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Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Its_A_Random, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Clutch


    Mar 12, 2013
    you're not wrong about him being a nightmare haha
  2. Exbo


    Dec 6, 2012
    Take Jaw the Sandile.
    Jaw is a coward. When he was young in the wild at Route 4/Desert resort, he was constantly getting picked on by the higher leveled pokemon. His only escape was to dig away. So he must learn dig ASAP and use it against any desert resort pokemon (Sandshrew, Sandile, Darumaka, Maractus, Scraggy, Dweeble, Trapinch and Sigilyph) and their evolutions against any trainer, anywhere in the game. Obviously, if the move fails, he has to switch out. He may never use Bite or Crunch (or any other dark move), as his parents died in front of his eyes by Bite and Crunch.
    He can evolve as soon as possible into Jaws the Krokorok (that's right, name change) after realising that he can also hurt levitating foes with Rock tomb and Rock slide (whenever you get the TMs).
    He may evolve again ONLY after any of his teammates die in front of his eyes, because he needs to be brave and strong to protect them. He will become Jawesome the Krookodile and learn Strength. The initial Jaw restriction is now lifted.
    When you get 10 blue shards he will learn Superpower (replacing Rock smash).
    If he manages to solo Clay's Excadrill, he may replace Dig with Earthquake. By solo here I mean "be the only one to deal damage". You may use any other pokemon to Screech or put it to Sleep though ;)
    He may also learn Rock Smash whenever you like.

    If this is too long or difficult, I can change it :)
  3. Dodgerr


    Feb 25, 2013
    I accept the following challenges:

    Active the Spoink (I love Spoink, good choice)
    Jaw the Sandile.
    Rameses the Zorua (awesome story)

    I'm sorry Its_A_Random, I'm not really feeling the YOLO challenge. I'd rather just have one pokemon I get attached to. Thanks for offering though!

    Looking for at least three more pokemon, preferably one I can get earlier on in the game or trade over asap :) ps I like Pansear...

    Edit: Clutch, take Warrior the Poliwag. Warrior wants to become the best warrior in the entirety of Johto! As a Poliwag, he may only use physical attacking moves. He may evolve into Poliwhirl whenever you wish, but as soon as he does, he may only use Fighting Type, Physical Attacking Moves. To evolve into Poliwrath, he must solo Chuck's Poliwrath. As a Poliwrath, he acknowledges the strength of Chuck's Poliwrath so must learn Dynamic Punch. All other restrictions are maintained for the duration of your game. Hope this is okay.

  4. Jimera0

    Jimera0 You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 24, 2010
    Hey everybody, I know it's been a while.

    Anyway, I think I'm just going to go ahead and officially cancel my Emerald Scramble. I know a lot of you were waiting to see the videos and were enjoying it but it's just so much hassle for me to put those videos out. It takes much, MUCH longer than a simple written update does and editing is incredibly boring and tedious. It's very difficult for me to make myself do it at all, let alone on a regular basis. Not to mention I can't help but to get the feeling every time I do it that I am SO much better at written updates. I've also long since abandoned the idea of making a living somehow doing youtube videos, so I don't even have that to motivate me.

    Basically, it's too much work for too little gain. I'd much rather devote my time to more fulfilling tasks than that. Again I apologize to those of you who were enjoying following the series. I really SHOULD finish just for you but it really does cause me a huge amount of stress. I think you'll all understand if I take a break from this one.

    Anyway, I'll probably start handing out more challenges soon and just becoming more active in the thread again now. I may or may not start another scramble soon, we'll just have to wait and see.
  5. Shiruba


    Mar 1, 2013
    Exbo (awesome name reference by the way), I have for you Zelda the Ralts, if you'll have her.

    Now, people generally assume that the name of the Hero of Time is Zelda, but they're wrong. His name is Link. But now, it is Zelda's time to make herself the hero everyone thinks she is.


    Show Hide
    Zelda was on the run from the great king Rayquaza, who usurped her home on Sky Pillar in an attempt to take over the world. When she arrived on Route 102 to find the boy who would be destined to save the land of Hoenn, she was shocked as she watched him be captured by a green-haired boy.

    Great. Now she'd have to go after him.

    Deciding to tag along with you in an attempt to hopefully become stronger to brave the dangers of Hoenn's wilds enough to get Link to help her on her quest, she also decides to hone her kind, fair ruling skills to prepare to regain her kingdom. Teach her Calm Mind and keep it to have her evolve.

    Every time Wally is met, Zelda will try to convince him to help her cause. Each time, however, he will refuse, and insist that he is not the hero that she speaks of. Defeat the Ralts/Ralts evo that he has in every battle out of frustration.

    Make sure to buy a Blue Flute from the guy who gives you the soot sack. This may become important later on.

    Zelda needs more than just magic to become great. To evolve again, she must learn the technique of Light Arrows - more commonly known as Thunderbolt. You can either purchase this at the Game Corner, or get it from Wattson after the New Mauville quest.

    As time goes on, she gets increasingly angry at Link. Why is he not helping? Why is he so lazy? He needs to protect Hoenn, yes?

    Puzzled by his constant refusal, she is enraged when the Weather Titans are awakened. Why didn't Link help? This could have been prevented! This is his-

    Then she stops.

    It hadn't been that Gardevoir who had prevailed in so many hard-fought battles.
    It hadn't been he who had aided in the defeats of Maxie and Archie.
    It hadn't been Link that had been the hero of this story.

    It was her.

    But even so... Rayquaza saved the world! Rayquaza returned the weather to normal and saved Hoenn!

    Then she remembered. You cannot rule a region if there is no region to rule.

    Braced with grim determination and emboldened by her newfound destiny, Zelda and only Zelda must be in the party as she storms Sky Pillar. There she meets tyrannical Rayquaza on his stolen throne. Save before you battle him - this is important. A battle ensues. However, she discovers that Rayquaza has trained himself to be immune to her psychic powers, anticipating her return to attempt to regain her place. Equipping her bow, she readies her arrows of light to impale the beast. Use only Thunderbolt in this encounter. You may capture or defeat Rayquaza as you see fit, but the Master Ball is not permitted.

    If Zelda dies, you will need to reverse time. Do not release her. Instead, use the Blue Flute you hopefully picked up earlier.

    The counter has been reset.

    I'm glad you did that.

    Reset the game. You may either leave to train harder, or just try again. You may do this only once, and if you fail again, or did not buy a Blue Flute, she is permanently dead, and your highest-level (or second highest of Zelda was in this position) Pokemon in the party will take on Rayquaza's influence. If you leave it in the party, it may not be healed by items, as it is now immune to them due to the dark aura surrounding it. Every day - with the countdown clicking down at midnight - the Pokemon that are on either side of it in the party menu will also fall to his influence. If they are at the first or last position, only the second/fifth party member will be infected, respectively. Pray that he does not take your entire team.

    Sorry for the crappy ending, I couldn't come up with anything. :c


    Show Hide
    Teach Calm Mind and keep to evolve.
    Defeat Wally's Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir in every encounter.
    Buying a Blue Flute is recommended.
    Learn Thunderbolt to become Gardevoir.
    Take only Gardevoir through Sky Pillar - use Thunderbolt as the only attacking move. Capture or defeat Rayquaza.
    If fails the first time and has a Blue Flute, use it and reset the game.
    If fails a second time or does not have a Blue Flute, Zelda dies and a "curse" is brought upon the highest-levelled Pokemon. It cannot be healed with items. Every day, if it remains in the party, at midnight, this is passed to the Pokemon on either side of its position in the party.
  6. Exbo


    Dec 6, 2012
    Ily bro *bumps fist* Yeah I thought Exbo sounded too cool not to be a nickname. I use it whenever I can! Plus, Typhlosion is my favourite pokemon of all time.

    On topic: Thanks for the first pokemon! Zelda the Ralts accepted.
    My only problem is that Rayquaza is at lv. 70 at the Sky pillar and has a DAMN good moveset for a story run. So I will face it probably after Wallace, if that is okay with you. After all I don't want it to be too hard a challange. Btw the blue flute thing is by far the most interesting plot twist I've seen in a nuzlocke. Kudos.
    And you took the time to write all this? Wooow =D

    Come on people! I need at least 9 more pokemon! This thread is surprisingly inactive for >400 users online...
  7. shinyskarmory


    Jul 12, 2011
    It took me like 6 tries to force the hide tag to work for this lolz.

    Chapter Twenty Four: Ghosts of the Past (open)

    One Week after the Weather Institute Raid

    "What's the logo on that boat?" Winona asked as we cruised up to a dock on a borrowed skiff.

    "Looks like Magma to me..." Now I was worried. This seemed like such a good idea 3 hours ago.

    "Never mind." Winona swung the boat around.

    "I just want to leave some flowers on Bounty's gra--"

    "We're not messing with them again."

    "10 minutes and you can leave without me." Winona sighed and pulled the boat up to the dock.

    “I’ll hold you to that, Skarm.” Winona turned the boat around so it was facing towards the open sea. “Ten minutes-not a second more!”

    I said nothing as I approached the visitor center. It was a rather drab, grey building near the entrances to the indoor cemetary and the slopes of the mountain. At least the damn place was open now.

    I swung open the door and stepped inside the building. There were a few rangers milling about-all but the one behind the counter left as soon as I entered the room. “Good morning, sir.”

    “What is the purpose of your visit, young trainer?” The man looked up at me quizzically, and I thought I caught a glimpse of panic in his eyes.

    “I’m here to pay my respects.”

    “I applaud your maturity. Unfortunately, we won’t open until 9, so you’ll just have to wait.”

    That was a little suspicious. The sign outside said the mountain opened at 8. “Well, I’m in a rush today, I’m afraid. I need to be off by 9. Perhaps you could simply tell me the location of my pokemon’s grave, and I could simply pop off, leave some flowers, and be out of your way.”

    “That’s not possible, sir. It’s against protocol to let anyone in after or before hours-grave robbing doesn’t happen all that often, and you don’t look like a bandit, but rules are rules for a reason. I’m sorry.”

    “But it’s not too early in the morning.” Maybe Winona was right about the whole “trap” thing. “Your sign says that you open at 8, and it’s 8:15 right now.”

    “Really? I must have misread it.”

    “Why would you be reading it? You WORK here.” I was about ready to storm out. Something wasn’t right. “Maybe we should go out there and check it out together! What do you think?”

    “That sounds alright to me.” The man stood up from the desk and started to ponderously circle around. I walked towards the door.

    Skarm, get down!

    I threw myself to the right as three sharp cracks rang out behind me, followed by the sound of the glass doors shattering. I sprinted blindly forward, barely making it around the corner to the men’s bathroom. Behind me, I heard the man cursing-his gun must have jammed. I swung open the bathroom door, only to realise too late that it was a dead end. “Well, FUCK!”


    I jumped up from my seat in the skiff when a flurry of gunshots rang out from inside the visitor center. “NO! SKARM!” Gunshots continued to ring out, and finally stopped. Then my phone buzzed.

    im k 4 now. was a trap. gtfo of here

    I didn’t take his advice right away. I cared about him too much to just let him get a severe case of lead poisoning.

    Instead, I reached for my pocket, and drew a poke ball from within. I checked to make sure I had the right pokemon-the familiar sharpie drawing from when I was young was still there. A quick little sketch of a Skarmory’s head on the red half of the ball greeted my eyes.

    Skarmory wasn’t my first pokemon, but we shared a lot of great memories. I remember always seeing him around when I was playing in the woods as a child. I would be poking a Nincada with a stick, or splashing about in some creek out in the wilderness near Fortree, and whenever I looked close enough I could see Skarmory watching me. He was good at hiding; you could never really see him unless you knew he was there. I always assumed he was just a wild pokemon, and sometimes when I saw him I would run away and hide. But soon enough I learned he was a benevolent prescence-he never moved to hurt me, never hunted any wild pokemon. Just followed me, sometimes in the trees, sometimes blending into the clouds, sometimes lying flat in a bush.

    With all the time I spent in the woods, it was unavoidable that someday some pokemon would show up looking for a quick meal. A Donphan charged me once, shaking its tusks and roaring. I screamed and ran as fast as I could for home, crying my eyes out. It only dawned on me when I clambered up the tall steps of our home’s exterior and barricaded the front door that I realised that I wasn’t being followed any more. My mother asked me what was wrong. I told her that I had been attacked.

    She opened a window and whistled. A few minutes later, Skarmory returned, a little dented but none the worse for wear. Then I knew-he was always silently watching over me, the most devoted of guardians. We played a lot together after my mother told me that he was her pokemon, and he was always going to be there to make sure I was safe. But he never really seemed to enjoy our games-he was always watching for threats he was determined that I would never see.

    He was gone when we buried Mother. Before her time, of course-she was never a fan of checkups, and when she finally felt sick enough to see a doctor the cancer was too far along to be stopped. But when I tearfully returned to my room after the funeral and cried myself to sleep at 3 in the afternoon (it was always her favorite time-a clear afternoon had endless possibilities), I was greeted by a trio of poke balls resting atop my bedside table. Apparently she had added a clause to her will stating that her three pokemon were to be left to me. The other two left, but Skarmory stayed. I don’t know whether because we had become friends or because he felt that his duty to protect me bound him to stay.

    But I knew what his duty was now.

    “Skarmory, go! Protect Skarm!” The steel hawk took to the air after giving me a pointed glance. I looked up and saw a group of men in Magma outfits approaching the dock. There was no time to unmoor the skiff-I would just have to fly away.

    Just...fly away.

    "Altaria, we need to get out of here!" I released the cotton winged dragon, and climbed onto her back just above the wing joint, making sure I didn't tug on the cotton strands. She hated it when I did that. The dragon's wings beat quickly, lifting us off the ground, and then slowed to her normal comfortable slow up and down pace. "Altaria, you've gotta go faster. They're right behind us!"

    A single shot rang out from the peninsula ahead, soaking me in blood and grey matter. I plunged out of the sky, gripping Altaria’s sky blue neck, more then a little in shock. We splashed into the water together, a few hundred feet off shore. “Altaria...” I moaned, swimming around to hold her head above water. “No...you can’t die...I need you...” I pressed my hand against her muscled neck, feeling for a pulse. Nothing. My ear came up against her mouth, listening for the faintest hint of a breath.

    Nothing. She was gone. The hole through her right eye and out the back of her head was beginning to fill with water lapping in from the waves. I let her go, and the sea waters quickly dragged Altaria’s body down. Gone.

    A skiff powered through the waves towards me. I didn’t resist as the Magma men hauled me in and jabbed a needle into my forearm. A towel wrapped around me as the world turned to black. It was my fault.

    The last thing I saw before I passed out was a masked face peering into my eyes.


    The ranger barged into the bathroom, where I was crouched atop a toilet inside a stall. “COME ON OUT!” he roared. “We already shot down your birdbrained friend! There’s no way out for you!”

    I flinched as the man stomped through the room, seeing only one stall with a closed door. Winona dead? It couldn’t be.

    “YOU THINK A LOCK’S GONNA STOP ME?” The ranger fired, blasting the lock into chunks. I threw myself at the door, slamming it into the man and knocking him into the wall of sinks. The gun skittered away, and the ranger began to hobble towards it until I put him down with a punch to the face.

    “That’s....that’s one down...” I grabbed the radio from the man’s belt and the gun across the room and tucked them into my waistband. They could come in handy later. “Now...how to get out of here before more of them show up.

    There’s a window at the other end of the room. You can climb out.

    “Who are you?” I asked aloud.

    It’s me, Spoink.

    “No...Spoink is dead....you’re not Spoink. WHO ARE YOU?!”

    I am Spoink, Skarm. Bounty’s here with me. Voltaire’s not buried here-his essence is elsewhere.

    “How do you....how do you....”

    How do I know? I stripped the information from your mind, back while I was alive. I don’t think there’s a thing from your memories that I didn’t see. By the way, the thing with Winona work out?

    “No...she’s dead, if this guy was telling the truth. They shot her.”

    Skarm, she’s alive. They knocked her out, they’ve got her on a boat.

    “I have to help her.” I ran to the window and tried to pry it open. Frustrated, I drew a pokeball. “Ashe, smash that window!” My first pokemon popped out and sprayed the window with a barrage of seeds, shattering it.

    You can’t save her now. There’s too many of them. But you can trade for her.

    “What?” I grunted as I climbed through the window, Ashe close behind me.

    The Magma men are looking for the Red Orb. And it’s here. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.

    “We have to beat them to it, then. Where do they keep it?”

    The location the orbs are rumored to have been created was the top of Mt. Pyre on the outside, but they were relocated to the top floor of the inside section. Magma doesn’t know that-if you hurry you can reach the orb.


    I circled back to the front of the building to see a boat pulling up next to the dock. Before I made a break for the mountain, a metallic shriek rang out behind me. I spun around to see Skarmory perched on a second story window.

    "What are you waiting for? Come on, then!" I dashed for the safety of the inside of the mountain. The floors and walls were the same subdued grey, adorned with flowers in wall mounted boxes every few feet.

    Welcome to Mt. Pyre.

    “Where are your graves? That’s the real reason I came.” I winced as Skarmory hopped onto my shoulder, his metal claws digging into my skin.

    Fifth floor. The mountain is laid out a little strange, the stairwells aren’t all right next to each other. There’s a continuous one to the third floor, and then you have to change stairwells on floors 3 and 4 to reach number 5.

    I ran up the stairs until I reached the third floor, then froze on the stairwell. A woman was standing at a grave across the room, facing away from me. She looked strangely contemplative, and appeared to have green skin. I raised the gun I had stolen from the ranger and shouted,”Who are you? What are you doing here?!”

    The woman didn’t answer, didn’t even turn. I squeezed the trigger for a warning shot, and nothing happened.

    “What the---” I said, but no sound came out. I squeezed the trigger again. Nothing happened. In fact, I couldn’t move anything at all. On my shoulder, Skarmory let out a shrill cry, apparently seized in the same way. A few seconds later, his claws released and he crashed down onto the stairs behind me.

    Then it entered my mind. I can't describe the feeling with words-it was like being engulfed in a sea of rage and fear. My memories started flashing through my mind as the thing examined them one by one, then tossed them aside.

    A voice rang out from a nearby hallway. "I'm back, Gardevoir. Are you almost ready to---oh!" I was almost as shocked to see Wally as he was to see me. “Gardevoir, let him go!” The woman turned her head silently towards Wally, and they stared at each other for a bit. Finally, the prescence sifting through my memories vanished, and I stumbled as I regained control of my body. Wally caught me. “Take it easy, take it easy, sit down and rest a bit...”

    “What...was that?” I asked.

    “That was Gardevoir. She’s come a long way from the Ralts that hatched for me back in Petalburg Town.”

    “I...I was there.”

    “Yeah, you were. Gardevoir doesn’t like guns, though. She doesn’t really like using words either-she just impresses feelings. The purest form of communication, she told me. So, why are you here?”

    “About to ask you the same thing.” I stood up and headed down the stairs to help Skarmory up, but he met me at the top and landed on my shoulder again. “I’m here because Magma is. And because some asshole was messing with Bounty’s grave.” A feeling of sadness penetrated my mind. Gardevoir was clearly talkative, if you could even call what she was doing talking. “What about you?”

    “Well, I was here because Gardevoir wanted to come. She didn’t tell me why.” Wally followed me as I headed for the second set of stairs.

    “This is what I know. Team Magma is here looking for the Red Orb.” Gardevoir glanced up and a hint of surprise entered my mind. “And they’ve kidnapped Winona.”

    “Wait, the Fortree Gym Leader? Why were you two here toget---oh.”

    A giggle sounded in the corner of my mind as I blushed. “It’s not what you think.”

    “Whatever you say. I just wanted some backup.”

    “Well, if you wanted to find the Red Orb, why didn’t you just call me?”

    “Because...I thought it was a myth.” Suddenly, Wally vanished, leaving me and Gardevoir standing in an entirely different room. A pure red sphere smaller then a basketball but larger then a baseball sat on a pedestal in the center of the room.

    Ask and ye shall recieve.

    “I thought you didn’t talk much.” I said as I reached for the orb, only to be held up midway by Gardevoir. A sense of foreboding filled my mind, along with scenes of screaming men. Then:

    Sometimes I have to use human words to make you understand.

    “Not that time. So, how are we going to keep this thing out of Magma’s hands?” Suddenly, the ball lifted off of the pedestal, and floated towards my backpack. The backpack unzipped itself, and the orb dropped in. It was surprisingly light.

    Then we were back in the room, in front of Wally’s gaping eyes. “Gardevoir, the orb was here the whole time?” Gardevoir nodded. “That’s settled. Let’s go see your pokemon.”

    “Alright. Fifth floor.” We hurtled up the first flight of stairs to the fourth floor. Then we stepped onto the floor, searching for the other stairs. Several Magma men patrolled the floor; Gardevoir disabled them one at a time before signaling us to continue.

    The stairs leading to the fifth floor were steeper then the previous ones. But when we arrived, it didn't take long to find the tombstones.

    I stood over the tombstones, eyes closed. "I'm sorry."

    Don't be. You did the best you could, just like us.

    "How can I hear you?"

    This is a sacred place. The home of the stripped powers of the earth and the seas. Psychic Pokemon and ghosts have special power here. Since I was buried here and I was psychic in life, I had enough power to contact you in Fortree.

    "What about Bounty?"

    I regret nothing. I lived a good life.

    Don't let us own you, Skarm. Reach for your dreams. Take on the League. Stop Magma. We'll be watching all the way.

    So as I've said, this is the last Ruby update for a while. In fact, today is the 1 year anniversary of the beginning of Ruby. It feels really strange to say that I've been updating this one story for OVER A YEAR. And it's kind of surreal.

    Ruby will return for sure. However, it won't be until AP exams are over, because half my schedule is AP exams and I'll have tons of studying to do. In the meantime, I will continue to update White since my ideas are a lot fresher and I'm not completely burnt out yet on that one.

    Enjoy, everyone. shinyskarmory-OUT
  8. Celever


    Sep 25, 2012
    That has got to be the longest second I have ever seen.
    Also I'm sure he said it would be up tomorrow two days ago..

    lol I'm joking, I'm just looking forward to reading it!
  9. Celever


    Sep 25, 2012
    Dodgerr, reserving fizzyduck the psyduck for you, will have it up tomorrow morning.
  10. Clutch


    Mar 12, 2013
    Expo, reserving Kipples the Mudkip for you, should be up in a few hours
  11. shinyskarmory


    Jul 12, 2011
    Okay, the hide tags are working now. Update is in.
  12. Unoriginal Name

    Unoriginal Name

    Jan 25, 2013
    Exbo, take okceerT the Treecko.

    Ignoring the Unoriginal Name [/lamepun], okceerT is a zany Treecko to say the least. How so? First off, his name. okceerT is rather proud of his name, and you cannot evolve him until you get access to the Name Rater. After every evolution, you must immediately change his name to "elyvorG" and "elitpecS" based on his evolution stage. Next off, his moves. Also, lots of other stuff. The question is, why?

    Story time! When okceerT was just an egg, his caretaker was his mother. For Treeckos, this is unusual, as the father is usually the responsible parent, while the mother hunts for food and hides when trainers come near. okceerT always knew this was unusual, and he figured, "well, my parents must have a reason, right?" Now, like you and I, Treeckos, from a young age, are told everyone is unique. okceerT thought this is what they meant, and that his parents wanted him to be as unique and un-regularish as possible. He was happy to oblige. In truth, his parents just had the mother look after him as she was scared of fighting, but okceerT didn't know that.

    okceerT did all he could to be backwards. He changed his name, used different moves, the like. However, one key part that made him very different; he was willingly caught by Professer Birch. Most Treecko are scared of humans; it's just a common trait. In okceerT's effort to be as strange as possible, he went against his gut instinct and was freely caught.

    Still sticking to his backwards tradition, Treecko uses all the moves the Treecko line shouldn't. If it falls into at least one of the following categories:

    •is non-STAB
    •is not Special​

    ...then it is a legal move. If it breaks both those clauses, however, it cannot be used in battle and must be learned over ASAP.

    Similairly, okceerT likes turning the tides of battle. He must learn Sunny Day as soon as possible; the TM must be gotten in Goldenrod Radio Tower (post-Rocket) as soon as you can get it. Likewise, it can never be off his moveset, and Sunny Day must be used the moment he goes into battle once he learns it; once it wears off, he must use it again.

    Unfortunately for okceerT, he has never heard from his parents again. He figures, "an Ice type killed em. Those damn Ice types." He must solo 10 Ice types (can be wild, doesn't matter) with Sunny Day active and without using any moves SE against them.
    tl;dr (open)

    •okceerT/elyvorG/elitpecS the Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile from Birch
    •Name must be changed the moment he evolves; cannot evolve until Name Rater can be used
    •Must get TM11 from Goldenrod Radio Tower (or Celadon Department, if you so choose) and use it whenever he goes into battle, and whenever it wears off.
    •Cannot know a move that is both STAB and Special
    •Must solo 10 Ice types (may be wild) with Sunny Day and no SE moves
  13. Exbo


    Dec 6, 2012

    Okay, okay, first things first, very good effort with the story and difficulty. However, not accepted, because:
    1) I want a Mudkipz. Said so in OP, click the link on my signature.
    2) Goldenrod and Celadon and Rocket? This is Emerald.
    3) In Emerald (any 3rd gen game and before actually) ALL grass moves (sceptile's STAB) are special. So he can't use any STAB at all?

    Keep the story, fit it to a Mudkip that lives in Hoenn and we're cool :)
  14. Unoriginal Name

    Unoriginal Name

    Jan 25, 2013
    Oh my God, I'm an idiot. No idea why I thought it was Gen II, or why I missed the Mudkip part. My bad.

    Shoot me if you wish, but let me write up a replacement first, this one with MUDKIPZ. OR SOMETHING ELSE. DEPENDING ON MY MOOD WHEN I WRITE IT. So, yeah. Count that post void. I'll have a new one for you in a day or so, hopefully without my idiocy.
  15. Exbo


    Dec 6, 2012
    It's ok man :D
    Edited my post also because it sounded (unintentionally) kinda rude. Sorry.
    I know dat feel. I spent almost half an hour writing a story about a Meganium for Clutch, double checked his OP, saw that "he doesn't want starters". Welp.

    Btw, Clutch, it's an awesome one... Interested at all? Gerard is waiting for you... (I've saved it, don't let it go to waste :D)

    Reserving spot for Unoriginal/Clutch btw.
  16. Clutch


    Mar 12, 2013
    alrighty if its that good ill take it, no need to waste the first mon of my journey anyway
  17. Shiruba


    Mar 1, 2013
    /bumps fist back
    Yeah, me too. Started with it in both Soulsilver and Or Heartgold (French version) - actually named my Heartgold one after Exbo, as he was male. Soulsilver was Ember because I was uncreative and twelve and it was/is traditional for me to name my female fire starters that.

    Unfortunately, she died when my cartridge did. R.I.P :c

    Damn, I forgot about that. Perhaps I underestimated the difficulty because I either never knew Rayray was there until post-Elite 4 or just remembered 'lol Master Ball clean up E4.' If you'd have another idea for a final boss I'd accept it, but I can't really think of one, ehehehe. If it were Ruby or Sapphire it'd be easy, but... It also does make sense that it's the last hurdle, though.

    That said, Gardevoir is a complete beast against the Elite 4, Wallace in particular. I practically solo'd Wallace with Hypnosis + Tbolt spam, only switching out to take on Ludicolo with my Swellow. So good. Plus super high special defence = stomaching their STABs and with her speed... Yeah.

    Hehe, thanks. I had to hem and ha for a while to figure out something to happen if she died... Then POOF BLUE FLUTE OCARINA OF TIME HECK YES.

    If you have a lot of people ignoring your scramble for whatever reason and it takes forever, I'd be happy to make another Pokemon for you if you'd like. c:
  18. Exbo


    Dec 6, 2012
    Yay :D
    "B-But professor! I don't need any of these pokemon! My friend Joey promised he'll get me a super cool ratatta in route 31 and--"
    "Now, now, Clutch. This pokemon has been eager about meeting a trainer like you. After all, rusting in pokeballs isn't healthy for them. I'd train it myself, but I'm too busy with my research. You know what? Think of it as a challange. Or are you not up to it?"
    "Is that how it is then? A challange? Alright, I'll do it!"
    "Excellent! Now, as I was saying, my friend Mr. Pokemon..."

    Clutch, take Gerard the Meganium (Cory if female).
    Gerard, since he was a Chikorita was not very fond of battling. However, he is grateful that you rescued him from everlasting boredom in Elm's lab and potentially, from Silver's hands. So, he wants you to teach him only one directly damaging move at the time, preferably of the Grass type. He must learn Light screen and Reflect ASAP and keep both, because he wants to protect his fellow party members. The fourth move may be Synthesis, Leech seed, Poison/Sleep powder, anything you will that is not directly damaging. Gerard will be the first to face any Gym leader/E4 AND his old friend Cyndaquil (or its evos), setting up at least one screen, since he feels responsible for the rest of his team.
    You see, Silver's Cyndaquil used to be a kind pokemon. He and Gerard would spar sometimes as friends, with Cyndaquil always being the winner. However, much to Elm's fear, it turned mean in his trainer's hands and his quest for power. Try as he may, Gerard could not talk any sense into Cyndaquil in any battle they had. So, in a last effort, he will man up, learn Earthquake (TM26, Victory road) and solo the last battle with Silver. Except Haunter and Golbat, they will be tricky. You don't have to solo them.
    Finally, he has proven his worth to Typhlosion, making him and silver admit their mistakes.
    By the way, Gerard may become a Bayleef whenever he wants, but in order to evolve again, he has to solo at least 2 gym leaders to prove himself. I recommend Chuck and Pryce.
    If this is too difficult, the fourth move I was talking about can be a filler coverage move, like Return or Body slam. But keep the screens ;)
    Good luck!

    Show Hide
    Gerard/Cory the Chikorita
    One damaging move (STAB is better), Dual screens asap, Non damaging move (coverage if this is hard)
    First in party against Gym leaders/E4 and Silver, at least one screen up
    Become Bayleef unconditionally
    Become Meganium after soloing Chuck and Pryce
    Teach EQ, solo last battle with silver

    Please do, if you feel like it =D You made an awesome story already, can't wait to see what's next!
    But I will accept up to 2 pokemon per person. We shall play fair gaems.
  19. inanimate blob

    inanimate blob

    May 31, 2011
    When Clingy was just a cute little Tentacool, he was very happy and loved by his mother. But, suddenly, a poacher came and killed his mother, using it's tentacles for trade.

    Clingy was emotionally scarred, as most would be, if one's mother died. Clingy resented humans, but suddenly was pulled up by you!

    Clingy forms an attachment to your team, since it didn't want to form an attachment with you. But, he never wants to live down another death again. As such, when a Pokémon on your team dies, it dies too.

    No other restrictions. You may catch Clingy whenever you want.
  20. Clutch


    Mar 12, 2013
    Gerard is in!!

    By the way I'll take you up on choosing two for you as well, I've decided I'll get you a Mudkip named Kipples and Sidekick the Shroomish!

    Kipples the Mudkip

    Kipples, strangely enough, is a Mudkip who absolutely hate mud, and dirt. It all started when he was little and his brother, lets call him Andrew, used to push his face into the ground and make him eat it. Gross, right?

    Anyway, so as a Mudkip, Kipples is so afraid that he will always switch out on a ground type trainer, or if he is hit with a ground type attack, and can never learn any ground attacks either, regardless of if they are passive (also includes muddy water). There is no restriction on the first evolution, but he does take on changes as a Marshtomp. His fear turns to hatred, and although he still cannot use ground attacks, he must now switch in whenever a ground type comes into play, and defeat them by himself. He may evolve once again when he defeats 10,000 ground type pokemon. Or, if thats a little excessive, let's just say 100. As a Swampert, he realises the error of his ways and how cruelty will get him nowhere. He decides he will no longer fight ground types, having to switch out as soon as one comes into play again, and is now able to use muddy water, but will not use ground type attacks still. Also, when against the Elite 4, if he is a Marshtomp he must solo Flygon, Salamence and Whiscash, or as a Swampert he must solo Altaria and Gyarados.

    Now onto Sidekick the Shroomish

    Sidekick has no real confidence. He looks up to the other pokemon in your party, seeing them as better than him. As such, he can never be in the front position of your party. However, he must always be second when starting a double battle. In double battles, because he never wants to be the first to take action, he must only use non-direct attacks until another pokemon on your team lands a hit. He may evolve into Breloom after being present at the beginning and end of 10 double battles against trainers (i dont think you can do wild double battles in emerald anyway). He must also be an opener and stay in the entire battle aagainst Tate And Liza. No move restrictions apart from obviously something passive
  21. Dodgerr


    Feb 25, 2013

    Take Noise the Whismur. Noise lived in Rusturf tunnel all it's life, until the tunneling works there pushed it out of its natural habitat, and towards you. All these tunneling works actually caused severe mental and emotional for Noise. Noise is absolutely terrified of, well, noise. Beyond belief. Even the roar of a pokemon is enough to send Noise scurrying back to its pokeball. Noise may therefore never be sent out first in battle (the other pokemon's call will upset him) similarly, if a pokemon uses any sort of attack that makes alot of noise, such as roar, or howl, Noise may not fight for the rest of that battle as he cowers inside his pokeball. However, there is a way to cure Noise. A famous herb that will cure any sort of phobia or concern. This is the White Herb. Noise may only evolve into Loudred once this herb has been used on it. Once this Herb is held, Noise is no longer afraid of loud noises! Noise does not have to continue holding the Herb, once it is held Noise has been cured. As a Loudred, Noise is eager to compensate for his bad experiences earlier in life. As soon as he is sent out in battle, he must use at least one Noise-based move (roar, hyper voice, screech for example) To evolve, he must take revenge on the Miners that caused him his issues earlier in life. He must take from the Miners an item that all Miners hold dear. Blackglasses. Once Noise is holding Blackglasses, he may evolve into Exploud.

    Catch Whismur called Noise.
    May not be sent out first in battle.
    Any sound based moves used against Noise means he can't fight for rest of battle.
    Evolve into Loudred once holding White Herb.
    Once evolved, must use a sound based move as soon as he is sent out in battle.
    Evolve into Exploud once holding Blackglasses.
    All restrictions lifted.

    I'm still looking for more pokemon for my Black Two Scramblocke! :)
  22. Exbo


    Dec 6, 2012
    Thanks guys!
    Accepted Noise, Kipples, Sidekick and Clingy, although Kipples and Clingy aren't excactly "light-medium" difficulty -.-'
    Will update OP in a few hrs.

    Has anybody had any experience drawing comics? I do sketch stuff every now and then but I've never done anything as a whole. I might do one, if it takes less than 1-2 hrs/day.
  23. Unoriginal Name

    Unoriginal Name

    Jan 25, 2013
    I could just adapt my old story, but screw it, I'll write up a new one. Cause Wynaut?

    Exbo, take Blank the Solrock (I suck at names, just go with it).

    The Solrock and Lunatone of Meteor Falls have had a long rivalry. Granted, a friendly rivalry, like two athletes competing to be the best on their sports team, but still a rivalry. One Lunatone didn't get the concept of "friendly," however. This young Lunaling (IDK) decided it would be a good idea to play a prank on a group of Solrocks of similar age, most notably Blank. The aforementioned Lunatone assembled a group of stellar bullies, and they formed a plan: 1) Dream Eater all the Solrock they were targeting, to get them paranoid by giving them nightmares. 2) Repeatedly use Flash when they are alone and unseen, to attract the Solrock. 3) Strike on them with a surprise Swagger and/or Confusion.

    This group of Solrock went around mumbling and bumbling for the next few days as a result of this, but were otherwise unharmed. One Solrock, Blank, however, wasn't so lucky. Blank wanted revenge. Blank went to attack these lunar bullies one day; however, quickly overwhelming him, Blank was knocked far away from the assembly of Solrock and Lunatone. Now a depressed lone wanderer, he desperately scouted around Meteor Falls, looking for his friends, his family. No one. Had they given up the search too? Had they forgotten about him? Blank slowly went deeper and deeper into as close to depression as a stone sun can get. Until you caught him, that is.

    As a result of Blank's traumatic experience, he may never use Flash or a confusion-inducing move, no matter how unlikely the effect of confusion may be (so Confusion is banned, for example). Likewise, if Flash is ever used by a foe or if Blank is ever confused himself, he must switch out; he may switch back in the next turn, though.

    If Blank is ever faced against a Lunatone, he must switch out ASAP. Likewise, if your team ever faces a Solrock and Blank is in your party, you must send him out to battle him and not switch him back, as he'll think it may be a Solrock he knows; disappointed in the truth he may be, he'll still stay in, as who can trust the senses of a sun made of rock after all?

    Finally, Blank must solo 2 total trainers belonging to at least one one of the following groups:

    •Gym leaders
    •Team Aqua/Magma non-Grunt
    •E4 members
    •Rival battles

    So, for example, he may solo 2 Gym leaders, or an E4 member and the champion, etc. This will give him the courage to recover from his mental wounds somewhat, and make him proud to be a member of your team.

    tl;dr (open)

    •Blank the Solrock from Meteor Falls
    •Must solo 2 gym leaders, non-grunts for team aqua/magma, e4 members, rival battles and/or champion battles minimum
    •Cannot learn Flash or inflict Confusion; must switch out when one of these things happens to him
    •Must switch out vs. Lunatone and solo all Solrock you battle

    If this is too easy/hard/whatever, just tell me.
    Also, I'm sure I done goofed on something here; I can fix it if I did.
  24. Exbo


    Dec 6, 2012
    Oh, the irony xD

    Blank accepted!

    Tbh given your story, I expected that he'd have to solo lunatones and switch vs solrocks. But whatever *shrugs*
  25. Dodgerr


    Feb 25, 2013
    Hey guys,

    sorry to keep pestering, but I was hoping to start my scramblocke by the weekend. I currently have Active the Spoink, Jaws the Sandile, Ramses the Zorua and a reserved Psyduck. I need at least one more pokemon, that I can get very early in the game so I can at least get started.

    Sorry to be a pest,


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