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Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Its_A_Random, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. RyujinSama


    Dec 30, 2012
    So I can just use any other pokemon for the rest of the gyms if I see that correctly?
  2. inanimate blob

    inanimate blob

    May 31, 2011
    @RyujinSama Take Opposite the Zorua.

    Opposite may only use attacks off of the lesser attacking stat - so Attack, as soon as you unlock them. Solo a gym of your choice to evolve into Zoroark, and you may not hold an item at any time.

    Also, Opposite must always be in the back of your team, so as to destroy the one thing Zorua holds dear - Illusion. :)
  3. JoyceyMaster


    May 29, 2011

    Try out Betty the Magnemite

    Betty like the alphabet, but loves herself more, so Betty only uses moves that start with a letter in her name (the name being Magnemite rather than Betty xD)
    The rule extends through evolution, so moves that don't fit upon evolving must be removed!
  4. Itsame


    Mar 26, 2013
    Hello, all! I need a good challenge for my Sapphire game. Guidelines:

    ~I can't trade. I only have one DS and one Gen III game.
    ~I would like for it to be a challenge, but not stupidly hard or overly complicated.
    ~I'm gonna want to have a starter, so tell me which I should take.
    ~I'll nickname, but I would rather the nicknames not be vulgar.
    ~PLEASE don't put stupid limits on my evolving, like "X can only evolve after it solos 20 trained pokemon on route whatever".

    Thank you for your scrambles.
  5. inanimate blob

    inanimate blob

    May 31, 2011
    You're profile picture is cool, so I'll give you Thorn the Roselia.

    Thorn starts off very shy - and as such, can use only what she knows - STAB moves! In order to help Roselia break out of her shell, solo a gym of your choice, and Roselia can be free to use whatever she wants! (Just for clarification, STAB moves mean attacking moves, so status moves are off limits until the solo). Good luck! :)
  6. JoyceyMaster


    May 29, 2011
    If you're after a starter, try out Grimey the Mudkip

    Now Grimey likes mud, and he likes a good kip, so Grimey will only use moves that are Ground type (once available) until he has solo'ed Wattson :) These moves can be both offensive and supporting moves, just make sure they're only Ground type!
    In addition to this, if Grimey is ever put to sleep for some reason, he must stay asleep until he wakes up in battle (i.e no items/Pokemon centres to heal him, only by wasting sleep turns in battle)

    Good luck! :D
  7. Itsame


    Mar 26, 2013
    Challenges accepted. So, here's what I have so far:

    Show Hide

    ~Can only use STAB moves.
    ~No status STABs.
    ~Can use any moves when she solos a gym.

    ~Can only use Ground-Type moves.
    ~Can be status or damaging.
    ~Can use other moves after he solos Wattson.
    ~If he falls asleep in battle, the only way he can be cured is to wake up himself or faint.

    If I misunderstood, please tell me. I'll get started when I get four more scrambles.
  8. chikorita185


    Apr 21, 2012
    Itsame, take Katana the Nincada.
    Katana, being named after a type of sword loves his Slashing attacks that he can use and therefore can only use claw based attacks until evolution.
    As you probably know, Nincada evolves into two pokemon, shedinja and Ninjask. The trainer you last fought determines which you keep. If the trainer matches Katana's gender, Ninjask must be used. If the trainer is of the opposite gender, Shedinja must be used. Claw based restrictions are lifted now.
    As a Ninjask, he becomes very proud of his speed as well and cannot damage a foe until he has gained a speed boost.
    Also, as he is a ninja, and therefore invisible, must always know and use double team at the start of every trainer battle. Solo a battle with Archie the team aqua boss.
    If katana becomes a shedinja, His path becomes very different. As he only has 1hp, he can never stay in against a pokemon who's type he is weak to.
    He is deathly afraid of being hit and must open every trainer battle he is in with Flash.
    He must also know Confuse ray, to again limit his chance of being hit.
    Show Hide

    Katana the Nincada
    Can only use claw based moves as a Nincada
    Evolves based on the gender of the last trainer defeated. If same, use Ninjask, if different use shedinja.

    Must accrue one speed boost before doing any direct damage
    Has to know Double team, which must be used in every trainer battle
    Solo Archie of team aqua

    Must switch out against every pokemon that it is weak to.
    Open every trainer Battle with Flash
    Must know confuse ray

    Good Luck
  9. Exbo


    Dec 6, 2012
    Itsame, take Indigo the Silcoon.
    Beautifly has a neat in-game coverage, even without tms. As a scramblemon though using it is restrictive and hard enough. So, the only restrictions are that:
    1) He cannot know more than one move of the same type at any time, be it damaging or status.
    2) He must be in your party from the moment you catch him to the credits. No day care, no pc, no "replacing it for a while with a HM-slave just until I get past this route", nothing.
    3) He must be between the highest and lowest level in your party. Obviously if the highest level is 25 and the lowest 24 you may tie with anyone you want.
    4) He is a bro. That means male.

    Indigo loves his name by the way, but he would love nothing more than to have indigo on the abundant color pallet that is its body.
    5) If he is shiny, you instantly win the game. This only affects the first Silcoon you catch. No Wurmple/Cascoon/any second Silcoon encounter/any other shiny count towards that unless specified so by another challenge.
    Rule 5 is stupid and can be ignored :P

    Have fun!
  10. Exbo


    Dec 6, 2012
    2nd update on my Emerald scramblelocke:
    Sorry for doubleposting but I want to link these in my OP from now on seperately from anything else, hope it's okay.

    Brief summary: Hey, shiruba! Did you think that was funny?
    Show Hide
    I got my two pokemon on to route 102. Emulator on speed up (x2 since it's just a small smartphone), animations off and RUN from all wild battles until I meet a female Ralts.
    [Very long cutscene - just how rare are these Ralts?]
    Holy shit! After all, a wild RALTS appeared!
    > Male
    > Dammit
    > Repeat

    Holy shit! After all, a wild RALTS appeared!
    > Male
    > Dammit
    > Repeat

    Long story short, I met eleven fricken male Ralts before the first female came out. 1/2048 probability, don't try to calculate it. Somewhere around the 5th male Ralts I gor depressed and said "Since I can oneshot anything, might as well do it". So now the party is as follows:

    Oh and somewhere along the way I helped a familiar face (he looked kinda anemic...) CATCH A F###ING RALTS FIRST TRY. THANK YOU GAME.

    Next time, nothing is a challenge anymore!
  11. Timey


    Aug 27, 2012
    After I looked through this topic, I thought it would be fun to try out a scramble. Rules:

    -Playing on Diamond with the ability to trade (I also have HG and SS, if anyone wants to use pokemon from those two)
    -Medium-hardish in challenge difficulty, but nothing insane or grinding intensive
    -I would like my pokemon to a) fit on a sandstorm team or b) be Mario related (Because wynaut)
    -Rather not have too many solos. A couple is okay.
    -Looking for 6ish-8ish pokemon

    Hope I did this right. Anyways, ready for the challenges!
  12. Organization Member XIV

    Organization Member XIV

    Oct 22, 2012
    Timey, take Koopa the Turtwig. Like the Koopas in Mario, this Turtwig always retreats into its shell once it gets hit. Once Koopa learns Withdraw, it must never forget it and must always use Withdraw if hit by a Physical attack. Also, being that Koopas drown in water in the Mario games, it Turtwig may never battle a Water type and must be immediately switched out if he does, unless he is the last pokemon in your party. Also, Koopa wants to get over his fear of fire, so he has to beat 2 of Flint's Pokemon. Hope this is good enough.
  13. JoyceyMaster


    May 29, 2011
    Try out Blaargh the Hippopotas

    In the true spirit of finding these enemies in caves, Blaargh must solo any trainer/wild Pokemon found in caves. These restrictions do not apply against important battles (i.e. Rival, Galactic Admins/Cyrus etc.)
    As well as this, the move Roar must be in it's movepool at all times.

    Have fun! :D
  14. Glacier Knight

    Glacier Knight

    May 12, 2011
    Hi guys!

    So, a good while back I found this thread and started a white scramble ^_^

    It was fun but around nimbasa my brother deleted my file, erasing everything. Also I was busy with real life, so I kinda stopped.

    I'd like to start another white scramble now though! So help me out and give me some Pokemon please ;)

    Game: White 1
    No hacks or trading
    moderate level challenges, I want some super creative ones please!
    Ill be taking 7 Pokemon
    no vulgar names please!

    I'll try to get updates out once a week! I'm excited to see what I get!
  15. Unoriginal Name

    Unoriginal Name

    Jan 25, 2013
    Hey, Exbo, you know that Snorunt I reserved for you? Yeah, it's done. However, I am only revealing the challenge to you once you catch it. For now, just name it CHlLL (no, not CHILL, the I is an uncapatilised L) once it's caught.
  16. Exbo


    Dec 6, 2012
    Cool, I thought you'd forgotten about it.
  17. Jimera0

    Jimera0 You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 24, 2010
    Alright, time to hand out a crapload of challenges.

    Take a Shuppet and name it Devious. This Shuppet likes fucking with its opponents, so it can only ever have one direct attacking move at a time. Good luck!

    I assume that since the Magnemite challenge you're doing either Black 2 or White 2.

    So, you are challenged to get a Grimer and name it Roses. Roses hates being icky and so desires to be as clean as a puddle of living pollution can be. As such Roses cannot use any Poison type attacks. Have Roses solo any elite 4 member in order to ensure you actually do use him. Good luck, you'll need it :)


    Take a Slugma and name it Winner. This Slugma want's to prove that its species is not as horribly weak and outmatched as everyone seems to think! As such, it wants to win! Win against at least 2 gym leaders! And one Elite 4 member! And one of those needs to be one he's weak against! Because he's just too awesome to not WIN! No further restrictions, because I'm feeling nice and want to show someone that Slugma/Magcargo is actually pretty decent in-game.


    Trade in a Magnemite after the second gym and name it Amp. Amp likes to Paralyze things, and as such can never attack a Pokemon directly unless they're paralyzed (usually by its own Thunder Wave!). Amp must Paralyze and defeat 3 gym leader Pokemon in order to evolve. Good luck!

    @Glacier Knight
    Take any Pokemon of your choice and name it Epitome. Epitome wishes to be the pinnacle of whatever stat is its highest (other than HP). This is done by having only moves that embody that stat. To determine which moves correlate which stat, we'll go by its contest move type.

    Attack corresponds to: Cool
    Defense corresponds to: Tough
    Special Attack corresponds to: Beauty
    Special Defense corresponds to: Smart
    Speed corresponds to: Cute

    (Don't ask me why Cute corresponds to defense, I just couldn't think of anywhere else to put it)

    Anyway, if what stat is your Pokemon's highest changes, then you must immediately stop using moves that represent the old highest stat, and switch to the ones that represent the new one (thanks to reusable TMs this shouldn't be TOO hard a thing to ask). This is a link to all the smart moves; you can click on the other conditions on the right to see those move lists.

    As Generation V moves do not have a contest move type, they cannot be used at all.

    So I think that's everyone! Good luck to all! Also, everyone except Expo still needs more Pokemon people! Be sure to help them out!

    EDIT: Pika25 is right so I decided to edit them to match the more official ones. I had initially thought that if attack wasn't tough then physical attackers would be out of luck, but a quick check showed me that I was mistaken, so I decided to use the official alignments instead.
  18. inanimate blob

    inanimate blob

    May 31, 2011
    Alright, let's have some fun here!

    Take Glutton the Pansage. Glutton is a very interesting Pokémon - he depends on his ability a huge amount. Glutton eats berries a lot, and in order to evolve, must eat a total of fifteen berries.

    Now, after evolving, Glutton had a bit of a side effect to eating so many berries - he can only use his Grass-type moves! Now, in order to gain access to his other move types, he has to eat specific food items that correlate to his moves.

    Normal-type - Chilean Berry
    Fire-type - Rawst Berry
    Water-type - Oran Berry
    Grass-type - Nothing :3
    Fighting-type - 3 x Protein
    Psychic-type - 3 x Calcium
    Steel-type - 3 x Iron
    Ice-type - 3 x Casteliacone
    Ghost-type - Chesto Berry
    Flying-type - Sitrus Berry
    Ground-type - 3 x Carbos
    Rock-type - 5 x Lemonade
    Dragon-type - Lum Berry
    Dark-type - Persim Berry
    Bug-type - 3 x Energypowder
    Poison-type - Pecha Berry
    Electric-type - Cheri Berry

    Also, if you unlock all the types, even the ones you don't have moves for, you don't have to solo Ghetsis at the end. :3
  19. Pika25


    Mar 30, 2007
    Doesn't this violate the usual contest category to stat mapping via the natures? (That being, Cool::Attack, Tough::Defense, Cute::Speed, Beauty::Sp At, Smart::Sp Def)
  20. Exbo


    Dec 6, 2012
    RyujinSama, take Zero the Riolu.
    Zero has only one restriction: Absolutely no directly damaging fighting moves.
    He is no brute and wants to defeat his opponents using no violence! Lucario has a super wide movepool, this should not be a problem.
    Good luck.
    Timey, take Bawser the Aron
    Not Bowser. Bawser. I barely know anything about video games not called pokemon, so this will have to do.
    Bawser's final form is final bawse level of awesomeness, so to reach it (to evolve each time), he must finish a level (solo a rival battle) AFTER Bawser has passed the required level.
    Failure to finish any level means that you lose (badge count*10000) $ because in video games, you lose your coins.
    Obviously you'll have to trade one in from hg/ss. Do so asap, with Aron being lv. 15 max, and already nicknamed.

    Glacier Knight, take Savage the Basculin (red striped).
    Savage hates blue striped Basculin. As such, he must always solo any red Basculin he sees. Shouldn't be too restrictive against other pokemon as noone cares about Basculin :( Also, he must always know at least one recoil move and at least one biting move. Finally, he must be the one to lead in any body of water you have to surf through.

    Bonus: If he succesfully soloes Skyla's Swanna while underleveled by 3 at least, no held/healing items, he may switch the recoil move with Thrash, and let all hell break loose. This is a modified challenge that had not been accepted by Dodgerr.


    Have fun, guys!
  21. SubwayJ


    Dec 16, 2011
    Glacier Knight! You get Hipster the (male) Scraggy

    Hipster has never fit in with the rest of his kind. Always being different and in his mind unfairly classified by society. He is a fan of the abnormal and the ironic and loves shopping at urban outfitters. Hipster never leaves home without his trusty real-D glasses (with the lenses popped out of course) because they set him apart from other Scraggy. Hipster will never eat anything but organic food because other food is a representation of boundaries and communism. Hipster is also a big fan of abstract art because he feels it represents the meaning of life and the opposition of "The Man." Finally, Hipster hates being like others and will stay away from anything mainstream.

    Hipster's Rules
    -Because of his hatred of the mainstream Scraggy may ever not use any moves in his smogon analysis (Bulk Up, Drain Punch, Payback, Crunch, Dragon Dance, Hi Jump Kick, Zen Headbutt and Head Smash are banned)

    -Due to his love of his Real-D glasses, Scraggy must wear the Wise or Black glasses as soon as you get them, and they cannot be removed (but not Choice Specs because they are just other boundaries set by society and "The Man"). (NOTE he may hold other items until you find one of these)

    -Because Hipster only eats organic, and won't use artificial products, he refuses to let you use any sort of man-made medicines or products to heal him (Only Berries, Moomoo Milk, Fresh Water and Herbal Medicines may be used to heal him away from Pokemon Centres and Doctors/Nurses. No Potions, Full Restores, Soda Pops, Lemonades and other items of that sort may be used on him)

    -Because of Hipster's love of art, he respects artists very much (and their difference from society) and will refuse to battle against them unless he is the last pokemon left

    -Hipster also will refuse to battle any pure-normal type pokemon and cannot use normal type moves because they are too mainstream for him which he must avoid due to his hipster-ish nature. (If Hipster is the

    -Other Scraggy traditionally evolve at level 39 but that is too common for Hipster who will wait until level 42, the representation of life, the universe, and everything and also hipster Scraggy's.

    -Finally because Hipster refuses to be bound by the classifications and boundaries of society, you may remove any one of the other restrictions set upon him.

    -No Analysis moves
    -Must wear Black/Wise Glasses as soon as found
    -No artificial products may be used on Scraggy
    -No battling Artists
    -Will not battle pure-normal mons or use normal moves
    -Cannot evolve until Lv 42
    -You may remove any one other restriction

    Good luck with Hipster Glace and also with the rest of your run!

  22. Bearded Dragonite

    Bearded Dragonite

    Feb 9, 2013
    Hey guys! Sorry about the inactivity lately. I'd been busy with a Uni presentation, then a holiday with no computer.

    RIGHT! GlacierKnight, let's see what I can do for you... Will I make you cry out in pleasure... Or writhe in agony...?

    Speaking of pain & pleasure, how about Masseus the Yamask?

    In her human incarnation, Masseus was indeed the finest masseus in her town. Some even say the finest in her entire country!

    - In death, she is slowly regaining her memories, including her massage techniques. She vows never to forget them once remembered, and to use them to help the pokemon she encounters.
    She begins by creating the ideal atmosphere, using a unique haze of incense (Haze/Ominous Wind), and dimming the lights to the ideal level (Night Shade). She then stimulates afflicted areas with a weak flame (Will-o-Wisp), before applying varying amounts of pressure (Hex/Shadow Ball)

    - She may use other moves while she waits to learn this moveset, but only 3 times per sess-- match.

    - She hates being statused, as it affects her concentration, so if you fail to cure her of any status within 2 turns, she cannot be sent out again until she can regain her senses at a Pokemon Centre.

    - She has noticed Clay's dangerous levels of tension from his painstaking years underground, so she will debvote her full attention to him & all of his pokemon.

    - Knowing that N can understand pokemon speech, she hopes he can give her clues about her past in exchange for one massage each for him & his party.

    After learning her full routine & helping the above clients, Masseus may evolve. Once she does, she remembers more about her past, and her untimely death...

    As a human, Masseus became romantically involved with a foreign client, who it turns out was a well-established crime boss in his homeland. He was a cruel & violent man, but her youth & infatuation blinded her to the abuse she was constantly subjected to.
    One day, he said to her that she could make them a great deal of money by going back with him & getting into a... different line of work. She refused, and yet another argument broke out. However, this time, the man pulled out a knife!
    She eventually wrestled the knife from him & took out one of his eyes, but in his half-blind rage, he then pushed her from the window of their Hotel room...

    - The bitterness of these memories have given her the drive to learn Curse ASAP. She must forget one move of your choice for it as soon as it can be Heart Scaled back onto her.

    - She has sworn revenge on her former lover, Ghetsis, and is determined to drag him with her into the afterlife. So before this battle, forego Curse for Destiny Bond.
    She must solo him (If this is too hard, solo 3 of his team), taking out his final pokemon with Destiny Bond.

    Show Hide
    - Female Yamask named Masseus
    - Final moveset must be: Haze/Ominous Wind, Night Shade, Will-o-Wisp, Hex/Shadow Ball
    - Only 3 other moves per match until she has the above set
    - Must be cured of status within 2 turns of affliction
    - Solo Clay
    - Solo N once
    - Can only evolve when above conditions are met

    - After evolution, teach her Curse
    - Replace Curse with Destiny Bond before Ghetsis
    - Solo Ghetsis (or 3 of his team, if preferred), KOing his last pokemon with Destiny Bond

    Also - Who else is needing a challenge?
  23. Shiruba


    Mar 1, 2013
    heyyy you should thank me. now your wingull and marshtomp will never die ;)
  24. Itsame


    Mar 26, 2013
    I accept the new challenges. I need one more now. Here's what I have so far:

    Show Hide

    ~Can only know Ground-type moves until he solos Wattson
    ~If he falls asleep, he must wake up on his own

    ~She can only have STAB moves until she solos a gym
    ~No status moves under this condition, even STABs

    ~Can only use slashing moves(including scratch?)
    ~He evolves based on the gender of the last trainer defeated
    ~If trainer's gender is the same, he evolves into Ninjask.
    ~If trainer's gender is opposite, he evolves into Shedinja.

    ~Must be male
    ~Cannot know two moves of the same type
    ~Cannot be the highest leveled or lowest leveled at any time
    ~Cannot be put into PC or Daycare at all

    ~Solo any two gym leaders and one elite four
    ~One of these must be strong against Winner

    Timey, for you, I have a challenge: Yoshi the Gible

    Yoshi has a dream to carry people on his back, which he can do as a Garchomp, with the use of Surf. He is a very competitive Gible, so he must be at least 5 levels above any other Dragon-type in your team at all times. As his trainer, Yoshi idolizes you, and wants to make sure he's strong enough before carrying you. He must solo 3 Galactic Grunts to be able to evolve, and 3 more to evolve further. Once a Garchomp, he must learn surf ASAP so he can live his dream. After this, Yoshi is content, having lived his dream, and accepts whatever you do with him now.

    If this is too complicated, tell me. OHANDGIVEMEMYLASTCHALLENGEPLZKTHX
  25. Jimera0

    Jimera0 You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 24, 2010
    Alright, here's a new update for my Emerald Scramble! I'm trying a new thing for me; writting my updates from notes instead of writing them completely from memory or as I go. Hopefully this should result in a much smoother read than some of my past formats.

    Chapter 9: Everyone is all so grown up now! (open)
    So I come back to Emerald a few days after leaving off after the last chapter... turns out I saved in Rustboro of all places. Looks like I got a nice long ass trek ahead of me.

    But there's a surprise waitng for me in front of Rusturf Tunnel. That bumbling Devon Co. member from before, the one who lost DA GOODS? Yeah, apparently he decided to wait outside of Rusturf Tunnel so he could thank me with a Repeat Ball. What if I had never come this way? Would he just sit there forever, hoping his hero would one day return?

    That's just so sad and creepy I don't know what to think.

    Anyway, after a while I finally make it to Route 118. I check out the Berry Master's house while I'm there because... why not? Of course none of the berries there are any USE at all, but hey, there are trainers around to fight at least.

    One thing I'm noticing is that the wild Pokemon around here are beefy. Only a few levels below me and half of them are evolved now. Poor Zen Mode is having trouble with some of them even. She can't evolve soon enough.

    Oh, but before I get back to Route 118 I fight a Pinsir which OKHOs Pinball with a surprise Revenge. The funny part was how it Hardened for 4 turns before using it... had one of Pinballs Rock Tomb's not missed... bah. One more life gone from him. Thankfully, soloing Norman means he essentially had 3 extra lives added so he'll be ok.

    I do get to Route 119, only to encounter the Mimic Circle. You know that place fully of creepy, bug loving freaks who also happen to mimic your every movement? Yup, nothing cult-like about that at all.

    And just outside their patch of grass is a house full of Wingulls. No explanation is given for this. Seriously, what the hell is going on on this route?

    It's almost refreshing when I hear this from a Kindler on the route: "Ho Ho, I like kid trainers!" Good old pedophilia is almost comforting in its normalcy after the rest of the route.

    Good news though; both Broken and Pinball evolve on the way up the route! They both really needed it too. Pinball simply wasn't hitting very hard anymore, and Broken's paper thin defense stat was starting to get on my nerves.

    I finally get to the Weather Institute and find two Aqua Grunts on guard. On the bridge leading AWAY from the institute. And they don't do anything to stop me entering. Great work guys, you sure are a credit to your team.

    Anyway, I sweep the Aqua members out of the Institute pretty easily. Even their admin, Shelly is pretty useless. I then have Castform forced on me (interesting fact; it's impossible to NOT get Castform; the even triggers immediately after you win and you can't refuse it). Guess what's going to get really well acquainted with the inside of my PC box?

    Of course right after I leave, I'm set upon by May. I had forgotten to switch NotAgain to the front of my party, but it turns out switching him in wasn't much of a problem. In fact, he wiped out her entire team while hardly breaking a sweat; a far cry from my last encounter with her. It probably didn't hurt that she only used attacking moves on him like, 3 times total.

    But I'm not done yet after beating her and getting my reward of HM02 Fly (Thanks for ensuring I'll never use it by forcing me to HM slave it Wobbanaut!). No, Scott shows up out of nowhere! He was totally just walking by on a rainy route in the middle of buttfuck nowhere and happened to see me battle he says. Bullshit, you creepy ass stalker. Why do I still have you on my Pokenav again?

    Anyway, I soon get to Fortree, which has nothing of interest for me really. I mean, I suppose I could teach the Hidden Power TM I got to something. A move that'll have like 40 BP will totally be useful right?

    Of course the gym is blocked by a Keckleon, so I have to go to Route 120 to see Steven for the Silph- I mean Devon Scope first. On the way there I encounter Gabby and Ty again. No guys, I don't want an interview. I just want your money and exp, now fuck off.

    Zen mode is seriously taking a beating lately; she got her ass handed to her by the KECKLEON that Steven has you fight. Jeeze.

    Thankfully she doesn't have long to wait. Soon after getting the scope she does finally evolve, and suddenly she has the highest attacking stats on my team by a long shot. With base 100/105 offenses... that really just highlights how weak my team is.

    Oh, and you know what Steven does when he leaves? He jumps on a flying Pokemon and flies off. Stop taunting me game! STOP IT NOW BEFORE I MURDERIZE YOU GODDAMNIT!

    After I scare off the Keckleon in front of the Fortree gym I decide to go inside without doing any further training. By the time I get through Winona's oddly fervent flunkies ("Her face is so beautiful in battle. I won't let you see that face!" Most of my team is at the same level as her Altaria. However, I'm still not very confident, remember how badly Altaria has fucked me up in the past. A bulky Pokemon with Dragon Dance and a move that covers the only one of its weaknesses you're likely to have at that point in time makes for a hell of a lot of trouble. I don't really have a plan going in, but I decide to just wing it anyway. What's the worst that could happen?

    I decide to lead with Pinball, who's only level 32 but close to leveling. She easily takes out Winona's Swablu, but falls just short of leveling up from the experience. Importantly though, Pinballs first Rock Tomb doesn't OHKO, leading Winona to waste her only Hyper Potion. This will be important later.

    I have an idea to switch to Kamikaze against one of Winona's less threatening Pokemon and Double Team until Dragon Dance doesn't matter, but that plan goes out the window as soon as Swablu faints, since she immediately switches her Altaria in. I know that Pinball is 4x weak to Earthquake, but I decide to keep her in anyway. She should be able to get one attack off... hopefully. As expected, Altaria goes straight for the Earthquake, but thanks to Pinball's massive defense even the 4x weakness isn't enough to take her down in one shot. Rock Tomb hits and lowers her Altaria's speed leaving it just above half health. I know better than to stay in though since another Earthquake is definitely coming, so I switch to Kamikaze who gets a nice free switch. Now comes the tricky part. Do I attempt to Double team, or just go in for the KO with Wing Attack. I decide agaisnt Double Team in the end since I can only heal Kamikaze with berries, and just go for the Wing Attack while Altaria Dragon Dances. Thanks to the speed drop from Rock Tomb, Kamikaze still outspeeds it after the one Dragon Dance, but a second wing attack fails to KO. It does bring her down to Red HP though. Now is the moment of truth. I can use Quick attack and get the KO, but if it doesn't KO I might well get swept. If she uses a Hyper Potion, it's almost a certainty. But she doesn't and Quick Attack takes it down.

    I'm not out of the woods yet though, since in Emerald she still has 3 more capable Pokemon to face me with. I send out Zen Mode to counter her Tropious, and it turns out to be a perfect choice. As I use Amnesia as per restriction, she uses Sunny Day. I know a Solar Beam is incoming, but Amnesia means it does pitiful damage, while the sun boosts Zen Mode's Ember significanty. It still isn't enough to OHKO though, and Winona surprises me by switching out to her Pelipper the next turn. I keep Zen Mode in since the Sun means she should be able to take a water type move, but with Protect and an unlucky miss from Rock Slide (oh did I mention she learned Rock Slide when she evolved? Because she did) her Pelipper stalls out the sun and I'm forced to switch. I decide to switch in Geiko because he's a bit behind in level. This could have backfired since her Pelipper knows Aerial Ace, but it never appears and Pelipper falls to a couple Leaf Blades. I switch back to Zen Mode to finish off the rest of her team, and sure enough her Tropious is quickly wiped out. However, her Skarmory tanks and Ember and actually KOs Zen Mode with Aerial Ace due to her low speed.

    I'm forced to switch to the only other Pokemon I have that can really damage Skarmory; NotAgain. This means I'm at the mercy of Metronome for one turn. I press the button, tank a Steel Wing and wait. Apparently the RNG gods were feeling favorable today, because the move I draw is freaking ERUPTION! Obviously this finishes it off, and I win my 6th Badge in spectacular fashion!

    Team Update:

    Geiko the Grovyle
    Level 32 – Ability: Overgrow – Nature: Gentle – Item: Miracle Seed – Gender: Male
    Leaf Blade
    Secret Power
    Mega Drain

    Didn't do a whole lot this chapter as I had him boxed so I could have my HM slave with me for most of the chapter. Did a good job against Winona's Pelipper though and in the fights he did participate in continued to be useful. Looks like his drop off point is a little ways off yet.

    Kamikaze the Swellow
    Level 33 – Ability: Guts – Nature: Naughty – Item: None – Gender: Female
    Quick Attack
    Wing Attack
    Steel Wing
    Double Team

    Was absolutely key to beating Winona's Altaria due to her speed and Quick Attack. Still doing well outside of that too, though she's not doing as much damage as she used to. Still, I expect her to be useful for a little while longer yet.

    NotAgain the Sableye
    Level 33 – Ability: Keen Eye – Nature: Naive – Item: Blackglasses – Gender: Male
    Faint Attack
    Night Shade

    Weirdly, his issues really seemed non-existent this chapter. He succeeded in both the major battles he participated in as well as all the more minor ones I had him fight. So far he's not living up to his horrifyingly bad billing KS. Still, I can't help but to think the worst is yet to come.

    Pinball the Aron:
    Level 33– Ability: Sturdy – Nature: Gentle – Item: None – Gender: Female
    Metal Claw
    Rock Tomb
    Iron Tail
    Take Down

    She was seriously starting to fall behind before she evolved, but now that she has she's back in good form. She's still not the heavy hitter she used to be, but her defensive prowess is unrivaled, as evidence by her epic tanking of Altaria's Earthquake. I'm starting to get more and more annoyed by her restriction that makes he always use super-effective attacks though, as it frequently forces me to use the unreliable and low PP Rock Tomb when I could be using a more reliable move. Still, the coverage from it is too invaluable to give up... yet.

    Zen Mode the Numel
    Level 33 – Ability: Magma Armor – Nature: Mild – Item: Soft Sand – Gender: Female
    Focus Energy
    Rock Slide

    Zen Mode was really struggling for most of the chapter. Her low bulk and speed were an issue of course, but her restriction means she needs to take TWO hits usually before attacking. Thankfully, now that she has evolved she has a lot more power, meaning that those two hits are normally all she'll have to take. She also takes them better overall of course, which is nice. Seriously dreading the water routes that are yet to come though. She won't do so well there.

    Broken the Spoink
    Level 33– Ability: Own Tempo – Nature: Calm – Item: Quick Claw – Gender: Female
    Confuse Ray

    Still an overall great battler, especially since evolving lessened her issues with her physical defense. Thief is going to need replacing soon though, as even when super-effective it is woefully under-powered. It's a shame she can't learn the Thunderbolt TM. That'd be such a perfect fit for the upcoming chapters...

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