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Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Its_A_Random, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Treadshot A1

    Treadshot A1

    Jun 30, 2010
    For the sake of clarification, most people thought you meant replace Lt. Surge with Misty and Bruno, as Surge was already being soloed by something else, it seemed logical that he would be replaced, leaving Misty, Bruno, another Gym Leader and Agatha.

    What you meant was replace them with Misty and Bruno, I.e. replace Agatha as well, leaving just Misty, another Gym Leader and Bruno to be soloed.

    *just trying to clear things up. I still see the challenge as ridiculous beyond belief. Even Glowfire's original iteration (that Burke rejected) was easier than this...
  2. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    Ok, if Threadshot says that one of HIS challenges is easier, then you know something is wrong....
  3. MarshallLeRoy


    Nov 6, 2011
    MarshallLeRoy's HeartGold Scramble!


    See the link for wrap up: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3998651&postcount=1593

    Story (open)

    After starting out on his Pokemon journey with Loser the Chikorita, Gold comes home to Newbark Town to a police investigation. A boy named Silver, whom he had just defeated hours earlier, had taken one of Professor Elm's prized Pokemon; Cyndaquil. Disturbed by the news, Gold's day was only going to get worse.

    Upon entering his house, he saw a Stick on the floor. Wondering what was up, and why the kitchen smelled so good, he entered to find his mother stirring up a delicious stew. What laid beside the pot wasn't something typical to put in a stew, but a Farfetch'd! It was lying still, barely looking alive.

    When he tried to stop his mother, she simply told Gold that their friend Red had given the bird to her to cook for supper, as he stopped in briefly on his way to somewhere cold. He had owned the Pokemon for years but it had grown weak from inactivity and misuse. She hadn't realized that it was actually a Farfetch'd which was only eaten in centuries past, not in the modern day.

    Grabbing the Pokemon's limp body, Gold hurried back to Cheerygrove and healed it. Handing him back his stick, engraved with the name 'Dux,' Gold opened up a Pokeball, and the bird hopped inside.

    Angered by Red's actions, Gold vowed to get revenge with Dux, and Loser, by his side.

    The Team (to be added as I catch them):

    Dux the Farfetch'd (open)

    1. Must hold Stick Complete!
    2. Must know Swords Dance Complete!
    3. Must use that move first.
    4. Teach it Fly and Slash. (Slash learned!)
    5. Teach him steel wing for rock types.
    6. Solo one E4 member the first time.
    7. Solo a different E4 member the second time.
    8. Must be your highest level poke.
    9. Solo two of Red's pokes.
    10. Dux must be placed in your team ASAP! COMPLETE!

    Thoughts: expected MVP

    After Chapter 2: MVP and completely overpowered to this point. Nothing can touch him.

    After Chapter 3: Still MVP, has not fainted once, is an absolute beast, with Swords Dance may just wipe future Steel foes off the face of the earth.

    After Chapter 4: Still MVP, but the power creep is slowly catching up with him, despite incredible IV's. Was useless against Jasmine.

    After Chapter 5: Once again Dux is my MVP. The power creep is definitely catching up to him, although everyone was OHKOd by Clair's Kingdra. The ease of his setup before sweeping her two Dragonair's in one hit each was impressive and keeps him atop the list.

    After Chapter 6: Dux has now been knocked off his perch as MVP. He's still 2nd due to his sheer dangerousness, but Champion's usefulness has outshines him.

    Champion the Meganium (open)

    Loser, when she was little, lost every battle she was in.

    1. She cannot faint, must solo 15 Trainer Pokemon every time she faints (with Razor Leaf). (1st time 15/15, 2nd time (15/15)
    2. In order to learn 5th+ move, must complete 1 of:
    i) Solo 1 Gym (1/1) FALKNER (Synthesis skipped sadly) COMPLETE
    3. Must solo Falkner or Bugsy to evolve, solo rival twice to evolve again (1/1 - Falkner Complete! and 2/2). COMPLETE!
    4. Must win 5 pokeathlons in each category to be named Winner or Champion. (Currently 5/5 Complete!)
    5. Extra effects must be activated 10 times (Currently 10/10) Complete!
    6. Must keep one of her first four moves. (Razor Leaf chosen)
    7. Cannot be in last slot of party.

    Thoughts: Potential MVP and likely defensive mainstay.

    After Chapter 2: Been very strong. Soloing rival at Azalea town was impressive.

    After Chapter 3: Has been solid. Probably 3rd on the depth chart, but that's not a slight against Loser.

    After Chapter 4: Saw very little use this chapter, but is close to becoming Meganium and should increase in usefulness and power at that point. Type disadvantage does not help at all.

    After Chapter 5: Creeping up towards MVP. Sure everyone gives Chikorita a hard time for the putrid type matches all game long, but Meganium is bulky, has some power with a 2.25x Razor Leaf, Reflect, and now Synthesis to heal off damage. 2nd place.

    After Chapter 6: New MVP. Champion has been a steady performer, climbing the ranks and is now my team's MVP. Screens? Check. Healing? Check. Decent power? Razor Leaf and now Body Slam get it done. Champion does everything for a team that is soft defensively, and will be the key to beating the Elite Four.

    Insomniac the Ariados (open)

    1. Cannot attack directly for one turn every time it is sent out.
    2. Restriction dropped when evolved, but cannot use support moves or switch out.
    3. Must solo one trainer in six gyms. (6/6) COMPLETE

    Thoughts: Could become a real burden late game.

    After Chapter 2: Easily LVP... Lacks the raw power to take down foes thus far.

    After Chapter 3: Still LVP, but he has really grown in power. Was extremely strong in the ghost gym and has a nice variety of attacks. The power creep is a little concerning though, how much more useful he'll be remains to be seen.

    After Chapter 4: Moving up in the usefulness category, Insomniac's Night Shade proved to be invaluable against Jasmine, who he almost soloed.

    After Chapter 5: Insomniac has done next to nothing since Jasmine. type match ups are terrible, and he just can't muster enough damage against anything that isn't a ghost type... Current LVP.

    After Chapter 6: Absolute LVP. Not versatile enough, not strong enough, and sadly Insomniac got boxed in favour of PONY!!! before the Elite Four.

    Psychic! the Togekiss (open)

    1. Must keep Extrasensory and Metronome, ALWAYS.
    2. To evolve must get a Psychic move ten times from metronome (10/10) Complete! .
    3. Must solo one Gym Leader with only Extrasensory OR Metronome (Chuck, Extrasensory, COMPLETE!}

    Thoughts: Sleeper pick to be a juggernaut.

    After Chapter 2: Been surprisingly strong. Extrasensory is a strong move and Metronome fires out some shockingly good moves, even if it's odd how often some moves have been repeated already.

    After Chapter 3: 2nd Place MVP, has been solid. Metronome provides some fun while Extrasensory is a strong attack consistently. I am a little worried about reliable coverage though...

    After Chapter 4: Soloed Chuck easily enough, but having just Extrasensory and Metronome for attacking moves means Psychic!'s power is declining.

    After Chapter 5: Sliding down the usefulness charts, mostly due to a lack of power. I'm really, really looking forward to evolving him into Togekiss.

    After Chapter 6: Called in a favour and evolved into Togekiss! Definitely makes Psychic! a stronger teammate, definitely 3rd place right now. Air Slash is going to be clutch in the Elite Four.

    Churchill the Granbull (open)


    Churchill the Granbull.

    1. If she faints, must solo a wild Pokemon or learn a new move.
    2. Cannot evolve unless Self-Destruct, Explosion, Egg Bob or Mud Bomb is used on him. (Self-Destruct - COMPLETE!
    3. Must solo one of Lt. Surge's Pokemon.

    Initial Thoughts: Down the line could become a juggernaut.

    After Chapter 3: Just acquired, too soon to rate, but was quite useful in the Ghost Gym. Should see a quick rise in the rankings.

    After Chapter 4: Really rose to prominence in this chapter, but lack of effectiveness against Jasmine and Chuck means Churchill is an LVP at the moment, but I expect that to change in a big way.

    After Chapter 5: Moved up to 3rd place thanks to the brutal power with which she hits. Was lacklustre against the Dragon Gym even though I invested in Ice Fang. Should become increasingly important, especially when I need some firepower.

    After Chapter 6: PONY!!! is still new so too early to judge, but Churchill has been underwhelming. Doesn't take hits all that well, and is slow so is always taking damage and getting worn down. Did knock out Ho-oh...

    Spike the Quilfish (open)


    Spike the Quilfish

    1. Must know Poison Sting or Toxic Spikes at ALL times.
    2. Must Poison 30 trainer owned Pokemon to be used in Pokemon League (30/30) COMPLETE!
    3. Must solo Koga.
    4. Must solo Janine.
    5. Can only hold Poison Point.

    After Chapter 5: Has been really useful in terms of setting down T-Spikes. Has a bad nature (-ATK) and Swift Swim which really hurts his utility but has been better than Isomniac... 5th Place

    After Chapter 6: Water is a really useful type to have, especially for this team, and Spike just dishes out crazy damage. Firmly #4 on the team with the potential to move up. Should become very useful against Koga and Bruno in the Elite Four.

    PONY!!! the Rapidash (open)


    Ponyta named PONY!!!

    1. Must know two moves with base strength twice as high as level.
    2. Must always have highest speed stat in party.
    3. Must have a move that involves charging.
    5. If outsped, must use charging move until it or opponent faints.

    After Chapter 6: Usefulness to be determined, but has pretty strong attacks. Don't know how useful he'll be against the Elite Four but there will be chances for him to come out and strut his stuff.

    Chapter 1 (open)

    Chapter 1

    -With Dux and Loser in two, it's time for revenge!
    -Caught Insomniac the Spinarak!
    -Dux has a mind of his own, already level 11 and will not obey!
    -Loser handles Joey's Ratata... Top 1% my ass.
    -Violet City is reached easily enough, but because I was too slow beating trainers, Loser misses out on learning Synthesis
    -Sprout Tower: Insomniac gets some quality training, eating up those Bellsprout
    -Silver is atop Sprout Tower, that poor Cyndaquil
    -Boss battle against the Sage proves really difficult trying to solo with Loser... Have to throw Dux in, learns Aerial Ace but still won't listen to me
    -Grind time for Falkner, if Loser can solo, will be golden!
    -Violet City Gym, way too cool inside and with a sweet Gym Leader to be the first in Johto. Could be such a sick gym later in the game...
    -Insomniac solos the first Spearow! Now that's using Poison Hax to its fullest!
    -Loser does the job against Falkner at just level 13! Died at the same time as his Pidgeotto so I count that as a solo. Terrific job.
    -1st badge, the Zephyr Badge, is in my possession! Just fifteen more until Red.
    -Phone call, mystery egg... Say what? Psychic! The Togepi (serene grace and quiet nature, not bad!)
    -Professor Elm wants me to come visit, lol that's not happening.
    -Falkner told me Azalea town is the next step for the team, so that sounds like a plan.
    -Thankfully with the badge Dux will listen to me... for now. He's my MVP so far but that not listening business could really cost me in the future.

    Chapter 2 (open)

    Chapter 2:

    -Leaving Violet City and heading south to Azalea town!
    -Doing some grinding to catch Psychic! up
    -The Fisherman with all Magikarp provided some laughs
    -Nothing all that exciting so far...
    -Union Cave? This should be quick... OH NO ZUBAT
    -Psychic! reaches level 10, turns into a juggernaut suddenly
    -Azalea town!
    -Trespass into this guy named Kurt's house
    -Team Rocket? Who? Wait, Red dispatched them three years ago? Red? The Red I know? That son of a bitch.
    -Dux is not happy about Team Rocket or hearing about Red, destroys Team Rocket
    -Sending Loser in against Neutron, the Rocket leader
    -I'm a hero now, no big deal
    -Metronome training to get Psychic moves for Psychic!... Not good.
    -Heading to Bugsy's gym, also time to get some tasks completed...
    -Insomniac completes his 2nd solo... God damn this is difficult and strenuous with him
    -Bugsy? Ohai Scyther, meet Dux
    -Bugsy is cut to pieces, and with it my 2nd badge
    -Head to the Charcoal Hut, find out the Farfetch'd are gone... Dux gets upset
    -Charging towards Ilex Forest BUT WAIT...
    -Rival time? How about Loser solo time!
    -Razor Leaf Critical Hit versus Ghastly, hurray!
    -Wearing Zubat down...
    -Quilava comes out, will not attack me...
    -By the time Poisonpowder connects, I'm at -5 Acc. and -5 Def.
    -Residual damage plus two Razor Leaf hits gets Quilava into red
    -Loser survives it like a Champion
    -Loser watches and laughs as Quilava dies to poison
    -Rival Silver is upset about Team Rocket... Hates them...
    -Someone in Team Rocket must have pissed in his cheerios
    -Healing up before Ilex Forest, and the next chapter of my adventure!

    Chapter 3 (open)

    Chapter 3:

    -Trapping Farfetch'd... there's something sadistic and oh so wrong about it, considering the mission Dux and I have together
    -Cut get! Loser gets to learn cut, put that leaf to use
    -Ilex Forest is dull...
    -Back towards civilization... ohai girl from NewBark Town. Meet the daycare people
    -Metronome grinding, not really helpful
    -Goldenrod City!
    -Training Time!
    -Insomniac evolves into Ariados, discovers caffeine and can only do damage now!
    -Radio test....... damn apricots
    -Got the radio! Now Whitney will fight me...
    -Get's Insomniac's solo out of the way, 3 gyms down
    -Whtiney? Ohai. Loser takes out Clefable, puts Reflect up before fainting...
    -Dux comes in and rapes. Miltank has absolutely nothing on my MVP. This would be a terrific Nuzlocke Pokemon holy crap
    -Plain Badge get! Suck it Whitney, dry those tears up!
    -Water Bottle Get!
    -National Park, stamps out the creepers in the tall grass
    -Ohai Sudowoodo! Loser takes you out pretty quickly (would be another great Scramble poke!)
    -Ekruteak City, time to grind!
    -Metronome girding successful for Psychic!, evolves into Togetic
    -Takes a break from looking for Snubbull, heads to burnt Tower
    -Eucsine has been tracking Suicune for ten years? And this was the closest he got? God damn buddy, get a job or something.
    -Morty is here too, looking forward to owning him
    -Silver was obviously just waiting for me... Little does he know I'm a heck of a lot stronger than I was in Azalea town, the battle is over and Dux didn't have to make an appearance
    -Silver is a little ticked... Walks away. I heard Gary Motherfucking Oak was way better
    -Woah crazy ass dogs!
    -How tough is it to find a Snubbull on Route 38? I found Entei before I ran into my first little pink dog...
    -First Snubbull dies to a critical hit... DAMNIT
    -So does the second... fuck
    -Third time is a charm, Churchill joins the team!
    -Churchill has Bite? Time to have her test her strength against the Ghost Gym...
    -Early returns are positive.
    -Morty falls quite easily. Insomnia opened it up and Shadow Sneaked his way to Gengar. Dux comes in, Swords Dance, and it's over in one hit.
    -Fog Badge get!
    -Halfway to the Pokemon League, how exciting!
    -Morty tells me of a Rainbow feathered bird that would appear only to a special trainer. I know a certain brown bird with a stick in his hand that would be happy to show it a thing or two.
    -Now have 5/6 team slots filled. Just Qwilfish and Ponyta still on the horizon
    -Dux is getting hungry, needs more trainers to take down... Off to Olivine!

    Chapter 4 (open)

    Chapter 4
    -Four gyms down, time to get some housekeeping done in Ekruteak...
    -Rocket Grunt in the dance studio? That was easy...
    -Surf get!
    -Quick detour to Ilex Forest, use Headbutt to have Pineco explode on Churchill (sexual)
    -Heading down to Olivine, stopping in at MooMoo Ranch
    -Fed some Oran Berries to the Miltank, got some MooMoo Milk in the process!
    -Battled some creepy Pokefans on the route
    -Silver? Jasmine isn't there, well that sucks for you then
    -Heading up the Lighthouse...
    -Snubbull evolves! Granbull!
    -Amphy the Ampharos is sick, need to go to Cianwood and get a SecretPotion.
    -First need a surfing Pokemon... Good Rod get! Krabby get!
    -Surfing... Good training for Loser
    -Suicune??? Euscine appears to, we have a quick battle but I own him.
    -Cianwood Gym time, how does Chuck sit under the Waterfall??
    -Insomniac solos most of the gym trainers, now Psychic! is up for Chuck
    -Extrasensory makes quick work of Primeape...
    -Poliwrath tightens its focus...
    -Psychic! uses Extrasensory...
    -Poliwrath fails!
    -5 badges now!
    -Chuck's wife is a doll, must be so bored with her husband under water constantly.
    -Fly get!
    -SecretPotion get!
    -Before Jasmine, I have some business to take care of.
    -3 Pokeathlons completed! Loser has 5 medals! Loser now named Champion!
    -Back to Olivine...
    -Heal up Amphy, Jasmine heads back to the gym
    -Disappointed Insomniac can't fight any of Jasmine's cronies
    -Jasmine time!
    -Insomniac uses Dig to his advantage, Magnemite OHKOD
    -Steelix is out...
    -Night Shade wears it down quickly, cause dig does nothing
    -Steelix's power is too great
    -Dux comes out
    -Dux gets Steelix down to -6 Acc with Sand Attack
    -Dux gets pulverized by Rock Throw
    -Churchill uses Charm, Steelix at -6 Att!
    -Champion comes out, use Revive and Super Potion on Insomniac
    -Champion uses Reflect before switching out to Insomniac
    -Night Shade chops down Steelix! Dig takes out Magnemite!
    -6th Badge Get!
    -Jasmine admits defeat, I celebrate my awesomeness.
    -Long term, concerned about Dux fainting for first time
    -The next challenge is on the horizon... Mahogany Town and the Lake of Rage!

    Chapter 5 (open)

    Chapter 5

    Somehow updating got away from me... But now I'm through 8 gyms and heading towards the Dragon's Den and soon after the Pokemon League!

    -The first order of business, Ruins of Alph to fish for Spike!
    -Spike the Quilfish obtained after much trouble
    -Swift Swim? Really? Makes the Poison objective that much harder...
    -Mahogany Town! What a shitheap.
    -Can't fight Price? Well, up to the Lake of Rage I go.
    -Fall for the shitty Team Rockt $1000 fine. Me ten years ago would have known better
    -Lake of Rage, it's raining... hard.
    -A red Gyarados in the middle of the lake... Kill it!
    -A red haired man with a cape and a Dragonite are just chilling at the shore
    -Ohai Lance
    -Team Rocket? Aight cool.
    -Spike, equipped with Surf, proceeds to rape Team Rocket
    -Just tedious, low levelled trainers designed to level screw me for later...
    -Team Rocket defeated, time for Pryce!
    -Pryce has been battling for over 50 years, but he doesn't have Pokemon higher than level 30? I think jasmine would beat him head to head...
    -So disappointing, maybe the worst gym battle in Pokemon history.
    -Team Rocket again? Flying to Goldenrod
    -After finding a clever Team Rocket disguise, I proceed to destroy them
    -Run into Silver, where my team makes quick work of him
    -New combo of Spike with T-Spikes, Champion with Reflect, and Dux SD+Sweep is just ruining everything right now
    -Team Rocket sucks
    -The guy at the observation deck is pretty strong, suddenly my Pokemon seem underleveled...
    -No worries, Dux sets up in Houndoom's face and that's all she wrote
    -Now off to Blackthorn...
    -Ice Path? This was so hard when I was a kid, now its like whatever
    -Nothing interesting happened
    -Blackthorn, home of the Dragon Tamers cult. Must be lots of inbreeding
    -Called in a few favours and got some heart scales, adding Synthesis to Champion and Ice Fang to Churchill
    -Blackthorn gym time
    -Holy power creep. Dratini's setting up with Agility then Dragon rushing? Shit got serious
    -After several stops at the PKMN Centre, its time for Clair
    -She claims she doesn't lose to average trainers like me.
    -OMG Gyarados!
    -Spike sets up T-Spikes, overwhelmed by Dragon Rage...
    -So is Psychic!...
    -Churchill comes out and finishes up... out comes Dragonair...
    -Churchill falls apart... Dragon Rage 3HKOs my whole team...
    -Fuck it... Dux, do it
    -Swords Dances twice in Dragonair's face... Hyper Potion!
    -Slash is a OHKO
    -Slash OHKOs her next Dragonair
    -Kingdra!!?!?!? If this was a Nuzlocke Id be shitting right now
    -Outpseed plz
    -Dragon Pulse obliterates Dux
    -Out comes Insomniac... Just wear it down please?
    -Hyrdo Pump... yikes
    -Champion is my last hope... Thankfully Kingdra is poisoned
    -Razor Leaf has been steady and effective.
    -Clair uses TROLL RESTORE
    -I vowed revenge
    -Champion uses Poisonpowder
    -Dragon Pulse knocks Champion to half health...
    -Champion Razor Leaf scores a nice hit
    -Looks in bag for troll material...
    -Six Super Potions? fuck yeah
    -Uses three super potions, watches Kingdra die to Poison
    -8th Badge G-
    -Wait, what? bad habits? You used a god damn Full Restore
    -Horseshit. Into the Den I go...
    -See individual Pokemon hide tags for commentary and MVP/LVP

    Chapter 6 (open)

    Chapter 6

    -Dragon's Den...
    -I passed the test? Seemed easy enough? Clair's got her panties in a bunch
    -Rise Badge get!
    -Back to New Bark Town
    -Kimono Girls? Aight, I'll fight them.
    -Silver leaves after getting his hat handed to him. This won't be that ha--
    -Holy shit I got destroyed by Espeon
    -Round 2: Espeon's revenge...
    -Survived... Barely... Then Jolteon OHKO's half my team...
    -Champion goes in... Cleans up
    -Ho-Oh time. Only Morty tried before to get Ho-Oh to come out and play
    -Get lost in Bell Tower
    -Ohai Ho-Oh...
    -Sacred Fire hurts, a lot
    -Just about everyone dies to Ho-Oh, who set up Sunny Day then pressed the rape button
    -Churchill stops the bleeding and the day is saved!
    -Everyone's kind of pissed off that I defeated Ho-Oh, but I prefer to play with... dignity?
    -Time for Victory Road!
    -Fight some trainers...
    -Run into PONY!!!! Caught!
    -Victory Road, just a pain in Golbat's endless mouth chasm
    -Silver shows up, he's gonna show me how it's done, right?
    -I laugh at him and utterly destroy his team
    -Now he's finally learning his lesson... Now? Dust.
    -Indigo Plateau. Three years ago Red became champion against Blue. Now it's time to write my own story on my way to challenging Red.
    -Decide to box Insomniac, use PONY!!!
    -Now, just time to grind...
    -Hours of grinding later...
    -Dux Lvl 50, Champion and Spike lvl 46, everyone else lvl 45. Time to dine... in hell.
  4. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    Pretty dog-on good so far.

    One thing though. Because Dux cannot learn leafblade or night slash, I told you to give it steel wing instead. You forgot to edit that restriction in.......
  5. waterwarrior


    Oct 20, 2010
    Episode 10 up! I'm sorry its somewhat short but well... you'll find out why when you read. Heed my words of wisdom, everyone!
  6. Texas Cloverleaf

    Texas Cloverleaf meh
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Oct 23, 2009
    Random promotion for the SPL 5.

    Check the social group for the sign-up thread topic.
  7. Jimera0

    Jimera0 You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 24, 2010
    WOOOOOO go Generator go! I'm glad he's proving useful for you!

    Sorry that you ended up losing all your writing like that... had I realized any of you weren't copy-pasting you updates, I would've made the warning myself much earlier. ALL my updates are written up and saved in Word documents, since I know from past experience that its all too easy for the stuff you write up on forums to go up in smoke if something goes wrong. Another thing to remember is to save often even as you're writing it... you never know when something is going to go wrong.

    As for my next update, expect it within the next day or two. I beat Flannery today but the chapter is still rather short and Norman is next so I might as well cram them both into the same chapter. The result of this is that you have to wait a little longer for it to come about :P.
  8. Axmaster68


    Jun 9, 2011
    Hey guys, I hope to get my next update within the next 2 days too! I already beat Morty, which was surprisingly not what I thought it would be, and am about to depart for Olivine now.
  9. MarshallLeRoy


    Nov 6, 2011
    Whoops! Thanks for catching that, fixed and will keep that in mind as soon as I get access to Steel wing.
  10. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    Which E4 member are you soloing the first time with Dux?

    Also, my Challange is temporarily on hold until the weekend is over.......sorry guys :(
  11. Hydrattler


    Mar 9, 2010
    Scramble update 2

    Show Hide
    Must know Baton pass,acid armour, surf and ice beam Asap (will replace icebeam with blizzard if the arcade is the only place to get it)
    Solo 6th gym and garchomp

    Only know ice/normal moves
    Solo a gym

    only special fire moves
    Must solo every pikachu with frustration
    Must solo flint

    Only physical moves
    Can know 1 special electric move if he solos volkner
    must defeat at least 4 E4 pokes (not including cynthia i guess)

    Must learn new level up moves no matter what
    Must Solo Wake

    must know 1 physical move
    Must switch out after using stab attack

    Finally got round to fighting roark

    -entered this cave near jubilife city
    -this weird hiker gave me a item
    -found out the gym leader isnt in(why, isnt it his job or something)
    -my rival told me hes in the mine (and youre just standing there then)
    -after entering the mine, i found the gym leader, he introduces himself as roark
    -after fighting a miner, mermaid learned water gun (Yay!)
    -despite problems with mermaids attention, i went though the gym with no difficulty
    -fought roark, beat him without hassle because mermaid decided to listen for once
    -Roark said some stuff about me beating him, i didnt really listen.
    -YOU GOT THE COAL BADGE + TM76 (Stealthrock)

    current team:

    Mermaid the vaporeon
    Lv17 Rash
    Tail whip
    water gun
    sand attack
  12. MarshallLeRoy


    Nov 6, 2011
    I'm not sure. Most likely either Will or Karen. Bruno isn't a great matchup with Onix however Dux's flying STAB should make the rest of the battle easy, Koga I believe is accounted for with Spike, and soloing Lance would require absolutely incredible luck setting up.
  13. duckberg


    Mar 27, 2011
    I wanna go for a mono-type scramble challenge (Grass has been chosen) in White. If you want me to use a Poke not in White you should be awesome and trade it to me ;)
  14. Hydrattler


    Mar 9, 2010
    Take Spikey the ferroseed,

    spikey loves spikes, so much he must always have a way of using spikes in battle. Also, he hates anything explosive so he can't use any move thats explosive. Also, because he is mad, he must learn and keep iron head, so he can give himself all the headaches he wants. to show his love of headaches and spikes. he must use both iron head and a spike move on a powerful pokemon and solo it to evolve.

    Spikey the ferroseed
    must know 1 of Rollout/pin missle/gyroball/spikes (i cant remember any other spike related moves he learns)
    Must never learn Sefldestruct/explosion/flash cannon
    must know iron head asap
    Must solo a gym leader/E4/ghetis(you only have to do one of these) pokemon and use both a spike move and iron head on that pokemon to evolve
  15. waterwarrior


    Oct 20, 2010
    1. What type? Either say which type or say that it will be the type of your starter.
    2. Having a scramble on a hacked ROM is severely limiting, as there's no bulbapedia/ serebii/ whatever page to check for what we're going to give you, so even people who have played Volt White (I havn't btw, and have no idea what makes Volt White different from White, so there's no way I can give you a challenge) might unknowingly give impossible challenges, like a poke that isn't there or a move it doesn't learn.
  16. Hydrattler


    Mar 9, 2010
    i guess he wants the first person to give him a challenge to pick the type
  17. Mygavolt


    Apr 21, 2011
    @duckberg: You get RAEJDUK the Snivy. For those of you who don't know, it's the password to the Castillo area in Megaman Battle Network 4. Castillo is a theme park filled with magnificent robots that...eventually go mad. To calm them down, you must fulfill a series of restrictions.

    To stop WzDog and evolve into Servine, it must solo Chili's Pansear.
    To stop the Halberd Princess, it must solo Lenora.
    To stop Tinman and evolve into Serperior, it must KO one of Elesa's Emolgas.
    To stop Count Dracky, it must learn Solarbeam and use it to KO any form of the Woobat line.

    After all this is done, it must solo a trainer in front of the ferris wheel to assure that everything's all right.

    Speaking of monotype, I just got around to continuing my mono-water scramble. I am currently grinding Trollfish (the Starmie given to me by TM13IceBeam back in mark 1) to beat a Tropius in Victory Road. Not having an Ice move really sucks.
  18. duckberg


    Mar 27, 2011
    Well, if its that much of an issue I'll do it on my regular White version then :-P And looks like a grass run... sounds good
  19. auramaster


    Dec 17, 2008
    @duckberg, take a Deerling named Seasonal. This Deerling, like all others, is constantly changing, therefore he will have different restrictions depending on the season.

    Spring: Ah, the time of year for rebirth and renewal and regrowth. To befit the occasion, the first time you play in Spring, Deerling must learn at least two new moves. In addition, he must know and keep at least two of the following moves: Rain Dance (To water the new plants), Leech Seed (To plant a seed), and Sand-Attack (To loosen the soil for plants). Solo every Youngster, those newbs like to mess up the plants just as their growing with their cool Fire types.

    Summer: The plants continue to grow, their foundations planted. Not much you can do to help, except to learn and keep Sunny Day. Instead, to save Deerling from getting bored, make sure all his moves are of a different type. Also, solo every Parasol Lady, their parasols are blocking the sunlight! If it has the ability Chlorophyll, it must nurish itself and the plants by using Sunny Day at the start of every trainer battle it participates in.

    Fall: Now it gets interesting, as the plants are finished and ready to be harvested. Time for Deerling to take advantage of it! It must learn and keep at least two moves that use the plants for power: Energy Ball, Grass Knot, Nature Power. In addition, with its strength at its peak, it has the confidence to solo every Ace Trainer. If it has the ability Sap Sipper, it must solo every Petilil and Lilligant.

    Winter: So cold! Not many plants will grow now, as every goes bare and normal. You must learn and keep at least one Normal move, as well as Rest, and use it whenever Deerling gets below a quarter of its health. In addition, you must solo every Swimmer, to punish them for something as stupid as swimming through the oceans while its snowing.
  20. waterwarrior


    Oct 20, 2010
    Dear god don't do this one... You pretty much are forced to over-grind (as in, it will stop obeying you) to have a chance at defeating her. That chance is still quite small however.

    Thank you :)

    Duckberg, take Prickly the Maractus. Since Prickly knows he's just a cheap imitation of the awesome Cacturne, he must always know one move Cacturne can learn (that move MUST be Sucker Punch upon reaching lvl 42) and one other physical move. Since he thinks he has Sand Veil, he must lead the party in every battle on Rt 4, the Desert Resort, and the Relic Castle (not solo, just be in. It does not have to attack). He must solo Brycen and 25 other Grass types to prove that he's actually worth anything, as nobody ever uses Maractus.
  21. jessifer


    Sep 10, 2011
    Take Shy the Petilli. Shy is a shy pokemon (duh) and will refuse to battle unless two of your pokemon have battled before it. It may only use two moves, then switch out since she is too scared to stay on the battlefield. To evolve, she must somehow defeat 20 pokemon. (Doesn't have to solo, just be the one to faint it.)
    When Shy evolves, rename her Dancer. She is now more confident and loves to dance. Therefore, she can only learn moves that have the word "dance" in them. Solo a gym leader.
  22. Captains


    Sep 22, 2011
    Maractus is an awesome choice =P
  23. duckberg


    Mar 27, 2011
    Everything is fine except the Lenora... AWW HEEEELL NO! Maybe if Servine could learn rock smash, but yeah...
  24. Mygavolt


    Apr 21, 2011
    Okay, change it to "land the finishing blow on Lenora's last Pokémon." Would that be better?
  25. duckberg


    Mar 27, 2011
    Very pleasing

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