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Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Its_A_Random, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Flora

    Flora Yep, that tasted purple!
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    Feb 8, 2008
    Imma give you a Torchic. Name him Superpowerdude (if that doesn't fit just SPD works!). Basically he thinks he's a super power dude and wants to boost himself up in every fight he's in. When he learns Focus Energy, he must keep it and use it immediately (whenever possible) so he can crush his enemies with ease. In addition, when he learns Bulk Up, he must keep that move alongside Focus Energy to show how manly and powerful he is. Every battle when he has both Focus Energy and Bulk Up, you have a choice to use either one on the first turn then you're free to do whatever you want (your moveset is pretty restricted as it is LOL). Superpowerdude is afraid of Ice-types, though, because they give him the chills and make his muscles feel really weird and uncomfortable. Thus, he cannot fight any Ice-type Pokemon. Oh and one last one, after one Bulk Up, Superpowerdude exhausts his strength because he's not really the best super power dude out there and cannot use any more Bulk Ups. edit: to make it more clear, switch Superpowerdude out of Ice-types. edit: I made it so you can only use one Bulk Up. I think that should make it more challenging in a way. MORE EDITS: You can only use one of Bulk Up or Focus Energy in a battle. Okay, there we go haha!

    I don't think my restrictions are that bad. :) In fact, this might be too easy actually lol!
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  2. Roadagain


    May 25, 2013
    SoulSilver Scramble: Parte de Laste

    For a final part, this really isn't interesting. At all. It's mostly because like last part, it's just battles. Specifically, Joey, all Gym Leader rematches, Silver (Or... Hugh), E4 and of course, Red.

    Show Hide
    After a fair share of Battle Frontier grinding (And Frontier... whatever from Battle Hall thanks to Aquaphobia's versatility) Aquaphobia got a small upgrade from Earthquake to Brick Break.

    After calling through all the Gym Leaders, I head for the Dojo and Joey calls, wanting a rematch with his top percent Raticate. Fair enough, for being top percent, he shall get this. Heading to Joey from Cherrygrove ends up with a single wild encounter, Raikou. You all really want a final appearance before the end, huh? Joey's Raticate is OHKO'ed by Fly. ”Getting beat up this often feels good”. Right. Never talking to Joey again.

    Gym Leader battles (open)
    First up is Falkner.

    Starting up with Cotton against his Staraptor, being most likely the biggest threat. Unfortunately, he U-Turns to Swellow, ends up Paralyzed, which gets horribly Thunder'd. Staraptor comes back in and also gets Thunder'd. Third up is Honchkrow, critically Waterfall'd. In a war of attrition, Shadow proved his aerial superiority against Noctowl, whatever that means. Meanie took on Pelipper with his stall, and came out victorious, leaving only Pidgeot. Aquaphobia comes in to set the rain, but gets hit by confusion twice, and barely takes a Return afterwards. Double Team all you want, Cotton is now set to Thunder you down.

    Next up Bugsy's Bugs, y.

    Shadow goes first with Spore/Swag/Transform and cleanly OHKO'es Scizor with Superpower. Next comes Fly, avoiding the lethal Stone Edge and then dropping Heracross. Unfortunately, the Fly is not quite enough to take Yanmega out, but Aquaphobia's Ice Beam is more than enough. He was also able to take out Vespiquen. Cosmic gets in a Supersonic before Pinsir's rocks rock... rocks. Also it was the most worthless confusion ever. Cotton takes the Earthquake though, and drops Pinsir dead with Thunder. Shadow Transformed into the Shedinja and finished up.

    Third we have Whitney.

    Two Signal Beams from Cotton take the Calm Minded abomination of palindromic giraffeffarig out. The rest of the team lined up for Brick Break fodder. I would go into more detail, but I think this fight has been milked dry.

    Next we'll break out of order and go with Jasmine.

    Shadow starts out against Metagross with her now trademark Spore/Triple Swagger/Transform combo. Shadow ended up Mashing her way through Metagross, Skarmory and Magnezone, as well as Exploding on Empoleon. The rest is easy pickings for Cotton (Get it? Picking? Cotton?) and Aquaphobia, taking out Bronzong and Steelix respectively.

    Well, that was a mortyfying experience. Speaking of Morty...

    Drifblim is good fodder for Thunder. First Gengar is easily taken out by Aquaphobia. With the second one, I wasn't sure what to do, so Shadow had to become a real shadow and drag Gengar to the Shadow Realm with Destiny Bond. All that really needs to be said on Dusknoir is that it has notable abilities to heal my Pokemon with Pain Split. Sableye was a massive pain and eventually left me with very little choice but to rely on Cotton, who picked up where Meanie left and took the thing out. Mismagius then Perish Song'd itself.

    The funny thing is that Morty has Clair-voyance and still lost like an idiot.

    On that note still doesn't take any sort of clairvoyance to see that Gyarados died to Thunder. Meanie got to a good start with beating Aerodactyl when Clair swapped to Charizard. She also predicted a switch to Aquaphobia and hit with Air Slash. Instead of doing so again, she felt Shadow Claw was more fitting for her needs. Coming next is the Dragonite. I send out Shadow that barely takes the Thunder, followed b Spore and Transform. Sleep is on my side, and Dragonbreaths's take the behemoth down. Dragonbreath isn't quite enough to take Dragonair down, Fly finishes. Aerodactyl comes in for another go, and Cotton takes the Earthquake quite well and defeats Aero. That leaves Kingdra. Cotton somehow takes a Hydro Pump, but Thunder doesn't OHKO. I predict another Hydro Pump and send Aquaphobia out, but instead, it's Dragonbreath. Brick Break is enough since Clair went with Yawn.

    Really? REALLY? Why are all of them Chucking the win at me? ...yeah I'm stretching here. Let's just go fight Chuck.

    Fun fight here. Medicham is slow, so Shadow leads with Spore/Swagger/Transform rainbow apocalypse. Well okay, combined force of Poliwrath and Primeape ended the fun, but hey. That's Medicham, Hitmonchan and Poliwrath out. Also this Primeape. Uses Swagger on Fly, who hits himself twice... while Primeape missed two Close Combats and a ThunderPunch... and is then FlyFly'd. Same fate awaited Hitmonlee.

    That... that was Pryce-less.

    Cotton misses out on the Focus Blast OHKO against Abomasnow, and Pryce then heals it up. Again missing the kill, Cotton is out cold. Meanie finishes. The Hail is really razing my 'stash, so I send Aquaphobia against his Glalie and turn hail to rain, followed by Brick Break to the floating face. Next up is Dewgong, possibly the biggest threat. It has Sheer Cold, which is an incredibly stupid name. What was wrong with 'Absolute Zero'? Anyways, since it's raining, he goes with Dive... against a Water-type. With Water Absorb. Then he gets nailed by Brick Break and Dewgong is down. Meanie gets some Pooison on Mamoswine, but being slower, eventually succumbs. Aquaphobia deals a fair chunk of damage with Brick Break, and barely takes Avalanche + Earthquake before missing with Brick Break. Luckily the poison extinctizes the mammoth. He also gets decent damage on Walrein, leaving the rest for Shadow. Spore followed by Body Slam unfortunately makes the thing hit the healing area, so Walrein is back to full power, but it's also paralyzed, giving ample time to Swagger up. With only Cosmic, I'm able to get some more confusion as well as time to heal up. It was quite close for Cosmic to get a win here, but Cotton needs to come sweep up. The fight drags on a bit due to a lucky freeze, but eventually Aquaphobia kicks his frosl-ass.

    Surprise twist it's Hugh.

    Bricks are made out of Sneasels. Aquaphobia OHKOs. His Alakazam sets up Reflect against Cotton. Signal Beam does its job well. Aquaphobia comes in on Typhlosion and breaks the Reflect and then drops Typhlo off with a critical Waterfall. Cotton comes for another go at Crobat, Thunder OHKOing. Then Gengar sweeps the entire team with Sludge Bomb, except Cotton survivng with 14 HP, and then beating Gengar and Magneton with Thunder and Focus Blast, respectively. What is it with Hugh fights being such trainwrecks? Morty's Gengars were much easier.

    It's like there's an uneven powerSurge.

    Leading with Meanie against his Raichu, with stall being quite an effective strategy. Manectric is a bit of a pain. Aquaphobia drops it to the healing zone and is taken out after the heal. Shadow Spore/Swaggerizes Manectric to allow Meanie to come in to heal up before coming back and Body Slam'ing it out. For Electivire, Cotton comes in to throw Focus Blast, but is taken out by Earthquake/Cross Chop, the latter activating Static. Fly for healing fodder to get Shadow out of paralysis, followed by some Swagger/Transformation. This took Electivire and Magnezone out easily, but unfortunately Electrode was able to blow up on us. Meanie out-stalled Pachirisu.

    Janine something lead-up something.

    Starting out with Cotton to take out Crobat quickly, but it U-Turns to Weezing, surprisingly enough KOing the thing. Fly goes against Toxicroak and gets the kill after a few Substitutes thrown around. Crobat comes for another go, Cotton picks a quick kill. Drapion is a top-tier threat, but like usual, Shadow is capable of turning that to a massive advantage, duking it out, and then OHKOing Ariados and Venomoth.

    Erika done raw since 2009.

    Shiftry whips out sunlight before being dropped by Cotton's Signal Beam. Meanie stalls out Tangrowth untill double Swords Dance-powered hits take him down. Oh well, Erika heals Tangrowth back up, including the poison, but immediately gets Spore'd, Swagger'd, Transform'd, Power Whip'd and Earthquake'd. Jumpluff comes in and U-Turns, leaving Victreebel take the Rock Slide and be KO'd. This is repeated with Roserade, though the U-Turn was critical, leaving Shadow almost dead. Jumpluff comes for a third time and takes Shadow down. Fly cleans up Bellossom and Jumpluff.

    Yeah, Sabrina. I'm sure this'll go smoothly. She made a point of knowing I would come. Because she's Psychic and whatnot.

    Opening with Cotton's Thunder, which handily connects thanks to Gravity. Sabrina heals up and Alakazam goes down to two Signal Beams. Espeon goes down largely the same way. Cosmic gets to be healing fodder so Cotton can take out Mr. Mime. Jynx is a pain, and Shadow's usual trick doesn't quite work due to lack of physical moves. Cotton eventually takes it down, after which Aquaphobia gets his turn to beat Wobbuffet. Being a mixed attacker, and the luck of freezehax, it worked out fine. Gallada is unable to OHKO, and a critical Waterfall finishes.

    Brock pun number 755 here.

    Aquaphobia used Waterfall. Half of Brocks team is gone. Aquaphobia used Brick Break/Cotton used Thunder. The other half of Brock's team is gone. NEXT.

    At the time of writing, it's a Misty morning.

    Starmie deals a fair share of damage on Cotton before Thunder. Quagsire is another sort of a problem since both Thunder and Water is inneffective. Never fear, Shadow'll make use of the moves it has. Ended up taking Quagsire, Milotic and Lapras out. Meanie stalls Lanturn out, and Aquaphobia makes short work of Floatzel.

    This is the last fight before the Blainewreck starts. So... yeah.

    Torkoal falls to Thunder, Camerupt goes to Waterfall, the usual. Magmortar carries aThunderbolt, but it's not enough to drop Aquaphobia, and can't take the Waterfall. Rapidash sees rainbows at the end of the Thunder. Magcargo goes easily down, but Aquaphobia gets burned, so an alternative is needed. Meanie can, surprisingly enough, stall Houndoom due to Blaine's incompetence, but a critical hit ruins this excellent plan. Aquaphobia finishes.

    It's time for Blue.

    Exeggutor again is immediately disposed by Signal Beam. Aquaphobia sets up Rain and just barely, BARELY misses OHKO on Rhyperior, but it also misses Megahorn, allowing a KO after Blue wastes a healing item on it. Blue attempts some Double Team with Pidgeot, but Thunder nails it down nevertheless thanks to Rain. Cosmic goes to be healing fodder against Tyranitar. Shadow hops in, Spores, Transforms with the intention to weaken the Tyranitar a bit to allow OHKO from Aquaphobia, but Low Kick ends ups OHKOing it anyways. Shadow also manages a Burn into Machamp before being hit by Kid Dynamite. Fly comes in, gets hit by Fling mid-flight, and KO's the thing nevertheless. Aquaphobia gets some healthy hits on Arcanine, but Thunder Fang is a bit too much. Meanie poisons the thing for good measure after Blue heals it up again, and then the remaining team slowly takes it out.

    Well, that's it then. The strongest Leader is down. However, for some bizarre reason, Lance still counts as a Champion. We need to fix that.

    Elite 4 and Champion (open)

    Will is lacking in willpower.

    Bronzong is a pain, since it has only two weaknesses, one is covered by ability and I lack both of them. So Cotton's Thunder is the best bet, and Bronzong even threw a Gravity to help. Aquaphobia was able to get around the Dream Eater with the power of music and take down Jynx. Meanie was able to stall a tie against Grumpig. The Slowbro got to hang aaround far too long and became a Cursed, Amnesiaic tank. Shadow was able to use this to take it down and deal major damage to the Xatu. Gardevoir ended up being a stall-war of Revives and Poison, quite disappointingly.

    Koga. Ninjas. Stuff. Yeah.

    Aquaphobia sets up rain and Waterfalls Skuntank. Switch to Cosmic predicting Explosion. Some healing from Koga and an Explosion (WHY?) end dropping both. Shadow puts Crobat to sleep, Swaggers up, Transforms and takes out Crobat, Swalot, Venomoth and almost Toxicroak. Aquaphobia finishes Toxicroak up and sets up the Rain, allowing Cotton to Thunder the Minimizing Muk.

    Third up is Bruno.

    Fly goes in first, and takes out Hitmontop due to sheer stupidity. Use Counter on the first turn of Fly, and Close Combat on the second one, doing nothing. For Machamp, Shadow's Spore/Swag/Transform combo worked. Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan went down too. Not Lucario though, which was an easy kill for Aquaphobia. Fly and Aquaphobia couldn't quite take Hariyama down, but Cotton's Thunder worked.

    And, the final Elite Four member, Karen. Trying to Karen about her.

    Strong start with Aquaphobia OHKOing Weavile. Honchkrow gets a Drill Peck in, gets Static'd, gets downed by Thunder. I intended to stall Spiritomb with Meanie, and was well on my way to do so when it hit it's head with a nail and lost half of it's health and died. Well, saved some time. Aquaphobia Waterfalls Houndoom and Brick Break Dances Absol to obscurity. Major Meanie stall for Umbreon, finished by Brick Break.

    This is it. The last fight. Ultimate Bird trainer vs. A ragtag group of underdog Pokemon with gimmick restrictions. It's Lance.

    Two Ice Beams to down Salamence, single Thunder for Gyarados. There's this scary thing... Swords Dance'd Garchomp. But you know what's scarier? A Smeargle that takes all of that and uses it to horribly kill your team full of dragons. Granted, it can't go all the way, but the Garchomp and an Altaria are sort of horribly mutilated now. Oh, and the Dragonite has halved attack power now. And, well, Aquaphobia can take these Draco Meteors all day now, and spam ice at the thing. And the last Pokemon of this adventure is... fittingly, one of the most overrated ones ever. Charizard. Now, if this was anime, we would see a glorious slow-motion thingamajig where both the Poliwrath and the Charizard use their strongest move, stand still for 15 seconds and one falls down, but instead here we get some rain and Cotton's Thunder to finish.

    And with that, the fight is over, I'm still the Champion, you jackass.

    All in all, this adventure has been a long and arduous, but also extremely rewarding in it's own special way, and...


    We're not done. There's still the true final fight... RED.

    A quick trip through Mt. Silver later;

    Vs. Red
    Show Hide

    Cotton vs. Pikachu:

    Pikachu starts off with Volt Tackle, and deals ridiculous amount of damage, but Cotton OHKOs in return with Focus Blast.

    Aquaphobia vs. Charizard:

    Aquaphobia takes Air Slash and survives with 2 HP left, and sets up the Rain, gets KO'd.

    Cosmic vs. Charizard:

    Healing fodder #1

    Cotton vs. Charizard:

    Now fully healed, takes a Flare Blitz with relative ease and OHKOs Charizard with Thunder.

    Cotton vs. Blastoise:

    I suppose Red wants to use the rain to his advantage, but then he goes with Focus Blast instead... and Cotton survives with 2 HP. Miraculous 2 HP. Red heals Blastoise up after a narrow survival, and the next Thunder is more powerul, enough to knock the turtle out.

    Cotton vs. Snorlax:

    I was hoping to get some damage in with more Thunder (Choice Specs in the fight, so no Focus Blast), but it missed, resulting in Cotton going out.

    Shadow and Aquaphobia vs. Snorlax:

    After a lot of switching and finagling, the Snorlax stayed asleep long enough to allow Shadow's signature combo, followed by a close KO with Crunch.

    Shadow vs. Lapras:

    Critical Body Slam stopped a brutal Giga Impact OHKO.

    Aquaphobia vs. Lapras:

    Healing fodder #2

    Shadow vs. Lapras Round 2:

    Spore/Swagger/Transform, followed by Body Slams. Still goes down.

    Cotton vs. Lapras:

    Healing Fodder #3

    Shadow vs. Lapras Round 3:

    More Spore and Swagger strats, time spent on getting Aquaphobia and Cotton back up before Koing with Body Slam.

    Healing vs. Venusaur:

    At this point began the Revival. I took a risk with nothing but Cotton, fully healed, standing, to get in a single Flash (And the only Flash Cotton ever used), to get an edge to eventually fully heal the whole team.

    All vs. Venusaur:

    Meanie comes up stall out the Giga Drains to allow Aquaphobia to set up the rain for Cotton to get 100% accurate Thunder for paralysis to let Shadow set up the final triple Swag, so Fly can take Venusaur down. Cosmic did absolutely nothing.

    From the very start I planned to finish the SSS challenge today. X and Y are coming in just a few days, and 10.10 just happens to also be one of the days with Diamond Snow instead of Hail at Red. Hail would've made the fight easier, but I don't like the idea of a gimmick weather in the fight and whatnot.

    It took me more than 80 hours in-game to reach this point, far more with all failure in there. However, as the last step, let's take a look at the team that brought us all the way to the end.

    LVP to MVP:
    Cosmic the Ledian (open)

    Ledian (M) @ Brightpowder
    Ability: Swarm
    Stats: Level 60, 147/74/86/87/153/131
    Naive Nature
    Supersonic / Safeguard

    There is no doubt that Cosmic is the LVP of the team. Between several difficult solos, bad moveset to the extreme and the fact it had to be kept at a reasonable level is just terrible.
    To be fair, keeping Cosmic as a Ledyba to allow at least Comet Punch to be used might have been the wiser thing to do, but Bugsy was proving to be too much of a match, and I honestly assumed that the last solo, any E4 member could be cheesed via X-Items, so this is what I ended up with. Ultimately, I think Cosmic held the team back just by the virtue of needing EXP. Share to keep up, greatly slowing down the other members. The only good thing was it's speed, and the ability to take some special moves to be used as healing fodder, really.

    Fly the Pidgeotto (open)

    Pidgeotto (M) @ King's Rock
    Ability: Tangled Feet
    Stats: Level 60, 157/111/95/86/83/110
    Adamant Nature
    Tackle / Sand-Attack / Gust / Fly

    Fly comes the second LVP. Due to it's inability to evolve early on, it had very little presence, up until Fly was made available. Unfortunately, never evolving all the way, by the later half, he would be unable to do very much. It was actually helped by the nature it got,
    but even so, quite lacking. Thankfully there were no solos to be done.

    Meanie the Meganium (open)

    Meganium (M) @ Leftovers
    Ability: Overgrow
    Stats: Level 60, 184/122/161/119/133/131
    Lax Nature
    PoisonPowder / Synthesis / Rock Smash / Flash

    As the third and last LVP, Meanie. He came with a massive cluster of restrictions that made him very difficult to use properly, culminating at the Pryce solo. After that, he became much more useful due to respectable bulk and the ability to speed up the battles. However, thanks to the slow and stally manner of battling, as well as the other team-mates being able to do stuff faster, meant that Meanie often got shafted in places it could've done well, and often ended up with less than ideal match-ups others couldn't handle, and neither really could he. The restrictions also meant that using him would risk needing to go through re-learning moves and such to allow the punishment part. I can easily estimate 50 or so Flash TM's that had to be bought for him alone. Ultimately, he definitely had his uses, but i didn't, at times, use it to the best it could have.

    Shadow the Smeargle (open)

    Smeargle (F) @ Amulet Coin
    Ability: Technician
    Stats: Level 62, 151/50/80/52/78/126
    Bold Nature
    Body Slam / Spore / Transform / Swagger

    The third MVP, and the only female of the team, Shadow came with a set with multiple issues in it to boot, as well as a point system to improve it. Early on I realised Shadow needs to get a bit of points to allow it avoiding the necessary Gym Solo, followed by rematching a certain trainer with level 40 Pokemon over and over again to rack ridiculous points. After attaining vastly upgraded moveset, she still wasn't able to do much, especially with terrible offensive stats, and Transform often lacking in ways to deal with the opponent afterwards, the answer came with Swagger. Combined with her notable speed, she was able to rack up on attack boosts to make Transform an absolutely amazing move, and having the greatest possibility for clean sweeps. In the later parts of the rematches, especially Lance, she was possibly the only reason the battles went as smoothly as they did. The noly reason she doesn't make it higher on the MVP list is simple. Not only being weak for the first half of the game, but also how difficult, or rather luck-based getting the set-up actually is. If you end up screwing it up, you may suddenly be facing a beast that mows through the entire team. I ended up being insanely lucky at many places, but that doesn't make it any better. It also needs a Physical opponent to be utilized. In the end, Shadow was most likely my favorite to use, purely because it was such a gimmicky and kinda clever set to use.

    Aquaphobia the Poliwrath (open)

    Poliwrath (M) @ Mystic Water
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Stats: Level 61, 200/148/133/112/152/106
    Gentle Nature
    Rock Climb (Ice Beam) / Brick Break / Rain Dance / Waterfall

    Second MVP. Starting out without STAB, he was extremely lacking, even with Ice Beam added before the 3rd Gym. However, the moment he evolved and got Surf, he became the offensive main force. By the end, he kept Ice Beam purely to be the Dragon-counter, and was able to forget it for the trek to Mt. Silver. I should've gotten Expert Belt there though. At the last steps of the game, the lacking speed and much wider weaknesses made him a target to many opponents, and he missed some crucial kills. Overall though, very important for the team as a whole.

    Cotton the Ampharos (open)

    Ampharos (M) @ Choice Specs
    Ability: Static
    Stats: Level 62, 199/124/105/173/139/96
    Lonely Nature
    Focus Blast / Flash / Thunder / Signal Beam

    The overall MVP. Ever since Whitney's solo, Cotton has been a main contributor in battles. Having decent bulk, he can take a hit, which he honestly will do a lot with the speed of his. Before he became an Ampharos, setting up was somewhat of a pain, but after that, nothing was there to stop the onslaught... that is, parring the accuracy of moves. Now granted, I could've gone with Thunderbolt over Thunder, but the extra power was especially necessary towards the end of the game, and Aquaphobia was able to patch this up nicely with Rain Dance. Now, due to his ability to take hits, for the most of the run, Choice Specs were swapped for Wise Glasses, purely to allow swapping moves. I think Choice Specs were only used against Lance in the first match, and Red. Overall, absolutely necessary in getting through portions of the game.
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  3. Its_A_Random

    Its_A_Random A distant memory
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    Mar 19, 2010
    Hulavuta: You get FEAR the Aron.

    This Aron came from the future, where it thinks it can survive & take out unsuspecting foes with its strategy. Sadly the transition to Gen III did not really help itc cause & it gets OHKOed by a lot of things. It must have the Sturdy ability, & it cannot evolve for now. After many battles of failure, it eventually realises what it is doing is hopeless. Once you get a Focus Band, it must be equipped to FEAR immediately, & it may not be removed from it. At this point, it realises there is a hope with its new item. If it can KO 10 Trained Pokémon at 1 HP, then maybe things will get better for FEAR & it can finally evolve past its miserable Aron form!

    Have fun.
  4. Mulan15262


    Apr 5, 2013
    clloxin Take Shocking the Mareep. Shocking loves to shock its foes. As such, it must know at least one electric-type move that targets an opponent. Furthermore, it loves to shock its foes so it must know at least 3 different types of moves ASAP.

    To evolve into a Flaaffy, it must shock a gym leader's ace pokemon (the highest level one) with an electric-type move that KOs it. To evolve into an Ampharos, it must shock a major trainer (gym leader, rival, Team Plasma Sage, Colress, N, E4, Champion, etc.) by soloing at least two of his/her pokemon using only coverage moves.

    Furthermore, it may not switch out from any ground-types, nor may it run from a wild ground type, and it must participate against Clay, because ground-types can not be harmed by electricity. It also must solo every trainer-owned pokemon that can have Volt Absorb, Lightningrod, or Motor Drive, because they, too, are not harmed by electricity.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2013
  5. Mygavolt


    Apr 21, 2011
    Probably won't work on Black Scramble for another month or so because of college, Pokémon Y, and Tales of the Abyss. Just a heads-up.

    Anyway, on with the challenges:
    Hulavuta — EDIT: Crap, I forgot you reserved a slot for Veemon (whoever that is). Ah, well. I'll just leave this here anyway.
    Feels the Ralts. Ralts is the Feeling Pokémon, so...
    I think this image should summarize what I'm thinking (open)
    When you encounter a Psychic-type, if Feels is not already out, it must switch in and cannot switch out until it or its opponent faints (but you can let Pincushion set up Spikes first). Additionally, it must have at least one contact move ASAP.
    Full list (open)
    Frustration, Return, Façade, Secret Power, Thief, Double-Edge
    Finally, it must participate as fully as it can in the battle with Tate&Liza.

    clloxin — I present to you Challenger the Snivy. This Snivy never backs down from a challenge and, as such, cannot be switched out during battle. It also cannot use any moves in the Other category against Pokémon at or below its level because it believes that such cheap tactics should not be used on the weak. As a final restriction, it must make a valiant effort to solo your rival at every encounter. The number of Pokémon it leaves un-KO'd will determine how many Elite Four Pokémon it must solo.

    Questions/concerns? Otherwise, GL;HF.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2013
  6. hard


    Aug 31, 2013
    illixo cool that you like that solution, I will think about a new challenge for you.
    I will also start to rob challenge mons of other emerald challenges, because this takes too much time ... ;)
  7. Hulavuta

    Hulavuta Oh Wow!!!
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    Sep 24, 2012
    I'm here!

    Wobbanaut, BiGGiE, Snaquaza, Flora, Its_A_Random, Mygavolt

    By the way, Mygavolt, Veemon = Wobbanaut, haha, so don't worry about that.


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    Hopefully I'll be updating a lot, complete with pictures and stuff too for all of my fans! ("fans")

    I am new to this so if I missed anything make sure to tell me!
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  8. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    *Sighs* It certainly has been a while, Scramblers, since I have been here. I must say that I have been quite bored recently while waiting for the money to get Y. But I digress, I am honestly here to attempt a Black2 run. As it has been a while, I request just a few things regarding this run:

    1). At least 3 pokemon by Gym 3; 5 by Gym 6; 6 before the E4
    2). Medium difficulty would be preferred
    3). Have fun :3
    4). At least one Mon that can Surf/Strength. Fly and Cut are optional.

    Not sure I'll be able to update much with college going on, but I can try.
  9. Celever


    Sep 25, 2012

    To show how mean I've become I will give you a Pokemon that I had a lot of fun with: Nexus the Trapinch.

    If you frequently chat in #orangeislands you will know that I did a challenging run of White2, I was going to give you DHR the Skitty and make you follow what i did but I realized it was version exclusive, so I'm going to give you Trapinch, one of my MVPs, and make you do the opposite to what I did. No flavour, just facts:

    Must catch at first opportunity
    Not allowed to hold Eviolite ever, not as a Trapinch or Vibrava. If you want to be a tyrant you can let Flygon hold it I guess. @_@
    Can't use against Elesa
    Can't use against Clay's Excadrill
    Must solo Skyla's Swoobat and Swanna as a Vibrava, not a Flygon
    Must learn and use DragonBreath once every battle (I accidentally didn't use it).
    Is not allowed any moves over 60 BP besides Fissure, Superpower and Earthquake IF YOU LEARN THESE MOVES AS A TRAPINCH. (So you can use a set of Bulldoze/DragonBreath/Bite/Aerial Ace or something, not terrible).
    Can't be used against Drayden
    Must solo Grimsley
    Can't be used against Iris
    Can't ever use Rest

    Let me know if I have to change any stuff or stuff! :s

    GL :)
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  10. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    O.o This is......quite intimidating for a first challenge in many, many months >.>' nearly as bad as the Trapinch I was given in my ancient Emerald game D: It even has to solo the flying gym of this region just like that other Trapinch......as well as use only 60 BP moves O_O.


    That aside.....unless I grind for ages, I will never be able to get Trapinch to learn those moves as it doesn't get them until the late 40s or early 50s. Hopefully this challenge will have Flygon be in the middle of my MVP list rather than the bottom like that last Vibrava that I was given :/
  11. Celever


    Sep 25, 2012
    Oh God I forgot completely about the Skarmory, I could remember Swoobat and Swanna but not the last Pokemon. Ok, Nexus only has to solo Swoobat and Swanna, this is supposed to be medium difficulty! >_<
  12. Snaquaza

    Snaquaza n_n
    is a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Apr 7, 2013
    Reserving one

    Take Hard-Life the Sewaddle

    Hard-Life has a relaxed life as a Sewaddle, it happily travels with you and always has a smile on his face, but as it is happy with it's life, it can't evolve yet.
    But when you get to the Poison Type gym, everyone is tired and you decide Sewaddle could take this gym, so it must solo it. It can only try once and don't soft reset. If it fails to solo the gym, he has to be evolved ASAP as he has to get stronger from you, he'll also be always under the effects under Mean Look, Taunt and Torment, if you somehow manage to solo the gym, you don't have any rules on it and can evolve it freely.

    Good Luck, Have Fun (should be doable, if not, I'll change it)
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2013
  13. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    O.O Solo the Poison Gym with a Grass Type. Guess he'd be under those effects forever as the only viable move it'll have is Tackle >.>' It won't even make it past the first trainer unless I extremely overlevel.........
  14. Mulan15262


    Apr 5, 2013
    King Serperior take Insane the Riolu. This Riolu is insane, as such it may only replace an attack with a status move or a lower-power attack, although it can replace a statues move with whatever it wants. Furthermore, it must use its least effective move (bar ones that have no effect) against any opponents, factoring in STAB, type advantage, and base power. Furthermore, it must solo an entire gym without using medicine or pokemon centers (or two, if you take breaks between battles to heal it) to evolve. It also must attack an ally for its first turn in a double or triple battle.

    To top it off, it must solo Shauntal or Caitlin at the E4, and it must lead against Black Kyurem in the Giant Chasm.
  15. Snaquaza

    Snaquaza n_n
    is a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Apr 7, 2013
    Well actually I made it solo it as otherwise no extra rules would be too easy acquired ^^', it isn't needed for completeing the scramble to beat the Gym Leader with it, just if you actually manage to solo it first try with Hard-Life, you get an easy mon
  16. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    Ah, okay, well, I can try, but I don't think it can make the solo alive as a Sewaddle *laughs* I can deal with Taunt and Torment, but the Mean Look will be a pain. Still, I accept your's and Celever's pokemon.
    Hmmm.....If I recall correctly and if I understand this challenge correctly, then Riolu only knows Quick Attack. As such, per your rules, Quick Attack will be the only move it is allowed that deals damage as I do not believe that it learns anything under 40BP. That aside, this seems like its MUCH more than a medium challenge. I don't believe I can accept this challenge, so I must decline as it seems nearly impossible, especially if I have to solo a gym without Pokecenters/Medicines when my only damaging attack is an unstabbed 40BP move >.>'
  17. bobbyvaporeon


    Dec 21, 2012
    I need more emerald scrambles
  18. Mulan15262


    Apr 5, 2013
    No, you can replace Quick Attack with a status move, and then the status move with a damaging move of greater power (although it does get Feint, which has 30BP), or you can replace it with Return as soon as you get it and then Return will increase in power over time. And, you can solo two ones with pokemon centers and/or medicines, and they don't have to be consecutive ones, like I tend to give out. Furthermore, you can beat the first gym with quick attack.

    Furthermore, you can replace moves with two status moves that have no use on any Riolu, Rest and Attract, from before the 3rd gym, so you are only going a short way on quick attack (to Castelia City or to level 19, or to level 6 if you TM it a move beforehand), after either of those, you can replace Quick Attack.

    Also, you can evolve it into a Lucario before trying to solo the gym leader, and I've solo'd Burgh with a Riolu that mainly used Quick Attack on the White 2 scramble I am doing right now.
  19. Mygavolt


    Apr 21, 2011
    Okay, I'll give you something: Delphox the Tepig. It has memories from the distant land of Kalos, where it went to see a magic show. It was, to the Tepig, nothing but a distant memory, except for a mesmerizing Delphox that played a vital role in it. From that day forward, Tepig aspired to become as much like the Delphox as physically possible.

    To start, if you can bother soft-resetting, make it a SpA-increasing nature. More importantly, though, it cannot use any Physical moves outside of Tackle. However, if its Hidden Power type is Psychic, it can use one Physical move not named Tackle in exchange for being required to keep Hidden Power. In aspiring to be a Psychic-type, it must solo all of Roxie's gym that Hard-Life fails (or refuses) to solo, (OPTIONAL: cannot be used against Burgh, although I think this would be too hard on your team), must solo Marshall, and cannot be used against Shauntal or Grimsley.

    PM me with any questions/concerns. Otherwise, GL;HF.
  20. Naglfar


    Jun 19, 2012
    No posts for a few days? Was there a new thread or something?

    Anyway, this looks like fun. I'll give a Black 2 run a spin?

    1) Hard! Like thinking hard, not grinding levels hard. By all means feel free to restrict my level growth, even.
    2) I'd prefer pokemon with shitty BSTs that nobody likes, the kind that you try to use sometimes but end up dumping because they just aren't good. Like me with an Illumise in Ruby when I was a kid.
    3) Power Rangers.

    Let's see what happens, then.
  21. Classical


    Apr 27, 2012
    Want to do my own run, finished pokemon Y really easily. Traded my good mons off to my friend, ready to scramble.
    • Pokemon Y
    • No Trades
    • Medium Difficulty
    • No Starters (Game is too easy with them), Thus atleast one early pokemon.

    Naglfar, I present to you Hugor the Stoutland.

    Last edited: Oct 23, 2013
  22. Mulan15262


    Apr 5, 2013
    Naglfar Take Kinetic the Psyduck. Because psyduck begins with psy, which sounds similar to psychic, Kinetic thinks that he is a psychic-type. Therefore, he may only use special moves (starting from level 8, when it learns water gun). Furthermore, it must learn and keep a psychic-type move, and it must use the move at least once per battle. Furthermore, it wants to be the best psychic-type there is, so it must solo Caitlin. To evolve into a Golduck, he must solo a gym-leader or E4 member using only psychic-type moves.

    He also does not like ghost, dark, or bug types because they are strong against psychic-types. So it may not run from, or switch out from, any pokemon of those types. Furthermore, he must at least participate against Shauntal and Grimsley.
  23. Aries Flame

    Aries Flame

    Apr 23, 2013
    Since my little brother deleted my SoulSilver. I guess I'll start a scramble challenge.

    I'll be trading over a Rhyhorn after the first gym and my starter will be decided with my trainer ID.


    - Starting off with Chikorita
    - Nicknames
    - Full Team by Team Rocket's Goldenrod City Takeover

  24. CJorex


    May 31, 2012
    Just restarted my Black and can't decide on a team to use, so I think I might do a scramble. Medium difficulty, no starter, and also not too many move restrictions. I am okay with having to have certain moves, but I do not want to have half my useful movepool locked away. I really want to use Zorua and an elemental monkey (preferably Simisage), and I want to at least have a Grass/Water/Fire core. I will also provide a banlist of Pokemon I do not want to use. Also, no type overlaps and all Pokemon by 7th gym.

    Banlist (open)


    Also, if anyone needs a Scramble challenge, please PM me!

    EDIT: Decided to bring over one of the scramblemons from my old Black scramble that I deleted
    celever's Typed the Stunfisk (open)
    Take typed the stunfisk!
    Typed is always angry when someone mistakes its typing. It is electric and ground type and it is proud of it, and when people say it is water type or even flying type ([​IMG]) It gets unbelievably angry! It must solo every water, flying or rock type (rock is associated with brown, stunfisk is brown) you run into (even wild ones) and you know the deal. Switch in and defeat them or stay in and defeat them. If you fail to do so, typed will not even be in your party for the next 10 trainer fights you partake in. (no exp. shares ;))
    You asked for it easy, but let me just add to solo 6 trainers in victory road because they are all noobs in there and don't stunfisk's real typing. These solos take priority over the second restriction, so if it faints on a water, flying or rock type then it doesn't get angry and leave your party.

    Try to give me some more lesser-used Pokemon, like this :)

    Mulan15262's Tricker the Zorua (open)
    CJorex Take Tricker the Zorua. This Zorua loves to trick its foes as such, it may never be in the back of its party, even if you exclude fainted pokemon. If Tricker is sent out and can't fake an illusion of another pokemon, it may not attack, and you will lose.

    To evolve into a Zoroark, Tricker must trick an opponent into using a psychic, a dark, a ghost type move (one of each) and solo a gym leader (or other major trainer)'s ace pokemon without its illusion being broken. Furhthermore, it must solo an E4 member (other than Caitlin), N, or Ghetsis.

    If you chose to play to that point, it also must solo Morimoto and Alder, to prove its strength.
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  25. Mulan15262


    Apr 5, 2013
    CJorex Take Tricker the Zorua. This Zorua loves to trick its foes as such, it may never be in the back of its party, even if you exclude fainted pokemon. If Tricker is sent out and can't fake an illusion of another pokemon, it may not attack, and you will lose.

    To evolve into a Zoroark, Tricker must trick an opponent into using a psychic, a dark, a ghost type move (one of each), and solo a gym leader (or other major trainer)'s ace pokemon without its illusion being broken. Furhthermore, it must solo an E4 member (other than Caitlin), N, or Ghetsis.

    If you chose to play to that point, it also must solo Morimoto and Alder, to prove its strength.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2013

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