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Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Its_A_Random, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Showsni


    Dec 5, 2009
    Okay Endquote, catch a Pikachu in Viridian Forest and call it Mouse. He thinks he's some kind of supermouse, so start out by soloing Misty with him. Unfortunately, the battle opens its eyes and it becomes as timid as any other mouse - in fact, it refuses to battle at all unless you have no other options (ie everything else has fainted). To make up for that, it wants to help you as much as possible in other ways - give it Flash, Strength, Rock Smash, Dig and/or any other moves that are useful outside of battle! (Ideally you can get a Flying/Surfing Pikachu instead).
  2. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    Endquote, take Stoned the Eevee.

    As an Eevee, there are no restrictions what-so-ever. It's an Eevee for Pete's sake!!

    Of course, an unevolvable Eevee is much too harsh for this kind of scramble, so I would recommend it's evolution ASAP.

    Once it has evolved, however, there are some interesting restrictions:

    Vaporeon - because evolution stones are such bad drugs for Pokemon, this Vaporeon is now an addict. It must hold a Water Stone at all times. Vaporeon is such an addict, it Must have everything artificial (HMs, TMs, Tutor moves, etc). Natural substances are bad for this little dude. This "no natural substances" rule includes level up moves. Solo a total of 20 rocket grunts in total because rocket grunts are known for artificial creation.

    Jolteon - everyone knows that Thunder Stones are ground up to make the substance known as Speed. Every thing about this little one must be fast. Teach it Thunder because the lightning is fast, as in SUPER FAST! Agility and Quick Attack are also musts because how else will he become the fastest of the fast? It loves that Speed drug so give it a Thunder Stone for it to grind up. Solo 10 motorcyclists in total (no rematches) because this Jolteon is faster than any mechanical system.

    Flareon - this little dude got horrendously messed up when the drug known as the Fire Stone got applied to it. It becomes very psychotic and hallucinates like crazy. It sees Game Freak Agents everywhere and thinks that it is a spy that must steal the move known as Flare Blits from them. It has defenses against hostile agents. One way is a smoke bomb (Sand Attack). If it gets caught by one, it's has to Bite and kick it's way to freedom. This little Flareon drinks a lot and so it has enough empty bottles to make Molotov Coktails (Overheat). He also hast to be able to run from enemies, so Quick Attack is a must. It thinks that it cannot live without that Fire Stone which talks to him. Solo a total of 10 Super Nerds/Pokemainacs because they are known to be undercover agents of Game Freak.

    Have fun and good luck :D
  3. WizardDresden


    Jun 7, 2011
    Still looking for a sixth for my mild black run no trades
    team (open)

  4. Professor Science

    Professor Science

    Nov 19, 2011
    Reserving for WizardDresden.

    WizardDresden, take Not OU the Timburr. For some reason, Not OU decided that he doesn't like the fact that his final evolution (Conkeldurr) is a top OU pokemon. Your Timburr strives to be different from the rest. Firstly, Not OU may never learn a move that is on Conkeldurr's Smogon analysis, because Not OU has decided that he can win using unconventional methods. Also, Not OU must never evolve into Conkeldurr, because that base 140 attack stat is sooo overrated. Also its name is funny. Finally, Not OU must solo Marshal, because Not OU wants to prove that even though he is NFE, he is also an Elite fighting type.
  5. WizardDresden


    Jun 7, 2011
    Thank you for the pokemon I'll be starting soon, hopefully.
  6. shinyskarmory


    Jul 12, 2011
    Platinum Scramble-Updates weekly!

    After the whole 5 hours spent on a female Piplup, and trying to find loopholes in Global (spoiler: there aren't any), I finally got the nerve to start up Platinum and do real updates. This is the post where all updates will come in.

    The challanges:
    Professor Science's Piplup (obtained) (soloing the game like a boss until I get Global or Staravia)
    Treadshot A1's Global (unobtained, but chosen) (loopholes found and will be abused)
    TM13 Ice Beam's Staravia (unobtained)
    Jimera0's Espeon (unobtained)
    Obbmud99's Tangela (unobtained) (FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU)
    Kyuremhunter's Riolu (unobtained)

    As a possible incentive to perform, any pokemon who are complete bosses in this challange have the chance to be immortalized in my ASB team. No pressure.
    Key Stats (open)

    -Trainer name: Skarmry (stupid letter restrictions)
    -Rival name: Tread A1 (screw him)
    -Rule 34 jokes about Dawn: 1
    -Memebase references: 6
    -Faint count: 0
    -Play time: 2:57
    -YouTube weather: sunny with a 5 percent chance of Rick Rolls
    -badges: 0
    -HM slaves caught: 0

    Update rules (open)

    1. do not talk about /b/
    2. do NOT talk about /b/
    3. We are Smogon
    4. Steven Snype never forgives
    5. Treadshot A1 can be a horrible, senseless, uncaring monster
    6. I am still able to deliver
    7. There must be a rage comic face in every real update
    8. There are no real rules other than that- enjoy your ban
    9. Rick Rolls may be substituted for actual YouTube links at my discretion
    10. No Bieber. Period
    11. Rule 34 references will be limited to 1 per episode
    13. You cannot divide by 0
    14. The pool is always closed.

    Balls... (open)

    -welcome to the world of pokemon
    -oh...so when you hold the knife here and move it like so...
    ^professor rowan, first encounter
    -jokes aside
    -watching stupid TV program
    -go outside
    -you should visit your [strike]rival[/strike] [strike]enemy[/strike] [strike]nemesis[/strike] friend, TreadA1
    -that looks pathetic
    -but it was the best I could do
    -hi tread, you're always in such a hurry
    -but you always forget something important
    -walk inside
    -oh good, now you're storming around
    -going to Sandgem to meet the Rowan guy
    -"If we run through the grass really fast, the wild pokemon can't come out fast enough!"
    -uhh...okay, you first
    -it's that Rowan guy
    -and his 14 year old assistant, Dawn o_O
    -sure, I'll take a pokemon!
    -chooses piplup
    -sure, I'll take a pokemon!
    -chooses piplup
    -sure, I'll take a pokemon!
    -chooses piplup
    -sure, I'll take a pokemon!
    -chooses piplup
    -many times later...
    -chooses piplup
    -goes to lake Verity
    -random hobo standing in grass
    -hey, if we sneak up behind him and push him like so...
    ^random hobo guy- first encounter
    -"I am Cyrus! How DARE you push me into a lake!"
    ^Cyrus-first encounter
    -see ya!
    -why do I get the feeling i'll see that guy again
    -moving on
    -Sandgem Town
    -Rowan's lab
    -oh wait somehow you beat me here TreadA1
    -"Screw your pokedex I'm outta here!!!!!"
    -Oh hai, Skarm, I'm Dawn!
    -Let me show you around town!
    -here's the pokemart
    -shopping time
    -back to the lab
    -ignore females
    -acquire Pokedex
    -next route
    -"Go back and say goodbye to your mother!"
    -"But she'll miss you!"
    -she was asleep when I left
    -at 10 AM
    -she won't miss me
    -"Go back and say goodbye to your mother!"
    -"or I'll beat your ass before we even get to Jubilife!"
    -goes back, leaves note
    -here we go
    -moving towards Jubilife
    -**insert epic montage here**
    -arrive in Jubilife
    -"Skarm, you should visit the Trainer School!"
    -"Oh no, you have broken my cover!"
    ^random guy in a trenchcoat- first meeting
    **turns around**
    -"My name is Inspector Clouseau Looker, and I work for the International Police!"
    ^Inspector Clouseau Looker- first meeting
    -ok fine, I'll help you
    -goes on
    -trainer school
    -give Tread A1 the map (what a dick)
    -heal at Pokemon Center
    -go to Oreburgh
    -"Let's see how much more powerful you've become!"
    -I'm sure you can all wait until the next episode

    TEBOW TIME (open)

    -vs. Tread A1
    -Shy vs. Starly
    -what a joke
    -Shy vs. Turtwig
    -oh god this is going to suck
    -16 turns later
    -Turtwig at half health, +6 def, -6 atk
    -what an epic fail
    -**switches to bubble**
    -16 turns later
    -go back & heal
    -explore route
    -fight trainers
    -watch Broncos-Patriots
    -I stomp those trainers like the Broncos got stomped in the first half
    -through the cave
    -"Young face....new Poketch...you must be new to traveling!"
    ^pedophile hiker-first encounter
    -"Here, take this HM!
    ^pedophile hikercharity worker-first encounter
    -roflstomp other trainers, being careful to stay below level 16
    -"Let me show you where the gym is!"
    ^obligatory tour guide-first meeting
    -wait a second...
    -Tread A1 beat me to the gym
    -I knocked out his pokemon outside Jubilife
    -running fast makes you run into more wild pokemon
    -go to mine to find gym leader
    -"This is how I use Rock Smash!"
    -"In order to use it, you have to beat the gym leader. That'd be me!"
    ^Roark-first encounter
    ^lol bad puns
    -only in pokemon
    -stay below 16
    -stomp noob trainers in gym
    -Fight Roark
    -Shy vs. Geodude
    -Growl->Bubble OHKO
    -Shy vs. Onix
    -Growl->Bubble OHKO
    -take damage from his Rock Throw
    -Shy vs. Cranidos
    -A critical hit!

    Spring Allergies (open)

    -Shy survives with 1 HP!
    -that was close
    -moving on
    -go north
    -can't climb the slope, but...
    -I can catch Global!
    -Meet Global, the Ponyta
    -Return to Oreburgh
    -first example of FFFFFFUUUUUUUU: putting Shy in box
    -go solo with Global all the way to Jubilife
    -hello, team galatic grunts
    -easy stomp
    -goes north
    -goes south
    -catches Bidoof
    -names it HM slave
    -busts through rocks
    -squish meaninglessly weak trainers with the might of my Ponyta
    -reach Floaroma
    -FFFFFUUUUUU spring allergies
    -can't breathe....
    -puts Bidoof in box, takes out Shy
    -loophole abuse FTW
    -u mad TreadshotA1?
    -Valley Windworks
    -You'll have to fight me to get in!
    ^dumbass guard-first encounter
    -Now I'll lock myself in, and only my friends at the Flower Meadow have a key!
    ^jackass guard-first encounter
    -go to the meadow
    -stomp two guards
    -get honey
    -get key
    -return to the Windworks
    -open doos
    -Oh Shit! The guy got in even though i told him where the key was after I locked him out!
    -fight worthless guards
    -heal up
    -If I win, you leave!
    -If you win, Team Galactic leaves!
    ^Commander Mars-first encounter
    -Ponyta vs. Zubat
    -don't use Toxic you bi----
    -she used Toxic
    -"What are you doing with my Pokemon?"
    -Shy vs. Purugly (haven't got a chance to rename it yet)
    -Growl stack to -6 attack
    -spam bubble
    -yeah, fuck you Mars
    -go do the robot or something, you damn spacie
    -no...no, I didn't mean DO the ROBOT, I meant that dance CALLED THE RO.....sigh
    -next episode, I abuse more loopholes and infinite healing on my way to Eterna City.

    The Lost Woods (open)

    -welcome back
    -my updates occur slightly more often then solar eclipses
    -that being said, let's start
    -start: Floaroma town
    -spring allergies IRL and in this
    -leave town
    -fight trainers
    -oh yeah, i caught a buizel
    -remember this for later, it's important
    -grind my way up the route
    -oh hey look, it's the evil forest
    -before you click the link
    -the weather on YouTube is partly cloudy with a 25% chance of rick rolls
    -enter the woods
    -ooh it's a girl in a nice green dress
    >is a dryad
    >is Latias using her light-bending move
    >came from the 1600s
    -none of the above
    -"Hi, I'm Cheryl!:
    ^Cheryl-first encounter
    -"I heard about these team galactic people. can you protect me from them while we go through the woods"
    -not sure if serious
    -or wants to find a secluded place in the woods and....
    -jk that was messed up
    -but it would make a great shipping picture on deviantart
    -moving through these woods
    -oh, she heals my pokemon after every battle?
    -grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind
    -switch to confident
    -grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind
    -"I'm running out of healing items, can we please leave?"
    >joke about her+a kitchen and why they should never have left each other
    >pickup line
    >get on with it
    -none of the above
    -alright i grinded a lot
    -time to move on
    -o fuck
    -i ran around so much that i have no idea where the exit is
    -fuck this
    -finally find my way out
    -grinded about 3 more levels then i intended to
    -fight fisherman
    -only has magikarp
    -reach Eterna City
    -I have to follow Treadshot's restriction on Global...
    -remember the Buizel?
    -switch Buizel for HM slave Bidoof TROLOLOLOLOL
    -"I'm going to let you go by, you look strong. You can keep your pokemon"-random Galactic grunt
    -go to Galactic HQ
    -no cut
    -i have to fight him don't i
    -let me show you the pokemon statue!
    -fight gym
    -i win
    -let me give you some more detail
    -global vs. turtwig
    -flame wheel OHKO
    -global vs. Roselia
    -flame wheel OHKO
    -global vs. roserade
    -razor leaf does pitiful damage
    -flame wheel OHKO
    -really wasn't worth it was it
    -next episode: I abuse more loopholes and rock team galactic...again

    Like a Boss (open)

    -how often do I update this?
    -certainly not often enough
    -sure i'll commit to once a week
    -inb4failing to update
    -just like Nuzlocke
    -or at least I was when I played this segment
    -cut down trees
    -enter Team Galactic Eterna HQ
    -Looker's brilliant disguise
    -"One of the stairways is a trap!"
    -sign reads: "This is the path to guidance."
    -i really don't want to have to refer you to my rant on the Hexagon Brothers stupidity
    -because you're just as bad
    -climb the other stair set
    -your pokemon are even weaker then the Hexagon Brothers
    -at least they had Shadow Pokemon
    -you just have the same fucking clefairys and glameows
    -climb other stairs
    -same pathetic pokemon
    -that's it
    -that's fucking it
    -i am so tired of fighting the same weak, underleveled pokemon over and over again and stomping them with my overleveled pokemon
    -i'm taking my complaints straight to the top
    -barge through another floor of mindless grunts
    -Hey Mars, you might want to get some better henchmen
    -"Well, it's not really my fault if they suck. I'm the boss."
    -If they suck that bad, then what can the average day be like in the life of the boss?
    -well, the first thing I do is
    -talk to Cyrus
    -like a boss
    -approve memos
    -like a boss
    -lead a mission
    -like a boss
    -remember birthdays
    -like a boss
    -direct grunts
    -like a boss
    -my own purugly
    -like a boss
    -steal pokemon
    -like a boss
    -hit on saturn
    -like a boss
    -get rejected
    -like a boss
    -kidnap children
    -like a boss
    -ffs that song is so old
    -if you won't let me sing, we have to fight
    -Zubat vs. Global
    -lol wtf you have a level 18 zubat
    -against a level 23 ponyta
    -gg noob
    -lvl 22 purugly vs. lvl 23 ponyta
    -that's more like i----HOLY SHIT WTFBBQ CRIT OHKO
    -damn now i have to throw out a TM
    -go confident
    -back and forth brawling
    -oh no you knocked me into the low yellow
    -OHKOs her through her damn super potion
    -save bike shop owner
    -so i can has bike now right?
    -leaves town
    -"Have you talked to the underground man yet?"

    Ghostbusters (open)

    -gets underground kit
    -never uses it
    -insert generic scumbag steve image here
    -flying down cycling road on my bike
    -a wild trainer appeared
    -a wild trainer appeared
    -a wild trainer appeared
    -and of course the bike won't stop
    -they see me rolling
    -they hating
    -still rolling on my bike
    -Dawn: Can I give you a gift?
    >what kind of gift
    -"Well, choose a hand!"
    -I like where this is going
    -"Here's an Itemfinder!"
    -not what I was looking for
    -"But you can have this VS seeker too"
    -WHAT THE F**K
    -(sidenote-all the OHKOs Confident has been dishing out have pretty much made her restriction invalid)
    -calm down
    -there may be better offerings down the line
    -nope she's leaving never mind
    -enter mt. coronet
    -let's just ride straight through
    -oh shit i forgot about this
    -doesn't seem like a good guy to me
    -hello cyrus you are a douche
    -outta here
    -hearthome city
    -let's go rape fan------
    -a wild buneary appeared
    -can't you take care of your own damn pokemon
    -much tuxedo wearing later
    -welcome to the gym
    -ITG: people stalk you with flashlights
    -and none of them are hot girls
    -smash them all without taking damage
    -meet fantina
    -easy roflsto---WTF
    -first pokemon: duskull
    -with one attacking move
    -get dunked
    -nooblord duskull
    -second pokemon: mismagius
    -holy fuck this thing is actually dangerous
    -oh shit ponyta almost gets OHKOed
    -switch to confident
    -takes the shadow ball like a boss
    -Mismagius used Magical Leaf!
    -torrent activates
    -OHKO in return
    -bitch please
    -final pokemon: haunter
    -weaker then mismagius
    -but does have hypnosis
    -with 100% accuracy
    -wakes up and OHKOes
    -god i even dunk gym leaders
    -next episode: I spend hours trying to catch a level 18 staravia with my level 30 pokemon
  7. Treadshot A1

    Treadshot A1

    Jun 30, 2010
    Shinyskarm did you really expect any loopholes in a Treadshot A1 challenge? I should give you a Vanguard for that! :(
  8. Tyranitarphantom


    Aug 6, 2008
    I already had an Electric-type, and Meditite was on my deferral list. Could you make it some other Pokemon?

    Other than that, still need a mid-game Pokemon for my XD run. Rules here, team thus far here
  9. WizardDresden


    Jun 7, 2011
    Thanks but i can't do that as someone else already resever a spot and i forgot about it. sorry.
  10. Jimera0

    Jimera0 You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 24, 2010
    Just a reminder to everyone that we still need nominations for the 6th edition of the Scramble Challange Awards, which will be handed out on page 100! The nomination period ends when we hit page 90, so be sure to go here and nominate your favorites before it's too late!

    If you don't want to go through the entire thread looking for nominees, I've made a convenient list of many of the worthy challanges that were handed out on the 4th page of this topic. Please note that none of my own challanges are listed, and that it is not a comprehensive list; I might've missed some really good ones, so you might want to go look for yourself if you have the time!

    So get to it scramblers! I want this Scramble Awards to be the best EVAR so let's get moving!
  11. Treadshot A1

    Treadshot A1

    Jun 30, 2010
    You left out Vanguard... :( I mean, that thing was cruel. Really cruel. Super duper cruel. I think GrassBlade is still trying to delay the inevitable pain.
  12. Professor Science

    Professor Science

    Nov 19, 2011
    Why did you even give away Vanguard?? On a medium difficulty challange?

    I hope for everyone's sake you don't make that your signature challange.
  13. Treadshot A1

    Treadshot A1

    Jun 30, 2010
    Because thre first time Grassblade scrambled he declined my challenge, so he reserved me a spot in the second one to try and temper my anger. Sadly for him, revenge is sweet, so I decided to make his life hell. He's a good sport, though, as he accepted Vanguard. :)
  14. luigiowns


    Oct 3, 2008
    Oh dear.
    I just read the nominees for the scramble awards. THREE of my challenges are up for hard/infamy. WOO.

    Don't worry, I'm gonna get better at making challenges. I've got two ready for the next 3rd/5th gen scramblers who arrive, Redfoo and Willow will never be seen again, and Healfodder will (to reference Tvtropes) take a level in badass.
  15. GrassBlade


    Nov 27, 2011
    I actually lost Faelnirv. Just to point it out.
  16. Treadshot A1

    Treadshot A1

    Jun 30, 2010
    My bad, I forgot about the fact that Faelnirv went MIA. :(

    Still, enjoy Vanguard! :)
  17. Axmaster68


    Jun 9, 2011
    I find it quite sad that I have 3, yes 3 hardest challange nom-worthy challanges. Seriously, remember Odd the Oddish? I feel sorry for Endquote, and for whoever got Useless the Farfetch'd. Seriously, that challange is more sadistic then some of Treadshot's (not like that's an accomplishment or anything). At least I only give really hard ones when they are asked for (Treadshot, I'm looking at you).

    (Oh yeah Treadshot, Vanguard has a loophole. You say solo 7 Pokemon per route, so solo 7 wild pokemon and done!)
  18. EndQuote


    May 5, 2011
    Ax, Odd the Oddish Vileplume was my third-place MVP, and would have been second place if I'd gotten Torchic or Mudkip as a starter.

    The trick was to run from wild Oddish and Shroomish like a frightened rabbit, keep track of turns, and teach him Giga Drain.

    His solo-two-trainers-per-gym thing was surprisingly easy, with only the Psychic-type gym giving me trouble.

    Save your sympathy for somebody who needs it, like Brazilianguy, who I think was killed by his Scramble. (Seriously, where'd he go?)
  19. Axmaster68


    Jun 9, 2011
    That's true. Very true. Where is he, anyways?
  20. EndQuote


    May 5, 2011
    EndQuote's FireRed Scramblocke

    Right, let's make this more official.

    Original post
    Original-er post

    The Team:
    PTSD the Charmeleon (Jimera0) (open)


    Original Post
    Restrictions: Can never fight a foe that could explode.
    Can only have one Fire-type move at a time.
    Can only use fire if super-effective, or if the foe resists all other moves.
    Can never learn Blast Burn.
    Soloing: Erika.

    SunnyDream the Butterfree (gamer40000) (open)

    Original Post
    Restrictions: Must have a final moveset of Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Sleep Powder, and Dream Eater.
    Soloing: Giovanni, under Sunny Day

    Freya the Nidoran F (Sage Chow) (open)

    Original Posts
    Restrictions: Can only evolve at 4/9 EC, and 9/9 EC.
    Can use all LU moves to 25, Rock Smash, Attract, and Protect.
    Regular moves cost 3 MC, attacks above 60 BP cost 7 MC.
    Can only hold an item if IC is full. Having an item stolen or lost resets the count.
    EC: (1/9) (Solo one Pokémon in a major battle)
    MC (4/9) (OHKO a trainer-owned Pokémon)
    IC (3/5) (Land a critical hit)
    Soloing: Koga (Gods help us all)

    WideAwake the Snorlax (King Serperior) (open)

    Original Post
    Restrictions: Must obtain a moveset of Snore/Rest/Yawn/Hyper Beam (COMPLETE)
    Must solo my rival with that moveset.
    After the solo, must be renamed WideAwake.
    After the solo, must obtain a moveset of Surf/Psychic/Body Slam/Brick Break.
    After Blaine is defeated, replace Body Slam with Mega Kick.
    Solo rival again.
    Soloing: My rival twice. (1/2)

    Footprint the Hitmonlee (Professor Science) (open)

    Original Post
    Restrictions: Must know Kicking move, and use it to KO foes.
    Must know 2 non-attacking moves.
    Must always hold Blackglasses.
    Soloing: Blaine

    Currently Boxed:
    Flamie the Growlithe (GrassBlade) (open)

    Original Post
    Restrictions: Must have two or more Fire moves ASAP.
    After evolution, must always keep ExtremeSpeed.
    After evolution, must solo all first generation Pokémon (So...basically all Pokémon) it sees when leading.
    Soloing: Five trainer-owned Water-types to evolve. (0/5)

    Boxed: PTSD is stronger, at a higher level, and has less annoying restrictions. He'll be PTSD's understudy.
    Stoned the Eevee (King Serperior) (open)
    Original Post
    Restrictions: TBD upon evolution.

    Boxed: Though I love Eevee, her low level will hinder her ability to help my team. She's in reserve, for now.
    Status the Gloom (Axmaster68) (open)

    Original Post
    Restrictions: Must always know three status moves.
    Can only directly attack statused foes.
    Can only know one attack, which must be less than 80 BP.
    Must be EV trained in defense. (I hate EV training, this little guy's just going to eat some vitamins.)
    Must hold an item>500 dollars.
    Must either switch out or heal if in health drops to yellow.
    Soloing: Lt. Surge (COMPLETE!)
    20 Rock Types (17/20)

    Boxed: Though a valuable asset to my team, I simply don't have space for Status at the moment.
    MAN UP the Primeape (Axmaster68) (open)

    Original Post
    Restrictions: Must earn four confidence points to evolve. (5/4) (Nugget Bridge, Route 3 and Brock)
    Soloing a GLMP=1 CP
    Soloing the second half of Route 3 or Nugget Bridge=2 CP
    After evolution, must obtain Cross Chop, Screech, and Fury Swipes.
    Soloing: Brock (COMPLETED)

    Boxed: Though he is a powerful offensive force, I have to prepare Footprint for his solo of Blaine.
    NotBroken the Lapras (Professor Science) (open)
    Original Post
    Restrictions: Can never use super-effective moves.
    Can never use Perish Song.
    Soloing: Lorelei's Lapras.

    Boxed: Can never use super-effective moves is a ridiculously...well...restricting restriction. NotBroken here will be in reserve

    Yet to be Caught:
    Dispute the Doduo (Routes 16, 17, and 18)

    Brock Bites the dust (open)

    I stroll into the gym, easily defeating a lackey and anticipating a simple match.
    Four team members caught, and not a single casualty so far.
    Brock should be easy enough, I've been training MAN UP for awhile now, he's ready to sweep.
    PTSD can't attack Brock's Geodude, and I don't dare send the fire-type up against Onix, so I'm relying on my Mankey here.

    Sure enough, his Geodude is easily 2HKOed by Karate Chop.

    Up next, Onix rears his ugly head.

    Did you know Onix weighs 463 pounds?

    This gives Low Kick a BP of 120, plus STAB.

    Not so cocky now, are ya, rock snake?

    One easy OHKO later, Brock lies defeated.
    Mouse vs Misty (open)

    Going into this battle, I'm still confident.
    I've got six pokes, no casualties, a badge to my name, and a level 26 Pikachu with Thunderbolt!
    In the words of the Scout, let's waste 'em!

    The lovely Misty leads with Staryu. Mouse shoots the starfish with a strong Thunderbolt, scoring an easy OHKO.

    Up next is Starmie. This thing caused me to rage so hard, way back in the day.
    However, history fails to repeat itself (it killed my entire team for chrissakes) and Thunderbolt OHKOes!

    However, my victory is bittersweet.
    Though I'm one badge closer to the Pokémon league, one badge closer to being the very best (like no one ever was), I also have to say goodbye to Mouse.

    Adios, Mouse. I'm boxing you for now, as per your restrictions, but it's nice to know that if all else fails, you'll be there to clean up with STAB Thunderbolt.

    Slaughtering Surge (open)

    After solving the world's worst gym puzzle (We have to root through trash? Really?) I finally made it to Lt. Surge.
    Of my remaining Pokémon who need to solo a gym leader, I've decided Surge should be easiest for Status.
    That leaves Freya to solo Koga, and MAN UP to solo one of Sabrina's pokes.
    EDIT: Nevermind, MAN UP soloed Route 3, through the magic of the Vs Seeker.
    Jesus, that's going to be hell. But, not my problem right now.

    After some blather about war that I think PTSD was connecting with, Surge sends out his Voltorb.
    Here we go, Status!

    While it Shock Waves Status for (luckily) pathetic damage, my Gloom puts it to sleep with Sleep Powder.
    Bullet Seed nails the snoozing Voltorb for solid damage, and Surge wastes the first of his Potions.
    Luckily, with the help of a crit, the Voltorb falls.

    ONE DOWN. Up next is Pikachu
    It Double Teams, like a jerk, and my Sleep Powder misses.
    Again it messes around with evasive tomfoolery, but Sleep Powder hits it's mark this time.
    Surge, being the douche he is, wakes Pikachu up while Status's Bullet Seed sails overhead.

    Deciding to stall this out, I instead order my Gloom to inflict poison with PoisonPowder, and the attack miraculously hits the Double-Teaming Pikachu.

    Pikachu Thunder Waves, but Status's Cheri Berry kicks in and cures the paralysis.
    Bullet Seed misses.

    Quick Attack does pathetic damage.
    Bullet Seed misses again.

    Ditto Quick Attack
    Bullet Seed finally hits and KOes the Mouse Pokémon.

    TWO DOWN, but here comes Raichu!

    It Double Teams, but Status successfully nails it with a Sleep Powder.

    Four turns later, the still-sleeping Raichu falls to Bullet Seed.

    That was far easier than I expected.
    Surge has fallen, and I'm still casualty-less. (Odd, that)
    Ember-spam against Erika (open)

    Going into this battle, I'm pretty confident.
    At the moment, PTSD is by far my MVP, and I have a fool-proof plan:
    Spam Ember Like Crazy.
    Operation SELC AWAY!

    First up is Victreebel, who hopefully will evolve into Defeatbel.
    Wow. That pun was terrible.

    Ember does over half and burns Victreebel while it Stun Spores PTSD.
    My Charmeleon quickly incinerates the Victreebel, taking nothing more than a weak Acid in the process.

    Up next is Tangela, Erika's weakest pokemon.
    I take a moment to heal PTSD's paralysis while it sets up Ingrain.
    Ember is a clean OHKO. No soup Ingrain stalling for you!

    Erika's final poke, Vileplume, is sent out to avenge her teammates.
    Ember does about a third damage, and it Stun Spores me.
    PTSD is repeatedly fully paralyzed, but I forgot to buy Parlyz heals, so we're just going to have to tough it out.

    After taking about five Acids, watching Erika fully heal her Vileplume twice, and getting Fully Paralyzed entirely too often, PTSD finally managed to finish off the damn mushroom and win me a badge.


    Mouse the Pikachu (Shownsi) (open)

    Original Post
    Restrictions: After solo of Misty, cannot battle unless I have no other options.
    Soloing: Misty (Completed)
  21. Axmaster68


    Jun 9, 2011
    Alright guys, I just powered through Chapter 7 today, and I finished the writing! Also, I added my comments for Chapter 6, too. Hope you guys like it!
  22. Treadshot A1

    Treadshot A1

    Jun 30, 2010
    That's not a loop hole. You were supposed to solo 7 wilds. That was the point of the challenge. You didn't think you had to solo 7 trainer Pokemon did you? What are you trying to do, confuse Grassblade?
  23. Axmaster68


    Jun 9, 2011
    whoops. Yeah, I was mistaken. Even so, you could add the trainer-owned part for extra hardness!
  24. Arceustar


    Jan 8, 2012
    I'm doing a scramble on Pokemon White
    I'd like very easy Pokemon as this my first scramble challange
    I can't trade
    I'd like to start with tepig or oshawott
    I'd like 3 by Burgh
    4 by Clay
    6 by Brycen
    No legendarys

    I have my full team now
  25. Sage Chow

    Sage Chow

    Oct 21, 2009
    Arceustar, take an Oshawott named Richie.

    Like his name suggests, this Oshawott thinks he's loaded. To show off his wealth, he must solo your rival's starter on every free encounter. But Richie also handles his business like a maffioso: He thinks he can just bribe his way through this challange by throwing money at every restriction he doesn't like: You can skip the rival solo, for instance, by paying $500 x your number of badges. However, if you ever fail a restriction, you must pay a fine ($1000 x your number of badges). You can pay the money, simply by trashing items from your bag.

    Similar to bribing the Rival, Richie has several other rules to screw (he has money). Below is a list of medium difficulty restrictions. You can choose to accept them (and risk paying the $1000 x Badges fine), or you can pay the corresponding price and never worry about them again. Note that you can always decide to break any rule once and simply pay the fine (if you really need to attack ghosts for instance). I've tried to make things easy for you, if things are still too hard you may replace Cheren's Snivy by Bianca's Tepig for a (very) easy challange. For the gym solo's you may reset as often as you wish, but giving up means paying the fine.

    - Must solo Cheren's Snivy on each encounter ($500 x Number of Badges)
    - Must solo Clay ($5000)
    - Must solo Caitlin ($10000)
    - Cannot hold an item ($2000)
    - Cannot use X-items in battle ($5000)
    - Cannot learn status moves by TM ($10000)
    - Cannot directly attack Ghost Types ($5000)
    - Must keep Focus Energy ($5000)
    - Must keep Razor Shell ($2000)

    One final thing: Every time you bribe your way through, shout "Screw the Rules, I have money!". If you manage to buy off all restrictions, rename him Godfather and fight Morimoto (or pay $5000 to get out of it).

    Have Fun!

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