Random A distant memory
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 19, 2010
    @ Threadshot A1: There is a difference between solo & KO. KO means, KO, so exactly what you said, though the first several mains can be annoying to deal with...
  10. Sprocket

    Sprocket P(n) = 1 - (1 - P(1))^n

    Jul 10, 2010
    Too Funk to Druck, you get a male Ralts. Once it evolves to a Kirlia, it can not learn new moves by level-up. As a Gardevoir, it cannot know level-up-only moves (IE, it cannot know Hypnosis because it is a level-up-only move, but it can know Psychic because Psychic can also be taught by TM). If it is not within two levels of your highest level Pokemon, you cannot fight gym leaders or elite four members.

    Good luck!
  11. Level 51

    Level 51 ♪you just want my spreadsheets, you don't want my heart♪
    is a member of the Site Staffis a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributoris a Tiering Contributoris a Smogon Media Contributoris a Battle Server Moderatoris a defending Smogon Snake Draft Champion

    Dec 16, 2011
    Hello everyone! I'm just here to announce that Nominations for the Scramble Awards will stop on Page 294 (or maybe halfway through it)!

    Here is a handy link to the Nominations Page; if you haven't nominated yet, please do. Good Luck to everyone! :)
  12. shinyskarmory


    Jul 12, 2011
    My 1K is coming up, so I wanted to do something big for it.

    Pokemon White Scramble/Nuzlocke/Gauntlet

    and another prose run so I can make sure I'm overburdened with stuff to do when my finals come around in January.

    Each time I catch a new pokemon, I will post the species on the thread, and the first person to post a challange will set the challange for that pokemon. Or, you can reserve species (but if I don't get one legally with the Nuzlocke rules you're SOL). But I'll at least let you guys choose stuff for the first few routes, and post gauntlets.

    So before I leave you with the empty slots to fill, here's a little preview of where I'm going with this:

    White Scramblocklet-a trailer (open)

    “Father, I’ve always wondered...”

    “What do you ask, son? I will answer to the best of my ability.”

    “Sarah, pay no heed to your father. If you wish to journey with us, then come! If you were a man, you’d be of age, and nobody would give a whit about you traveling the world!”

    “That’s the problem. I can hardly go on a journey while my father tries to marry me off. Any constable that saw me would send me right back home to be wed.”

    “Clearly, our beliefs are in the right. Freedom and equality for all intelligent beings is an just goal, but one that will not be reached in a day. If the men and women of Unova resist our revolution, how will we ensure that we remain the crop driving Unova forward?”

    “Your “ideals” are ridiculous! I can hardly believe any man would go this far just so that women can vote with their husbands and a few pokemon can hawk their wares outside city walls. You belong in an asylum!”

    “I wonder if someone of your age even knows what they believe, let alone how far they would go for it.” The man drew a slim rapier from its sheath. “Would you like to find out?”

    “We will ingrain our ideas in the hearts and minds of the people. They will not be converted immediately-they will go home after a rally and forget for a while. Then they will give it a passing thought the next day. But the seed will have been planted. It will grow by the day, and eventually we shall earn the masses’ respect. And then...” Ghetsis hesitated briefly,

    “What then?”

    “The entire city will be aflame in a matter of moments! We have to mount up and leave!”

    “NO! I won’t leave them!”

    “You must!”

    “We will...uh...our ideas will become....uh...Just by the people accepting our ideas, we will gain credibility. And when that happens, we have succeeded.” Ghetsis patted his son on the head, and turned to leave the room. “Always remember son...any man can raise a musket for ideas...but the men who change the world raise their voices.”

    “Are you triplets?”

    “Two of us are.”

    “I hate to pry, good sirs, but I was under the impression that in order for you to be triplets, all three of you would have to be related.”

    “At the very least, we have the same mother. I was never sure about Cress.”

    “Chili, would you mind stepping out of the house with me for a minute? Bring your epee.”

    Chapter One: Scientific Method (open)

    The Pokenomicon (15th century text, author unknown)
    (annotations by Mr. E. R. Juniper)

    A Preface.​

    I have come to realise over the years that the slow march of progress in the physical sciences is a set of stairs of sorts. Many morphologists in the past have left behind records of the creatures they found, the things they have discovered-in essence, their lives’ work. At first, when I saw these musty tomes, I assumed that they were a record of their writer’s vanity-of how they claimed superiority over those who came before them, and the others of their time. Now, they are the only resources on morphology ever since the burning of the great city of Alph.

    Now, every heartbeat I take brings me one moment closer to death. So I have decided, like those who came before me, to leave behind my memories, that they may form my legacy. I shall chronicle everything I have experienced and learned in my time, such that future men of science shall benefit from my knowledge. And I hope that my readers choose to as well-it is the utmost importance to prevent the world from falling back into the Dark Ages of such few decades ago.

    The only way to protect the peasants of the world is to ensure that their lieges are enlightened. Savagery and ignorance is good for only the men in power, and their right hands. I myself was blessed as the naturalist for a small kingdom in the land of Kanto, which gave me wonderful license to roam the fields and woods of my liege’s dominion conducting my research. I pray that such attachments will not be necessary for you, my student-the natural studies has seldom been the main pursuit of any man, but perhaps the world will have readied itself for exploration and learning in the future.

    Do not be afraid of change. Embrace it, as you would a lover or a frightened child. Nurture the seed of intelligence in your mind, and raise it until it becomes a mighty tree of enlightenment. When Giratina comes knocking at your door...make certain you leave something behind.

    October 22, 1822
    Nuvema Province-Unovan Confederacy

    “Jonathan! The professor is calling! Come down!” His mother didn’t take no for an answer. Jonathan rolled off the bundle of furs that he slept on and climbed down the ladder from the loft.

    “I’m her, Mother. What does the professor want?”

    “He wants to know whether you’re ready to travel the world for his research. But...” her voice dropped to a whisper,”I fear your father’s leg is not fully recovered, and I ask that you restrain your adventurous side for at least another fortnight.”

    “Mother, that’s what you said the fortnight before, as well as the one before that.”

    “I know, I know...but if he can’t walk on it we won’t have meat. Please do us the courtesy of waiting until he recovers fully to leave.”

    “Yes, Mother...” Jonathan stepped outside and ran straight into the Professor.

    “Oh! Good morning, Jonathan. Did you sleep well?”

    “I slept fine, I slept fine...Has your mother already told you that I won’t be going?”

    “What? She hasn’t said anything of the sort!”

    “My mother was afraid that my father isn’t fully recovered, and I can’t just leave them without someone to hunt.”

    “No matter. We can still prepare for your journey here in town, but I fear there will not be much more for us to prepare for following today. Someday, you MUST take your first step into the wider world! You simply must!”

    “What do you have to show me, Professor, sir?”

    “Before we start, I must retrieve your friend Connor, as well as Sarah if her father will allow it. This is one lesson it would be best not to teach separately. You can come with me if you desire, or you can meet me at my home.”

    “I’ll come along, if you don’t mind.”

    “Excellent, excellent.” The pair made their way across the town-just a dozen log cabins around a central square, to be honest-to Connor’s house, which sat under a oak tree most certainly showing its age.

    The professor knocked on the door.

    “Connor, are you awake?”

    Connor came around the corner of the house, carrying a bundle of firewood. “Are you looking for me?”

    “Why, yes! Would you mind coming with us for one last session before you set out tomorrow.”

    “I would love to. Just one moment!” Connor slid inside the door of the house and set down his wood before he came with us.

    “Do you think Sarah will be coming with us?”

    “I find it unlikely. Sarah’s father may be in another drunken stupor, and I doubt she has the faculties required to take care of herself on the road.”

    “She won’t be alone. She’ll have us.”

    “I doubt you three will want to spend your entire journeys together. Eventually you’ll want to split up and enjoy your own journey. You’d be surprised how tired of each other three people can get if they’re trapped together for weeks on end.”

    “Don’t you think all of your talk about Bianca is a wee bit unnecessary?” Jonathon asked. “You seem to be writing her off before we’ve even embarked.”

    “Women are simply not equipped to handle perilous situations, which I’m sure you’ll run into at some point on your journey.”

    “Sarah is hardly your typical young woman. She can handle herself.” The group arrived at Sarah’s house, an unkempt cabin at the bottom of a hill.

    “Get out! GET OUT!” The door slammed open, and Sarah dashed out in a simple brown dress. “And don’t come back without that cup or sugar!”

    “Oh, hello! What brings you to our...lovely...home today?”

    “Actually, Sarah, we were wondering if you would mind...dropping in at my home today for one last lesson.” The professor glanced at Jonathan pointedly. “If, of course, your father approves.”

    “Too many drinks last night to care, I think. He thinks I’m Mother getting ready to bake him a batch of cookies.”

    “Let us be off, then.” The professor smiled, but his eyes spoke differently.

    The Professor’s cabin wasn’t far away-just a little bit outside of town.

    “So...what are you going to teach us today?” Sarah asked.

    “My dear, I thought we would cover traps. You see, if you can’t capture Pokemon, you can hardly befriend them. Most of them tend not to stick around if you give them food. Bloody opportunists...”

    “When did you set out these traps?” Connor asked. “They must be close by, but I didn’t see them yesterday when I was hunting...”

    “The traps aren’t actually set. I thought it more prudent to examine their workings at my home, to avoid any unfortunate occurences.” The professor swung open the door to his cabin. “Come in, come in, don’t make me wait all day.”

    “So, allow me to explain-be careful with that!”-the Professor yanked Jonathan’s hand away from a rather lethal looking implement on the wall-,”As I was ABOUT to say before Master Jonathan over here-”

    “I’m not a child, Professor.”

    “A man would remain silent and,”-the Professor pulled a pin out of a trap, causing it to snap shut where Jonathan’s hand was a second ago,”KEEP HIS HANDS WHERE THEY BELONG!”

    “Sorry, Professor.”

    “Now...where was I? Ah, yes, traps. If you intend to bring along the pokemon you find for further study, you are going to need to have some means of first capturing them, then restraining them until they adapt to your prescence. That’s what I made these for.”

    “I made five for each of you, plus one to protect you from wild pokemon who are too large to deal with with a pistol or musket.”

    “How are they operated?”

    “Let us begin with this trap.” The professor lifted the circular metal contraption that had almost removed Jonathan’s hand seconds earlier. “The trigger is this plate in the center. Stay back...” Juniper poked the trap with a long branch, and the jaws snapped shut, turning the branch to sawdust. “It’s quite powerful-make sure not to wind it too much or leave it somewhere where you can’t set it off safely.”

    “How do you set the trap?” Sarah asked.

    “It’s rather ingenious, if I do say so myself. Simply insert this pin, wind the spring thrice, and then set it down somewhere, remove the pin and hope for the best. Make sure the pin is in when you wind the contraption, or it could get a wee bit bloody.”

    “And what about these other ones?” Jonathan asked, reaching for one sitting on the far corner of the professor’s table.

    “Look out!” Juniper shoved Jonathan away from the table.

    “What was that for?”

    “That’s the most dangerous one of the bunch! It’s no wonder your parents let you come with me-imagine you near a wood stove!” The professor sighed and turned away. “That one is better demonstrated outdoors. If you give me your word that you will not touch ANYTHING without my permission, I promise to demonstrate that trap to you before you return home today.”

    “I swear I won’t touch any more of your dangerous contraptions.”

    “Right, then...Ah, this one. You must trigger this one yourself-yank the rope, and the nets will fold in on themselves, trapping any pokemon unfortunate to find itself inside.”

    “Excuse me, Professor...but how do we keep the pokemon after we capture them?” Connor asked.

    “Oh, it’s simple. You’ll have to fashion a crude collar of some sorts at the beginning. Eventually, the pokemon will realize that you are an excellent source of food and water, and follow you willingly. In theory.”

    “In theory?” the trio asked.

    “Well....I haven’t actually attempted to capture a pokemon yet. That’s the reason you’re going on this journey around Unova, isn’t it?”

    “WHAT?” Jonathan exclaimed. “Were you ever planning to tell us of your lack of experience?”

    Sarah chimed in as well. “Yes, it does seem a little...odd that we’ll be traipsing all over Unova doing your work for you.”

    “You three have an opportunity to change everything we know of the world around us, and you’re wasting time on who’s traveling Unova? Age has caught up to me, I fear, and I think that in this particular endeavor my skills would be better suited archiving your results and developing better traps and tools for you to use in fieldwork.” The professor gingerly picked up the trap that he had ordered Jonathan away from, and headed for the door. “Now, I think it best for us to go our separate ways for today. I will give you each a set of traps to capture a pokemon to start with before you set off.”

    “Wait, sir....you promised to show us the last trap!”

    “Come outdoors with me, and I will demonstrate it.”

    Outside, the Professor set down the trap in a clear patch of ground, and poured in a mixture of fine musket powder and balls.

    “It took me a long while to engineer this trap-the last time I saw one in effect was in the Revolution when I was a drummer boy. Blew my father to bits, right in front of my eyes.”

    “Arceus!” Sarah gasped. “I’m so sorry, Professor!”

    “My father was much like your father, Sarah-a drinker, adulterer, and scoundrel. I doubt a man out there missed him.” Juniper grabbed a stick from his firewood pile and knelt down around a corner from the trap.

    “What are you doing?”

    “I would advise you to cover your ears and avert your eyes. Wouldn’t want any of you to become half blind!”

    The four of them huddled behind the wall of Juniper’s house. Juniper slapped the top of the trap with the stick, and an earsplitting bang filled the air.

    “Arceus....” the three said in awe. The trap had vanished, replaced by a patch of scorched earth. Several pellets had buried themselves in the walls of Juniper’s house, but he didn’t seem to mind.

    “When a wild pokemon steps on this...it presses the primer from a musket against the powder, igniting it. Obviously, there won’t be much left of any pokemon you use this on-so only use it against pokemon like Beartic, who will run straight through your bullets to maul you to death.”

    “I think it would be best if you kept that one, Professor.” Connor said. “Wouldn’t want Jonathan putting the bloody thing together wrong and blowing off his fingers.”

    “Yes, I do think that would be the best course of action.” Juniper handed a bag to each of them. “Set them out and check them daily. When you catch a pokemon, bring them to me so we can have one more talk before you set out.”
    “Sarah, if you give me your traps, I shall place them for you. You need not venture into the woods alone.” Connor said, chivalrous as always.

    “Oh, that would be perfect, Connor. Thank you.”

    The three all set out for home on their own. Connor and Jonathan cut through the woods, placing their traps.

    Their journey would have to wait just a few more days...

    Chapter Two: Variables (open)

    Striaton City
    October 24th, 1822

    Ghetsis reclined in the study of The Swellow’s Roost, a somewhat cozy inn in the center of Striaton. He tried to hide his worries, but even with a cigar in his hand and a drink on the table, he couldn’t quite pull it off.

    “N, are you alright? You’ve been...different the past few days. Is it true what the sages have told me? You are speaking in Pokemon tongues?”

    N looked almost as flustered as his father felt. “Yes, it is all true/I have learn’d from Pokemon/But I am alright.”

    Ghetsis sighed and buried his head in his hands. “Must you speak in haiku, N? This is a serious matter. If you are too strange, the public will not be able to sympathize with you.”

    “In order to free them/we must love them as ourselves/we must understand.”

    “A noble speech. But if the people are too absorbed in your odd speech...what will become of our revolution?”

    “Your fame is fleeting/someday the spotlight must shine/on another man.”


    Nuvema Town Outskirts
    October 27th, 1822

    Connor padded softly through the woods, checking his and Sarah’s traps. Unlike Jonathan, he had covered his traps with a small layer of dirt, to disguise them. He had to wonder if they would still work.

    He reached the last of the traps belonging to him. Still empty. Frustrated, he pulled out a stick and poked the trigger. The trap didn’t close.

    “DAMN IT!” he shouted, scaring off a few Pidoves in a nearby tree.

    Connor headed for his last trap, a net set in the mud next to the river. He stepped around a tree and froze on the spot. Right there, in the center of his net, were two pokemon drinking from the river.

    He reached for the line, checked it, and pulled it out. The net snapped shut around the two pokemon, who yelped and clawed as they were entangled. They were more...alive...then Connor thought they would be.

    The smaller of the pair, an Oshawott, started slicing at the net with a ebony shell while the larger breathed smoke from its nose. Connor laughed as he took the shell away and hauled the net over his shoulder.

    He knew which one he wanted.

    Nuvema Town Outskirts
    October 29, 1822

    The woods were cool and dark in the midst of the night. A new moon didn’t leave much light for the pokemon who preyed upon each other in the night. Not enough light to tell who was preying upon who, at least.

    Though it was early in the night, one Snivy had found her mark. She bent down onto her arms to hide the light scales on her belly, and crawled forward carefully. One snapped twig, one crushed leaf, and she would have to start from scratch. But she was lucky-the forest floor was clear tonight, and the forest floor was almost pitch black. She could hear a Patrat gently snoring on a branch above her. Silently, a vine grew from her back and wrapped around the branch.

    She pulled herself up by the vine and quietly pulled herself onto the branch. The Patrat was only a little smaller then her, and it was curled up inside an abandoned bird’s nest with its mother. This was going to be trickier then she expected. She extended another vine from her other shoulder, feeling the drain on her energy as she did. The vine wrapped itself around the young Patrat’s leg, waking it. It cried out, and the mother stirred.

    Snivy heaved with all her might, overturning the nest. She would just have to hope that she was strong enough to stay on the branch when Patrat hit the end of the vine.

    She wasn’t.

    October 30, 1822

    Jonathan strode confidently through the woods, checking his traps. As he did, he realized how lonely he felt already, only two days since Connor and Sarah had set out for Accumula Town. Their pokemon tucked under their arms made him even lonelier-even if they left each other during their travels, they would have a pokemon to keep them company.

    Jonathan had no one except his parents.

    That didn’t last long. The strange scene spread before him at his third trap left him wondering,”What in Arceus’ name?”

    October 29, 1822

    Snivy rolled over, and slowly climbed to her feet. Her entire body ached from the fall, and her vision was doubled. A few feet away, the Patrat slowly stirred, groaning, while its mother remained still. For a moment, Snivy was tempted to quit while she wasn’t too badly hurt. She had misjudged the danger of the hunt. Now, she was bruised up, her head was killing her, and there were bound to be predators that had been drawn in by the noise.

    She lunged for the Patrat, hoping to quickly kill it and escape before the mother woke. It rolled out of reach and scampered off into the darkness of the woods. Snivy chased after it. She had spent too much energy to fail in her hunt-wasting as much energy as she had for nothing could spell her doom.

    The Patrat was clever for its young age. It slowed down to a crawl, knowing that without the sound of its running or the light of day to guide her, Snivy could only follow with her sense of smell. A sense that the awakened mother shared.

    Snivy could smell the Patrat’s sweat, hear its frightened panting. Suddenly, it dashed off over a tree root. She lashed out with a whip, tripping it but not managing to hold on. She chased after it, and saw its eerily glowing eyes staring back at her. Snivy extended a vine, knowing full well that if Patrat wasn’t running, then it couldn’t run.

    She reached out her vines toward Patrat’s neck to calmly strangle it. A branch broke behind her, and she whirled around just in time to take a slash to the face. She fell onto her back, her face soaking the soil with blood. The mother, a Watchog twice Snivy’s size, picked her up by the neck (if she could even be said to have a neck) and slammed her into a tree trunk. Snivy raked her face and eyes with her vines until the mother released her, blinded.

    Snivy saw the Patrat limping away, and gave chase, while the enraged mother rubbed her eyes.

    A pair of cold jaws snapped shut on Snivy’s foot, throwing her to the ground. Blood dripped from her trapped hind leg, and the mother walked back towards Snivy, enraged and ready for the kill. There was murder in her eyes, and with her leg trapped, there was no way Snivy could escape.

    Snivy swung her vines out around the mother’s neck. The Watchog clawed at the vines and tried to charge to Snivy, but the vines held firm. It took all of Snivy’s concentration to squeeze the vines tighter while holding Watchog limp.

    She squeezed..

    ...then she squeezed some more...

    ...and then even more...

    ...Watchog went limp in the vines’ grip, and she kept squeezing until she had nothing left. She collapsed, bruised and bleeding, vines still gripping the dead Watchog’s neck.

    October 30, 1822

    Jonathan tied a rope collar around the Snivy’s neck, then carefully released the trap’s jaws.

    “So...what should I call you?”

    Chapter Three: Pavlov's Methods (open)

    Juniper's Lab

    “Professor, look what I found!” Jonathan held up his rather beaten up Snivy, who was feebly clawing at the leather collar affixed around her neck.

    “She looks rather unhappy. Don’t you think it would be proper to loosen up the collar a bit? Or clean her up so those cuts don’t get infected?”

    Jonathan frowned. “I had to put the collar on her so she didn’t run away after I released the trap.”

    “But you didn’t have to put it on so tight, did you? She isn’t going anywhere in this state. Here...” The professor tugged at the leather outside of the collar, loosening it. “If you’re going to study them, best not to make them hate you.”


    “While you’re here, might as well show you how to clean wounds." The professor took Snivy to a basin on the far side of the room. "First, you must mix soap in with the water-it helps prevent infection. Then use a rag to apply the mixture to the wound." Snivy winced and shifted away from the professor. "It does sting a little. If a wound has scabbed over, like this one on her face, then let it be. The scabs will protect the wound until it heals."

    "But what if an infection grows after all that?"

    "Unfortunately, we have no way to cure maladies in ourselves, let alone Pokemon. If she falls ill and her condition fails to improve after several days, it could be better for everyone's sanity if you were to put her out of her misery.”

    “How will that help our research?” The professor dried Snivy’s wounds and wrapped them with strips of cloth.

    “It will aid your research by allowing you to turn your eye to other species. It will aid my research by allowing me to perform an autopsy. I would LOVE to see the progression of disease in a pokemon compared to a human.”

    “Well, as long as she’ll be fine this time....”

    “I think she will.”

    “Professor, after my friends found pokemon, they went to visit you and didn’t return. Where are they now?”

    “They started their journey, of course! They’re just up the road in Accumula Town.”

    “I’ll be off, then. I’d like to catch up to them and say hello.” Jonathan tugged on the rope leash he had made. “Come on, Snivy. We’re going.”

    The pair of them hit the road, cutting a strange figure. One human halfway between boy and man, one bandaged Snivy being tugged along on a collar.

    Snivy had been terrified ever since the human had woken her up following her night in the trap. She had been dragged away by him, dunked in water, and almost choked to death before the Professor loosened her collar. Now she stumbled along behind the first human, every second taking her further away from the forest where she had lived her entire life.

    Snivy saw her chance, her only way out. She sped up until she was next to the human.

    “Feeling a little better, now?” Jonathan asked.

    Snivy crouched with her remaining energy and leapt for the hand holding the leash. She sank her teeth in, warm human blood spilling into her mouth.

    “OW!” Jonathan yelled, feeling the fangs knifing through his skin. He released the rope, and Snivy dashed off into the grassy fields. “Why bother? You can’t possibly get away!” The rope slithered away into the grass.

    It wasn’t very difficult for Jonathan to track Snivy down. He dashed after Snivy as she tore away through the brush. If it wasn’t for the rope, Snivy probably would have been able to escape just by getting a head start and then lying still to blend into the grass. With the rope, all she could hope for was to outrun the human.

    Suddenly, she felt the collar jerk into her throat, and she gasped for air as Jonathan reeled the leash in until he was holding her by the collar. “Going somewhere, Snivy?”

    Snivy heard a knife slide from a sheathe, and she closed her eyes, waiting for the end.

    It didn’t come. Jonathan dropped her to the ground and swung his knapsack off his back. He dropped it on top of Snivy, pinning her to the ground. From inside, he drew a length of rope.
    “You must be terrified of me. I don’t want to hurt you like this, but I also would rather you not try to leave again.” He cut the rope off and knelt down by Snivy’s head. He wrapped it around Snivy’s muzzle, cinched it tight, and stepped back to admire his work.

    Snivy wriggled and grunted as Jonathan lifted the sack from her back, allowing her to stand once more. She tried to snap at his leg, but found that she couldn’t open her mouth.

    “If you behave yourself, I’ll take this off when I stop for the night and I’ll give you some food and water. If not, the rope stays on. Sit here for a minute while I treat my hand, and then we’re off to Accumula.” Snivy strained at the rope in vain until Jonathan tied it to his backpack while he wrapped his hand. Finally, he stood, his hand wrapped in gauze.

    The pair kept walking, and by the time the sun was approaching the horizon, the pair had reached Accumula Town. Jonathan swung open the door to a building conveniently labeled “inn”.

    “Good evening, madam. Might you have a room for a young traveler tonight?”

    “Sorry, hun. I just sold my last room a few minutes ago. You’ll have to find somewhere else to lay your head tonight.” The owner glanced over the counter. “What do you have on the leash there?”

    “It’s a Snivy, she won’t hu---”


    Jonathan left and headed out of town, still dragging the bone-tired Snivy behind him. She stumbled along, hopes of escape forgotten. She was dead on her feet, begging in her mind for the human to stop and feed her.

    Finally, Jonathan stopped, clearing a patch of ground just outside the town. “We’ll sleep here tonight. After we eat.” Snivy flopped down on the ground, wondering if she would fall asleep before she ate. She was tired enough to allow Jonathan to tie her leash to a branch without a fight. “It’ll be a few minutes-have to roast this meat so we don’t fall ill.”

    Snivy rested her body against the tree she was tied to, whimpering and massaging her tired legs. While she might have been more agile then Jonathan, she was much slower. It was all she could do to not get dragged thanks to Jonathan’s quick pace. She examined her paws, and noticed several broken scales. She was used to the soft loam of the forest, not hard packed roads.

    She wasn’t sure how long it was before Jonathan removed his pot from above the fire and tossed a few meat scraps over to Snivy. “Here, it’s done. Have some before you go to sleep.” Snivy tried to squeeze the strips of meat into her bound mouth, and failed miserably.

    “Oh, sorry, I forgot about that. Here.” Jonathan reached over and undid the coil of rope holding Snivy’s mouth closed. A tear of something-gratitude? embarassment?-dripped down Snivy’s cheek as she stuffed two or three pieces of jerky into her mouth at once, and began to chew.

    Maybe this “feed her until she follows me” thing will go a little better then I thought, Jonathan mused. Juniper must have been onto something.

    Across the clearing, Snivy saw a pair of golden eyes watching her from a bush. She glared at the eyes until they vanished. Marking her territory was the only way to keep other pokemon away from the human. She continued to hungrily chew the meat, glad for a respite from the torment she had endured since the previous night. Jonathan himself dug into the rest of the meat.

    “Mmm, this is good, isn’t it---look out!” A Lillipup bearing large golden eyes pounced from the brush and snatched a chunk of meat from in between Snivy’s paws. She leaped to her feet, pain forgotten as the vines unfurled from around her body. She may have issued an unspoken warning to stay, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to pick a fight if something tried to take her first food in days.

    The Lillipup charged at Snivy, looking for more meat. She crouched and met him head on, clawing at the pup’s ribcage while he slashed at where her head was seconds before. Jonathan stepped back and watched the fight, all the while searching his bag for another collar.

    Snivy wrapped her vines about Lillipup’s snapping jaws much like Jonathan had done earlier in the day, pinning them shut. The pup whined and scratched at the vines before darting towards the edge of the camp. Snivy had knotted her vines together, and so got dragged along until she hit the edge of her leash, the collar cutting into her throat. As she gasped for breath, the Lillipup turned around and attacked once more. Her vines removed themselves from Lillipup’s head just as he headbutted her, knocking her to the ground. Snivy kicked out with her paws as the Lillipup threw himself upon her, knocking the wind out of him. The two of them lay on the ground, catching their breath, when Jonathan crept around the campfire and snapped a collar around Lillipup’s neck. He dragged the tired pup over to another tree and tied the collar to a high hanging branch.

    Snivy hung her head as she finished the last of her meat. She had dragged another pokemon into her horrific ordeal. And it all started with her warning to leave! As she drifted off into sleep, she heard the human thank her for giving him another Pokemon.

    Snivy closed her eyes and cried herself to sleep.


    1. Standard Nuzlocke rules. Can only catch the first pokemon I find on every route (though I'll waive that rule so you can actually give me challanges!). If a pokemon faints, they're dead. And everything has to be nicknamed.

    2. Keep in mind that this is a really hard challange with the Nuzlocke rules and the Gauntlets. Try to not go Treadshot level on me.

    3. You MAY have soloes-but I'm only trying once. If I fail, the thing is dead and I'm moving on. (I'll give it an honest try even if I don't like the challange).

    4. Obligatory "try to keep drudgery to a minimum" message. This is a Nuzlocke, so the grinding for JUST THAT PART OF IT is already going to be a massive pain.



    -Route 1 pokemon

    -Route 2 pokemon

    -the stupid elemental monkey thing


    -must buy items in sets of 12 (thanks level 51)

    So with that, come at me!
  13. Organization Member XIV

    Organization Member XIV

    Oct 22, 2012
    Brammi, if you are still taking Emerald Pokemon, take Jealous the Ralts. This Ralts is mad that Abra gets more love than it, so it wants to flaunt its earlier STAB by spamming only Confusion. If you ever run out of Confusion PP, you have to restore its PP before the Ralts can battle again. After it evolves into Kirlia, it can use other moves due to the fact that it realizes it is better looking than Kadabra. Rename it Gorgeous to show it you agree. Kirlia may only use Shock Wave if you beat Wattson's Manectric. Finally, after you evolve to Gardevoir, you may upgrade from Shock Wave to TBolt if you go through New Mauville with it being the only Pokemon in your party. Also, beat Phoebe's Dusclopses. That is all, and edit however you like if needed.

    EDIT: ShinySkarmory, take SeeNoEvil the Panpour(stupid elemental monkey thing.) As the name suggests, this Pampour refuses to see evil, so it may never fight a Plasma troop unless it is the last Pokemon in your party. However, it can fight N whenever because he does not feel N is evil. Also, SeeNoEvil wants to be as strong as soon as possible in the case it has to fight the Plasmas. Therefore, once you get to Castelia City immediately pick up the Water Stone (from a guy in one of the harbors.) Also, after you have evolved SeeNoEvil, he can only use TM moves, and they may never be changed once taught. GL. (For clarification, let's say you teach Simipour Scald. If you wanted to get rid of it for Surf, you wouldn't be able to.)

    DOUBLE EDIT: Yay, Skarm accepted. Hope he has fun (mwahahahaha.)
  14. Yarnus of Bethany

    Yarnus of Bethany

    Mar 5, 2010
    ShinySkarmory, take Worldly the Snivy. This snivy cares only about itself, and must switch out when it is dealt more than its level in damage. It must carry a berry as soon as possible and cannot be taken to the PC while in green health. (It thinks PCs feel weird. Solo one pokemon within 3 levels to evolve. Once it evolves, rename it Proud. (At least in your text if you can't do it actually.) Proud feels fighting wild pokemon is beneath him and cannot attack a wild pokemon unless he is the only one you have in your party. Proud must also never switch out unless 5 healing items have been used on him in that battle. If Proud is KOd, add this restriction to another mon in your party. Once it evolves, rename it Saved. Saved must copy one restriction, your choice, from another mon. Saved must switch in if a teammate is poisoned, cursed, or burnt. If Saved successfully solos a gym leader, get rid of one restriction on another mon.
    Lastly, through all stages, he must land the final blow on every Hex Maniac/Psychic(the trainer class)
  15. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    Reserving and editing a Lilipup for Skarm's Rt.1 mon.
  16. Team Magma Boss Maxie

    Team Magma Boss Maxie

    Aug 5, 2010
    I am so bored, I am thinking of starting a scramblocke thingy.
    So how do I start one guys?
  17. Espeon65


    Aug 12, 2012
    shinyskarmory, reserving a Purrloin for your Route 2 pokemon.

    EDIT: Take a Purrloin. You must choose his/her path in life, through these hide tags (please don't look beforehand, until you've made your definite decision):

    Mainstream (open)

    You get Mainstream the Purrloin. This Purrloin knows what Purrloin's strengths are, and wants to go by the norm. Make sure he/she learns and keeps Hone Claws and uses it at the beginning of every battle, because he/she knows he/she is meant to be fast. He/she may only use STAB, as his/her attack power is only so high to begin with (Cut's fine, but no in-battle use!). If a Bug- or Fighting-type pokemon is ever sent out against him/her, you must switch out, because he/she knows that they are SE and that his/her defenses suck terribly! Have him/her solo 10 pokemon Dark-type is SE against and have him/her solo 2 each of Shauntal's and Caitlin's pokemon.

    Hipster (open)

    You get Hipster the Purrloin. He/she wants to be different from the average Purrloin. He/she must only have 1 slot with STAB the entire game (you can change the move, but only one at a time). He/she must never learn any stat-upping moves, or if he/she comes with them, forget them ASAP. He/she must solo Burgh to evolve. He/she must solo 5 types SE against Dark-type after evolution.

    GL;HF on either path you choose!
  18. Organization Member XIV

    Organization Member XIV

    Oct 22, 2012
    It's just Nuzlocke and Scramble put together. Incorporate the Nuzlocke rules into the Scramble, that's it.
  19. Jimera0

    Jimera0 You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 24, 2010
    Well Skarm, as the creator of the Gauntlet it's only fitting I should give you your first gauntlet challenge.

    You are challenged to use at least one item in every trainer battle, but never more than 3. If you run out of items you can use in battle or simply forget to use (or choose not to) use an item in battle, your are punished by having to buy and then toss 5 of the highest level Pokeballs you can buy and throw them out. If you use more than three, the cost of the punishment is 10 of the highest level Pokeballs you can buy.

    Summary: Must use 1-3 items per a battle. Being under that range costs you 5 highest level Pokeballs. Going over the limit costs 10 highest level Pokeballs.

    Good luck! This is bound to change the way you battle quite a bit!
  20. Organization Member XIV

    Organization Member XIV

    Oct 22, 2012
    I guess Skarm is gonna be using a lot of X items.
  21. Treadshot A1

    Treadshot A1

    Jun 30, 2010
    Skarm, let's see how well you deal with a Treadshot level restriction like this one:

    You need to actually catch a pokemon for this one. It's going to be one of:

    Roggenrola, Lillipup, Patrat, Woobat

    Name it Staunch. During a battle, if any pokemon faints (and thus dies), you must switch in Staunch. Staunch must stay in battle until you have used up 10 items (Staunch is an exception to Jimera0's rule).

    Doesn't matter which item, doesn't matter who it's used on, you just have to use up 10.

    You don't have to use them on consecutive turns either. Staunch just can't switch out until you have used up 10 items.

    If you really wanted, you could finish the battle with Staunch. If you do, then you don't have to use 10 items.

    Oh, and if Staunch faints, throw out EVERY SINGLE ITEM you own, catch another of the listed pokemon (you may choose another species) and call the new one Staunch. Let the cycle repeat.

    (This counts as one of your Gauntlet slots)

    [/yes, this is being made easy. If I wanted to make it hard, I would have made it "game over" when Staunch fainted. Instead, I was nice enough to let you catch another one.]

    [/I get the feeling this will be rejected...]
  22. Level 51

    Level 51 ♪you just want my spreadsheets, you don't want my heart♪
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    Dec 16, 2011
    shinyskarmory, as a Gauntlet Challenge you are only allowed to buy things in multiples of 12. Good Luck!

    (if you want a Scramble PM/VM me, I'll give you one. I'm just a bit tired now zzzzzz)
  23. Organization Member XIV

    Organization Member XIV

    Oct 22, 2012
    Must use ALL the X-Items. At least, for ShinySkarmory. I feel bad for him, but I expect no less from the mighty and omnipotent TREADSHOT A1.
  24. Jimera0

    Jimera0 You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 24, 2010
    Episode 3 of my Hard Emerald Scramble is up on Youtube!

    Sorry it's a bit late, got distracted by LoL recently :P but I got it all done now. Enjoy!

    Link here.

    More details in the link in my signature!
  25. Present


    Oct 20, 2012
    Yeey I saw your vid, Jimera0. I liked it, as always. Just keep it up.

    btw I am hoping to get some more time now, my test week is finally over (phew)!

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