Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

^Buy all the coins with his money from the items recieved.

Here are the items you can get via Pick Up:

ItemRaritySuper Potion30%Ultra Ball10%Full RestoreFull HealNuggetReviveRare CandyProtein5%PP Up4%King's Rock1%

1. Super Potion sells for- $350
2. Ultra ball sells for- $600
3. Full Restore sells for- $1500
4. Full Heal sells for- $300
5. Nugget sells for- $5000
6. Revive sells for- $750
7. Rare Candy sells for- $2400
8. Protein sells for- $4900
9. PP Up sells for- $4900
10. King's rock sells for- $50

I copied this from Bulbapedia.

Edit: I have no idea why the image failed to show up. sorry Jimera..........

MAJOR NOTICE: At exactly 4:18, TyranatarPhantom's reservation will be nullified and up for grabs. He/She can still make a Poke if he/she sees that the spot is still open.

Now there is only 15 minutes. If anyone wants to do this challange, you had better be ready to reserve.
KS, here is the updated Caterpie:

Now then, King Serperior, you get Jim the Caterpie. Jim, like Jim from Starcraft, is not very bright, so can only use 1 special attack at a time. He is also very honorable, and can never use SE moves. He hates his enemy, who he used to love(AKA any girl Johto GL) and so must solo her with only physical and status attacks. Jim, like Jim from Starcraft, is a guy. It takes Jim quite a while to beat his enemy Sarah, and so the battle must go 15 turns or longer total. He is also extremely resourceful, and so must solo 10 pokemon that's STAB/s are super effective on him, and get into the red against 3 of them. He must lead the party, and never leave the party, as he is extremely loyal and leader-like. Jim must solo 1 other gym leader to evolve(yes Falkner counts) to evolve, and must have all moves under 80 BP and use them to solo 5 trainers to evolve again. The chosen enemy does NOT count for. Finally, Jim must solo 1 pokemon in the E4, and land the final blow on the champion and Red's final pokemon.

Should this be sufficent? I did go lighter on many of the restrictions.
I have a question before I take it: Where did you go to make this challange? I just read a quick biography on Jack, and there was nothing there about him ever being in love or that he was not very intellegent....
I went to... where else... Wikapedia!!

I'll check another quick and edit the challange as I see fit.

Also, waterwarrior, go ahead, as long as you solo 10 extra trainers.

I see now, I mean Jim, not Jack. Changing it now.

Done. Also, isn't TtarPhantom's reservation up now?
I tried the Starcraft wiki, and changed the challange as you asked me. Thanks for letting me know about my mistake!!

On another note, I did put up a little more of Chapter 4, and I hope to get the rest up tonight!!
@Axemaster: I was just looking at your challange and something hit me-

Caterpie has to solo a gym leader to evolve.
Metapod has to solo 5 trainers with no moves over 50 BP to evolve again.
Do the the move power power restrictions carry on from Metapod?

I need a bit of clarification...
Because no one seems to know anything about Yugioh, the category has been changes to Jak and Daxter OR Rachet and Clank. You have to relate it to a hero or villian.

Edit: sorry for the double post. I thought I saw someone's else's name. Guess I wasn't looking too good hahaha:)
King Serperior, you get Clank the Magnemite. It wants to fix time, but has no clue that time is already perfectly fine in the pokemon world. To remedy the problems it sees in the world, it must solo any 2 gym leaders in the game to solve the problem. It may evolve after the first solo.

(If you want more backstory or more difficulty, I can probably add more.)

No magnemite? Fine, take Cpt. Qwark the male Poliwrath. It has a huge ego, so it may not learn any moves over 99 base power (it's obviously way too powerful and heroic to use powerful moves :P). Also, since he is a complete idiot, he doesn't know how to hold an item other than his beloved Wave Incense, and he doesn't know how to use healing items.

Have fun!
Seeing as I currently do not have my second DS, I cannot fully evolve it. I love the Challange, but I want all my pokes FULLY EVOLVED by the E4. Wouldn't be a problem if the Evolite existed in the game.........


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnus
Seeing as I currently do not have my second DS, I cannot fully evolve it. I love the Challange, but I want all my pokes FULLY EVOLVED by the E4. Wouldn't be a problem if the Evolite existed in the game.........
It DOES exist in the game though. I used it on my Blitzle (so it didn't die to a light breeze) in my playthough of White. I think it's somewhere in Castellia city.
Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerp I totally read the name "Clank" and thought "Klinklang", completely forgetting that yes, it's in HG. I gave you a Slowbro. Apparently my brain is going in slow motion right now... It's a damn good thing I'm not trying to ladder right now. I also somehow though Klang evolved through trade. That was a brain fart for the ages. You'll probably be smelling it still come next winter.

As for no one doing Yu-Gi-Oh, I'm sorry XD I totally could have done that one but I did Halo instead because at the time I didn't realize Yu-Gi-Oh was available. But you like my Halo one so I'm ok.

Also, first chapter of my scramble is up! It covers everything up to the point I had reached in my Nuzlocke, so sorry if it seems a bit squashed together; I was trying to get to new stuff for you guys ASAP so you didn't have to listen to me rehash the same jokes over and over again.
^my scramble is in HeartGold. The Evolite is not........

Edit: Awesome as always my friend. The after evo requirements are softer because the pre-evo ones are so annoying.
Edited your challenge, King Serperior.

Also, I am taking a Colosseum Scramble! No trades (obviously), playing 100% including Mount Battle so no telling me to knock out X shadow pokemon. Also, mandatory solos are not allowed because every battle is a DOUBLE BATTLE, but you may say (X) pokemon must remain on the field for all of (X) battle.

I must be able to obtain all shadow pokemon before the end of the Shadow Pokemon Lab. Umbreon+Espeon are not required, but you may give me a challenge for them if you want. No Plusle or legendaries.


1. Quagsire (Must finish off anyone who sets up. May never use Surf unless it is last mon standing or if partner resists water.)
Plan: Spam Earthquake w/Ledian, Espeon. Tank ALL THE MOVES!!!

2. Hitmontop (
Plan: Grind like fuck. Probably will end up using a Technitop-like set...without technician :/

3. Ledian (May never learn attacking moves. Must be named Marvin. Must stay out for an entire boss battle to learn a attacking move.)
Plan: Ultimate Screen Setter and/or Baton Pass abuser. Granbull really needs those Agilities for its 40 base speed. FUCK YOU SAGE CHOW

4. Granbull (
Plan: Physical Sweeper Baton Pass Recipient Granbull (lol)

5.Espeon (must keep Reflect and Helping Hand. Must replace Return with Protect in the Under.)
Plan: Another Supporter, similar to Ledian except will be EQ+Protecting with Quagsire.

6.Shadow Pokemon of my choice. (Quilava) (Must be from Phenac City, the second area (outskirt stand is the first)). (Must solo two pokemon in final boss battle. Must solo 3 shadow pokemon to evolve once. This part of the challenge is rejected, because I'm 100% completion here)
Plan: Sunny Day+Fire Blast. 'Nuff said.

Ready to go! I'll be doing updates like half the people in the thread these days.

Current MVP: Espeon
Current LVP: Ledian (can't baton pass anything yet and I don't have the ability to use dual screens yet)
Current WTFP: Hitmon3: always criticals o_O

-Hit Wii power button
-Apparently Colosseum is a GameCube game
-Press Start
-Name self Skarm (damn game only allows 7 letter main character name)
-Grab Snag Machine, drive away in weir--OOH PRETTY EXPLOSION
-Save the random red-haired girl who looks vaguely like Misty
-Snag Makuhita+Quilava (Quilava is actually a team member)
-Reach Fool's Gold Town (sorry, Pyrite Town)
-Save Game

-Turn on game again
-put Umbreon+Makuhita in box...permanently
-kill everyone in Duel Square, including the random girl that calls Rui a wallflower..."Be a man, Skarm!"
-Quilava burns everything in Duel Square...including Quagsire. He faints. FFFFFFFUUUUUU-
-Snag Quagsire (2nd try)
-Empty Quilava's heart bar...still can't purify, teach TMs, or level up until Agate FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU-
-Silva guy steals gear
-Run out of gas for hovercycle in middle of desert FFFFFFUUUUUUU-
-Get gear back
-Quagsire uses the colosseum as a cathartic experience
-Quagsire ready to purify (FFFFFFUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!)
-Beat up thug who escorts me to a warehouse full of trainers
-Save game

-Turn on game
-Beat the shit out of every trainer
-Espeon is now level 32
-reach top
-return to last save
-reach top
-OHKO Remoraid (crit OHKO)
-return to last save
-Beat the shit out of every trainer (again)
-reach top
-Almost OHKO Remoraid
-Remoraid suicides w/Shadow Rush FFFFUUUUUUUU
-return to last save
-Beat the shit out of every trainer (again)
-reach top
-Almost OHKO Remoraid
-Catch Remoraid
-Mantine almost sweeps team
-Snag Mantine
-Quagsire 1 HP (phew...)
-A useless Plusle is kidnapped, you must save it!
-doesnt care

-turn on game
-kill everything in the Pyrite cave
-Snagged Qwilfish, Meditite, Swablu, and Dunsparce
-Buy a shit-ton of healing items
-this is going to be a bitch
-"Let the music play!"
-it's simple; kill the higher leveled Ludicolo first
-1st turn: both Ludicolos use rain dance
-Switches in Quagsire for Quilava
-"Water Absorb made the attack ineffective!"
-"Water Absorb made the attack ineffective!"
-Kill off all the Ludicolo (focus fire is epic)
-Sudowoodo OHKOs Quagsire o_O
-Snag Sudowoodo
-Ludicolo keep dancing after they've fainted
-do i have to save plusle
-save game


Espeon level 36
>Reflect (must keep)
>Return (must keep)
>Helping Hand (must keep, never used)

Shadow Quagsire level 30
>Shadow Rush
>Surf (unusable)

Shadow Quilava level 30
>Shadow Rush
>Flame Wheel

-close PC interface
-talk to strange fortune teller woman
-Rui somehow forgot where she was going (FAIL)
-do we have to go visit your senile grandparents?
-Wow, the first place with actual water since Phenac
-Fight senile old man
-meet [strike]Ash[/strike] Eagun
-something is happening in the cave
-kill cipher dudes
-skrub kicks eaguns ass (lol)
-snag Hitmontop
-purify x2

-turn on game
-somethings going on at mount battle
-go to mount battle
-save again
-kill all 9 trainers
-go back
-buy shit-ton of healing items and balls
-shopping spree cost: 24,850 poke
-climb to platform 10
-this is why we can't have nice things
-Wow, nice punch!
-oh, you'll battle me but not him o_O sir are an asshole
-kill 4th pokemon
-shadow entei comes out
-Golem used Earthquake!
-It's super effective!
-Entei fainted!

-return to last save
-start fight again
-golem used Explosion!
-only kills self
-Entei comes in
-Quagsire vs. Entei... mano y mano
-Fire Blast crit OHKO

-return to platform 10
-fight creepy spandex dude again
-cutscene getting REALLY old
-Espeon+Quagsire vs Entei
-Fire Blast crit OHKO on Espeon
-Fire Blast also 2HKOs Quagsire
-Hyper Potion spam!
-"Ally's Reflect disappeared!"
-Entei chose this exact moment to run out of Fire Blast
-Shadow Rush OHKO

-I really hate this guy
-and this cutscene
-blah..blah..blah, same scenario as before
-Quagsire with 1 HP vs Entei with 1 HP
-I will make you wait for the next episode


Shadow Hitmontop level 38
>Shadow Rush
>Focus Energy
>Triple Kick
Would be better if he didn't kill himself so much o_O. Can't wait to purify once I finish his heart gauge.

(DarkWolf91 on DeviantArt)
Espeon level 38
>Helping Hand
Wow. My cleaner and Shadow Pokemon snagger. I get the feeling that he has perfect IVs or something because his stats outclass the rest of my mons so much.
(Oh BTW, do something awesome or get purified, get a cooler picture. That's how this run works.)

(Natsuki-ki-ki on DeviantArt)
Quagsire level 38
Water Absorb
>Mud Shot
>Surf (may only be used if Quaggy is last. Also cannot be deleted for some reason. WTF)
Tanks Dakim's Earthquakes like a boss. Espeon's snagging partner in regular battles. For some reason, his offense is...underwhelming, but I hope to change that soon.

(AlieMay on DeviantArt)
Typhlosion level 37
>Sunny Day
>Flame Wheel
Impressive damage output almost on par with Espeon. Gets a Quilava picture because Typlosion is ugly as shit.

-Skarm used an Ultra Ball
-Entei used Fire Blast!
-Quagsire Fainted!

-but it missed!
-Skarm used an Ultra Ball!

-Entei was snagged!
-Time Flute
-Go back to Agate Village
-visit Eagun
-do i have to
-not if i talk to the right people i don't
-mystery lab appears on my map out of nowhere
-laser fences
-in the middle of the desert
-obviously trying to keep out Mexicans
-or Ludicolos...same difference
-back to Pyrite
-random ladies who worked for Miror B. won't tell me anything
-make her an offer she can't refuse
-she's sleeping
-take elevator key
-beat the crap out of Chaser Kai
-purify Hitmon3...yay
-elevator down
-one step

-wander around
-give powerup part to Nett
-give out my P*DA number to another random person
-we caught the spy!
-oh...its not me, it's just that Silva retard

-two hot cipher chicks guarding him
-Kloak and Dagur

-can i ditch this Rui person for one of them
-fight them
-next best thing
-snag Marvin the Ledian
-is female
-correction: Marvin the Crossdressing Ledian
-pokemon don't wear clothes
-i give up
-save game

-turn on game
-don't feel like fighting Venus just yet
-leave Under
-moving on

-holy crap deja vu
-enter the cave
-beat the crap out of every trainer
-Miror B's room
-this miror b impersonator
-is worse than
-the average elvis impersonator
-he may even possibly be gayer than Twilight
-anyways...let's fight
-explosion :/
-double KO
-not really winning anymore :/
-won anyways
-leave cave
-get ambushed by about 3 trainers who I apparently did not fight on the way in
-exit cave
-go back to The Un---FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUU Chaser Kai!!!!!!
-elevator going down

-probably shouldn't delay fighting Venus any longer
-a working UFO
-in the mysterious hipster land of orre
+3 rare candies
-uses none of them
-hi Venus
-Oh wait, you're on the blacklist!
-totally burned
-attract spam
-Typlosion and Hitmon3 are not moved
-kill all four mons
-Suicune kills self

+3 rare candies
-cutscenes age faster than mice
-kill all 4 of her pokemon
-run out of pokeballs

-shopping spree time
-Outskirt Stand
-10 ultra balls
-5 timer balls
-20 great balls
-should take me to the rest of the game
-go back
-FFFFFUUUUU Chaser Kai you'll never win!!!!!!
+3 rare candies
-kill all her mons
-use all ultra balls
-here we go again
-snags Suicune with final timer ball

-lost on television
-runs away
-on television
-follow her
-heal at conveniently placed pokemon center/colosseum

-that bitch took the elevator
-at least send it back up
-down the stairs
-trainer at every corner
-correction: easy trainer at every corner
-reach bottom
-random train wtf
-go through it
-Venus went out the other side
-"you think we'd let you take the train?"
-leaves the key to operate the train

-no wonder they only made 48 shadow pokemon
-fucking spoilers
-take train
-cipher peons run away
-"You'll never get into the LAB!"

-left key on the ground in the exploded room
-feel like grinding
-phenac colosseum
-this will be a challenge
-round 1: level 40 baby pokemon
rounds 2-4: level 40 nfes
-grinding was completely ineffective
-will invade their secret underground lair next time

-stock up on hyper potions, ultra balls
-random scientist
-dual electrodes
-both use explosion
-i win
-that's all you need to know about my trip through the facility
-oh yeah I caught Granbull
-SOB hit the alarm.
-correction: she's female. just B.
-oh well
-door lock
-I only decoded 2 DNA samples
-I got it right
-fight Skrub (again)
-win (again)
-fight D(EIN)O
-sweep his team with Earthquake+Protect
-snag raikou
-some boss you are
-runs off
-you left your list of all the shadow pokemon
-rather convenient if you ask me
-give it to Nett

Espeon level 45
-Helping Hand
Still a boss. I'm using smaller pictures to not make the update huge. I get Psychic at 47, expect it to rape once I do.

Quagsire level 44
-Mud Shot
Finally figured out how to get rid of Surf. Now Earthquake+Protecting with Ledian and Espeon.

Typlosion level 43
-Sunny Day
-Fire Blast
Taught it protect for a certain boss battle which'll be in the next update. Another boss (or would be, but it can't learn Solarbeam >_>)

Hitmon3 level 43
-Detect (completed Focus Energy challenge)
-Triple Kick (challenge completed)
-Rapid Spin
Pretty beast. I'm just sick of it running out of PP in triple kick.

Marvin the female Ledian level 48
-Baton Pass
-Swift (unusable right now)
Exp share grinding her. I'm going to have her stay out for the entire battle of Dakim, the Earthquake/Protect guy.

Shadow Granbull level 43
>Shadow Rush
>Scary Face
Pretty damn powerful, but he purifies slowly. Should be free soon.

-turn on game
-Realgam Tower
-go left in first door
-ooh, Miror B!
-no music
-kill his ludicolos with fire
-he has two non-ludicolo
-a lesson to all future cipher admins...
-i'm going to regret that aren't I
-go right
-not the spandex guy again
-wait, if he spams EQ+Protect I can have ledian solo him
-turn two: Forretress used Explosion!
-damn it
-turn two: Ledian used Protect!
-Forretress used Protect!
-Ledian used Protect! (But it failed!)
-Forretress used Explosion!

-Typlosion used Fire Blast!
-Forretress survived with 1 HP.
-Forretress used Explosion!

-you know what, I think I'm going to edit out about 10 of my tries
-try #12
-leads with Whiscash and Forretress
-Typhlosion used Fire Blast!
-Forretress fainted!
-Whiscash used Ice Beam!
-Ledian fainted

-on second thought, let's skip the next 10 as well
-i'm so persistent
-try #32
-flygon+forretress lead
-i use Quagsire+Ledian
-Forretress used Earthquake
-Ledian used Supersonic! Flygon was confused!
-Quagsire used Blizzard! (misses both)
-Flygon absorbed energy!
-o shit
-Ledian used protect!
-Quagsire used blizzard
-Flygon survived!
-i think you can see this coming
-OHKOs Quagsire o_O
-Granbull switches in
-Ledian used Protect!
-Forretress used Explosion!

-That fucking Flygon died too
-he sends out Whiscash and Claydol
-Granbull OHKOs whiscash with a crit Strength
-seems legit
-he sends out houndoom
-oh shit
-Claydol used Sunny Day
-oh fucking shit
-OHKOs Granbull from full health
-go Quagsire (revived by Ledian)
-Houndoom used Solarbeam!
-why does everyone know that
-quagsire died
-protect was wasted
-oh shit
-go Hitmon3
-Triple Kick!
-one hit
-OHKOed by Claydol's Psychic
-Houndoom used Fire Blast!
-it missed
-Ledian used Supersonic! (on claydol)
-go Espeon
-Revive Hitmon3
-claydol hits self, ledian protects from Fire Blast
-Triple Kick almost KO's Houndoom
-Protect blocks Fire Blast (2x)
-have to revive something
-revive Hitmon3 (again)
-Houndoom used Fire Blast!
-it missed
-Claydol used Psychic!
-Hitmon3 finishes off Houndoom
-Claydol finishes off Hitmon3
-revive Espeon
-Espeon grinds away
-finishes him with Psybeam
-oh yeah purified Granbull offscreen after the battle

-more snags
-fight Venus
-has none of the pokemon she had the first time
-still spams attract FFFFFFUUUUUUU
-screw her
-1 on 1, Granbull vs. Milotic
-opposite genders
-o shit
-Milotic's moveset, revealed after 4 turns
>Confuse Ray
>Thunder Wave

-revive someone else for the 2v1
-both are now paralyzed, attracted and confused
-and before you ask, I have no full heals
-1 hour later
-Granbull is confused!
-Granbull is in love with Milotic!
-Granbull used HYPER BEAM!!!!!
-Milotic fainted!
-heal up
-go right
-fight Ein for the second time in the last 3 updates
-he has a completely different team as well 9_9
-his Crobat: Confuse Ray/Taunt/Toxic/Aerial Ace

-another long battle
-fuck you Starmie, where do you get off OHKOing Typlosion with Hydro Pump
-finally won
-all four ID badges
-open ominous giant door
-walk towards door
-ninja Cipher guy drops in from the ceiling
-has 4 Grass types LOLOLOLOLOL
-curb stomp the ninja cipher guy
-at the base of the [strike]Space Needle[/strike] tower.
-"You are the 1000th visitor to the tower!"
-wtf it just opened
-oh wait he just wanted to fight me with his pokemon in the high 30s
-curb stomp
-everyone in the damn room is a trainer
-their pokemon are too weak to stand a chance
-curb stomp x10
-levels up A LOT
-still too low to fight final boss :/
-next episode: GRINDAN

-it is required that you click this link before we continue with this episode of Colosseum
-mood music
-yeah, you better listen
-Pyrite Colosseum
-rounds 2-4: level 50 nfes
-my pokemon in mid 40s
-epic rape
-lots of money, TMs get
-moving on
-go to the under
-might as well use the elevator
-Chaser Kai

-she will never win
-moving on
-Under Colosseum
-first trainer: level 55 nfes
-more difficult rape
-I will now cut out the easy trainers and only fill in the ones that gave me trouble
-round 2, trainer 3
-has Azumarill, Sneasel, Pelipper, Noctowl
-all with Double Team
-only perfect accuracy is Swift FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!
-just a reminder: you should, in fact, be listening to this.
-thank you for your continued patronage
-lucky Blizzard double KO from Quagsire
-won after 30 minutes
-round 3, trainer 2
-you should know from the last update how much I hate this strategy
-why am i calling it a strategy
-finally won, with much full heal abuse
-round 4, trainer 4
-actual fully evolved powerful level 60s
-stalling w/ cradily, murkrow, etc...
-3 pokemon against chansey+murkrow (cradily on sidelines)
-mean look
-seems legit
-perish song
-heal bell
-3 turns later...
-Granbull used Strength!
-Chansey fainted!
-Typlosion used Fire Blast!
-Murkrow fainted!
-Granbull+Typlosion fainted!
-Quagsire vs. Cradily
-Cradily is absorbing energy!
-oh shit
-blizzard misses
-oh shit
-Earthquake crit OHKO
-more money+tms
-buy 25 Ultra balls, 15 timer balls, 15 Hyper potions, 15 revives
-it's go time...
-next episode: End of the Road

Origins said:
-save girl who looks vaguely like misty
(Ware)House of Horrors said:
-Beat the shit out of every trainer (again)
-reach top
-Almost OHKO Remoraid
-Remoraid suicides w/Shadow Rush FFFFUUUUUUUU
Spandex... said:
-climb to platform 10
-this is why we can't have nice things
Espeonage said:
-elevator down
-one step
Secret Underground Lair said:
-sweep his team with Earthquake+Protect
-snag raikou
-some boss you are
Vengeance (part one of two) said:
-Realgam Tower
-go left in first door
-ooh, Miror B!
-no music
Vengeance (part two of two) said:
-Milotic's moveset, revealed after 4 turns
>Confuse Ray
>Thunder Wave
-it is required that you click this link before we continue with this episode of Colosseum
GRINDAN (later) said:
-3 pokemon against chansey+murkrow (cradily on sidelines)
-mean look
-seems legit
-perish song
-heal bell
-it all comes down to this
-take the up elevator
-enter healing room
-guy blocking the machine
-complete rape
-nascour steals the elevators
-take the left elevator
-not there
-i'd give you the details
-but it wasn't even close
-i lost 50 HP total
-take the left elevator
-for the sake of time, let's only chronicle my successful attempt
-four fights, no break, no healing
-here we go
-first up: Shadow Miltank, Porygon 2, Zangoose
-easy win
-second: Shadow Absol, Mightyena, Sharpedo
-Absol used Swords Dance!
-Skarm threw an Ultra Ball!
-Absol was snagged!
-third: Shadow Houndoom, Torkoal, some other pokemon i can't remember
-still easy
-fourth: Shadow Tropius, Cradily, Vileplume, some pokemon I can't remember
-"Tropius used Synthesis!"
-eventually get the snag and win
-here comes nascour
-silent full heal before the battle
-battle has no music...just crowd noise and sound effects
-not a glitch
-sends out Dusclops, Xatu
-Granbull destroys Xatu with Hyper Beam XDDDDD
-sends out Gardevoir
-more Hyper Beam fodder XDDDDD
-here comes Walrein
-Typlosion uses Fire Blast
-less than 30% o_O
-Walrein OHKOes with Surf
-sends out Quagsire
-Quagsire+Granbull vs. Blaziken+Dusclops
-i have quite a few more here too
-Granbull switched out
-to Ledian XDDDDD
-Quagsire used Earthquake!
-double kill
-Shadow Metagross
-Iron Defense spam
-"he has 2 Iron Defenses up, I can earthquake him no problem!"
-"It's super effective!"
-"A critical hit!"
-Metagross fainted!
-try again?
-I've come too far to turn back now
-there's the mayor guy're the bad guy
-"I will rule the world!"
-so stereotypical
-he sends out Slowking+Scizor
-Scizor gets Swords Dance+two Silver Wind Boosts
-they rape my team
-respawn at health machine
-still have all my snagged pokemon from before
-round two bitches
-he leads with Machamp+Scizor
-I caught on
-"Typlosion used Fire Blast!"
-"Scizor fainted!"
-here comes Salamence
-Salamence used Double-Edge!
-Typlosion fainted!
-sends out Hitmontop
-Machamp used Earthquake!
-hitmontop has 1 HP
-Hitmontop used Endeavor!
-salamence has 1 HP
-**insert montage of Blizzard misses and Dragon Dances here**
-Salamence used Double Edge!
-Hitmontop fainted!
-Salamence fainted!
-thank god
-Slaking+Slowking vs. Quagsire+Granbull and Espeon (on the sidelines
-you know what's coming
-HYPER BEAM!!!!!!!!!
-Slowking is a bitch
-Slaking dies to Hyper Beam
-Slowking dies to Earthquake
-Ttar comes out
-Master Ball
Shiny, take the Shadow Quagsire in Pyrite Town. It thinks that it's in the 5th Gen and it has the Unaware ability, so if an enemy uses a statup move in battle, Quagsire must immediately switch in and deliver the final blow to it. It may never use Surf in battle unless it is the last Pokémon standing, or it is paired with a Pokémon that resists/is immune to water attacks, as it thinks it will injure its partner.