Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Ok, so I felt like doing another scramble on Pokemon Black.

Game: Pokemon Black
Difficulty: Hard-Very Hard (no extremes... I dont have enough experience with Pokemon Black for that)
Trading: With myself via pokemon black-to-black trades (I have duplicate blacks, but no white =/) No action replay.
Theme: None
Restrictions: If somehow I could have an Escavalier (that doesnt specialize in special attacks) that would be awesome!

1. N/A
2. N/A
3. N/A
4. N/A
5. N/A
6. N/A
King Serperior, catch Harry the Hoothoot in Eterna Forest.

Harry simply adores eating berries and must hold a berry at all times. Before he can evolve he must consume 2 berries of at least 4 different kinds. He is a connoisseur, after all. As a Noctowl he grows quite fond of his trainer and can replace Pluck with Fly to help you get around. At the Veilstone Pokemart, he discovers a technique to attack and eat his berry at the same time! He must learn Natural Gift and use it in every trainer battle. Finally, solo a trainer in every gym and a pokemon of every E4 member while using a berry (extra broad so Pluck or activating a berry count too).

You may notice his moveset will be physically based. Pick up TM Pluck in Floaroma and teach it to Harry to help him eat his 10 berries more quickly. Get TM Recycle in Eterna to make your supply last longer. You may always use your STAB move to finish a trainer battle and preserve a (recycled) berry. Harry's fourth move can be any status move of your choice; there are some great options such as Hypnosis, Reflect or Attract.

Happy berry hunting!

@Shiny Skarmory: Congrats on pulling through with Ledian. Looks like you picked a rough battle, but it was all the more epic to read.
New Colosseum update up! Feel free to skip this one, I'm only grinding and nothing important happens. But the next one is, well...more important.

I'm going to do a team update tomorrow morning. I plan on taking on the last 5 battles tonight or tomorrow morning, depending on my state of boredom at the time.
Doing a double post for the sake of the team update. I'm about to take on the final 6 battles of the main story of Colosseum. My team:

Espeon level 50
146 HP/82 Atk/84 Def/156 SpA/112 SpD/140 Spe
-Helping Hand
Is a total boss. The only thing he can't beat are Dark types. Also spams Earthquake+Protect with Quagsire.

Quagsire level 50
Water Absorb
170 HP/95 Atk/106 Def/93 SpA/82 SpD/63 Spe
-Mud Shot
Finally figured out how to get rid of Surf. Now Earthquake+Protecting with Ledian and Espeon.

Typlosion level 49 @ Charcoal
154 HP/97 Atk/88 Def/108 SpA/111 SpD/113 Spe
-Sunny Day
-Fire Blast
Taught it protect for a certain boss battle. Another boss (or would be, but it can't learn Solarbeam >_>)

Hitmon3 level 49 @Black Belt
121 HP/112 Atk/101 Def/57 SpA/124 SpD/89 Spe
-Triple Kick
-Rapid Spin
Pretty beast. I'm just sick of it running out of PP in triple kick.

Marvin the female Ledian level 51
Early Bird
133 HP/63 Atk/69 Def/66 SpA/121 SpD/91 Spe
-Baton Pass
Is going to be a key part of the final battle by Baton Passing 3 Agilities to Granbull.

Granbull level 49 @Silk Scarf
148 HP/135 Atk/94 Def/79 SpA/73 SpD/51 Spe
>Hyper Beam
Pretty damn powerful. Currently only uses Hyper Beam.
Looking for another scramble :P

Game: Plat since my Black has all mypokes and my HG is now for learning to RNG.
Difficulty: Moderate, looking to kill time while travelling.

I want to have a monotype challenge and whoever replies first gets to choose what kind of mono it is. just not mono-normal or mono-ground or mono-bug, cause ive done those in different games before.

i can trade, and choosing some obscure type like ice isnt a problem since i could hack a pokemon in at level 5 to act as a starter until i can get other pokes.
Oh hey, I think I might know this guy from ages ago...

Well, Octagon, your Mono-Ice Scramble begins with a Spheal which must evolve into Walrein ASAP. As its species name suggests, Walrein likes to Wall, so to help it out, Walrein may never have more than 2 Attacking (Damaging) moves. Whatever moves you pick is up to you, but Walrein wants to show its long term prowess by soloing one of the last three Gym Leaders, OR one E4 member, whichever one you pick is up to you. Nothing special, just your bog-standard challenge, I guess. Name it Stallrein.

Have fun.
Since you can trade, bring in an Eevee and evolve it to Glaceon when you get to Route 217 near Acuity Lakefront.

Glaceon is very annoyed that Espeon and Vaporeon got good DW abilities and it didn't. So, it's got a grudge against psychics and waters. It's got to solo at least 5 of each type of pokemon before you get to the elite 4.

As its name suggests, Glaceon's Defenses are crap (get it? Glass-eon?). So to prove people wrong, it cand never lead you party except for its solos, and it must be switched into a damaging move (if the move doesn't damage, then use an item or something for the next turn, until Glaceon does get hit by something) whenever you want to use it. If it faints due to the damaging attack, throw out 5 items and Glaceon cannot hold an item until you beat another gym leader (so if it faints after gym 8, no held items forever).

That's about it. Oh, and call it GlassEon, just because I'm out of creativity right now.

Edit: yes, the restrictions do apply as an Eevee. Oh, and solo Candice to prove that GlassEon is a worthwhile Ice-type Pokemon.
Octagon, I'll help you out with a Snover. Hack him in as early as possible if you have to. Snover knows exactly what a boon he is to your team, with his Hail activating Snow Cloak, Ice Body, all that good jazz, not to mention the incredibly sexy 100% accuracy Blizzards. As a result, he's incredibly confident - too confident in fact. Name him "Cocky". Cocky wants to lead the party as much as he can in all major battles, including solos - lead with Cocky then switch out immediately if you have to solo. If he faints more than three times before evolving, he loses confidence. he no longer has to lead the party, he cannot evolve, and loses the ability to use Blizzard. Rename him "Coward" if this happens. Either way, solo Crasher Wake and Volkner.
Octagon, take a Swinub named n00b. It isn't familiar with trainer battles, because it spent all its time in the wild struggling to survive. So, over the course of the game after you catch it or trade it in, you have to teach it important things about fighting against trained pokemon. Firstly, it needs to know that it won't be killed if it loses, so have it solo a gym leader...and lose. Then, you need to impress upon it how important it is that it obey your orders no matter the cost, so have it knock itself out with Take Down recoil. After that, it may evolve to Piloswine. As a Piloswine, n00b becomes more experienced, and it learns on its own about super effective moves. Let it impress you by having it solo all of a gym's trainers (NOT THE GYM LEADER) with only super-effective moves. Finally, to show its painfully acquired battling prowess, it must stay out for the duration of your battle with Giratina. You may not use your Master Ball to artificially shorten the fight. After this, you may evolve to Mamoswine, and rename it Pro.

Good luck and have fun!
@Octagon: You get Fail Cup the Delibird. It wants to prove superiority of the inferior, so it must solo a Rival encounter using only 2 TMs and Present, using the latter at least once. After this, it can learn whatever it wants. No other restrictions because it's a Delibird.
Octagon, Hatch a Smoochum named Calimero

Calimero can't wait to grow up. All the other pokemon are so big while Calimero is so small. It rages against the world that its not fair, until a battle with Gardenia opens her eyes: Being big has it disadvantages too: “The bigger the 'mon, the higher the fall” becomes her new battle philosophy. Solo Gardenia and learn Grass Knot to OHKO 10 fully evolved pokemon. When you complete this task Calimero can mature and evolves into a Jynx.

As a grown up pokemon she now aims to be an opera star. Use Sing or Perish Song in every major battle to increase her fame. You may rename to Pavarotti if you feel that Calimero has grown up, or choose to keep the cute nickname as a reminder of how small your Jynx once was.

Have Fun!

Random Idea:
Since I'm almost done with HG, I thought it could be fun to do a little christmas themed mini-scramble. Is anyone else up for this? It would be fun if we all had to compete with the same team, giving one pokemon per person (so you get your own sadistic pokemon too =P) Ideally, the game should be short and of medium difficulty; something like HG until the E-4. It's not a race, just for fun.

Also: Chapter 13 is now up!
New Colosseum update is up! I'll post it here in the thread as well:
Origins said:
-save girl who looks vaguely like misty
(Ware)House of Horrors said:
-Beat the shit out of every trainer (again)
-reach top
-Almost OHKO Remoraid
-Remoraid suicides w/Shadow Rush FFFFUUUUUUUU
Spandex... said:
-climb to platform 10
-this is why we can't have nice things
Espeonage said:
-elevator down
-one step
Secret Underground Lair said:
-sweep his team with Earthquake+Protect
-snag raikou
-some boss you are
Vengeance (part one of two) said:
-Realgam Tower
-go left in first door
-ooh, Miror B!
-no music
Vengeance (part two of two) said:
-Milotic's moveset, revealed after 4 turns
>Confuse Ray
>Thunder Wave
-it is required that you click this link before we continue with this episode of Colosseum
GRINDAN (later) said:
-3 pokemon against chansey+murkrow (cradily on sidelines)
-mean look
-seems legit
-perish song
-heal bell
-it all comes down to this
-take the up elevator
-enter healing room
-guy blocking the machine
-complete rape
-nascour steals the elevators
-take the left elevator
-not there
-i'd give you the details
-but it wasn't even close
-i lost 50 HP total
-take the left elevator
-for the sake of time, let's only chronicle my successful attempt
-four fights, no break, no healing
-here we go
-first up: Shadow Miltank, Porygon 2, Zangoose
-easy win
-second: Shadow Absol, Mightyena, Sharpedo
-Absol used Swords Dance!
-Skarm threw an Ultra Ball!
-Absol was snagged!
-third: Shadow Houndoom, Torkoal, some other pokemon i can't remember
-still easy
-fourth: Shadow Tropius, Cradily, Vileplume, some pokemon I can't remember
-"Tropius used Synthesis!"
-eventually get the snag and win
-here comes nascour
-silent full heal before the battle
-battle has no music...just crowd noise and sound effects
-not a glitch
-sends out Dusclops, Xatu
-Granbull destroys Xatu with Hyper Beam XDDDDD
-sends out Gardevoir
-more Hyper Beam fodder XDDDDD
-here comes Walrein
-Typlosion uses Fire Blast
-less than 30% o_O
-Walrein OHKOes with Surf
-sends out Quagsire
-Quagsire+Granbull vs. Blaziken+Dusclops
-i have quite a few more here too
-Granbull switched out
-to Ledian XDDDDD
-Quagsire used Earthquake!
-double kill
-Shadow Metagross
-Iron Defense spam
-"he has 2 Iron Defenses up, I can earthquake him no problem!"
-"It's super effective!"
-"A critical hit!"
-Metagross fainted!
-try again?
-I've come too far to turn back now
-there's the mayor guy're the bad guy
-"I will rule the world!"
-so stereotypical
-he sends out Slowking+Scizor
-Scizor gets Swords Dance+two Silver Wind Boosts
-they rape my team
-respawn at health machine
-still have all my snagged pokemon from before
-round two bitches
-he leads with Machamp+Scizor
-I caught on
-"Typlosion used Fire Blast!"
-"Scizor fainted!"
-here comes Salamence
-Salamence used Double-Edge!
-Typlosion fainted!
-sends out Hitmontop
-Machamp used Earthquake!
-hitmontop has 1 HP
-Hitmontop used Endeavor!
-salamence has 1 HP
-**insert montage of Blizzard misses and Dragon Dances here**
-Salamence used Double Edge!
-Hitmontop fainted!
-Salamence fainted!
-thank god
-Slaking+Slowking vs. Quagsire+Granbull and Espeon (on the sidelines
-you know what's coming
-HYPER BEAM!!!!!!!!!
-Slowking is a bitch
-Slaking dies to Hyper Beam
-Slowking dies to Earthquake
-Ttar comes out
-Master Ball

I'll write an epilogue sometime soon. Expect Colosseum updates to become less frequent.

Also, to follow up from my Colosseum scramble, I am now accepting challanges for an XD scramble!

0. I am playing a 100% completion playthrough. Please be mindful of this when you issue your challanges.

1. No more than 2 solos per pokemon. I understand that people like to give out solos, but every battle in XD is a double battle and having half your active team as deadweight (like Ledian in Colosseum for its solo) is really painful. There is also no guarantee that I will remember to do ANY of your solos if you give out more than two, because I have a terrible memory. (The Granbull rule)

2. NO RESERVATIONS!!!!!! I posted much earlier in the Colosseum run saying that I would do this, if you don't have a challange already prepared feel free to make one up on the spot. But no reservations. I just plain dislike them.

3. All pokemon must be able to:
a. be purified
b. be evolved to their final form before the final boss
c. use at least one damaging move at all times in the game (the Ledian clause)
d. be obtained before Citadark Isle

4. You may not assign any pokemon I have used before in this game or in my Colosseum Scramble. The list of disallowed pokemon are: Jolteon (original XD playthrough), Espeon, Ledyba/Ledian, Wooper/Quagsire, Houndour/Doom (see Jolteon)

5. Make sure you are assigning a pokemon that is actually obtainable. The list of obtainable pokemon is here.

6. Drudgery is frowned upon, but grinding is fine.

7. If you don't follow the rules, I will ignore your challange.

8. Super Saiyan has a challange reserved if he wants one, because he fixed the glitchy hide tags in my Colosseum scramble.

With that, COME AT ME BROS

1. King Serperior's traded Elekid
2. TyranitarPhantom's Growlithe
3. Son of Shadoo's Seel
4. Gamer4000's Teddiursa
5. Super Saiyan's Shroomish
6. Obbmud99's Flareon
Shiny, Snag and purify a Shadow Togepiand trade it for Hordel's Elekid Select one move to keep one move forever. The other three moves must be a status move, special move, and Protect.
To evolve, reach level 30 first. Must land an attack against each admin that deals 50% or more damage. To evolve again (if it can), reach level 45 first.

Good luck :)
Shinyskarmory, take Legend the Growlithe.

Everyone knows that dogs are man's best friend. But what about when a dog is possessed by darkness? Well, then it's man's job to be a dog's best friend!

Your Growlithe needs a lot of nurturing and love to free him from the spell he's under. As a shadow Pokemon, NEVER let him faint. Cure him of status immediately, and always call him from Reverse Mode right away. Use at least one of each Cologne massage on him. He'll warm up to you very much.

Once you purify it, name it Legend. The story of a trainer who worked so hard for his Pokemon will go down in history. Legend wishes to repay you however he can, including learning Extremespeed. In a pinch, his power always grows. If Legend falls below 1/3 HP, he may be the only one to attack the Pokemon that brought him that low.

As a final show of loyalty, have him solo two of Battlus' Pokemon (you said you're going for 100%, so I assume Mt Battle is included)
ShinySkarmory, take Moonsong the Teddiursa!

This Teddiursa is obsessed with the moon, so guess what your challanges will be based on?

First, he must always have a move with an added effect (Lick, Body Slam) at all times, because the moon has different phases.

Second, he must learn Rest ASAP and use it after he gets below 50% of his health, because the moon (to him) sleeps 50% of the time.

In addition, Moonsong must have Snore, because the moon is very important even when sleeping.

Finally, he must solo 5 Cipher non-shadow Pokemon, as they woke Moonsong up from sleeping.

Have fun!
Would have given you one before, but I don't know anything about Civilization.

DEMo_Gorgon47, take a male Escavalier named Lebron. It likes to abandon its friends to make lots of money, so every time you beat a gym after you get it, put everything else in a box and go fight 3 trainers to make money. You may evolve into Escavalier after you have done this 3 times. It must also always hold Amulet Coin after you get it, because it wants money.

Have fun!
ShinySkarmory, you'll be taking "Revenge" the Seel. This Seel is very very upset that you circumvented Quagsire's restriction in your Colosseum Challange by deleting Surf, and finds this very much against the spirit of the Challange. Thus, you may never delete Surf from Seel, but may only use it whenever your partner resists/is immune to it. Surf is the strongest move it may know, and it cannot use Ice Beam. Solo three of Gorigan's Pokémon in both encounters. If you fail to do this at either encounter, it permanently loses a moveslot (not Surf), and if you fail twice, it loses another moveslot (again, not Surf). Evolve whenever you wish.

ShinySkarmory, you'll be taking "Revenge" the Seel. This Seel is very very upset that you circumvented Quagsire's restriction in your Colosseum Challange by deleting Surf, and finds this very much against the spirit of the Challange. Thus, you may never delete Surf from Seel, but may only use it whenever your partner resists/is immune to it. Surf is the strongest move it may know, and it cannot use Ice Beam. Solo three of Gorigan's Pokémon in both encounters. If you fail to do this at either encounter, it permanently loses a moveslot (not Surf), and if you fail twice, it loses another moveslot (again, not Surf). Evolve whenever you wish.

LOL, it took me so long to figure out there was a move deleter. It wouldn't let me delete it otherwise, because it's an HM move and Colosseum kept that gay "cannot delete HM move" thing despite the uselessness of HM moves in Colosseum.

Also, Gamer 4000's challange better be damn good if he's gonna make a reservation (against the rules btw) and post his challange an hour after he reserved the slot. Just saying.
@ShinySkarmory, sorry for the late scramblemon, I finished it hours ago, but accidentally deleted it and got sidetracked.

Reserving for DemoGorgon.

Gorgon, take Hungry the Panpour!

This Panpour is very hungry, and cannot go into battle without a berry. Once he has eaten the berry, he must not use moves over 120 power, and then 100, 80, and so on until you get to 40 power, and then he can only use one move. You may not use items or status moves on him. Hungry must always lead your party (barring Escaviler), and be the highest level.

Have Fun!
Demo Gorgon, take Warrior the Snivy. Everybody thinks that Oshawott and Tepig are sooo much better than Snivy, but Awesome wants to prove them wrong.

First of all, he knows that powerful moves are not always needed for success, so he may never have a STAB move with a BP over 70. Warrior also wants to prove that he is way better than Oshawott or Tepig, so he must solo Cheren and Bianca twice each. After completing this, Warrior may evolve.

As a Servine, rename him Paladin. He starts to believe that Oshawott and Tepig are actually evil, so he plans to thwart their plans. To do this, Awesome must solo all water and fire types you encounter (unless this conflicts with another challange), because they are minions of Oshawott and Tepig. He also wants to solo N every time you encounter him, because he's evil too. Then, Paladin must prove himself to his hero, Brycen, by soloing him. After completing this, Paladin may evolve.

As a Serperior, rename him Justice. Most of his restrictions as a Servine stay intact, except one thing. He realises that, after all those solos, Oshawott and his pals were rnever really evil at all, so now Justice may never use any move against a water-type. However, his fury begins to grow as he realises that the fire-types have allied themselves with the dark- and dragon- types. Therefore, Justice must now solo every pokemon of these types, unless this conflicts with another challange. He must then solo Drayden, because he is the master of the dragons, as well as Grimsley of the E4, because he loves dark-types. Finally, he must solo N. However, it turns out that it was all behind Ghetsis all along! All of Justice's previous restrictions are gone, because Ghetsis was actually controlling N and the fire / dark / dragon types, and all his anger is channelled, so he may learn any move he wants. Justice must put everything he's got into soloing Ghetsis's Hydreigon, without any healing items except revives.

-Warrior the Snivy
-Never have a STAB move with BP over 70
-Solo Cheren and Bianca twice each to evolve
As a Servine:
-Rename him Paladin
-Solo all water and fire types
-Solo N every time you encounter him
-Solo Brycen to evolve
As a Serperior:
-Rename him Justice
-Never use moves against water types
-Solo all fire, dark and dragon types
-Solo Drayden
-Solo Grimsley
-Solo N
-After soloing N, all restrictions are lifted
-Solo Ghetsis's Hydreigon without healing items

Yes, that's a lot of solos, but you did say you wanted a hard/very hard challange. Enjoy!