Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Oh, sorry about that Dodgerr, I forgot about it (O@_@O) (Don't even ask me what that face is, a guy wearing glasses or something?)
Anyway, take Fizzyduck the Psyduck.
Fizzyduck has always loved Fizzy things. Fizzy things that make you dizzy (lol, that's like what a parent would tell their kid about why they have a hangover!) and as such demands you always give it to them. After coming across the first vending machine, Fizzyduck may only be healed with soda pop and lemonade (that is gonna make the nuzlocke challenged very hard. Very, very hard! :D) and if you heal it with anything else, then Fizzyduck gets depressed and starts drinking, so for the next five trainer battles he is in you must randomize a number for every move he uses. 1 for slot 1, 2 for slot 2 etc. Oh, and he can't switch, since, you know, he's not a very nice drunk, and will kill whoever he switches to. I mean, if you like him so much you can switch him out and kill the replacement, idk. lol
Fizzyduck is also extremely hot on spunky gym leaders, so he must solo marlon. Marlon and (dammit, I want to give you Burgh or Elesa... but y'know, it's a nuzlocke) Roxie!
Also it wants to know attract ASAP, to show it is affectionate towards yo- I mean fizzy drinks! :3
Cheers dude, sounds good! Looking for one more pokemon, come on guys :P preferably early game :)

I suppose I can throw another mon in since my first was rejected as thought...

Take Contrary the Snivy.

Contrary is a Snivy who thinks he has the Contrary Ability, but on the contrary, he actually has Overgrow... Contrary must know & keep as many moves as he can which alter a Pokémon's stats. When Contrary evolves for the first time, he may only use moves that alter a Pokémon's stats from that point onward. Ultimately, Contrary, if he is still alive at that point, must attempt to solo Marlon. If he faints, well, it is a Scramblocke, so he just dies & the solo is voided, lol.

Have fun. Also, whee title change...
Exbo. I've got it. I've finally got it.

If you'd like, take Samus the Pikachu.

Samus has had a very unfortunate past. This Pikachu was left orphaned by a raid of a gang of vicious Pokemon known as Sky Pirates in the Safari Zone many years back that had killed all almost Pikachu in the area; authorities had kept the event secret in hopes that their lack of security at the time would not be exploited, and they quietly ordered more of the species. Samus was raised by a group of Natu and Xatu also living there, despite apprehensions among some members of the species due to a quite possibly lethal typing. Still, there were no problems, and Samus did in fact grow to be a powerful warrior.

Then, the Pikachu met you. While Samus never minded living in the Safari Zone, an urge to explore and become stronger were prevalent. Also important was the need to avenge those who had been lost in the raid; that is, the Sky Pirates.

However, being a mere Pichu at the time of the incident, Samus has no idea who they are. Thus, it is your job to help.

The one thing that Samus did know about the Pirates was that their home base was in Fortree City. Upon arriving there, Samus learns that the Pirates have either broken up or are dead, and all who remain, coincidentally, belong to trainers.

They are:
Winona's Altaria
Tate and Liza's Solrock
Drake's Salamence

For the former and latter, Samus must defeat alone; however, for Solrock, this may be impossible due to the nature of it being a Double Battle; as such, Samus need only strike the final blow.

But more on that later. When Samus enters the Space Station, the Pikachu is given two missions by the owner of the establishment. Naturally, one is to defeat Maxie; however, another is to kill a strange, blue Pokemon, with an odd, black tail and a huge smile...

You must take the Wynaut you hatched from the egg into the battle against Maxie and Tabitha. Name it Metroid beforehand.

You now have a dilemma. If you decide to let Maxie kill Metroid, the boss will be pleased, and Pikachu may evolve straight away, due to the boss' allowing Samus into a special evolution container.

However, if you defy orders and save Metroid, you get a different ending.

Metroid will gleefully float around Samus - it's a special Wynaut - and blubber in appreciation.

Then the boss will appear and shoot it.

No declaration of anger. No coldhearted laughter. Just a gunshot, and a dead Wynaut on the floor, already losing the colour in its skin. However, out of its crumpled form will appear a small, floating diamond. A revive. This will be your only one. Use it wisely.

Note that Samus can still evolve after this insurrection; it's just more difficult. Have Samus hold a Metal Coat to do so; as this will make it possible to gain a more powerful form - the Power Suit - without the aid of special technology. Just the item and the radiation from the special rock.

Now, after the Elite Four - and only if Samus has evolved - you may wish to challenge the former champion, Steven.

Out of her Pokeball, Samus sees the terrifying face of the one who haunted countless nightmares. The oldest memory, one that had almost been repressed due to years of conditioning, but could never quite be forgotten.

Skarmory. Leader of the Sky Pirates, and assumed dead.

Samus is mad. Raging, even. Bursting out of the ball, Samus uses the strongest attack possible - Thunder - on that horrific excuse of a Pokemon. Finally, revenge.

If you beat him in one hit, you get an extra; Samus in a bathing suit. Did I mention she's a girl?


- Defeat Winona's Altaria, Tate and Liza's Solrock and Drake's Salamence, close-enough to soloing as possible, although this is sometimes not possible in a double battle.
- If Wynaut hatched from egg is killed in Maxie + Tabitha battle, Samus may evolve right away.
- If it lives, it dies anyway, but access to one (1) free Revive is gained.
- If not hatched/not in the party at the time, nothing happens.
- If not evolved, can still do so with Metal Coat + Thunderstone.
- If Skarmory is one-shotted with Thunder, you get the sexiest Pikachu ever.

If you like this challenge, good luck.
tbh, it made me think of marriland's wedlocke run - he called lyra 'legs,' so my brain just defaulted to her for some reason. then i thought of disembodied jessica rabbit legs...

I love the idea of Samus reincarnated as Pikachu; especially since Samus teamed up with Pikachu in the Subspace Emissary in SSBB.
that's actually an awesome coincidence. i'd never made that connection. maybe it was subconscious? i was just looking through hoenn pokemon and was like

...machoke? LOL SAMACHOKE no.
deoxys? nah, can't get that.

would be cooler if it had lightningrod at the time but that's okay ;o;
You want it very hard. Ok, I suppose I should give you luck with this one. I am kind of hoping that I could create a signature challenge with this, let's see if it is good...

Take dark the pokemon with less than 330 BST fully evolved.
Dark is always under the effect of dark type moves torment and taunt, and as such always has to use attacking moves and may never use the same one twice in a row. Dark must solo every dark type you come across and must live up to the challege of every bug or fighting type you come across and solo all of them as well.

There is the challenge that could become my signature, but now I must enhance the difficulty for your challenge, so:

Dark loves darkness, so it must lead your team in every cave, and if it dies in the cave then every other one of your pokemon must die in that fight. Similarly, it must lead every fight against a galactic member, admin or leader and if it dies in it then it must take out the rest of the pokemon in your team.
XAkaviri, take Hoarder the whatever you want. Hoarder enjoys having items-even if you don't use them. As such, you may never use, throw away, or sell any items (obviously Poke Balls are the exception. If you do use an item, Hoarder must lead your party until you have reacquired the same number of items you used. If you faint, too bad, go back to the last Pokemon Center or use ANOTHER item to revive Hoarder and put yourself further in the hole.

Finally, Hoarder must solo Cyrus, because if he destroys the world there won't be any stuff for him to hoard. Have fun!
Hello, I would like a Platinum challenge. I would like for it to be very hard, I do not want any starters in my team, and I cannot trade. Thank you.
Alright, you get Daredevil the Starly. This Starly is the most danger-addicted Starly in Sinnoh, and it reflects this personality in who it wants to battle. Daredevil loves battling the most dangerous trainers he can, so solo Roark to allow Daredevil to get the thrill he craves. Also, Daredevil's attitude has led him to believe he is the strongest Starly, so he may never use Super Effective moves because they are for the weak. Daredevil also wants to see how much damage he can do with as little moves as possible because he lives on the edge like that, so only 1 move per battle, even if you switch him out. Also, because Daredevil wants to see just how tough Steel types are, solo Byron with ONLY NVE moves. Finally, if Daredevil ever faints, he gets even crazier because of the adrenaline rush. So, here is the death table:

0 Deaths: No additional Restricions.
1-3: May never learn a STAB move over 80 BP(the BP limit does not include the additional power from STAB. So for example, you could still give it Wing Attack because it only has 60 base power before factoring in STAB.) May also never learn Close Combat.
4-5: Must always be the lowest leveled member of your party.
6 or more: Solo the entire E4 and Champion.

Hope this is hard enough.

shinyskarmory said:
Hoarder must solo Cyrus

celever said:
Similarly, it must lead every fight against a galactic member, admin or leader
Lol celever and Skarm ALREADY have conflicting challenges.

EDIT: Skarm did you not even read the end of my post? One of you is going to have to change your challanges between you and celever.
Well, I usually leave open the pokemon choice to allow people to game the system, so to speak. I personally find challanges more fun when I have to do something and I have a few different ways that I can possibly approach it from-opening up every pokemon in the game to choose from allows you to think more about what kind of pokemon you want to choose.

But since you ask-take a Shinx since it's available early.

EDIT: I'll change. Hoarder the Shinx must instead solo your rival at every opportunity.
Well here it is guys. I said, it would be out sometime after the 22nd of February, and here we are... the 30th of March (well it is in Australia, I don't know what it's like for you guys). But, you know; you wouldn't be a web-based composer if you didn't take months off at a time with no explanation.

First off, if you haven't read my other updates (reasonable as I have hardly been on this last month) here is my OP, with all my previous parts and restrictions.

Before I start I just want to say thanks to: King Serperior, Present, Organisation Member XIV, AOPSUser, The Wizard of Yendor & Jimera0. You guys gave me my Pokemon, and your challenges breathed fresh air into a series that I felt was starting to grow stale.

Without further ado, I preset the finale of my Emerald Challange.

Before we get started, if you get what that title is a reference to, you are awesome. Okay, now that the pleasantries are over with, let’s get into this.

With the world saved, and having just acquired my final and easiest – by virtue of having no restrictions – badge, I was ready for the big time, the Pokemon League.

Upon arriving in Victory Road I remembered that there was a Wally fight coming up Only problem was, I didn’t remember if it was at the start or end of Victory Road in Emerald, I know that they changed it from Ruby/Sapphire, but I didn’t remember which was which. Turned out it was the start… thankfully.

So the thing about Wally’s team, I think he picked the girliest Pokemon in Hoenn; Gardevoir, Altaria, Delcatty & Roselia? Seriously Wally? Come on. Anyway, the fight was super easy. Gorgeous pretty much solo’d him, it was ridiculous.

So I looked up which HMs I would need to progress through Victory Road, and I noticed Flash, and I thought, sweet, Tentacool will be perfect… turns out they can’t learn Flash. So I had to bring two HM slaves through Victory Road with me.

During my travels through Victory Road, I came across some of the deadliest AI I ever met. They were crazy good I tell you. They did all sorts of stuff like, switch their Flash Fire Ninetales into Booster’s Flamethrower attack, and use Skill Swap in double battles to get rid of Slaking’s Truant, and then… they gave it back to Slaking. Okay, so maybe they weren’t that smart.

So we got out of Victory Road, and then we decided, it was time… to get our grind on! And that’s why it took me like a month. Life was getting pretty busy for me, and whenever I had time to play video games I really didn’t want to spend it grinding. You understand, right?

So when ginding, I think I discovered that Golbat can see the future. They kept using Confuse Ray, on the turn I would snap out of confusion, it was uncanny. Too bad they outsped.

With my grinding complete, I had to go delete Surf from RNG, you’ll see why soon enough, and for that I needed a Fly user, so I caught a Golbat. Here’s a piece of trivia for you, Golbat cannot learn Fly. So I went and caught a Wingull instead. With Sapphire the Wingull in tow, RNG forgot Surf and learnt the infinitely worse Muddy Water.

But with that minor change we were done grinding, and I decided to take on the elite 4, on Good Friday. (I kind of needed to feel good on that day, you see last Good Friday was the day my Venusaur died in my Firered Nuzlocke. So, as much I was fighting the elite 4 for myself and you guys, it was also for him. (Don’t know why I put this in, just felt like it.))

Elite 4; Battle 1. Gorgeous solo’s Sidney.
Surprisingly not that bad. Just Light Screen + 2 Calm Minds, and then I swept for a while, till Shiftry came out, Double Teamed and then Tormented me. So Gorgeous had to alternate between Light Screen/Calm Mind and Thunderbolt. It was kind of scary because it meant that Sidney always got one free turn every time I killed something, and I really freaked out when that Crawdaunt used Swords Dance, but then like the idiot it was, Swords Danced again so I just straight up killed it.

Elite 4; Battle 2. RNG defeats 4 of Phoebe’s Pokemon
Dusclops + Pressure + Protect + 10PP = Argh! Why only one damaging move! I liked having rest as a way of getting around the limit of 4 items per battle, but I only ever needed to heal once anyway. RNG really did just power through Phoebe. He could have solo’d but I decided to give the last kill to Booster, because it wasn’t like he was going to do anything else in the elite 4.
Oh, and then the pen I was using to take notes with died, could you have picked a worse time?

Elite 4; Battle 3. Random solo’s Glacea, and beats Sealeo using only Metronome.

Let me recount the battle of Random vs. Sealeo.

Double Edge, Fire Spin, Constrict. *We both used Full Restores, (because I got paralysed and even though I had Guts, when using Metronome, it wasn’t worth it)* Grasswhistle, Moonlight (full HP) *Sealeo wakes up*, Heat Wave (Burn!), Constrict (again). (At this point Sealeo starts using Ice Ball, and I face Whitey’s Miltank as a kid, so I knew what was going to happen soon.) Bulk Up, Secret Power. Sealeo, was defeated.

I then proceeded to sweep using Vital Throw, and ended the battle by criting Wallrein and OHKOing it. So much easier than Norman, I’ll tell you that.

Elite 4; Battle 4. RNG defeats 4 of Lance Drake’s Pokemon
I honestly forgot that his name wasn’t Lance until I battled him.
So remember me replacing Surf with Muddy Water. That was so I could teach RNG how to use Ice Beam. (That’s why I made a note of it in part 6, I think it was.)

Anyway, RNG OHKO’d Shelgon. Against Altaria was interesting. It used Dragon Dance, and I laughed saying it was going to die, but it didn’t. And I was shiting bricks, I just clicked Ice Beam and hoped for the best, Altaria wasted its one turn by Dragon Dancing again. Next Drake sent in his Kingdra, so I swapped RNG for Boombox. Man I hate Boombox, it’s only attacking option was Uproar, you know, the move I caught it with… at level 6! So kingdra, unsurprisingly, defeated Boombox, I had STRONG come in and avenge his comrade. Back to RNG. He next fought Flygon, who was smart enough to attack. RNG laughed of the Earthquake and OHKO’d with Ice Beam, lastly, was Salamence. (Hey did you guys know that Flygon and Salamence got their names mixed up during translation? Salamence was supposed to be Flygon. That way the family is; Bagon, Shelgon, Flygon. But I digress.) Salamence also attacked, this time with Dragon Claw, then RNG OHKO’d with Ice Beam.

Ily Ice Beam.

Elite 4; Battle 5. Recec vs. Wallace

Lol, no restrictions on the champion.

Well, I lead with STRONG, who outsped and OHKO’d by Wailord’s Water Spout. Then gorgeous came in and KO’d every Pokemon not named Milotic. So I was sitting pretty with a 5-1 lead, but I must have rolled min damage on the second Thunderbolt, and Milotic was able to survive and KO Gorgeous. Then I literally had no Pokemon that could beat that Milotic. It was ridiculous! I ended up reviving Gorgeous and just having him beat it anyway. So yeah, Gorgeous solo’s Wallace pretty much.

Anyway, gg.

Time: 36:02.

RNG/Swampert - Present
Male @Lum Berry
Level 54 - Obtained at Lv. 5
Nature: Quiet
Mud Sport
Ice Beam

Wasn't as bad as I thought he was going to be Surf was pretty much all the coverage I needed throughout the game, except for Drake, but you know... Ice Beam.

Gorgeous/Gardevoir - Organisation Member XIV
Male @Amulet Coin
Level 55 - Obtained at Lv. 4
Nature: Quiet
Light Screen
Calm Mind

Definite MVP. The fact he solo'd both the champion and the Dark type E4 member, was just like... wow.

Boombox/Exploud - AOPSUser
Female @Silk Scarf
Level 53 - Obtained at Lv. 6
Nature: Quiet

Definite LVP. Grinding in Victory Rad was a pain. It was filled with Pokemon that had Soundproof or were Rock/Steel types. Urgh! Who knows, if she ever got Hyper Voice she might have been better, but alas, we will never know. Coz I aint fighting Steven! That's for sure.

Random/Hariyama - King Serperior
Level 53 - Obtained at Lv. 7
Nature: Quiet
Vital Throw
Arm Thrust

Weather or not I hated this guy really depended on my mood. So yeah, fun to se against Glacea, because it only took one go to beat, unfun against Norman, who took like, 10.

Boster/Torkoal - Jimera0
Male @Quick Claw
Level 53 - Obtained at Lv. 15
Nature: Quiet
Body Slam

Just going to say it. I loved this guy. I never would have considered using a Torkoal before this challange, but he totally gets my seal of approval. b^.^d

STRONG/Spinda - The Wizard of Yendor
Female @Lax Incense
Level 53 - Obtained at Lv. 14
Nature: Mild
Rock Smash
Teeter Dance

STRONG, STRONG, STRONG... what can I say? I really wanted Scarface the Zangoose instead, but oh well. At least she was the only member of my team to not be Quite natured... that's something... right?

And now a special feature...
These are some other Pokemon that I picked up along the way, and they deserve a special mention.

Unhatched Wynaut Egg

Umm, it was that egg you get in Lavaridge Town. I didn't bother hatching it.

Cut Slave/Nincada (F)
Lv. 7
Nature: Quiet
Leech Life

Despite names, she was much more than just a Cut slave... she also knew Flash. She too, was Quiet natured, adding further evidence to the conspiracy. She was the first and one of the last HM slaves I used.

Gluttin/Gulpin (F)
Lv. 13
Nature: Naughty
Poison Gas
Rock Smash

Because I had to smash rocks and I didn't have STRONG yet, that's why.

Sapphire/Wingull (F)
Lv. 15
Nature: Brave
Water Gun
Wing Attack

Literally caught within the last half hour of the game, because I needed to FLY around Hoenn for a bit. That is all.

Sub/Tentacool (F)
Lv. 15
Nature: Serious
Poison Sting

Obligatory water based HM slave (this is Hoenn after all). She marks the end of the HM slaves. Did you notice they were all female? I didn't until just a moment ago. Maybe I'm subconsciously sexist?

Castform (F)
Lv. 25
Nature: Sassy
Powder Snow
Rain Dance
Sunny Day

The Castform you get from the Weather Institute... I didn't even nickname her. Oh well.

Flyby/Golbat (M)
Lv. 40
Nature: Careful
Wing Attack
Confuse Ray
Air Cutter

Cannot learn Fly. I hate him. That is all.

So thanks to everyone who gave me a Pokemon, and thank you to my readers as well. As for everyone I've ever given a challange to: I am so sorry.

Anyway, I definitely will do another one of these challanges soon, but I've got of a back-catalogue pilling up, that I need to work through, and when Fire Emblem comes out next month, that's going to eat up all my time. But I will probably stay on this thread for a while, trying to think up of less awful challanges to give out to people.

Until next time.
Recec how dare you successfully solo Sidney with a Gardevoir without it ever dying. But seriously, great scramble, i thought Sidney would be a lot more painful though. Maybe I should have made it Phoebe instead so Light Screen was useless.
Recec how dare you successfully solo Sidney with a Gardevoir without it ever dying. But seriously, great scramble, i thought Sidney would be a lot more painful though. Maybe I should have made it Phoebe instead so Light Screen was useless.
Haha, I was a bit over leveled for him. I'll admit, but soloing Phoebe would have been so much worse, because that would have meant RNG would pretty much have to solo Sidney, and he has the 2 grass types.
Dodgerr, take Richard the Unfezant (Male), Trait: Super luck

Richard is an ordinary unfezant in that he takes pride in his abilities as a flyer and as a male unfezant, however he is also kind of disobedient. Being so proud of himself, he clearly doesn't like what his pokedex entry said: "Unfezant, the Proud pokemon. Male unfezant swing the plumage on their heads to threaten others, but females are better at flying." Richard cannot take this at all, so he chooses his moveset himself.

He needs to learn Aerial Ace ASAP (Mistralton airport), to prove that he is a top flyer, and keep it as his only flying type move. He must also learn Hyper beam (mall) since he thinks it is a very powerful move, but since he does not like dirty tricks, he has to stay in for a full 2 turns (even if he KOes and mode is SHIFT). He may not learn ANY status move, not even roost. He may learn fly (not obligatory), but he cannot use it in battle ever. If he succesfully manages to solo skyla, he may switch Hyper beam for Giga impact.

Evolution conditions: To Tranquil, he must solo 10 kid trainers
To Unfezant, he must breed 5 times with 5 different female pidove/tranquil/unfezant. Seriously. Because alpha male status and whatnot.

Bonus challange:
If he soloes any other Gym Leader, he may learn one non STAB move. Did I mention he can only learn STABs so far? I did now.
If he soloes black Kyurem, he may learn any move he wants, but he can never drop aerial ace as his only flying move.

Richard the Unfezant (Male), Trait: Super luck
Flying stab: Aerial ace ASAP
Normal stab: Hyper beam ASAP (if Skyla is soloed, Giga Impact)
Only STAB allowed (if any Leader is soloed except Skyla, rule voided)
No status moves (if Black Kyurem is soloed, rule voided)
Fly is allowed out of battle only
To Tranquil, he must solo 10 kid trainers
To Unfezant, he must breed 5 times.

Good luck!


Exbo. I've got it. I've finally got it.

If you'd like, take Samus the Pikachu.

- Defeat Winona's Altaria, Tate and Liza's Solrock and Drake's Salamence, close-enough to soloing as possible, although this is sometimes not possible in a double battle.
- If Wynaut hatched from egg is killed in Maxie + Tabitha battle, Samus may evolve right away.
- If it lives, it dies anyway, but access to one (1) free Revive is gained.
- If not hatched/not in the party at the time, nothing happens.
- If not evolved, can still do so with Metal Coat + Thunderstone.
- If Skarmory is one-shotted with Thunder, you get the sexiest Pikachu ever.

If you like this challenge, good luck.
This is madness!

Anyway. I may accept (probably will). I mean awesome story material ftw!
It is my fault that I didn't state in the OP rules that I prefer to do runs with regional pokemon (say Minun).
Also, soloing something bulky that can oneshot you doesn't sound very light medium challange scramblocke. As in nuzlocke.
Still, thanks for the effort, may accept.


Edit: Very good title, 7/10. Way better that the previous sub-par one.
No actually it's 8/10 if you read it like this:
Mark two,
Scrambled Eggs,
Baby How I Love Your Legs

Kinda like a footbal team anthem. Cool.
Brainfart. Sorry.
I was going to say "trade him back to black, complete requirement, trade forth", but let's just say "lead position through chargestone cave".
I don't want to be that cruel.
Happy with all the pokemon I've got guys so thanks a bunch.
As a heads up, if one of my pokemon dies I will be coming back here begging for a new one. Feel free to give me a challange to complete before I can catch the pokemon, I look forward to seeing what you can come up with.

Dodgerr, away!