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Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Its_A_Random, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Celever


    Sep 25, 2012
    Darn, I hate all of them... All out attacking shuckle is a boring challange, you can't make anything decent out of paras or venonat and yanma is... well.. a bit boring in-game! D:

    After all that time on Misty the Spinarak... can't blob have 2 spinaraks!? ;_;
  2. Organization Member XIV

    Organization Member XIV

    Oct 22, 2012
    Then give him a Shuckle that has to be competitive ASAP. Y'kow, SR, Toxic, Encore, Rest. It'll be FUUUUUUUN, trust me. Just give him that.
  3. Manitary


    Jun 29, 2012
    A little bump for me and healthylunch, since we need 3 and 2 scramblemons (respectively) to go
  4. Treadshot A1

    Treadshot A1

    Jun 30, 2010
    Then catch and grind for Ninjask and Shedinja anywhere before Brawly. Problem solved.
  5. Dogfish44

    Dogfish44 ^_^
    is a Forum Moderator

    Jan 1, 2009
    Hello King of Sushi! You get to take Swan Lake, the Duckling! Swan Lake loves to dance, whether it be on ice or on water, or anywhere else. If Swan Lake is ever released on an icy field or an aquatic field, Swan Lake must immediately use FeatherDance. Swan lake also loves dancing in duets and trios, and whenever it is involved in a double or triple battle it will try to support this team. In other words, if Swan Lake is in a doubles/triples match, Swan Lake's first move must be a non-damaging move aimed at a teammate - this can include FeatherDance. In additon, Swan Lake loves to share the spotlight, unlike most dancers, and thus whenever Swan Lake is in a rotation battle, Swan Lake may only attack once before rotating back out. Finally, Swan Lake may only evolve if it solos Skyla. Good luck =)
  6. inanimate blob

    inanimate blob

    May 31, 2011
    Woah, a pretty heated debate's been going on.

    I can take Pokémon outside of HeartGold, actually, if that helps.

    And no Shuckle, please. :3 As cute as they are, I'd rather not have one.
  7. Celever


    Sep 25, 2012
    Ok, here's hoping you have a gen 3 game because you are getting Scrambled the Illumise!!!
    I don't know if you watch Marriland on youtube, but I sure do, and on his emerald nuzlocke he caught an Illumise and named it Omelette! Unfortunately, she did die during the nuzlocke - or so Marriland though! He just barely clung on to life, and is in such a state who she thought was her friends have given her the nickname scrambled omelette (Marriland releases his deadm that's how she went into the wild) so that's why you must call her Scrambled! Now, when Scrambled was in full health she had so much swag, she wore black glasses and knew Swagger! So, for your first 2 restrictions, Scrambled must always hold blackglasses and learn Swagger ASAP, the TM is in glitter lighthouse. Scrambled learned thief when she was in a healthier state, however as you need to be nimble and healthy to steal things, Scrambled may not learn thief, yet must still hold blackglasses! Scrambled perseveres though; he persevered when she almost died that fateful day and she perseveres now! She must solo any gym leader AFTER obtaining and learning swagger. Scrambled must use swagger on every of the pokemon the gym leader (or elite four member, if you want) it solos! Now, Scrambled is in such a mental state that she may have only 2 special attacking moves at one time which, including the permanent swagger, leaves it only one possible physically attacking move or 2 status moves! I think that's probably enough, but as a final challenge, Scrambled was "killed" by a Gyarados, so Scrambled must solo any Gyarados you see (this includes the red gyarados, yep, you don't get to re-catch the first shiny you ever saw back in gen 2 :P) If Scrambled isn't already out when a Gyarados leads a battle or you run into a wild one Scrambled must switch in and solo it. If a Gyarados makes Scrambled faint again then Scrambled may only learn 3 moves, and may only learn one special attacking move and then swagger, leaving room for either a physically attacking move or 2 status attacks. Oh, and he must get the 2 (unless you faint from a gyarados) special moves ASAP, as well as Swagger ASAP as mentioned above.

    A pretty complicated challenge but... ENJOY!!! :D
  8. shinyskarmory


    Jul 12, 2011

    I honestly think this is probably one of the longest chapters I've written in a long time. But I DON'T CARE! I need to MOVE THE HELL ON from the Weather Institute, and I think as implausible as this chapter is that it was the only way to get Skarm out of the complete screwover he walked into.

    Chapter Twenty-Two: Highway to Hell (open)

    The Murasaki-Fiore Edition (carbon date: 5,000y)
    Book of Distortion (modern translation)

    Generations flew by, beyond the lifetime of any pokemon. For the lord Arceus, it was a blink of an eye. So it was a long time coming when the earth, the seas, and the sky were shaken to their core by one they had trusted most deeply.

    One day, the specter Darkrai approached his mentor Giratina, and asked,”My lord, why must we obey our lord Arceus? He has not acted in years; his body is weary and his mind is feeble and slow. We could take our rightful place as leaders of this world, and of the dead.”

    “Darkrai, you have served me faithfully for many years, but I have served our lord Arceus since the beginning. When you have watched over the dead as long as I have...you will have no desire to create any more.”

    “We have the resources. We have your powers, my powers, and an army of the dead at our backs.”

    “My student, this manner of yours is distasteful. It discredits your great character. I ask that you abandon this idea of yours. It serves no one.”

    “As you wish, my lord.” Darkrai left his master, but returned when his strength was greatest, on the night of the new moon. He cast his mentor into a deep sleep, and called forth floods of the dead to join him. Some refused to join-they called those who served him nightmares.

    The other laws quickly learned of Giratina’s fall. But Dialga had little enough time to prepare before he was set upon at his tower by Darkrai. He was quickly overwhelmed and brought before Darkrai, who turned him into a nightmare, a twisted servant of Darkrai’s will. His servant, Celebi, fled into the Tunnel of Time, pursued by Darkrai.

    Palkia had his own chance to stop Darkrai’s rampage. He bent space into a great knot, slowing Darkrai’s travel and allowing him to reach and awake Giratina.

    Darkrai’s undead servants slowly vanished from his control, but enough remained to follow Celebi everywhere she ran through space and time. With Dialga under Darkrai’s thrall, they could easily keep up as Celebi desperately jumped through time.

    Finally, Celebi returned to the Tunnel of Time. She traveled back to the time she started in to find Palkia, along with an army of Shaymin. They barely had time to shelter her before the first of Darkrai’s soldiers emerged from the tunnel.

    A bloody battle was fought there, at the entrance of the tunnel. Both sides inflicted horrendous injuries upon the other, and most of the Shaymin were killed in the battle. The last of Darkrai’s forces forced the Shaymin away from the defense of the door; they fled to their mountain home, bringing Celebi with them.

    The laws had played their last card, and it was found to be wanting.

    Hoenn Route 119
    June 21st, 235 CRE
    3:58 PM

    “May, thanks for picking up. I really need your help.”

    “Is this some kind of joke?”

    I sighed. “May, I wouldn’t prank call you. You know that.”

    “Actually, I don’t know that. But what do you want?”

    “Look, I don’t have much time. Me and a friend were checking out Route 119, and then we got jumped by some Magma guys. They’ve got us surrounded, they’re all armed, and there’s no way we’re getting out of here unless someone picks us up. That’s why we need you.”

    “Are you retarded? I don’t have a car!”

    “Talk to your dad, then. Just tell him I found some new pokemon species that I wanted to show him, but I can’t come to him.”

    “No, Skarm.” I held in a gasp. “You should have known not to mess with them. If I come, we’ll all end up dead. I won’t put my father at risk so you can escape certain death for the umpteenth time.” Through the receiver, I heard Professor Birch asking May who she was talking with, seemingly from a distance.

    “May, please. MAY!” The phone beeped rapidly. “She hung up. We’re on our own.”

    “What are we going to do?”

    “It depends. Would you rather go down fighting, or just kiss each other until they blow our heads off?”

    “If it were up to me,” Winona said, pulling herself up with a tree branch,”I’d prefer to live.”

    “Where are you going to go? We’re surrounded. Our best chance is to pretend to surrender and then jump them like it’s a movie scene.”

    “Or, we could go through the hole left by those goons Altaria lit on fire.

    “But that’s....that’s back where we started. We’ll never make it.”

    “We’ll have to. Come on Skarm, I’m the one with the bad leg here, why am I leading the way?” I threw Winona’s arm over my shoulder again. “Altaria, lead the way. Tell us if we’re going to run into someone.”

    Around a half hour later, we returned uneventfully to where we started. The stolen radio buzzed. “Reshiram to Charlie squad. Have you found anyone?”

    “Sir, we’ve reached the location of Echo Squad. 5 friendly KIAs, no sign of the targets.”

    “Are there any new tracks?”

    “Negative, no new tracks.”

    “They must have backtracked. All squads, converge on the river. Double time!”

    “Well, that’s not good.” Winona lobbed the radio into the river. “Altaria, fly home. If we survive, I’ll meet you there eventually. If not...” Winona leaned in and whispered in Altaria’s ear. “Now go. Thank you.” Altaria’s wings beat, and it vanished into the clouds. “Skarm, come with me, we’re going in the river.”

    “ARE YOU CRAZY? We won’t survive the waterfall, ASSUMING we make it that far!”

    “If there was another way out, I’d take it. This is our only chance. You can stay here and try your luck with Magma if you want. Or you can hit the river.” Winona hobbled down the beach and threw herself over the river’s overflowing banks into the water.

    “What a fucking idiot.” I followed, reluctantly. The rapids sucked me away as soon as I splashed in. It was a battle to keep my head above water. Every now and then, I would bounce off a rock jutting out of the whitewater.

    Gonna have pretty big bruises in the morning. If there is a morning.

    I steered my way around the pillar of a bridge, only to be pulled back by the arm. I grabbed on to the pillar next to Winona.

    “Glad you got with the program. Waterfall was another hundred meters downstream.”

    “You knew this was here.” She shrugged her shoulders, a classic nondenial denial.

    “Climb up to the road. We’ll hitch a ride.” I grabbed the pavement and hauled myself up, soaking wet. Then I helped her over the edge, and we sat down on the edge of the bridge.

    “Another rabbit out of the hat?”

    “Hey, we’re still here, Winona. I won’t start celebrating until I’m sitting in a Pokemon Center with a Mountain Dew in my hand.”

    “You still drink that crap? Knew I shouldn’t have left you back when the Splitting ended.”

    “Hey, it’s better then that Feather Tea you drink!”

    “Think you got it mixed up. At least Feather Tea doesn’t have enough caffeine to make a Spoink’s heart beat of its own accord.”


    “I’m sorry, Skarm. I know you miss her.”

    “It’s...it’s alright.”

    We sat in silence for a few minutes, feeling the rain on our shoulders and watching the rapids churn.

    “Winona, listen, do you hear that?”

    “It’s a car.” We both sat up and turned our heads in the direction. “It’s a car!” We climbed off the bridge. I took the weight off Winona’s bad leg as a pair of headlights drove up to us and pulled to a stop. The passenger door opened, and a silouette stepped out.

    “Skarm, is that you?”

    “May! You came.”

    “If you don’t get in the car, I might change my mind. Who’s that girl you’re with?”

    “I’m Winona, Fortree’s gym leader. We were checking out reports of Team Magma activity in the area, but the shit kinda hit the fan.” I helped her hobble over and climb into the backseat of the Jeep. May hopped into the front, and we sped off down the road.

    “Skarm, I knew I’d see you again, but I didn’t expect it to be like this.”

    “Hey, I don’t always get to choose the stuff I get mixed up in.” I said indignantly.

    “Skarm, you DID choose this one!” May yelled back. “Sure, back in Slateport-yeah, I heard about that-you were just trying to keep up with your girlfriend, or whoever she is. At Mount Chimney, nobody else would have made it in time. But this time, you just ran straight in, assuming everything would turn out fine, and look what happened! You guys get shot up, and we have to drive up here in the middle of a fucking typhoon and bail you out!” May unbuckled her seatbelt, spun around in her seat, and leaned towards me. “Well, I’m telling you right now-stick to the gyms from now on. This isn’t one of your videogames-there are no 1ups in real life. And you owe us one, so tell us where we’re going and then shut the hell up.”

    “May, I....I didn’t think it would get this serious.”

    “You never think. Where the hell are we going?”

    “Actually, I don’t know...Winona, any ideas?”

    “Can you get on the highway? There’s a place in Fortree we can go.”

    “Alright.” Birch spun the wheel, but it was too late-the Jeep skidded past the onramp and spun around on the pavement. “Dammit!” The car screeched to a halt, and a Magma soldier stepped out of the woods.

    “Fuck! GO!” I screamed, but it was too late. We screeched off into the distance, but not before the Magma grunt pulled out his walkie talkie and started speaking into it. “We have to get on the highway and get out of here, he made us!”

    “Alright, alright!” We spun out again as Birch did another U-turn and pulled onto the expressway. “So, what’s the actual address? I can put it into the GPS thingy May bought me.”

    “There are no cars allowed inside the Fortree city limits. We’ll just park in one of the lots on the edge of town and go to the gym.”

    “Why are we going to the Gym?” May demanded. “That’s the most public location in town! It’ll be the first place Magma searches!”

    “The Gym is closed during heavy storms like this. Only person there today is my secretary, Skyla. She can help us.”

    Weather Institute
    Maxwell Terra-alias Reshiram

    The radio buzzed, and Maxie spun around in the swivel chair he sat in. “All troops, be advised-A Gamma squad member has spotted the loose ends. They are with two others in a vehicle, license plate reads “spring”, moving northbound on Highway 33. All troops converge?”

    Maxie’s lieutenant, Tabitha, reached for his radio. “Confirm, all troops mount up and pursue.”

    “Negative.” Maxie said into his own radio. Tabitha jumped.

    “Sir, they’re going to escape.”

    “The worst thing we could do now is start a car chase. As soon as an innocent civilian gets hurt, the police will have to ignore our bribes and join in. That’s the last thing we want.” Maxie turned his radio on. “Get me my helicopter, on the roof of OPHQ, ASAP. I’ll handle this personally. All other troops mount up and return to Lily Base.” He stood and headed for the door.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Just come with me. This might work if you don’t blow it.”

    Birch’s Jeep

    “Wait a second-THE Skyla?”

    “The one who used to be a gym leader in Unova? Yeah, she’s there-family friend. Since I’m only seventeen, child labor laws prevent me from having more then 4 hours of scheduled battles a day. So Skyla manages my schedule, watches film, and creates a list of the trainers that are most likely to be able to defeat me. Then, when challangers register online, stronger trainers get priority over weaker trainers.” Winona winced as we went over a bump, jarring her leg. “She’s also supposed to handle PR stuff if I’m too busy, so she has a list of doctors, lawyers, and the like who she can trust to keep quiet if I get in trouble.”

    “Doesn’t the League remove leaders who are suspected of criminal activity?” May asked.

    Winona laughed, but her face was turning more ashen by the minute. “How many times did the Kanto Government have a case against Giovanni back when he was leader in Viridian, only to have their witnesses disappear or refuse to testify? He still stayed leader for 20 plus years before he went into politics and got elected president.”

    I heard helicopter rotors approaching. “Okay, the Gym it is. What exit is it?”

    “We want Exit 23. Downtown Fortree. That exit goes through a tunnel to this underground parking structure near City Hall, and the gym’s only two blocks from there.” I heard a helicopter approaching behind us.

    “This is the Grande Isles Park Rangers! License number Spring, pull over immediately!” The voice came from a bullhorn.

    “Finally! Someone official showed up!” Birch said. He began to change lanes to the right to pull over.

    “Wait a second...” Winona said. “Skarm...who did you try calling?”

    “Just May...”

    “You made two calls. Which one was the one before May?”

    “Pull over now!” A spotlight began to shine through the sunroof.

    “It was the Fire Department. They said they couldn’t deploy any trucks during a storm like this.”

    “You called the FIRE DEPARTMENT too? What did you do before you called me?”

    “Doesn’t matter right now, I’ll fill you in later. Professor, DON’T PULL OVER! They’re not really the Park Service!”

    “I just can’t catch a break today...” Birch swerved off the shoulder back into the right lane and slammed the gas. The helicopter dropped its false pretenses; a pair of laser dots started dancing on the side of the car.

    “Go faster! We HAVE to lose that helicopter!”

    “Come on, Professor, you can do it. 5 miles until the turn off.” I heard the whine of a barrel spinning up. “They’re gonna start shooting.”

    “Okay, guess you’ve figured us out. There’s no cover on this highway, nowhere to hide. If you pull over now and give us the two in your backseat, we’ll let you go. This is your final warning.”

    “Don’t listen to them. They’ll kill you anyways. Our only hope is to make it to the tunnel.”

    “Dad, pull over! Give them what they want.”

    “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

    “Skarm, you’re out of extra lives. You’ve BEEN out. Eventually...eventually the game has to end.”

    “You’re right.” I said. Then I had an idea. I saw a semi pulling two long trailers. “Just not right now.” I leaned into the front seat and swung the wheel hard to the left. We swerved onto the other side of the semi just as the helicopter opened fire.

    “Gun it! NOW!” Bullets shredded the truck on our right, and the helicopter started swinging to the left to get a clear shot. We flew out in front of the truck and swerved back into the right lane.

    “Oh, thank Arceus, there’s a curve.” The curve prevented the helicopter from getting a clear shot, and by the time the helicopter made the turn, it stopped firing. “They stopped shooting? Why did they stop shooting?” A man leaned out of the side of the copter and gestured towards us. Then a pair of smoke trails spiraled from the belly of the helicopter.

    “Oh, SHIT! They’re shooting missles! HOW THE FUCK DID THEY GET MISSILES?”

    “Well, we’re fucked.” May said.

    “Professor, just drive! I have an idea.” Winona pulled out a whistle that she’d been carrying around her neck. She leaned out of the window, took a deep breath, and blew as hard as she could into it.

    Nothing happened.

    “Well, that’s just perfect. Just. Fucking. Perfect. I knew this was a shitty idea.” May put her face in her hands.

    “Will you stop being such a little bitch and give it a second?” Winona snapped.

    “ME? You’re funny. Guess getting shot didn’t stop you from being all “a-hunting Magma we will go!”

    “You’re just jealous. You always wanted Skarm for yourself.”

    “REALLY, guys? We’re getting SMART BOMBS shot at us and you two are fighting over ME?”

    “Wow I thought since you were a gym leader you’d have a little bit of maturity. I’m almost glad we’re all going to get killed now. Don’t let her play you, Skarm-she could have any guy she wanted. If there was another trainer her age that was your skill level, she’d dump you in an instant!”

    “Kyuuuuuuuuuuu!” An avian figure plunged out of the sky, breathing a stream of fire at the missles. The explosions revealed the bird’s sky-blue skin and white wings. Winona pulled a pokeball from her belt, and released the pokemon within. A Skarmory flew out of the broken sunroof and dove straight into the cockpit of the helicopter. The body of the pilot fell to the ground, and the copter began spinning out of control.

    “See! It worked! Altaria came. Now can you shut the FUCK UP and let me bleed out in peace?” Altaria landed on the roof of the Jeep, but Skarmory was nowhere to be found. Just before the helicopter struck the ground and exploded in a mighty fireball, a figure flew from the helicopter and alighted next to Altaria. It was Skarmory.

    “You guys are the best. I’ll give you both a hug when we’re not going at a hundred kilometers an hour, okay? Meet me at the gym.” The birds flew off. “Anything to say, June? Or was it July? I can’t remember all these months.”

    Before May could snap back at her, I intervened. “That was pretty awesome. How much time did you spend practicing that?”

    “Oh, I made it up on the spot. The exit’s right here, make the turn!” Birch hit the onramp and we turned into a tunnel lit on the sides by orange lights.

    I sighed. “We made it.”

    “This is one hell of a vacation.” Birch quipped. We double parked in the first spot we could find in the garage, and I picked Winona up onto my shoulder once more.

    “Who are you?” I heard from behind me. I turned around and saw a red haired woman with her car door open. “Oh my god, Winona! Are you alright? What happened? You need to see a doctor...”

    “Actually, Skyla...that’s why we came here. Looks like we almost missed you.”

    Skyla came over to me and took Winona. “I’ll take her to my house. You guys just hole up in the Pokemon Center until we get this whole thing straightened out.”

    “Are you sure the pokemon center is safe?”

    Skyla grinned coyly. “This town is even more redneck then Mistralton back in Unova. You can bet that if anyone starts shooting up a pokemon center, people will come out of the trees with their shotguns.” She lifted Winona into the passenger seat of her sedan. “Let’s go, honey. Tell me everything.”

    “Where does that leave us?” May asked.

    “Let’s head outside.” We started up the stairs, and took the hallway marked “Fortree Pokemon Center. I threw open a pair of double doors, and stepped outside.

    “Holy shit...”

    Somewhere near Highway 33
    Maxwell Terra

    Maxie crawled out of the burning wreckage of the helicopter. He felt surprisingly good considering his left side was covered in first degree burns and he had just fallen from a hundred feet up.

    “Tabitha, are you there?”

    “I’m here.” someone groaned. Maxie lifted the rotors to reveal a badly burnt Tabitha.

    “My lieutenant, are you expecting to die?”


    “If you’d ever read the old stories, you’d know that death is not an end. It is a beginning. Do you fear your new beginning, Tabitha?”

    “You...snake...”Tabitha reached for his pistol, but Maxie shot him dead before his broken body could draw. Then he pulled out his radio, which had miraculously survived.

    “Reshiram to Alpha squad. Pick me up at exit 21 on Highway 33. We’re returning to base.”

    “As you wish, sir.”

    At least it's done with. I promise Pokemon will play a much bigger role in the next few episodes then they have in the last few.

    I also promise that eventually I'll get you guys the first update of White. It's just been a lot more difficult to write while on break then I thought.


    EDIT: Sorry for the whole fiasco with the Hide tags. I think I have it fixed now, though.
  9. Madotsuki


    Apr 5, 2011
    You don't understand.

    There is a decent chance I may not run into Nincada before Brawly. Remember, I can only have six pokemon at a time, and I can't control which pokemon I get out of the pool. It might also die before Brawly.

    ARGH. This is so frustrating. Let me try again.







    There. Not that difficult.

    Now, taking suggestions! So far, I have...

  10. inanimate blob

    inanimate blob

    May 31, 2011
    Lol...what? I forgot to mention I can get any Pokèmon from the Gen IV games, but lack a DS Brick or Lite. So could you change the challange? :P That's on me, though, good challange otherwise.
  11. Ullar


    Nov 8, 2011
    Madotsuki, you get a moveset that's legal and illegal at the SAME TIME!

    Take Battle CD the Machamp. Two restrictions - it must know Swords Dance, and all other moves it uses must be taught by TMs. No cheating on the second part~

    (Oh, and you can use the moves it knows upon capture, they just have to be replaced by Swords Dance and TM moves ASAP)
  12. Present


    Oct 20, 2012
    Madotsuki, I will give you an awesome legendary bird, OU? the Zapdos. When you encounter Zapdos, you must hack in two moves it would love to have, but sadly does not have them. Learn it ice beam and air slash. The other two moves must then be at least thunderbolt , then you get the choice: either use roost or hack in flamethrower. Your restrictions are that it wants to fight all trainer owned pokemon weak to its STAB, to prove its legendary worthyness and solo any gym leader / other major battle. When you choose roost, it must battle your rival additionally at any time/place possible, when you choose flamethrower, you must battle an additional boss.


    Ps: Yes, this bird will most likely be really powerful, but hey, wouldn't it be great to be able to use him like this legally?
  13. Organization Member XIV

    Organization Member XIV

    Oct 22, 2012
    He's playing on Emerald, so Air Slash and Roost are impossible. Read the OP next time.
  14. Yarnus of Bethany

    Yarnus of Bethany

    Mar 5, 2010
    Take Rayquaza the Pikachu.
    Hack it Drizzle as its ability and Sunny Day and Rain Dance as 2 of its moves.
    Rayquaza may never attack while it's raining or be healed while it's sunny.
    You may teach it any other moves beside Sandstorm or Hail.
  15. Celever


    Sep 25, 2012
    I've spent about an hour and half on those 2 challanges!!!!
    Fine, 3rd time's the charm!

    Right, you get Nando the Kricketot.

    Nando the kricketute is the kricketot, surprise surprise, was the Kricketune that Nando owned! Nando has been shown on TV using: bug buzz, swords dance, X scissor, Silver wind and Fury cutter! Choose 2 of these moves, you may only learn these 2 moves in the whole scramble, and only 1 at any one time!!! Nando loves originality! Nando (person) sings to the forest, so Nando (pokemon) must have sing all the time, and must at least try and sing every important grass or bug pokemon you see! The last move is your choice. He must solo 20 grass or bugs type to evolve (you could spam wild pokemon.. but..) and every one of them must be sleeping when he deals the final blow! Only then will people realize the forest must be sung to to keep peace! B-but... The forest has a horrible weakness! FIRE!!! You must start with turtwig, and every single rival battle Nando must solo your rivals starter pokemon, since he is a fire type and the tail torches trees!!!

    Sorry this is far from my best, if you want my pest look at the last 2 challenges I gave you! :P
  16. inanimate blob

    inanimate blob

    May 31, 2011
    Lol @ Turtwig...I'll start with Chikorita, but challange accepted. :3

    Here's my team! I'll post updates as I go...in the new thread! Don't these pages max out at 294 for some bizarre reason? :)

    Limit the Butterfree (open)

    Bruiser the Pineco (open)

    Swarm the Scyther (open)

    Rivalry the Heracross/Pinsir (open)

    Diverse the Spinarak (open)

    Nando the Kricketot (open)

  17. Organization Member XIV

    Organization Member XIV

    Oct 22, 2012
    Wow, I think you are a little pissed. That's just mean.
  18. Madotsuki


    Apr 5, 2011
    This is... for me? Or someone else?
    Also, I'd REALLY rather not use legendaries unless they're gimped to hell like Sadness is. (Actually, that's a stretch, but considering those defenses it'll likely die anyway). So, if you really want to keep OU?, then restate it with 3rd gen in mind, but I'd rather you didn't if possible.

    So far I have

    1. Sadness the Deoxys
    2. Unnamed Aggron (Must know EQ, Thunder, Dragon Claw, and SolarBeam, can only fight opponents with type advantages)
    3. Rayquaza the Pikachu (?) (Must have Drizzle, must always know Rain Dance and Sunny Day, cannot attack under rain, cannot heal under sun)
    4. Battle CD the Machamp (Must hack in SD, and all other moves must be TM moves; starting moves can be used but must be replaced ASAP)
  19. Organization Member XIV

    Organization Member XIV

    Oct 22, 2012
    It's not a legendary. He's giving you a Pikachu named Rayquaza. EDIT: Name the Aggron Steven'sSon
  20. CabooseFTW


    Sep 4, 2012
    I'm hoping to start off my scramble career doing a scramblocke of white version. As such, I would appriciate challange ideas. For now, I'll be taking challanges for Pokemon in areas leading up to Striaton Gym. No trade/event access. One suggestion per section per user. Easy-medium difficulty. No more than 1 Pokemon of each species.

    Trio Badge (open)
    Nuvema Town: inanimate blob's Tepig (Bacon)- 1 fire move as Tepig; no fire moves afterwords
    Route 1: Phoenix512's Patrat (Megane)- Leer as first attack every battle, then Sand Attack; evolves when 1 gym leader's/rival's Pokemon have been blinded; must have an eye based move; must hold Lens item
    Route 2: Treadshot A1's Purrloin (Foeline)- Throw away 1 item per attack; must level up 10 times; no exp share; must attack before switching out
    Outer Dreamyard: Pika25's Pansage (Sprout)- No grass moves on fire, bug, or flying types; Evolves after learning Acrobatics
  21. inanimate blob

    inanimate blob

    May 31, 2011
    @CabooseFTW Take Bacon the Tepig. Bacon may only have ONE Fire move in its moveset at any one time due to a fear of being overcooked. Also, if and when it evolves into Pignite, no more Fire moves because now you have a secondary STAB in Fighting.

    I think that's reasonable for a first time Scramblocke.
  22. IstheCakeReallyaLie


    Apr 14, 2012
    Caboose, take Luna the Munna. Luna wants to make sure she knows a decent amount of moves before evolving, so you can't evolve her until after you reach level 37. She also wants to make sure she's stronger than Bianca's Munna/Musharna, so she has to solo any Bianca fight, or solo her Munna/Musharna thrice to evolve. One last thing: She cannot use Eviolite at any point in time.

    Sorry if that's a bit easy.
  23. Treadshot A1

    Treadshot A1

    Jun 30, 2010
    That's why there was a clause in the challenge that says if you don't solo Brawly with Ninjask and Flannery with Shedinja, your battle mode is changed to 'Set'. NOTE: the original post states that if the pokemon dies before or during the solo, then battle mode gets changed to 'Set'. If you don't have a Nincada, well it may as well be dead, so the clause takes effect.

    So if you don't get it in time for Brawly, then that clause activates. Normally I'd make the clause rather more cruel, but since there was a chance that Nincada might not show up, I kept the consequence for missing the gyms tolerable.

    So yeah, read the challenge. I checked your rules, and it works. If you don't get Nincada early, well too bad, catch one later when you need more Pokemon, and change battle mode to 'Set'.
  24. CabooseFTW


    Sep 4, 2012
    @isthecakereallyalie: For right now I'm only taking challanges for pre-trio badge, meaning the Outer Dreamyard section is for a Pansage, as I've recieved a Tepig. I'll keep Luna in mind for when I've made it past gym 1.
  25. Pika25


    Mar 30, 2007
    IstheCakeReallyaLie: You get a Pansage from Dreamyard, which you must nickname Sprout. Sprout is scared of the opponents' Fire, Bug, and Flying type Pokémon and as such cannot use its Grass attacks against them. It cannot evolve until it learns acrobatics at 22. Good luck!

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