Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Prepare for me to sound like a $%&@

-jessifer-sounds cool, accepted
-auramaster-nice to see a kirby fan, accepted
-yaya0-difficulty on those solos is gonna be way up there, but accepted
-MarshallLeRoy-sounds "interesting" at least, might get annoying, but accepted

-King Serperior-when I have written in my guidelines "don't give me pachirisu" and you give it to me (spelled wrong, a pet peeve of mine) regardless, it makes me feel you didn't read the rules, didn't care, or were simply oblivious, rejected
-Axmaster68-I was thrilled to see a Shieldon, but that challenge is just a @&%$# and a half, rejected

If I rejected a challenge, it wasn't on a whim, I explained it. The original submitters can send in a new challenge, however other people currently on can have a go at it. 2 open spaces. Thanks.
Hrmm no trading unless it really seems like the best Scramblemon? I'll try it. Samurai 796, here I come.

I'm giving out a challenge that will become my signature challenge. It's actually my first time giving this out so I hope you enjoy it. If you can.

You get Moody the Kecleon.

Unlike the actual effect of the ability Moody, it changes the moves Kecleon can use intead of the stats. As you know already, Kecleon has the special ability to change types depending on the move it is hit by.
Moody can only use moves that are super-effective against the type Moody is right now.
For example, if Moody gets hit by Hydro Pump, it will become a Water type, so Moody can only use Electric moves or Grass type moves like T-bolt or T-wave until it is hit by a different move.
But, when Moody is hit by a move but does not have any moves that are super-effective against the type it is in right now, it must switch out and may not battle against 1 Gym/Elite Four Pokemon.

Since Moody is crazy about collecting mails, Moody may not hold any other items except for mails.
But, Moody is able to use moves that are not super-effective against specific types depending on the mail he is holding.
So, if Moody gets hit by Aerial Ace and becomes the Flying type and is holding the Air Mail, it may use say... substitute even if normal isn't super-effective against flying types.

Air Mail - Flying (D/P/Pt/HG/SS)
Brick Mail - Fighting (D/P/Pt/HG/SS)
Bubble Mail - Water (D/P/Pt/HG/SS)
Steel Mail - Steel (D/P/Pt/HG/SS)
Flame Mail - Fire (D/P/Pt/HG/SS)
Grass Mail - Grass (D/P/Pt/HG/SS)
Bloom Mail - Grass (D/P/Pt/HG/SS)
Snow Mail - Ice (D/P/Pt/HG/SS)

Tropic Mail - Grass (R/S/E/FR/LG)
Mech Mail - Steel (R/S/E/FR/LG)
Shadow Mail - Ghost (R/S/E/FR/LG)
Wave Mail - Water (R/S/E/FR/LG)

Moody wants to prove to you that he is a pretty good Pokemon even with the restrictions so Moody must solo 3 Elite Four Pokemon.

1. Make sure Moody doesn't get hit by moves that makes Moody unable to attack too much. If it happens too many times and Moody isn't able to solo 3 Elite Four Pokemon, Moody will have to solo 5 Trainers for each Elite Four Pokemon it wasn't able to solo after the Elite Four with the same restrictions.]

2. Also, when Moody is leading your team, it may only use fighting type moves until it changes it's type (since Moody starts off with Normal). So it's essential you have a fighting type move on Moody.

3. You may not predict what type Moody will change into and use a move that is super-effective against the move you predicted.
Example: Let's say you are in the middle of the battle and Moody is a Water type. You are fighting against a Salamence. You select T-bolt. But, Salamence outspeeds Moody and uses flamethrower. Moody changes into a fire type before Moody's T-bolt hits Salamence. In this case, it doesn't matter. it isn't breaking the rules.
But, if you predict that the Salamence will outspeed you and predict the Salamence will use flamethrower, and you choose a water type move, it is indeed breaking the rules.

Why do I keep thinking I'll get rejected? Oh well.
Reserving for Samurai 796.

Samurai 796, take Hatred the Misdreavus.

This Misdreavus hates everyone. To compensate, it must use Pain Split when it gets below half health, and Payback when it comes out. If it comes out at any point in a trainer battle, it must solo the rest of their team. (barring other solos) You can only use items that decrease it's happiness as an effect. It can only evolve after Candice, because she is too happy for Hatred's taste. For each TM or tutor move you teach it, Hatred has to solo 5 trainers with Pain Split.

Good Luck.

@below: Did you not see I reserved? There wasn't any restriction on it that I saw.
*is back*

@Samurai: you get a Luxio! Firstly, you need to catch this as a Luxio, not a Shinx. Name it A8-8291. A8-8291 is a mysterious specimen of Luxio, having been genetically engineered to be Electric/Dark... or so s/he thought anyway. Since it thinks that its a Dark type in addition to being Electric, you need to keep him in against every Psychic-type you fight, and must switch it in after being hit by a Psychic move. Furthermore, it must switch out when hit by a Bug/Fighting move. It may only learn Electric and Dark moves, and it may only have 1 Special Attack.
Ranger, take Styla the Luxray.

Styla (name being a corruption of Styler, as in Capture Styler) shall be treated as a Pokemon Ranger, therefore her challenge is quite weird. She must call for help instead of attacking herself, and since she can't learn Assist, she's taken a different method. Catch any Pokemon you find, but you can only use Styla to catch it. You may heal it, use items on it, whatever, after it is caught. However, it must be kept in your Party (so drop any Pokemon, probably Styla herself), and then can use one attack it knows (you may use TMs, HMs, whatever) in one battle (note: this does NOT mean choiced, this means it attacks once, with one move, then switches out or faints, literally one attack only). Afterwards, release it or box it (it's just like how in Ranger, you can get a Pokemon to help once then it leaves). You can do this however many times you want. Styla herself, though, may only fight against Wild Pokemon, not any trainers. So keep her levelled up, so she can help you catch more and more powerful pokemon.

When you get to the Elite Four, you may catch one Pokemon in Victory Road or before. Then you have a choice. If you go into the Elite Four with that Pokemon healed, then you can attack with it 12 times. For every level you train that Pokemon, you lose one attack. So train it one level, and get 11 attacks. Train two levels, and get 10 attacks. And so on (these levels only count outside the E4, any levels it gains during the E4 don't count). If you choose not to catch something in Victory Road, then you're stuck with 5 Pokemon (Styla herself can only fight wild Pokemon, remember?). This pokemon may be used throughout the E4 (unlike the others who had to be released) and champion.

Oh, and whenever you catch a Pokemon with Styla, you can only use Pokeballs and Great Balls. Enjoy!
Reserving for MrcRanger.

Take Warfare the Stunky.

This Stunky wants to reinvigorate 1940's wars, as he feels that today's battles are too wimpy.

His final moveset must be 4 of: Poison Gas, SmokeScreen, Toxic, Night Slash, Explosion, Dig, Flamethrower/Fire Blast, and Sludge Bomb.

In order to use one of the moves, he must solo 1 male and 1 female trainer with that move. (With Poison Gas, SmokeScreen, Toxic, and Explosion, just use it once.)

Must solo Crasher Wake to evolve, as they have an annual test to see who's manlier.
MrcRanger97, catch the first Bronzor you encounter and name it Copper.
This Bronzor only allies itself with those capable of catching it properly.
When you catch it, look at the amount of HP it has left.

Copper must always know four moves of four different types, and is always under the effects of Torment.

Copper must always know four moves of four different types, and is always under the effects of Torment. In addition, Copper must use Confuse Ray first in all trainer battles.

Copper must always know four moves of four different types, and is always under the effects of Torment. In addition, Copper must use Safeguard first in all trainer battles.

Copper must always know four moves of four different types, and is always under the effects of Torment. Copper may not use Psychic-type attacks.

IF you accidentally faint the first Bronzor you see, catch any Bronzor and name it Revenge.
This Bronzor hates you, so the only attacks it can use are is Future Sight, Tackle, and Hidden Power.

No matter what the restrictions are, Bronzor must solo Candice.
Good luck!
Ranger, take a Sneasel and name it Dark. The challenge differs depending on what kind of pokeball he is caught in.

Pokeball: May only learn two moves. No Tms or Hms.
Great Ball: Must learn 2 HMs and 2 TMs. Not allowed to hold an item.
Ultra Ball: Must have Faint Attack and Metal Claw.
Quick Ball: Must learn Agility, Ice Shard, Quick Attack, and Fury Swipes.
Dusk Ball: Dark type moves only.
Other: Choose from the above.

Dark must solo a E4 member.
Not issuing a challenge for mrc because I feel like I've been challenge hogging.

Anyways, I am writing the next episode of Colosseum, it'll be up in the next 30 minutes.

EDIT: Update is up, if anyone can figure out how to stop the hide tags glitching I will reserve them a slot for my next scramble. Thanks!
OH wait. nvm I'll give you a different challenge

You get Rage the Chimchar.

Rage is mad 24/7. He is always in the effect of torment. Rage must solo Gardenia to evolve into Monferno. When Rage Evolves, he learns boxing. Rage must solo 10 trainers with Mach Punch alone and Rage must solo 1 Pokemon that belongs to Crasher Wake. After that is done, Rage may evolve into Infernape and Infernape may only use fire and fighting type moves. The effect of Torment is lifted after evolving to Monferno.
I guess it's finally time to start writing my Scramble Chapters. I've been playing this for some time now but I never had the time to write the chapters for you guys to enjoy.
Anyways, here is my scramble team.

Pissophobe the Chimchar/Monferno -> Hydrophobe the Infernape
- Must switch out of any water type and yellow colored Pokemon I face.
- Must solo Gardenia to evolve into Monferno.
- Must solo 10 trainer-owned yellow Pokemon to evolve into Infernape.
- After it evolves into Infernape, I must name it Hydrophobe.
- The yellow pokemon restriction is gone after evolving into Infernape, but the water type restriction lasts forever.
- Yellow Pokemon:émon_by_color

Smokey the Bronzor/Bronzong
- Can't run or switch from fire types.
- Must have Heatproof as an ability.
- Final Moveset must be Rain Dance, Earthquake, Safeguard, and Extrasensory.
- Must solo Flint and Rival's Fire type Pokemon.

Bonsai the Budew/Roselia/Roserade
- It can only use moves Budew learns via level-up. (Absorb, Growth, Water Sport, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, and Worry Seed)
- Every time it gets to +6 in special attack with only Growth, without using any healing items, it can learn one additional Level-Up move.
- Every time it solos every Pokemon in a gym EXCEPT the gym leader, using Growth at least twice in each battle, it can learn one new move via TM.
- It can never forget Growth until it evolves to Roserade.
- It must solo Roark, my rival once, and 2 Pokemon belonging to the elite four/champion.
- Can evolve to Roselia whenever I want. Must have 6 badges or more to evolve to Roserade.

Anxious the Shinx -> Off the Luxio -> On the Luxray
- Must solo every electric type I face.
- Needs to evolve ASAP.
- After evolving, must rename it Off.
- Can't face Electric, Water and Flying type Pokemon before learning an electric type attack.
- Has to solo Volkner's Luxray to evolve to Luxray.
- After evolving, must rename it On.
- Must solo every electric type I face again, and forever.
* No TM/Heart scales for this restriction -----------------------^

Lucky the Murkrow/Honchkrow
- It must have the Super Luck Ability.
- It must land a Critical Hit 10 times before evolution.
- Moveset: Assurance, Astonish, Taunt, Fly -> Assurance, Night Slash, Taunt, Fly
- Must fulfill ---^ this moveset and solo Fantina to Evolve.
- Once it evolves, it must keep the moveset it has completely.
- It may learn Night Slash after it solos 15 trained Electric Pokemon after Evolution. Night Slash may replace any Moveslot but the Status Moveslot.
- Must Solo Lucian and Cynthia's Spritomb after evolution.

SPARE ME the Finneon/Lumineon
- It may never fight any Ghost, Bug, or Dark type Pokemon.
- It must always know U-turn before evolution.
- If an enemy uses a Ghost, Bug, or Dark move (even a support move like Nasty Plot or String Shot) while Finneon is in battle, it must U-turn out immediately.
- Must participate in a Double Battle with Murkrow at least once before evolving.
- Must solo Cyrus at Galactic HQ to evolve and all prior restrictions are lifted.
- Must solo Aaron of the Elite Four.

Anxious is gonna be a problem for me since it won't be able to do it's job very well without Electric moves after evolving to Luxio. Other than that, I'd say it's a pretty good team.

My guess for MVP: Roserade
My guess for LVP: Luxray

Actually, I do have a bit of exams left, but I thought it would be best to write at least Chapter 1 of my Scramble.

"My name is Rowan......"
What the... Who the hell is this guy? He looks scary D: Is he a stalker? Oh SHI- What do I do? Does he want to rape me? D:
Wait, wait, okay, calm down. He might be friendly. Look! He wants to give me some advice! He actually might be a help to me.... Urrr, but on second thought, I don't need any advice.

"This world is widely inhabited by creatures known as Pokemon."
"Here I have a Pokeball...."
Meh, useless stuff. Lets just keep spamming the A button like we always.... ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ FFFFFFF I need to press a gay button!? Oh... you old hag, you're good.

"Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?"
What is this I don't even... This old hag is blind too?

"Now, this boy here... I believe he's your friend."
"What might his name be?"
Okay. It's official. He is a stalker and he wants to rape me. How else would he know a friend of mine that I didn't even know I had?

*A few minutes later*

*Sniff* Oh finally! I can finally get that old hag out of my sight. If I ever see him again, I swear I'm going to kill him. Just you wait old man... Just you wait.

*Epic Music* Red Gyarados... Blah blah...
Hmm, I wonder where my mom is.. Better go downstairs.

Oh hai thar mother.

"Barry came calling for you a little while ago."
Fine, be that way and ignore my greetings like a bitch.
And.. who the hell is Barry?

"I don't know what it was about, but he said it was an emergency."
Emergency? Hmm. I better check it out.

This town is so small. And.. it's dark. I better watch out or that old hag might come and rape me.

Oh! This should be Barry's house. I should go in.....
Ugh... That hurt.

"Mudkipz, derp, trolololo, umad?"
What the hell is he talking about?

"Ok, V1ral? I'm fining you $1 million if you're late!"
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ This kid is a total bitch.

"Derp. Forgot. Derp. Something."
Fuck off I'm fining YOU $1 million now.

*This scene has been deleted because of the following: Violent words, Sexual harassment, Magikarps, Barry.*

"Hey, you saw that news right?"
..... "So, that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna find a Pokemon like that!"
No. No way. I'm going home. Do it yourself bitch. And remember, you owe me $1 million. *leaves*

*3 seconds later*

WTF. Get off my ass. Stop following me. щ(゚Д゚щ) Okay. I'll go.
@shinyskarmory, here is a fixed version of your Colosseum Scramble. there was alot of [/COLOR] tags mixed into the bad hide tags. When you change a color and you [/COLOR], it goes back to black automatically. To use my fixed version just quote me to copy/paste what you want to keep. Your welcome.


Edited your challenge, King Serperior.

Also, I am taking a Colosseum Scramble! No trades (obviously), playing 100% including Mount Battle so no telling me to knock out X shadow pokemon. Also, mandatory solos are not allowed because every battle is a DOUBLE BATTLE, but you may say (X) pokemon must remain on the field for all of (X) battle.

I must be able to obtain all shadow pokemon before the end of the Shadow Pokemon Lab. Umbreon+Espeon are not required, but you may give me a challenge for them if you want. No Plusle or legendaries.


1. Quagsire (Must finish off anyone who sets up. May never use Surf unless it is last mon standing or if partner resists water.)
Plan: Spam Earthquake w/Ledian, Espeon. Tank ALL THE MOVES!!!

2. Hitmontop (
Plan: Grind like fuck. Probably will end up using a Technitop-like set...without technician :/

3. Ledian (May never learn attacking moves. Must be named Marvin. Must stay out for an entire boss battle to learn a attacking move.)
Plan: Ultimate Screen Setter and/or Baton Pass abuser. Granbull really needs those Agilities for its 40 base speed. FUCK YOU SAGE CHOW

4. Granbull (
Plan: Physical Sweeper Baton Pass Recipient Granbull (lol)

5.Espeon (must keep Reflect and Helping Hand. Must replace Return with Protect in the Under.)
Plan: Another Supporter, similar to Ledian except will be EQ+Protecting with Quagsire.

6.Shadow Pokemon of my choice. (Quilava) (Must be from Phenac City, the second area (outskirt stand is the first)). (Must solo two pokemon in final boss battle. Must solo 3 shadow pokemon to evolve once. This part of the challenge is rejected, because I'm 100% completion here)
Plan: Sunny Day+Fire Blast. 'Nuff said.

Ready to go! I'll be doing updates like half the people in the thread these days.

Current MVP: Espeon
Current LVP: Ledian (can't baton pass anything yet and I don't have the ability to use dual screens yet)
Current WTFP: Hitmon3: always criticals o_O

-Hit Wii power button
-Apparently Colosseum is a GameCube game
-Press Start
-Name self Skarm (damn game only allows 7 letter main character name)
-Grab Snag Machine, drive away in weir--OOH PRETTY EXPLOSION
-Save the random red-haired girl who looks vaguely like Misty
-Snag Makuhita+Quilava (Quilava is actually a team member)
-Reach Fool's Gold Town (sorry, Pyrite Town)
-Save Game

-Turn on game again
-put Umbreon+Makuhita in box...permanently
-kill everyone in Duel Square, including the random girl that calls Rui a wallflower..."Be a man, Skarm!"
-Quilava burns everything in Duel Square...including Quagsire. He faints. FFFFFFFUUUUUU-
-Snag Quagsire (2nd try)
-Empty Quilava's heart bar...still can't purify, teach TMs, or level up until Agate FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU-
-Silva guy steals gear
-Run out of gas for hovercycle in middle of desert FFFFFFUUUUUUU-
-Get gear back
-Quagsire uses the colosseum as a cathartic experience
-Quagsire ready to purify (FFFFFFUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!)
-Beat up thug who escorts me to a warehouse full of trainers
-Save game

-Turn on game
-Beat the shit out of every trainer
-Espeon is now level 32
-reach top
-return to last save
-reach top
-OHKO Remoraid (crit OHKO)
-return to last save
-Beat the shit out of every trainer (again)
-reach top
-Almost OHKO Remoraid
-Remoraid suicides w/Shadow Rush FFFFUUUUUUUU
-return to last save
-Beat the shit out of every trainer (again)
-reach top
-Almost OHKO Remoraid
-Catch Remoraid
-Mantine almost sweeps team
-Snag Mantine
-Quagsire 1 HP (phew...)
-A useless Plusle is kidnapped, you must save it!
-doesnt care

-turn on game
-kill everything in the Pyrite cave
-Snagged Qwilfish, Meditite, Swablu, and Dunsparce
-Buy a shit-ton of healing items
-this is going to be a bitch
-"Let the music play!"
-it's simple; kill the higher leveled Ludicolo first
-1st turn: both Ludicolos use rain dance
-Switches in Quagsire for Quilava
-"Water Absorb made the attack ineffective!"
-"Water Absorb made the attack ineffective!"
-Kill off all the Ludicolo (focus fire is epic)
-Sudowoodo OHKOs Quagsire o_O
-Snag Sudowoodo
-Ludicolo keep dancing after they've fainted
-do i have to save plusle
-save game


Espeon level 36
>Reflect (must keep)
>Return (must keep)
>Helping Hand (must keep, never used)

Shadow Quagsire level 30
>Shadow Rush
>Surf (unusable)

Shadow Quilava level 30
>Shadow Rush
>Flame Wheel

-close PC interface
-talk to strange fortune teller woman
-Rui somehow forgot where she was going (FAIL)
-do we have to go visit your senile grandparents?
-Wow, the first place with actual water since Phenac
-Fight senile old man
-meet [strike]Ash[/strike] Eagun
-something is happening in the cave
-kill cipher dudes
-skrub kicks eaguns ass (lol)
-snag Hitmontop
-purify x2

-turn on game
-somethings going on at mount battle
-go to mount battle
-save again
-kill all 9 trainers
-go back
-buy shit-ton of healing items and balls
-shopping spree cost: 24,850 poke
-climb to platform 10
-this is why we can't have nice things
-Wow, nice punch!
-oh, you'll battle me but not him o_O sir are an asshole
-kill 4th pokemon
-shadow entei comes out
-Golem used Earthquake!
-It's super effective!
-Entei fainted!

-return to last save
-start fight again
-golem used Explosion!
-only kills self
-Entei comes in
-Quagsire vs. Entei... mano y mano
-Fire Blast crit OHKO

-return to platform 10
-fight creepy spandex dude again
-cutscene getting REALLY old
-Espeon+Quagsire vs Entei
-Fire Blast crit OHKO on Espeon
-Fire Blast also 2HKOs Quagsire
-Hyper Potion spam!
-"Ally's Reflect disappeared!"
-Entei chose this exact moment to run out of Fire Blast
-Shadow Rush OHKO

-I really hate this guy
-and this cutscene
-blah..blah..blah, same scenario as before
-Quagsire with 1 HP vs Entei with 1 HP
-I will make you wait for the next episode


Shadow Hitmontop level 38
>Shadow Rush
>Focus Energy
>Triple Kick
Would be better if he didn't kill himself so much o_O. Can't wait to purify once I finish his heart gauge.

(DarkWolf91 on DeviantArt)
Espeon level 38
>Helping Hand
Wow. My cleaner and Shadow Pokemon snagger. I get the feeling that he has perfect IVs or something because his stats outclass the rest of my mons so much.
(Oh BTW, do something awesome or get purified, get a cooler picture. That's how this run works.)

(Natsuki-ki-ki on DeviantArt)
Quagsire level 38
Water Absorb
>Mud Shot
>Surf (may only be used if Quaggy is last. Also cannot be deleted for some reason. WTF)
Tanks Dakim's Earthquakes like a boss. Espeon's snagging partner in regular battles. For some reason, his offense is...underwhelming, but I hope to change that soon.

(AlieMay on DeviantArt)
Typhlosion level 37
>Sunny Day
>Flame Wheel
Impressive damage output almost on par with Espeon. Gets a Quilava picture because Typlosion is ugly as shit.

-Skarm used an Ultra Ball
-Entei used Fire Blast!
-Quagsire Fainted!

-but it missed!
-Skarm used an Ultra Ball!

-Entei was snagged!
-Time Flute
-Go back to Agate Village
-visit Eagun
-do i have to
-not if i talk to the right people i don't
-mystery lab appears on my map out of nowhere
-laser fences
-in the middle of the desert
-obviously trying to keep out Mexicans
-or Ludicolos...same difference
-back to Pyrite
-random ladies who worked for Miror B. won't tell me anything
-make her an offer she can't refuse
-she's sleeping
-take elevator key
-beat the crap out of Chaser Kai
-purify Hitmon3...yay
-elevator down
-one step

-wander around
-give powerup part to Nett
-give out my P*DA number to another random person
-we caught the spy!
-oh...its not me, it's just that Silva retard

-two hot cipher chicks guarding him
-Kloak and Dagur

-can i ditch this Rui person for one of them
-fight them
-next best thing
-snag Marvin the Ledian
-is female
-correction: Marvin the Crossdressing Ledian
-pokemon don't wear clothes
-i give up
-save game

-turn on game
-don't feel like fighting Venus just yet
-leave Under
-moving on

-holy crap deja vu
-enter the cave
-beat the crap out of every trainer
-Miror B's room
-this miror b impersonator
-is worse than
-the average elvis impersonator
-he may even possibly be gayer than Twilight
-anyways...let's fight
-explosion :/
-double KO
-not really winning anymore :/
-won anyways
-leave cave
-get ambushed by about 3 trainers who I apparently did not fight on the way in
-exit cave
-go back to The Un---FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUU Chaser Kai!!!!!!
-elevator going down

-probably shouldn't delay fighting Venus any longer
-a working UFO
-in the mysterious hipster land of orre
+3 rare candies
-uses none of them
-hi Venus
-Oh wait, you're on the blacklist!
-totally burned
-attract spam
-Typlosion and Hitmon3 are not moved
-kill all four mons
-Suicune kills self

+3 rare candies
-cutscenes age faster than mice
-kill all 4 of her pokemon
-run out of pokeballs

-shopping spree time
-Outskirt Stand
-10 ultra balls
-5 timer balls
-20 great balls
-should take me to the rest of the game
-go back
-FFFFFUUUUU Chaser Kai you'll never win!!!!!!
+3 rare candies
-kill all her mons
-use all ultra balls
-here we go again
-snags Suicune with final timer ball

-lost on television
-runs away
-on television
-follow her
-heal at conveniently placed pokemon center/colosseum
o.o Didn't even know I double posted. Nobody wrote anything between the 2 hours? lies.
Anyways, My first chapter is up, just the beginning. No pokemon or anything. Yet.
Very good start, the more memes the better!

And, in a very bitchy and I'm annoyed just as much as you guys are about me adding this in every post, should I just change the PW challenge to a different series? And seriously, take 24 hours with your reservation, no ones getting ninja'd anymore.

EDIT: I can start soon!! Thank you super saiyan!
@waterwarrior, I'll give you your starter, Phoenix the Chimchar. I haven't played the series but I tried to make a Pokemon based on Phoenix Wright. He wants to have enough evidence to get by and defeat his opponent, so all 4 moves cannot be the same type. He wants to think out how best to win so he must know at least 1 status move at all times. In order to use a Fire or Fighting super effective move, he must be hit by the opposing Pokemon's corresponding STAB move so he has the right amount of evidence to justify it will be super effective. (Example: Must be hit by a Grass attack to use a Fire attack on a Grass Pokemon) Have him solo 1 of the last 3 Gym Leaders and 1 Elite 4 member.

-All 4 moves must be different types
-1 status move at all times
-To use a super effective Fire or Fighting attack, must be hit by the Opponent's corresponding STAB attack.
-Solo 1 of the last 3 Gym Leaders
-Solo 1 Elite 4 member.

I hope that works! Good luck!

EDIT: Your welcome, waterwarrior!
Okay guys, Chapter 2 of my Soulsilver Scramble is up!! Not really sure what I should do if I break the rules, but whatever...

Chapter 2:
So continuing on, I discover this crazy tree that wiggled when I touched it! WTF what could it be??? Also I visited the Ruins of Alph where I solved the Kabuto puzzle and got attacked by approximately 1000 Unown. Then on my first battle on route 32, Starter evolved into Quilava!!!!! Wooooooo heck yeah!!!!... No random man, I do not want to spend a million dollars on some Slowpoketail. I am not interested in some animal’s appendage… Oh there’s a boulder here? I’ll just use rock sma- oh wait I don’t have an HM slave. Went and caught a Rattata, named it SLAVE. Welcome to the team! (I’ll never use you) Anyway, better go visit Union Cave!!... Wow this place is annoying, so many zubats and geodudes… Heck yeah an Onix!!!! Welcome to the team, DUMBO!! Now I don’t want to be sexist or anything, but it’s a female… just putting that out there….

Whoah, I’m just walking along, when the egg hatches into *gasp* a Togepi! How surprising!! I’ll call you Sunny. I think I’ll show this little guy to Elm and collect my everstone, thankyou very much. *does so* … Wow DUMBO is weak. At level 8, she can only 3HKO level 3 Hoothoots -.- . Also I guess a list of all the pokemon she can’t fight is in order. These are all the yellow pokemon in gen 4, according to the Pokedex:

Kakuna, Beedrill, Pikachu, Raichu, Sandshrew, Sandslash, Ninetales, Meowth, Persian, Psyduck, Ponyta, Rapidash, Drowzee, Ypno, Exeggutor, Electabuzz, Jolteon, Zapdos, Moltres, Cyndaquil, Quilava, Typhlosion, Pichu, Ampharos, Sunkern, Sunflora, Girafarig, Dunsparce, Shuckle, Elekid, Raikou, Beautifly, Pelipper, Ninjask, Makuhita, Manectric, Plusle, Minun, Numel, Lunatone, Jirachi, Mothim, Combee, Vespiquen, Chingling, Electivire, Uxie, Cresselia.

There are far too many electric, fire and bug types on that list… Oh, now DUMBO wants to learn rock throw? Meh, it’s only the final moveset I have to stick to. I’ll add moves as I get access to them, but until then I guess I’ll have whatever I like form the level-up movepool… Okay I’m out of that cave and at Azalea town!!! What’s that, criminal guy? You’re from the criminal organisation Team Rocket?? And you’re beating up some random guy??? Whatever, makes sense I guess… What’s that Kurt, you’re gonna beat up the bad guys all by yourself?? Ok then, I’ll just be on my w- OH RIGHT, NECESSARY PLOT DETAILS. Woohooo, down into some damp old well!! What Kurt, you’re paralysed from falling? No problem, I’ll just kill Team rocket for you… Hey, you’re cutting off Slowpoke’s tails?? That’s animal cruelty you monsters!!!! DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!! Oh Kurt, you’re okay now? Your back’s all better you say?? YOU WERE BLUFFING, YOU DICK. At least now all the slowpoke are back… But some guy gives all the credit to Kurt. Typical… Now it’s time to crush Bugsy!!!!! Oh and I accidentally sent Starter into the double battle in the gym, but I switched him out straight away... I'm not gonna count this as a restriction fail. Anyway, onto the main battle, VS Bugsy!! I lead with I’mADoctor. His Scyther uses Leer, while I peck for about 1/6 damage. He then leers again, and I go for a hypnosis… but I misclick and hit uproar, doing pitiful damage!!!! Noooooooooo!!!!!!!! Then he smashes my bird with a technician-boosted quick attack, leaving me with a small amount of health, and I uproar again, bringing him into the yellow and activating his Sitrus berry. Then, as expected, he KOs me with a quick attack. I send in DUMBO. He stupidly leers, and I use rock throw for the kill. He sends in Metapod. Sadly for me, rock throw misses about six times in a row, but he does basically no damage at all and I 2HKO him. Then he sends out Kakuna, and I made the stupid mistake of keeping DUMBO in. She’s not allowed to fight yellow pokemon, silly me!! Well I had forgot this at the time so I 2HKO him, while he poisons me with poison sting, but it doesn’t matter because I won!!!!!! Hive badge get!!!! But crap, DUMBO went up a level, leaving I’mADoctor a level below everyone else! Well that’s another requirement failed. I guess I’m going to have to put some counter on here somewhere… Anyway I’ll grind her in Slowpoke Well until she is even with the rest of the team… Well now that that is done, its Chapter 2 over!!

Pokemon on team: 3
Badges: 2
Blackouts: 0
Times failed a restriction: 2 (I am the worst scrambler ever…)

(Pokemon ranked from MVP to LVP)

Starter the Quilava
-Quick Attack
Solo Falkner or Bugsy (COMPLETE)
Solo Morty or Pryce (INCOMPLETE)
Solo all Rocket Executives in the Radio Tower (INCOMPLETE)
Solo Brock or Misty (IMCOMPLETE)
Solo Blaine or Blue (INCOMPLETE)

After evolution, Starter is still a beast. He OHKOs basically anything the game can throw at him. Just amazing.

DUMBO the Onix
Lvl 17
-Rock Throw

Solo Jasmine’s Steelix (INCOMPLETE)

Well I said she was pretty weak at the start, but that all changed when she got rock throw. She absolutely destroyed Bugsy, even if I cheated a bit… Anyway she turns into a defensive beast when she gets a harden in, able to take any physical attack at all, including Bellsprout vine whips. Also she’s my best bet against other rock types- I just spam screech. All in all, pretty solid (har har har).

I’mADoctor the Hoothoot
Lvl 17

Solo and E4 member the first time (INCOMPLETE)
Solo a different E4 member the second time (INCOMPLETE)

Oh my god, where do I begin… Well I’mADoctor is just completely overshadowed by the other guys. She’s pretty weak offensively, and she’s in conflict- her most powerful attack (Uproar) locks her in, which was terrible against Bugsy, and it also stops her from using her most useful move- Hypnosis, meaning I have to rely on frigging Peck. Very disappointing.
Super Saiyan, about having to be hit by a STAB move before hitting the opponent SE, do I have to do that for every poke or once per battle?

i.e., Candice's Snover hits me with Ice Shard/ Razor Leaf. I then proceed to pwn her with a Fire STAB move. She then sends in her Sneasel. Can I go straight to slamming her with a Fighting type move or does she have to hit me with Avalanche/ Faint Attack first?
Ok, looks like the second scramble that I had planned turned out to be not so good because no one knew a thing about the Animorphs...

This means that I am having a redo.

Game: Platinum
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Themed: Yes
Reservations: Yes, but only for two hours.

MAJOR RULE HERE: Axemaster gets a permanently saved spot because he wants to make up for an overly difficult Challange that he gave me earlier.

1. Creativity is a must
2. Give me a reason you went with what you did
3. I can and WILL use my right to reject challenges that I feel are above my difficulty settings. (I will not abuse this rule, but I shall if a Challange goes overboard)
4. Each poke will get a ONE gym solo.
5. Have fun because I really want to have fun :D
6. Almost forgot: absolutely no solo ALL challanges.
7. If I have go go looking for a poke with a find chance of less than 10%, it had better be worth it.
8. No trades

Now, before we begin, you guys and gals need to know what the theme is. Well, here it is: