Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Well, posting a scramble compendium for the new thread. It's gonna start fairly empty tho...

To be started

White Scramblocke Gauntlet-OP

In Progress

need a better damn title: A Ruby Scramblocke (1 2) (prose, drama, and dark tales inside)



Platinum Finally finished this crap, fuck you Treadshot

Colosseum 100% Scramble


XD 100% Scramble

Ruby Shedinja Solo (too difficult, too much grinding, not enough free time)

Note that this includes only challanges from the new thread. I'm too damn lazy to go back to the old thread and find all my challanges from there.
I think, since I've nothing much to do for the next few weeks (most of my scrambles are done, and I'm stuck on my Lulu-only run of FFX, so I don't want to play that), I'll take two more scrambles, for Red and Emerald Versions.


1. No repeating types, as always
2. Include a nickname/backstory, please
3. No drudgery, please
4. I want 2 easy Pokemon, 2 medium Pokemon, and 2 hard Pokemon (hard, but not insane) for each game
5. Include a Water-type for both games
6. Reservations are valid for 2 hours
7. Don't assign the following Pokemon:
Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Poochyena, Zubat (because I've used them too many times already)
Taillow, Marill, Geodude, Zigagoon, Slakoth (because they're part of my super-hard Ruby Scramble)

Abra, Geodude, Gastly, Machop (because I can't trade)
Jynx, Lickitung, Mr. Mime, Farfetch'd (because they can't be nicknamed)


1. King Serperior's Magikarp
2. Axmaster's Random Pokemon
3. Octagon's Eevee
4. Professor Science's Mankey
5. shinyskarmory's Charmander
6. Super Saiyan's Ekans


1. King Serperior's Numel
2. Axmaster's Whismur
3. shinyskarmory's Wailmer
4. Professor Science's Ralts
5. Octagon's Seedot
6. Super Saiyan's Aron
For Emerald, take a Wailmer named EggGroup. It is confused by the way that even as the largest recorded pokemon (when it evolves) it can breed with tiny Skitty and produce viable offspring. So, catch a skitty ASAP that is the opposite gender of Wailmer, and put it in the box until you catch Wailmer. Now, Wailmer/Wailord must breed with this Skitty every time you defeat a gym. You may not use it again for any reason until it has produced an egg with the victimised Skitty.

After you stop Team Magma/Aqua (can't remember which) at Mount Pyre, you may evolve to Wailord. The same breeding restriction applies. But Wailord's conscience has begun to kick in, so it now must learn every Water-type HM and be the only pokemon to use them from that point forwards, to clear its conscience. To finish, solo Drake.

For Red, take a female Charmander named Fearless. She is irritated about how every other Charmander/melion/zard looks down on her for being female. She also isn't afraid to take on opponents she's weak against; in fact, quite the opposite. The first time you fight the Pewter Gym, bring with you only this Charmander and put everything else in the box. The number of Brock's pokemon you successfully solo with a maximum of 3 potions is the number of times Fearless may evolve in the game. If you solo ZERO pokemon, you may try again against Misty, with a maximum of 5 potions.

To show that she has no fear, it may never switch out of a matchup where it has a disadvantage. If you are not using SET switching, you may not switch out Fearless when a new pokemon is coming in. Have her solo Blaine to prove her worth to the other fire types of the world.

Have fun with both! (the red one is HARD)
Reserving for FireRed and Emerald for TtarPhantom.

They will be Numul. and Arcanine


1). Sadface the Camerupt: HE must have a +Speed nature. He is sad that there are so many better fire types around. This means that he must prove himself worthy. You must teach him moves that have 90+ BP ASAP!! Solo Flanery and and an E4 member of your choice. Once his happiness reaches it's max, rename him Happyface and and teach him Attract because he then becomes a ladies man. :D

2). Payment the Growlith has to have moves fast, but he has to pay for them. Choose 4 of these move:
- Flamethrower: Solo rival in the Silph Co.
- Extremespeed: Solo Geovannie
- Crunch: must be "Choice-locked from then on.
- Agility: Must be used first.
- Overheat: may not be used unless a teammate faints first.
- Fire Blast: If it misses, RETREAT!!!
- Dig: Survive 15 ground attacks without fainting.

Whatever the moves that you choose, solo Bruno.
Reserving for FireRed and Emerald for TtarPhantom.

They will be Numul. and Arcanine


1). Sadface the Camerupt: HE must have a +Speed nature. He is sad that there are so many better fire types around. This means that he must prove himself worthy. You must teach him moves that have 90+ BP ASAP!! Solo Flanery and and an E4 member of your choice. Once his happiness reaches it's max, rename him Happyface and and teach him Attract because he then becomes a ladies man. :D

2). Payment the Growlith has to have moves fast, but he has to pay for them. Choose 4 of these move:
- Flamethrower: Solo rival in the Silph Co.
- Extremespeed: Solo Geovannie
- Crunch: must be "Choice-locked from then on.
- Agility: Must be used first.
- Overheat: may not be used unless a teammate faints first.
- Fire Blast: If it misses, RETREAT!!!
- Dig: Survive 15 ground attacks without fainting.

Whatever the moves that you choose, solo Bruno.
Camerupt is accepted.

However, Arcanine is not. I requested no repeating types, and I've already been given a Charmander. I'd also like to point out that this is for Red, not FireRed

For Emerald take a seedot named Tengu. Tengu starts out as a shy pokemon, and will have to use bide to defeat its enemies as its too shy to attack first. so to evolve, tengu has to defeat 10 pokemon by using bide to KO. after it evolves into nuzleaf, tengu gains self-confidence and falls in love with a skitty, the same one being used for the wailord challenge. the skitty falls in love with him too, and so they must produce an egg together as soon as you get to the day-care.

Together they'll enjoy a good life with you as their trainer, but eventually hit a rough patch once wailmer enters the party. Tengu develops a fierce rivalry with wailmer, and must from then on always be at least 4 levels higher than wailmer to prove that hes stronger. However, his anger explodes once he sees that Skitty and wailmer had an egg after defeating winona at fortree, and sees wailmer evolve after soloing team magma at mt pyre. To compete, Tengu evolves into a Shiftry and must from then on solo every single team magma/team aqua member that remains in the game, and must stay 6 levels above wailord. Lastly, to solidify his superiorty over wailords and his love for skitty, he has to OHKO Wallace's Wailord.

For Red, take the eevee from Celadon and name it Gary. This eevee is depressed that this isnt pokemon Yellow and that his trainer isnt your rival. thus it wants to emulate your rival as much as possible to cheer itself up. Like your rivals's eevee, depending on how well you fight your rival will determine what eevee will evolve into. if you beat your rival in oaks lab and beat him on route 22, Gary will become a Jolteon. if you lose one of those two rival battles, Gary will become a flareon, and if you lose both those battles Gary will become a vaporeon.

evolve Gary once it learns quick attack, and quickly his depression turns into hatred, and he begins hating your rival, and from then on must lead your team against your rival and must KO the pokemon your rival sends out first and 2 other pokemon. as a last requirement, Gary must never forget quick attack, and must always have one non-damaging move on him as well.

EDIT: since no repeating types, if Gary would evolve into flareon it stays as an eevee.
Sorry Ttar, will you accept a replacement from me? Just give me time to edit a Gyarados for you....

Take RNG the Gyarados. Evolve from Magikarp ASAP. (Is the Magikarp salesman in Red? If so, buy that one. If not, just catch one.). As it's name suggests, RNG it's moves. Gyarados learns a total of 23 TMs and HMs in Gen 1. Use a Random Number Generator to choose three of them. The final move is a Level up move of your choice. Solo any gym leader and E4 member of your choice. Solo your rival at Silph Co.

Have fun :D

Also, sorry for my earlier mistake :(
Reserving for Tyranitarphantom.

For Red, take RAGE the Mankey. RAGE is angry because he is always looked down on as being inferior to other Fighting-types, so he has to solo every Fighting type you encounter, unless this conflicts with other challanges. After he soloes everyone in the Fighting Dojo, he may evolve. After evolution, RAGE is also annoyed that psychic-types are so broken in Gen 1, so have him solo every trainer in Saffron Gym (not Sabrina). Finally, to prove he's better than ANY other fighting-type, hands down, he must solo Bruno.

For Emerald, take Buddy the Ralts. In the anime, Max befriended a Ralts, and this is Max's friend. Buddy must never use any move against a 'School Kid' trainer, because they look like Max (well, the male ones do.) Buddy must also have a final moveset consisting of the moves Max's Ralts used in the anime: Psychic, Safeguard, Hypnosis and Teleport. However, you may replace one move with a move of your choice, but this will come with a restriction:

If you replace Psychic - No restrictions
If you replace Safeguard - If any team member acquires a status condition less than 5 turns after using the replacing move, that status condition must be cured immediately by any means necessary.
If you replace Hypnosis - The replacing move cannot deal damage directly
If you replace Teleport - If you use the replacing move in battle, fly to the nearest town immediately after the battle.

Buddy must also solo Wally every time you battle him- he hates Wally's Ralts taking all the limelight. To evolve Buddy into Gardevoir, have it solo Norman, because he is Max's (and your) Dad.

(I edited the Ralts - it seemed a bit too hard)

I consider both of these to be Medium difficulty.
well when you put that "if i have to" part i thought that meant i was to hack him in if i would have hardly any pokemon in the beginning O_o. ill just put him in as an egg before i get to sandgem if u want him in ASAP.
My apologies, I meant that if you have to if you couldn't trade in an egg or something. Hack him in before Gardenia anyway.
Guys, Chapter 6 is up!! Basically, I do a LOT of grinding, Baoba gives me some tests and DUMBO has a fight with Jamsine and her Steelix...

Chapter 6:
Okay, time for chapter 6! I left the gym, and Chuck's wife came up to me and gave me Fly! Awesome, this will be super useful. Then I went to the pharmacy to get the Secretpotion. Hah, the guy at the counter is awesome. After getting the medicine from him, he just turns around and starts watching the TV, as if selling stuff to random trainers isn't actually the most important thing in his life. At least one person in this world of Pokemon is normal…. I taught Fly to my newest HM slave, and went back to Olivine City, and then to the lighthouse. Jasmine gave the Secretpotion to Amphy, and BAM! he was fine! If only this stuff could happen in real life… Oh hai Baoba, y u call me? Oh, the Safari Zone's open? Eh, okay, I'll visit. I've got to ramble about SOMETHING this chapter… Gah, it takes so long to reach the Safari Zone… Okay, I'm here. Hai Baoba, you want me to catch a Geodude as some test? Okay I- WAIT I HAVE TO PAY $500 TO GET IN?? FFFUUUUUUUUU- Well I easily caught that Geodude, I'll call him Hardman, because Wynaut? Okay Baoba here it is… Wait did you just say I was going to become an owner? HECK YEAH!!

Well, I'm gonna grind a bit in the grass near the Safari Zone, in preparation for Jasmine…. Oh hey, Triforce wants to learn Take Down! Sure, I'll get rid of Leer…. Oh Arceus, I swear this route was specifically designed to make grinding DUMBO frustrating as hell. Farfetch'ds and Fearows are immune to DUMBO's only attacking move, Glooms love to spam Sleep Powder / Poison Powder / Stun Spore, Vulpix uses Will-O-Wisp, Diglett uses Magnitude for extra damage while digging and Dig to evade attacks, and almost nothing is OHKO'd. SO ANNOYING…. Oh Starter, you want to learn Swift? Sure, I'll put it over Headbutt. Yeah, no more flinch chance, but at least he can abuse a never-hitting move, and it should be slightly more powerful anyway, being a special move…. Sweet, I'mADoctor evolved into Noctowl! She's going to be a beast now, I'm sure… Yep, she is. She has enough power to OHKO so much more stuff than before… Oh DUMBO, I really can't grind you at all here, it's just too hard. I'll take you back to battle Tentacools instead, they'll be easier… Oh hai Baoba, you want me to take another test? Okay, as long as I can be an owner!!.. Wait you want me to catch a Sandshrew?? Really, that's it? Geez Baoba, you could at least come up with something slightly challenging… Well that was excruciatingly easy. I'll call him Shrewy, because I have so much imagination. Oh awesome, Baoba, I'm now the OWNER of the SAFARI ZONE??? AWESOME!!!… Wait I still have to pay? FFUUUUUUUUU- "We have our reasons." WHY DON'T YOU DAMN TELL ME THEM THEN???!!!… Okay I think DUMBO is a high enough level now to take on Jasmine! Since nobody else on my team even carries neutral moves against her Magnemite (except Starter, but he's not allowed to switch out), DUMBO will attempt a solo…

I go in against her Magnemite, which confuses me with Surpersonic as I try to set up as many Hardens as possible. After DUMBO is at +6, I heal up and go for the Dig. Supersonic and SonicBoom are extremely annoying, and DUMBO always seems to hit herself. I go through about 4 Super Potions before I manage to KO that Magnemite… Then she sends in her dreaded Steelix. I use a Guard Spec. to stop drops from Screech, and she sets up a useless Sandstorm. As per requirements, DUMBO uses Rock Polish, and Steelix's Screech is foiled. DUMBO uses Harden for the requirement, but it failed (obviously), and Steelix's Iron Tail does a little damage. DUMBO fails with a Sandstrom, and Steelix uses Iron Tail again. Then I heal DUMBO as she uses Iron Tail… again. Guard Spec. wears off, so I use it again, and she uses Iron Tail again. DUMBO then goes for the Dig, and it does less than 1/4 damage, and she uses Iron Tail AGAIN. I guess it's time for a Dig spam,as she spams Iron Tail. On the third dig, I activate Steelix's Sitrus berry, as she sets up Sandstorm again. Eventually I get Steelix down into the red… And she uses a Hyper Potion. Well, I have a trick up my sleeve…. Better hope she doesn't get a crit…. Well I TRIED to spam X Attacks, but after the first one she crits and OHKOs DUMBO. I can tell this isn't going to work, so I reset, preparing a different strategy…

The battle starts the same, DUMBO using Harden as Magnemite uses the remarkably accurate Supersonic. I spam it, as she spams Supersonic. When I'm at +6, I start spamming X Attacks as well. When I've used up all 6, I heal up DUMBO and destroy that Magnemite with Dig. She sends in Steelix,as expected. I use a Guard Spec. and she uses Iron Tail. I rock polish, she sandstorms. Harden, Iron Tail miss. Sandstorm, Iron Tail. Now… EPIC DIG ATTACK!!!!!… It doesn't get the KO, but gets it into the yellow, activating the Sitrus Berry. One more hit will finish her off, the only thing stopping me is a crit…. OH ARCEUS…..

*Iron Tail missed!*

With awesome, skull-shattering power, DUMBO rose out of the earth and delivered an almighty Dig to her older sibling Steelix, crushing it's body with all her might. SUCCESS!!
To finish off her last Magnemite, I sent in Starter. It got OHKO'd.
Anyway, Mineral Badge GET!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO
And with that, DUMBO has the right to evolve! I'll trade in a Metal Coat…. Whoah, DUMBO, you're so… so AWESOME. Now since I don't want to make this chapter TOO long, I'll end it here! That's the end of chapter 6!

Pokemon of team: 6
Gym Badges: 6
Blackouts: 0
Times failed a restriction: 5 (oh cool I didn't do anything bad this chapter!)

(Pokemon ranked from MVP to LVP)

Titan the Scyther
Lvl 33
-Wing Attack
-Focus Energy
-Swords Dance

Tank 20 super effective hits (COMPLETE)
Tank 2 super effective hits in a row (COMPLETE)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Titan is unstoppable. If you need any more explanation, read the other team evaluation sections for the last 3 chapters.

Thirsty the Miltank
Lvl 33
-Body Slam
-Zen Headbutt
-Milk Drink

Solo one gym leader, using Milk Drink as many times as the leader has pokemon (INCOMPLETE)

Thirsty can handle almost anything by herself. A combination of the decently-powered, STAB, reliable attack with a chance of status, decent coverage moves and instant healing, makes Thirsty a formidable threat.

Starter the Quilava
Lvl 33
-Flame Wheel
-Quick Attack

Solo Falkner or Bugsy (COMPLETE)
Solo Morty or Pryce (INCOMPLETE)
Solo all Rocket Executives in the Radio Tower (INCOMPLETE)
Solo Brock or Misty (IMCOMPLETE)
Solo Blaine or Blue (INCOMPLETE)

Starter was pretty good this chapter, as his moves are pretty high-powered and the coverage provided by his Fire moves are much appreciated by the team. MUCH better than last chapter, as now he can actually use his STAB.

I'mADoctor the Noctowl
Lvl 33
-Air Slash
-Take Down

Solo Chuck (COMPLETE)
Solo an E4 member the first time (INCOMPLETE)
Solo a different E4 member the second time (INCOMPLETE)

I didn't think I'd say this but… I'mADoctor is really good. She can KO many pokemon easily now with Air Slash and a better Special Attack stat. Her status moves are just the icing on the cake for her. I'm very impressed.

Triforce the Heracross
Lvl 34
-Take Down
-Rock Tomb

Solo 25 flying types (COMPLETE)
Solo Morty (COMPLETE)

Triforce just stays the same, while everything else gets better. Guts isn't very useful, as poison and burn wear him down and paralysation is just annoying. However, there is hope over the horizon - in three levels he gets Close Combat, arguably the best Fighting-type move in the game. I expect an amazing comeback from the brink of obscurity.

DUMBO the Steelix
Lvl 35
-Rock Polish

Solo Jasmine’s Steelix (COMPLETE)

DUMBO was just really, really poor this chapter. Now that she has no coverage moves to use, DUMBO was pretty useless against almost everything. But, she did quite well against Jasmine, and I haven't used her yet since evolution, so I'm guessing she'll be pretty awesome in chapters to come.
@Tyranitarphantom, you get these 2 Pokemon:

Red Version
Take Troll the Ekans. It knows that an enemy Pokemon can't move when Wrap is used and Glare can Paralyze Ground types, so it must use Wrap first anytime it is sent into battle, if the enemy is a Ground type, it must use Glare until the enemy is Paralyzed instead.

Emerald Version
Take Basics the Aron. It doesn't want to stand out. It likes being just a standard Pokemon. It must evolve at the first chance. It may only learn level up moves with at least 1 status move at all times. It may not ever solo a Gym Leader. To prove it is a team player, have it solo any Elite 4 member of your choice.

Good luck!
I've got a 5-7 hour car ride coming up in the next few days, so I'd like to use it to do a Platinum scramble on my second platinum. (Why do I have two platinums? I lost my first one, went to GameStop and bought another one, and then found my first one.) I'm looking for 6-7/10 difficulty.

This scramble has one rule: Don't be an ass. If your challange is on the level of some of the sadistic ones on the first page, I'll reject. If you reserve and don't fill your reservation for an hour, I will be highly annoyed and will probably reject.

On the other hand, if your challange is of reasonable difficulty or you reserve and edit immediately,

Please watch your types to make sure I'm not getting 3 normal types or something like that. Other than that, COME AT ME BROS.

1. Treadshot A1's Shinx that I can't even use in trainer battles
2. TM13IceBeam's Staravia
3. Obbmud99's Tangela (screw you Obbmud)
4. Jimera0's Espeon
5. Professor Science's Piplup
Okay, I give you...a Shinx!

Editing in now

Okay, let's continue with the ranger theme. You get Evastyl, who generally...doesn't like killing others. Which is how most people should be. Except he does like enslaving people though. For a short while.

So basically he can only be used against wild Pokemon, and his job is to capture them. Use Evastyl (and only Evastyl) to capture a wild Pokemon. Use that Pokemon in one battle, then release it. That Pokemon is always choiced. After it is released, capture another one, use it in one battle, then release it. Wash, rinse, repeat. The idea is to keep Evastyl high levelled so you can catch more and more Pokemon.

When you get to the E4, catch a Pokemon. During the E4, it is still choiced, but you keep it for the whole of the E4 and Champion battles. It may use attacks 20 times. For every level you raise it before entering the E4, reduce that number of moves by one.

Oh, and obviously Evastyl himself can't fight trainers, incase that wasn't already blindingly obvious (off-topic: blindingly obvious? Who though of that term?).

Oh, and Evastyl has to always have one electric move a dust keep Bite/Crunch (replace Bite with Crunch ASAP).

Editing in as we speak

Sup guys, this is TM13, an ancient scrambler who hasn't posted here in maybe ages. So yeah, firstly, we get the very master of PWN himself, PWN MASTER the Staravia! (Yes, it must be caught as a Staravia, and yes, the NN must be all caps). PWN MASTER loves PWNing shit like no other, for he is the true master of PWN. Now, enough about PWN MASTER. For PWN MASTER is so god awesome at PWNing shit like no other PWN guy can do he must solo 45 Pokemon to evolve and upon evolution solo ALL of his fellow PWN MASTERs (AKA GLMPs and E4MPs). PWN MASTER PWNs shit so badly everything gets scared by it, so you must go to the Great Marsh, place PWN MASTER as your lead (this can be done anytime before the E4) and have 25 Pokemon run away from you, for PWN MASTER is so awesome that it intimidates (no pun intended with Staraptor's ability) EVERYTHING, for nothing except for the gutsiest of Pokemon can stand up to be an ally of the great master of PWN, PWN MASTER himself. PWN MASTER must have moves of 4 different types, to show off its true coverage of PWNage. This must be done by the E4, and for every 50 Pokemon PWN MASTER PWNs (that means solo) as a Staraptor it will be given a very awesome massage as soon as possible, to show off its true extent of PWNage. With the PWN MASTER around, you'll never lose another battle again!

(Yes, the description is supposed to be random. Here's the breakdown:

--Must catch as Staravia
--Nickname PWN MASTER
--Solo 45 Pokemon to evolve
--At any point in time before E4, have 25 Pokemon without Guts (I think that's everything anyway) run away from you in the Great Marsh while Staravia/Staraptor is your lead
--After evolution, solo every remaining GLMP / E4MP / Cynthia's Garchomp
--Must have moves of 4 different types by the E4
--For every 50 Pokemon solo'd as Staraptor, you must give it a massage ASAP (OPTIONAL)
Define "ass" shinyskarmory. You get Undefinded, the Tangela. It has an undefinded moveset, so every time it can learn a move, you must delete your oldest move. Altering this rule in any way is cheating (A.E. TMs or Move Deleter). When you get to the elite 4, you roll a die. There must be more than 6 sides (roll two and add them if you don't have a 6+ die). Because it isn't a predetermined number it is undefined. The number is how many solos of elite 4 pokemon you have to do. Also, when you fight a Pokemon that attacks you with an animation with a vertical line, Tangela must solo it, because Undefined is the slope of a vertical line. Have Fun!



You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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Ohai there everyone! yes, I am still alive and kicking, and I just finished another update for my Sapphire scramble if you all want to read it. I'm sorry I took so long, I kinda got distracted by other stuff. But hey, it's done now and there's only a couple chapters left. Let's just hope I don't spend another two months getting those out...

Anyway, enjoy! I'll probably be writing up a couple scramblemon for people too but first I gotta get caught up on all the updates I missed.

EDIT: Reserving a Pokemon for ShinySkarmory, will edit once I'm done reading updates. BTW Shiny, grats on completing the main game on your Colosseum scramble :) your updates are always fun to read.

Shinyskarmory, you lucky dog, you get an Espeon the OU Beast! Huh? You say it's only OU because of Magic Guard and it doesn't have that shit in Gen IV? Well SCREW YOU because this Espeon is an OU BEAST and it's going to prove it dammit! Call him Ownage, because that's what he is man! Don't listen to all those haters! To prove how Ownage he is, he absolutely must solo every Ghost, Dark, and Bug type you encounter, just to show that he's not afraid of his weaknesses man. Except when he's an eevee, then he has to solo the fighting types. Of course this is only when it doesn't conflict with your other mon's restrictions. Ownage may want to prove himself but he's not going to prevent others from doing the same man! He's just cool like that y'know?

"Hey, I said no insane challanges!" you go. Well hang on for a moment, it's not that bad. Ownage doesn't have any further restrictions because it wants to be as beast as possible, and it knows that restrictions will just put a dampner on that. Sure the Dark Type solos will be tricky, but there aren't that many of them around and I'm sure you can find a way around it. Now get out there and own some shit.

(A hint for the fighting type solos... just avoid them completely by evolving him ASAP. Running around for 30 minutes or so should get up his happiness high enough to evolve without any trouble).
Christmas-Themed Group Scramble:

I'd like to invite everyone to join me in a short Christmas scramble through Johto. Contrary to normal scrambles where everybody receives a seperate team, we will all play with the SAME SCRAMBLE 'MON. Each person to join may add one pokemon to the common team until we have a full team of six. I will be playing no matter what, so if there are still open spots by Friday 12:00 AM GMT you may start handing out pokemon as if it was a normal challange.

The Rules:
- Medium Difficulty
- Christmas Themed
- HG or SS until the E-4
- No trading and no HG/SS exclusive pokemon
- If you're not going to play, please wait till Friday to complete the team.
- The following restrictions are banned: Must always lead the party; Must be highest/lowest level 'mon; Anything that would involve long grinding or obscure items; Soloing Claire, any E-4 member or Lance. I'd like to keep it quick.

Pokemon 1: Delibird named Santa! He multi-tasks his delivery of Presents, handing trainers their gift during a pokemon battle. Use Present once per trainer battle to earn a point: Try to obtain your personal Santa Highscore by getting him to use Present on as much trainers as you can. Santa can only earn points between Ice Path and New Bark and on the routes east to the league. One point per trainer. Claire, the elite four and Lance are included. Merry Christmas!
shinyskarmory, take Shy the Piplup. Unlike most Piplup, Shy doesn't like showing off it's strength, even though Shy knows she (yes, Shy has to be female) is pretty powerful. So, Shy must always use a status move before making any attack, and cannot attack twice in a row. However, Shy wants to break past this problem, and succeed anyway. Shy must solo Roark to evolve.

After evolution, rename your her Confident. Confident believes that she can beat any opponent. Confident may no longer use status moves at all, because she thinks she doesn't need them. However, she loses confidence easily: she starts with 20 Confidence points, and she loses a point every time she misses an attack, gets KO'd, or gets afflicted with a status condition. She has move restrictions based on the number of points she has remaining:
15< points: No restrictions
15> points: No moves higher than 70 BP
10> points: No moves higher than 50 BP
5> points: No moves higher than 30 BP

No matter how many points Confidence has, she must solo Byron that she is worthy of the Steel type. She may the evolve.

When she is an Empoleon, rename her Balanced. She now understands that it doesn't matter how many times she fails, she'll still be the same Empoleon. All previous restrictions are lifted. To prove that she is now capable of achieving her goals, her move set must always be: One physical move, one special move, and two status moves. Balanced must use at least two different moves in every battle. Balanced should solo Aaron of the E4, to prove that only balanced people are truly Elite.

Have fun!
Reserving for all you guys. Will edit in one at a time.

EDIT1: Sage Chow, I won't be able to play because of my current SS scramble, but I would love to give you guys a pokemon if you will accept it(if this will not be accepted until Friday 12:00 GMT, just wait until then. I just want to have it out there early). Here he is:

Sage Chow, take the Togepi Egg you recieve and name him Gold. Gold is one of the three wisemen, and such must act like it. Gold cannot KO trainers from the time you hatch the egg until after the next badge. At this point, Gold runs into Herod, and must avoid him at all costs. As such, Gold cannot be in your party when you enter Morty's gym. After this, and obtaining a 60 BP or under yellow move (to represent Gold), Gold can evolve.

As a Togetic, rename Gold Frankincense (I'll refer to him as Frank). Frank thinks that his gift to the baby has been stolen by the awful Chuck, and such must solo him, using a psychic type move as much as possible. After obtaining his gift, the move must be replaced with the much solemmer Metronome, and cannot use it until you complete the first Safari Zone challange. After this, Frank can use Metronome. Frank also wants to remove Herod ASAP, so he can get home, and such must solo the next Rocket Admin you face. Anytime between Chuck and the Admin, Frank can evolve.

Now, as a Togekiss, rename Frank Muryh(spelling? I'll refer to him as Mur). Mur now as almost completed the trip, but hasn't found his gift for the baby yet. It was stolen by Team Rocket, so Mur must solo the final Rocket Admin in the Radio Tower. After this, Mur wants to get more in shape for the upcoming visit to the baby, so he must complete 7 pokeathelons. Once you reach the E4, Mur can be used freely, except for always having the electric type move and Metronome, after they are introduced(KS, if you dissaprove, I'll change Metronome). Once you get to Lance(representitive of the baby), Mur wants to meet the baby. If you need Mur, you can use him, but try to keep Mur in the second position for the entire battle, so Mur doesn't have to hurt the baby, but can view in awe and present his gift.

Merry Christmas to all!

T-Tar, yours, both of them Easy, are coming soon.

EDIT 2: T-Tar, for Emerald, take Pound the Whismur. Pound loves to Pound away, and such must always keep Pound. Also, Pound wants to show the awesomeness of Pound, and such must solo 7 trainers or a gym leader with pound (extra props if you go for the leader). After this, Pound wants to relax, his job fuffiled, and can evolve. As a Loundred, Pound must solo whichever you haven't done before. After this, Pound can evolve. As an Exploud, Pound wants to prove it to the E4 that Pound is awesome, so must hit 4 pokemon with pound OR solo 1 pokemon with Pound. Other than this, no restrictions, except Pound should complete 3 contests..

Now, before you say this is Medium, keep in mind that really this isn't much to ask, and you have quite a bit of freedom there, especially in the way of easy evolution once the one and only restriction is done.

Now for Red, take Easy the first pokemon you see after getting pokeballs. Easy loves to take it easy, so no restrictions until you get 2 badges. After this, Easy wants to get in on the action, and such must solo 15 trainers between the second and fourth badges. After this, Easy is tired, so no restrictions until Silph Co.. At this point, Easy wants back in, and so must solo Blaine AND 3 Rocket Grunts at Silph Co. After this, no restrictions, except Easy must never leave the party.
Sorry about the group scramble Sage Chow, but I've got too much stuff on my SoulSilver for me to transfer on short notice. I'll give you a challange if I have internet access on Friday though.
I've got good news and bad news.
Good News:Figured out how to get around school, Carries around pokewalker.
Bad News: Faelnirv was level 26+ on pokewalker(After whitney), then was tragically lost.

Now I don't want to be mean to Treadshot and found the challanges a bit easy. (ironic)
So, I will start a new, Medium Difficulty Soul Silver Challange and will give Treadshot a reserved spot. The pokemon? Hoenn and Sinnoh starters.
@ Grassblade

Take a Piplup and name it Pecola. Solo Falkner or Bugsy ( your choice ) with only Bubble to evolve into Prinplup. As a Prinplup, it realises that it's not the same pokemon as he used to be. He becomes very agressive towards other water types, and so it must solo each and every one of them. Solo 25 trainer-owned water types to evolve into Empoleon. When he evolved, he came to it's senses. It now loves water types, and so, he must know at least 2 water type attacks, one of the attacks still being Bubble.

Edit: Update on my SoulSilver scramble will be coming up soon! Haven't started Pearl yet, but I will get to it.