Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Reserving for penguingod2. Oh and you might want to remove the first half of your link, as it isn't working. Remove the once. Will edit in like 5 minutes. While I am at it, celever's Lovey has been accepted.

Penguingod2, take Aura the Riolu. Aura wants to fight based on its aura status. There are two aura statuses, one determent by the aura the opponent releases, and one on its internal aura-status. In double / triple battles, aplly the aura of the pokemon directly opposite of you.

The opponents aura-status is fixed. It is based on your opponents type (for dual typed pokemon, choose the one that appears first in the list). The aura the opponent releases effects or affects your way of battling. See below:
-normal: Normal types do not effect Riolu. Do whatever you like.
-fire: Fire types heat up Riolu. He only wants to use his moves with the highest base power, not accounting for weaknesses/resistances and STAB. No other moves to use allowed.
-water: Water types quench Riolu's bloodthirst. He wants to start battling against them by using a not-damaging move.
-grass: Grass types come natural to them. You cannot use moves coming from your lowest attacking stat. (actual stat, not base stat.)
-electric: Electric types tend to zap Riolu. For the remainder of the battle, you are locked into the move you use against this Electric type. This overwrites other type based restrictions, like on ice.
-ice: Ice types freeze Riolu's mind. Riolu cannot use special attacks.
-ground: Ground types are so grounded, Riolu dislikes them. He dislikes them so much that he does not want to fight against them for more than one turn.
-rock: Rock types have a rock hard mind. Riolu thinks they are ideal training tools, so he uses its weakest move against them, after applying STAB/resistances/weaknesses. For dual types:you do not have to use moves they are immune to.
-steel: Riolu likes steel types. They have a calm but hard aura. Riolu plays with them by using moves in the pattern of status-special-physical.
-flying: Flying types, they are a pest. There aura is quite frightening, so Riolu is grounded in battle. He cannot switch out against them.
-bug: Bug types, Riolu hates them. He hates them so much he switches into them immediatly and exterminates all of them, always.
-poison: Poison types poison the mind. Riolu does not want to make contact with them. Do not use any contact moves.
-fight: Fight types are so physical, Riolu only wants to use physical attacks.
-psychic: Oh Riolu fears psychic types. He does not want to battle these at all. Switch out upon sight.
-ghost: Ghost have no aura, so Riolu can't touch them outside of status moves. Once every three turns, they materialize and you can use one damaging move.
-dark: Dark types have such dark aura, Riolu smashes them with Fighting type attacks. Riolu can only use damaging moves.
-dragon: Dragon types have a challenging aura. Riolu wants to challenge them to a fight and alternate between physical and special attacks.

Riolu's internal aura status raises by two when he uses a special attack, and by one when he uses a status move. It lowers by two when he is hit and by one when he uses a physical attack. His aura status lies between 0 and 10.

0-3: Riolu's aura is low. He is enraged. He refuses to hold items. You also cannot use items on him. In double and triple battles, he does not want to switch out (unless conflicting with the opponents aura) and kills of his team members before fighting the opponents.
4-7: Riolu's aura is middling. He cannot hold items, but you can use a maxmum of 1 item on him per battle. He switches in whenever a team member faints.
8-10: Riolu's aura is high. It can use items and you can use an infinite number of items on him. Whenever a team member gets into orange or red health, Riolu switches in, unless conflicting with challenges.

Riolu can evolve after fighting one pokemon of every type. (with the exception of psychic)
Riolu DOES have to solo one pokemon from every elite four and the champion. This is the only time Riolu overcomes his fear for psychic types. (well, flying is before psychic on the list anyway.)

Basically, This would seem to conflict with Django's restriction, but that is too hard and not really interesting to watch, I think. Django may still solo the rest of the elite four though. --> I think most scrambles agree that making one pokemon solo the entire elite four is really... i dunno ... dull? Too hard? Not interesting? Not giving others the chance to have their pokemon solo a part of them? After reading that challenge again, solo'ing the elite four would mean Django is released, so you do not even have to solo them. My challenge should be all good to go.
penguingod2, I want to reserve the fifth poke slot. (Forgive me if this is kind of crappy, this is my first time giving a challenge.)

Take Guts the Cottonee, who believes effort is everything! It wants to prove that with the right amount of elbow grease, anything is possible! to prove this, it must use growth at the beginning of any battle it takes part in, to show its growing effort! It also believes that tricky underhanded tactics like status effects are the most horrible thing in the world, and as such refuses to use any such moves.(stat lowering moves are fine though.) Once it reaches the epitome of effort - Endeavor - it can evolve. Guts also sees Marlon as his polar opposite, and wants to prove to him that his laid-back, wishy-washy attitude needs adjustment, so Guts must solo him.

Ok, so in summary -
-Cottonee named Guts
-must have growth and endeavor
-no status moves or leech seed
-solo Marlon, for he is lazy

As I said, this is my first try, so I don't mind if you don't want to use it. I just want to try my hand at this. Either way, hope you have fun!
I gave you a challenge in the Scramble thread. Making a separate thread is almost never done, so I'd say make sure to write a lot of nice updates, so people will read it. GL
Present's bro shall receive Duncan the Machop. Duncan does not like you, and refuses to submit to your will. Because of this, stubborn Duncan will use Focus Energy as his first move in battle. While under this condition, he must solo 15 Poison Pokemon because he likes playing with the danger of Poison to piss you off. In order to set Duncan straight, he must solo Maylene, and he has to learn Submission to show he will obey you. He can never forget Submission, and he must use his Submission to you as a trainer to solo 15 trained Pokemon. Duncan must fight and kill at least one of Cynthia's Pokemon as a final test of his obedience.
Present's bro shall receive Duncan the Machop. Duncan does not like you, and refuses to submit to your will. Because of this, stubborn Duncan will use Leer and Focus Energy as his first two moves in battle. Once he learns Foresight, he can replace one of those moves with it, but he must always have two non-attacking moves. While under these conditions, he must solo 15 Poison Pokemon because he likes playing with the danger of Poison to piss you off. In order to set Duncan straight, he must solo Maylene, and he has to learn Submission to show he will obey you. After both of those conditions have been met, he can forget FE/Leer in place of an attacking move. Finally, he will want to prove how much he likes you now by killing Giratina all by himself, so you might wanna hang on to Foresight.
You "might" want to change your first restriction around a bit, as using two arguably useless moves is a bit more than medium difficulty-->at least to him. Also, he will want to capture Giratina, so not at Turnback Cave, but pre-elite four. (I know he won't use it) (so another solo would not be a problem) It will be accepted when you change this.
Duncan is accepted.
Still needing: turtwig, a pokemon with access to defog/fly and one with access to surf/waterfall.
Your brother can go with a Wingull named Confused.

Confused is always confused. Bet you never saw that coming, huh? The first time you send out Confused in any trainer battle, you must pick two of it's moves: the move that would be best in that situation, and the one that would be worst. Flip a coin, and whatever the result, use that move. Only once per battle, though. It snaps out of it's confusion after one turn.

Confused has a strong sense of justice. Each time you have a run-in with Team Galactic, Confused must solo at least two grunts. It must also solo at least two of Cyrus' Pokemon at the battle in Distortion World.

It may evolve after Cyrus is defeated in Celestic Town (note: Confused doesn't have to participate in this battle to evolve).

Best of luck!
Female solrock:
The fifth female solrock you defeat likes your spirit and openness, you're taking advice from others just because you really want a thing as simple as a soul! (point taken.) Anyway, she believes that there was no magnemite as deserving for a soul as sistah! :D This means that she actually sends sistah in the right direction... right to the hardest challange! You know what they say though, no pain, no gain! Anyway, solrock explains to you that you need to challenge adversary and overcome it! She explains that her sister's best friend, Xatu, has very odd abilities to see almost 20 years into the future, wear this scarf, he will recognize it immediately! Only you and the pokemon with you for the longest time may participate int his battle, Xatu will know. One shot to get this right, don't screw up. (again, don't read on until you either beat or lose to Tate and Liza, oh, and no level grinding)

If you fail to solo first try:
Xatu: Kacaw! I can not share my prophecies with a pokemon as weak as you... I have the answer you seek... but the truth... is this... you will never become a sister... you will never have a soul. In the future... I see it... you will become depressed... decrepit... you will solo... spunk... soulfulness... self-admiration... Wallace you will seek... and you will destroy him... on your own!

Sistah's journey ended in failure, you must release it back into the wild for it to leave it's soul-less life in misery...

If you solo first try:
Xatu: Ka-ka-ka-kacaw... Your strength... your power... I-I-I-I... I will give you the answer! Glacia is who you seek... glacia has the answer... Glacia *gasp*... Glacia has the power... you must solo Glacia! I have... entrusted *gasp* Glacia with the power... Glacia will turn you into a girl... Glacia will fulfill your wish... Glacia... Glacia.... *eye flutter*... Gla- *pulse stops*

Congratulations! Sistah has fulfilled her mission, become a girl and achieved her goal. Oh, and the evil Baltoy was caught by Sherles when she traveled to Orre, no love lost there![/hide]
Errr, didn't quite get that. could you please re-post with just the basic restrictions?
@CJorex, take Sailor the Wingull. As a Wingull, Sailor is still aspiring to become a sailor, and to show its diversity, it has to know moves of four different types ASAP. When it evolves into Pelipper, it has to solo any gym leader with the moves you had as a Wingull (so basically upon evolving solo a gym leader of choice), and that gym leader will be so impressed with you that he/she makes you part of a shipcrew. Your previous restriction is lifted. Sailor the Pelipper is really happy and has to learn Surf to sail the waters with you, but when the heat of battles gets to extreme, it wants to flee with Fly, so learn it that too (believe me, that is your best bet of both water and flying stab). Use either of the two moves at the start of battle and make it K.O. at least one pokemon of every elite four / champion not yet solo'd.


Oh yeah, if this is not easy enough for you (which I doubt), just say what you think is too dificult. The fact I made you learn two HM's is not trying to violate your rules, but more giving you a guideline to your two best stab moves available and putting it in a little story.
I had said I wanted a variety of types, but since wingull dosn't have any shared weaknesses so far, he will be going on my team.
CJorex! You weren't supposed to read on! ;_;

Oh well, I'll just bold the restrictions under what they are, I just wanted to make it seem more quest-like and more of a fun challenge! Also I randomly felt like writing some sort of story, and I come to the scramble thread to give challenges when I do! :P
I understood you wouldn't want Wingull because of overlapping types. So this post is pointless. Just one more thing, CJorex, instead of triple posting, you can edit your posts in the right bottom corner like I did. Double or more posts in succession usually is frowned upon.
well then CJorex, you basically get the same scramble, but this time it is going to be silcoon-->beautifly. Catch a Silcoon named cocon. As a Silcoon, cocon is still aspiring to become a sailor, and to show its weakness, it will struggle to fight as it only knows harden. When it evolves into Beautifly, it has to solo any gym leader, and that gym leader will be so impressed with you that he/she makes you part of a shipcrew. cocon the Beautifly is really happy and has to learn Fly to fly the world with you, but when the heat of battles gets to extreme, it wants to flee with Fly too. Being a bug/flying type, grass types have nothing on it and as such it cannot use any grass type moves. Solo at least one pokemon of every elite four / champion not yet solo'd.

Sorry, I am being difficult but I actually have already said i like the wingull one, and also, Beautifly can't learn fly.
Thanks to you guys, I now have:

Jorge the Mudkip
- Evolves after soloing Roxanne without the use of a Pokemon Centre (Potions/berries allowed)
- Has to have one Ground-type move but cannot use it without Soft Sand
-Must defeat 15 Grass-types during the storyline

Cinders the Torkoal
- Has to hold Charcoal to use fire-type moves above 60 bp
- If opponent has higher attack than Special attack, Cinders must use Iron Defense

Sailor the Wingull
- Must learn moves of four different types of moves ASAP
- Must Solo a gym upon evolving with the moves it had as a wingull
- Must learn Surf and Fly ASAP
-Must use one of the above at the start of every battle and solo one pokemon from each E4 member and Champion

Sistah the Magnemite
- Catch right after Norman
- Defeat first Baltoy on route 111
- Lots of other complicated stuff

Alright so I need two more, but could I please have some early-game pokes, at the current rate I will be stuck with Mudkip and Wingull until well after Wattson.
Duncan is accepted.
Still needing: turtwig, a pokemon with access to defog/fly and one with access to surf/waterfall.

edit @ below, accepted
You shall get Shotgun the Remoraid
Shotgun is proud of his firepower, so as such you will need to teach him Fire Blast and Bullet Seed ASAP, and he can only evolve once he learns those moves. Additionally, being proud of his movepool he must have at four different types of damaging moves at all times. He must also:
-Solo Maylene's Lucario without using Fire Blast
-Solo Crasher Wake's Quagsire without using Bullet Seed
-Defeat one of Volkner's Pokemon
-Defeat one pokemon from each E4 member
-Defeat Cynthia's Roserade
I hate to bring it up now rather than earlier, but Solrock are genderless, meaning it's impossible to fight 5 male or female ones. With that in mind, you'll probably have to change your challange around.

While I'm here...

Solner, please catch a male Lillipup and nickname it Fido. Fido really hit it off with your starter, so when you ditched it, Fido was disappointed. Now, when it's young (in other words, when it's level 20 or lower), it's quite an impressionable pooch, and your starter left a lasting impression on it. In fact, the same applies to all members of your main team until Fido reaches level 21. Said impression makes Fido decide not to battle any Pokemon that share the typing of one of its teammates (that is, teammates that joined your party before reaching level 21) or your starter. Also, when they're not in a major battle, Fido must switch in if one of its teammates' health is in the red area. After 15 trainer-owned Pokemon have been soloed with the above condition (your teammates can weaken said opponents, but Fido has to land the finishing blow), Fido may evolve to Stoutland. If you're curious, Fido can evolve to Herdier whenever you want.

Have fun!
I hate to bring it up now rather than earlier, but Solrock are genderless, meaning it's impossible to fight 5 male or female ones. With that in mind, you'll probably have to change your challange around.

I can't believe I did that... (imagine seeing solrock mate!) Anyway, I'll change it to spoink momentarily.
Thanks Naix for my third poke.

CJorex, I'm trying to think up one, and will edit this post when I get it. I'm bad as judging difficulties, so it is taking me a while.

Ok, CJorex, you shall have Noisington, the Whismur. As a whismur, Noisington was a very shy one, never raising his voice. As such he cannot use any sound based moves. Noisington went on his merry way neglecting his voice until he evolved into Loudred. Having done so he let out a huge yell, and loved it. From then on, he loved his voice so much, that at the start of every battle he was in he would utilize his monstrous throat muscles. As the gentleman he is, it is his undying wish to solo two of Juan's pokemon in a row, as a gentleman's duel, of course. He Also wants to murder the Champions' Ludicolo, because screaming- excuse me, singing - is ten times better than dancing.

-Whismur named Noisington
-No sound-based moves until he evolves
-Must start his first turn in battle with sound-based move
-Solo two of Juan's pokemon in a row
-Solo Champions' Ludicolo

And for Present's brother - Acorn the Turtwig. Acorn is a bright one. Following its namesake, it knows that even the smallest acorn can grow into a mighty tree. Acorn also realized that the growing process is slow and steady, like the tortoise he is, and shows this by keeping curse, and using it in amy major battle it takes part in at least once. As a final test of endurance of the mightiest oak that Acorn shall become, he shall solo one of Candice's pokemon, and solo at least 3 of Flint's pokemon, for the most bone-chilling cold and destructive fires cannot stand in this giant's way!

-Turtwig named Acorn
-Keep curse and use in major battles
-solo one of Candice's pokemon
-solo three of Flint's pokemon

Hope both of you like them, and good luck.
Alright, only need one more Pokemon to go! It would be apprectiated if I could get a Grass-type, to round my team off, but otherwise, I'm just about ready to start!
Finally! This took for ever. Grinding just isn't fun to do on four hours of sleep after a big night out. This update was kind of fun to do though, because I did the Norman fight with a friend. We shared the joys... and the pain, but I'll let you read about that.


So STRONG had defeated Flannery, and May had just given us (Inspector Gadget's Go) Go-Goggles. So we decided to hit up the desert for some grinding. First thing I noticed was the tower was missing. I asked an NPC, he said that it dissapears for some reason sometimes. So I consulted my new favourite in-game resource, Bulbapedia, which says that it appears and vanished every time I left the route. So naturally I abused this knowledge. However, I decided not to grab a fossil, because these were the strongest wild Pokemon that I could battle, and the tower was out of the sand, so I wanted to keep my grinding spot for later.

Upon realising that there is like nothing to do between Flannery and Norman, I went back to Petlburg. Seriously, Game Freak, in the inevitable remakes, I'd put the Team Magma/Aqua, Mt. Chimney thing here. Gives you something to do between badges, you know?

Anyway, I was clearing out the gym, and freaking out that Random was being OHKO'd by all the trainer poke's. For you see, I planned to rave Random solo Norman so I could evolve him. Some funny stuff happened with the gym trainers and Metronome. First off, there was the accuracy room (the trainer uses never miss moves) and I get Kinesis (lowers accuracy). Second was a gym trainer's Focus Punching Spinda:

Spinda is tightening it's focus.
Random used Metronome
Me: Please be a damaging move
Random used Fury Swipes
Me: :D
Random's attack missed.
Spinda used focus Punch

But Random survived anyway, so I guess it didn't really matter.

So insert one 'Eye of the Tiger' training (read: grinding) montage for Random (man, I sure do miss Audino and Lucky Egg) and we were ready to face Norman.

This took about eight attempts. The funniest fail ended up with a Linoone sweep. That thing has freaking Belly Drum.

But on my successful attempt. I used a lot of healing items and X Defends. Oh, and for the Pokemon I had to beat using only Metronome that was Linoone. Let me share this amazing story with you.

Linoone used Belly Drum.
Random used Metronome
Random used Flame Wheel
Linoone is burned.

And basically because every attack still destroyed Random, I had to just keep spamming healing items on him. Which was annoying because Norman used TWO hyper potions on the damn thing!

And then there was Slaking, basically it was just heal/x defend when he attacked and attack when he loafed around uninteresting really. And when that Slaking went down, I watched Random's experience bar shoot up... and stop just short of leveling up, and evolving. Next time I guess.

RNG/Marshtomp (M) @Quick Claw
Nature: Quiet
Mud Sport
Water Gun
2/3 gym's solo'd.

I picked up the TM for Sandstorm - a rock-type move - and thought I was finally going to be able to fulfill his 'all different types, only one damage move' requirement, but alas no. He's going to get Surf in a second to replace Water Gun though. So I'm pretty happy with that.

Gorgeous/Kirlia (M)
Nature: Quiet
Double Team
Calm Mind

I think Gorgeous serves as cannon fodder at some point in this part. That's about it I guess.

Boombox/Loudred (F) @Silk Scarf
Nature: Quiet
28/50 moves used.

Again, I don't think he's done anything... like ever. I think he's used 5 attacks since the last update.

Random/Makuhita (F) @Persim Berry
Nature: Quiet
Vital Throw
Arm Thrust

Present, I take back everything I've ever said about you and RNG. King Serperior, I hate you. That is all.

Booster/Torkoal (M)
Nature: Quiet
Body Slam

Did I ever mention that I love Booster? Because I'm pretty sure everyone needs to know about how much I absolutely love this guy. Thanks, Jimera0.

STRONG/Spinda (F)
Nature: Mild
Rock Smash

Yup. Didn't do anything. The end.

Remember, whatever I may say. I don't really hate you guys, you just make my life hell, and that's why I love you... because I'm a masochist.