Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

GrassBlade, take Patriot the Treecko. Your Treecko is the same one who appeared as a Grovyle in Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky. Therefore, he must try to prevent the destruction of the world. To evolve into Grovyle, Patriot must solo every Team Rocket member in Slowpoke Well, because they are evil and want to take over the world.

As a Grovyle, Patriot must acquire the move set of Leaf Blade, Dig, Quick Attack and Absorb ASAP (just like Grovyle's moveset in Mystery Dungeon.) He must keep this move set forever. He also hates Dunknoir, Sableye and all other ghost-types, so he must solo every ghost-type you encounter. Solo Morty, because he is the leader of the ghosts. He also has to stop Team Rocket again, and so must solo every Team Rocket executive in the Radio Tower. After completing this, Patriot may evolve into Sceptile.

Now that Patriot has saved the world, he can do whatever he likes. All restrictions on his move set are lifted, and he no longer has to solo ghost types. BUT! Patriot has discovered that Lance, supposedly a 'good guy' has actually been plotting to bring Primal Dialga back to destroy the world! Patriot must foil his plan by soloing Lance.

If you decide to continue on to Kanto, Patriot must solo at least two Gym Leaders not named Misty or Brock.

Have fun! Also, if you haven't played a Mystery Dungeon game, buy one now.
Take a Torchic and name it Torch. Solo either Falkner or Bugsy(whichever one you dont chose) with 1 move of your choice to evolve into Combusken(Sorry Grassblade but he might want it to evolve early). Must solo all rock types you find and after it becames Blaziken and you beat the E4, must solo Misty and Brock
Grassblade, take 007 the Turtwig. I'll edit soon.

007 is on a mission to find his moveset. As the guy in charge of him, you must help him.

1). Finding Leech Seed: solo an entire gym (leader included).
2). Finding Curse: defeat the rival 3X. Must solo two of those times.
3). Finding Synthisis: solo the Lighthouse.
4). Finding Wood Hammer: solo the red Gyarados and a total of three Dragonair.
Reserving for GrassBlade.

GrassBlade, take Treadshot the Mudkip!

This Mudkip is secretly Treadshot A1's son, and wants to follow in his legacy!
First, he may never use any attacking moves, ever.
Second, if he is thrown away by Vanguard, every other Pokemon on the team has to spam non-attacking moves until the next major battle (Cyrus, Gym Leaders, Rivals, Admins), and then they can use regular moves again. (They can use regular moves for that battle.)
Finally, he must solo a gym after you get Vanguard.

Happy holidays!
(btw, thank you Treadshot for giving me the inspiration to do this :)
Mono-Grass White Scramble Chapter 1

-Not too much happened, just usual beginning of the game stuff.
-It dawned on me quite quickly though that SMUGLEAF would be my only pokemon for a while. This led to some mandated level grinding by virtue of not having any replacements.
-Things were going very smooth until the battle with Cheren in the schoolhouse. His Tepig burnt SMUGLEAF turn one and he just couldn't overcome it.
-This led to a little bit more level grinding. After a few more battles SMUGLEAF was ready to avenge his loss.
-And avenge he did. He blew through Cheren's team.
-A little training in the dreamyard and SMUGLEAF was ready for his first gym.
-Neither of the opening trainers proved much of a challenge. Snivy just brushed off their feeble hits as has accumulated growth boost after growth boost.
-Having this strategy work I decided to implement it vs Chili. Snivy was ready to go.

SMUGLEAF vs Lillipup
I began implementing my growth-stack, knowing that SMUGLEAF mostly shrugged off hits from previous Lillipup. Lillipup missed that memo and tried a bite, only dropping me to 31/40 HP. I get my first growth.

Chili decides to play copycat at this point and the next 3 turns are spent trading Growths and Work Ups

After 4 Growths I decided that's enough. SMUGLEAF used a Vine Whip dropping Lillipup to red. Lillipup tried another Work Up, thus dooming it. Another Vine Whip sealed the deal.

SMUGLEAF vs Pansear
This worried me from the start just because of the type mismatch. I had SMUGLEAF Tackle to get at least a neutral move. +4 Tackle did a solid amount, but not enough to OHKO. Pansear used Incinerate. As I was watching SMUGLEAF's HP fall I thought, "It's okay, he'll just eat his Oran Berry," next thing I see is Incinerate burnt the berry. I wasn't 100% sure Tackle would KO but I decided go big or go home. SMUGLEAF's kinda smug like that. It landed the KO. We took out trio badge, TM, and were on our way.

SMUGLEAF the Snivy @ Currently Itemless
Lv. 15 Lonely Overgrow
-Vine Whip

Solo 30 pokemon to evolve- Incomplete
Solo 60 more to evolve again- Incomplete
Solo 1 E4 member- Incomplete

Not much to really say, he's the only dude right now. Just keeps chugging along.
Reserving Mudkip for Grassblade.

EDIT: Grassblade, take Fin the Mudkip. Fin must earn his chance to wear his fin in his tribe, so he must:
1)Win 5 pokeathelons in a row
2)Solo any gym alone
3)Have a moveset containing of one move of each type, and no moves over 80BP.

With this done, he has earned his fin, and such can evolve.

After evolving, rename him Ground. To be worthy of this type, he now must:
1) Solo any gym
2) Never use a SE move at this stage.
3) Carry the moveset restriction from Mudkip over to this stage.
4) Win 10 pokeathelons in a row.

This done, Ground can evolve.

As a Swampert, you can choose to name him anything. Now, he is free, except:
1)Solo 1 E4 member, Lt. Surge, and 1 other Kanto gym leader (major props if you choose Erika)
2)Win a pokeathelon for every badge you have gotten since evolving
3)Solo 1 legendary
4)Choose a member of your team, and Swampert can never leave the party, nor that pokemon. Keep them next to each other in the party at all times.
5)Carry over Mudkip's moveset restriction.

Enjoy your scramble!
Two slots are still open for Ruby!

GrassBlade, take a Chimchar named OP. As the only Fire type other than Rapidash obtainable in Diamond and Pearl, it realizes how easy it makes the game. So, it decides to not learn any fire type moves throughout the entire playthrough. Have fun!

EDIT: Facepalm. It's Platinum, I keep getting mixed up o_O
About all the challanges, I will have to reject ShinySkarmory's because I have a slot reserved for Treadshot. I will reject Axmaster's challange as long as Gamer40000 gives me his challange before 6pm. (GMT -8 which is smogon's time)
I wasn't aware there was a slot reserved for me. Well, I don't like to disappoint. So extra hard difficulty it is. Screw you and your medium difficulty, I'm making this immensely difficult.

Since I get left with Chimchar, you get Vanguard the Chimchar. Vanguard is a guy who just doesn't like playing favourites. He'll kill anyone, and he'll kill all equally. So, he must be able to hit from both sides of the spectrum, using both Physical and Special attacks. He must have one move of each, and then never use his other attacks, unless they do no damage.

But that's too easy, telling you to use a MixApe with mixed attacks. So you need to use Vanguard extremely often. And you can never, ever, ever fly. Nor can you use items on Vanguard, though he may hold an item (which is the only item he can use, as long as it is an item that will activate while it's being held like Sitrus Berry) and that item may be replenished. Lead with Vanguard at all times, as long as it doesn't conflict with another challenge. He must solo at least 7 Pokemon per route (this is a once off thing, so as soon as you solo 7, you can traverse that route however many times you like and it wont reset). By now you're wondering, "whats the catch?". The catch is, whenever Vanguard falls into yellow health or below, you must throw out 15 items in your bag (so, like 15 poke balls, or 5+5+5, etc.) or P10000 worth of items, whichever comes LATER. If you ever reach 0 money, or are unable to fulfill these two conditions when Vanguard falls into yellow health, you must choose one team member. That team member gets thrown into the ocean, or thrown into a blender. Either way, you can't use that team member ever again, and all it's restrictions are null and void (you can not choose Vanguard himself to die). If it should happen that Vanguard falls into yellow health more than five times (so, 6th and onwards), the payment for your failure is 20 items or P12500, whichever comes LATER. If it should happen that Vanguard faints for any reason, then you must choose one team member. That team member cannot be used for any remaining gym battles, or if your are past the eighth gym, then that Pokemon may not be used against the Champion (the E4 are still fair game).

To make it doable, you may hack in Vanguard after the third gym, but must have hacked him in before the fifth gym. His level when you hack him in is (the number of badges you have x 5).

So yeah, good luck. I made it as brain-destroyingly hard as I could. Hope you like it.

For Easy Mode (if you're a coward), then each instance of "LATER" can be replaced by the word "FIRST", and you should then stock up on mail because it's cheap. Throw out 15 mail, it won't cost you much. But that's if you're a chicken.
What does LATER exactly mean? So do I always pay the money?
You know how you have to get a car serviced every six months or every 15000km, whichever comes first? Well, it's that, except instead of whichever comes first, you take the car to servicing only when both requirements have been fulfilled (so you would this drive at least 15000km and for at least 6 months).

So for this challenge, you have to throw out 15 items equalling P10000 or more. So you cannot just throw out 15 pokeballs, as that's only P3000. You would still need to throw out P7000 worth of stuff.

If, on the other hand, you threw out an Iron (P9800), then you must throw out not only P200, but another 14 items.

In other words, you must fulfill both requirements.

That's why easy mode changes later to first. If its first, then you can just throw out 15 mail, as even though you haven't reached 10000, you've still thrown out 15 items, hence you've fulfilled the requirement that comes first. Of course, easy mode is for cowards and cowards only. ;)
Need 1 more for my Platinum Scramble!

Making this the official post for my XD scramble. All updates will go here.

The pokemon:
1. King Serperior's traded Elekid (next in storyline i think)
2. TyranitarPhantom's Growlithe
3. Son of Shadoo's Seel
4. Gamer4000's Teddiursa (acquired and purified)
5. Super Saiyan's Shroomish (acquired, needs to be purified)
6. Obbmud99's Flareon (acquired)

-cargo ship
-in the ocean
-oh no, helicopters
-giant legendary pokemon!

-continuing a proud update tradition of mine
-copypasting shit from memebase
-captain and sailor in the water
-forever alone...
-except for each other
-ooh a Salamence
-even better, a DD mence
-use Earthquake
-OHKO metagross with a crit
-can i keep it?
-"You controlled that pokemon like it was your own Eevee!"
-obviously not
-moving on
-"I wrote some pokemon battling basics on the blackboard!"
-next room
-"We haven't seen your sister in a while, will you look for her?"
-sure, why not
-nice day out here
-go into other building
-elevator up
-news broadcast
-(brought to you by ONBS)
-sorry i have to do that or i'll lose my sponsorship money
-tells me what i already saw in the opening cutscene
-guy hiding under a table in farmer clothes
is he:
a. a pedophile
b. terrible at hide and seek
c. a troll
-my sister's been "it" for the last 30 minutes
-where did she go?
-the creepy house out in the woods with a 100% chance of thunderstorms
-to my room
-sister fucked it up, of course
-oh look, a fresh P*DA
-it's not even my birthday
-hop on my fresh, shiny, never been used motorized scooter
-off to the mansion
-"You're a thief!"

-I'm looking for my sister
-too bad fight me now!!!!!
-lvl 10 Eevee vs. lvl 5 Sunkern
-curb stomp
-oh wait, you're not a thief, my vision just sucks!
-jovi comes out
-she's my sister
-"Were you lost, big brotha?"
-"You just didn't want to admit it, big brotha!"
>kill her now
>wait for later
-later, nowhere to hide the body
-not sure if troll or just stupid
-bring jovi home
-talk to lily
-praises jovi for her "bravery"
-"I know you weren't really lost, Skarm"
-Krane wants to talk
-take the snag machine
-ooh, a fancy thing on my arm
-ooh, a power scanner!
-"Skarm! That's NOT a power scanner!"
-yes it is
-shut up, it looks like a power scanner and I'm going to use it that way
-get pokeballs
-"Let's go to the simulator!"
-boots in the hallway
-Krane has been kidnapped!
-first thought: at least Jovi will have to scrub the mud off the floor
-fight guy in strange yellow suit
-its power level is
-eevee vs. teddiursa
-let me weaken it first
-but it'll escape
-throw pokeball
-instacatch, this is prescripted
-"Was...was that a snag!"
-win battle
-krane kidnapped anyway
-emotional cutscene
-triumphant music for no reason

-please get machine part from shop in Gateon
-I'm on it
-Jovi: "Can I come too?"

-go to the port
-"It's over here, Skarm!"
-bumps into muscular guy
-"You've just messed up the happening look of ZOOK, the most happening guy around!"

-maybe he'll kill Jovi
-she hides behind me
-oh god damn it
-"I'll stomp you flat with my Shadow Pokemon!"
-here we go
-"That won't be necessary"
-blue bodyguard guy fights Zook
-absolute rape w/ Alakazam
-thank you sir
-moving on
-shop owner isn't here
-random sailor guy is
-Fire Stone get!
-loophole abuse: it never said I had to use the fire stone immediately

-moving on
-guy fixing rotating platforms
-gives me machine part
-**insert montage of me beating the crap out of every trainer in the town**
-return part to Lily
-"Thanks, Skarm!"
-now going to Agate Village
-I would summarize this part
-but literally nothing interesting happens
-beat a dozen trainers
-purify Teddiursa
-they want me to talk to this vander guy at mount battle

-itt: making fun of the hexagon brothers
-go to mount battle
-first person: i don't really know anything, but okay!
-second person: so i hold the pokeball in my right hand and...
-third person: still talking with Vander
-wait: this vander guy got curbstomped by Dakim in the last game
-gives me location to investigate in desert
-go there
-We are the Hexagon Brothers
-Brothers, count off!
-wait, aren't there 6 of you?
-stay quiet and lol
-let me count this time!
-let's lock and load on this kid
-fight the red guy
-shadow houndour, slugma
-easy snag on houndour
-easy ko on slugma
-"You're not supposed to be tough!"
-go inside
-health machine (unnecesary but I'll use it anyways)
-outside for more
-"Sound off!"
-wait, eight?!
-Now there's too many of us!
-brilliant, holmes
-"There may be spies among us!"
-(obviously birthday presents)
-"It's that kid again!"
>beat the crap out of the next guy
-first option
-blue guy: horsea, goldeen, shadow spheal
-another easy win
-skipping the rest because they're so dumb
-and this episode has had enough retarded jokes
-next episode: exploring the Cipher Lab (again)

-click this link
-this video is mandatory to watch
-so that you can understand the angle I'm coming from for this episode
-the current youtube weather is sunny with a 5% chance of Rick Rolls
-if you don't like zelda, start at 3:20
-now begins the update
-last episode, the Hexagon brothers got roflstomped, go read it for the details
-itt: I pull a mission impossible on Cipher's sorry asses
-deposit [strike]lazy[/strike][strike]pathetic[/strike] uninspired Shadow Pokemon in the box
-read: pokemon who aren't a challange member
-towards eleva----
-if only he had better pokemon to balance out his ugly suit
-as Bomb Voyage would say
-(using subtitles)
-go watch the Incredibles if you don't get it
-wow, this place is more secure than the presidential bunker in Salt
-the difference must be the ninja guards
-down elevator
-meeting room
-i wanted in that meeting
-go right
-wait a sec
-the layout of the lab is the opposite of how it was before
-im going towards the boss in colosseum

-new scientist guy replaces ein
-even weaker than
-up stairs
-down ha----
-Krane starts to explain his ideology to Naps
-Conspiracy Keanu thinks he is N, grown up
-moving on
-this base has the lamest security ever
-i can walk around and only encounter a few ninjas
-one of them has a Numel
-I snag it, and want to name it "Mr. Humpy"
-it is female go there
-moving on
-did you know this was cipher's lab?
-no, i just saw all you guys in your retarded suits and thought it would be funny to break in
-and make it clear that

-us=me and my team
-going through the base once more
-find guy with shroomish
-snag shroomish
-new team member
-reach the meeting room
-first guy
-easy roflstomp
-second guy
-"They don't PAY me enough to stop intruders!"
-no...not more nuzlocke
-get key
-rescue krane
-almost get wiped by NAPS, who apparently has more than a single Shadow Teddiursa this time
-heal at station using a ridiculously long route
-oh no
-this can't be happenening
-Hydrattler has won!

-oh goody, Shroomish learned mega drain by bar lowering right before the battle
-luvdisk is OHKOed
-Beautifly OHKOed
-leaving Delcatty
-easy snag with Flareon+Teddiursa
-gg noobs
-save krane
-save game

-itt: plot happens
-apparently our programmer friend is having trouble decoding cipher's disk drive
-go talk with him
-oh, so I should go have "a little chat" with him
-no, ask him if he's done yet
-no physical persuasion?
-ok fine
-take drive to Nett at ONBS in Pyrite
-best name for a news network...EVAR
-fight everyone in pyrite, rape with overleveled team
-enter the flashy white building/warehouse
-ooh, i like what they've done with the place since colosseum
-**montage of me doing good things**
-go check out the pokespots while we decode the data
-tl;dr pokespots
-ooh a cliff
-ooh an island
-ooh a cave
-ooh miror b
-there's not a pokespot inside miror b
-fight miror b
-easy snag
-easy win
-rofl, he's worse than he was in colosseum
-oh wait, he finished decoding
-Pyrite Town
-enter ONBS
-bodyguard on the floor
@Shinyskarm: take Emperor the Piplup. Now your little penguin is a breed of penguins known as the emperor penguins, so as one, Emperor has belives he is royalty and is much better compared to all other Pokemon. So he may not be used in the first gym as he sees Roark as a dirty miner and not worth his time. (No restriction to evolve into Prinplup) After he evolves he realizes that he is no better than any other pokemon so he decides to act like a real emperor penguin.

Emperor penguins diet consist of Fish- You must fight every Fish pokemon you encounter.
Emperor penguin breed in the Antarctic winter-Must be taught Blizzard immediately and must solo all of the trainers on routes 216-217.
Emperor penguins travel 50-120K for food-Must walk 50,000 steps to evolve into Empoleon
Emperor penguins court females through vocals-When fighting female trainers it must use the move roar at least once
Emperor penguins dive deep depths-After collecting enough shard must be taught Dive before E4

finnaly you must solo- Crasher Wake, Bertha, and Barry the final time

~Cant fight Roark
~No restiction to evolve into Prinplup, but must walk 50,000 steps to evolve again
~Fight every Fish Pokemon you encounter
~Must be taught Blizzard immediately
~Must be taught Roar immediately, and use it at least once against every Female trainer
~Must be taught Dive before E4
~Must Solo Wake, Bertha, Barry(Final Time)
I already have a Piplup, JohnWesley. Can you please give me a different mon?

EDIT: I leave on the road trip tomorrow around 6 AM GMT-5. I'll do one last check then to see if I get the one more mon I need, but then I'm self-assigning the last mon and starting my challange.

Thanks! I'll probably do updates, depending on my free time.
shinyskarmory, If JohnWesleyX doesn't give an extra pokemon, take Aura the Riolu. Since Riolu and Lucario can communicate through people's aura's, Aura (Riolu) must know special or other moves before evolving, and he must never learn any physical attacks as a Lucario. In addition to this, once becoming a Lucario, Aura becomes very jealous of Psychic types and he must defeat every psychic-type he encounters and, to prove his superior intellect over all psychic types, he must solo Lucian. Once his intelligence over psychic types has been proven, he has one more opponent to beat, Cynthia's Lucario. Once he has done this he knows that there is absolutely no-one in the world that can challenge him in an intellect battle and win so he may now use physical moves.

- Must Know Special/Other moves before it can evolve
- No physical moves as a Lucario, until he beats Cynthia's Lucario.
- Defeat every psychic-type you encounter
- Solo Lucian, Beat Cynthia's Lucario.
Reserving for GrassBlade.

GrassBlade, take Treadshot the Mudkip!

This Mudkip is secretly Treadshot A1's son, and wants to follow in his legacy!
First, he may never use any attacking moves, ever.
Second, if he is thrown away by Vanguard, every other Pokemon on the team has to spam non-attacking moves until the next major battle (Cyrus, Gym Leaders, Rivals, Admins), and then they can use regular moves again. (They can use regular moves for that battle.)
Finally, he must solo a gym after you get Vanguard.

Happy holidays!
(btw, thank you Treadshot for giving me the inspiration to do this :)
Um, how? Solo a gym, but he can't use attacking moves ever? What could he possibly do to complete that, except...Toxic? Does Mudkip learn that? And if everyone has to spam non-attacking moves how could he possibly make it to the next gym/main battle guy?

That's almost impossible...

...I like it. :)
Rejection! Not taking the Challange due to the fact that Toxic TM is from Battle Frontier and there is no way I'm soloing a gym with Struggle. Try to modify it and if I have to reject it again, I'll just take Axmaster's earlier challange for convience.

Edit: Sorry for the harshness