The Second Smogon Chess Tournament Sign-ups.


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Approved by Mekkah

It was around this time last year that the first Smogon Chess Tournament was held. Now that we have come so far, I thought it would be time for another chance for Smogoners to show off their chess skills. The tournament will be much like the Football (soccer) World Cup: there will be four pools of equal numbers of players, depending on how many people are interested. Each player will play everyone in their pool, with 3/1/0 points being awarded for each game, after which the two top players in each pool will go into a best-of-three knockout. If there are ties between second and third, a game will be played between them to determine who goes through. In the eight-man (or woman) knockout, a draw will mean another game will have to be played, and this will go on until there is a winner.

And now the rules, basically copied from the old tournament:

1) Games can be played however you want. Standard notation over IRC is a great way to do it, but they can be played over msn, other websites or however you want to do it. You could even do it via Smogon PM if you want. Whatever you agree on.
2) All the standard Circus and forum-wide rules.
3) All players have a specific time-limit in each round. It does not matter how you get your match done, so long as it is played within the deadline. PM your opponent and agree how you wish to play.
4) PM any disputes to myself. I will make the final decisions.
5) You aren't allowed to use any resources except your own head to make your move choices. Things banned include move-generating bots, opening databases and endgame tablebases. Using a chessboard to view positions is acceptable and encouraged.
6) If you fail to complete your games within the given time period, and are deemed inactive, you will forfeit your game or be subbed out in the first round. Likewise, let us know if your opponent is inactive.
7) If both players agree, they may use a clock, but otherwise do not play a timed match. I suspect the standard will be to play without one. It is a friendly tournament, and I'm sure that you won't play stupidly.
8) It might be a good idea to keep a log. Don't send it to me, because I don't care, but in case of disputes it might help to keep one.
9)It should go without saying, but here in case someone is an idiot: standard rules obviously apply.

1) Athenodoros
2) coolking49
3) Curtains
4) moot
5) theangryscientist
6) Terrador14
7) Exclamation
8) G80
9) auramaster
10) Engineer Pikachu
11) LifeAdmiral
12) AlphaJolt
13) Quagsires
14) VonFiedler
15) Dogfish44
16) reyscarface
17) Eo Ut Mortus
18) JabbaTheGriffin
19) smashlloyd20
20) ginganinja
21) iiMKUltra

Also, I'll assume everyone is P1, unless you are in another Smogon Chess tournament. This means you still haven't finished a match from the last tournament, and I would like it if you could notify us that you are this kind of scum by putting in by putting P2 in your post. :)


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Bumping this, because we have 19 people. No-one has entered in 36 hours but I'm hopeful that we might get the one more person to get an even four pools.


Official Smogon Know-It-All
Well that sort of went the wrong way. I'll sort out iiMKUltra and ginganinja so that everyone who signed up a while ago is definitely in. A passing mod can lock this now.