Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Actually, the restriction is "don't attack until attacked", rather than "can only attack every other turn". As Treadshot said, you could use an item, but I never said anything about status moves or lowering your opponent's stats, did I?
TangerineHighlighter, take Bite the Poochyena. Bite the Poochyena can only attack the foe by using its favorite attack, Bite (asap). It must resort to other jaw-related moves when not attacking with bite. (eg roar, howl). Being the little biter as it is, it has to solo an entire gym including gym leader of choice before it can evolve into Mightyena. Mightyena is way to mighty to be biting its foes, so it cannot use any jaw-related moves anymore. Instead, it will resort to tackling its opponent with Tackle. After proving its worth by soloing one Team Aqua and one Team Magma boss. It then realizes that only tackling the foe gets really boring and is actually quite difficult, as the damage output is so low. It can then use any move it likes, but can only use level-up moves.

@ Dogfish44: You get Peculiar the Sigilyph.

Peculiar is a strange Sigilyph who may only learn & use Physical Moves in battle. This rather odd behaviour pretty much irritates you as you are effectively denied some of Sigilyph's best moves. So you decide to try & knock some sense into it & try to tell Peculiar to listen to you. So, if you manage to solo Skyla with Peculiar, then it will gain the ability to learn & use non-attacking moves. If you manage to solo Marshal with Peculiar, then it will gain the ability to learn & use Special Moves. Either way, if you teach Peculiar Fly, it wants to ignore you & fly, so every time it comes into battle, it must use Fly as its first move, should you teach it that.

Have fun.
Dogfish, you remember what I said about a Vespiquen over irc? Yep, you are still getting one!!

You will get GenderSwap the Combee. That's right, Combee. You cannot catch GenderSwap as a Vespiquen.

Now, Genderswap believes that she was born to be a Male. It's up to you to help her figure out that she is a Female.

In order to do that, GenderSwap must get the Male Hormonal Battling Wants out of her system. How do you do this? There are 2 simple steps:

1). Enter the PWT in Driftveil.
2). Solo one pokemon from each Hugh, Cheren, and Colress while in the PWT.

After this is over, you can evolve GenderSwap. Once GenderSwap has woken her true, inner Female, she becomes obsessed with the beauty and power that Supermodels hold.

Supermodels are known for some interesting things:
1). Catfights - Learn and keep Fury Swipes ASAP.
2). Very expensive jewlry: Learn and keep Power Gem
3). They are seemingly very beautful: Learn and keep Attract.
4). They have an air of self-importance: Learn and keep Swagger.

When you get to Humilau City, GenderSwap decides to go out to the beach to try her new bikini (Where she found one made for Vespiquen, I don't want to know). There, she believes that Marlon was flirting with here (He was really disgusted at her fakeness).

Solo Marlon as a first date!!

Eventually, after her date fails, she goes on a dating service website to find someone who thinks she is beautiful. She finds the identical triplets known as the Shadow Triad.

Solo each one in turn in a date!!

When those dates fail, she'l revert back to her old ways and will go out with Shauntal of the E4.

Solo Shauntal for she is your last hope for love!!!


All supermodels love getting "Bling" from their boyfriends. As such, if you solo Hugh from the first time after the PWT until the last time before the E4 using no more than 10 items throughout that time, you get to have one either Defend Order or Heal Order to replace Attract or Swagger.


I've got a hellish challenge, from the depths of the internet


You probably won't be able to survive such an unoriginal piece of shit as

LE REDDIT the Riolu

Thing is, he'll start out fine. Can use any attack it wants. Reddit used to be fine like such.

But he'll learn Copycat at level 19.

You must, upon learning this moves, use only this move. Ever.
This is Reddit nowadays. Only stolen content. This is why you cannot escape this thievery. You can only copy others, forever.


But... there is hope. Eventually, Reddit will calm itself, lose its stupidity, and mature into something good. Maybe.

Your Riolu will become a Lucario. When this Lucario learns Calm Mind, he may replace Copycat with it. Doing so will allow you to use any move, breaking all restrictions. It is now free from the cancer.
@Dogfish44, take Grass the Snivy. Snivy is made of grass and as such can only use grass-type moves (hm's can be learned, not used in battle) from level 7 onwards. Being the nice starter it is, it wants to solo your childhood friend always. Seeing as it is the starter, you turn to it in times of need, such as when facing Ghetsis. Therefore, solo Ghetsis as well.

Good Luck, you'll reallllly need it.
You shall weep. This I swear.

Take Damned the Yamask.

Hell. That is what this existence is. Nothing but hell. Demons around every corner, hoping to capture your soul in a small orb.

That's the life of a Yamask.

Your Yamask, like others, is a human soul chained to a Pokemon form. Naturally, it is angry about this. Teach it Frustration and it must use it at the beginning of each battle. Damned wants to bring others to suffer the tortures of Hell as well. As such, it must use Curse immediately after Frustration, regardless of its HP. Also, in order to evolve, it must be alive while KOing 10 opposing Trainer-owned Pokemon with Curse damage. It was punished for using arcane arts, and when it evolves, it holds on to those sins. When evolved, it must use Will-O-Wisp at the beginning of each battle, and then Hex.

Oh, and he must face up to the Prince of Darkness for his crimes...Whether he evolves or not, solo Grimsley.

Have fun...if you dare.
All special/status Azurill that has to solo 2 gym leaders and one E4 member while having Huge Power so you do not get the benefit of Thick Fat resists. Every time you fail, throw out all of your Pokeballs and healing items. (You are allowed to re-purchase during tries, don't worry.) Have fun!
And finally compiled. This is going to be a BLAST!

Few notes: For OMXIV's challenge, I'll need either waterfall or dive by the E4, so yeah, I'll throw out a dummy move -_-'

King Serperior needs to change his requirement on the Bonus Round, since Present's challenge came first and conflicts.

Ullar is a fucker.

Madotsuki is a fucker.

IAR is a partial fucker.

Level 51

Plasbad, for short!
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Alright, we've gone overtime but I'm stopping the nominations for the Page 300 Scramble Awards as soon as IAR gets his in. You can also do your nominations here. GET OF YOUR BUTTS AND DO IT GOOD GRIEF
And finally compiled. This is going to be a BLAST!

Few notes: For OMXIV's challenge, I'll need either waterfall or dive by the E4, so yeah, I'll throw out a dummy move -_-'

King Serperior needs to change his requirement on the Bonus Round, since Present's challenge came first and conflicts.

Ullar is a fucker.

Madotsuki is a fucker.

IAR is a partial fucker.
No, you are not. You are going to catch an HM slave. I can't have you getting any physical moves on my Azurill now can I?
- I will not be using HM slaves, so please keep that in mind - I will treat the run as complete once I complete the Elite 4, so I don't THINK I need to be using Waterfall.
Yes I mixed up Dive and Waterfall for E4 access, however I've outright stated I am not using any HM Slaves. Either your challenge changes (I wasn't going to use Waterfall in battle -_-'), or I change who gives me the challenge.
Yes I mixed up Dive and Waterfall for E4 access, however I've outright stated I am not using any HM Slaves. Either your challenge changes (I wasn't going to use Waterfall in battle -_-'), or I change who gives me the challenge.
Sorry for sounding like a douche. You are allowed to teach, but one of the Gym Leaders you solo HAS to be Elesa because Azurill feels guilty about violating the original challange. Also, it feels so guilty that it now has to solo Iris with only STAB moves. (If Lapras has Water Absorb, use whatever you want.) Name it traitor.
Hey guys, looking for a Challange. Pokemon White, can trade, medium-hard difficulty since this is my first. The other rules: there CAN be duplicate typing, but for each type, only two Pokemon of that type max. ...yeah, that's all.
thepkmnmaster, take Amplified the Blitzle. In order for Amplified to use (damaging) Electric-type attacks, it must Charge them up beforehand. Multiple uses of Charge stack, and when an Electric-type attack other than Charge is used, all of the electricity charged up in Amplified's body is dissipated. The amount of uses needed in order to use an Electric-type attack is as follows: if less than 70 base power, only one use is needed. If said move's base power is anything from 70-90, 2 uses are needed, and anything more requires 3 uses of Charge.
If Amplified has Lightningrod, it doesn't have to Charge its attacks at all if it's raining, while if it has Motor Drive, it can use whatever moves it wants for 5 turns, but after that the required amount of Charge uses is doubled for the rest of the battle if it uses damaging Electric-type moves for more than 2 of the above 5 turns.
Regardless of its ability, Amplified must solo N in Nacrene City as well as Elesa.

Have fun!
@ thepkmnmaster, take Truck the Darumaka. Truck, in fact, hits like a truck. It is a Darumaka, after all. As such, Truck decides it will NOT evolve until it reaches level 45. During this time, it can only use STAB attacks.

Later, when Truck evolves into a Darmanitan, it must solo two of the Elite Four of your choice. Good luck!
Hey guys, looking for a Challange. Pokemon White, can trade, medium-hard difficulty since this is my first. The other rules: there CAN be duplicate typing, but for each type, only two Pokemon of that type max. ...yeah, that's all.
Take Natural the Pansage.

This Pansage must be caught in Pinwheel Forest.
His time in nature makes him want to Learn, by level-up only, Crunch, Natural Gift, Recycle, Grass Knot.

Once these moves are learned, Natural can evolve. Once evolved, Natural must solo a Gym Leader. After this is over, get rid of all moves that Natural knows and change his name to Fake.

Fake cannot learn any moves that Pansage/Simisage learns by Lv.Up.
Hi there thepkmnmaster, take Flock the Woobat. Flock enjoys the belief that it is still part of a flock, and if ever used in a single battle use Double Team to lead - if you do not have Double Team, then you must get it as soon as possible (PWT does it for 6 BT, ditto for the Subway). If in a doubles/triples battle one of Flock's teammates is KOed, THEN Flock must be switched out, OR must use Calm Mind to regain focus. Either way, Flock can only evolve if you solo any gym leader whilst you have Double Team. Enjoy!


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White 2 Challenge Mode Scramble Update #8

Update: Here we go!

Original Post
Update #1
Update #2
Update #3
Update #4
Update #5
Update #6
Update #7

So Drayden was beaten, & we last left off in Opelucid City. The next part was to go to his house, & I did. Causing a cold reception to happen, as a flying ship went over Opelucid City, freezing the bloody place. Then Team Plasma Grunts went on their way, plundering the place, forcing Drayden & I to take care of the damn things. After three of them felt my wrath, I managed to catch Zinzolin in the act, & battled him. Reckless the Darmanitan wasted no time in bulldozing through his party with brute force. After that, the DNA Splicers Drayden "had" was stolen, & I was forced to chase after the robbers: Supernatural beings that do the physically impossible. Eventually, I found one of the beings, & pounded him out of the sky with Grub the Leavanny. Grub also learned Swords Dance in the process. Though in reality, the being just "disappeared". After that episode, it was time to travel to Humilau City.

So, then came the long boring trek down the eastern side of Unova to Undella Town. Meh. I then arrive at Undella Town & take the "amazing" Marine Tube to Humilau City. All I saw was random Mantine & Basculin. No Wailord. Upon arrival, Hugh was there & pestered me to take on Marlon. Not yet, after finding the guy in water, I then go to train my Pokémon by beating the trainers in Route 22, 21, & Seaside Cave. In that order. Well, in the cave, I met up with Roggenrola man again. He finally thought I was "Sturdy enough" to battle him, so I did. Rover the Stoutland 4HKOed the first Roggenrola with Bite, & Furious the Golduck Surfed the remaining Roggenrola to oblivion. The spoils? No more blockage in Seaside Cave! After the grinding, it was time to take on the final Gym. The Gym Trainers did not present too much trouble, as I eventually got to Marlon, & battled him for Badge #8!

Reckless the Darmanitan lead the battle against Marlon's Wailord. Reckless simply spammed Superpower before Wailord set up Rain & OHKOed with Earthquake. Grub entered the fold, & OHKOed with Leaf Blade after Marlon went for his only Hyper Potion. I then sent in Shy the Magnezone for Mantine, & despite Confusion hax & Shy being hurt badly, it was still a 2HKO with Electro Ball after a Thunder Wave. Grub came back out for Carracosta, & Grub dealt huge damage with Leaf Blade, only for Sturdy to keep Carracosta alive...Then Carracosta OHKOed Grub with Rock Slide...Bugger. Nevertheless, Furious came in & finished off Carracosta with a Surf. Jellicent was last, & I sent in 0MagSlag the Weezing to take it on. 0MagSlag managed to Poison with Sludge Bomb, but Jellicent then responded with a Scald Burn...A Venoshock only then went to deal minor damage, before Jellicent took out 0MagSlag with a Shadow Ball. Finally, Rover the Stoutland came in, used Work Up once, & then used Bite through Jellicent's recovering to eventually take out the thing with a Critical Hit Bite! And with that, the 8th Badge was won, & I got the Scald TM to compensate.

After the battle, I healed up, gearing ready for the next leg of my adventure: to Route 22 again...

Magnezone [Shy] (-)
Lv49 | Magnet Pull | Impish
-Thunder Wave
-Electro Ball

Comments: Ugh, Discharge two levels away. Cannot come soon enough, & this thing just sucks at the moment.

Darmanitan [Reckless] (M)
Lv49 | Sheer Force | Jolly
-Work Up
-Flare Blitz
5/5 #Times died to recoil damage

Comments: Still amazing, but not doing much...

Leavanny [Grub] (F) @ Miracle Seed
Lv49 | Chlorophyll | Gentle
-Leaf Blade
-Swords Dance

Comments: Did a little better this time, but all the SE attacks running everywhere >_>

Stoutland [Rover] (F)
Lv49 | Sand Rush | Bashful
-Work Up

Comments: Same old Rover; terrible options, Work Up reliant, etc.

Golduck [Furious] (M) @ Leftovers
Lv50 | Cloud Nine | Bold
-Fury Swipes
20/20 trainers soloed

Comments: Still doing okay, has developed quite nicely from the beginning of the Scramble.

Weezing [0MagSlag] (M) @ Lucky Egg
Lv53 | Levitate | Impish
-Sludge Bomb
-Fire Blast
-Clear Smog

Comments: Just a great physical tank, with d-day coming up for it against Colress. I am expecting to use a few Ethers there...

That is the update. Next time: Ships! Magnets! "I WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO STOP ME! NO MATTER WHO DOES WHAT!" Finally, a tough trek, as this Scramble heads towards its conclusion.
thepkmnmaster, take Sleepyhead (if it does not fit, just sleepy) the Munna. This Munna is so tired, it must always know and use yawn as its first move in battle. Following that, ASAP, its only attacking moves that it can use is future sight, which will be replaced by dream eater, and nightmare. The last move may be any supporting move, such as moonlight, calm mind or whatever. It may evolve into Musharna after soloing the entire ground gym, including the gym leader. Finally, it has to solo Caithlin, the psychic-elite four member.

It somehow hates all psychic types, so it wants to solo them all.

GL (know that I have been very mild towards you, I could have changed that to dark types and the dark type elite four :naughty:)
thepkmnmaster, take YOLO the ______. YOLO, as its name suggests, thinks it can only live once. So, it can never faint. If it does, catch another one and name it YOLO as well. And again if the new one faints. If YOLO has an evolution, it must solo a gym to evolve. If YOLO has two evolutions, it must solo your rival every time to evolve again. YOLO must solo 4 E4 pokes. GL;HF!
Hi guys, I'm looking for a Scramble Challange for my SoulSilver, no trading, medium-hard difficulty, and no soloing more than 3 Gyms and 1 E4 member.
You are Youngster Joey!
Your rattata is in the top percentage of rattatas therefore, it will always be your favorite and highest level Pokemon.
Since it is so awesome and powerful you will never evolve it.

Good luck youngster Joey!

Summary: Catch rattata ASAP, must always be your highest level pokemon, never evolve it.
Hello!!! I would like to start a challange for Crystal version. This will be my first one, so a moderate/easier difficulty level would be appreciated. I won't be able to trade, and I'd prefer not to use lapras since the only on fridays thing is really annoying. Thanks in advance to people who give the challanges!!

@Incoleo, take a Geodude and name it AUTOBOT. What do Autobots do? THEY ROLLLOOOOOUT! Have it learn Defense Curl and Rollout ASAP (Rollout comes late, but that's ok). Once Rollout is obtained, the only move it can use before it uses Rollout is Defense Curl (you do not HAVE to use Defense Curl before Rollout, but it is the only move you can use before Rollout is used). After it finishes Rolling out, it can do whatever it wishes.

Being an Autobot, AUTOBOT must fight the horrible DECEPTICONS at their evil hideout... Jasmine's gym in Olivine! Solo Jasmine and all her gym trainers with AUTOBOT.

So there you go enjoy your mostly unrestricted Geodude... until it gets Rollout, at which time I expect to see it lose usefulness very swiftly :P.
First Update