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A nice combination of Volt's ending and KS's beginning! I liked how simple yet classy Volt kept the final summary and, well, Flash is my favorite superhero (*ignores Jean Grey avatar*) so major brownie points to KS.

yaya, were you announcing the beginning of a previously-given Emerald challange or are you starting a new one? If you're starting one and need pokemon, I'll reserve something for you. :3

(Additionally, expect update 2 of Black to come tomorrow)

EDIT(ed under the assumption that yaya was asking for Pokemon, ignore this part if I'm in error):

The challange? It goes both ways, like an American car driven in England.
The subject? Sableye.

OPTION 1: Your Sableye's name is BrightEyes. Fittingly, it loves the band of the same name, especially their "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning" album. As such, it, uncharacteristically, hates the dark with a passion. You must either immediately leave Granite Cave once you catch it (aka talk to Steven first) or have a Pokemon in your party that uses Flash so it can bathe in the brilliant sunlight.

Because BrightEyes hates the dark, it can never learn Dark-type moves, nor keep its ability to use Night Shade. Additionally, on Route 120 (post-Fortree) you'll find the Scorched Slab and TM11 [Sunny Day]. Teach it this immediately and keep it forever. The only time you must use it, though, is against Juan (but bonus points if you also use it against Wallace). If you ever enter a dark cave ("requiring" Flash) then BrightEyes may not lead your party and may only attack every other turn unless it calls forth Sunny Day, even if you use Flash.

Now, that seemed awful dumb, right? Why would you ever pick this option over whatever option 2 will be? Surely anything is better than a Dark-less Sableye?

Well, OPTION 2:

Your Sableye's name is Nightwish. Fittingly, it loves the band of the same name and its favorite song is "Ghost Love Score." Because of this, it must always know Night Shade and, upon arrival in Verdanturf, must be taught TM45 [Attract]. Use this against Flannery's Torkoal if Nightwish is a male, and against Norman's Slaking if Nightwish is a girl. Over time, however, its musical taste changes and its new favorite song becomes "Romanticide." As soon as you defeat Norman, you must return to the Fiery Path and find TM06 [Toxic] and replace Attract with it. Use Toxic against every opposite-gender Pokemon that Nightwish fights, unless it won't have an effect.

Furthermore, since Nightwish despises the sun, you may never use Flash and Nightwish may never take part in a double-battle involving a Fire-type (on either side of the field.) Nightwish's second album is entitled "Dark Passion Play," so when you arrive at the Elite Four, have Nightwish solo Sidney.

RECAP: Sableye
Option 1 - BrightEyes
-Either leave Granite Cave immediately [via Escape Rope] upon capture or have a Pokemon using Flash.
-No Dark-type moves, nor Night Shade.
-Teach it Sunny Day and use it against Juan at least once.
-Any "dark" cave means that BrightEyes cannot lead the party and may only attack every other turn unless it summons forth Sunny Day [even once the sunlight fades, you may continue to attack every turn].

Option 2 - Nightwish
-Must always know Night Shade.
-Must be taught Attract as soon as possible (Verdanturf). If male, use Attract on Flannery's Torkoal. If female, use Attract on Norman's Slaking. [If either of these contradict an eventual solo, change them for a trainer in the respective Gym.]
-Upon defeating Norman, return to Fiery Path and find Toxic and replace Attract with this. Use it against every opposite-gendered Pokemon that Nightwish fights unless they're immune to Poison.
-Never use Flash, nor have Nightwish be in a double-battle with a Fire-type (either in your party or in your opponent's).
-Solo Sidney.
Will give a starter to Yaya. I assume no restrictions on difficulty?

Just give me a little while to get everything together.

EDIT: Ok, here we go.

Nevermind. Hold on.

OK. For real this time.

I'm going to try one of these 'choose your own' challenges.

Yaya, you get a Mudkip for your starter.

Pick restrictions based on how hard a challenge you want. If you want an easy scramble, your total value cannot exceed 15. If you want a hard scramble, your total point value cannot be below 16.

1. (2) Never evolve to Swampert.
2. (3) Never evolve to Marshtomp (Make sure you add the first restriction as well!).
3. (2) No ground moves.
4. (2) No water moves.
5. (1) Must always have at least one non-attacking move.
6. (1) No HM moves.
7. (2) No TM moves.
8. (1) Only 3 moveslots.
9. (2) Lose a second moveslot.
10. (2) Lose a third moveslot.
11. (3) Solo 50 trainer-owned Grass types.
12. (1) Solo your rival's starter every encounter.
13. (3) Solo 2 gyms, one of which must be Brawly.
14. (3) No using items of any type on this pokemon.
15. (2) No healing at a Pokemon center until all PP for at least three moves has been exhausted.

Now, add up the point totals from what you chose (Pick 0, I dare you). Open that hide tag, and see what you get. It could be additional restrictions, or it could be a major bonus. You'll have to see.

Wow, really? Ok, looks like its time to try and be as mean as Treadshot. Every time any of your pokemon faint, choose one of your pokemon. That pokemon loses a moveslot. Permanently. If another pokemon faints, choose another pokemon to lose a slot. If you have a pokemon faint a seventh time, circle back around in reverse order. ie. the pokemon that lost a moveslot on the sixth faint also loses one on the 7th, 8=5, 9=4, and so on. If you faint a thirteenth time (unlucky), start again from the beginning. If you ever reach a point where to continue, you must delete a move that is required by the restictions of the pokemon, you lose. End of story.

Ok. Easy Mode. If you picked any of the restrictions that had a three-point value, trade them for restrictions according to this key. 2 = 2 & 13. 11= 5 & 6. 13 = 8 & 9. 14 = 14 & 15.

I-did-this-one-last-and-ran-out-of-mode-names-mode. Because I totally ran out of ideas by the time I got here, you have to trade one of your restrictions for one that has a higher point value. If you chose three of the 3-point restrictions to get here, pick any two additional restrictions, one of which must be worth at least two points.

Medium difficulty. Here's the top end of easy. to celebrate your guts, if you picked any of restrictions number 2, 7, 13, or 14, you may choose to either remove them, or trade them for other restrictions. If you didn't pick any of the above, you must add either restriction 13 or restriction 14, your choice.

Hard mode. You feel like a challenge this time, don't you. Choose one restriction from this pokemon to apply to each of your other pokemon, or choose one restriction from each of your other pokemon to apply to this one.

Super-Hard mode. For every three restrictions you picked with a point value of 2 or 3, you must add one additional point's worth of restrictions to any pokemon. Round up.

God mode. See the restrictions you didn't pick? Apply them to any of your 6 pokemon in any combination you wish.

OMGWTF-mode. You seriously have a death wish, don't you. Ok. Fine. I don't really think I can make this any harder, but it would totally ruin the purpose of picking all the restrictions if I was to make it easier. Therefore, as a bonus, you must win at least one contest of each rank with this pokemon. No changes may be made to the moveset to do this. Also, solo at least 3 of Wallace's Pokemon at a level no higher than 60. One must be Ludicolo.

Feedback? If there need to be any changes, let me know.


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Holy crap people, we're not even sure Yaya is asking for challanges yet XD!

Anyway, great updates KS and Mygavolt! I'm looking forward to more in the future from both of you!

Anyway, onto business...

Link is in my signature as always.

Also, if any of you are interested, the reason why this came out today instead of two or three days ago is because I was spending hours putting together a warstory. It's on the first page currently but I'll link to it here.
Reserving for Yaya0

As it turns out, I can't count.


So this post has a meaning:

FireRed Nuzlocke Update:
Nothing's died.

...and I don't understand why.
I've got the worst luck of anybody since Rincewind (Get the reference and get a cookie) and yet I'm not getting haxed.
Moves aren't critting against me, I'm not getting parahaxed, confuhaxed, or attrhaxed, and enemy Weedle aren't poisoning my pokes faster than an arrow trap in Skyrim.
The only thing I can think of that explains this inexplicable run of luck is that some catastrophic event is coming, and the universe feels sorry for me in advance.

In closing, brace yourself.
GO RINCEWIND!! *takes cookie*
Oh and nice updates, everyone!

EDIT: Speaking of which... enjoy the latest chapter of my Soulsilver Scramble.

Chapter 10: Conquering Johto
Well the Kimono Girls weren't too happy with me for killing their sacred god, but I really don't care. I guess I should explore the Whirl Islands fully and steal all the items… Well that was extremely annoying and I barely found anything. Great. Now- to Indigo Plateau!!… "Do you know what you just did? You've taken you're first step into Kanto." Uhh, cool story bro. Wait, that means… TOHJO FALLS HECK YEAH!! Oh, I forgot to bring a pokemon with Waterfall, gotta backtrack to a PC… And I don't have my Pidgey to fly on… *Long trek later* WHOAH OMFG IT'S RAIKOU!!!! OMFG SO COOL AWESOME THEME MUSIC!!!!!!!! *It ran away ;_; * Ah, back at the Falls again. WOOOO RIDE UP THE WATERFALL!!!!!… Aaand out of the cave again. Oh Arceus, DUMBO just got pummelled by a trainer with a team of Bulbasaur (and evolutions.) Soooooo weeeaaaaakkk. Screw it, I'm going back to Cherrygrove again just to get my Fly slave so I don't have to backtrack to a Pokemon Center whenever I want to heal… Ah finally, wild pokemon and trainers with levels over 25!! Rejoice!!… Oh crap I'm in Kanto, and even though I'm only 50 metres away from the nearest town I still can't fly there!! WHY, GAMEFREAK?? WHY???… Holy crap Triforce's Close Combat didn't OHKO something?! (It was a Blastoise)… Hey lady, you say you were beaten by a redhead? LOLfail… "Titan wants to learn X-Scissor!" … Hey, that'd be grea- restrictions, dammit…. Welp, here I am at the Pokemon League Gate…. Ah, apparently I have all 8 badges. Sweet. No onwards to Victory Road!

Uh, puzzles, how I hate them. Ah there's the exit! But WAIT!! HERE'S THAT GODDAMN REDHEAD CHALLENGING ME TO A BATTLE!! WHAT, YOU SAY YOU'LL CRUSH ME?? DIE YOU BASTARD!!… Well anyway I lead the battle with Triforce, and he with Sneasel. What a joke. Close Combat does infinite damage. He sends in his Golbat, so I switch to DUMBO. Now let's see how great Dragon Pulse is. It uses Air Cutter, DUMBO uses a mandatory Rcok Polish. Now… DRAGON PULSE!!! Oh it only did 1/4 of its HP, and it used Confuse Ray. Shit. I try to mitigate any possible damage with Harden, and it uses Air Cutter again. Then DUMBO snaps out of confusion (rejoice!) and Dragon Pulses it, while getting hit by another AIr Cutter. Another DP brings it to the low yellow, but it uses Confuse Ray. I go for another Dragon Pulse… Which hits!! YES!! Now he wants to use Feraligatr… I might go with Triforce for this one. Close Combat only brings it into the yellow (!) and it uses Waterfall, doing about the same. Another CC brings it down. He sends in Kadabra, I use I'mADoctor. It uses a useless Reflect, while AIr Slash does over 50%. Then he withdraws Kadabra (WTF how does he know how to do that??!) and Air Slash does pitiful damage. Nothing to do now except switch to DUMBO, absorbing an ineffective Spark. It uses Magnet Bomb, but with a x4 resistance it didn't do much. DUMBO then proceeded to Dig, easily OHKOing the Magneton. He sends in Haunter, and I use I'mADoctor again. A Hypnosis buts it to sleep before it can do anything, and I proceed to bring it to the red with a Zen Headbutt. Another ZHB seals the deal. He sends in his Kadabra. In an effort to finish me off, he uses Disable… WHile I KO with Air Slash. Prof wins AGAIN. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Whoah, here we are at the top of Indigo Plateau, the Pokemon League building looming above us. In we go… But first, time to do a little grinding… HELL YEAH I'mADoctor learned Extrasensory. Moveset requirement completed!… Oh, and Starter wants to learn Flamethrower? Well, on the whole it's better than Lava Plume to I'll get rid of that…. Hmm, I think I'll use my PP Ups on Triforce's Close Combat. 5 PP just isn't enough for his main move… Aaaand everyone's at a high enough level now. The E4 awaits…

I enter Will's room, surrounded by glowing cubes of Psychic energy. As I approach him, a smirk crosses his face. He confidently tells me that he cannot lose. I am here to prove him wrong. He sends out his Xatu, while I lead with the ever-reliable Thirsty. My cow Body Slams the psychic bird, dealing massive damage with a critical hit. Ismile. This is a good omen. Before he could take more damage, Xatu used U-Turn and switched out to Jynx. I reason that another Body Slam can't hurt, (at least not for me) and crush Jynx, doing almost as much damage as Thirsty did to Xatu. Unfortunately, Jynx unleashes a powerful Psychic, taking Thirsty to the yellow, while getting a Special Defense drop. He heals up with a Full Restore, as Thirsty heals herself with a Milk Drink. Now healthy, I order her to use Body Slam again, which paralyses Jynx, causing her to be unable to move. With a maniacal grin on her face, Thirsty Body Slams Jynx again, squashing it flat. muttering to himself, Will sends out his Xatu again. But with only a little HP left, Thirsty could've killed it blindfolded. It was dispatched easily. Will sends out his Exeggutor, smiling to himself. A little confused, I tell Thirsty to Body Slam again, but it only does about 1/3rd. Will's Exeggutor then uses Reflect, halving the power of physical moves for 5 turns. Crap. Looking through my options, I decide to switch to I'mADoctor, absorbing a Hypnosis thanks to its Insomnia ability. The owl's powerful Air Slash KOs the walking tree easily. Will sends out his Slowbro, a powerful wall. I tell I'mADcotor to use Hypnosis, which hits and causes Slowbro to be unable to do anything. I'mADoctor then proceeds to Air Slash, doing about 1/4 damage, but no matter. Reflect wore off, too. Another AIr Slash brings it to the yellow. And a third to the red. I eliminate the Slowbro with a final Air Slash. A look of fear on his face, Will sends out his final pokemon and his strongest- another Xatu. I switch to Thirsty, knowing that she can get the job done. But, Body Slam brings it to just before the yellow, while Xatu's Psychic takes Thirsty to the half way mark. A Milk Drink fully heals up Thirsty, and a second Psychic didn't do as much as before. An awe-inspiring Body Slam brings Xatu to the red and paralyses it, but it heals a little thanks to its Sitrus Berry. It then uses a third Psychic, taking Thirsty to the red too. A Milk Drink heals her up, but Xatu won't stop spamming Psychic. Thankfully, on Thirsty's next Milk Drink Xatu is fully paralysed and couldn't move! It was promptly crushed under Thirsty's heavy body. A little shocked, Will of the E4 admits defeat, and I continue on to the next room…

As I pass through the doors, I see Koga before me- the nina master. He eyes me up and down, taking in my appearance. I do the same to him. Without a word, we lock eyes, and release our pokemon. He leads with his Ariados, while I go for I'mADcotor. I command my Noctowl to unleash a speedy Air Slash, bringing Ariados into the red and flinching it. This could be easier than I thought. He heals with a Full Restore, but his Ariados is hit by another Air Slash and is stuck in the same position as before. I have I'mADoctor put it out of its misery. Koga decides to send out Muk. I have I'mADoctor use Hypnosis, putting the pile of ooze to sleep before it can try any tricks. Then I'mADoctor demonstrates its Psychic powers with an Extrasensory, but it only does about 1/3rd. Another one of I'mADoctor's X-Rays takes it into the yellow, with Muk still asleep. Another Extrasensory takes it to the red… but Muk wakes up and delivers an extremely powerful Gunk Shot, taking I'mADoctor to the low yellow! Before it can do any more damage, I'mADoctor obliterates it, spraying toxic sludge all over the room. He sends in his Forretress, an odd choice. I heal I'mADoctor with a Hyper Potion while Forretress uses a useless Protect. It then Protects again, blocking my Doctor's Hypnosis. But it wouldn't work twice in a row, and Forretress was put to sleep. An Air Slash did about 1/3rd, and I breathe a sigh of relief that it wasn't more specially bulky. A second Air Slash, and it doesn't wake up. And on the third, it was KO'd. Then Koga reveals his strongest pokemon- Crobat. It uses Wing Attack before I'mADoctor can do anything, and my owl's Hypnosis unfortunately missed. It attacks with its Wings again, bringing I'mADoctor to the low yellow, when Hypnosis connects. I heal up I'mADocotr with Roost on a free turn, before nearly bringing it to the yellow with an Extrasensory. Another Extrasensory connects, bringing it to the red (but its Sitrus berry healed it a bit). I'mADoctor prepares for a final Extrasensory, but before it can do that Crobat wakes up and uses Wing Attack. But it wasn't enough and the Batman falls. Koga sends out his final pokemon, Venomoth. It uses Psychic, taking I'mADoctor to the low yellow, but my Hypnosis put it to sleep. Low on health, I opt to heal up with Roost while it was safe to do so. Then a Super Effective Air Slash bringsit into the mid-yellow. And before it could wake up for a final hit, I'mADoctor seals the deal with a final AIr Slash. Koga calls back his fainted pokemon, and still without speaking steps away, leaving the path clear to the next room…

And here's Bruno, the Fighting master. He brings out his Poke balls, readying for a hearty battle. After exchanging a few words, we begin. He sends out Hitmontop, while I lead with Titan. Knowing that it would me almost useless against me, I begin boosting with Swords Dance, getting hit by a pretty weak Quick Attack on the way. We repeat the process for a second time, keeping to our individual strategies. A third Swords Dance is used by Titan, while Hitmontop predicts an attack and uses Counter, which fails. I then command my Scyther to use Agility, to make certain that I would go first. Bruno decides to Counter into thin air once more. After healing Titan (and getting hit by another Quick Attack) I go for a Wing Attack sweep. Hitmontop- OHKO. He sends in his Onix. Unsure of what to do, I go for a Double Team, narrowly avoiding a Rock Slide. Deciding that this is a good strategy, I Double Team again and miss another pile of rocks from the ceiling. A third DT, a third miss. DT number fou- Rock Slide hit. Crap. Luckily, even with a x4 weakness, Titan survives with a sliver of HP remaining. I heal up Titan with another Hyper Potion, and get hit by Onix's Dragonbreath for laughable damage. A fifth Double Team ensures another Rock Slide miss, and a sixth (and final) Double Team… and Rock Slide somehow hits and OHKOs Titan. FFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!! Well, only one thing to do now. Go Triforce! Close Combat is an easy OHKO. He sends in Hitmonlee, and without Titan, I send in I'mADoctor. It uses Swagger before my owl can react, confusing it. I'mADoctor was so confused that for some reason, it hits itself in the face! Hitmonlee uses Focus energy, but I'mADoctor has had enough and Air Slashes it. Hitmonlee uses Swagger AGAIN, and I'mADoctor hits itself AGAIN. This is very frustrating. Then Hitmonlee gets a CRIT HI-JUMP KICK. I'mADoctor's down for the count. I send in Triforce, and get him to take a Swagger as I revive Titan. Hitmonlee misses with a Blaze Kick as I heal Titan to full health. It then Blaze Kicks my Heracross, and Trifroce hits itself in the face and gets KO'd. Well I send in Titan and KO the annoying thing with a Wing Attack. FINALLY. Bruno sends out his Hitmonchan. I have Titan use Swords dance, but he is hit by a strong Thunderpunch. I know that I have no other options, so I kill it with Wing Attack. He sends out his final pokemon, and MVP, Machamp. I get Titan to use Wing Attack… Which gets a Critical hit, OHKOing the four-armed figured and winning the match. We shake hands and thank each other for a fun and difficult match, before Bruno sends me on to the next room…

And here is Karen, last of the Elite Four, flanked by a pair of huge curtains. As she sees me enter, she lets out a snicker, then a full-on laugh. She tells me that she will surely win against one such as I. We'll see about that. She leads with her Umbreon, and I go for Triforce. This is a joke. Despite Umbreon's significant bulk, Close Combat easily OHKOs. She sends in her Murkrow, and I call back Triforce and release Thirsty. I order a powerful Body Slam, which brings Murkrow to the mid yellow and paralyses. It then uses Pluck, which does basically nothing so my bulky bovine. Another Body Slam sends it packing. She smirks and sends out her Gengar, and I sends out I'mADoctor as in response. It goes for a powerful Focus Blast, but they call it Focus Miss for a reason,and it does. I'mADoctor's Extrasensory on the other hand, was not so haxxy, bringing Gengar to the yellow. Gengar Focus Misses again, and the Doctor's Extrasensory very nearly KOs. As I expected, Karen uses up her Full Restore on Gengar, who is met by yet another X-Ray. Gengar then tries to play tricky, using Spite to drain Extrasensory's PP. But it was futile, as I still have plenty to spare, and hit with another one. Then her Gengar plays the ultimate troll, and uses Destiny Bond. I'mADoctor's Extrasensory hits, and both are KO'd. I decide that it would be best to send out Starter, and she responds by sending out Houndoom. Now I have to rely on Focus Miss too, but I have a secret weapon. Go X Accuracy!! Unfortunately, Houndoom used Nasty Plot, boosting its already impressive Special Attack. Also unfortunately, Focus Blast missed and Houndoom's Dark Pulse very nearly KO'd Starter. I heal him up, but Starter is met with an even more powerful Dark Pulse. ANother heal, another Dark Pulse. Then again. *snore* What the hell, go for it Starter! Use Focus Blast!! *Houndoom outspeeds and KOs* Crap. Well this is very risky but go for it, Triforce! *Flamethrower OHKOs* NOOOOOOOOO!! Fine then. Thirsty! Heal fodder! I used a Max Revive on Starter, who is my only hope. Thirsty is OHKO'd by Drak Pulse, and I send in Starter. He uses Dark Pulse *of course* doing incredible damage again, and Focus Blast hits!!!…. But doesn't OHKO. SHIT. Go DUMBO as heal fodder! (wait I'm not allowed to switch Starter… CRAP NOT AGAIN) Luckily she comes in on a Crunch (no more Dark Pulse?) I heal Starter, and DUMBO is OHKO'd by Flamethrower. Naturally. I send in Starter. Karen Dark Pulses, and I use Focus Blast… WHICH HITS!!!! KO!!!!! Well Karen has a look of shock on her face as she sends in her final pokemon, Vileplume. I heal up Starter to prevent hax, and it uses Petal Dance for laughable damage. Starter issues forth a mighty Flamethrower, OHKOing the smelly flower. Karen's eyes open wide in shock as she realises that she just lost. I slowly walk past the clearly traumatised E4 member as I head for the door. The door to the room of the Champion…

And there the is, in all his glory. Lance, the Champion. The master of dragons. We greet each other before beginning what will surely be the most epic battle yet. He sends out Gyarados, and I lead with DUMBO. He outspeeds and uses Waterfall, not quite taking DUMBO into the yellow, as I use Harden. Another Waterfall is met by DUMBO hardening her body once again. I heal DUMBO up and take another Waterfall, this one much weaker than before. Another Waterfall, another Harden. Waterfall, Harden. Heal up, CRIT Waterfall. Thankfully, it doesn't KO even through the boosts and DUMBO's weakness. Another Hyper Potion, and Gyarados uses… Dragon Pulse?? Yes, how odd. The he Waterfalls, which unfortunately Flinches DUMBO. This is repeated next round. Then Gyarados CRITS AGAIN and KOs DUMBO. Thankfully, this can all be repeated. I send in Thirsty as heal fodder, first using a Revive, then a Hyper Potion. Thirsty tanks a couple of hits in the process. Then I switch in DUMBO on a Dragon Pulse (WTF??). Waterfall, Harden. Heal, Waterfall. Waterfall, Harden. Waterfall, Flinch. Heal, Dragon Pulse. The it uses Flail (??????). It must be out of PP! *Rejoice*. I Harden. Then it misses an Ice Fang, and another Harden. He Ice Fangs again, and DUMBO decides that he's had enough of Hardening and uses Rock Polish. Then another RP, and gets hits by another Flail Fail. A third Rock Polish gets DUMBO to max speed, and it hit by another Flail. Now for my secret weapon! I use an X Special on DUMBO. This will certainly help with only Dragon Pulse as an attacking move. I continue spamming X Specials, because Gyarados can do jack shit to me. Once DUMBO is at +6, I start with X Sp. Defs just in case. Now DUMBO's at +6 Special Defense too, and Gyarados just got her into the yellow. Guess what? HYPER POTION. Welp, nothing left to do now except sweep with Dragon Pulse. Gyarados: 2HKO. Charizard: OHKO thanks to a crit. Level 50 Dragonite: OHKO. Another Dragonite: OHKO. A third Dragonite: Guess what? OHKO. Aerodactyl: 2HKO thanks to a critical hit. PROF WINS!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Lance you just got owned! You got swept by a Steelix that only used Dragon Pulse!! PWNAGE.

Well Lance congratulated me on my win. I'm the new Champion! Professor Oak and DJ Mary show up, hoping for an interview. Lance and I head into the Hall of Fame, and I registered my pokemon. Then I watched the awesome credits, before mysteriously appearing in my room…

Pokemon on team: 6
Blackouts: 0 (almost on Karen)
Restriction fails: 7 (Screw you, Houndoom!)

(Pokemon ranked from MVP to LVP)

Starter the Typhlosion
Lvl 42
-Focus Blast
-Quick Attack

Solo Falkner or Bugsy (COMPLETE)
Solo Morty or Pryce (COMPLETE)
Solo all Rocket Executives in the Radio Tower (COMPLETE)
Solo Brock or Misty (IMCOMPLETE)
Solo Blaine or Blue (INCOMPLETE)

I didn't plan to use Starter in the E4 at all, due to his no-switching restriction (which I accidentally broke anyway). However, he proved to be the only team member capable of taking down Karen's Houndoom. That was indeed that toughest battle I've had so far, but it earns Starter a lot of respect. Definitely my overall MVP thus far.

Triforce the Heracross
Lvl 45
-Close Combat
-Rock Tomb

Solo 25 flying types (COMPLETE)
Solo Morty (COMPLETE)

Triforce wasn't used that much this chapter, but when he was he destroyed everything. Nothing is safe from Triforce. Just awesome.

I'mADoctor the Noctowl
Lvl 43
-Air Slash

Solo Chuck (COMPLETE)
Solo an E4 member the first time (COMPLETE)[Koga]
Solo a different E4 member the second time (INCOMPLETE)

I'mADoctor busted through Koga well, completing her second-to-last mandatory solo. As soon as she evolved, I'mADoctor has been a solid member of the team. Noctowl for the win.

Thirsty the Miltank
Lvl 43
-Body Slam
-Zen Headbutt
-Gyro Ball
-Milk Drink

Solo one gym leader, using Milk Drink as many times as the leader has pokemon (COMPLETE)[Clair]

Thirsty did well this chapter, defeating Will. Still, it was no cakewalk. Her Special Defense isn't that good, but overall she's still one of my best pokes.

DUMBO the Steelix
Lvl 46
-Rock Polish
-Dragon Pulse

Solo Jasmine’s Steelix (COMPLETE)
Solo Lance (COMPLETE)

DUMBO was a pain in the ass to grind, and was generally terrible in game, until Lance. Yes, with the proper support, DUMBO didn't have trouble sweeping the champion with a Special move. Despite fainting once, that was by far the most fun single battle I've ever had, in any game, ever.

Titan the Scyther
Lvl 43
-Wing Attack
-Double Team
-Swords Dance

Tank 20 super effective hits (COMPLETE)
Tank 2 super effective hits in a row (COMPLETE)

*sigh* Titan has finally hit rock bottom. I tried to make him useful, I tried! He nearly swept Bruno... Kinda. In all seriousness, Titan is terrible,and I don't see that changing much, even with evolution. Sorry.
I forget, what restriction caused Titan to not be able to learn X-Scissor? I don't see it listed under his sprite...

Also, it's good to see another person DT spamming. I know in my Scramble, to avoid having the grind, i used Staraptor to pound through Lucian and the Champion with DT spamming completely necessary. Combined with the healing items i had (Hyper Potions, Max Potions, and the leftovers i was carrying i was some sort of per-turn healing item), Staraptor single-handedly destroyed most of their teams. It was great having Fly in battle, as the extra turn in the air gave more recovery. Good to know i'm not the only one who did some DT spamming, even if it didn't work out for you, Prof.
Hey guys, this is my 100th post! In celebration of this (not very) momentous occasion, I'm requesting a Diamond Solo Scramble!

The rules:
-Medium difficulty
-ONE pokemon- I will accept the first one submitted
-You can give me ANY pokemon- I will hack it in at Level 1.
-Not too much drudgery
-No "may not fight X" restrictions
-I can reject any challange
-Nothing ridiculously weak like Caterpie
-Moveset / evolution restrictions are OK, but it must be able to fully evolve eventually and should be able to learn a variety of moves
-1 hour reservations
-Cannot be useless against a particular type / species

Fire away!!
Reserving for Prof.


Prof, you get SuperPower the Heracross. Heracross is very unusual in that it refuses to learn STAB moves. It must have 2 status moves, and it must use one of them in the first turn of every battle. (Swords Dance is valid.) Also, SuperPower hates to black out, so if you black out 3 times, you must start the game over.

Remember how I said you can't use STAB? I lied. You can, but only after doing quite a few things first:

-To unlock weak STAB, (<60 BP, Counter not included.) solo Roark without items.
-To unlock all Special STAB, solo a Psychic type after surviving a Psychic type attack.
-To unlock medium physical STAB, you have to tank 3 Flying attacks in a row without healing coming off Pokemon 5 levels below you or higher leveled.
-To unlock all STAB except Close Combat ad Megahorn, solo Volkner without taking any damage.
-To unlock Close Combat and Megahorn, solo your Rival's Staraptor without taking damage.
AOPSUser, SuperPower the Heracross is REJECTED, simply because it will be near-useless against Flying-types, what with a double weakness and resisted STABs. Sorry.

In hindsight, I will add in a new rule: The scramblemon shouldn't be useless against anything. A x4 weakness is okay, as long as it can deal with it through sufficient bulk and coverage moves. I'll add it into the original post now.
Ok, reserving for the professor again!!!

Take Goku the Riolu!!

He must know his techniques ASAP!!
- Spirit Bomb (Aura Sphere)
- Kao Kin (Extremespeed)
- Kamehameha (Flash Cannon)

As Goku likes to eat everything in sight, give him Crunch also!

Goku has some villians to defeat!

Vegeta - Rival just before Roark (no restrictions)
Freiza - Roark (under the effects of Torment and Taunt)
Broly - Maylene (Strongest STAB. SPAM it)
Cooler - Crasher Wake (if you are able, finish Floatzel with Spirit Bomb. If unable, use only the highest BP attacks)
Cell - Rival on Canclava Bridge (Finish battle in 12 turns or less)
Majinn Vegeta- Cyrus in the Distortion World (must battle under Torment)
Majinn Buu - Volkner (finish Luxray with Extremespeed)
Super Buu - Rival before E4 (use Kamehameha on each of his pokes at least once)
Kid Buu - Flint (OHKO Infernape with Spirit Bomb)
Baby - Psychic E4 member whose name I cannot remember (Must land the final blow on his MVP with the Kamehameha.)
Omega Shenron - Cynthia (OHKO's not allowed until after Garchomp is OHKO'd by a Spirit Bomb.)

I will edit in who they are and how to defeat them in a moment.

Have fun and good luck :)
That is excellent, Goku the Riolu is accepted!!
Just one tiny nitpick- I'm playing Diamond, so I can't battle Cyrus in the Distortion world. I guess I'll just have to do it at Spear Pillar, eh?

Edit: Also, I don't want to give Goku Crunch since it's an egg move. Meaning either I would have to trade it in as an egg, which you can't do ASAP, or trade an already hatched one, which has the same problem but ALSO has boosted EXP, which would be a little unfair. Change this please!!


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Hi people of the Scramble thread! I've recently discovered, as it tends to be, that my ability to form coherent sentences seems to decay once I've gotten over the exuberance of my original adventure into the madness that is writing.

So, basically, I've made a bit of an executive decision regarding the way things are going to be handled with updates of my Black Scramble. Yes, I will still be writing it out as a fanfic, and yes I will still be putting out the segment notes as a form of laughter for you guys.

However, in an effort on my part to make it so that you guys don't have to wait ridiculous periods for me to get around to churning out the ~3k word fanfic version updates, I'll be posting the Segment notes as they happen in-game. This will allow me to continue on playing my Black Scramble and getting more done, as well as being helpful in keeping you guys updated. They won't, however, ruin the fanfic version as that is a separate case entirely and is only linked together via the Scrambleness of the two post.

tl;dr - Fanfic updates = slow, Notes/Funny updates = very quick!

I'll continue to update on a regular basis when the notes come out and, when doing so, will also mention progress being made on the fanfic portion. I figure this is the best plan of action for everyone involved.

That being said, go here to see the Part One / Segment Two notes (as well as the pathetic little that I've gotten around to writing for the fanfic portion)! In keeping with the spirit of the fanfic, I will continue to create hide tags for where the portions of the fanfic will go so that I can clearly define where Part One ends and Part Two begins and so on and so forth.